Feature Writer: 19Arose

Feature Title: DEMONSEXOLIGY 5

Published: 22.12.2015

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Daggers in the night. Another shadow of London still stands

Editor’s Note: This set of stories take place hundreds (and perhaps thousands) after ‘A journey into a strange mind’ had concluded.

Demonsexoligy 5

The horned demoness scattered across the floor, her greenish skin had hints of glittering purple. Samantha rode her motorcycle with Dominic on the back; there was no traffic in sight. Finally the two outran the demoness and stopped her in her tracks. The demoness hissed before her bare foot trot the cool concrete, gently as she began to back away; eventually she turned around fully to run. Not knowing that Damian stood right behind her, she hit him hard; falling to the ground before trying to crawl away. Amanda swooped down to stop the demon.

“You are the same shit from the war, traitorous cunt!” The demoness hissed at Amanda.

“You were not born then, don’t act as if know the politics of hell.” Amanda replied.

“Fuck you, cunt.” She hissed back, Amanda rolled eyes and looked at Damian, giving him a nod.

“Wait! I want to do it.” Jade shouted as she came from behind Damian, who chucked and smiled.

“Go ahead.” Damian said.

Daemonium adolebit ad nihilum.” Jade aimed her palm and the others stood back, and circle formed around the demoness and in the middle, a pentagram formed. The demoness let out scream as she was engulfed in flames. This spell turns a demon’s own wickedness into tinder for their own demise.

“That’s going to be demon number twelve.” Five weeks had passed since the Umbra Gaius was defeated, the students learned well. Since the Popobawa, there were eleven more demons that had been vanquished, nine since Jade began to embrace her powers.

Damian flicked the apartment lights on, as everyone walked in, except for Jade, who skipped in past Damian and began to jump about the place. “Did you see how I burnt that demon? I used a bit of Jade power and then BOOM! Bye green bitch.” Jade gloated and threw boxer styles in the air, before settling down and picking up her Kevlar police vest.

“She had just turned age of consent not long ago. Her mother and father were killed by the dark lord, for spying on him for us.” Amanda told Jade to school her in humility. Jade gulped and stood still. Amanda noticed and smiled. “But her very nature is to drain the life force out of people with high libido … So well done, you saved people.” Amanda reminded her.

“Don’t worry about her.” Samantha reassured Jade, as she disappeared into her bedroom.

“Yeah, she’s just messing with you.” Damian added. Dominic’s phone vibrated, he took it out and read the message; it was a late message that had just been received, due to signal failure during the demon hunt.

“Looks like Tabitha is on another date with that guy.” Dominic announced.

“She probably on her knees sucking his cock right now.” Amanda joked, the entire room lit up in laughter.

Jade fixed her uniform and walked out the room full of tired students. “Alright bye, guys. I’m off to the station.” Jade walked toward the door.

“Bye, Jade” Everyone said their farewells.


Daggers in the night: Part (I)

Tabatha (I)

His hands were firmly cupped around her breasts, Tabitha wrapped her legs around him; letting his cock seep into her pussy, Tabitha shuddered as his meaty member kept pounding her, gently and slowly and in time picking up the pace; fucking her hard and fast. “Stop, stop.” Tabitha gave an exhausted whimper and Alexis stopped, pulled out and lay by her side; like a true gentleman.

“Y-you alright?” Alexis panted as he turned to his partner.

“Yeah… yeah. Just out of breath that’s all.” She assured him. Tabitha could not believe the sex that she was having; even her father did not provide such an experience. Tabitha turned her head, and bit her lips, before climbing on Alexis, riding this cock once more. As they fucked on the sky blue bed sheet in the navy blue painted room, Tabitha leaned in closer and kissed her lover; then pulling away. Alexis still tried to grasp Tabitha’s breast, to squeeze them, he grabbed Tabatha by the hips and controlled her gyration on his cock; as Tabatha rubbed and squeezed her nipples.

“You know in Italy, girls would nickname me, ‘il tornitore”.” Alexis said to Tabitha, in a seductive tone, before turning her over so that she was on the bottom, and he was holding on to her thighs, pounding away at her pussy.

“Ohh shit.” Tabitha moaned as Alexis pushed his cock even faster and harder. “Oh fuck.” Tabitha’s pussy became increasingly sensitive to each stroke of the cock. Alexis gave two more pumps and then let out a groan; he pulled out and let loose a magnitude of cum, shooting across Tabitha’s stomach and covering bits of her body in white fluid. She giggled and she tasted his cum.

“What’s so funny? A man should never leave his woman without and orgasm.” Alexis smile, as he lowered himself down Tabitha’s legs; kissing them as he went along. When he found himself at her pussy, he kissed the sensitive lips and started licking her clitoris, he had done most the job already but needed a finally send off. Tabitha’s folded her knees onto him, as she held his head down; her stomach was moving rapidly up and down and her back arching upward. Tabitha let out a luscious moan as her pussy erupted, covering Alexis’ mouth her cum. “Oh, God! Oh, Alexis!”

