Feature Writer: capn_doggy /
Feature Title: FORCED CHANGES 5 /
Story Codes: Futanari, Transgender, Femdom, Reluctance, Transformation, Succubus, Dickgirl, Groping, Teasing, Games /
Synopsis: Sydney sees the landlady, gets kidnapped, and meets a god /
Author’s Note: Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope you enjoyed it as it is my first time publishing any sort of work. Please let me know what you thought of it, any feedback is welcome /

Forced Changes – Chapter 5

I woke with Lexi suckling on a nipple, her tongue gently swirling around my areola. Encircling her with my arms, I pulled her hips so she was flush against me. Her hand traced my side down to the small of my back.

Then I recalled how she tricked me about the portal.

I’ll give her five more minutes before I give her a piece of my mind. She needs to know that’s not acceptable…

After those five minutes, which may have been closer to six, or even ten, I gently pulled her head back, stopping her talented mouth from fulfilling it’s destiny. Her brilliant blue eyes shone with an unspoken apology and a little bit of mirth.

“It never gets any easier to go through the portal, does it?” I asked, sighing as her fingers dug firmly into my ass.

“Not really, can you blame me for sparing you the worry?” she asked, kissing her way up my neck.

“No, but…” I gasped as she bit my earlobe. Her knee slid between my legs teasing me with a bit of pressure as she continued to distract me. Her tail wrapped around my thigh and pulled just enough to deepen the sensation as my pussy tingled with warmth. Her teeth nipped at the tip of my ear before her tongue prodded inside my ear canal, causing me to giggle at the sensation. I could feel her smile, and it made my insides flush and squirm with a comforting warmth.

“No hard feelings then?” she whispered in my ear.

“I think I can find a way to forgive you,” I said, somewhat breathlessly, digging my fingers into her shoulder blades. Shockingly, I could feel my body tensing, shuddering, as I approached the precipice of orgasm.

How is she making me feel this way without any penetration?

Her thigh just kept its relentless pressure, pushing and nudging, now gliding smoothly, lubricated by my arousal. Lexi laughed softly and I considered reciprocating momentarily, then she went back to prodding my ear with her wet muscle. I danced and quivered at the sensation, unintentionally deepening and accelerating the motion on my sensitive labia. The additional agitation was enough to push me over the edge as my climax claimed me, my legs tightened around her like a boa constrictor.

Eventually, my shudders fell away and I was left cradled, spent and lethargic, replete with satisfaction in Lexi’s arms.

She must have rolled me on top of her while I was insensate with orgasm because her heartbeat and slow breathing were echoing their gentle, calming music beneath me. I felt loved, laying on my stomach, entangled in Lexi grasp, contemplating the strange turns my life had taken. Lexi stroked my hair slowly, luxuriantly, in time with her tail that tightened as it curled around my thigh, a loving little tree vine clinging to its host.

I sighed, as I let her heart beat out its soothing rhythm directly into my ear as I let my hands trace the smooth muscles of her stomach.

“What’s bothering you?” she asked. I tensed as I contemplated her question.

“I don’t appreciate the way you lied to me.”

“But you don’t mind how I apologized,” she said, a little smugly.

“That still doesn’t make what you did right.”

“No,” she agreed, sobering a little. “But I will always seek to shelter you from pain and worry. As I’ve stated before, I want you live a life of sweet sensations and pleasurable experiences until your dying day, which is a very long time and an uncountable number of orgasms from now. Trust me, they’ll need to invent new numbers to even get close.” I laughed at her silliness and fought the smile that threatened my seriousness.

“Trust is a funny thing. Just know that if you lie to me, I’ll be mad. As long as you understand that we’ll work things out and take them as they come.”

“Okay, got it. Round two?”

“I thought we were here for a reason, not just constant sex.”

“Constant sex can be a reason unto itself. But, I understand, rain check on the sex.”

“God, you’re incorrigible,” I said, giving her a light swat to the belly. “Listen, can you start giving the place a quick clean, I’m gonna go talk to Mrs. Henderson, my landlady. She texted cause I missed our chess game. Also, she might have a lead on some boxes we could beg, borrow, or steal.”

“No problem sweetie, I’ll get right to it,” she said, giving me a quick kiss to the forehead.

Lexi was thoughtful enough to conjure some clothes for me on the bed before she set about cleaning up, unconcerned with her nudity.

That woman has no self consciousness. Not that she has any reason to, but still, it’s damn distracting… Which is probably what she’s going for, the sly dog, I thought as she bent over like a gymnast doing stretches to pick up something of the floor, her derriere becoming a towering edifice of distraction. The pinnacle of perfection brought forth a deluge of unstoppable thoughts of what that pillowy mass would feel like gyrating atop me.

She’s so transparent.

After I missed my pant leg for the third time, I finally tore my gaze away from the dual distractions of her tantalizing ass working in tandem with her mostly covered pussy, her dark vulva peeking around her curves to say hello.

I can’t even deny its effectiveness too, as simple as her ploy is.

I shook my head to free myself from her tantalizing displays of flexibility to don my shirt and pants before heading over to Mrs. Henderson’s apartment.

I was nostalgic as I meandered the hallways to her office. The apartment hadn’t been my living quarters for long, and it hadn’t really been my home as much as it had been the place I returned to each day. Still, I’d had some good times here, mostly due to Mrs. Henderson and her patient ears and delicious cookies. I had a sad smile as I knocked on her door, her welcome mat squishing comfortably between my toes.

The door swung open to reveal the short woman who had been my mom away from mom. She had her patented short white hair with matching thick horn rimmed glasses with the charm bracelet like neck strap dangling around her shoulders. The worn wooden beads of apples and pencils depicting her pride in her chosen profession as a highschool history teacher. She had seemed lonely when I met her, widowed for four years and yearning for company, me a freshman away from home for the first time ever and missing my family. We had supported and comforted each other throughout the year and she would be the thing I missed most.

“You’re glowing dear.” Eyes wide, I wasn’t entirely sure if Lexi had disguised me or not. But how would she recognize me then?

“No need to be worried,” she said laying a hand on my arm. “It’s a good thing, and I suspect has something to do with why you’ve missed out on our weekly chess game,” she said arching a eyebrow at me knowingly. She waved me inside and shut the door behind her before she wrapped me up in a hug.

“I’ve missed you dear, but I’m glad you’ve found someone to share your time with. You deserve someone special and, although I’m amazing, I can’t give you everything you need in life.”

I laughed at her usual bluntness and wry dirty humor. “You know no one could replace you. I haven’t figured out how you cook those immorally addictive cookies you keep unashamedly supplying me.”

“How else am I supposed to buy your affections?”

“You could pay me like everyone else.”
“Ahhhh. So we’ve gone into whoring, have we? Let me know if you need me to start handing out pamphlets. My usual cut is a twenty eighty split.” We stood, silent for a moment, before dissolving into giggles.

