Feature Writer: Jenna Cone
Feature Title: Hate-Fucked
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Sophie was raised by her parents as a good helpful sister. You see, from the time she was old enough to talk they started explaining to her that she was going to be a fuck-dump for her brother. They were a rich family and naturally they wanted him to succeed in life and grow up to become a wealthy doctor or lawyer. She would just be his sexual relief from all the studying and tension.

Maybe Sophie had the potential to be a doctor herself – but nobody would ever know or give a shit. While her brother was quickly learning addition and subtraction, she was being given differently sized pens to start pushing into her miniature hole.

While he was being taught medical terminology, she was being taught sexual terminology. It was one of his daily chores to take out the trash, and it was one of her daily chores to write the word “CUNT” above her vagina.

By age six him and her had diverged in their studies in every way possible but one: sexual behavior. Sophie’s mother started showing both of them pornography when they were six. She started, of course, with the *most* hardcore of rapes and non-consensual gang bangs involving children. It would have been taboo to suggest she play something “vanilla”. That would have been inappropriate of her son and daughter to consider.

In addition, Sophie had to start fitting small but actual dildos inside herself while she constantly watched porn. Her brother got to study and get good grades – she got to masturbate again and again and again… and again. She was being taught to consider the acts on the screen normal. She was being taught a female’s place in life.

The sum of her training was finally realized by age eight, when her brother started having his first real little dates. His dad helped him treat the little lady right – he was a perfect little trooper, doing everything he could to try and be polite and romantic at such an early age. And her brother really liked the girl – she was in two of his classes and they’d worked together on several tough projects.

He wanted to try and kiss for the first time, but she was a rich bitch and only gave him a peck on the cheek at the very end of the date. This was unacceptable – he’d already seen girls being held down and raped – this tomfoolery was *unacceptable*.

It was precisely the reaction his parents had hoped for. Little did Sophie know that her reaction was going to be exactly the reaction they hoped for, as well. During all her training they had both “accidentally” left magazines and internet articles around that talked about women’s rights or talked about happy romantic endings. All the things she was simultaneously being told she would never have and was never made for. It kept her rebellious, and it kept her reluctantly following her fate.

“Sophie, your brother didn’t get a kiss at ALL during his date! Can you believe that! Rich families are full of girls like that, and YOU have to do whatever it takes to keep him happy and pleased so he doesn’t get distracted from school by silly drama.

He’s going to kiss YOU. Now.” her mother told her, sternly.

Up until now she’d just been practicing, pretending and imagining that what she was being told was just a fantasy – she’d held onto the secret hope that it was all a weird exaggeration. She’d suppressed and denied actually *doing* it for real after reading so many articles that told her she was more than just a cunt. She was about to be proven wrong. The hard way.

Sophie’s brother walked into her bedroom and saw her sitting quietly on the bed, waiting. She didn’t want to do this. This was gross! Kissing her brother just to make up for the other girl not being nice to him! Not fair! When he came in she saw him look at her differently than he had before. She didn’t know it then, but it was the first of an endless series of those looks.

It was the look of objectified lust – even though he was only eight, he was glancing at her body the way a hunter glances at a deer. She was a piece of meat in the cross-hairs, not a sister. She was just an adequate source of relief for his frustrated little body after a tough first day dealing with the opposite sex.

He walked up to her and tried to push his face closer to hers, but she was staring down at the floor. She was in shock at what they were doing to her. “Now, now dear… remember what you are?” she asked sweetly, masking her annoyance. Sophie forced herself to answer, “Yes mom… I’m a cunt.”

“Then start acting like one!” and with that she grabbed her by her hair and jerked her head upwards, facing her brother who promptly dove his tongue around in her mouth like he’d seen in the pornos. She had no say in the matter, and got no pleasure out of it.

Sophie was just a quick fix for her brother who was using her, even at age eight. After several minutes of strained, somewhat embarrassing attempts at his first french kisses, Cory decided he’d had enough and simply turned around and left the room to go finish up the last of his homework. Sophie used her sleeve to wipe the kiss-slobber off of her lips.

“Good cunt. I don’t want to have to correct your behavior again,”  This was the only thing her mother said as she left the room, closing the door and leaving her to quietly hold back tears as she contemplated what had been confirmed: she wasn’t good enough to be a doctor like him – she was only good enough to be a cunt for her brother.

She was a stepping stone for him on his road to success. A reusable but meaningless set of holes to substitute the feeling of a *real* girl. If Pinocchio had been a girl, would this have been her fate too? Pinnochia, the imitation girl – a fake cunt for what her brother really wanted.

With that odd and disturbing thought forming strangely accurate analogies in her young mind, she remembered to push a dildo deep inside her vagina before laying down and slowly drifting to sleep…


As the months passed and they reached their tenth birthdays, things got worse and worse for Sophie. Her brother’s needs grew more insistent as his workload in school increased. He was making straight A’s, while she was lucky to make C’s and D’s between the nights she was forced to stay up late watching porn and the distraction of feeling larger and larger vibrators stretching her cunt while she sat in class. She was a quiet, reclusive girl while her brother was becoming popular and confident.

After his dates he would come home late – late for her anyway. Whatever his curfew was, hers was a couple hours earlier since she had nothing better to do. He would walk straight into her bedroom (which had its lock removed) and roll her sleeping body over onto her back, pry open her mouth and shove his dick in.

