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Feature Title: FALLEN ANGEL 1

Published: 21.05.2005 / Nifty / https://www.nifty.org/nifty/transgender/Magic-ScFi/fallen-angel/fallen-angel-1

Story Codes: Satanic, Transgender, Anal

Synopsis: Ariadne stumbles upon a nest of succubi

Fallen Angel 1

CHAPTER ONE — The Fall and the Meeting

The fall was abrupt and sudden. It was as if the ground had opened up and swallowed her suddenly, sending her down to Earth. Her gleaming white and gold robe was torn, she just wanted to lie there for a little while, not moving, not thinking. She had been thrown out of Heaven, for reasons that would forever remain a mystery to her, and a pair of ribbed horns protruding from just behind her hairline had tarnished her angelic appearance. She could have easily been compared to the most beautiful woman on the planet, though she wasn’t in the mood for it right now. Her almost naked appearance would have startled many passers-by, for normally women weren’t as beautiful as her, and they most certainly didn’t have a pair of horns on their heads or a pair of wings on their back.

Her heart was torn asunder. She hurt from the dull ache of the landing and the excruciating pain her emotions inflicted upon her. Curling up in the fetal position, she cried and cried and cried. She cried until she could cry no more, and thence, went to sleep, hoping that tomorrow would bring her some good news.


It was still dark when she opened her eyes. The stars were still gleaming down at her tauntingly as if they were laughing at her painful fall. Her face was still just as beautiful as it was when she was in Heaven, but her white feathery wings were now scaly, leathery, and black. The coloration of her skin was still as white as snow, but her honey-blond hair was now a silky shade of maroon.

“Where am I?” she then asked herself as she looked around.

Her pert but firm breasts reflected the gentle moonlight, showing off her incredible figure. As it was cold out, her nipples stood out like little pearls, and her entire body was covered with goosebumps. Shivering, she rubbed her hands over her arms, warming them up a little. But, because the fall had happened, she felt weak, dizzy, and light-headed, so she decided to sit down.

The robe she had worn was torn from the waist upward. The golden sash loosely held her robe in place, concealing her nether regions.

“I wonder if I can use magic?” she then asked herself aloud.

She waved a hand and instantly, a small campfire jutted up from the bush in front of her, casting a gentle warmth all over her. She lightly caressed her cold breasts, her excited nipples sending pleasure throughout her body. She moaned subconsciously, enjoying the feeling.

“Why am I cast out?” she then asked herself sadly, poking at the fire with a stick that was by her right leg.

Shrugging, she decided that she’d learn her answers later when she recovered her strength at least.

But, for right now, her stomach roared viciously, craving food of any persuasion. Getting up, her head swam with both the exertion of her energy and the sickly feeling of weakness that lay right around her legs and arms, all the way to her stomach. She felt rather queasy from the shock of her fall along with other things as well.

“I must eat something,” she told herself.

She slowly and weakly made progress up the small hill onto a butte that overlooked the valley she landed in. The gentle moonlight made her curvy and ever-so-desirable figure a silhouette and cast a gentle haze upon the valley floor. She saw lights to the west, right next to a large copse of trees. For all she knew, the lights could be stars that were millions of light-years away, belonging to a different galaxy.

“Hello?! Is there anyone out there?!” she called loudly.

Her musical and sensuous voice echoed across the land and destroyed the late-night quietude of the sweeping grassland. Hearing no reply, she shrugged and spread her leathery wings, and tried to fly. It didn’t work out as she had hoped, and she crashed into the ground after getting about four feet off into the air. She was just too weak to fly right now. She would have to wait until morning when hopefully some of her strength would have returned. She sat down and closed her eyes, her arms hugging her body for comfort and feeling the fluid warmth of the fire wash over her. Slowly, she went back to sleep.


“Hey, are you alright?” asked a distant voice, and suddenly the fallen angel felt something prodding her in the back gently, right between her wings.

She blearily opened an eye to see a teenager looking down at her. This teen was male and had dishwater blond hair and a muscular build. His eyes were an icy shade of gray-blue and his face was gaunt, yet charismatic. He wore a red T-shirt and black jeans with black army boots. He was kneeling over her, looking at her with a mixture of shock, desire, and compassion. Offering the fallen angel a hand, she took it and he lifted her up.