“Ahhhh. I’ve missed you Sydney. So tell me all about the lucky lady. Or is it a lad?” she asked playfully.

“Truthfully. She’s a bit of both,” I said nervously. She paused for a moment, her smile slipping before she answered.

“Well, that’s… interesting.” She noticed the sadness on my face and quickly responded. “Oh. No! I didn’t mean it like that! It’s just that you threw me for a loop. I was still joking around and you responded so seriously I was stunned. So your new girlfriend’s got a little extra junk in her trunk? Or do his pecs have a little of that bounce and sway?” she said cupping her own breasts.

I threw myself into another hug as laughter rippled through my belly. “I now know why you’re still single, no one’s willing to put up with your vulgarity. And she’s, got some extra junk, if you must know,” I said with a small smile and a blush.

“Oh, ho ho. Does she now? Did I ever tell you about my fling with Sarah, my hairdresser, during my swinger days?” A timer in the kitchen saved me from having to hear the resulting story. Her oven door creaked as it opened, followed shortly by a stampeding wave of mouthwatering chocolate chip cookie scent. I started to salivate, my pavlovian response getting the best of me. She came out of the kitchen like an angel descending on sugary wings, a plate of cookies in one hand, two glasses of milk in the other.

“You neanderthal. Pinching the edges of the glass like a heathen, didn’t your mother ever teach you manners? Who knows where those fingers have been?” I teased.

I know, and if you keep up with the sass I’ll tell you each and every intimate detail.”

We spent some time enjoying the cookies, silent but for the appreciative moans of chocolatey delights.

“So tell me about the woman that makes my Sydney’s eyes sparkle?”

“Oh, she’s a whirlwind of energy, caring and affection wrapped in a sinfully hot package. She’s a woman that could give a priest an erection. She pampers me and she says she loves me and I believe her. She’s confident, commanding, and a little bit intimidating. I think,” I paused blushing. “I think she’s the one for me. Which is strange, because she wouldn’t be the type I would’ve thought I’d go for.”

“Love’s often like that. Although me and Harold, may he rest in peace, were highschool sweethearts for a while before I finally convinced him to pop my cherry our freshman year in college.”

“Mrs. Henderson!”
“What?” She asked innocently. “It’s not like women don’t have a sex drive too. I know the popular opinion is that it’s always the boy looking to get in the girl’s pants, but in my experience it’s the girl unbuckling the boys pants just as often. I’m sure your girlfriend would corroborate.”

“Of that I have no doubt. She was definitely the aggressor in this relationship.”

“Seduce the lonely virgin did she?”

Cough. Cough. “Yeah…Something like that.” I couldn’t seem to stop the blushes from repeatedly heating up my cheeks.

“Anyway, Mrs. Henderson, the reason why I came over-” She held up the last half cookie and finished it off in one bite. “…One of the reasons I came over was that Lexi, my girlfriend’s name, asked-”

“Figured that out by context,” she said dryly.

“Asked me to move in with her,” I finished, ignoring her interruption.

“Good for you two. I’ll get the paperwork and then you two can get back to screwing like bunnies. Wait, no, scratch that, bunnies are too vanilla. So you can get back to banging her like a jackhammer. Wait, no finess. So you can get back to-”

“How many of these do you have.”

“A thousand, and the school board gets annoyed if I use them in class so you’re my only outlet. Save me Sydney one, you’re my only hope. It’ll just be a second,” she said as she got up presumably to get the paperwork. She came back with some more cookies in addition to the paperwork and pens.

After we got the particulars taken care of she shooed me towards the door, stating, “Go help your girl pack. The sooner you get done-”

“I get it Mrs. Henderson, no need to finish that thought,” I said, pulling her into a hug. She surprised me with a crushing grip, showing surprising strength in her deceptively thin frame. “You come back and see me, okay?” she said, her voice thick with emotion.

“Count on it. You will be begging me to leave by the time I’m done with you. Besides, I haven’t caught up to you in our chess games yet. I’ll miss you too, you dirty old broad.” She released me and I was halfway out the door before Mrs. Henderson called out one last thing.

“By the way, did that woman ever get your wallet back to you? She was asking around outside the church down the street. I said I could get it to you but she was adamant about doing it herself. Whatever, it’s her time to throw away,” she said, obviously annoyed with the woman as she recalled the exchange.

“No, she never did. Strange,” I said, still puzzling over the odd exchange as the door swung shut behind me.

Wonder what that was about. I’m ninety five percent sure my wallet is sitting on my kitchen table. Shit! I forgot to ask her about boxes. Oh well let’s see how Lexi is doing without them.

The elevator ping drew my attention as the doors slid open. Out stepped two ethereal beauties, cast from a mold of a different quality than the normal populace. The woman stepped out first and damn, was she capital F fine. She had platinum blond hair and was maybe five foot six. Dressed in black pants with a tight, navy blue top. A wooden rosary dangled from her arm as she strutted towards me in sensible heels. The same fake smile that smarmy infomercial guys wear was the only thing marring her otherwise pristine features. That and her cold uncaring eyes. I shivered involuntarily at her dead gaze.

The man on the other hand had earthy dark hair, cut short but not military short. He wore a t-shirt so tight that you could see every nook and cranny of his extremely well toned body. He wore a pair of shorts and sandals which clashed with his partners businesslike attire. He stood a full head taller than his companion and had a sad smile that ran up to his eyes. The thing that had me standing still and staring however, was not their looks or attires, it was the fact that, shimmering in a hazy cloud behind the man, were two gigantic, feathered wings. I blinked my eyes as the pair noticed me in the hallway. The wings faded as I stared at them, sliding out of view as I questioned my sanity.

The man leaned forward and whispered into the woman’s ear and she consulted a piece of paper before putting it away and marching straight towards me.

“Is your name Mr. Wilks?” the woman questioned.

“Who’s asking,” I inquired, suspicious of these two strange individuals.

“Come with us,” she stated flatly.

“Uhhhh, I don’t think so,” I said, backing away from them both.

“I wasn’t asking. Do it,” she said, jerking her head at the sculpted man behind her.

Before I could blink, the dude disappeared and reappeared behind me, his chin behind my ear.

“Sorry,” he whispered at the same time a sharp stab and spreading chill appeared in my neck.

“What’s… happening…” I tried to speak, but the words were fuzzy and indistinct as they floated away from me. In fact the entire world was fuzzy as my legs refused to support my weight, the chill spreading to envelope my entire body. The man cradled me into his arms as I heard an animalistic roar in the distance.