The lights were still off because he didn’t care about actually seeing her. Instead, he would describe how his date went and how hot his latest girlfriend was as he forced her to suck him off.

He was only ten, and forcing his sister to give him blowjobs.

She listened to countless stories about girls so much hotter and better than her as she made him ejaculate into her mouth thinking of them. He would promptly leave the room and leave her alone again afterwards. Her only “reward” was the vile sperm he’d shot into her mouth against her will. She would get in HUGE trouble if she let a drop leave her mouth.

The girls he dated were all snobby bitches. Even though she was a part of a rich family, she’d been raised in such a lowly way that she was easily able to see in from outside the circle – she saw just how mean and appalling all the girls he dated were. She resented her brother using her as a sperm tube, but she hated them even worse for being such bitchy teases.


“Oh man, you should have *seen* the way that Teresa can kiss. Oohh, it got me horny…” she heard in a groggy haze, then her body jerked and gagged as a penis plunged itself into her mouth. It tasted terrible, he’d been dripping precum the entire date. The girl had really turned him on, and now it was Sophie who had the pay the price.

Girls her age weren’t even supposed to know what a penis looked like – this made her a whore and she knew it. Reluctantly she lifted a hand up to his dick and began to jerk it off into her mouth as she kept the tip between her lips. She had been watching porn for this very reason. So that she knew what to do at an early age.

Her ten year old tongue flicked and rolled on his cock head, massaging and pushing him towards an orgasm. There was no foreplay and no love in HIS actions. She had to give him everything and only get sperm in return, shot into her mouth like garbage being thrown into a dumpster.

She looked up at him and realized with despair that his ears were plugged – he didn’t even want to HEAR her today. He was just thinking about *her*. She was working to make him hard thinking about *her*. It was all about her, and none of the lust in him was for Sophie. She was just a cunt folds for him to fuck while he thought… about *her*. Spurt. Spurt. Spurt… it splattered onto her tongue like trash into the dumpster. He left. She swallowed.


“I got my hand down her pants and fingered her… ooOoOoOOooh her parents would kill me if they knew… here. Smell it.” The disgusting fingers were forced to her nose and then pushed into her mouth for her to taste. Cory had just gotten back from a date with a girl that had laughed in Sophie’s face a few weeks ago and later called her a flunk-out waiting to happen.

The girl had called Sophie flat-out stupid. The worst kind of mean ten year old – and now Sophie was forced to suck clean the pussy juice from her hole. It made her so angry she wanted to run out of the house and kill her right then. Instead, her humiliation was turned into outrage. “Now call her up and tell her thank you.” he ordered her, picking up the receiver to the phone in her room and dialing the number.

Sophie was in shock. This was over the line, past the limit.

Everyone in the family knew that Sophie’s duty as her brother’s whore was a private matter, under threat of terrible terrible punishment. “Oh – you don’t have to say why, sis. Nobody will know what we’re doing. You just have to say thank you and then hang up. That’s all. You slut.”

The phone rang a few times, and then the sound of her familiar voice filled Sophie with a twisting mixture of rage and dread. If she didn’t do what her brother said, he would tell her parents, and then she’d probably be punished by having to keep an extra-large dildo inside herself for the weekend. It hurt so much the last time that had happened…

“Hello? Cory?” the girl said on the phone, expecting to hear from her boy toy. “Thank you…” Sophie said coldly into the phone, her heart dropping into her stomach. Then she ran to the bathroom and actually vomited.

Cory followed her into the bathroom and led her by the hand back to the bedroom, almost romantically – almost as if he cared for her – for her brutal and slutty mouth fucking. He wasn’t being gentle, he was just being patient. She was a fucking slut and had to do what he wanted.

She had to suck his fingers clean again the next day before her mouth-fucking. And the next. And the next. Until she began to suck his fingers clean all on her own. Until she had the taste of the girl’s crotch memorized and thought of it every time she saw her at school. Even while she was being made fun of by her, even when she cried because of her, the #1 thing in her mind was the acrid taste of the girl’s vagina.


Tonight he didn’t even say anything. She just felt her chin being grabbed and pulled down, forcing her mouth open. She knew better than to close it. Within seconds his hard, dripping dick filled the opening. He didn’t let her prepare for the intrusion with some initial pumps; instead he just pushed all the way down as far as he could go from the very first thrust. She heaved and let out a gurgled cry, but he didn’t pull out – he pushed in deeper and harder.

She hadn’t even had time to get a breath of air before he had woken her up so cruelly. Her hands now flailed and slapped against the sides of the bed while her legs kicked in a desperate attempt to tell him she needed air, but she knew her parents would say that his pleasure was more important than her safety.

She was a worthless preteen mouth-cunt, and he was a prized super-student. He deserved this. And she deserved this. She willed herself, straightened out her body and started sputtering for bits of oxygen as his cock pounded her throat. It was excruciating.

After what seemed like an eternity breathing through staggered gasps, his thrusts grew longer and more steady. She anticipated the impending orgasm as his dick started to jerk itself in a squirting motion. Ball after ball of gooey cum traveled straight from his penis to the base of her throat and then oozed straight down into her belly like spit slowly dripping down a window.

