Deliverance by Dark Sanctum

Writer: Dark Sanctum / Copyright © Lord Aaras Eros Dominus

Subject: Deliverance

Link: Tumblr / 24.06.2023


Pale resolve upon Isolate,
Path Quintessence of Malevolence turn,
Within Nature Nefarious,
Rapture Deliverance dark Sanctum lnfernal.

Primordial essence,
Compelled by Daemonic design,
Baphomet Order of Satan possess,
Inverse Elemental Align,

Sacred Androgyne sexless Nepenthe,
Contemptus Mundi Chaos of Nihil,
Haunted Volition enters the Deviance,
Labyrinth Obscene Paradisal Miasma of hell.

Bringer of Light Dark,
Invocation Illumination begin Ignis Infinitum,
Season of Grey Transcending Temporal decay,
Desolate NymphWytch Adept Luciferian Sinister.

Pale resolve upon Isolate Path,
Quintessence of Malevolence turn,
Within Nature Nefarious Rapture,


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