He passed me off to ice bitch just in time, as a flying blue blob intersected him center mass, sending him careening down the hallway. Bouncing me a little to get a better grip, the woman began carrying me towards the elevator as sounds of a struggle echoed behind us. The woman’s arms were strangely cool to the touch, feeling more like a mannequin than human flesh. The reasoning part of my mind was impressed by the ease of which she carried me in front of her, she was very gentle with me as she used her hip to bump the door open, cradling my head as we passed through the threshold. My neck muscles went lip and my head lolled about like a newborn babes.

I faded for a bit, but regained awareness with the slamming of a door to a white van as the woman set me into the back. A sharp jab of pain, like a nail through the center of my forehead, gave me a point that I hung onto as long as I could, the darkness already beckoning. She started the car and I clung onto consciousness just long enough to read the highway I-80 West sign as we passed underneath it before the darkness claimed me.

Waking was unexpected.

Not that I didn’t think I wouldn’t wake up again.

I just hadn’t predicted rising to the scent of vanilla candles, under a fluffy comforter with a pillow under my head. Cracking one eye open showed a room filled with four different bed types and too many pillows to count at a glance.

“No need to pretend, I know you’re awake,” whispered a smokey voice from behind me. I snapped my eyes closed at the sound of her voice. Still wary, I continued to pretend to be asleep as I surveyed my surroundings as best as I was able.

Which was not very well, with my eyes held cautiously shut.

Best I could tell, I wasn’t by any train stations, the only sounds came from my pounding heart and the steady breathing of my mysterious captor.

I sat up when a feminine hand brushed my hair away from my eyes. Rising ready to fight, I was surprised to see a decidedly not ice bitch body attached to the hand.

I guess she didn’t really sound like her at all now that I think about it.

She was tall, intimidatingly tall, as she lounged in the bed next to me. Entirely naked, and seemingly without shame, her body was covered in similar tribal tattoos that came out when Lexi was, ‘hulking out’, or performing magic, only black. Also the skin surrounding the tattoos was a burgundy color, the kind you’d find on old law books. Her tail wound itself around my calf and it was such a Lexi move that I had to fight to stifle a strange mixture of sob and moan. Fighting to keep from panicking, I wrapped my arms across my chest, almost painfully pinning my breasts to my chest. From her temple, two darker mahogany rows of horns swept back in slightly spiraling horns that followed her hair, curving back above her ears.

Why do I always wake up naked? What’s with these people?

“Oh sweetie. She’s okay, she fought off the seraphim. Alexandria is sad and frantic but she’s unhurt.” She scooted closer to me and I flinched back, balling my hands into fists, heavy tears rolling from my eyes. She held up her hands, palms facing me, fingers splayed as she gave me a little space. Watching her closely, I scooted back off the bed, and, using my peripherals, tried to locate a door with which to effect my escape. Her tail tightened briefly as it unwound, the friction of it stinging my skin with the heat as she let me go. The moist air of the room swirled around my naked form but I made no effort to cover up, prioritizing a stance ready for action instead, prepared to fight this succubus if I had to.

“There’s no escape,” she said and I focused back on her. “Oh dear. That sounded rather ominous didn’t it? I mean you no harm. You are rather jittery aren’t you? But not without cause I guess,” she said talking mostly to herself. Still on the lookout for a door, I skirted around the room, praying for any exit of any kind.

“What could I possibly say or do to help you relax?”

“You could start with your name and where we are,” I said finding my voice, thready as it was.

“I’ve had many names through the years, a few you might even recognize today, Aphrodite, Lilith, Quarinash, Yachnisha, but the one most commonly used by those closest to me is Belini, or Bel for short. It’s nice to meet you Sydney, I’ve been watching you and your partner for awhile.”

“Cause that’s not creepy or anything,” I snorted before I could catch my tongue. She laughed, the sound joyous and easy as she shook her wavy auburn locks back behind her shoulders. In standing, she revealed the thin leathery rings that unfurled slightly as she stood up. They looked satiny soft as they folded up tight to her back, the tips dangling down near her curvy hips.

“As for where we are, that is even more complicated. We are currently in a pocket dimension that’s nestled in the space between realities. It’s a space I’ve created over the years that’s allowed me to stretch my wings a bit, as my current living arrangements is pretty stifling. You’re the first paired priestess that was in a suggestible mental state such that I could bring you here.” I stared at her incredulously for a long moment.

“So this is all in my mind. I guess that explains the lack of ice bitch.” Surreptitiously, I bit the inside of my cheek until my eyes watered from the pain.

Damn, I guess that won’t work.

“Always analyzing and deducing, it’s one of the things I like about you Sydney. That property is not a natural instinct to my followers, they tend to be more… passionate and impulsive in their actions.”

“Is there any way you can prove the things you’re saying?” I asked skeptically allowing her to close the distance between us.

“Not any that you’d believe right at this moment. You’ll just have to take it on faith,” she said giving me a wink. “However, now that the pathways been forged between us I think that we’ll be hearing more of each other in the future. That, however, is a discussion for another day. For now we need to discuss your current predicament and how we’re going to get you out of it. You are, at this moment, riding in the back of Sariel’s car, aka agent seven, whom you’ve so lovingly dubbed ice bitch, on the way to their facility. You do not want to get the facility, what they do there is monstrous. I’m not going to get into the details, but, let’s just say that even with millennia of life experience under my belt, their actions still make me gag. So here’s what we’re going to do, in a few minutes I’m going to wake you up, you’ll be a little groggy at first, so stay motionless and let it pass without letting her know you’re awake. I’ll send a distraction your way. When you feel the van stop, jump out of the van, locate the sun, and run as fast as you can towards it. You’ll run into help if you go that direction.”

“What kind of help?”

“You’ll know it when you see it.”

“That’s very vague and not at all reassuring. Besides, why should I trust you?”

“If you promise to follow my plan, I vow that you will make it out alive,” she said holding a hand over her heart, her eyes flashed and an unseen wave of power washed over me. “Also, if you promise, and I believe you, I’ll let you talk to Lexi before I send you back to the van.”

I knew she was bribing me, I understood that I probably shouldn’t make deals with strange beings beings who summon me into dimensional bubbles.

And yet…

The ache in my chest where my heart used to be deepened, throbbing with its lack of Lexi.

Be logical. Don’t make deals. Especially when magic is an actual variable to consider. There’s so many stories about the folly of bargaining with higher powers. Don’t be hasty…

“You’ve got a deal,” I said, letting my worry get the best of me. I wrung my hands, as a sad little smile graced her lovely face, an air of wistful inevitability surrounding her.