“What’s going on? Why’re you out here almost naked?” he asked, a small grin on his face, “What happened to you?”

The fallen angel shrugged.

“I don’t know. One minute I was standing at the Pearly Gates, and the next, the ground opened up and I fell down and crashed into this hill.“ she said, stretching out her leathery wings, ”I used to be an angel, but now I’m transforming.”

“Yeah. I can see that,” the boy commented, a grin still ever present on his face, “Did you spend the night out here?”

“Yes. I was too weak to go to where the lights were,” she replied, pointing towards the small town.

A small wind picked up and she shivered from its bitter chill, her hands rubbing her body for heat.

Smiling knowingly, the boy said, “Tell you what, how about I drive you into town so I can buy you some new clothes, so you won’t be cold?”

“Drive?” the demoness inquired curiously.

“Transporting you into town. It’s a lot faster than walking there, believe me,” he said, smirking.

“Yes, I would like that. Thank you.”

And so, the two walked to where the boy’s jeep was parked.

The boy opened the passenger door for the demoness.

“So, what’s your name?” he asked as he shut the door and walked over to the driver’s side and got in.

“It’s Althea. What’s yours?” Althea asked, absently rubbing her breasts.

“My name’s Cal,” he said, starting the jeep.

Althea looked over at Cal and noticed that there was a large scar that ran across the right side of his face.

“What’s that from?” she asked.

“I got in a fight and someone drew a knife on me. Nearly stabbed me with it, too,” Cal said, knowing that she saw his scar.

A strange feeling started to well up inside Althea as if she were running short of breath, but her heart was racing. It was most present around her stomach. What is this I’m feeling? she asked herself silently.

Looking over at her, Cal asked, “Hey, what’s wrong? You look kinda odd.”

“I’m feeling … weird … It’s sort of like my pulse is racing and I can’t breathe, and it’s mostly around my stomach,” Althea said, sounding almost nervous.

“Oh, you’re aroused. That’s what you’re feeling. You want to have sex when you’re aroused. Haven’t you ever been aroused before?” Cal asked, feeling his own pulse start to race.

“No, I haven’t. Angels can’t have sex,” she said, wanting to explore this concept further.

Something around her pelvic region felt pleasurable against the silk of her torn robe.

“Do you want to explore sex with me, you know, as a first-time experience?” Cal then asked, stopping the jeep and pulling it off to the side of the highway.

“Yes, I would!” Althea exclaimed excitedly, massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples, which generated a low guttural moan from deep within her throat, “Please, Cal. Can you show me what sex is? Please?” she moaned erotically.

Her pulse pounding like a trip-hammer.

“Sure!” Cal exclaimed, turning off the jeep and getting out to open Althea’s door.

Opening her door, he offered her a hand, and together they walked until they were behind the hill, so no one could see them. Althea sat down, massaging her breasts further, her nipples as hard as diamonds.

“So, what is sex?” Althea asked.

“Well, I’ve always considered sex to be a manifestation of love for your partner in which both people passionately embrace and give each other pleasure. But, the keystone for sex is usually that one person undresses the other and vice versa, and then their genitalia meet.”

Althea nodded, understanding what Cal was talking about. After all, she wasn’t an idiot.

“Can I undress you?” she asked lustily.

He nodded and instantly, she passionately threw her arms around him and kissed him using her tongue. Then, she slowly and seductively removed his T-shirt and threw it on the ground behind her. Massaging his muscular chest, she kissed his nipples and then kissed her way down to his belt.

Looking up and slipping a tongue into his belly button, she asked, “Am I doing okay?”

Breathing heavily, Cal looked down at her.

”Oh, you’re doing more than just okay, Althea! You’re wonderful! You’ve figured out another keystone of sex: foreplay!”

Althea smiled and with skillful hands, she undid his belt and tried to pull his pants down. It wasn’t easy, because they were still buttoned and zipped. Finally, she got them down around Cal’s ankles. All that was left was his black silk boxers, which she pulled down, revealing his eight-inch already hard cock. It had a musky aroma to it, from sweat. She grabbed it with her right hand and lightly massaged it.