It felt horrible – but it was her life. She knew deep inside that moments like these were the only reason her mother didn’t have an abortion.


It was Christmas Eve tonight… they always opened their presents on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas morning in order to make it feel “cozier”. In her case, her parents had gathered up all of her pants and dresses and burned them in the fireplace as she opened up present after present.

Each one contained a more and more obscene miniskirt, and they told her that she would get to start dressing like a whore as if it would excite her. She had to smile for them as they took pictures of her – she changed into each miniskirt in front of all of them, getting naked and putting her bare pussy on display each time.

She had to sit on the couch with her legs spread after putting on each skirt. The dildo she always kept inside herself was poking out slightly, perfecting her look as a pathetic preteen whore.

*beepbeep* *flash!* the camera took picture after picture.

“Check out what dad got me for Christmas!” Cory yelled excitedly as he revealed a brand-new tablet computer. His dad chuckled – he’d already opened it and done his best to repackage it. Upon turning it on it was already filled to the brim with videos of little girls being raped.

His son couldn’t be any more ecstatic. He was only supposed to relieve himself into his sister at night in her bedroom to keep it private, but he couldn’t contain himself this time. His parents just chuckled and let him have his fun.

Sophie was still sitting with her legs opened like a whore when her shoulders were grappled and she was flipped upside down with her head hanging off one arm of the couch. Cory’s dick started fucking in and out of her throat wildly like a piston and the sloppy garbled sounds of Sophie trying to gag and breathe soon filled the room. Then, the sounds of a five year old girl being vaginally raped joined the existing chorus as the main melody.

Sophie got to listen to the sounds of the child being forced to please a man many times her size, she got to hear in high-definition the sounds of a miniature vagina being stretched and taken past its limit. Her mouth trembled and salivated against its will, further lubricating her brother as he used her as a masturbation device.

Her only purpose was to assist in his masturbatory session as he watched videos of kids being fucked. *beepbeep* *flash!* picture taken as he came down her choking throat.

“Here, I like sharing.” he said after he finished cumming. He handed her the tablet and she spent the rest of the night forced to watch the horrible videos. She spent the rest of the night with the dildo inside her body turned on, buzzing away and invoking orgasms into her that she knew were wrong and immoral.

“Merry Christmas, slut!” her mother told her cheerily as she finally went into the bedroom with her husband.


The hatred Sophie had for her brother’s girlfriends was fully realized when they were 13 and Cory was out on yet another date.

Most girls were only half-assed into the dating game and only did so as politely as they could, doing it as a cross between a social game and an amusing distraction. Mattie was a bad apple of the bunch. She didn’t really belong in the socialite circle of upper-class middle-school bitches that ruled the school, but she was clever enough to play their game and still play her own.

Cory was something of a prize to have under her belt, and she wanted to add him to her “owned” collection just like the other determined girls had done. However, all they’d done is date him and toy with his emotions and then eventually move on for one paltry reason or another.

Mattie wanted to take it to a level they never would – because they didn’t want to be labelled as sluts. They didn’t want to stop being invited to the expensive parties and shunned because of a reputation. Mattie though – she knew how to eat her cake and have it too.

Mattie was perplexed by her new boyfriend’s sister. She’d picked up on how much she hated the other girls he’d dated and she could only guess at why she felt so defensive about her brother. She was a quiet secluded girl without many friends, barely passing her classes and her brother blew her away in every way possible.

If anyone should be defensive it should be him over her – the other way around. It was puzzling.

She didn’t know that Sophie wasn’t being defensive over brother for his sake – she was being defensive for her sake. She was trying to keep the cause-and-effect rape of her body to a minimum.

There had been *so many* times now that he’d come home after a hot date, one full of passionate kissing but no payoff. He’d bust into her room with his throbbing, blue-balled cock already out and erect. And he wouldn’t just shove it into her mouth, he’d shove it into her throat and fuck it back and forth. Her mouth was just a way to let off steam, a way to relieve the stress of grades and girls.

Once she’d been having a dream where she was flying through the air as a peaceful butterfly angel. She was happy and free. Then she got brutally throat-fucked into reality, forced to gasp around her brother’s aching dick while he talked about a girl who was better than her. The happiness in her was ripped away and replaced with discarded sperm.

With that memory fresh in Sophie’s mind, the two of them now sat across from each other in keyboarding class. It was an elective and it was the only reason they shared the same class despite being on different echelons of academic achievement. The classroom was separated into two halves, with each half facing inwards towards each other. An open gap divided each side where the teacher would walk back and forth during his lecture. Sophie and Mattie sat right across from each other, each of them at the front of their rows.

Mattie gave her a non-caring glance, but found herself a little annoyed by the girl. Sophie on the other hand glared at Mattie. Another pretentious cheerleader wearing a skirt that is somehow school-sanctioned despite violating the dress code. Sophie got detention for breaking it while she away with it. It was hypocritical bullshit.

This new girl was just another cock-tease to make her brother need to break open her dreams and mouth-rape her awake, spurting globs of semen straight down her throat and not pulling out until she swallowed every spurt.

This was just another girl that she’d have to hear about in every detail – Sophie knew she’d be hearing what she smelled like, how good at math she was, what her neck tasted like, how she talked, how she kissed, and how she goaded him on while they were having a date at a restaurant she’d never even *been* to.

