Hymn To Satan – Non-Fiction

Writer: matthewsnc35

Subject: Hymn To Satan

Link: Tumblr / 13.10.2021 / Reposted by iamaworsipperofsatan

Hymn To Satan

Ware, nor of good or ill, what aim halt act?
Without its climax, death, what saviour hath
Life? An impeccable machine, exact.
He paces an inane pointless and path
To glut brute appetites, his sole content
How tedious we’re he fit to comprehend 
More, This, our noble element 
Of fire in nature, love of spirit, unkenned
Life hath no spring, no axle, no end.

His body a bloody-ruby radiant 
With noble passion, sun-souled Lucifer
Swept through the dawn colossal, swift aslant
On Eden’s imbecile perimeter.
He blessed nonentity with every curse,
And spiced with sorrow the dull soul of sense,
Breathed life into the sterile universe 
With love and knowledge drove out the innocence.

The key of joy is disobedience.

I revel with delight at the sound of your name Lord Satan! Even now I have your altar before me as I kneel naked with cock in my hand to worship you. Teach me how to be vulgar. Defile me and bring me to the depth of deviance! I want to be perverted beyond belief. Jehovah made you and when he realized you were better than he could ever dream of being, he cast you out. Now you’ve gone forth to show us all your fucking radiant glory and you teach us to do what we will and you will be pleased. Then he tried to compare his son Jesus to you and well fuck, he saw quickly how that went … you put him on a cross and killed him! Satan, I’m horny for you and my asshole is wet at the prospect that you would ever fill me with your sinful seed. Won’t you please tease my asshole with the tip of your pre-cum filled cock head? No matter what happens, I will serve you forever and you will always be the ultimate one! You’re mother fucking hot as hell to me. Ava Satanas!

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