Overwhelmed by pleasure, Cal’s knees buckled and he collapsed onto the ground. Taking his boots off, he then took off his pants, and finally, he was fully nude.

“What do I do now, Cal?” Althea asked as she stroked his cock.

“Well, there’s a number of things you could do. You could put it in your mouth and suck on it, you could masturbate it like you’re doing right now, you could put it between your tits and masturbate it that way, or other things as well.”

Althea decided to suck on it, so she slipped it into her mouth and licked up and down the shaft and head until it was nice and slippery. Then, getting creative, she started sucking on it while moving back and forth with her lips and at the same time, massaging his nut sack with her left hand. She liked this concept.

“How am I doing?” she asked, taking Cal’s cock out of her mouth and looking up at him.

“Baby, you’re wonderful!” Cal said, almost hyperventilating, “Now then, it is my turn!”

Althea stood up and let Cal remove her sash. Her torn robe fell about her ankles and a loincloth was all that was left. Not wanting to go directly to his “prize”, he got up and put his arms around the woman, kissing her neck, and face, and finally French kissing her passionately. Althea felt Cal’s hard cock press against her leg and she enjoyed the lewd sensation.

Moving down, Cal cupped both of Althea’s breasts and began to massage the left while he started sucking on the right. Althea moaned with pleasure as she felt her breasts being taken care of. Her breathing was quick and she needed to be taken now.

“Oh, dear lord! Don’t stop!” she moaned as she fell to the ground.

Cal caught her and gently laid her down and then started sucking on her left and slowly massaging her belly.

Looking up from sucking Althea’s breasts, Cal smiled.

“Am I doing you wonders?”

Althea moaned and grabbed Cal’s head, hugging him tightly.

“Thank you for showing me,” she moaned.

“It’s not over yet,” Cal said, smirking.

He then kissed his way down her belly and, grabbing her hips, he turned her over and began to lick the center of her back, where her wings were. He then slowly removed her loincloth and began to eat her anus out, licking it until it was nice and moist, and then slipping a tongue in.

“Oh, for the love of God, don’t stop!” she wailed.

He reached up to massage her breasts while he ate her ass out. he decided to go a little lower, thus grabbing her hips and turning her over. Instantly, he was pulled onto her, where she kissed and hugged him relentlessly.

“You’re so good!” she moaned as she French kissed him passionately.

“I’m only just beginning, lover!” Cal said.

He kissed his way down Althea’s heaving chest to where he wanted to be. When he got there, though, there wasn’t a juicy vagina waiting to be eaten, but rather, there was a fat, rock-hard, ten-inch-long penis waiting to be sucked.

“I think I know why angels can’t have sex,” he said, but much to his surprise, the sight turned him on.

A droplet of pre-cum lay on the head. To Hell with it, he decided. I’m going to give Althea the time of her life!

“What’s wrong?” Althea asked, looking at him concernedly.

“Nothing. It’s just, normally, women don’t have cocks. They usually have vaginas,” he said, looking into her eyes passionately.

He then licked the head and tasted the salty pre-cum. He liked it and continued down, getting the lady’s cock nice, wet, and ready to fuck. Sucking on it while moving his head back and forth, he felt her cock-head massage the back of her throat and he rather enjoyed it, swirling his tongue around both the shaft and head.

Althea was literally screaming with pleasure and suddenly, Cal felt her erupt into his mouth. The jet of sperm was so powerful that he thought it might puncture a hole in the back of his head. She was moaning so loud that it started to echo. She gripped the sides of Cal’s head and pulled him to her, wanting nothing more than to kiss him over and over and over for delivering her such intense pleasure.

“Ohhhhhhhhh,” she moaned as she slid her arms around the boy’s waist, “What happened?” she asked, panting.

Cal swallowed Althea’s sticky, thick cum luxuriously, enjoying the feeling of it going down his throat.

“You had an orgasm. That’s when you release your fluids of love into your partner or wherever. It is usually so pleasurable that you have to at least moan. So, how was it?” Cal asked, resting his head on Althea’s sweaty breast.