Her glare increased as she realized they were having a date tonight. Their eyes finally broke contact as the lecture began.


Sophie was asleep that night, now dreaming about another life again. In this dream she was born into a different family in a different country. She was perhaps German, and her family wasn’t rich but they loved her very much and saved up enough money to send her to college.

She dreamed of pushing herself, of making it – she was getting a job as a scientist for some important project and she was getting paid so much to provide for her family and she felt so rewarded.

Suddenly Sophie felt her panties being removed. She was being raped. This was her punishment for dreaming of freedom again. She tried to jump up but a hand was already around her neck, holding her down.

Her brother had never gone this far before – he’d spared her this level of humiliation and degradation. He knew how she hated the idea of being treated as a cunt. She hated the word, and she never wanted him to go this far and he swore… but now she felt her panties come down her ankles and off.

Her hands swung up and she prepared to punch him or push him away, but they were firmly clasped together instead. Her dad was in the room also, she couldn’t see in the darkness but she felt him holding her now, and then heard a series of metallic clicks as each wrist was handcuffed. Each hand was handcuffed to one of the bedposts behind her head, and then she felt her legs being pulled open – “oh god…” she gasped. Her vagina was being forced open, her virginity prepared like fast food to be delivered to her hungry brother and consumed without care.

She struggled valiantly. At this point she even started rambling on about sexual equality and morality and Christian ethics and something about making a mistake he’d regret – her own panties were suddenly shoved into her mouth, then another and another – three pairs of her dirty panties including the one she’d been wearing completely gagged her into both silence and retching.

She had never tasted vagina before. She’d had to smell it endless times from being forced to masturbate herself. She’d had the scent of it waft up from it wetting itself involuntarily after each mouth-rape. But she’d never actually been forced to taste it, especially like this – dried out crusted secretion melted into her hot saliva like flavoring for a drink.

Her father’s hand was cupped over her mouth, keeping her from spitting them out and also keeping her from heaving forwards as she reeled under the taste. For a few seconds the taste was so bad that she actually forgot all about what was happening to her and every effort was focused on trying to keep the sick fluid off of her tongue as much as possible.

Then she was reminded of what was happening, and what she *was*.

“Mattie tried having sex with me tonight… she really, really tried. She wasn’t like the other girls Sophie. She wore her cheer-leading outfit today and she kept letting it slide up, letting me see between her legs, and there was a *wet* spot between them. Oh god…” he started to fuck himself fully into her, penetrating her and replacing her virginity with the void of shocked subjugation.

“She’s so different than the other girls… so much better. Oh god, you could never compare to her. She’s so much hotter than you, so much smarter than you…” Sophie’s dad cut in, adding insult to injury with his explanation. “I wish I could let him fuck her, but we have to keep up proper appearances for this family. He has to be seen as an upstanding son. A proud example at parent-teacher conferences. He’ll be the one to succeed in school and get a great job when he’s older. Maybe he’ll even run for some kind of office – I can’t have an incident from school following him around, that’s why we’ve been putting birth control pills in your meals for the past few months.”

Sophie was mentally destroyed at the revelation – her parents had been slipping her birth control in addition to having handcuffs ready to chain her to the bed with. They had been planning out the day their strapping young son would decide to finally rape his sister. Brutally. And with their blessing.

“Don’t act surprised, you’ve been practicing for this since the day you could talk. You thought that if you went on and on about freedom and fairy tales that you could get out of your responsibilities, but you’re wrong. Everyone in this family has a role, and yours is the role of being whore-relief for your brother. Nothing more, nothing less.

“You’ll accept his sperm into your vagina just like you’ve been taking it into your throat. And you will not under any circumstance clean it out. You don’t want your brother thinking you don’t appreciate his rape juice.”

Sophie was delirious with her attempts to struggle and break free. She didn’t know what she would do or where she would go; she just wanted out. But her mind had been warped since she was growing up – as the minutes passed, a dark voice deep down inside her kept reminding her that she knew what her parents had told her was true. This – her incestuous rape – was the happy ending she would get. It’s the only one she would get.

She remembered the thought from so many years ago. She was the Pinnochia. She was the fuck-dump for her brother. She would never be a real girl: she was always going to be the imitation doll that he kept around. She would never enjoy being used like this, but she would never get to enjoy sex by someone who loved her either. It was no use struggling… no use…

Her struggled softened, she grew complacent and her father removed his hand from her mouth, letting her spit out the panties which were now completely cleaned. She was violated and used. She was left alone in her room with sperm leaking out of her hole just like so many other nights, but this time the hole was her vagina and not her mouth.

She had just lost her virginity at thirteen. She would never be able to save herself for marriage now. She would probably never even get married. She imagined her brother might keep her around as a dump even when he found a wife, using her on the side like a secret affair that never gets discovered.

And with that terrible thought in her imagination, she drifted off…


“Wake up whore. Assume the position.” He told her, and she had to pull herself up from her comfortable sleeping position and into a doggy-style position. She put her head under the pillow so he could pretend he was fucking Mattie. Her cunt smelled, it still had yesterday’s sperm deep inside of it, sticky and glued to her cervix. Millions of sperm trying to impregnate her. Of her own brother.

She shuddered as he added another series of spurts to her vagina. With a sharpie he wrote the word “Mattie” on her ass in huge letters, laughed and then left the room. “That bitch.” Sophie thought to herself.