“I know you don’t truly believe me, but that’s enough to get us started for now. Give me a second, this takes a little more oomph than I regularly use. This is a special occasion. It’s time to bust out the good stuff.” She closed her eyes, her tail wiggling around behind her. Her arms fell to her thighs before they traced their way up the sides of her body, ending with a flourishing circle around her breasts. I was rapt with attention as her nipples hardened under the firm strokes of her fingers. She cocked her hip and I was intensely aware of a warm rush to my nethers I’ve become accustomed to as Lexi’s partner. A cold sweat broke out on my skin as I began to feel quite voyeur-esque watching her performance. Licking my lips, I squirmed a little as I hid my nakedness from her closed eyes, uncomfortable with my arousal of her smooth gesticulations. Her wings fluttered once and the moist air swirled, caressing my flesh with thousands of micro kisses. Their velvet swaths curled around her shoulders, partially obscuring her motions while she continued to tease and touch every inch of her exposed crimson flesh. One of her hands started to crawl towards her pussy, glacier like as it closed in on the promised land. She stiffened and I took a step back, fearful as her muscles peaked in stark relief against her normally smooth curves. Her eyes flashed open and I was startled to see a familiar flashing blue.

“Sydney!” she cried, the sound pained as it ripped it’s way out of her throat. She rushed toward, me stumbling, but her eyes locked on me the entire way. Belini’s hands shook as they wrapped around me, pulling me into a hug as she sobbed into my shoulder, her wings draping themselves around ass, shutting us off from the world.

“Lexi…” I said gently pulling her away from me, tears on both our faces.

“Syd, tell me where you are?! That seraphim and it’s keeper took you and-”

“Lexi, kiss me. I need to know-” she didn’t hesitate at all. Belini’s lips locked on mine as she caressed my back, one hand sliding down to caress my ass. She played a very familiar tune across my senses as I lost myself in her unique blend of nibbles and probing tongue. A dark almost bitter coffee flavor accompanied her kiss. It wasn’t a bad taste just, intense and deep. It tasted like the mariana trench, full of an alien world containing both incredible beauty and dangerous predators.

Without a doubt this is one hundred percent Lexi’s kiss… Well, damn. I guess she was telling the truth after all. At least in this instance.

I gave myself a thirty second time limit.

Which expired before our kiss came close to ending. It was probably closer to two minutes before I had to pry my lips from Lexi with a metaphorical crowbar, my chest heaving with lack of oxygen.

“I don’t know where I’m at Lexi, but Belini seems to have a plan. I’ll find my way back to you.”

“I can feel her hold slipping,” she said, as her tail skirted across both my buttcheeks as it secured me tighter to her. “I’ll be waiting.” I watched as the blue slowly bled out of her eyes, leaving them a strange yellow orangish color, similar to that of an unripe peach.

“Please get me back to her,” I cried into her chest, unwilling and unable to keep the desperation out of my voice. “I promise I’ll do anything. Just get me back to her.” Grasping her silky skin, I felt so in her shadow, my fate out of my control.

“I’m doing my best honey. That’s all any of us can do. Now a couple parting thoughts to mull over before we’re out of time. There will come a time that you’ll need to forgive someone. You’ll wonder if she’s sincere and telling the truth. She is.”


She silenced me with a quick kiss, her teeth tugging on my bottom lips before she retreated. “Now’s the time for listening, not talking,” she said as I gaped at her once again, my lips warm with her breath. She smirked and licked a trail from my chin to the tip of my nose her tongue hot and impossibly soft as it slid effortlessly across my stunned face. She was full of mischievousness as she continued. “A decision is coming for you. Not Lexi’s, not mine, and definitely not Sariel’s. You’ll try to consider each while deciding but in the end it’s your life. Choose accordingly.” As she spoke she slunk around me without putting and distance between us, her breasts and fingers providing fleeting touches until she draped herself around my back, a hand on the side of my jaw. She pushed a little, nudging my head to looking forward. While my attention had been diverted a full length mirror had materialized in front of us, reflecting my full frontal nakedness and her solemn eyes eyes peeking over my shoulder. The reflection faded to black before slowly returning.

As it returned, I notice a few key differences.

I stared in wonder and walked cautiously toward the mirror, Bel falling away from my back, giving me space.

The right side of the reflection showed me as I was now, eyes wide as I stumbled toward the mirror, looking serious. The other side of the mirror showed a version of me that was barely recognizable. Dusky pink tribal tattoos swirled across every inch of my exposed flesh. Which, at the moment, was a lot of exposed flesh. My doppelganger’s tail curled up by her arm and she stroked the head of it like a pet and small ivory horns just barely poked their way from under the skin on her temple.

I have the same smile. That was actually the weirdest thing.

She smiled and it was like looking in a, well, a mirror actually. It was something I recognized every time I psyched myself up in the bathroom before a presentation for a class. The cocky smirk that I used to convince myself and anyone watching that I was ready to take on the world.

Just before I could get well and truly freaked out the mirror vanished. Wasting, no time, and keeping me off balance, Bel spun me around and gave me another quick kiss.

“See you in your dreams,” she said, giving me a wink and a hard shove on my shoulders.

I fell over.

And fell.

And fell.

My surroundings disappeared and still I fell.

Until, BAM!

The van jerked around me as it hit a bump in the road. Recalling her instructions just in time I kept myself plastered uncomfortably to the floor as the floor vibrated as it continued across what my hip firmly announced as an extremely rocky road.

“Come in agent seven, report,” a radio in the van crackled as a gravelly male voice croaked out of the handset.

There was a short pause before an emotionless voice, cold as it’s owner responded. “Agent seven reporting, currently an hour out. The tainted was captured but the primary target managed to discorporate my weapon. Said weapon is currently recharging in the ethereal plane with an estimated time of twenty three minutes before potential retrieval. Faced with the tactically unstable mission, retreat was taken as the wisest course available. Current status is on route with beta target sedated, estimated time is ten hours before the drugs will dilute to a sufficient amount to allow for conscious thought with another five hours for motor function.”

Well that doesn’t sound very good. I wiggled my toes experimentally and they seemed to move without problem. That’s a relief, although it’s a little strange that the drugs didn’t affect me the way she thought they would.

“Very good, Seven. Under no circumstances are you to engage a corruptor without a viable weapon. Acknowledge and respond?”

“Acknowledged. Will not engage with enemy force.”

“Very well. May God’s light keep you from sin.”

“I’m humbled, your grace. I strive to serve our lord to the best of my meager abilities.”

“As do we all,” the rough voice intoned before ice bitch hung up the radio, slotting it home with a clatter.

Beginning to grow restless, I let my eyes crack open just a bit to get an idea of my surroundings. Bare boned, the back of the van had few remarkable features besides the plethora of scratches that were etched into the rubber padding and metal sides. Flashes of green passed by the windows let me know I was passing through some sort of forest environment. That, combined with my lack of shoes, had me nervous about my odds of escaping my current predicament unscathed.

At least she was overconfident enough to to keep my hands and feet unrestrained.

“Shoot!” she yelled as she slammed on the brakes. My shoulder slammed into the driver’s seat as physics once again proved the universal truth present in the law of inertia. I couldn’t quite stop the squeak that snuck out from the pain.

