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Feature Writer: Regis

Feature Title: Deadly Sex Stimulants

Published: 28.08.2023

Story Codes: Erotic Horror, Snuff, Torture, Abuse, NC, Drug Use

Synopsis: What happens when a pharmaceutical company develops a female sex stimulant that proves to be so effective that a woman who takes or is given a massive dose will enthusiastically engage in violent and deadly sex acts, for her own gratification? — Don’t try this at home — Extremely wealthy female top executives, all of them lesbian, put their total power to good use to ensure they are all properly entertained by captive women they feed their extreme sexual stimulants, and then put them through their paces, usually their last — Too good to be true, you say? Then check this out.

Deadly Sex Stimulants

Part 1

The world’s wealthiest women, all in charge of major corporations or governments, created to enjoy in their leisure time a hidden retreat island on the Amazon River where their most extreme fantasies were brought to life. A hundred members of the Society combined their resources, put up five hundred million as a capital investment, and provided another thirty-five million a year for operational costs.

From the scale of the monetary commitment they made, you can see that these were no ordinary women. They were enormously wealthy, completely used to getting their way, and they had one other critical element in common: they all shared an insatiable passion for violent lesbian sex. The more violent, the better.

If it pleased them, Society members would engage in sex with one of a dozen of their captive male muscle-bound studs if they were in the mood for a raging cock, or with one of the trained Great Danes and Newfoundland Hounds they kept on the island for their sexual pleasure, but their preference was for lesbian sex, with other women in their group, with special sex slaves and with trained impala does.

The Impala is noted for its amazing speed and endurance – it can easily outrun a lion or a leopard, making surprise the only tool in the repertoire of big cats to make it possible to catch them. Animal handlers would bind three of the legs of a doe, forcing it to lie on its side, and the woman wishing its services would lie down and thrust its free leg deep into her vagina.

The delicate-looking beast would immediately begin to kick with the power that gave it its speed. This was the intended design of the operation, bringing the woman to a rapid and sustained orgasm. If she were feeling frisky, the woman would not first have a protective device installed over the animal’s hoof, and when she was finally ready for the removal of the small sharp hoof, it would be bloodied from the damage it had done to the walls of her vagina and to her uterus.

This was high-risk behavior, and these powerful women reveled in the danger and damage. Expert medical attention was administered promptly, and the woman who had engaged in the destructive exercise would often require bed rest to recover, reliving in her mind the thrill and excitement of the excessive attention her vagina had been given. Nearly as dangerous was to push the muzzle of a doe into her vagina.

The woman would grab the back of the head behind the ears, and power the muzzle deep into her womb, forcing the beast’s gradual suffocation. The impala’s slender neck was quite powerful, and its struggles caused the muzzle to pump in and out vigorously, fighting against the grip of the woman and causing a violent and exciting fucking action. The danger for the woman was that almost always the animal would use its teeth during its struggle.

The flat teeth of the herbivorous creature were designed for ripping grass and leaves and were equally capable of ripping the membrane and even muscle of the vagina walls and the bulge of the woman’s uterus. Sometimes these radically licentious lesbians would compete to see which could endure to the demise of the animal she was suffocating to death.

There were always sexually stimulating events of some sort available on demand; “kill nights” where new events fatal to the participants were demonstrated every weekend; a major event all of the women tried to attend on the first weekend of every month; mid-month fight nights where equals fought it out to the death, or where a group of naked little girls would swarm a nude woman and attempt to kill her before she killed them; and a quarterly “extravaganza circus spectacular” that few ever missed.

This was a total retreat for the extremely wealthy women who wanted the most in excess to entertain them. Half of them wanted to experience extreme sexual activity firsthand, and all of them enjoyed the brutal excesses and completely unrestrained extreme proceedings that took the lives of their beautiful and usually innocent female captives. The long trip to their remote Amazon River island was always worth it.

One of the women in the Society was Swiss and the head of a major pharmaceutical company. She identified some ambitious young female scientists who developed several specialty drugs for the island. Her scientists had earlier created an illegal drug that blocked communication with the frontal lobe, completely removing restraint and any sense of moral obligation.

She secretly fed this drug to the gorgeous young scientists, to eliminate any reluctance to create the pharmaceuticals she required from them, and she put them into a special unit charged with creating mind-altering drugs for the captive women brought to the island retreat. The desired outcome was a drug that would make the most conservative ladies quite willing to do extreme things to others and to themselves in order to satiate an incredible desire for extreme sexual satisfaction.

One of these was an extreme sexual stimulant for women that included the drug that had been given to the scientists, removing from them their moral inhibitions, but it went much further, making them not only sexually insatiable but also willing to go to every extreme to satisfy the completely overwhelming feeling of sexual lust stimulated by the drug. It effectively eliminated any sense of morality, fairness, or any other artificial foolish inhibiting notions or social norms. For this reason, this amazing aphrodisiac became known as the Amazon Lust Drug or ALD.

Doses administered were massive; as the desired effect was to have women willingly bring their young lives to an erotic end by performing outrageous acts for the amusement of their lesbian captors. With this powerful female sex stimulant coursing through their systems, they would willingly and eagerly engage in suicidal excesses such as impaling their vagina on the horn of a giant rhino or their rectum on the horn of a raging bull. These were but a pair of the kinds of excesses required of the women slaves for the amusement and entertainment of the members of this very private, exclusive, and highly secret Lesbian Society.

Part 2

The first to experience the full effect of the drug were the young women who had developed it, each of them anxious to discover the potency and full effect of the lust-enhancing stimulant they had created, having tested it only on a few middle-aged Chinese women and a group of young juveniles from India, all of them captured and secreted into the deep cellars of the company’s illegal animal testing laboratory in Switzerland.

This existence of the underground facility was so well guarded that cosmetic companies used it for animal and human trials long before official trials on humans commenced. Captive women “disappeared”, and once installed in the underground facility were commonly used for drug and cosmetic trials before the public trials started, to ensure a high rate of success, thanks to the early failures in this clandestine facility that were never reported in the compulsory history of drug testing.

Controversial medical treatments and surgeries were also tested here and could be done with impunity because the subject women were never to be released. Most died from the experiments done on them, with the remainder being quietly executed and cremated when they were no longer useful.

It was a distasteful way for the company to operate, but public pressure made total secrecy compulsory, and as a small bonus, the senior executives took some pleasure in observing the often unnecessary cruelty to the subjects, who had hope only for a quick death.

Early testing of the drug developed by the beautiful young chemists quickly demonstrated they were headed in the right direction. To determine effectiveness and dosage, a standardized test was adopted. It was simple but provided an accurate measure of the drug’s effect as it was developed and adjusted.

In the testing lab, a bench was bolted to the floor, and a set of dildos was attached along its length, with each of them progressively longer and with progressively longer and sharper barbs attached to the upper end. These were clearly highly destructive, but that was the point.

The temperature in the lab was regularly set to 94 degrees, providing a level of warmth for nude subjects that also ensured perspiration, often considerable, whenever they were stressed. This was a situation that was going to produce a high level of stress for the participants, ensuring their skin would gleam with moisture throughout the entire test of the new drug.

The beautiful young Chinese women brought naked into the subterranean lab, balked at the process when they saw what was expected of them, and for good reason, but when the small dose of ALD given the first woman kicked in, she straddled the first hook-free dildo and gingerly and with eager anticipation, lowered herself onto it.

When her vagina lips pressed into the top of the bench she promptly pulled off the shaft and moved over the larger second device, this one with small barbs raised on its surface. She squealed in delight as she slid onto it, taking its full length, but her joy turned to agony when she attempted to withdraw, feeling immediately the pain of the barbs digging into the tender walls of her vagina, sensitized by the drug and by the sexual activity.