“Ouch.” Tabitha whelped as one of her pubic hair was yanked from her.

“I’m so sorry.” Alexis apologized, kissing her forehead and then her lips.

“Apology accepted.” Tabitha kissed Alexis and nested herself in his chest. She ran her fingers across his chest, down his stomach and on his cock.

“You know, my cousins are having a dinner party tomorrow evening, would you like to come?” Alexis asked; kissing her head thereafter. Tabitha hesitated, but soon gave a smile.

“Of course, honey.” She replied, kissing him.”

Lilith (I)

There was a knock at the door, Lilith sat in her chair reading a report folder before she took off her glasses and to address the knocker. “Come in.” She said. Jade walked in and took off her hat, to be greeted by Lilith in her human form; hair tied backwards in a bun and in her smart police uniform. “Take a seat, Police constable.” Jade sat before Lilith, trying to cross examine her to get a whiff of why she was called in. “Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble.” Lilith saw right through her. Jade’s heart skipped a beat; she did not expect someone to cross examine her while cross examining them.

“Oh, then why have you asked to see me?” Jade dared to ask.

Lilith smiled. “You know that I don’t normally work in this station, but I’ve been called in for a special reason.” Lilith said, as she lay the file on the table; letting a few pictures slide out into the wooden desk. Jade leaned in and noticed that upon further analysis, they were CCTV snaps of the moment she was attacked with her partner by the Umbra Gaius.

“You say your partner was hit by a brick?” Lilith placed her fingers on the picture. “But all I see here is a black blur. Right before the cameras were cut out.”

Jade swallowed her saliva. “Well this was the moment my partner got hit, so it is evident that the CCTV were hit as well, causing the disruptions. Lilith smiled and looked satisfied by what she heard.

“Yeah. That was the boffin’s conclusion as well. I just needed your part of the story.” Lilith quickly typed on her computer, before pressing ‘save’. She spun back around on her chair and stood up. “Well thank you for your time, PC Wood. ”

“You’re welcome.” Jade replied.

“So I done you a favor as well, I booked you the night off, so you can enjoy a bit of rest.” Lilith added.

“You didn’t have—thank you.” Jade wasn’t the one for taking random nights off, but she was incredibility tired and could not refuse.

“Come now, I will walk you to the car park. I have to get something from my car, anyways.” Lilith said, ushering Jade out of the office.

As they walked the hallway, several unruly arrestees were being ushered forcefully to their cells; some seemed intoxicated while others were just outright violent while in a sober state. “So I hear, your family have quite the history in Asthanthia,” Lilith attempted small talk.

“Oh yes, we are.” It was long since anyone asked about her family; Lilith kept getting Jade off guard.

“Do you know the origin of your family name?” Lilith asked again.

“No.” Jade replied. Lilith lightly tapped Jade on the shoulder; abruptly stopping her as they entered the car park.

“Tonight, you’re going to find out.” Lilith’s iris glowed red.

Tabitha (II)

Tabitha stepped into the house; greeted by Alexis. She smiled and kissed her lover. “Hello, handsome.” She came into his full embrace.

“Hello, my beautiful dove.” Alexis made Tabitha blush every time, he was incredible good at it, and also ways made Tabitha feel good. Despite the short time they were together, Tabitha felt as if he was made for her. “Come in. Sit.” He lead her into the living room, it was full of grown men and two women; staring at their feet.

“This is Tabitha. Tabitha, these are my cousins, my true blood.” He smiled as he introduced them. Tabitha shook all of their hands, but realised that the woman were reluctant to so.

“That is a beautiful dress, Tabitha.” A cousin with a square jaw and short hair said.

“Oh why thank you.” Tabitha smiled at the compliment, as she ran her fingers through the navy blue dress.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Another cousin, with glasses and a bow tie nudged to the female next to him.

“Yes beautiful.” She looked up and said quickly, before returning her head to it’s former position.

Alexis returned and gave his date a drink; she sipped it as she heard the cousins talk. “Merina is a model, you know?” Alexis said.

“Oh, that amazing. You are such a gorgeous woman, that I’m not surprised.” Tabitha said to shy timid woman; trying to engage them in the conversation.

“Well, she into a different type of modelling now.” The square jaw cousin interrupted; the men all gave a chuckle.

“Oh, what will that be?” Tabitha was confused, she felt as if she had missed something. A blond haired cousin answered her.

“S&M modelling.” He called out. Merina’s head hung lower than ever. Tabitha clearly sensed her embarrassment and decided to change the person of interest.

“Oh, that’s interesting and cool.” She cleared her throat. “So what do you lot do?” She asked the men.

“IT Consultant.” Said Glasses.

“Photographer.” Said Blonde.

“I work for a pharmaceutical company; I’m very close to my boss.” Square jaws was the last to tell her his job, all the men started laughing. Tabitha’s head began to spin, her sense cloudy. Another voice came in.

“You can even say; we’re like brothers, though their names do not end in Farlow.” Farlow JR walked in just in time to catch Tabitha and ease her to the ground.

