Feature Writer: Unknown
Feature Title: I am Luciferno
Story Codes: Blasphemy, Religious, Sacrilege, Gay, WS, Scat.

I am Luciferno

I am LUCIFERNO, the Almighty. Worship me! Worship me Always !

Gospel Blog:

Jesus emerged from the desert, after fasting for forty days and forty nights. He was a wreck, filthy, thin and exhausted… I shouted at him “How dare you approach me in that condition !”

“B . .b . . but, I er . . ” he spluttered.

“Remove your clothes” I shouted.

“I am Luciferno” “The Almighty !”

Jesus removed his cloak, and looked at me sheepishly…

“Naked !” I said, “Kneel before me”

I had been drinking all day, and felt good. I was also naked, but my servants, the corrupt priests and bishops of the catholic church, had applied sweet incense and oils to my body.

I was beautiful.

The moldy messiah knelt before me. “I am thirsty !” He said.

I offered him my cock, and he moved to touch it.

“Keep those fucking hands down !” I commanded.

Jesus seemed puzzled for a moment, then realized that Communion was imminent. He opened his mouth and received my most Holy Member. I urinated, reciting the prayer of life as I did so.

“You are Jesus, the unclean cockroach and not worthy to honor your Satanic Majesty, Luciferno Almighty. But I will say the word and you will be humbled.”

Jesus gulped down my Holy Water and was satisfied.

Then he said, “I am hungry!”

So I offered him my arsehole and he was contented. He nearly choked, as I pushed into his moth but afterwards said: “Luciferno, my Lord and my God, your Excrement is the Food of Life.”

And he licked my arse clean, while I fondled his balls. Go and do likewise!

Luciferno Almighty.


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