Goddamn objects in motion… I grumbled internally, in too much pain to worry over whether ‘agent seven’ had heard my outburst..

“What the heck?” she exclaimed annoyedly, getting out of the car and slamming the door behind her. She hadn’t been gone for more than ten seconds before the air was filled with a cacophony of unholy screeches.

Wow. When Bel does distractions she goes big.

Wasting little time I eased open the trunk of the van as stealthily as I could. Wincing as my feet hit the rocky gravel road. I jog/hobbled as quietly as I could away from the van, making sure to position myself so that the nondescript white vehicle was between me and whatever was making that unholy racket. Curiosity got the best of me and I couldn’t stop from sneaking a quick glance back to see the distraction.

I had to fight to keep from gawking. Spread around in an oblong, thirty foot oval, was a meadow of hopping bunnies. Painted in swathes of brown, grey, white and black, they moved in a strange approximation of a ripple strewn pond during a rainstorm. Each of them had their teeth bared and the weight of their combined voices was as loud as a semi truck air braking. Turning away, I made my way through the woods, rocks and twigs biting painfully into the fleshy undersides of my feet.

As the noise of the crazed bunnies faded into the distance I became more and more aware of each twig cracking as it snapped, obscured under the calf high grass. I made my way towards the setting sun, the orange red rays piercing through the trees like little holy rays from heaven. A scream of rage echoing in the distance triggered my flight response as I took off running through the grass, like a rabbit ironically enough.

For a distance I ran, for the first time since my transformation I found a rhythm of stride that didn’t cause my breasts to punch me in the sternum with every step. If I ignored the fact that I was probably being chased by my abductor, it was almost peaceful, running through the forest. The distance fell beneath my feet, which throbbed as they gathered a plethora of nicks and bruises.

Misjudging my step over an embankment, I lost my balance. Stumbling into a stream I couldn’t keep my feet underneath me and fell into the icy water. Chilled, in spite of the summer weather, I hoisted myself out of the little trough cut by the stream and continued moving forward.

I take it back. This is no longer any kind of pleasant.

Teeth chattering, exhaustion settled in for a long winter within my bones. My clothes itched as they dried, the exercise and setting sun banishing the cold before too long, my limbs aching as the lactic acid felt like it’d dissolved my muscles.

This fucking ally better show up soon or I’m gonna be dead meat, regardless of where ice bitch was taking me.

Taking a short break, I rested my plush ass on the mossy length of a fallen tree. Trying to stay focused, I couldn’t help but worry over what the future held.

Is this going to keep happening? Lexi mentioned these guys, I think, but I didn’t really expect them to show up. How many groups like them exist? There’s so much about Lexi’s world that I don’t know.

Slapping my face, I tried to shake off the worry and the fear.

Now isn’t the time to freak out. Wait until I’m safe and then I can break down into a tangled bundle of nerves. For now I have no choice but to keep moving and hope that Bel was telling the truth.

When I finally managed to convince myself to keep moving again, my muscles felt brittle, fragile from overuse, as I jogged toward the burnt orange orb disappearing over the horizon. I slowed to a walk, unable to force the aching appendages to keep up the gruelling pace. Rubbing my arms to try to maintain some warmth in the face of the chilling wind true night fell across the forest, severely cutting my visibility. After maybe an hour of stumbling in the dark, I decided I was more likely to hurt myself than find anything useful. At this point I was barely able to think, my vision tunneling to a hazy point. Dim moonlight filtering through the trees revealed a rocky cave entrance cut into the side of a hill. There was a lack of forest debris within the initial ten feet of the soft downhill slope that led deeper into the darkness. There was an odd twang as a thread broke against my shin, the sound echoing into the cave. Curling into a little ball I tried to remain optimistic, exhaustion overcoming my fear as I fell into a restless slumber.

Floating in a haze of pseudo consciousness I had a feeling of solid arms around my knees and shoulders. Bright light alternated with darkness as the hallway was filled with the sharp clacks that sounded like a multitude of high heels hitting the floor in a staccato rhythm. My head lolled and I cuddled deeper into the chest of the person carrying me and fell back asleep.

I awoke in a strange bed, an occurrence that was becoming all too common lately. I was also naked, a not so uncommon occurrence considering I liked to sleep in the buff, but combined with the strange bed still left me feeling uncomfortable. The room looked normal, no scientists waiting to dissect me or aliens looking to probe me.

Or ice bitches looking to fuck up my day.

There was a plush robe hung up on the outside of the closet. Grateful for any sort of coverings, I shrugged it onto my shoulders and cinched up the waist.

Was this thing made for a fucking giant? The hem of the sail masquerading as a robe swished around my ankles as I tested out my mobility.

Now that I’m clothed I need to arm myself something. Searching the apartment gave me little insight into its owner, and even less in the way of weapons.

Although I would probably be even more freaked out if there was a glock just laying around. Eventually I settled on a lamp as my threatening object of choice, taking care to set the head of the lamp down on the nightstand, I was scared but not enough that I wanted to go smashing up someone’s belongings.

As stealthily as I could, I eased into the hallway and made my way towards the only source of light and sound I could see, the crack under another nondescript door at the end of the hall. The door was normal in the sense that it had a standard faux wood pattern; it was not normal in the fact that it was sized for a giant, like the robe and bed had also been. Hefting the weighty ceramic makeshift weapon in one hand, I cracked the door open with my other. The light and sound were coming from a bank of televisions on the wall. It was one of those fancy multi-television setups that could be programmed to display multiple programs or a single one as desired. The nine tv’s took up the entire expanse of the wall and I was slightly in awe of the high tech setup. A form on the couch stirred and I raised the lamp above my shoulder as it turned to look at me. I stifled a gasp as it began to rise.

It was a fucking giant. Easily seven and a half feet tall the, spindly man looked almost as nervous as I felt, and I was the one standing there in a bathrobe.

“Miss, I’m sorry about the clothes but I sincerely mean you no harm. If you lower the lamp we can talk about how you stumbled with mud caked clothes, onto my doorstep.”

It took me a second to get on track with what he was saying, the ‘miss’ having thrown me for a loop.

That’s right. I look like a girl without Lexi around.

“Right. Sorry about that. I’m a little jumpy. An attempted kidnapping tends to do that, in case you were wondering,” I said, lowering the lamp to what was hopefully an unthreatening position. He looked stunned by my words.

“Really? A kidnapping? Damn. That’s messed up.”

I chuckled at his words and responded without thinking, “Did you hear about pluto? That’s messed up,” using my best Burton Guster impression.

He gaped at me and exclaimed in a similar voice, “C’mon son. You know that’s right. Girl, Psyche is my jam. Have you seen Chuck?”