“Farlow?” Tabitha looked confused as the energy drained out of her, she felt her legs being moved, and saw the unbuckling of the cousin’s belts. “Alexis, why?”

“The brightest flames always burn out the quickest.”

Damian (I)

Damian lay on the Councillor’s sofa with his hands on the bottom of his rib cage, he pondered for a while, until the woman with the clipboard lowered it. She dressed was a professional pine striped suit with a blazer, smart skirt and blue blouse and a smart coat at the back of her chair; Lilith was a master of disguise.

“So you think that the way you are going in life, you will end up hurting your friends and becoming something you don’t want to be?” She leaned in closer.

“Well yes, I believe I’m on a reckless path and I don’t know what to do with myself.” Damian said.

Lilith flicked through past notes. “Well, from our previous sessions.” She leaned in. “I can see that you are often afraid to put your friends in harm’s way.”

Damian nodded. “Err—well that’s right.” He replied, prompting Lilith to look over her notes.

“I think it is best for you to change a few outlooks in your life.” She said; making Damian raise his brows. Lilith looked at his concerned face and gave a smile. “Your friends are very capable, I understand.” She added, and Damian gave a slow nod.

“Where are you going with this?” Damian interrupted, but Lilith paused and smiles.

“Well Damian, if your friends are capable and you are as well, then instead of thinking that they all rely on you, perhaps you should think that you all rely on each other. If you fail, then maybe another one of friends can pick up the slack.”

“I’m not too sure—maybe you’re right.”

“Trust me, I’ve live a long time…” Lilith said but was cut off by Damian; who snorted.

“You don’t look at old and even so, you’re really hot.” Damian spilled out. He held his tongue, something inside compelled him to flirt with the older women.

“Aw, you’re such a sweetie. Anyways, as I’ve been saying, in my long years I learned that the path to being better team leader is to alter the fear of failing, into a tightrope rather than a blockade between you and your goals.” Lilith stood up and walked towards Dominic. “And because you’re such a sweet handsome young man, I’m going to teach you how.” She said; walking over to Damian.

She came on top of Damian, and slipped her smart shoes off, and placed her feet on Damian’s chest. “Your past and current relationships, they seem as if are holding you back in this path. So my medicine will help you break free.” Lilith moved her pantyhose feet up his chest to the bottom of his jaw; she then gently moved his head up with her feet. Quickly she withdrew them and climbed on top of Damian; nibbling his ear lobes. “I hope I didn’t scare you, I can be a bad, bad, bad girl sometimes.” She teased.

“Nah, I love it.” Damian gave a flirtatious smile as Lilith kissed him. She threw of her blazer and undid her blouse buttons; revealing a set of large, luscious breasts. Damian grabbed hold of them as Lilith also released Damian’s cock and then inserted it into her wet pussy.

“Oh Damian, you have such a big cock.” She moaned, as she placed her hands over Damian’s hands. She rode his cock like a mechanical bull; moving his hands and placed them on his chest, allowing her breasts to jump up and down. “Oh my god, oh fuck.” She moaned again, softly. Damian’s groans became louder. Lilith raised Damian’s arms and pulled his jumper (sweater) off of him. Lilith placed her spread palms on his sweaty well-toned and muscular body. Since discovering his powers, Damian’s body seemed to have increased in muscle mass. “Such an amazing body you have, young man.” Lilith smiled.

“Thank, been working out the stress as well… like you suggested.” Damian replied. He saw her breasts flying freely and majestically above him. Damian looked down on her skirt and attempted to take it off, when we noticed that Lilith had her palms on his tattoo. The tattoo was a symbol that would prevent Lilith from entering her demonic form in close proximity to it. Lilith grinned.

“That’s a really nice ‘tat’ you got there.” Lilith leaned in for another kiss; placing both hands behind her and fingering her asshole.

“Thanks, I think it keep my demons at bay.” Damian joked; he did not know that it was Lilith that was on top of him. Damian’s gave a few more pumps until he had a sensation in his cock and stomach “Oh fuck, god I’m Cumming.” He groaned as his cock filled Lilith’s pussy.

From behind her, the queen of hell took out a vile full of purple liquid, and as Damian climaxed, she poured its content onto his tattoo; burning it from his skin. “Nunc Astitit Regina inferni, eripite hanc tattoo et suus ‘ powerful incantations … Now I stand the queen of hell, remove this tattoo and it’s powerful spell” She chanted.

Damian’s eyes opened fully to the pain. “Ah, fuck! What was that?” A sizzle was heard and a white mist danced across Damian’s pecs, after it had clear, the tattoo was gone. He pushed her off; some of his cum went flying in the air as he did.

Lilith quickly regained her composure and go to her feet. Her clothes dissolved and formed a black mist with came to her, as she transformed. From her head, grew horns, her fingernails and toenails grew and sharpened like the talons of an eagle. Her skin was red as blood, and her iris; the same color. The mist that was once her earthly clothes formed her bat like wings around her, which sprung opened and revealed a ray of red light. Damian stumbled off the sofa. Lilith wore her armored bra and panties.

“Queen of hell? Lilith?” Damian questioned and then realized who his counselor really was.

