Feature Writer: 19Arose

Feature Title: Emily the Doll (The Monster House)

Published: 19.10.2016

Story Codes: Erotic Horror, NC

Synopsis: Emily is a young nun, her life takes a turn.

Author’s Notes: This story contains themes of non-consent however, it is purely fantasy and the author does not condone this in real life.


Emily the Doll (The Monster House)

Emily slipped on her uniform and adjusted her head piece; she served as none other than a gracious nun. Although this thought often appears in everyone’s head…No! She is not the type of nun to strip down and whip you for being a sinner, Emily is a genuine nun. The five foot four woman had just entered sister hood two years prior and had just woken from her twentieth birthday. A honey brunette hair sat under her head scarf, her eyes were the same color as emeralds, nice round posterior with a narrow waist. Emily had all the qualities that young men would lust after; it was almost cruel for them to learn about her chastity and servitude to a higher power. After she was satisfied with her appearance, Emily made herself down stairs to begin on flower decorations. The pastor wanted the chapel to look as pleasant as possible for the Sunday sermon. As Halloween drew closer the Pastor Phillips grew ever restless to denounce the influence of Halloween and the pagan decadence of the commercialized holiday.

He was ever so keen in warning members of his church to keep their children in doors after six in the evening the pastor ending the sermon with his most famous lines. “…and remember, when you knock on the devil’s door, all the treats are tricks…”


The claps echoed through the pews as the sisters prepared to collect the donations. Emily smiled as she picked up the bowl and moved towards the now settled people. ‘Another year, another Halloween speech’ she thought to herself. Although she was a nun and forbidden from romantic relationships with men, she always knew that she was lusted after, the looks on the young men her age told her much about it, the looks on the fathers and older gentlemen told her everything.

Emily slipped the church debit card into her purse which sat snug in her handbag. “You have the entire list, sweetie?” Sister Mariam asked; placing one hand Emily’s shoulder before resting her cheeks on Emily’s head. It was the first time that Emily would go shopping for the church on her own. Mariam stared down at the young nun’s phone. “Oh I remember when I first joined; we had no smart phones to carry our list.” Emily looks at her and smiled; she was then given a peck on her forehead. “Go child, before the supermarket gets packed.”

The endless cloaks, ghouls and killer clown costumed lined every aisle with parents running amuck trying to buy every single item they were forced to buy. A man with a clown mask on attempted to scare his wife; though she was not truly frightened there were certainly hints of amusements in her shriek. The thought that Emily had so dreaded popped into her mind. ‘What if they think I’m wearing some sort of early Halloween costume? No they can’t… They must have seen me at the church, but what if they are non-church goers.’ Emily’s mind panicked, on top of never shopping for the church alone, she never shopped during the Halloween period since she joined the church. She did not like the idea of being fetishized; most girls her age would be out partying, smoking and having sex, but not her…never her, she was not prepared to be a mere fetish.

Desperate to fill her trolley up quickly to make a dashing exit, she found herself bumping into quite a lot of objects, spooky skulls that would light, move and talk, wicked witches and a section dedicated to help young women perfect their slutty Harley Quinn look. Emily stomach grumbled and her mouth ran dry. “I wish this line would hurry up.” She muttered. Although she spent two years as a nun her tendencies to swear still remained, every time she stopped herself from cursing was a mini victory for her.

“Now that’s a sight. I didn’t know they still sold nun costumes.” Emily turned around to the sight of a tall pale young man; about her age or maybe older. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to cause any offence; it was just a mere jape… banter as my friends would put it.”

Emily stood still, she tried to open her mouth to speak but no words could come out, she just stood and watched the young man’s face. Everything about him seemed mono toned, his black hair, coat and eyes contrasted against his skin.

“I have to pay now.” Emily spoke blankly. ‘What on earth is wrong with you? You can’t fall for a random stranger you met in the supermarket, you’re a nun.’ She thought to herself. Out of pure nerves she burst into a fit of laughter. “That’s funny. Well I’m in fact a…”

“A real nun, I know.” The young man interrupted, giggling. “My name is Adam. I work at the library whiles a study.”

“Oh what do you study then?”

“Oh well, I study criminal psychology.”

“Oh that’s impressive. I knew you seemed like the intelligent sort.” It was a breath of fresh air for Emily to meet a ‘man’ her age that did not speak like a wannabe street ‘gangsta’. Though romantic and sexual relationships were forbidden to her, she decided that it would not be a great sin to have an intelligent conversation with the opposite sex after all; perhaps she can make a new member of the church. ‘Okay Emily, freeze. Let’s ask him to a proper talk without it sounding like a date’ she prepared herself mentally.