“I love Chuck. It’s amazing.” We then spent a couple minutes basking in our mutual appreciation of excellent television, bandying quotes back and forth. I felt a strange closeness with him, an almost unnatural trust springing up from our limited interaction.

Seriously unnatural…

A sultry voice sighed in my ear.


“Yes. It was me. You have serious trust issues.”

You’re honestly telling me this the day after I was kidnapped.

“Kidnapping is seriously bad business. We should probably call the cops or something,” the giant spoke.

“Maybe, I kinda need to call my girlfriend first if you’ll let me borrow your phone,” I said shaking off Bel’s presence and plotting out the next few hours.

“Of course. No problem. Let me get it for you,” he said as he turned and headed towards an attached room.

I blinked my eyes trying to clear them.

Nope. Didn’t work. Or rather there wasn’t any debris to clear.

The air for about five feet behind the dude shimmered like a heatwave coming off a highway in the summer. He also walked funny, almost gliding across the floor with the easy grace of a dancer. I noticed that the doorways in this complex were huge, their height enough to accommodate his abnormal height but they were also as wide as I was tall, far more than was apparently required for him.

Adding up all these facts led me to an answer that I wasn’t comfortable with.

He came back with the desired rectangle of electronics and I raised my makeshift club and backed against the wall, slightly emboldened with something solid at my back.

“What are you?”

He took one look at me and sighed.

Not exactly the reaction I was expecting.

“I keep telling them that the glamours they’ve provided don’t work for me. But do they listen? Nooooo,” he muttered to himself. I was halfway towards classifying him insane as I slid along the wall towards the open doorway. Letting out a big sigh, his shoulders slumped as he looked at the ceiling, almost as if he was criticizing a higher power.

Fuck. For all I know about this supernatural bullshit he could be.

“Look. Don’t freak out on me. I’m gonna reach under my shirt and take off this necklace. Once I do I’m going to look very different. I may look scary but I promise you I don’t mean you any harm.” I gave him a short nod and he slid a hand under his shirt, face grim as he kept his eyes fixed on me.

After the shit I’ve seen I doubt anything this guy has to show me will phase me. I’m a hardened member of the in crowd. I’m a mutherfucking-

What greeted my eyes was a creature with a human top half with a large spider esque lower half. The lower half was covered in glistening black chitin and he shuffled around with an odd grace on his thin three foot long multi segmented legs.

Holy shit is that a spider?! That’s kinda sweet. How does he coordinate that many limbs at the same time? Does he have eight eyes? Can he spin webs? If so what kinda material properties are we looking at for the webbing? Would it be proportional to common house spiders? Why’s he wearing a kilt? Does he have human genitalia? Stop it, Sydney. Focus. Spiderman’s watching you. Play it cool man… woman… whatever.

“So… uhhh… you’re some sort of…” I searched desperately for the mythological name of this sort of creature.

I came up blank.

“Arachno… taur,” I finished lamely. He seemed very confused as he processed my words before bursting out laughing.

“The correct term is ariadnid. But I think I almost prefer arachnotaur for comedic value.” Wiping a tear from his eye, his chuckles slowed and then stopped. “You must be enlightened if this is how you react. That’ll make this much easier than it would have been otherwise.”

“I’m a what?”

“Enlightened. It mean’s you’ve peered beyond the veil and had some interaction with the supernatural. Generally once a human has recovered from their first shock of meeting something beyond their world view they are more receptive to later challenges to that now defunct world view.”

“Oh. Okay,” I said, still reeling a little that there were spider people living amongst us.

What he says makes sense though. Humankind is nothing if not adaptable. I wonder just what else is out there that I haven’t seen yet?

“I’m surprised though. Most humans are reported to react to my kind with more revulsion and fear than you have shown.”

“I’ve never really had any problems with spiders. When I was younger I really disliked bugs so, when I learned they ate bugs, it seemed natural that we should be friendly. It doesn’t make a lot of sense that people are so afraid of them when on the whole they are helpful. Not saying that you are a spider, eating bugs and whatnot, just that you have a spider like appearance.” I grew a little nervous and started babbling.

“Relax. I’m not going to take any offense. It’s actually quite refreshing to be greeted with curiosity. Not that I meet people a whole lot, living alone in the woods like I do. Still, I’m Joshua. It’s nice to meet you Miss…?” He walked close and held out his hand while he waited for my answer.

“Sydney,” I provided as his human hand engulfed my own in a firm handshake with a warm smile.

Enraptured, I couldn’t help but stare at his chitinous black, abdomen with it’s eight appendages, surprisingly thin for the bulk they were supporting.

Is it abdomen or is it thorax? Damn, I’m not up to snuff on arachnid terminology. Maybe I should ask him.

I opened my mouth to do just that, before deciding that that would be a really weird thing to say. Instead what came out was, “Do you mind if I touch you?” Freezing, I could feel the embarrassed blush spread across my face, reminiscent of a thermometer put into a boiling pot.

“Sure,” he said, my embarrassed face going unnoticed. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth I sidled around his side, tiptoeing into the gap between legs, easing myself to where the legs met the body. Running my hands along the joints, I was surprised by the warmth of the rigid material.

These external ball and socket joints are so precise, it’s remarkable.

I spent some time running my arms around the the ariadnid’s body, considering each difference and cataloging the mechanisms. I started to lower myself to look at the bottom of his spider abdomen.

“Uhhhh. That’s a little too forward. If you don’t mind,” he said, laying a hand on my shoulder.

“Oh. Yeah sorry,” I said looking at the short kilt like garment that likely covered his privates and draped a short way onto his back, like a horse’s caparison.

I guess that answers that question at least.

“Here you,” he said with a small smile, handing me the phone that I had totally forgotten about.

Right, gotta call Lexi.

Opening the call portion of the phone, I stared blankly at the the three by three grid of numbers.

Shit! I have no idea what Lexi’s phone number is. Actually, the only phone number’s I remember are my mom’s, my dad’s, my sister’s, and my own.

“Is everything okay?” he asked with a gentle warmth in his tone.

“Yeah. I just don’t know anyone’s…”

That’s it! My own phone. I’d bet anything that Lexi’s hanging onto my phone.

Typing the number into my phone, I struggled to stop my trembling fingers as I pressed firmly onto the cold glass surface.

It rang, reaching out silently across the void, waiting for someone to throw it a rope.

“Hello. This is Sydney’s phone, she can’t come to the phone right now. How may I help you?”

Damn, voicemail. Still, just listening to her voice is nice, an infusion of warmth directly into my veins, driving away the fear that had settled over my core.

I’d barely begun to speak when the telltale click and breathing indicated someone had answered. My spirits rose, barely daring to hope.

“Lexi here,” she said in the voice of a broken woman.

“Hey, it’s good to hear your voice,” I said my voice cracking as a smile conquered my face.