Two of the muscle-bound male bodybuilders, their massive erections swinging in front of them, grabbed the woman’s arms and jerked her up off the device, leaving it with bits of her inner vaginal membrane and blood coloring it. The experimenters set her aside to be used later with a much larger dose of the drug in her system.

The next woman had been given a larger dose of ALD and she bypassed the first barb-free dildo, dropping eagerly onto the bloodied second. She pumped her hips rapidly on it, then learned the scraping of the small barbs provided her with insufficient sexual satisfaction.

She promptly lifted herself off it, leaving it coated with more blood and with more pink vaginal membrane on its hooks as she positioned herself with her cunt over the third of the dozen progressively larger and more dangerously barbed shafts, eager to further feed her carnal lust.

She moaned as she passionately pressed herself down onto it, expressing the sexual ecstasy she felt as she took more of it into her womb, feeling its thickness spreading her vagina as it slid into her, its sharp metal hooks biting deeply into the tender flesh of her vagina walls.

However, she screamed with the shock of acute pain in her womb when she attempted to fornicate with the device, and she too had to be lifted off, kicking and screaming in agony.

The third woman, with much more of the drug in her system which had been administered earlier, was anxious to involve her sex organ by climbing onto the bench and bypassing the first three smaller dildos, and immediately dropped her eager but unprepared or lubricated cunt down onto the fourth.

This one was not only longer but also stouter than the first devices, and its hooked barbs stood out ½ inch. She eagerly dropped her groin onto it and it drove into her open cunt gy her weight. She began a pumping motion that took her further onto it with each thrust.

The drug in her system did not make her immune from the pain but instead made the pain briefly satisfy her enormous lust for sexual feeling. The seemingly insatiable cunt made it to the sixth dildo before she hit her limit of endurance for the damage she caused herself.

The testing of these expendable Chinese women progressed from the first dose of 100 mg to 1000 mg. The results were as forecast. The woman who had been the first to ride the bench of dildos with the tiny dosage was given a massive dosage of 5000 mg as soon as she had been removed from the second dildo during her turn on them.

When the last woman had willingly killed herself for extreme sexual gratification on the last dildo and her shapely carcass had been removed, the first to participate, now with an immense dose of the drug in her system and feeling extreme lust for excessive sexual gratification, sprang directly onto the fourth dildo.

This device was much larger than the last dildo she had experienced on her first attempt at the game, and its barbs were much larger than those she had experienced at the beginning of the demonstration. They dug into her cuntmeat with a vengeance as her weight drove her onto it.

She jerked herself upward as soon as her vagina lips spread on the bench at the base of the invading dildo and literally bounced up the row toward the last monster device, heavily bloodied and bearing on its large barbed chunks of raw bloody meat from the previous occupant’s vagina and uterus.

When she had planted herself firmly on it, she spun around and thrust her open mouth down onto the next one, ripping her tongue and giggling as her blood flowed. She lifted rapidly off it and positioned her rectum over it. The ladies watching the experiments were delighted.

They cheered on the beautiful nude Chinese woman as she lifted her legs, taking her full weight on her rectum, which spread to admit the horrific device. She brought all her weight to bear on the brutal weapon, sinking deep into it, until her buttocks rested on the bench, with the entire 20 inches of the tapered and barbed metal monster engulfed in her colon.

With a sudden jerk, she moved her bare feet under her and sprang upright to a standing position. Her colon and a length of folded gut were pulled out, and she screamed in ecstatic joy at the outrageous sexual carnage. The nefarious drug was working its magic in her.

Without pause, the grossly over-dosed Chinese woman plunged her cunt down onto the mammoth flesh-ripping shaft. The sex-crazed Oriental bitch again bolted upward to stand spread-legged, pulling her vagina walls outward, and behind them dragged her uterus, with her fat ovaries and narrow fallopian tubes on full display.

She had willingly and enthusiastically given herself a radical hysterectomy on the crude bench. Blood gushed from her ruined rectum and vagina, and she dropped to her knees, flopping forward on the pointed tips of two of the monstrous shafts with such force that they burst through into her abdomen.

The drug-over-stimulated naked cunt began laughing hysterically and pulled upward with what strength she had left, ripping herself open to disgorge her tight pack of viscera for the watching ladies to admire. The experiment had proven a success, establishing the effects of various doses, including the bizarre extremism of a woman given an unplanned and extreme overdose.

Part 3

When what they referred to as “The Chink Trials” were completed, the following day the bright young female scientists were ready to test dosage for youth, this time using Indian girls ranging in age from seven to fourteen. These they called “The Caste Trials”.

They had proven the dosages with the barbed dildos on the adults and were interested in another measure for the youngsters. It was both about their pain threshold under the influence of ALD and their willingness to risks in order to obtain extreme sexual pleasure.

All of the beautiful Indian children had been given targeted injections in their genitalia, with a cocktail of a powerful steroid, silicone, and thickened rubber cement to extend, thicken, and elevate their hairless and immature little pleasure mounds.

A special little round sheath-shaped copper clip was attached to the engorged clitoris of each child. The electrode had teeth on the edges that bit into their flesh and interlocked when they met, permanently fitting the little girl with the metal stimulator.

These children were all virgins, and when they had taken their first dose of the stimulant drug, an energetic monkey was used to give them all a sexual deflowering experience. They shrieked with delight at the new experience, and when their defloration was complete their little wombs were stretched wide and metal pipe cleaners were inserted into their tiny cervix dimples.

Gold rings were pierced into their little nipples, their ears, and the side of each nostril, and all of these were wired to a control transformer. Their urethra, clitoris, nipples, noses, and ears were now all involved. They were nearly ready for their participation in some unusual experiments.

All of the beautiful petite nude children were fitted with perfectly formed steel caps that covered the top of their feet and lower shin. When steel straps were fitted around the ankle and under their soles, their otherwise bare feet were forced into an arch, so that they had no choice but to stand on their tiptoes.

These metal foot-shaping devices were also wired to the control transformer. They were all given what was assumed to be a good booster dose of the lust drug ALD and had time to get used to standing and moving on tiptoe while they also were given time for the drug to take full effect.

A pair of the naked children, a seven and an eight-year-old girl, were made to stand, feet apart, on a pair of large round steel disks, three feet in diameter, each with a round brass plate on a pole that stood below and forward of their openly-exposed little cuntlets, and these metal discs were fully wired.

Each of the naked little girls was given a small radio controller. An Indian woman who was their handler told them it controlled the wires to the other girl, and that it could provide her with both pleasure and pain. She told them to try it, and they did.

Both of the naked Indian children squealed in both surprise and then delight at the sexual stimulation the mild current provided them, from the narrow metal broom wedged in their urethra, and particularly from the tight clamp gripping their tiny clitoris.

Neither of them had ever experienced sexual stimulation because of their immaturity, although the seven-year-old girl had recently been brutally raped by a pair of her uncles when her mother left her alone with them, this violent experience taught her nothing of sexual gratification.

The monkey rape earlier had provided no pleasurable sexual experience for them, but the female scientists knew very well what they were doing. The pretty little girls had now experienced their first sexual stimulation with a mild electrical current applied to their genitalia, and both the seven and six-year-olds immediately wanted more.

Without prompting the little girls gave each other another shot, and this time the current was stronger, and their response larger. The chemically-stimulated little cuntlets were still well within the range of sexual pleasure, and they still wanted more.

Now the voltage was substantially increased, and the girls were told to give another short jolt to each other. They screamed, and this time it was not pleasure. The brief but violent and painful shot was immediately followed by a stimulating pleasure pulse.

