Good Girls Make More Good Girls by Lycan Rex

Writer: Lycan Rex

Subject: Good Girls Make More Good Girls

Link: MEWE / 28.04.2023

Good Girls Make More Good Girls

Through copious amounts of research, and a lack of privacy, I’ve enacted an offering today that felt so strong, and so powerful to Lilith. Sexual energy seems to be one of the purest forms of offerings, if the intention is true. There are various ways I’ve done these offering but they’ve never felt substantial. Until today.

I set my space and circle. Today I really dig deep, I spent time cleaning myself up before hand, getting comfortable. I connected myself as deep as I could through relaxation, meditation. Overall just mental well-being and calming. This is what made my ritual more connective to the source that is Lilith.

After setting the tone, I sat in my circle and situated myself mentally. I am equal to Lilith, we are equal in divine energy to these gods. We are reflections of them, we make up a whole. I knew this, and came to Lilith humbly with my prayer and offering. I made my intentions and wishes evident, then extended the offering to her.

It gets NSFW here, so beware. I allowed Lilith to control my actions through what impulse. Anything that came to my mind, I did. During my ritual, I very obviously touched myself…but in ways I never have before. There was more of a connection, it felt more active. More driven, and more dedicated than before. She helped me, led and guided me and I sent the energy that was expressed to her.

Outcome: I have a very tired dull feeling, a light heaviness in my head. Like the beginning of a headache, or when you workout too hard. She appreciated the offering, I know for sure. Things will are looking up. May Lilith be Pleased with this Offering!

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