He had to admit, she exhausted him with that orgasm.

Althea cradled Cal lovingly, kissing his forehead.

“It was heaven,” she whispered while she snuggled with him on the soft grass of the glade, “You’re wonderful, Cal!”

Smiling, Cal nodded, his eyes closed. For some strange reason, he felt comfortable with this demoness.

“I think I love you, Althea,” he said after a moment of just cuddling, “It’s easy to tell that you were an angel up in Heaven.”

Althea didn’t know what to say, except hearing this elated her. She thought she would be doomed to hatred, but meeting this teenager who calls himself Cal proved otherwise.

“I love you too, Cal,” she whispered in her ear after a moment.

Smiling, Cal looked up at her.

“Do you want another orgasm?”

“Please! It was so much fun, I thought I was in Heaven again!”

With that said Cal slowly kissed his way down to Althea’s cock and started massaging it to get it hard again. When it was standing at attention, he started sucking on it like before, getting Althea to moan gently once or twice.

“Now, this is what sex really is,” Cal said, getting excited, “What we did before was simply foreplay. Are you ready?”

“I’m willing to do whatever you say, lover!” Althea said, sitting on her haunches and hands like a winged, horned Cheshire cat.

“Okay,” Cal started, spreading his legs, “I want you to eat out my ass.”

He pointed to the puckered opening of his anus.

“Just like what I did with yours, only with more vigor.”

Althea was eager to do so and started by rubbing her nose all over his nether orifice. She then started to lick it, enjoying the tangy and salty taste of his butt. After about ten minutes of licking, she slipped her tongue inside, fucking his ass with it. Cal moaned with this new sensation. It made him feel both tender and extreme all at the same time, and his breathing rate increased.

While she ate his ass out, Althea started to masturbate his cock, wanting to give him as much pleasure as she could. His hard cock pulsated under her tender ministrations, and she then slipped a finger into his asshole with her tongue. Cal moaned with shock and pleasure. After all, he was still a virgin when it came to butt fucking.

When he could stand it no longer.

He moaned loudly and said, “Gee, good job! Now then. Lay back and let me do the work.”

With that said, Althea lay back against the grassy hill and Cal began to suck her cock again, getting it nice and slippery.

Finally ready, Cal got up and said, “This may feel a little weird for both of us, but this is sex.”

He then knelt and spread his legs, straddling Althea’s taut stomach. Massaging a breast with his left hand, Cal grabbed Althea’s long, fat, hard cock with his right hand and expertly guided it to his anal opening.

Althea was breathless with excitement as she felt Cal’s weight on her stomach and massaging her left hand. She wanted to see what would happen with his rights. She looked up at him with a fire in her eyes, a sort of carnal desire for the forbidden fruits of sex.

“I love you, Cal,” she said.

“I love you too, Althea.” With that said Cal inserted the head of her cock into his anus.

It was a tight fit, and it hurt, making him grit his teeth, but the look on Althea’s face was worth it. Finally, the cock-head was in. Next, he slowly, ever-so-slowly, forced the shaft in. Grunting and sweating, the pain was almost unbearable. But, he reminded himself, it’s for your new friend. I’m sure she would do the same thing for me if it were my first time.

Finally, after maybe seven minutes of pushing, her ten-inch cock was buried to the hilt inside his ass.

“Oh, God!” Althea moaned, sitting up and cradling Cal, ”Are you alright?! Does it hurt?!”

“To tell you the truth, love, this is my first time having a cock up my ass. I’m also a virgin in this area. But, it feels so good! I like how stretched out and full I feel!” he said, kissing Althea on the lips hard.

He then slowly moved up and down on her cock, loving the intimate contact. His anus was so stretched, he felt as if a hand was up his ass all the way to the elbow, and he loved it. He started moaning with Althea, pumping up and down, the cock going in and out, in and out.

“Aahhhh,” he moaned, his voice sounding high-pitched, “Oh, god, you’re fantastic, Althea!”

“You’re wonderful, Cal!” she screamed as she thrust her pelvis up and down in sync with Cal’s violated back door.