“Oh god, Mattie… so fucking hot…” he moaned as he threw his sister’s legs opened and stared at her body. The lights were on tonight, which was very unusual. He’d printed Mattie’s picture onto a sheet of photo-paper earlier and now he quickly scotch-taped it to Sophie’s face, adjusting it until it looked good enough.

“That’s good. Now lay there and moan her name every time you feel me throb.” It was even worse than having her head under the pillow. Sophie’s face burned a blossoming red from both humiliation and anger at this level of treatment.

Her mouth went dry and she wanted to scream, wanted to find the bitch and maim her. She forced air into her lungs: “Mattie…. Mattie… ” she waited until she felt him throbbing again,

“Mattie…”. He throbbed again a few seconds later: “Mattie…”.

This repeated for what must have been an hour until he finally exploded inside her crotch and then left the room like a passenger exiting a train. His only words before closing the door were “Keep that mask on tonight.” She had to fall asleep with it still on her face, taunting her, making her feel like an inferior and desperate whore. A temporary and worthless attempt at replicating the hot body of Mattie.


“Time for left-overs, sissie.” he announced as he walked into her bedroom. She hadn’t even been asleep despite laying there for hours. Her sleeping schedule was adjusting to wait for him… she had to wait for her brother to come in and rape her before her body wanted to go to sleep anymore. A load of sperm shooting into her was like a tranquilizer shot to her now. It was pathetic, it was sick, but his sperm was the only thing that would make her sleep soundly.

Despite all of this, she hadn’t expected things to suddenly get even sicker than they already were.

“You still whine about how you’ve never been to the places I’ve gone on dates. Especially Mattie, I really wine and dine her.

Well tonight is your lucky night, you get to enjoy the food. This to-go box is filled with the leftovers that she couldn’t eat. Fortunately for you she forgot to take it with her when mom and dad dropped her off at her house.”

He opened the Styrofoam container and revealed some popcorn shrimp mixed with pasta noodles. There was also a bread roll in one corner. He reached into the box and grabbed a fist of shrimp and noodles, then moved it to Sophie’s vagina, pushing all of it in with his fingers.

The process caused a sickening slopping sound to fill the quiet room. Sophie’s head had come up and was staring in stunned disbelief. It felt so wrong… it felt so utterly wrong; she could feel every crumb and noodle and piece of shrimp sliding and shifting around in her crotch as if it was a Tupperware. “God… what are you doing… Cory…!?” she stuttered, her voice whining at the end.

“Keep your legs open. You’re going to take every bit of this inside yourself. And you’ll get to eat Mattie’s leftovers for lunch tomorrow. You will *not* sit with your friends like usual. Instead, you’ll come to our lunch table and sit next to her, and you’ll have her leftovers on your plate. And you’ll thank her for it, and eat… Every. Single. Bite.


Cory had throat-fucked her after “feeding” her cunt, but she still couldn’t sleep that night. Her vagina managed to actually feel even more violated than when she was first raped. This… this was unthinkably humiliating. He had forced her dildo into her after the leftovers had gone inside. He squashed all of that food to the back of her cunt and turned it on, forcing her vagina to continually wet itself under the incessant buzzing.

Her mom gave her new batteries to put into the dildo before she dropped her off at school that day, to replace the ones that had died during the night. For another couple hours the incessant buzzing would start again, and slowly marinate Mattie’s food in her own stinking vaginal secretion.

As she stepped out of the car and began to walk with a longer stride, the feeling of carrying food around inside her crotch sickened her beyond belief. She could feel every future bite of her lunch churning around, being forced from side to side and squashing itself into one shape and then another within her folds. As she sat down in her first class a puff of air traveled up her miniskirt and made her nauseous. The scent of a whore’s meal.


Sophie glared almost non-stop at Mattie during fifth period. The class they had together was right before lunch. She stared at her face, at the well-chiseled body that she had, the eyes that seemed to carelessly pierce her every time they connected. The previous night she’d filled herself up on overpriced, expensive seafood. The hand-me-down leftovers is what Sophie was going to have to eat, right in front of her. With a thank you. And it was soaking in her thirteen-year-old cunt.

Mattie was no fool though. She’d been paying half-attention to the day’s lecture, but it was a complete joke to be lecturing about proper keyboarding etiquette. The only thing that really mattered was when they took out their laptops and did actual work. So during that lecture she was keenly aware that she was being stared and glared at. She hadn’t done anything more wild last night with Cory… why would his sister be so mad today? She knew the effect, but not the cause.

The bell rang, and a few minutes later Sophie, Cory, and Mattie were all at the lunch table with their other snobby, high-class friends. Sophie hated having to be here, next to these snobs. She hated even more what she was about to do.

The stall door to the bathroom closed and Sophie’s cheeks were blushing red. She never blushed – after everything she’d had to live through with her brother she never blushed. But this still made her blush. She’d taken an empty lunch tray and plastic spoon from the cafeteria which she held in her hand as she sat down on the toilet.

She started pulling her panties down to her ankles and grimaced as she watched the thin fabric actually cling to her vaginal opening as if it was glued there – the dried mess of cunt juice and seafood was making a thick goo ooze out of her hole slightly and hold the fabric in.

