Frustrated & Bewildered by XP

Writer: XP

Subject: Frustrated & Bewildered

Link: LS666 26.02.2023

Frustrated & Bewildered

Well, I am writing this partly out of frustration and partly out of bewilderment. So, you’re on an, “Erotic horror,” site that features stories and articles about dark erotica; that, at times, touches on a range of fetishes and taboos; including dark themes of blasphemy, occult, voodoo, satanism, devil worship, and witchcraft.

So why would a writer, like me, be able to connect you up, with underground satanic groups having ritual sex in black mass, in your city? Why would one assume, that I know black magick and can give you a conjuring spell for your personal sex demon? Or that I have all the online resources, to immediately connect you to a mountain of satanic porn videos that feature transgendered demons? And why would it be, that I have a whole bunch of satanic mothers just waiting at their homes (around the corner in your neighborhood) — for you to abuse their offspring?

I honestly don’t know where this comes from? Maybe it sounds a little amusing to say it this way … and I am really sorry to disappoint. But unfortunately, I’m not that guy! I’m not a magus. I don’t do magick. Please don’t ask me for the impossible — I just write stories and curate content from other writers — to bring you something dark and different every day. Apologies in advance for my short-comings. XP.

7 thoughts on “Frustrated & Bewildered by XP”

  1. This site does have the tendency to attract a few creeps in the comments who clearly are looking to act on criminal impulses. I don’t know what your position is on this, so I won’t name names, but there is at least one dude I’ve seen posting comments on here (the one who has never heard of punctuation and writes in a stream-of-consciousness style with extremely poor, nigh-incomprehensible poor grammar) who clearly has trouble separating fantasy from reality and probably needs to be monitored by police before he does something to a child in his neighborhood. It’s people like him who do something, get caught, then bring bad press and bothersome public attention to fictional fantasy sites like this. It might be worth it to start moderating your comments more closely to disassociate people like that from your site. Being a free speech advocate doesn’t mean you are ethically obligated to let weird, dangerous people leave comments on your platform. Depending on how SCOTUS rules on the Section 230 case you could also have a problem on your hands with people who leave absolutely deranged comments where the line between fantasy and reality is not clear – so keep an eye on that case. It could affect you even if your site isn’t hosted in the US (tier-1 carriers could block transit to your IP or domain for example).

    1. Hi Concerned Fan,

      Appreciate your comments — yes, we must be very aware that everything here (content) is about fantasy and is NOT REAL … that this site is about, “Erotic horror,” touching on a range of fetishes and taboos … ALL OF WHICH ARE ONLY FOR ADULT ENTERTAINMENT and not for anything else. Please bear in mind that the comments section is for praising the various writers and their efforts … rather than any other agenda.

      Thanks, XP

  2. Based on that delicate balance between fantasy and reality, everyone is free to think what he or she wants and to enjoy it as long as it does not harm others, at least not irrevocably and demonstrably wrong in the eyes of moral and or other proclaimed authorities. (< pun intended)
    In short: What isn't known, doesn't alert and that's why once again I do understand XP's plea not to make it too easy for the vice hunters and witch hunters by putting these dark fantasies into practice here with all too open calls. I know that some of my fantasies are over the top and must therefore remain fiction, but that doesn't have to stop me from enjoying the kinks and twists of a deviant and devious mind that also might enlight the DARK of this illustrious occult group soulmates.

    1. Hail A666BEAST … Agreed … and exercising restraint and caution in the public arena will maintain the equilibrium for continuity. Thanks again for the words of support and enlightenment. I appreciate you all. You give me positivity and encouragement. Many thanks. XP.

  3. OMG!

    I find it funny af that people actually make those requests.

    I know that i’m a pervy, twisted sicko; but i keep it in the realms of fantasy. I love snuff fiction; and i frig to fantasies of others & myself getting snuffed; but it’s just fantasy.

    IRL, i get queasy at the sight of blood & i’d never really want to hurt someone… even people i don’t like. I want to live a very long time, even though snuff fantasy does it for me.


  4. Yes i agree , i don’t see why people would assume XP would know of people who act out the fantasies written about on this site . Two guidelines i think people should keep in mind , it’s only fantasy , and you have to be able to seperate fantasy from reality .

    1. Hi Syd — exactly, in our minds, we can go anywhere … being wicked, nasty, evil, and twisted … it’s such a beautiful thing … and the reality is that we’re all good little boys and girls … aren’t we? XP

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