They were told that as long as they were willing to give a painful shock to the other girl, as well as take one herself, they would continue to get the exciting stimulation. Both were in. They were also told the longer they held down the button, giving the other extended pain, the longer the low voltage pleasure stimulation they would receive to their immature genitalia.

Again the voltage delivered to them was increased, and the little girls, anticipating the pleasure stimulation, were quite happy to give the other a nasty jolt. With each, the current was increased, and the little girls proved their nasty streak, willingly hurting each other substantially.

In return, each would receive the new exciting sexual enjoyment reward they so strongly desired. The level of the drug in their petite bodies was sufficient to bring pleasure with more than a mild shock, but after a few jolts the level of current was enough that their screams were of severe pain, not pleasure.

When the level of electricity was raised to yet a higher level both girls produced urine around the metal pipe cleaner in their urethra, and when it splashed onto the small metal plate below their vaginas, painful shocks now arrived at their pierced little nipples.

The electric current was now reversed, sending a shocking jolt up the stream of warm urine back to their little vulvas, following the warm stream right into their bladders, drawing fresh sharp screams from these incredibly beautiful brown-skinned little girls.

The first two naked little Punjabi girls had proven the objective of the exercise worked well; now it was time to determine the optimum dosage for children. The next two naked little Indian girls to perform, these being of the Sikh religion, were given double the dosage of ALD.

With the first pair performing as they did with the dosage they had received, it was time to make a different test. One of the new pair was given only pleasure jolts to her delicate genitalia, based on her willingness to inflict pain on the other. Her opposite received only painful jolts.

Once she had experienced sexual pleasure from her vagina, clitoris, and pierced rectum, she enthusiastically treated the other girl to excruciating pain, with a steady increase in stimulation rewards to her tender little pussy and anus she gave the other hurtful shocks.

She happily continued to extend the length of painful electric torture she administered to her small nude companion at ever-increasing contact points, until her associate’s entire body was receiving sharp blasts of pain everywhere she was wired, which eventually was everywhere.

When the novice torturer was told to go the distance, she showed no hesitation when she set the control to maximum and pushed hard on the button, holding it down until the screaming and contortion of the athletic little body she attacked with the control reached a climax of frenetic activity.

At last, the naked little girl on the receiving end arched, peed, and then sagged, with curls of smoke rising from her metal piercings. The one-way game of punishment and reward had gone the distance, with the one receiving rewards happily killing her little companion for sexual stimulation.

For the small brief sexual pleasures she experienced, the little Indian girl had joyfully and purposefully electrocuted her pretty little nude companion to death. Her only regret was that her newly discovered insatiable lust was no longer satisfied with rewards once her assignment was complete.

The impudent child had proven that there were no bounds to the extent a little girl would go to receive sexual gratification, and even with the death of her friend, she craved more. This was what the women were hoping to prove with their testing in the totally illegal laboratory.

The highly secretive underground testing lab was being used for purposes far beyond its original design but with the full knowledge and cooperation of the woman who headed the corporation that controlled it. One by one pretty little naked girls took turns killing others of their race for the delightful reward of newly discovered genital pleasure.

The children’s death games continued with some variation, enough to ensure that there were no boundaries firm enough to stop the little girls from inflicting fatal doses of pain, trading them for their newly-discovered sexual pleasure. These horrendous experiments, all fully documented and recorded on video flashcards for later detailed study and carnal enjoyment, proved to be a stunning success.

Although the stimulant drugs were designed for the enjoyment of women, the distribution was expanded to allow men to possess and relish them as well, for a hefty price, and this became a new and significant source of revenue, more than covering the cost of obtaining, using and disposing of the lovely, lively killer children.

The outrageous sport continued until the entire flock of delightfully aggressive little girls from India had all killed each other, leaving no survivors. With this outstanding success, it was now time to take the learning provided by these studies for application on the Amazon River Island.

Part 4

The private island on the world’s largest river had a paved airstrip capable of handling a Boeing 767, and the society owned three of these craft, picking them up at bargain basement prices from an airline company that had fallen into receivership.

In addition to these, they had obtained two army-surplus Hercules aircraft altered so that they were capable of transporting large animals, or a herd of captive humans for their enjoyment. Because of their slow speed, these transports were primarily used to move beasts.

Two of the big transport jets were designed on the outside to appear to be freighters, and they served this purpose. They were dedicated to transporting supplies, as well as the continual flow of beautiful young females collected from around the world, ranging in age from six to twenty-six.

They would fly their new human specimens to a secret collection facility in what also served as a fruit distribution warehouse next to an industrial airport in Barbados. Once a week one of the big jets would transport a fresh supply of human cargo along with other operational supplies to the Amazon island.

The nature of entertainment here required they regularly replace those young women right down to little girls whose lives had been expended in the violent sex sports and demonstrations at the retreat. It was a smooth operation, with movement on and off an aircraft conducted inside a maintenance hanger, out of sight of customs, immigration, and the curious.

Many of the lesbian Society’s women used their own corporate jets to come to their private island on the Amazon River, with a dummy hotel set up to handle the crew, who knew nothing of the remote island’s real purpose. They just flew their aircraft, oblivious to what was their cargo.

To them, it was just a place where their powerful employers met to negotiate and make plans for corporate deals. Others of the women took advantage of the third of the Society’s jets, this one outfitted very comfortably for its wealthy first-class passengers.

The Society assembled a private zoo stocked with the large game including a dozen both African and Asian bull elephants, rhinos, hippos, lions, Bengal tigers, wild boar, wart hogs, buffalo, wildebeest, Brahma bulls, four massive grizzly bears, several huge crocodiles and a pair of 35-foot giant pythons.

This very exclusive lesbian Society had assembled an incredible stable of hundreds of gorgeous young women and girls from around the world, with meager accommodation for 300 but with usually more than 1,000 in the cramped dormitories, ready for use and sexual abuse that was so severe and extreme that it frequently resulted in their death.

Their demise was never by accident, but always the outcome of careful design, and was the very intent of the violent exhibitions in which they participated. These captive females were all temporary guests of the island, as their life expectancy was numbered, on average, in weeks. Only those who became pregnant would live longer because there was a special use for them.

There was a stable of 50 specially recruited female sex slaves procured in America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, South East Asia, Australia, and Africa who were given the sole responsibility to service the female Society members in their beds.

Most of the members traveled with their favorite concubines, but the island retreat was always able to accommodate any of the owners’ special requests. All of the island’s lesbian concubines had been given extensive training to ensure their wills had been completely broken.

The special training ensured they were compliant and skilled to provide any request of their bed host. Every morning the women voted on the performance of the girl who had serviced her that night, and at breakfast, the girl with the lowest score was the entertainment; she was stripped naked, forced onto her hands and knees, and impaled.

The pole that ran through her was planted near to the doorway of the owners’ lodge, as a sign to the others that their fate would be the same if they did not perform to the high standards expected of them by the high-powered women they serviced.

At the end of the day the pole was moved to join others at the far side of the garden, so that the decaying bodies of impaled girls were on display, but at a distance and downwind, so that the smell of decomposing flesh in the day’s heat did not interfere with the enjoyment of the sight of the completion of their demise. Since the retreat had gone into operation there were several new vulture families living in the area.

Several of the captive concubines had their hands amputated at the wrist while others had their feet amputated at the ankle, providing them with natural large flesh dildos with which to bring pleasure to their owners. These amputees were the only group of captive women on the island who ranged from slender to stocky in physique.

They were assigned nightly for bedroom duty according to the wishes of the woman they were to service. All of these service girls had also had extensive surgical enlargement and lengthening of their tongues, which allowed them to easily reach and tease the cervix or deep inner colon of their hosts, which was a usual form of foreplay for more extensive activity.

