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Apologize for not responding lately but I am masturbating fuck freak wishing to be face fucked or any fucked. So many stories to read but love them. As usual I drift from so many sex deviancy weather video or stories. Love your site.


Hi Nada

Thanks for the kind support for LITTLESALLY666.COM – your comments make it feel like the efforts are appreciated. Had a weekend of self reflection and have started to write three new chapters the ‘Diary of a White Witch’ which deals with a true life historical character (Annie Palmer /AKA The White Witch of Rose Hall), Voduo, sexual rituals, small females, FDom, interracial, slavery, perverted sex, evil, devil worship, pedo sex, murder, supernatural and human sacrifice (they use to call it ‘The Goat With No Horns’)… Some of my favorite paraphilias all rolled into one! Fuck yer!



6 thoughts on “Email from Nada – Non-Fiction”

  1. Looking forward to new writings, I’m sure my dark perverted mind won’t be disappointed!

  2. Hey XP, i just love your blog. Though i haven’t been as active recently, your blog has increased my lust, my depravity and perversions. i enjoy stories that i would not have expected awhile ago. i’m looking forward eagerly
    to your upcoming stories because some of those subjects are becoming my favorite perversions too. Now i just need someone to lead me to those lustful pleasure in real life.

    1. Hi Sabrina

      Thanks for the continued support of the LS666 community. Lust always. XP

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