“Sydney!” I could almost hear her standing up through the earpiece. “You’re okay. You are okay right? Where are you? Are you hurt? Can I come get you? You’re not hurt are you? Why aren’t you talking?” I had to stifle a giggle as she machine gunned questions at me. “Why are you laughing? Did they drug you? I’m gonna find them and make them pay,” she growled, her voice dropping low and I could easily imagine her pitch black eyes.

“Easy girl. I’m fine. Wasn’t that you in the dream thing I had?” I asked, growing concerned that everything had just been in my head.

Then what was the thing with the bunnies?

“Don’t start doubting me know,” Bel huffed in my ear.

Silence over the phone line.

“Lexi, you there?”

“Yeah. I didn’t think it was real. I was too scared to believe. To hope.”

“I’m fine honey. You’ll be back to banging me insensate before you know it.” I covered up the phone for a second and looked toward Joshua. “Hey. Where’s the nearest landmark?”

Eye’s wide at me putting him on the spot, he stumbled a bit before answering, “Uhhhh, there’s a Walmart like twenty minutes down the road.”

“That’ll work. What’s the address?”

“Uhhhhh. Just a sec, I’ll get it to you.” He, there’s really no other way to put this, he skittered away into the other room. It was amazing the way so many legs worked independently yet together to propel him across the floor.

I wonder how many pascals of pressure he exerts on the floor? He obviously has a larger unit volume for his body with significantly less surface area. Therefore, unless he is much less dense than a standard human, he should apply much greater pressure on the floor. Kind of like getting your foot stepped on by a girl in sneakers versus a girl in high heels. One’s slightly painful while the other can break bones.

“Sydney? You there, Sydney?” Lexi was starting to sound slightly panicked.

“Yeah, I’m good. Just let my mind wander a bit.”

“North 48th Street, 67123,” Joshua called out.

“Got it,” she told me. “I’m heading that way now. Navigation tells me it should be twenty three minutes. I’ll be there in fifteen,” she said over the sound of the wind and passing cars.

“Drive safely, Lexi. It won’t do me any good to get in a wreck trying to get there in a hurry.”

“Okay, got it.” The throaty purr of a car starting up sounded in the background.

“I love you,” I said, clutching the phone tightly in my hand.

“Love you too, I’m coming for you. I’ll always come for you,” she said her voice dropping an octave as she poured her feelings across the phone lines.

“I’ll be waiting,” I said to a disconnected call. Joshua skittered back into the room, holding a keychain which jingled musically.

“How far away is your ride?” he asked as he led me through the maze of hallways after I declined his offer of some more clothes.

“She said she’d be there in fifteen minutes.”

“Then she’ll probably beat us there by five minutes or so.” Clicking a button by the lightswitch, he caused a wall to ascend flooding the area with light and revealing a nondescript white van sitting alone in a garage.

I was curious how he handled his species unique proportions as I popped open the passenger side door. Turns out he just had a custom made seat with a low profile and no seat backing in an otherwise normal looking van. I was half disappointed there wasn’t a jerry rigged series of lever and pulleys as he manipulated the wheel and pedals from the back.

“What happens if you get in a wreck?” I asked as I buckled in.

“I try really hard not to, I imagine it would look something like a cricket inside a paint mixer if I did, lots of flailing limbs and unpleasantness.”

We departed without any issues the, green foliage beautiful in the summer sun as they flashed by the window. I decided to break the awkward silence with some friendly small talk.

“So, what do you do when you aren’t watching awesome television shows?”

“I work from home as a consultant for small businesses, helping them create personalized websites and app’s. Kind of an online jack of all trades.”

“Wait… so you work as a web developer?” I couldn’t stem the snort or the subsequent laughter that rippled out from my gut. He chuckled along with me as we lost ourselves in the ridiculousness of that statement.

“I’ve never really thought of it that way, but I guess I am. That’s pretty funny.” A horrible joke sprung to mind and I couldn’t help but share it.

“So you live in a pretty remote area?” I asked, slyly glancing at Joshua out of the corner of my eye.

“Yeah. I like my privacy and it can be a little awkward going out with my size. Even with the glamour making me look human, it can’t hide my nonhuman scale.”

“Do you ever get lonely?” Squinting, he tried to figure out where I was going with this.

“Sometimes. Although, the black widow’s reputation means it’s probably safer if I don’t date.”

“So would that make you, at times, a down recluse?” I snorted


I snickered internally.

“That’s bad. That’s like, amazingly terrible, b-movie bad,” he said, smiling. “I love it.”

“You’re not so bad. For an oversized bug,” I teased. Then I realized what I said and cringed at how insulting it was.

“And you’re not so bad for a human skinned juice pouch.”

I relaxed after he accepted the comment for the playful ribbing for which it was intended.

This was how we amused ourselves for the next ten minutes, slinging outlandish insults one after another. Wincing sympathetically for the really good ones.

“You have some okay qualities for a pair of funbags on legs.” That was his parting shot as we pulled into the Walmart parking lot. Nearly empty, probably due to the late hour. Leaning on the corner of a the only car in the lot, a sleek black four door audi, was my girlfriend, her head locked on our position as we made the turn into the lot.

“Thank you for all your help Joshua. In spite of everything I had some fun with you. I’d love to hang out with you again sometime.”

“That sounds like fun.”

I took his phone from the center console and input my contact information. “There. I’m under the name ‘Funbag With Legs’.” I paused for a moment, my hand on the door. “Honestly, though, I’m not sure where I’d be if you didn’t find me. If you want to meet my girlfriend you can come meet her. Fair warning, we’ll probably be having sex in and or around, her car inside a minute.”

“I’m good. Go have fun. You’re not really like anybody I’ve met before Sydney. Hit me up if you ever wanna hang.”

“Will do, you bloated sack of spider silk.” Without waiting for his response I lept from the van, and jogged toward my nervous looking succubus.

She was dressed to kill. Clad in a black leather jacket with matching painted on paints. Glossy black heels ran up to mid calf. Her hands were looped through her beltless pants, parting her jacket, and revealing a crimson low cut v neck that showed a tantalizing amount of cleavage. I gulped as she rocked up off the side of her car, removing her mirrored aviators, thoughtlessly tossing them through her open car window. Licking my lips in nervous anticipation I slowed to a walk, the asphalt warm on my bare feet.

“Hi,” I said demurely, opening with what I considered was my safest option.

Without a word she wrapped me up into her arms. My lips parted in anticipation of the kiss I was sure to come. Defying my expectations she didn’t go directly for the tongue tangling. Instead she cradled my head to her shoulder, her long fingers palming the back of my head as she laid her chin on my shoulder, molding her body to me until there wasn’t a millimeter between us. I rubbed what I hoped were comforting circles on her back, taking my own comfort in her scent. I breathed deep, filling my lungs before reluctantly releasing her essence in an elongated huff through my mouth.

