Goddess Carmella Ravencraft – Non-Fiction

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Goddess Carmella Ravencraft

On this Valentines day a day of carnal lust and desires of the flesh we who worship and adore You as Our Goddess bring you a special gift.
The multitudes brought forth to Your Temple to Worship You at an abandoned catholic church still with the relic of the crucified christ’s cross in the altar. As we enter Your Temple we see You seated on Your throne in front of the altar with Brother SOTAR holding torches to illuminate your succulent body. We see You sitting on Your throne with black spiked high heels, stockings, garters, a bustier exposing your supple breasts.
We process into Your Temple led by a Satanic catholic priest carrying a consecrated host to present to You to at Your Altar. You hold out Your hands to receive the host to place between Your breasts. Brother SOTAR takes a bible and You instruct Your followers to FUCK the bible with their blood engorged cocks. You bite a followers hardened cock to draw blood and spill it onto the cum soaked bible. Brother SOTAR takes the host from Your breasts and places it in Your Chalice. You then instruct Brother SOTAR to hold the bible under Your sacred pussy I receive Your chalice and place it under the cum soaked bible. You then urinate on the bible spilling your sacred fluids over the bible onto the host in Your chalice. We beg to be touched by Your sacred fluids.
You then take Your chalice and hold it for all to see with a swift command You tell your followers those who wish to  follow You need to Eat and Drink from Your Chalice of Your Salvation, we do and Brother SOTAR now declares that the Goddess Carmilla Ravencraft is Our GOD whom we worship here on earth.



Brother SOTAR:

For those of you who do not know who Goddess Carmella Ravencraft Daughter of Satan a Demoness from Hell is let me begin. She has led the world in a Day of Blasphemy 2 years ago to open the Gates of Hell and release Demons and power to her followers to work with Demons and communicate with the Dead!

She again held an Infernal Black Mass which sent forth to her followers Pleasure and Power of the flesh beyond recognition. A third time a Blood offering was poured out for us to Drink from Her Sacred Chalice at the Altar of Hell, which we partook in and gained immeasurable Satanic strength.

So here is my EDICT to my followers:

Post and reply in HONOR TO GODDESS CARMILLA RAVENCRAFT DAUGHTER OF SATAN QUEEN OF HELL DEMONESS ON EARTH, We Your followers do hereby and affirm that we renounce god jehovah, jesus of nazareth and the holy spirit. HAIL SATAN!! HAIL GODDESS CARMILLA RAVENCRAFT DEMONESS FROM HELL DAUGHTER OF SATAN we do this to HONOR YOU!!

Brother SOTAR:


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