“That’s right, honey. They told me you were a smart one.” Lilith teased. Now her umbrella turned to black mist and reformed as a whip, with a snake like lash.

Damian began his enchantment. “Dementias furon…” But Lilith struck his with the whip. “Fuck!” He fell to the knees. The string was like boiling nettles but he endured and stood back up.

“You should have seen the punishment I gave your ancestor, right before I took the thrones.” Lilith chuckled, and then both began to battle. Blue lighting, fire spells, death beams and other worldly matter flew around the room, the furniture started to burn, and the walls smouldered and were cover in ash. Damian hobbled around naked, throwing his spells while Lilith used her whip coupled together with her own spells to make Damian ‘dance’ around the room.

“Dementia Furon Excalibur!” Damian used his most powerful spell; it sent a large energy beam toward the demoness; it barely moved her an inch.

“Ha, let me guess… That was the most powerful in your arsenal?” Lilith mocked him. “Jade and Tabitha would be disappointed. How are you meant to rescue them now?”

“Rescue?” Damian was panting; out of breath. Lilith gave a malicious giggle, as she moved over to her table and took her smart phone, and threw it at him. Damian barely caught it. On the phone, there were pictures of Tabitha and Jade naked in bondage. On their bodies were written the words ‘surrender’. “Where are they?” He demanded to know.

“In an hour, you will receive instruction and a location. Hand over yourselves, the book and the box over to my agent.” Lilith’s whip changed form and began a sword; she pointed it at the windows and whispered, “Bracken.” A Small vortex shot from the sword and shattered the windows. “I regret I won’t be around to watch your death, son of the devil. Such a shame really, I wanted to use this sword on you.” Lilith gave him and wink and then her sword turned into mist and reformed to extend her tail, before she spread her wings and flew off.

The naked Damian stood watching, shivering, as people began to make their way into the room.

Amanda (I)

Dominic walked the stairs into the main room, he found Amanda scrolling on Tabitha’s Laptop. On her screen were articles, paintings and tapestries depicting her old life. Dominic ran his finger through the side of his head; he had just renewed his haircut and was adamant on not touching his blonde quiff.

“Hair cut?” Amanda asked quietly as Dominic sat next to her, she then ran her fingers through his hair.

“Do you miss them?” He asked.

“Every day, but I shall be seeing them soon, and it will be you lot who I will be missing.” She replied.

Dominic’s frowned. “What do you mean?”

Amanda smiled and put her hands on his shoulder. “This body was not meant to last the normal human lifespan; it is dying and very close to death.” A tear formed in Amanda’s eyes. Dominic was left speechless and in that moment, the doors flung open, they heard Damian’s voice enchant a spell to open it. The limping Damian walked in; his clothes were as if they were worn in a hurry and not properly fixed.

“Water.” He croaked. Dominic ran to support them as Amanda went to the fridge. In that time, Samantha too walked in.

“Oh my god.” Samantha dropped her food and rushed to Damian. “What happened?” She asked. They eased him to the sofa as Amanda bought him his water. As he finished drinking, he ran his hands through his sweaty greasy hair, while taking out the phone that Lilith left him.

“They’ve got Jade and Tabitha.” Damian said as she showed them the pictures. Exhausted he forced out another sentence. “I fought with Lilith; she did some spell on my tattoo and crossed out its powers.” Damian held open a bit of his shirt, showing where the tattoo had once been.

“You had sex with her, didn’t you?” Amanda looked disappointed. Dominic and Samantha both checked their tattoos; they were gone as well. “You fucked the queen of hell, and now our leverage is gone.” Amanda spoke again

“Fucking cunts have my sister. We have to find them.” Dominic was enraged and walked towards the door, before the mobile phone rang.

“That’s it, that’s the instructions.” Damian said before picking it up and putting on speaker phone. Dominic moved back.

“Hello Damian and friends, I am Lord James Farlow II or Jr, call me what you like as long as you refer me as ‘Lord’. So anyways, I’m sure you know that we have your friends, and now it’s up to you really. Hand yourselves in with the book and the box, and we will see to it that Tabitha and Jade are released, before my men can have fun with them…again.” The students stood in silence.

“Listen here Lord cunt-low, we’re coming over, and we’re going to rescue our friends and right at the end.” Damian paused. “I will hammer a bullet into you.” He continued, but on the other end there was only laughter.

“Alright then, but first tell me who’s pussy it is that I’m fingering right now.” Farlow Jr replied followed by the noise of a woman being fingered, it was unclear whether it was Jade or Tabitha. “Yeah, don’t test your luck with your foolishness. I’m going to send over the details now.” The phone hung up.

“Fucking bastards.” Samantha cried out. A text message came with the location for the drop off point. Amanda looked at the pictures once more and inspected them in greater detail.

“This is looks like they are being held in two different locations.” Amanda concluded.

“It does.” Damian agreed with her; swiping between two pictures.

“Tabitha is under the River Thames and Jade is with Farlow.” Samantha concluded. Dominic did the math and came to the conclusion that it was his sister that Farlow was molesting over the phone; his anger grew.