One of the lesbian women, the President of her African country, had the capacity to take into her womb a stocky leg right up to the knee, as long as the servant’s foot had been amputated. She was able to do this thanks to some surgical internal alteration, in which she gave up her uterus to make more space.

She would often take both feet and legs of an athletic ten-year-old child into her womb, urging her naked little female bed-partner to kick as hard as she could, providing her with a very stimulating leg fuck, enduring an extreme internal kicking.

She would force the little girl, whose arms would be tightly bound behind her, to keep up the heavy kicking for half an hour, until the child was sweating like a little pig. At the moment of her host’s orgasm, one of the female slave keepers would decapitate the sweat-slicked child.

The obedient kicking child lost her head simply to enhance the sadistic lesbian woman’s wild sexual enjoyment. The child’s shapely little body would be impaled in the garden, with her head topping the impaling pole, a full foot above the stump of the child’s neck.

All but a handful of the one-hundred-and-fifty staff on the island were female. All women and girls brought to this isolated and secretive island were made permanent residents of the six square mile island, with no need for either privacy or freedom. River piranha and large alligators guarded against escape, and without shopping malls, movie theaters, or health insurance, a payroll was unnecessary.

Pension savings contributions were also unnecessary because special arrangements were made that none of the young female employees on the large wooded island would get to reach the age of twenty-seven. That was an easy policy to adhere to because of the severe plans for all ladies and girls brought here.

The only positive for the female captives was that their early death would be under the influence of extreme lust, thanks to the passion-enhancing drug used on all who were about to die, and with the AHD they would be fully complicit in their own deaths.

Because all groups of women, no matter their assigned role, were at severe risk and could die at any time in an outrageous event, new recruits were brought to the island regularly and were promptly put into training and development programs to prepare them for their intended specialty.

The most demanding role was that of animal handler, because of the many large and dangerous beasts they would be required to deal with on a daily basis, but sloppy work simply meant an exciting accident was likely, with outstanding results for the woman and any lucky witnesses.

Rather than pay them, it was much more cost-effective for the Society to arrange for all of the female staff, on a timely basis, to become one-night entertainers, zealously engaging in lethal, life-ending events for the amusement of the lesbian founders of the Society.

For this, they would be provided the lust drug in order to please the members with their extreme over-indulgence in perverse sexual entertainment and/or bestial sex. With the drug, they would readily and happily take into themselves impossibly large animal sex organs to be fucked to death in one of the entertainment pits or in The Stadium.

When the members are tired of them, any captive worker could be given a massive dose of ALD. She would then be permitted to eagerly climb a ladder to mount herself on the top of a ten-foot-long pole, inserting the end into her vagina or rectum.

When she could restrain herself no longer, she was allowed to gradually slide seductively down its length, the pole gliding its length through her so that she became fully impaled, to be displayed as what was humorously referred to by Society members and by the female cunt-handlers as a bitch-ka-bob.

For the next week, her beautiful carcass would serve as an additional enticing decoration in the garden of poles, where in the jungle heat she would begin deterioration quite soon, and become advanced vulture food within hours. This ending was not for the faint of heart, but for the other female servants, just the thought of joining her would bring them to orgasm.

Conditioning at the jungle retreat was so thorough that the women who had experienced the heaviest events were ready to participate in similar abominations, and through the liberally administered sexual drive stimulants, were sexually obsessed to do so.

Thirty-foot-long by one-foot-wide bands of dyed silk from India, designed and commonly used for turbans, were wound tightly around the staff women’s waists like a sash to define their standing and role by color. These severely and painfully cinched their waists, reminding them constantly of their special status.

Household help wore yellow bands, serving girls wore red bands, cunt handlers wore green bands and the animal handlers, by far the most dangerous role, wore bright orange bands around their waist. These waistbands were all that defined these women and girls from slaves, and protected them from being assigned roles in the deadly games.

These service ladies were otherwise naked and were required at all times to wear spike-heeled open-top shoes, which proved to be a challenge outdoors, particularly in sand and soft soil, but added to the entertainment value they provided to those who observed them in their struggles to get around.

Their comfort was of no interest to their owners, who wished only to be amused and entertained by the captive cunts’ provocative appearance and activities. Most of what they did and how they were required to do it was carefully choreographed to conform with the wishes of their captors to have salacious entertainment.

The short life of women on this lesbian island was in no way meant to be pleasurable until the ALD was administered, and that was only to create within them the pain of insatiable lust so that they would do the unthinkable in a vain attempt to satisfy the ache in their loins and in the pit of their stomachs.

All but the slave women held to be expended in bizarre sports, were given a mild dose of the ALD when they arrived on the island, and it was maintained at a level that made them sexually stimulated rather than repulsed by the horrors they witnessed and sometimes assisted with regularly. They would otherwise certainly have rebelled.

What happened here redefined lust and was entirely counter to love. Women who would normally have been extremely disgusted by what they saw instead took interest in it, and in seeing it through, simply to satisfy an ache in their chests and groins produced by the drug.

Unnaturally obsessive passion was fueled by the amazing female lust stimulant, and the women who consumed it were consumed by it. Those given the massive doses were taken directly onto a one-way highway to a violent highly erotic and exceedingly entertaining death. In a word, these captive cunts were fucked.

Part 5

The only men on the island were a dozen muscle-bound studs with enormous and permanent stimulant-induced erections and a trio of mechanics who kept things running. The dosage of Viagra that created and sustained the studs’ constantly rigid erections was a proven carcinogen, certain to cause testicular cancer within two years, but that point was moot, as the life expectancy of a stud on the island was less than three months.

The musclemen also got to play lethal games for the amusement of the powerful women who were now their owners. There was a heinous blade that clamped onto a stout erect penis, enabling them to fuck a woman or girl to death, ripping and gutting her from within in the process.

These powerful women had no respect for men, and it sometimes amused them to watch a couple of studs destroy each other in a nefarious sexual game. They would be put together naked, each wearing a cock-extending blade, and the object of their sport was to mount their opponent, driving the blade through his rectum and up into his colon, to rip his intestines to shreds inside him.

To make them more virulent, the men were injected with massive doses of testosterone, as well as the ALD, and with this driving their hostile behavior, they became exceedingly aggressive. The ladies loved action. New recruits were brought in monthly; rugged young men with extreme muscle and genital development.

These males, like the captive ladies, lived only at the whim of their keepers and could be readily and cheaply replaced, as if that were a factor, and it was not. The primary source was Hawaii and San Francisco, where male strip bars were common, and developed the kind of strapping young studs.

The three mechanics worked on maintenance only in the early morning while everyone else was asleep. They were given special privileges, with a new bed companion chosen from the serving girls every night. Their medical test prior to employment, a mandatory part of recruitment, included the production of semen so that their sperm count could be confirmed.

This was important, as the three of them, a white, an oriental, and a black, were charged with producing pregnancy among the servicewomen. These three men fathered all of the infants born on the island unless a young woman was already pregnant when obtained.

Pregnant cunts were either selected because of their advanced state of pregnancy or because they were in the early stage and their condition was a surprise. Special recruiters visited clinics where pregnant girls assembled and caused them to disappear from their cities, in order to serve a much more noble cause.

Girls with big bellies were valued for providing extremely deadly entertainment for the world’s wealthiest sadistic lesbian women. The success rate of the island’s craftsmen in impregnating women and girls was excellent, and the birth rate was far above average.

Once impregnated, women were set aside to allow their pregnancy to mature, and they were replaced with new young women who were trained to be of service as slave handlers, serving girls, or for the larger girls, animal handlers. The females successfully seeded would serve quite another purpose in amusing their sadistic lesbian hosts.

Pregnancy was valued because many of the Society’s female members favored deadly events featuring ripe-bellied nudes. The women loved to watch a struggling girl with a swell belly painfully producing her sprog while being tormented or tortured or during a fight.

