Feature Writer: Aunt Molly
Feature Title: Demon Lust: A Second Helping
Story Codes: Supernatural


Demon Lust: A Second Helping

I wasn’t has happy with this one but didn’t know how to improve it.  Eleven O’clock was a little early for lunch. At least to me. And having lunch with a demon ( even one that looked human ), who was playing footsie with my mom under the table. Oh and I might have traded my immortal soul so that she will leave my little brother alone. I snuck off – well I didn’t need really to sneak, Desmona didn’t care what I did. And my mom was staring into Desmona’s green eyes. And they started kissing.

I called Zane’s parents and asked if Cody could stay at her house for a few days, Mom was sick and she didn’t want him to catch it. I would bring over some clean clothes later on. I had to turn the tables on this creature. I called the only person I could think of who might have some idea as to how. Fennel was an upper class girl, and she was always a little weird so I didn’t pay much attention to her. But in hindsight it did seem odd she didn’t hang out with her old friends any more. Her real name – her birth name was Elizabeth Thomson.

It took a small amount of quality time with my lap top to find her phone number. My mom was starting to moan, I heard sucking noises. I tried to banish the image of what I knew was happening in the kitchen My mom made the mistake of saying “Oh God!”

Then I heard a slap, Desmona just *slapped* my mom. “He has nothing to do with this – I don’t want to hear that name ever again in my presence.”

“Sorry Desmona.”

“Oh no. You can’t call me by my name, you have lost that privilege. You will call me ‘mistress’, and if I *ever* hear that name again, I will bring you right to the edge and just leave you.”

“No Mistress – I’ll be good!”

“Good – now let me go back to sucking these gorgeous tits.”

I closed the door to my room then went into the closet and closed that door hoping to muffle the sound enough.

I sent a text to Wendy – Dmn @ my house Has my mom.

Then I called Fennel’s house.

“Hello are you Elizabeth’s mom?”

“Well her step mother, – who is this? I thought all her friends called her ‘Fennel’.”,, the voice sounded kind if somewhat stilted and formal.

“I’m a friend of a friend of hers I was wondering if it was alright if I could come over.”

“Yes – I suppose that would be fine. Though I can’t guarantee she will talk to you,. She doesn’t talk to any of her friends any more.”

I open the closet and opened the door to my room. I could not get out of the house without walking through the kitchen. I did not blame my mom for the fact she made no attempt to hide what she was doing or what was being done to her.

Desmona smiled evilly at me as my mom sulked hungrily on one of the demon’s human looking breasts. I couldn’t even think of what that was doing to my mom. Three fingers were pushed aggressively into my mother’s pussy, and my mom’s grunts of ecstasy were muffled by the breast in her mouth.

Desmona used a free hand to lift her other breast as if offering it to me, a small white pearl formed on the end.

I went outside and got on my bike.


Fox Hollow was one of those planned communities with virtually identical houses virtually identical lawns, virtually identical husbands driving virtually identical cars, going off to virtually identical jobs, where they would be paid far more than my mom or anyone I knew would ever make.

A kind of world were a kid has to rebel just to survive with her soul intact.

The Thomson home was house 57, that was the only identifying mark. Mrs. Thomson was very pretty, with long, blond hair, large chest, and a conservative looking white dress. In fact she looked a tad bit too young to be the mother of a sixteen year old. Or a sex year old. My guess was that Mr. Thomson traded in the first Mrs. Thomson for a newer model.

“Who is that Barbara?”, Mr. Thomson died his hair or was wearing a rug, because the jet black did not go with the fine lines on his face. . “Dear, this is Laura – one of Elizabeth’s little friends.”, her voice was high pitched, almost child like. She lead me through a clean orderly home, with clean orderly furniture. Where a clean orderly man with short cut hair watched television.

“What? ‘Laura’ not ‘Nightwing’ or ‘Night Crawler’ or ‘ Hellspawn’? I blame the schools. We shouldn’t have sent Elizabeth to a public school The public school system is broken they should just give us our money back and let us send our kids to private schools.”

“Yes dear.”

” The government wants to raise our kids for us – cram their values down their throats. Teaching them all kinds of socialist nonsense.”

“Yes dear.”

“That’s why kids run around having sex and doing drugs and whatever stuff Elizabeth is into. That Wicker nonsense. That’s why the Chinese are beating us ! You know they tried to include Yoga in the gym class?”

“The Chinese dear?”

“No, the high school.”

“I go to yoga I don’t see why its such a big deal.”

Mr. Thomson just stared at his wife., “Well I wasn’t going to put up with kids being forced fed that new age crap. You – girl, you into any of that crap?”

“Dear, her name is Laura.”

I took a deep breath, Now if I was an adult I would have said something diplomatic. But I was a teenager. “Yes I’m sure your invisible magic sky person is far more sensible than everyone else’s magic invisible sky person.”.

