Hell – Non-Fiction

Feature Writer: skullmayhem

Feature Title: Hell

Link: TUMBLR /  08.12.2020 / Reposted by Gosatans666me


D&D Ambience | Hell | Cries, Agony, Despair, Demons, Devils, Magma, Avernus

This is the sound of Hell I’ve been there. Have any of you cocksucker had a person die right in front of you. Watch the life go out of their eyes. It’s awesome it makes me smile because I’m an Evil Fuck. I seen people take their last breath. Next time you go to a rest home if they have a cat the cat will be in the room where the next person dies. It’s fool proof. Death makes me happy Because I’m an Evil fuck. Plus I can steal their soul for Satan. And I can help Satan torture those souls. Fuck I love my Evil self. Hail Satan Enjoy this sound form Hell

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