She pulled down further and it finally snapped away with several strands of sexual secretion actually making a line of slime from the panties to her fuck-sleeve.

Her legs opened, and she lifted herself up until she was squatting, then lowered the toilet cover and put the tray over. She remained squatting as she took the dildo out of her body and put it on the tray, then held her pussy lips open with one hand. The other one started scooping out chunks of meal from her vagina with the long plastic spoon.

Again and again, a chunk of food fell out from between her legs and landed with a wet plop into the growing pile. She was shoveling out soggy pieces of bread roll as well. Even that had gone inside her. It was amazingly squashed up – it looked *nothing* like it did coming home from the restaurant. It looked like it had been put into a zip-lock baggie and then squeezed and mashed and slept on. Essentially it had been – her vagina was officially a slobbering food baggie now.


“Oh, I was wondering where you went.” Mattie said to Sophie as she came back, sitting between her and her brother. Under the table she felt her brother slide his hand up her skirt and turn the vibrator on – to full power. Sophie’s blushing face hardened and quivered slightly now. She looked like she might pass out.

“You okay sis?” Cory said, slapping her on the back and laughing. This was cruel. This was inhuman. She couldn’t do this. “…I’m fine. Just tired. Didn’t sleep much last night.”

“Ewwwww… gross….. … wow what IS that?” Mattie said, after finally looking at the meal that was prepared on Sophie’s lunch tray. It looked like Mattie had vomited the meal she’d eaten last night and put it on the tray. It was a soggy, mixed up mash of sticky cuisine with slime literally coating it. It was astonishingly sick. Not even a dog would think it looked good.

Sophie was still blushing profusely. Her cheeks looked like the red-hot fuse to a firecracker that was ready to burst. She tried to calm herself with a forced laugh, but it only came out as a weird cough. “Ahem – I, yeah it looks weird but it’s just.. I, your boyfriend. Ack – I mean my brother came home and said you forgot to take your food with you and it just looked too good to waste.”

“I hope you don’t mind. I added some more… sauce and stirred it up a bit – I like it better that way.”

Another attempt at a weak laugh actually succeeded in escaping Sophie’s mouth as she finished the explanation. The rest of the table exchanged a cross of glances and quiet comments. None of them would eat whatever was on Sophie’s plate even if they were starving. The stench of it was sickly and wrong, but of course none of them could imagine why that was.

Mattie thought this was some kind of dare that her boyfriend had forced his sister into, so she was watching with a flick of amusement as she took the first bite. Before she put the spoon in her mouth she paused, a look of heightened embarrassment crossed her face and she turned to face her. “Thank you.” she said, then took in her first spoonful.

Mattie was amazed by just how much it thrilled her watching that look of embarrassment and shock before the forced thank you. It send an odd tingle down her spine and right between her legs… She had often gotten off on reducing the status of her stuck-up friends, but now she was getting off on this innocent quiet girl. She wasn’t sure if she liked it or not – but her pussy was sure that it liked it.

Mattie chatted with the friend on the other side of the table, feigning to give a shit about the bowling competition her mom was dragging her into blah blah blah. Her focus was entirely turned around and secretly watching Sophie.

The first bite that had entered her mouth had made her entire face scrunch into a wrinkled ball of disgust. It was as if she’d just put a thousand sour candies in her mouth at once. Whatever on earth was in that food, it was not a good thing…

Sophie forced herself to chew, counting to herself and then forcing herself to swallow. She actually started to vomit when the bite was halfway down her throat – it bubbled back up into her mouth and her head shook under the strain as she made her throat muscles stop and slowly reverse.

The ball of regurgitated cunt food spread out over her tongue, hit her taste buds again, but then went right back down… she wanted to take a drink of *anything* to wash it down and then realized with horror that she’d never gotten one.

Mattie continued watching with interest. Her eyes looked like that of a cat that’s playing with a mouse. A dominating, predatory thrill was filling her as she rebelled in the fact that this girl was being forced to eat her leftovers with some terrible stuff in it, right in front of her. Some of the pieces of the earlier puzzle were coming together.

The second bite came up to Sophie’s mouth as she realized the only thing she had to wash down the previous bite with was another one. It went in faster than the last, and she began to chew it as if it was her favorite meal. She wanted the girls across the table to stop glancing at her like that. She at least needed them to buy her story. She couldn’t even think about what would happen if they knew what she was eating.

Every piece of popcorn shrimp that she bit into actually released a small amount of acrid crotch juice. It actually oozed out of the breading and had even soaked right into the fried meat – it invaded every aspect of the meal’s taste. It overpowered any other sensation. She would never again be able to look at herself in the mirror without looking at her vagina and remembering how it made meals taste.

Half of the meal was in her stomach, and she swore she could feel every bite piled on top of each other just as clearly as she’d seen them on her plate. The impulse to throw up was menacing and unwavering. Eating the soggy bread roll had been like eating a gelatinous sludge. The fluid released by her vagina last night had soaked it to the point that it had the consistency of pudding.

She wondered if her brother would force her to do this again… if she’d have something else to look “forward” to when he and Mattie went on dates. The thought made her want to die.

Mattie had bent down to get her cell phone out of her backpack when she managed to hear the slightest buzzing sound. She had been honing her senses in on Sophie, and the sound would have escaped her if she hadn’t been trying to hard to pay attention.