Mr. Thomson just sat there speechless. Then he grunted and went back to watching tv. I sought out Fennel’s room. The door was marked with a spiral design and odd looking characters. I knocked on the door. “Fennel, may I come in?”

“Who are you?”

“I’m Wendy’s friend, she’s in trouble – I need your help.”

The door unlocked and opened, the smell of incense hit me, and a disheveled sixteen year old greeted me.

We sat on her bed, some odd music, a kind of fake medieval Dungeuns and Dragons folk music. Her wall adorned with assorted artifacts – a dream catcher, a crows foot. A poster of someone who was supposed to be a native American shamanness, though way too young and too pretty ( and too white ).

There were books – on the occult, on “magick”. Books on Buddhism Taoism, Native American, Polynesian. Various Pagan cultures, some that might actually have something more to say than “buy me and I will tell you what you want to read.” There were other books, more serious books. Headier books, not the typical pop-occult fair. And her laptop was open showing a page of something in Latin.

“Laura, On Samhain night I stepped into some seriously real shit. I looked around online, finding old stuff is hard, its like we’re just going to throw that all away and pretend it never happened, make history whatever we want it to be.

So I went around to used book stores, library sales, The great thing about old books is they are usually cheep. That thing on the computer is a thirteenth century manuscripts., I ran it through Google translator, but I’m not happy with it.

I am looking for the primary resources, the stuff written by practicing magic users. Back when folks were afraid of magic.”

“What did you find?”

“A few wards that seem to work. I have had Lilith visit my window several times. But nothing I can use to banish her. I need her True name.”

“Desmona has my mom.”

Fennel turned to me, she seemed to go pale, ” I never thought of that, that she might go after them.”

“She hasn’t gone after Wendy’s parents either. Maybe she prefers specific people.”

“She’s a lust demon she might be going after those who are sexually needy. Wendy is repressed, your mom is divorced.”

“What about your birth mother?”

“She has a boyfriend, And she lives in New Hampshire.”

“What about you? I mean she keeps coming after you.”

“The circle were the first girls Desmona went after. And I was the leader. She caught up to me – I thought she had killed Wendy and I was next. I told her anything she wanted to know to save my life. She even has a key for me. She learned the names of the circle- their birth names, She stole my cell

She likes to dangle the key outside my window sometimes. See if I will go after it.”

“But what about you?”

“Lust is a trap. Boys just see us as toys to be played with and thrown aside when we get too old.”

I just stared at her.

“Yes Laura I get horny, so horny I want to spit So what? Go off with some boy so I can get pregnant and he can pretend he never met me?”

I thought we needed to be honest about this emotion if this creature was going to use it to manipulate us. But I didn’t say that out loud. “We are going to need an adult’s help. I think we could start with Wendy’s minister.”

Fennel rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, well I’m not thrilled with mainstream religion either – but demons are kind of their area.”

“He’ll just lecture us about how we need to embrace Jesus. That’s all they care about making more Jesus zombies.”

“Then we’ll leave – find someone else.”


“Please may I have some more?”, I had never met anyone, man or woman who was as exciting. Never met anyone who was so attentive, or made me feel so sexy. But what I wanted now was more milk.

Desmona – I mean “mistress” had me on my knees, butt naked, kissing her feet, and begging for more. She said she’d never had children, never been pregnant, she was just a freak, making milk ever since puberty.

I don’t know how but somehow my sagging middle aged breasts seemed to have some lift to them. They were firmer. It must be an illusion, breasts don’t just get firmer.

Another thing I wanted to do was stick my face in between her legs and pleasure her with all my might, but that baby smooth slit was denied to me. Time and again.

“I have other things I must attend to. I am going to have a little get together this Friday A little coming out party for a very special young person in my life. I’ll give you the details later.”, she kissed me and then, she was dressed.

She didn’t *get* dressed – she was naked, and then she wasn’t. Then she walked out of the house. But I felt so good I just didn’t care.

I was still horny, I wasn’t sure why. Even when I was a teenager I wasn’t this bad. I just started masturbating there on the kitchen floor. It was getting later. Cody would be home soon. I could go up to my room and do it, he could walk in on me here. The thought of him catching me was actually kind of hot. I knew I was *supposed* to think it was wrong.

I rubbed hard and fast, I could feel the fluid that had been dribbling out of me, smell the sex in the air. Lifting my butt off of the ground, rubbing desperately, I climaxed, and the contractions inside me were matched by the shaking of my whole body. A long shaky moan and I felt fluid rush out of me – I squirted. I had *never* squirted before.

I looked down, there was a mess around my pussy. A small puddle. I had definitely squirted, and it felt so good. I wanted another one – yes. I definitely. Just one more before Cody comes home.


The Salvation Baptist Church was a simple white building with steeple and clear windows. Perhaps in need of a fresh coat of paint. The people were exiting the church just as we arrived, Wendy’s mom and dad saw us. Mr. Roberts was still a little awkward around me, mrs. Roberts gave me a wave, “If you wanted to come to church with us – all you had to do was ask. Hey who is your friend?”

