Heed the demons of lust – Non-Fiction


U_42Feature Writer: demonicuss.tumblr.com

Feature Title: Heed the demons of lust

Link: TUMBLR / 29.10.2019 / demonicuss.tumblr.com

Heed the demons of lust

HIS time is here, my brothers! Answer HIS call – go to your bathhouse or bookstore Saturday night and be the DEMON HE wants each and every one of us to be. If you are a bottom, put your faggot ass up in the air or back it up to a glory hole and accept as much RAW cock and cum as you can. If you are a top, brutalize every slut hole you can find with your big ALPHA cock, shred ass and make it bleed.

REFUSE all condoms, brothers – they are our TRUE enemies – let all of our lust pass FREELY between us as HE has always intended.


9 thoughts on “Heed the demons of lust – Non-Fiction”

  1. i do want to go to a glory hole or a bath house and be fucked senseless. i just do not have the courage yet; As my perversions and depravity grow i feel it will happen, i want to walk out in my miniskirt and heels proudly with cum running down my thighs. Hail Satan!r

  2. The story makes me want a gloryhole. I have not and never will use condoms. I’m going to find a gloryhole and let everyone fuck my cockhungry ass.

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