“Lilith is with Tabitha.” Damian said.

“Fine. I will go to find my sister while you and Amanda get Tabitha.” Dominic told Damian.

Samantha ran into her room and emerged with her thick leather jacket and two helmets, she threw one to Dominic and she zipped herself up. “Let’s go.”

“Samantha, ride slow. As soon as we rescue Tabitha, I will fly over to you, and help you.” Amanda assured them. Her face was full of doubt, but managed to give a warm smile nonetheless.

“Good luck.”

Dominic (I)

Samantha let down the motorcycle stands as she parked her motorcycle in the concrete car park. The lights flickered and on the white pillars were arrows written in what looks like blood. “I suppose that’s the way.” Dominic looked at Sam.

“Don’t be an idiot, that is a trap. I’m so fucking sure of it.” Samantha said; looking around to find an alternative route. “This way.” Samantha led Dominic by the hand.

“You sure?” He replied.

Samantha paused for a second. “Yes I’m sure. I’m use to these shady spots; I know all the nooks and crannies.” Samantha thought back to when she was a prostitute, all those dark meet up spots just came back to her. She shuddered for a second and carried on running. Dominic reluctantly followed; he did not like putting life in the hands of a woman.

The concrete stairs and ramps led to blue a door that was plastered with warning labels and stickers. Dominic rushed forward and aimed his hand at the door’s keyhole. “Ostium, apertum.” The keyholes sparked and Dominic opened it and they both walked in. The smell of oil filled the door, it was dark and dank, but Dominic enjoyed feeling like the lead role once again. Samantha trailed close behind him, she took out a small flash light torch and shuns it, while he used his phone’s back light. Finally there was a glisten reflecting of somewhere, it was Jade’s pussy. She was restrained with her feet far apart and in the air while. She squinted her eyes as the harsh lights hit them; she mumbled something which sounded like Dominic’s name.

“Found her.” Dominic said, but just soon as he, a jolt of energy flew up him and struck him in the knees. “Fuck!” He cried he was bought to one knee. Samantha went to help him.

“Well…well, I didn’t expect you to evade my trap, and I was right.” A voice sounded, the lights came on and he stood there clapping his hands while surrounded by masked men with rifles. “I appreciate your gesture of submission, but what I truly desire is the box and book.” Lord Farlow Jr said. Dominic and Samantha stood in silence, until faint whispers could be heard between the two.

“Alright then.” Dominic said, but he didn’t do or say anything else, nor did Samantha; they just stood there.

Farlow Junior’s face w scribbled with all sorts of confusion. “Well. Give them then. It will make your execution a lot quicker.” He was losing patience but was remained calm in his speech. Dominic let out a sigh and reached into his pocket; taking out a small round glass vile and dropping it. There was a loud bang and an ear piecing screech as the room filled with white blinding light. “Volentes mihi fraudem fieri, incidunt in soporem” Dominic cast the spell quickly and as the room cleared, the gunmen were on the floor; unconscious. Lord Farlow Junior rubbed his head and rose to his feet at the same time as Dominic.

He sniffed the air. “Another you’re a different breed of warlock from that other cunt.” He said as the pair began to circle each other. “Let’s start this shit.” He uttered as he pointed his hands to cast a spell. “Ignius Flaron” Farlow shot a few balls of fire at Dominic; who dodged them along with Samantha.

“Farron et ducads” Dominic shot a wave of energy at Lord Farlow, it hit him and drew him backwards; however he recovered and countered it with another fire spell. This time the flames came very close to Dominic, who felt the head punch his flesh as it flew by. Lord Farlow decided it unleash a magnitude of spells. “Kylo. Kylo.Kylo” small purple arrow shaped beams charged at him.

Though Dominic manged to dodge them; one hit him right in the ribbed; he clutched them as Samantha ran to him.

“Lucky you are a warlock, Dommy. One hit of that on a ‘normy’ and they would die. Dominic groaned in pain.

“Are you okay, Dominic?” Samantha asked.

“Oh his fine just needs some TLC that’s all.” Farlow Jr mocked.

Samantha grinned her teeth and charged Lord Farlow Jr. He blocked her punches with high blocks, low block and eventually putting her into an arm lock; with her back against his front. Farlow Jr inhaled her hair deeply.

“I think we can turn you out in one of our whore houses, you look the type.” He mocked with the most malice intent. Samantha was made even madder, she punched Farlow Jr in his penis, and watched him jerk back after releasing her form the arm lock; then came the punch to his face which was so hard, it knocked three of his tooth out. “CUNT!” He shouted. Sam grabbed her arching knuckles and watched Junior’s mouth bleed as he cast another spell. “Ignius volare mortale” Samantha flew towards a concrete pillar and was knocked out cold when she hit it hard. Jade’s muffled screams could be heard through the battle.

“You asshole!” Dominic’s wound licking was over, as he took his stance.

“I will save her later for the brothels.” Lord Farlow made mocking kisses towards Samantha’s body before turning his attention to Dom.