“This is Elizabeth, where is Wendy?”

“She has some kind of stomach bug. My husband thinks she’s faking.”

“Is the reverend available we had a question for him?”

“Well he’s with Mrs. Gribber.”, Mrs. Roberts mimed a talking mouth with her hand.

“Thank you.”

We went inside a simple mostly unadorned church, a large copper cross up front in the back of the pulpit. Simple wooden pews. And the good reverend, dressed in black talking with ( or rather being talked to and him just nodding and saying ‘uh huh’ ).

He was not what I expected. His gray hair was long, tied in a neat ponytail, his face clean shaven wearing a pair of round framed “granny” glasses, and a wide brimmed black hat, making him look almost like a minister out of a western.

Mrs. Gribber went on about the sins of her children and grand children, the sad state of today’s youth, who to blame. Because of course when she was young – she was perfect.

Then the long haired minister turned to us, ” Forgive me Mrs. Gribber, I have an appointment with these girls.”

“Well just make sure to tell them to stop – just *stop*.”

The Reverend ushered us gently into his office. A very plain orderly place, save for the inclusion of a full drum set in the corner. Fennel and I sat down in some chairs in front of his desk

Fennel eyed the drums as if they carried with them some kind of malevolent intent, “Are those there to prove you’re some kind of ‘cool’ minister.”

“No -*those* are there to give me an outlet more constructive than punching a wall. I assume you didn’t come here to talk about drums.”

I cleared my throat, now that I was here I felt silly, I couldn’t prove a single thing I was about to say, “We have a problem with a demon, She calls herself Desmona, and she is manipulating my mom, and Wendy and possibly several other girls in town.”

The minister seemed to think, he stared at me then Fennel, then me again.”You’re serious aren’t you? Why didn’t you go to your own clergy for help? “, he paused only briefly, “You don’t have any do you?”

Fennel pipe up, “I *am* clergy.”

“Let me guess you read a couple of new age books and now you know everything, right? You understand the nature of good an evil and right and wrong. What a human heart needs?”

“There is nothing spiritual in Christianity.”

“Then pray tell what *is* it?”

“Well – its not cramming your beliefs down people’s throats or acting as if one book has all the answers, or treating women like disposable dolls. Its not destroying the Earth or calling people Nazi just because you don’t happen to agree with them.!”

The minister considered this, “It’s also not rainbows and unicorns acting like nature was some big petting zoo.

“Sometimes it’s about trying to hold on to faith while explaining to parents why a loving God would let some stranger take their three year old son, or why a couple desperate for children can try for years and years, and their neighbors pop out kids they barely pay attention to..

“Sometimes it’s watching the most wonderful woman in the world die before your very eyes and still holding onto that faith. Can you offer your followers more than naked dancing in the forest?”

The man and the girl stared each other down, The minister took a deep breath,

“Red-orange skin, black hair, black fingernails, bat wings, goes around naked all the time?”

I was surprised, “How?”

“I met her before – very long, not very interesting story.. My Madeline found her True name”

“Can you tell us pretty please reverend?”

“Sure “, he spoke *something*, it was garbled the way a radio station might scramble a swear word., “I figured – you’ve been keyed. You can’t hear speak or read her True name. It just as well – banishing a demon takes a lot of energy, and the more followers she gathers the more difficult it gets. They’re like anchors to this world.”

“So we find her, you zap her I drop a little cash in your collection plate as a thank you.”

“She’s not going to let me near her, not if she can help it.”

Fennel cleared her throat, “I found a ward that can keep her out of my house – I think I can use it to keep her *in*”

“That could be a start.”


“I am sorry I’m late pretty, but your friend’s mother is *so* needy. She hasn’t had sex in years. I will have to arrange to have one of my other followers to become her lover. Yes, definitely, I just don’t have the free time.

No dear – don’t answer just keep drinking your milk. I believe you will have a c-cup by tomorrow, you will need new bras. No its alright drink as much as you like. You are my favorite, you are the only one who gets more than one helping.

Could do me a favor pretty? Play with yourself while you suck me? Yes exactly like that. Don’t worry I will make sure I am gone before your parents get home.

Suck on the other one for a little bit dear – its starting to feel jealous. Yes stuff those fingers nice and deep. You are going to start squirting after this – so don’t be alarmed. Oh also I have arranged to my other followers to meet with you during school. They will obey you just like you were me. Oh crap!”

“No Mistress don’t go I want more!”

“You look unbelievably sexy your fingers crammed shamelessly in that smooth pussy. Your eyes filled with desperate lust. You’re even dripping on your sheets. But your mom and dad’s car is getting close to the house. And I need to be gone before they arrive.

Don’t worry you will see your mistress again soon.”


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