“Oh and I have not asked your name, terribly rude of …”

“Emily! It’s Emily.” She interrupted.

“Well, Emily. Want to grab some coffee; I would say this time tomorrow.” She took a deep breath, it happened so fast.

“Yes.” She replied.

The cashier grinned as she followed the entire conversation; there was no telling what ran through her mind.

“Oh wow. So your dissertation helped the police catch an actual thief?” The two traded stories back and forth.

“Yeah, so basically, my dissertation contained reference to evidence and clues that the police gathered but otherwise could not connect.” The impressed Emily smiled and leaned forward, ignoring all the voyagers who were found their ears rooted in the conversation. “I glad they didn’t think it was you who was the master mind behind it.”

“Maybe I was.” Adam joked back.

Emily began to laugh, and then proceeded to lightly slap his forearm. “Oh you’re terrible.”

“The worst.” He replied.

After the two settle down, Emily gave a long smile and adopted a calmer tone. “So I never see you at church. Do you go to any other or none at all?” Emily saw that she left Adam in an uncomfortable position. She began to panic. ‘What have I done? Now I ruined the thing between us.’ She thought to herself.

Adam inhaled and smiled. Leaning forward he place hiss hands on Emily’s. “I don’t go to church; I don’t feel as if my heart is welcomed there.” Emily looked at the sincerity in his eyes.

“Y-you know, everyone is welcome…” Emily grabbed hold of Adam’s hands. “If you want, I can take to church, and no one will say anything to you.” She could have sworn that a tear formed in Adam’s eyes.

“I like the sound of that.” They both smiled. “But Emily, you have to do something for me.”

“What is it?” Her heart began to pound. ‘Will he ask me to do anything sinful?’ The thought rushed in her mind.

“A Halloween party at my campus accommodation.” He saw the hesitation in her eyes. “I’m so sorry, you don’t have to go, but because you wanted to bring me into your world, I thought it would be great if I bring you into mine.”

Emily gave just blank stares, it was Halloween, and she ran through all the possible reactions of the church if they knew that she went to a Halloween party with a boy. ‘I will just have to slip out then… Like a ninja.’ She giggled as she thought to herself.

“No alcohol, No sex, No slutty outfits.” She demanded.

Adam smiled. “Deal.” The two shook hands.

Her heart pounded, her hands shook as she draped her nun attire over cotton jumper and a pair of dark blue jeans. There was a knock at her door, Sister Angelica was let it. “Oh, you poor soul.” Her ebony hands rested on Emily’s forehead; taking in the temperature. “I pray you get well soon.”

“Thank you, that means a lot.”

“Now get into bed, and switch that phone off.” Angelica took the bait and led Emily into her bed.

‘I need to get my own place.’ Although that was not the only thought that plagued Emily her guilt of lying eat away at her but something kept pushing her. ‘No Drinking, No Sex, No sin.’ She argued in her mind that her good deeds will outweigh her sins.

When the sight was clear Emily stopped pretending that she was going to take off her outfit to go to sleep, instead she left a dummy of pillows in her bed place and dashed out. The church goers gathered for the Halloween special sermon; they paid to heed to Emily who seemed like a regular sight to them.

Out of the side door through the fields she went, at the edge of the church property, she took off her nun attire and stuffed it in her bag. She was just a normal young lady.

She wondered nervously towards the accommodation, a shred of doubt entered her mind and she found herself shivering. “Emily!” Adam came running towards her; he wore a vampire mask. “Emily, you made.” They both embraced in the cold, until Adam took hold of her hands and led her into the accommodation. Scores of student paraded their costumes; the drunk and decadent atmosphere filled the air. Emily tried to do her best to ignore, masked lads waiting to get laid and the provocative dressed females who shamelessly displayed their near naked body. Though there students who focused more on cosplay and creative costumes that did not require much skin.

Adam introduce her to his friends; a large group of students a mixture of both male and female however, there was only student whose gender was impossible to determine. “So how do you like the party? Is this your first year? We never saw you before.” The questions kept coming. Emily smiled, “I love this party, and it’s really cool.” A short young man with a beard and a south London accent offered her a beer. “Oi, drink up. It’s gonna be dead if you don’t.”

Emily Froze. “Oh no, I don’t drink.” Everyone laughed. One girl took the opportunity to steal the beer from the young man’s hands.

Adam stepped in, “Don’t worry; I’m going to get you a soft drink. Coke?”

“Sure.” With that he, Adam disappeared to the drinks table. Emily dreaded the moment he left her alone with strangers, but she took a big gulp and faced the crowd. “So I’m guessing Adam has had some pretty fun adventures with you guys.”