Mattie pretended to drop a pencil on the ground, watching as it rolled to the other side of the chair and under Sophie’s. She scooted her chair back and leaned down to grab it, listening closely. She couldn’t believe herself. The buzzing got louder, the buzzing was faint but it got louder – right next to the girl’s thighs!

If that revelation was a nail in the coffin, then the next revelation was the hammer that drove it in. Being that close to Sophie, Mattie caught a whiff of the same revolting scent that was on her plate, except it was coming from down below…

There was nothing under Sophie’s chair, and she’d left her backpack in her locker. There may have been alternative explanations for why the scent of the slimy lunch would also be coming from the girl’s bottom, but only one came to Mattie’s mind – the correct one.

“The poor girl…” Mattie thought to herself as she swallowed hard in order to stop herself from making a noise while she had a small orgasm. The thought of what her brother had made her do – with her own discarded leftovers – was beyond sick. It was something that made all the earlier hatred that day make sense.

And Mattie had just came thinking about it.


The next day at school was hell. Particularly fifth period. Sophie walked into class and tried to get into her seat quickly as she’d done all day. Her brother had fucked her twice the last night after how hot he’d gotten watching her eat that fuck-meal. The cum was slowly oozing out and around her panties.

A very thin, milky-white trail of cum leaked halfway to her right knee and was mostly dried by now, but Sophie was paranoid that someone else might notice it. And she was right to be paranoid – Mattie was watching her with renewed interest today.

Ironically, her paranoid behavior set off a red flag for Mattie, making her pick apart all her actions to see what was making her tick today. Was it a huge game of truth or dare? Was it a lost bet? Was he blackmailing his sister?

They both looked each other up and down, as if to size each other up for a bar-fight. The reality was far worse. They were seeing each other as predator and prey, and they both knew which was which…

Sophie wasn’t sure how much Mattie knew, but they were glancing at each other far too often to either of them to be comfortable. Mattie wanted to know more, and Sophie wanted to stop that from happening.

They’d all taken out their laptops to begin their typing assignment. There wasn’t much in the way of a lecture today, just endless word-repetition. After about 20 minutes, Sophie was busying herself and only occasionally thinking about her new nemesis. She looked up and stopped typing.

Mattie had deliberately opened her legs up at *just* the right angle to let her see right up them. “Bitch!” Sophie thought to herself, panicking under the realization that she was being toyed with. Mattie must know a lot if she was doing something this bold. Fuck.


“Open up, bitch!” Cory yelled at his sister, shaking her out of her sleep as he waited impatiently for her to open her mouth. She opened her mouth obediently, expecting his penis to shove itself. Instead, she felt the deja-vu sensation of a pair of panties being shoved in. But only the crotch of it went in this time.

“Suck.” he said, and she confusingly began to suck on her own panties, disgusted but too far gone to resist. Then she stopped.

The taste, as much as she hated to even admit to knowing it, was not her own. This could only be – “Mattie tastes good doesn’t she?” he asked, making her blood run cold in her veins. She was sucking the slime out of his fucking bitch girlfriend’s panties!

“God damn….” her blood pressure went up several notches, but he clasped his hand around her chin, holding it closed and waiting for her to continue sucking. When she didn’t, he elaborated:

“She fucking GAVE those to me last night. God, so fucking hot. She tried to get down and suck my cock. God, she’s so smart and yet she’s such a slut. Isn’t that fucking wild. After eating that mess from your pussy the other night I just knew you’d love this…”

She had no choice but to resume sucking the crotch of her most hated enemy clean. It was filthy, it was as if she’d masturbated several times *before* going on the date with him. Mattie must be such a fucking pig… and the bitch gave him her panties. Fucking BITCH!

Sophie got to feel an unloving, abusive load of semen fire itself like a ball of snot into the back of her cunt as he watched her suck the panties with hot hatred.


Another day in class, another day in hell. It was the same thing as yesterday with more typing to do. And like a repeating record, Sophie found herself unable to keep herself from glancing up at the bitch across from her, if only for a split second. And once again, she stopped.

Mattie was sitting with her legs angled open for Sophie to see down, but this time she wasn’t wearing any panties. And when she saw Sophie staring in shock, she made a “who knows?” motion with her eyes and hands before pointing at her crotch – proving that she knew *exactly* where they had gone. She knew.

The bitch had orchestrated everything. She gave him her panties because she knew that her brother would degrade her with them. It was a full minute before Sophie realized she was still staring in hatred at Mattie.

Mattie was smirking back at her like only the cruelest of socialite cunts can. She might have been different enough to see her fake friends for the bitchy snobs they are, but it certainly didn’t make her any less of one. In fact, it made her a fucking master at it.

During lunch her brother informed her that Mattie “liked” her and insisted that she stop feeling lonely – and sit next to her at their table instead of sitting with her usual friends. Her Gothy, emo friends couldn’t comprehend what was happening when she had to abandon them for the bitch. She had no choice but to seem as if she was becoming a snob herself when nothing could be further from the truth.


Every day got a little bit more rough on Sophie. Cory would come home from a date – frequently frustrated, frequently more and more angry at how well she’d said she loved him, led him on and then spouted some excuse or some moral reason why she couldn’t *actually* go all the way.