Cal clung to her breasts while she took control, thrusting her cock into his anus with lustful abandon. She loved every minute of it, and Cal’s lustful moaning egged her on to fuck his ass with everything she could muster.

Getting creative again, she stood up and held Cal to her while she fucked him relentlessly. She then spread her wings and took flight up into the air, wanting Cal to experience the wonders of flight.

“Yes! Fick me harder!” Cal wailed.

He felt Althea’s cock slide in and out of his anus with vigor. He gripped her around her waist and arched his back, having the time of his life with such an erotic session of lovemaking.

“Oh, fuck me. Fick me. Please … uhhhhhhh!”

Althea loved the erotic sight of her new lover clinging to her while she fucked his brains out with a carnal sort of burning desire. She held Cal tight as she soared high above the plain. Thrusting her cock into his violated anus, she could feel another orgasm coming on and she too began screaming obscenities. Cal, feeling Althea’s arms around his waist, holding him tight, let go of her and began to massage the ring of his anus and her cock, keeping it in place with his right hand. his left went to her balls, where he gently massaged them while feeling his ass get pounded.

“Oh, you sexy bitch! Feel my hard cock slide in and out of your anus,” she screamed, slamming Cal’s body against her pelvis, fucking his butt as hard as she could.

That was all Cal could take and, not even masturbating, he came all over both of their stomachs, moaning and licking his lips. He was still getting pounded by Althea, thus making him moan incoherently.

“Fuck me, please!!” he moaned as he pulled himself to her sweaty and heaving chest.

Feeling his anus pulsate around her member, Althea knew that she couldn’t hold out for long, but she fucked him harder and harder, pile-driving his butt with her fat, long cock.

“I’m going to have another orgasm, lover!” she screamed as she held him close to her heart.

No sooner had she said that when she felt her pelvis tighten and with an Earth-shattering cry, she came like a fire hose. Cal felt the load that was shot up his violated ass and moaned lustfully, loving the feeling of such pure fluids of love entering his system through the most taboo of orifices. Exhaustedly, he looked into Althea’s eyes.

“You’re wonderful.”

“So are you,” Althea said exhaustedly.

She landed gently on the glade and collapsed. Her cock was still buried deep in his nether hole and both could feel the ounces of hot cum slowly seep out with his buttfuck juices. Both lovers were extremely sweaty and very tired, so they didn’t have the energy to get their clothes on, let alone walk back to the jeep. So, they just lay there in each other’s arms. Cal felt Althea’s cock slowly and gently slide out of his butt while he felt her loving embrace holding him tightly to her beating heart. Together, the two lovers fell asleep in each other’s arms, too exhausted to do more than breathe and know what the other was thinking: that they were in safe hands.


The sun had already set when Cal awoke. Shivering, he got off his sleeping angel and quietly got his clothes on. His stomach was crusty because of the load of sperm he shot when the two were up in the air. Rubbing his eyes, he found his shirt and pants and underwear, and quietly dressed. Finally getting his boots on and tying them, he looked at his watch, which read: 9:55 p.m.

Should I wake her? Cal asked himself silently as he looked down at her beautiful and naked form, snowy white minus the wings in the moonlight. The wings’ leathery membrane was blackish red. She looks so peaceful.

Shrugging, he sat down next to her and lightly massaged her taut stomach with his fingernails. Her stomach was also crusty, as was her cock. She blearily opened an eye and smiled.

“How are you, Cal?” she whispered.

“I feel rejuvenated. I must thank you for such a good time. I never thought I’d enjoy it, but I enjoyed you making love to me like that. It was so sensual!”

“Indeed it was. It was as if our souls were touching, not just our bodies,” Althea said contemplatively.

“Yes. Would you like to come home with me? You don’t have a place to stay, do you?” Cal asked.

He helped her to her feet and handed her the golden sash that belonged to her torn robe. She fastened it around her slim waist and smiled at Cal.

“Yes. I would like that. Very much!” she exclaimed, a sort of mischievous glimmer in her eye.

Smirking, Cal knew what Althea had in mind. He had to admit, the proposition was most intriguing.

“Well then, come with me!” With that said, the two headed for his jeep.


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