Sometimes these lesbian women found little to be more sexually stimulating than to have a naked little girl masturbate her as she watched outrageous activities. In one of these, a fully pregnant woman willingly kneeled on a low bench, her huge protruding belly and full breasts swinging below her as a stallion with an enormous penis mounted her.

As her bestial rape progressed the animal’s stiff flesh-pole was buried so deep that it impaled both her and the infant inside her. The results were always fatal, with the women being fucked to death for the entertainment of their owners.

The wealthy women who owned the island also enjoyed watching birthing bitch competitions, which varied according to their inclination at the time. Sometimes two full-bellied young women would be bound together, back-to-back and naked, with their heads bent severely forward, and then their arms raised high overhead and wrapped together with black duct tape so that the four upstretched arms formed a single unit.

This position put extreme pressure on their shoulders, forcing them so tightly together that their shoulder blades protruded severely, and also put further downward pressure on their heads, holding them firmly down so that they stared at the floor over their full breasts and fully bulging bellies.

Now the left ankle of one of the back-to-back cunts was shackled to the right ankle of the other, and then the free ankles were similarly shackled, so that whenever one of them moved a foot, the other had to make an immediate reciprocal movement, forcing a bizarre and entertaining bouncing belly dance.

Adding to their misery, the two struggling bitches were now severely whipped by a pair of nude muscular male handlers, forcing them to dance more energetically, and with the incredible agony of the powerful blows from the whips, along with the inducing chemicals administered with their meal, to move toward producing their sprogs from their bloated vaginas.

The lesbian observers insisted the men’s penises not only be in a constant state of rigid erection, but that they also are ejaculating or, at the very least, dribbling their thick semen. The woman who owned the pharmaceutical company had her scientists produce a special testicle stimulant drug that increased enormously the production of semen.

The ladies were never disappointed, as the new drug and stimulants the men regularly consumed enabled regular and prodigious production of their seed. All of them would readily ejaculate thick gobs of their sperm with only the slightest provocation.

Once the bound full-bellied bitches lost their balance in the highly competitive dance and fell to the floor in this rigid back-to-back position, they were unable to get up and had to roll in their desperate attempt to force the other into birthing first.

Rolling on the floor in their struggles, their shackled legs kicking and heaving, caused excessive pressure on their bellies, particularly when a struggling cunt was on the bottom. With the pressure their bellies took in the struggle, their survival systems kicked into full gear.

Their only move was to push, causing both of the struggling bitches to produce their infants within fifteen minutes of the beginning of the nasty game. It was a lovely as well as lively competition, with the grand prize of survival offered but never provided to the winner.

The nude handlers would strap on their penis blades and mount the two women, driving the blades up into their rectums, rapidly rendering them fatally damaged inside, with their internal plumbing effectively sliced and diced, and with their screams announcing the men’s progress.

Another popular and deadly birthing sport required the assistance of a veterinarian. After administering a substantial dose of ALD to them she prepared the ripely pregnant ladies by opening their vaginas, spreading their cervix and thrusting a hand through their wombs up into their uterus, and using a tiny blade attached to one finger to break open their placenta.

Her success was announced by a gush of pinkish liquid. She found the legs of the sprog inside the woman and tied them together with a stout leather thong around the ankles, ensuring a breech birth, and by her ministrations, causing it to happen soon.

She also wrapped the umbilical cord around the infants’ necks to ensure the fresh infants were strangled to death in the violent birthing process. The women enjoyed mid and late-term abortions as well as post-partum abortions, but they called the labor abortions, at the time of birthing.

The veterinarian’s pain-inducing intervention ensured the lengthy and agonizing process of reproduction was nearing assisted completion. When both drugged pregnant women had been prepared with the leather thongs dangling from their vaginas, they were laid on their backs.

Their legs were spread on either side of their opponent with their knees raised, and their genitals no more than eighteen inches apart. Now the thongs emerging from their open cunts were tied firmly together. Their object was to pull her opponent’s sprog out of her, feet first, while she attempted to clamp her own vagina sufficiently to hold her own sprog in her womb.

This was an impossible task, but with their hysterical state enhanced by the ADL, the women all attempted it, and with the help of a massive overdose, the pregnant participants all derived immense sexual pleasure from their erotic struggles. In pulling apart from each other they dragged their own as well as their opponent’s sprog into the world of ongoing competition.

If they had somehow survived this discouraging introduction to life, the little sprogs would not endure the separation from their mothers. The women were so lust-driven that they would pull out their own afterbirth and jerk out their own umbilical cord, causing a rapid bleed-out that always proved to be fatal to the new infants as well as to both of the birthing bitches.

Another sport that the lesbian women favored involved just one large fully pregnant woman, who was required to get on her hands and knees on a broad bench with her wrists and ankles firmly chained to eye bolts anchored to the corners of the bench, holding her limbs well apart.

Without any assistance, the woman was then required to produce her baby, essentially shitting it out of her cunt. With a good dose of ALD, the woman would readily comply, humping, squirming, squealing like a pig in heat, entertaining her audience while struggling to squeeze the infant out of her womb.

As soon as it dropped, a naked eight-year-old girl who had also been administered ALD, would climb onto the bench between the kneeling woman’s legs and thrust her head into the loose cunt, occupying the cavity evacuated by the sprog, still attached to its mother’s umbilical.

Thanks to the stimulation of the drug, the child was eager to comply, facing an incredible challenge she could never survive. The large woman who had just dropped her sprog was now getting herself a delightful fuck from the head of the wiggling, struggling girl.

She would begin a fucking action with her hips, causing distress to the child who began to move with more dynamic action, and in the process increased the woman’s pleasure, increasing her thrusting and bucking giving the little girl, unable to breathe with her head buried in the enlarged wet womb, further distress.

As the young girl began to suffocate, the sharp end of a long steel pole was inserted into her rectum by a pair of muscular studs. The two powerful men easily thrust the steel shaft the length of the startled little girl’s small body. Because the child could not raise her head inside the cunt, the pole would emerge through the top of her skull.

The women in the audience were more pleased to see a small naked girl on the shaft rather than a little piglet any day. With the child’s head buried inside the woman’s womb, the female audience could only imagine the destructive path as the shaft went up into the brain of the girl, and was driven hard through the top of her skull by the powerful men until the tip of the shaft worked its way up between the big woman’s lungs.

At last, bloodied by its progress, the sharp end of the pole exited two feet through the large woman’s screaming gaping mouth. It was an impressive sight to see two generations of their captive females willingly impaled naked, their limbs flailing prior to their death, on the same long steel shaft.

Now the infant’s little cunt was pushed onto the tip of the shaft, and it was pulled onto it until the little sex organ pressed against its mother’s shaft-spread lips. These incredibly attractive females from around the world repeatedly proved there were no limits to what a woman could be persuaded to do to derive sexual pleasure, regardless of her condition.

Part 6

When one of the founding members of the Society died from a heart attack while entertaining the muzzle of a violently struggling impala doe in her vagina, she created an opening in the Society, and a new woman was invited to enter and participate in the extremely restricted group.

The new woman arrived in Switzerland, along with several choice blonde Swiss teens she had obtained to accompany her, and she arrived just at the time the final test of the ALD was to be done. The other members timed the final test to coincide with her induction.

Upon her arrival, a special demonstration was arranged to introduce and welcome her into the group. As they sat down to enjoy a banquet, a vivacious tall slender nude fourteen-year-old Spanish girl with long shiny black hair was administered ALD in a massive dose.

After dancing seductively along the length of the table and back, the nude teen was handed a bayonet exactly fifteen minutes after taking the pill, and was quite happy to thrust the handle into her vagina, gripping it as if she were about to attack someone with her now fully armed groin.