Ignius Viron.” Dominic fired light from his palm, which hit Farlow and bought him to his knees. Dominic ran up close to him, and stared the viscous man with his eyes of glowing gold. Farlow was panting; the lighting surged through his body. Dominic place one hand on Farlow’s temples and one on his face. “Tell me why I should fry you up now?” Dominic asked the rhetorical question. Farlow just replied in laughter.

“The dark mistress made me a capacitor.” He finally spoke. “INCUSSUS” A shockwave sent Dominic crashing to the floor. “And I’m all charged up.” Farlow had sparks radiating from his body and his aura was visible. He used his index and middle finger to fire small amounts of charge at Dominic. “luminatione. Luminatione. Luminatione.” Jade’s screams and groans for help increased as did Dominic. “What’s wrong? Never learned how to absorb electricity?” He mocked the crawling student. When Farlow’s aura had died and all the electricity was gone, he resorted to uses he previous volley of spells. “Kylo.Kylo.Kylo.” Dominic dropped flat on the floor, his chest was feeling heavy and every breath was a waking agony. “Ignius Ferrowave.” Farlow unleashed a small wave of fire which danced on his foe’s back; causing him to scream. “Good. I thought you were dead.”

Farlow walked over to him and gave him a massive well rounded kick; Dom’s body leaped in the air before being grabbed by Farlow. He turned to student around and took a knee on his tights; Dominic was clearly uncomfortable, which was made worse when the man grabbed his quiff to keep his head from falling down. “Now give me a good reason why I shouldn’t use Kylo right through your brains. Attacks this close can kill even a warlock” He put his two fingers on Dominic’s forward; mimicking a hand gun. “Now listen here, son. I want you to die in peace; I have to real quarrels with you or your girlfriend. I have a job to do, and it is adamant you always follow through on them. You earn this when you’re an adult.”

Dominic spat out blood at the man. “Go to hell, cunt.” Dominic Dominus-Wood grinned, as did Farlow.


Damian (II)

As Amanda and Damian descended, “Ostium, apertum” they opened the locked doors leading to the tunnel, below the Thames. A dank smell filled the decent of stairs as they made their way down. The chill penetrated even through Damian’s smart coat, he felt as if half his energy was being wasted on shivering. In front of them was another locked door, Damian simply pointed his and the lock opened, they walked forward with speed. Amanda smiled for a minute; impressed by Damian’s learning.

“Well then.” Lilith turned around; her red flesh glistened under the artificial lights. In the center was grey and cold box on top of a podium, and Tabitha was hung in an ‘X’ shape, with a mechanical dildo machine, continuously fucking her pussy. “I didn’t expect to see you here.” Lilith casually walked towards them; grinning. Damian and Amanda took their stance, and Lilith chuckled. “Oh I’m not going to kill you, there is no point really.”

“Your tyranny ends.” Amanda’s wings spread as she shot golden lighting from her hands. It hit Lilith; causing her to fly backwards, before regaining her composure. Damian began his attacks as well. “Ignius spartanious.” A vortex of reddish wind grabbed hold of Lilith while Amanda used her attacks on the demoness. Lilith shook off of attacks and returned with her own; a beam of fire which split into two came charging at them. Damian did a combat roll, before casting a lighting spell which hit Lilith on her wings.

“You can have some good aerobatic skills, I will give you that. Magic and the Arcane is something you should reconsider!” Lilith hit Damian with an invisible force, he slammed against the wall. Damian’s ear was ringing and he kept on hearing the mysterious man’s voice. “King of hell. King of hell.” Panting; Damian stood up, he saw Amanda and Lilith fighting in mid-air, and they would shoot each other with beams of lighting, fire and other forms of energy, then they would tussle and kick each other. The two women came crashing towards Damian; he moved out of the way and ran towards Tabitha. Damian’s red iris stared at the ropes and his grab hold of his friend. “funibus , solve fasciculos” The ropes fell apart and Damian carried Tabitha to the exit.

“Get to safety, Amanda and I will take care of the big bitch.” Damian said to her as he wrapped her with his smart coat.

“I’ll try to see how to defeat her.” Tabitha replied, even though she was a damsel in distress, she did not fancy being useless.

Damian returned to the fighting, he pointed his hands the two women and cast another spell. “Separant” The two flying women were separated by an invisible force. Amanda reached ground and got to her feet, whilst Lilith hovered in mid-air.

“Lil’ lamb’s learning. Huh?” Lilith mocked, as she charged him.

“Surculus luminatione” A jolt of lighting came from Damian’s palm and hit Lilith directly on the chest; she flew and hit the wall hard, leaving cracks down the concrete. Damian saw the scene as familiar; it was that had happened with Farlow Snr. As he began to use the same enchantment he used on Farlow Senior, Lilith moved and charged him once more. This time, Amanda swooped in and tackled her.

“Did you really underestimate the power of humans?” Amanda said as she hit Lilith hard with a beam of harsh light.

“No, but I did underestimate your traitorous plans.” Lilith replied. “When we were in love, you used me escape hell.” Lilith pushed back and rings of fire shooting at Amanda. Although it did not burn her, Amanda groaned it pain.

