Favourite Satanic Rituals by Lucifer’s Loft – Non- Fiction

Writer: Lucifer’s Loft

Subject: Prayer Of Satanic Masturbation

Link: Tumblr / 10.01.2024

Favourite Satanic Rituals

We have developed a number of satanic rituals, many include drawing blood, communion with semen, masturbation and sodomy. One of my favorites is where the presiding brother (priest) selects a brother to be the sacrifice, and that brother gets fucked bareback up the arse by the priest in front of all the other brothers.

The priest calls out, “Ave Satanis,” three times as he releases his load into the body of the sacrifice and spits in the brothers face or hair. Then all the brothers spit upon the sacrifice then venerate Satan by kissing, licking or tasting the president’s sticky cock — that has just been up the sacrificial ass — Three assistants, called acolytes, represent the anti-god, anti-christ and anti-spirit.

They take a quick turn each in cleaning up the sacrificial ass with their tongues. After that all the other brothers present, queue up, and kiss each of the three, and say, “Fuck God. Fuck Christ. Fuck the Holy Spirit,” as they kiss the acolytes.

3 thoughts on “Favourite Satanic Rituals by Lucifer’s Loft – Non- Fiction”

  1. I whisper things inaudible to my phone and it takes me places… that’s how I ended up here. hi

  2. I saw those words regularly, either when I masturbate or when I fuck or when I destroy a bible, which gets me only hornier.

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