A girl with bunny ears laughed and took a sip of her drink. “Adam? Nah. We are friends with him but he hardly hangs out with us.” Emily’s eyes widen. “Although he hangs out with a bunch weirdo, but they’re not here. He is a nice guy though.”

Emily went silent. ‘So an introvert, that explains a lot.’ She began smiling, at which point one of the lads took lead in the conversation. The circle of friends opened up once more to allow Adam to re-join; handing Emily the drink.

Laughter rang all around her; she could not help but feel off balance, resting her head on Adam’s chest, she moved her hands up towards his chest. She looked for comfort in his heartbeat but could not find any. She though that the warmth of his body would put her to ease, but there was none. “Adam, I want to go home.”

Emily awoke, the room was still spinning, and her head would not stop ringing. She moans a few times, as her salvia drooled from her mouth. “Where am I?” She uttered the words anyone dare not say. The smell of alcohol swarmed the air, and the torch lit dungeon sent a chilling draft through her legs.

“She’s awake, Lord Dracula.”

Emily lifted her head; her legs were suspended by chains while her body remained flat on a cold yet padded surface. She was back in her nun attire, though pieces of her outfit were missing. Adam slowly walked around her, almost at a slow marching pace. Admiring her body he placed each hand on each of her feet, and began massaging them. Wedging his fingers between each one of her toes he continued to massage, before squeezing tightly. “What? I want you to feel comfortable.” He grinned as he shook feet a couple times before moving towards her face.

“Adam, what the fuck are you doing!?” She exclaimed, all spiritual mannerism left her, she could feel the rage consume her body. Adam knelt beside her and ran his fingers through her hair.

“Come on now, let’s keep profanity at a minimum, you are still a nun, well at the moment you still are.” Adam reached back and began to massage Emily’s pussy. She shrieked. “Fuck off.” It did not faze anyone. Around her stood several monstrous figures; men with excessive hair, a man reddened with scars, men with pale icy skin similar to the likeness of Adam. Then monsters came closer to aid in the grope.

“Who are you?”

Adam chuckled. “My dear, we brain children of the devil himself, we men who have the devils permission and blessing to roam these streets, we are the Monstrum Domum, The Monster House.”

“The Monster? What? The Monster House?” Emily panicked when Adam walked back at her crotch, she began to mumble prays. “Oh, my darling, the light of prays never reach this house, never did, never will.” Adam unzipped his fly and took out his cock; rubbing it against Emily’s labia. The crowd of monsters began hollering and cheering.

“You filthy girl, you’re wet already.” Adam gripped her thighs tightly a he pushed his cock in; she quivered and arched her head back. Unbuttoning his shirt, revealed a toned body reddened with arcane tattoos. The moons light shun through the windows located high on the wall, directly starting beneath the ceiling. The marks began to change and transform; as if they were alive.

“Fuck…fuck.” Emily rattled around as the cock buried deep inside her. The other monsters aided each other in tearing off her outfit. Reveling at her virgin flesh that gleamed in the moonlight. Adam rocked her back and forth. His hands traveled across her stomach and then her breast, laying he body on top of hers; his looked deep in her eyes. “Fucking hell, Emily, you really are tight aren’t you? I think that is going to change from now on.”

As Emily gazed into his eyes, she saw what she had become. All the resilience fled, and her arms stop flailing. A change in her body movement indicated that she began to allow what was happening to her. Adam kissed her lips and grabbed tightly her hair; pulling it back to reveal her neck. He sank his teeth in as his cock pulsated in her wet deflowered cave.

“Oh fuck, shit.” Emily moaned. Letting go allowed a new wave a pleasure to take form in her body, she was yearning for more. Adam began to shiver, his cock started to throb harder than before. “Oh fucking hell. Arrrg!” Emily felt a warm stream of liquid enter her vagina, she knew what it was. In a trance like state, he thrust a few more time just until the sensation of orgasm left his member.

“I don’t really cum that quickly, you must be something else.” Adam joked. Inserting his fingers into her, he assessed the damage and smiled and his comrades.

“Alright, boys. First bites done. All yours now.”

Closing her eyes she prepared herself for the magnitude of men trying to use her. Her mouth was opened wide as whole cock was stabbed into her orifice in a singular motion, the monster held her head she bobbed on the cock. Two others cupped her hand around their cock, masturbating using her heads. The hairy beast took it upon himself to deflower her anus, lifting her body slightly to an angle as he did. “Oh my god.” She muffled with a phallus in her mouth. Not knowing what think she once again closed her eyes, only to be reopened by one of the monster’s thumb.

After all the monsters and beast had their fill, Emily was let loose. She fell on her knee and looked up. “What have I become?”

Adam lifted her chin up; staring into her emotionless, ruined face. “You are our toy now, our little pet, our little dolly.”


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