She looked around for another teen with a bayonet blade extending from her vagina that she might fight, push down and then sit on, driving the blade anchored in her cunt into her opponent girl’s tender nakedness. Because she had been given a weapon, she assumed she was to use it on another gorgeous young girl.

As the drug took further effect, one of the more voluptuous female cunt handlers suggested it might be more interesting for the girl to pull the handle of the weapon out of herself, and insert the long blade of the wicked knife into her womb. The pretty slender girl’s face lit up with delight at the bizarre suggestion.

The ALD in her system was working as designed, and servicing herself with a sharp blade seemed to her to be a hot idea. The stunning young test bitch, still in many ways a child but with fully developed female assets, willingly and enthusiastically inserted the sharp steel tip into her vagina and promptly thrust the blade into herself its entire length, then vigorously masturbated herself with the vicious weapon.

Her own blood spurted around her slender fists as she worked at her horrific task. She continued driving the blade repeatedly into her inner depths, slicing and dicing her uterus and internal plumbing while screaming hysterically in a massive orgasm.

After several minutes of this extreme exercise, at last, her spread knees sagged and she sunk to the floor, leaning against the wall, and she passed out from loss of blood, a look of ecstasy on her very pretty young face. The execution of the pretty teen proved to be unnecessary.

The young Spanish girl who had volunteered for the experiment bled to death in minutes from the self-inflicted internal carnage to her lower torso. Blood spread in a symmetrical butterfly pattern as she sat there, her life oozing out of her pretty hairless vagina.

One milligram of the powerful female sexual stimulant proved to be an aphrodisiac, but one thousand milligrams provided the full desired effect in a woman, effective within minutes and sustaining full potency for four hours, while three hundred milligrams was sufficient to produce the same effect for an eighty-pound twelve-year-old and a hundred fifty milligrams was perfect for a small child.

When properly dosed, a female subject was supercharged to the point where no demand was too severe, no challenge too punitive, and no outcome too intimidating. This startling new female aphrodisiac drug was the real thing, what one might call the full meal deal.

As had been proven throughout the extensive testing, the girls and women who were to take it were up for an incredible ride of extreme sexual stimulation, and would enthusiastically demolish their young bodies to amuse the women who expected the worst from them.

A special evening event was planned at the Amazon Island retreat to honor the female scientists whose work was now completed, and who were now ready to test firsthand their own drug in the kind of violent sports for which it was designed.

Now that their new creation had proven successful, there was no need for these brilliant and beautiful young scientists to remain active in their careers any longer, except for the entertainment value their bold self-testing of their drug would provide.

The Society members conducted a brief discussion regarding their fate and unanimously agreed not only that their continued existence on this earth was unnecessary, but from their point of view was also undesirable. For them to be active in the industry could produce some idle comment that would represent an unacceptable risk to the better good of the lesbian cunt-killing Society.

Although the young scientists had been fully complicit in the production of the radical new female stimulant, and under the influence of a mind-bending drug themselves, they would remember everything, and could conceivably return to bite the wealthy members in the ass.

There is nothing more dangerous than an ass-bitten woman, particularly one with the wealth and power of those who owned the island retreat. The permanent conclusion of the brilliant scientists’ young lives was clearly preferable to other alternatives. Essentially, these brilliant stunning young cunts had to die.

Part 7

The gorgeous young scientists were flown from the Switzerland labs to the Amazon River retreat and told they were going to have the opportunity to experience first-hand the incredible sexual lust their new stimulant produced. They found that a thrilling prospect.

After showering and freshening up, they joined the members for dinner. They all eagerly took a full dose of the pill, and after dinner was finished, they went to the complex that housed the theater pits. They entered the preparation room of the arena building with its several sports pits to wait for the drug to take full effect.

The young ladies chatted excitedly and undressed as they realized they were about to experience the full potential of what they had themselves created. It was for them show time, in a way they would never have thought could possibly be. All of them were able to see through a wide viewing window into the pit, and each wondered what form their experience would take.

It excited them to realize they were going to get it on with their own drug, and the heat of their anticipation, driven by their curiosity, had them all rapidly masturbating. The effect on their sex meat was quickly evident. Their groin areas swelled full as they imagined how they might be able to satisfy the consuming lust that filled them. They were about to find out!

Two of these remarkably attractive nude scientists were taken into the pit to begin the evening of violent sex sport. One of these, eager for the demonstration, watched in fascination as the other curvaceous young woman was strapped face-up to a bench and, to both her shock and delight, saw a large bull being brought into the pit.

The beast’s huge phallus swung low and long below it, and its large testicles swung freely with every step. The big bovine was highly stimulated, and ready for action. The nude women watching squealed with delight as the animal moved over their bound associate.

Several of them suddenly peed with uncontrolled excitement as they watched the head of the massive bovine penis find the entrance to her vagina, and they screamed in ecstasy as the shaft drove into her womb, filling her with ¼ of its length. They couldn’t believe the raging bull had actually mounted her. She was bucking her hips, encouraging more and more from the beast, which needed no encouragement.

From the holding room, the others screamed with her in their induced excitement as the bull’s long thick erection entered her moist womb and hammered against her uterus. The animal was as insatiable as the woman beneath him; he drove his rigid dong deep into her, then suddenly broke through her uterus and impaled her, ripping open her vagina and, as it pounded continually forward, invading and ripping open her tender tummy.

The bull suddenly snorted and shot great gobs of its thick spunk into and over her, showering the ripped lady with his sperm. Her liver and stomach were visible among the tangle of intestines that spilled from her opened belly as the bull moved off her. A loop of her gut was caught on the still-rigid penis and was pulled after him as he was taken away from the ring, his performance complete.

As soon as the first woman’s carcass was pulled off the bench the second woman lay down on it, eager to have her turn with a bull. The ALS she had helped to create was giving her a series of compelling sexual drives that were inescapable, and she had no desire to escape the fate the drug induced her to carry out.

Her groin was in heat, and the feeling of self-destructive passionate lust completely overwhelmed her. The other female scientists, all of them taking part in this extreme test of their creation and extremely high on their own insane drug, screamed in excited anticipation as they had to await their turn on the bench to entertain the huge gut-ripping penis of a bull.

Their wishes were all fulfilled. The sand on the floor of the indoor arena was soon drenched with the blood of the eager participants in the lethal game, and covered with strewn bitch viscera in addition to great gobs of bull semen as the deadly sex sport progressed.

Pair after pair of the naked scientists in their spike-heeled sandals went into the pit, unabashedly rubbing their depilated pubic mounds until their vaginas were swollen open and full, and they all eagerly slid onto the blood-slicked bench and took their turn being fucked to death by raging bulls, a sport no woman could possibly survive.

The incredible drug worked better on them than any of these vivacious scientists had anticipated, and they all experienced a deadly elevated and overwhelming feeling of insatiable lust. These highly educated young women were in the truest sense the architects of their own demise.

These gorgeous brilliant young ladies were indeed totally committed and a willing dying breed. None of them survived the violent and totally successful trials of the evening; all of them climbed onto the blood-sheeted bench on the verge of orgasm, and enthusiastically spilled their blood, gore, and them their young lives, for the entertainment of the women who had sponsored their very successful research project.

Part 8

Race, creed, gender, and age presented no barriers to participation in the female carnage on the Amazon River island. All types of females were represented in the stable of captives destined to amuse the hard-working sadistic lesbians who made this their retreat. Every evening a pair of cute seven-year-old Zulu or American girls would take the drug, then willingly engage in coitus with large baboons sporting eighteen-inch erections.