“I was so scared. I didn’t think I’d ever see you again,” she finally said after a long moment.

“It’s okay baby. I’m not planning on going anywhere. Besides, I think I have some divine favor on my side.” I heard some soft laughter and a pair of invisible hands ruffled my hair with some wind. “You’re such a lech,” I whispered.


“Nothing,” I said, returning her embrace. Blowing off my supernatural guidance counselor and stalker, I turned my attention to my supernatural protector and lover. “I don’t know about you but I’ve never had sex in a car. Oh, look,” I said with fake surprise. “What have we here? Is this a handy car I see?” I asked sarcastically, too desperate for her touch to play very many games with her.

She got my not very subtle hint.

I expected her to be ravenous and insistent but she surprised me again by nodding her head and kissing the nape of my neck. Digging my fingers into her sides I let her gently spin us till my back was facing the car. She continued her kisses and I felt her reach out and pop the door to the backseat open. Gently, like I was impossibly precious and fragile, she lowered me to the leather seats. Opening my robe, I exposed my otherwise naked body to her desperate, wild gaze. Starting with my raised knees she kissed her way along my inner thigh, soft and slow, like she had an eternity to explore every inch, recording and cataloging each reaction. Tonguing around my mound, I sighed as the worries and cares I had hoisted around like an elephant on my back sauntered away in search of peanuts. Relaxing into the leather seats I waggled my hips until I found a position where the buckle attachment wasn’t biting into my ass. She brought her fingers to the party as her delicate pads parted and played with my folds as she teased my aroused flesh.

Latching onto the sensitive flesh above my mound she pulled the skin into her mouth with a little negative pressure as she continued to tantalize my flesh, on the edge of penetration but never quite falling into the promised land. She spent a good amount of time like this, periodically sucking my flesh into her mouth, her eyes sometimes meeting mine between my increasingly heaving breasts as my breath grew more frustrated.

“She wants the D. Silly,” Bel provided, whispering in my ear.

Oh. That is the spot where it manifests.

A few dominant thoughts later had my member slipping through whatever magical hoops it used, parting Lexi’s lips as it was engulfed in her wet pillowy lips and mouth. My hands started winding through her hair, massaging her scalp as she worked her head up and down, her eyes showed the first hint of joy as the fear faded from their depths. Deep in her throat, she hummed and I gasped as the sensation electrocuted the back of my brain, my dick acting as the proverbial lightning rod. Zeus, or Lexi as she liked to be known, kept throwing thunderbolt after thunderbolt as I shuddered under her. As she was doing this, she kept up her teasing of my pussy, her tip now thoroughly drenched with my lubrication.

How the fuck is she so talented? I can barely keep track of what she’s doing let alone emulate it. I don’t think I’ll ever be her equal.

“I’m gonna laugh at you one day for that,” a pesky goddess slipped into my ear.

Stay out of my head! Especially- Unnnggghhh!

Lexi had taken notice of my momentary distraction and pounced like a kitten onto a wayward ball of yarn, slipping her middle digit knuckle deep into my pussy.

“Oh my!” was all I managed to say before I devolved to groans of pleasure as Lexi ripped a dual orgasm from my body. She effortlessly swallowed the entire load as she timed her sucks with the pulses from my dick, her middle finger wiggling around inside me. After the initial rush I melted onto the back seat, boneless in my satisfaction. She effused her pheromones, dousing me with her scent, marking me as my spent dick slipped out of her mouth, not a speck of cum to be seen.

This really does feel like home. The same thing I felt as I hid under the covers on a cold night as a child, comforted by the knowledge that my parents were just a few doors away. Here, with this woman, thoroughly fucked, in the back of an open car…

My eyes shot open as my usual social awareness caught up to me.

The door was open, any passerby could get a look at my equipment.

Scrambling I attempted to cover myself with the robe.

Only to be stopped.

Lexi’s hands darted out, easily capturing my wrists and pinning them at my sides. She growled, her entirely black eyes give me a look of warning as the sound rumbled ominously throughout the car.

“She’s-” Bel started.

I know. She needs to see that I’m safe and this is the only way she knows how. Stay out of my head. This is private.

“Very well,” she huffed, accompanied by a subaudible popping of my ears, similar to what happens as a plane ascends to cruising altitude.

Lexi crawled over me, her glowing blue tattoos flashing bright, beneath her clothes as her hips pressed me deeper into the seat. I wiggled as the seat belt buckle managed to find my tailbone, digging painfully into my backside. She growled at me again.

“Lexi, my backside,” I said as the buckle poked deeper into me. She blinked at me as her hand slide under the small of my back and traced my contours as it worked its way toward my ass. After finding the painful safety implement, she smiled a little bashfully as she effortlessly hoisted me towards the front of the car, into a buckle free position.

Infinitely more comfortable, I now freely accepted Lexi’s embrace as she lowered herself fully on top of me, pinning to the seat with her weight. Idly playing my hands along the back of her jacket, I smiled as she softly purred into my breasts, the rumbles sending delicate tingles of pleasure through their sensitive nerves. Her tail slid down her back, between her shoulders as it waggled in front of my face. She grumbled as I wiggled an arm free, palming the velvety flesh of her spaded tail head.

For a long time we were content to just lay there, her rolling her silky tail through my fingers as she continued to purr, me surprisingly okay with the squished feeling of having her weight on top of me. Her tail wound around my arm possessively after I abandoned it in favor of running my fingers through her brunette tresses. I stiffened as a loud ripping noise tore out of my girlfriend’s throat, the sound crashing unnaturally through the almost silence of the buzz of streetlamps and crickets. I had to stifle the giggle threatening to bounce my tired succubus like a water droplet on a speaker as her snores continued unabated. Settling into the leather, I smiled as I prepared to spend the night as Lexi’s mattress. A wave of air pressure washed silently over the car, and I had to work my jaw to pop my ears after the compression passed.

Bel you there?

“Yes. I’m here.”

Thank you. I thought, knowing she would understand I was referring to getting me safely to Lexi.

“It was my pleasure. You two are good together.”

I think so too. Are you going to be hanging around?

“Probably. Don’t really have anyone else to talk to.”

Can you wake me if you have to?


Good. Get me up if something interesting happens. Letting my mind drift, my muscles relaxed as I prepared to go to sleep, still exhausted from the entire ordeal.

Author’s Note: As always thanks for taking the time to read my story. If you have something to say feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. One thing I’ve learned over the course of writing these is that I like to be working on more than one thing at a time. So, if you have a heavy preference for me to work on a certain in progress story, let me know somehow. Thanks again to VeeBird for taking the time to look the story over and give me motivation to continue. Hope everyone is having a wonderful life.



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