“I had to return home!”

“Hell was your home; the throne next to me was your home!”

Amanda chuckled. “Hell was not a place for me.” Amanda put her hands together and began forming a sphere of light, Lilith’s tail turned to smoke and materialized as her sword, like she had done before, the heart broken demoness plunged the dark blade directly into the sphere; causing it to prematurely erupt and flinging Amanda to the floor. She groaned in pain as her wings disappeared along with her armor, leaving her in civilian clothing. Damian ran to her and looked upon Lilith, her demonic grin coming closer. Damian closed his eyes. “King of hell, King of hell.” He whispered to himself.

As the he felt the power surge, ripping through his atoms; reforming them, Damian opened his eyes. He’s shirt ripped off as he sprouted dark black wings; which were identical to that of his ancestor. Amanda closed her eyes in despair, her nightmares had come true.

“So the rumors were correct!” Lilith laughed. “Yes, you have gotten stronger but you are well away from strong enough.” She began her final charge with her sword, now ablaze the fiery sword screamed as it flew towards him. Damian grabbed the sword by its blade, Lilith saw his eyes; they turned complexly red, not just his iris or pupils but his entire eyeball. Her face sank, right before he tossed her aside. Damian moved towards the grounded Demoness as his eyes returned to its previous state. He aimed his palm. “My most powerful spell; let’s see if it will work now.” Damian held up his palm, but as he was about the cast his final spell, the stone box gave out a terrible screeching sound. Floating in mid-air; the box providing enough distraction for Lilith to push Damian out of the way.

“I do wish I could remain here, but the box’s work in this country is over, and the Shadows of London do bore me now.” Lilith spread her wings as the box shot up, creating a hole big enough for the demoness disappear through. The water flooded in and began swallowing what little space was left. Damian dragged Amanda out through the stairs, his legs were as sore as hers, his bruises throbbed and head ached. “We lost her.” Amanda squeezed out as they entered the fresh air.

On the shores of the Thames, the two watched the skies; hoping to catch a glimpse of Lilith. Damian felt a chill down his spine, he felt something wrong. Looking at Amanda; he spread his wings. “I felt that too, Damian.” Amanda was weakened and could not stop him from flying off. “Damian! Come back!” She was left on the beach screaming at the sky.

Damian (III)

Damian crashed through the armored windows, the thick glass and metal bars could not hold back his thunderous entrance. He rolled with his dark wings to cushion the fall. Stumbling to get on his feet, his wings disappeared before he was standing firm above Lord Farlow Jnr. He looked at Jade. “I will get you out of there, after his cunt is dead.” He assured her. As Farlow Jnr stood, Damian saw the body of Dominic, his lifeless body lying there. “You fucking cunt!” Damian’s irises were red once more as he cast he spells. “Ignius ventos!” Farlow Jnr shook off his attacks, Damian was weakened, and his body was not use to the power. “So nice of you to show what a weak warlock you truly are.” Farlow snuffed, he walked towards Damian and aimed his palm at him. “Ignius ventos.” Farlow fired a purple beam; knocking Damian on the ground. “Continues Viron.” Farlow stood over Damian, a continuous beam of energy shot from his palm into Damian’s body. Jade rattled and swung in her ropes until her eyes finally began gold, she ripped the rope off but fell to the floor, while Damian screamed in agony. “Igni—Ignius” No matter how hard Damian tried, he could not cast a spell. Samantha rose up, in the distance.

“Fucking cunt!” She charged Farlow with her iron knife, he stopped torturing Damian but he made a gun shape with his two hands, one at Damian’s head and one at Samantha. “Kylo.” Farlow calmly shot both. “No!” Jade screamed at the iron knife dropped from Samantha’s hands with a clank and the young woman fell with a thud. Jade cradled Samantha’s body while she looked her brothers, before crawling to his.

Damian groaned; attracting the attention of Farlow, once more. He knelt down at the young man. “Impressive. No even warlocks and witches can survive a ‘Kylo’ to the head.” Damian’s head moved incoherently as he groaned even more. “Imagine what I could do, the most powerful warlock on this planet, a warlock who was given the powers by the queen of hell herself.” Farlow gloated. Damian chuckled. “Aye, you’re right, mate. You are the most powerful warlock on this planet.” Damian placed his hand on Farrow’s cheeks, before grabbing his collar. “But I am the king of hell, the darkness itself, the embassy of terror and death, lust and pain.” Damian’s eyes glowed red, his wings sprung up as looked at the terror and confusion on Farlow’s face. “Your farther was a smarter man than you, Farlow.” His voice was deep and full of rage. “Sed sit amet tempus moriendi redire lente et dolenter luti unde venisset.” Farlow began to cower as Damian chanted, he could not counter his spells, and the young lord began to stutter as his tongues felt incredibly loose. No matter how much he tried, he could not move. “Ex argilla , ad terram de limo terrae tractus . Morere spuria vitulamina mali!” Farlow screamed as he was finally released from the grip, only to fly backwards onto the floor, his body went into a spasm as his body stiffened into clay and slowly dissolved. He screams pieced the dreams of his men and woke them up. Damian snapped his head at their weapons and watched them melt.