The outcome for these enthusiastic young children was unavoidable: the small girls would inevitably be fucked to death by the passionate primates as dinner entertainment for their wealthy lesbian hosts. The trained beasts were equally comfortable attacking either port, as both the rectum and vagina of girls this age were fully satisfying due to their tightness. Their little rectums were no more able to take the raging erections than their virgin cuntlets.

To gain full entry into a small girl their long rigid erections would have to pierce either the walls of the intestine or push through the child’s immature uterus to gain total penetration before ejaculating into their eager young partner. In either case, the experience would definitely kill the little female partner of the demanding baboons.

The pretty little girl being fucked to death served well as dinner entertainment. After the exotic meal, the members would move to the arena where girls in their early teen years would be put to good use as the nightly entertainment, performing in a small death pit.

The main theme was that they would be fed to large reptiles, with the stimulation of ALD to accelerate the effect of their already raging hormones. The amazing drug ensured the nude enticingly pubescent girls would willingly sacrifice themselves in a futile attempt to feed their drug-induced insatiable lust.

Twice each month a pair of nubile slender twelve-year-old girls with long blonde hair would take a fist-sized vitamin pill into their wombs, and then lie nude on palm fronds, their ankles tightly bound together. With their female hosts masturbating openly as they watched, each of the excited girls would eagerly thrust her legs through the open mouth and deep into the throat of a monster-hungry python.

The scales lining the gullet of the huge reptile ensured any further movement would be inward, never retreating. Over millions of years, this perfect system for swallowing living prey had developed, and no teenage girl had a chance to reverse that process. Nor did they wish to.

The huge pill inside each girl’s womb was a dietary supplement for the snake and would be digested along with the lovely young creature that carried it in her vagina. Three of the nude muscle men would stand on either side of each reclining girl, and with their groins thrust forward, they would masturbate, ejaculating onto the prone teens to provide lubrication for their steady and irreversible ingestion into the mammoth reptiles.

The pretty young blondes would scream in sexual ecstasy as the huge snakes slowly swallowed them. The all-female audience bet on which would completely disappear down the throat of the host snake first. When their heads at last disappeared and they were in their ultimate death throes they would buck and heave inside the huge snakes until the young beauties were finally brain-dead from a total lack of oxygen.

When the snake’s huge mouth was at last closed and the struggles of the consumed teen ceased, it took another 5 minutes for the last of her long hair to disappear from between the lips of the python. It appeared at first that the snakes had long blonde beards.

These grew shorter as the disappeared girls were gradually swallowed further, a process no longer enabled by their struggles, as they were continually and inevitably being squeezed down into the stomach of their host snake, their final resting place.

The beautiful young girls who had willingly and excitedly become snake food would be slowly digested inside the mammoth reptile, a process that was essentially complete, with just roughage and their teeth eliminated in their waste. It would be two weeks before the monster snakes were ready for another such erotic meal.

Twice a month the members were treated once again to a sensual feeding of their huge thirty-five-foot pets by a pair of eager if drugged young beauties in their early teens. The snakes were not yet fully grown, and the largest naked prey they could consume whole was a girl of ninety-five pounds.

Much more violent but equally satisfying to the Society members was to enjoy three pretty teens entering the pit with half a dozen hungry crocodiles and thrusting their lust-swollen pubic mounds, the gently distended quivering lips of their pretty vaginas moist and spread.

They eagerly thrust their naked cunts toward the jaws of the creatures that were quite happy to accommodate their carnal desires. Unlike the snakes, the crocks could handle a female of any size, as they tore their prey apart, swallowing whole only the little girls under forty-five pounds.

The large ravenous crocks outnumbered the young naked girls, and they violently competed for the best parts, tearing off limbs, which they could swallow in a single gulp, then ripping the shapely young torsos of the excited screaming teens in half to access their most delicious elements.

The internal organs and viscera that were strewn all over the small pit were the last to be eaten by the crocodiles, cleaning up the last of the consumables from the bloodstained sand. Extreme violence was the order of the day, and members of the Society who had traveled so far to enjoy their own outrageously bizarre theater of violent death were never disappointed.

Part 9

A high sturdy fence, to ensure what started inside ended inside, surrounded a clearing the size of a football field named The Stadium. The Stadium was where open-air events were staged. A small raised and shaded grandstand provided perfect seating for observing the violent death sports that took place within it.

The lesbian Society members loved to watch their nude captive women competing, driven by passionate lust far beyond their control, which had them performing outrageous acts for their lesbian audience, always with lethal results. Once the drug was taken, the participants were dying to take part and died because they did.

Women wearing only spike-heeled boots would ride bucking bulls bareback, their moist eager vaginas pressed against the quivering sweat-soaked back of the beast, smashing violently against the spine repeatedly until she was violently bucked off.

As she lay helpless on the rough ground, she would be promptly gored by the bull she’d been riding and lifted, impaled on the long horns, then thrown into the air and smashed to the ground to be trampled or gored to death by her powerful mount.

A longhorn driven into the side or belly of a nude woman would rip her open as she was heaved into the air, thrown high above the head of her bovine attacker, and a trail of her viscera and organs would follow her as she fell back into an erotic heap of female flesh on the ground.

Death for these ladies was frequently quick, but always highly entertaining for the audience or wealthy lesbians. A male Bengal tiger would compete with an African lion for rights to a nude woman, her legs spread and pelvis rotated forward as she stood in the hot sun, eagerly inviting the beasts to mount her.

She would be frustrated as they fought each other for her, until the successful beast, having defeated the other, would mount her in triumph. The victorious beast would drive its enormous member deep into her, violently displacing her uterus with its powerful thrusting, then dismount her and play with her like a rag doll.

At last It would sink its fangs into her tender tummy and rip her open, still alive, spilling her steaming viscera in the sand. The beast would then begin its meal, eating the living woman before a small amphitheater of admiring fans. With the amazing stimulant well established in her system she would enjoy every bite.

A pair of British Airways flight attendants abducted from their hotel between flights in New York, with the stature and beauty of models, were provided only spike-heeled shoes as costume and a large dose of ALD, and were instructed to enter the small show pit and make passionate love with each other in the sand.

Although hesitant at first, within minutes they readily obliged as the drug took hold. As the amorous wrestling progressed, each became much more demanding as her lust for sexual satisfaction arose. Soon they began to hurt each other with their drive for orgasmic relief.

They passionately rolled and heaved on the sand; two amazing naked female bodies entangled in a love/hate relationship that was moment by moment more out of control. Finally, they were pulled apart, stood up, and each was handed a long-handled trident.

Now the striking beauties were equipped to give as well as get. They stood facing each other, legs apart and knees bent in a semi-crouch, and then, realizing the potential of their weapons, they simultaneously thrust their groins forward, presenting their large full breasts and enticing cunts to each other.

Without hesitation, each of them thrust their trident at the other, driving the barbed prongs into the other’s tender tit-flesh. Jerking them back, they squealed in delight as the barbs ripped bits of woman meat. They thrust again, this time at the lower belly, and again sunk the sharp prongs in deep enough for the barbs to grasp muscle and tug free some flesh.

Repeated jabs of the vicious weapons ripped pubic mounds, tummies, and breasts, until one of them thought to go for the face. She struck her opponent from the side on the cheek, and the barbed tang drove through the other girl’s mouth, impaling her tongue like a writhing fish, and exited through the opposite cheek.

The offended girl shrieked in both shock and satisfaction and to the delight of the audience, was not in the least concerned she was unable to free her face from the blade of the trident. The barb on the foot-long tong had caught on one of her molars and solidly jammed.

The other girl gave up on trying to retrieve her weapon from her opponent’s speared face and instead leaned back, thrust forward her groin, and invited a direct attack on her vagina. Her wish was granted, and It immediately came. The woman with the prong stuck in her face reversed her own weapon and jammed the end of the handle into the offered cunt.

