Divine Fire by DarkOne

Writer: DarkOne

Subject: Divine Fire

Link: Discord / 31.03.2023

Divine Fire

We are the seed of the Lord and to Him we will return once we are spent. Turn not away from Satan, for you are as one. He is your father, your brother, your son and yourself. Love yourself and you can but love Him.

In and out the mind and soul, deepening strength and self worth — uplifting our minds, that spark that leads to divine fire. Satan, the Lord of Hell help me ascend higher. Love and hate light and dark that inner balance leading to power. Deep in tune with the flow of primal power to devour our weaknesses with there primal power. Deep soul realize my mind to freedom is what I find the core of demonism I seek to fill. Unto my soul is purified by you, Lilith.

The times to grow the times to adsorb energy. Are here to lift you out of the let you in. Lilith expands our minds to develop us in more direct ways. Shes the very essence of self strength and self confidence. She’s the very mother and queen who’s willing to take you to stronger life and you. She won’t leave you the same way as she found you.

But you must be willing for this change. Lilith is very forward she will tell you how she fills. At times you’ll feel that primal push at times you’ll feel that surge of power. Lilith also will take your ego and rid of it. Yes, she’s about self confidence — but the very ego dampers progress so yes she works with your whole being.

See the issues at hand. Lilith will break anything that is of ignorance meaning she won’t let you destroy yourself but your own ego. Lilith brings the knowledge to break cycles of self destruction. Lilith love brings us to understand our flaws and accept ourselves as a whole but if we can’t accept her help then we are traveling of our way road.

Remember Lilith is the example for ladies she did the hard part. She helps men see we are not one top we are not more advanced then woman we are equal she helps us see we are not as powerful as we think she will break a man down. Lilith don’t waver she don’t back down.the issues a lot of guys have a woman in power well Lilith will rule forever so get used to it so with all that been done don’t think like is playing games some people want to play hardball well. Lilith always wins.

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