Mattie knew she had him around her finger, she knew he’d break his parents’ wishes to be a good ol’ boy and he’d fuck her if she whispered the right sequence of words into his ear. And she also knew that he was actually, literally abusing his sister with his sexual frustration every night…

She’d figured it out after being with him so many nights and then watching his sister every morning. And it had been like discovering a gold mine of orgasms.

Every time they were together, Mattie would say something a little more dirty, or “fantasize” about something even more raw happening to “her”. She’d massage his cock, even lick it. Eventually she even sucked it a little – but she *always* made sure he went home unhappy and sexually famined.

With the changing of the season, it was like the changing of Sophie’s life. Night-time sex went from her being a heartbreaking obligation as a fuck-tunnel to a more and more shockingly brutal experience.

Some days he would kick open the door and rip her panties straight off of her, shoving them into her mouth along with Matties and making her suck both clean. He’d pull out her dildo, shove it up her ass and then fuck her so hard that the bed would be shaking and wake their parents up.

He was starting to make her actually *wear* Mattie’s panties the next day after cleaning them. He was starting to rip off her panties so that she’d have to throw them away… and start including Mattie’s panties as the replacement. After a few months, ALL of her panties were hand-me-downs from his girlfriend that she’d personally sucked clean. She had none of her own.

Mattie started being “generous” and offering to give her leftovers to Sophie after dates more and more often. Particularly on Friday nights… so that the meal had to absorb her cunt juice for three nights straight.

Mattie kept turning the heat up higher and higher. She couldn’t even have a real orgasm unless she was thinking about Sophie’s face in class or during lunch the next day – just knowing what she’d been forced to do, forced to endure.


Sophie had been forced to start masturbating to pictures of Mattie before and after sex with her brother. He said it was her punishment for being beneath her – for being second-rate.

Long ago she’d had Mattie’s face taped to her face while her brother raped her. Now, it was even worse. He’d taken a naked picture she’d given him and printed out a zoomed in photo of her open cunt. He’d cut a hole right at the entrance to the photo’s fuck-hole… and taped it to Sophie’s face.

Her mouth was fucked as her cunt and nothing more. Her parents once again had to handcuff her hands and legs to the bedposts to stop her body from involuntarily convulsing out of how brutally and fervently he fucked the entire length of her throat without mercy, without regard for how she felt. Every time he cummed down her throat she cried a little. Her face was just a cunt. It smelled, tasted, felt and even looked like one now.

He started keeping her tears in little glass vials taken from biology class. She was appalled that he would actually get off on her crying, and then KEEP the tears like a trophy – like something he should be proud about. Mattie had turned him into a god damn monster…

And then one night he came in and rather than slab lube on her fuck-hole before pounding it, he emptied a vial of her own rape-tears into her slut-hole. He used it as lube in order to fuck her. Her own tears were keeping her vagina slippery for him to rape her.

Normally he didn’t let her clean herself out, but that night he made an exception – she was forced to put her hand between her legs after he ejaculated and then scoop out hand fulls of his cum and her own tears, and drink them.

Over, and over, and over, she drank scoops of the fluid from her own crotch until it was all gone. Her mom reminded her to say “thank you” to her brother for the special treatment. He saved all of her tears that night too, so that he could start all over.


Summer break was finally in sight. It was finally almost here and Sophie wouldn’t have to spend another day, not another hour with Mattie. Every day was somehow more excruciating than the night’s events.

Mattie would her hug, squeeze her and inject her veins with innuendo after innuendo – letting her know that *she* knew but not admitting anything outright. “You liked eating those bread sticks from last Friday? Funny how you always keep it over the weekend. Your “mouth” must have really been watering for them…”

The comments never slowed down, they only picked up speed. Mattie’s mouth never uttered more wicked, more secretly backstabbing comments than when she was talking to Sophie. “Oh, I caught a glimpse of your undies. I have the same ones! Oh – I used to. I think someone stole them at the laundromat or something. What a fucking pervert that must be. Don’t you agree?” and she’d bear down on her until she actually agreed, actually said yes.

And yet, summer break was finally here. The last day of school had come and gone, and there was no great surprise confession from Mattie – no dreaded confrontation or life-changing event. Sophie, for a bleakly lit moment in time, thought maybe the worst was over and that maybe her brother would get over her and date someone else. ANYONE else.

She thought it over. Mattie would never admit knowing. She wanted to keep quietly, secretly playing her game. If she admitted anything it also admit that her boyfriend was being played by her. He’d know he was just being used the same was he was using his sister.

Then a series of gears clicked together in Sophie’s mind. IF that happened, then all the tables would be turned and he could threaten to show her friends AND family all the obscene text messages, all the dirty naked pictures, the saved webcam videos, all the foul notes… she could be blackmailed BACK.

Would his brother even listen to her, a useless cunt?

He had nearly being driven mad wanting to get at her vagina all school year – the great irony is that by now, he loved her but he hated her almost as much as Sophie hated her. Nobody likes being teased that hard for that long, and Sophie wasn’t an adequate cum-dump compared to actually fucking the evil bitch.

Oh yes… not only would he hear her out but his cock would be jumping at the chance to blackmail Mattie.

And then that bitch would finally be the one getting hate-fucked. And then Sophia would finally have the power – and then she’d finally be the real girl and Mattie would be the fuck doll.


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