Rummaging through Samantha’s jacket, he took out her lighter and knife; pocketing them. He took off the leather jacket and placed them around Jade’s shoulder and holding her tightly. “I can feel him inside you.” Damian placed his hands on Jade’s stomach. Jade looked at him with teary eyes.

“I will not bring a child into this life, Damian Smith.” Jade whelped.

“I take this battle away from you.”


The deaths of the two students were concluded as out of the hand of the professor. Damian used his powers to influence all investigating parties to keep the professor away from fault. Dishearten by their lost, they chose to march forward and only look back if it could propel them forward to their goal.

“He will grow up to do amazing things.” Damian lifted his hands from Jade’s stomach and kissed her. “I would never leave a woman a single mother, but this is for your own safety.” Damian kissed her once more.

“I understand.” Jade smiled as she rubbed her small bump. “What shall I name him?”

“Damon” Amanda said, she too placed her hands on the bump. “This will begin the blood line that will combine both the goddess’s blood and the dark lord’s blood.” Amanda also kissed Jade. “You will be fine dear won’t you?” She asked again. A small sort of laughter came out of Jade and she smiled.

“Well you’ve given me this new tattoo, which will keep me under the demon’s radar. So as long as I don’t shag any red horned blokes, I will be fine.” Jade replied, her sprit was higher than the two.

“I have to go now.” The other students began calling Damian. “Bye, Jade.” He kissed her once more, as he boarded the plane back to Asthania. Jade’s police ID got her further than any other visitor could; she held the stomach and watched Damian disappear back to a foreign land. Amanda held her hands; she would use her wing to fly back to Asthanthia.

On the plane, Damian nodded off to sleep while the cold cabin air bit his face and caused the skin to run dry. In the dream he stood in the most magnificent hall imaginable, the marble floors reflected the light bouncing off the solid gold walls and pillars. Damian wondered out of the hall to witness its exterior but he was however, distracted by the bridge he walked upon; underneath it was nothing but cloud and mist. The beauty was overwhelming for him.

“Damian, it is wonderful to see you.” A tall, blonde haired man greeted him. He had large ruffled wings; white as snow and with hints of gold glistening of them. “My name is Edriel. One of the great gods.” He tapped his staff and gave a warm smile.

“Where am I?” Damian shifted his eyes around; still taking in the landscape.

“Havana. This is the overseeing podium of the universe. Though you planet is one of few that is connected spiritually with Havana and Hal.”

“Heaven and Hell.” Damian uttered quietly.

“Exactly, and I know what you’re thinking, you want to know why you are here.” Damian’s eyes lit up, it was as though the man had read his mind. “I am here to tell you that, your blood line will be the first the history to have the mix of Demon, God and Human”

“Demon, huh? My son Damon will be a demon.”

“We made it so that it will take generation for the demon blood to take hold. If you carry out your destiny correctly then the demonic powers will be suppressed for centuries.”

“My destiny?”

“You must defeat…” As the Edriel began speaking, Damian was slowly nudged out of his comatose, the words of the celestial man became ever so faint and then it died out completely. Damian looked around to see that one of the other students was kicking his seat. She smiled at him; biting her lips.”

“Stupid bitch.”

Lilith entered her room, back in the Asthanian club house, a man sat in the shadows; playing with a lighter. In his mid-thirties he tried his best to conceal his identity. Across him was Alexis; sitting naked and shivering. At the sight of his mistress, he jumped and came to her arms.

“What have you been doing with my boy toy?” Lilith asked, whilst holding his head.

“Nothing, love. Just seeing what the lad looks like without all his pretty boy clothes.” The man stood up and walked out of the room. “Oh yes, I will be need Alexis for one other thing.”

Lilith snarled. “Who are you? How have you been coming here so often?” She attempted to detect any of his lie.

“Let’s just say, I’ve help you get to where you are right now.” He replied, right before he vanished, like smoke.

Lilith placed her hands on Alexis’ face. “He didn’t hurt you did he?”

Alexis shook his head. “No, He just asked me some questions.”

“Like what?”

“I—I can’t remember.”

Two days had past, and Damian entered his car, sitting next to Amanda. They both looked at each other and then a picture of Samantha and Dominic. “Did you use the spell on Tabitha and her dad?” Amanda asked, Damian smiled and scratched his head. “Yes, they will forget about everything that happened.” He replied. Amanda hit Damian lightly on his head, he had just realized that he explained the outcome of his spell wrong. “They will forget everything about the demons, but their minds will try to find a logical way to bridge the gap.” Damian corrected himself. Amanda smiled and rubbed the spot where she hit Damian, and then gave him a kiss on the cheeks. “You have learned a lot. You will be the most powerful warlock to walk the earth.” Damian just looked at Amanda gave a brief smile. Feeling Samantha’s lighter for a second; he turned on the engine. “We have a lead to follow up on. Let’s go.”


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