With both hands gripping the shaft, she gave a mighty heave, and drove the sturdy handle deep into the beautiful bitch, with such force she fully penetrated the young woman’s internal gonads. The response was a scream of ecstasy and encouraged by this, the attacker thrust again, this time with more force.

The other leaned back and at the same time dropped to her knees, forcing the weapon even deeper, but the handle emerged from her belly just above her navel. Blood spurted, indicating an artery had been severed inside her. She knew she was about to bleed to death.

She regained her feet, and sensing she had little life left, pushed her opponent to the ground, and straddling her, positioned the trident emerging from her cunt over the breasts of the other, grabbed the handle emerging from her belly, and dropped once more.

This unexpected move dove the sharp prongs through the breasts and deep into the offered chest of her fellow flight attendant, coming to a rest close beside her pounding heart. Both weapons were now unretrievable but were doing as intended, bringing death nearer for the ladies.

These two British cunts were now flying higher than they had ever flown before, and their audience loved it. They squirmed and writhed for several moments; enjoying every bit of their death throes, before at last they both sagged and expired from the extreme punishment they had so willingly and enthusiastically given and taken.

Part 10

The most beautiful children by far in the seraglio were the Arabic girls, with their fair skin, dark eyes long lashes, and their puffy little pubic mounds, split sufficiently at the top to display their enhanced clitoral sheaths. They were drop-dead gorgeous and reacted particularly well to the child-dose of ADL.

The Swiss pharmaceutical company owner had also developed a wonderful genital augmenting fluid that not only enlarged targeted features but also stimulated localized permanent growth, enabling the enlargement of a child’s clitoris to the size or the last two joints of her little finger.

This drug was particularly effective when used on the children of the Middle East. Twenty of the captive children were from Saudi Arabia, and ten each were from Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In the eyes of some, these highly protected Arab girls were the most beautiful as well as erotic in the world.

One of the favorite sports at the retreat was conducted on the small stage in the dining room. It featured a pair of pretty eight-year-old virgin Arab girls, each hosting a pair of stud men with her entire torso. These gorgeous children were given a massive adult dose of the lust stimulant.

Each girl was grasped by the waist, lifted in the air and her quivering little quim lowered over the head of the man’s massive erection. With his pre-ejaculation fluid the only lubricant, the man would occupy her vestibule, spreading it impossibly wide over the broad head of his rigid penis.

The little girl squealed in eager anticipation as he worked her hips, moving her groin forward and back as her hymen supported her weight, and then he thrust down hard so that her hymen was over-stressed and split, and was punctured by his stiff pole.

Her scream of pain and delight filled the dining room as she took him into herself, with his huge penis still three-quarters visible. The two men with the children impaled on their erections lowered themselves over a bench and lay back face upward, and lifted their mid-section so that the girls lay on their tight stomachs.

The other pair of men moved between the girls’ spread legs and thrust their huge erections into the fold of the pretty buttocks, finding the tiny starfish rectums with the broad heads of their penises. These little virgin holes were about to be radically expanded.

The entirely female audience watched breathlessly as the two muscular men exerted new pressure on the little female groins, again using their hands on the slender hips. With sudden violent thrusts, they produced from the little girl’s matching screams.

The muscular men with their enhanced rigid erections both managed to gain entry to their young virgin hosts, burying no more than one-quarter of their huge erections in the pretty Arab children’s shit chutes. Now the women who formed the audience were not only breathing hard but were audibly panting.

Each of the men lying on his back grasped the girl’s waists while the man behind her held her shoulders firmly, and both began to buck and heave with amazing power and endurance, working their huge dongs much deeper into eagerly squealing little girls.

Their little rectums and vaginas were incapable of housing these outrageously large penises, and the invaded portals ripped during the brutal sexual exercise. Each entangled threesome was fully engrossed in the spectacular sexual action, ignoring the blood that trickled from the little girls’ damaged groins.

Their parents in their desert homes would not be amused when they received a video file of their children’s outrageous performance. The videos would be complete, documenting the conclusion of the monstrous event as well as the beginning, and their child’s eager participation throughout.

The amazingly beautiful little girls participated as best they could as the men continually drove their erections deeper into them, until at last their swinging testicles touched, slapping into each other, and their penises were entirely buried deep in the slender torsos of the little girls.

All 4 men bellowed like bulls within three seconds of each other as they attained orgasm, ejaculating into the small bodies they so violently occupied. The little girls’ impossibly stretched organs were tightly sealed against the immense penises invading them.

Because of this, none of their blood produced by the tearing leaked out as they massively hemorrhaged inside, their ravaged internal organs crushed by the two massive penises that invaded all the way up to their lungs, which were no longer taking air.

Both of the beautiful eight-year-old Arab children sagged as they expired, as pretty in death as they had been in life. The cameras continued to roll as the men stood and lifted the little girls off their still ejaculating penises, jetting thick gobs of their cum into the air.

Now the little girls’ blood spurted freely from their destroyed rectums and split cutlets. Frequently some of the children’s pack of pretty pink intestines would poke out as well, dragged by the extraction of the pair of huge rigid dongs of the child’s merciless rapist.

The audience applauded the men’s amazing deadly sexual performance, although it was now much too late to express appreciation for the game efforts of the beautiful little virgins in totally giving their all in their impossible struggle to achieve sexual satisfaction.

Part 11

Another drug developed for the private retreat, in the form of a topical cream, was highly effective in removing all hair from the groin area and armpits. It made shaving completely unnecessary. Within hours it was entirely removed for the long term even the densest bush, leaving the pubic mound of a hairy Indian or bush-pussy African as clean as the day she was born.

The women who formed the Society had set a strict policy that body hair, other than on the head, was completely unacceptable. The special cream developed to address this was the perfect solution. It worked well for a vast majority of the time, and when it did not, there was an elegant solution. Nothing was wasted.

Testing of the newly developed hair removal cream was minimal, but that was unimportant, as it worked very well on most women and girls. Those few reacting negatively were put to good use. Five percent of the girls treated developed severe swelling and an angry rash within moments, which proved to be both disfiguring and permanent.

Another shortcoming of the depilation cream also proved to be quite amusing, because the vagina of a woman adversely affected by the salve would spread open like the stretched mouth of a catfish, gaping open and puffing obscenely with every movement.

Every person arriving on the island would be treated with the cream upon arrival, and one in 20 was sorted out by her response to the application, with the adverse effect showing up in just a few minutes. Those affected were fed alive to the large carnivores with a limited audience of the Society’s leaders. Large herds of small antelope and impalas were kept on the island.

These were present to satisfy the meat eaters when they were not capturing and feeding on the frail hoofed creatures or more often naked women as entertainment. There was little more exciting than to watch a big cat pull down and rip open a nude woman or girl who, thanks to ALD, enjoyed the experience.

The damaged human goods created by the unfortunate side effect of chemical hair removal made for good entertainment as well, with the affected females often meeting the large carnivores in their cages. This practice made for a good comparison, because the women affected by the cream were not given ALD, and had a much more natural terror and then horror response to being eaten alive.

Special drugs were also developed and fed to large games before a performance to increase their aggressiveness and enrage them, making for more entertaining events. Nude women or girls would be strapped to the head of a pair of hippos, and three more to each animal’s back. Then the beasts would be released in an indoor pit and set to fighting.

When they butted heads, the girls strapped there would take the brunt of the punishment, but the huge mammals, surprisingly quick, would continue their fight until one was killed, and because they frequently rolled in battle, the nude females strapped to them were usually severely crushed. It was a spectacular sport, and hippo fights were staged at least three times each year.

Elephant fights were also popular in the pit, with the Indian elephants particularly skilled at killing naked young women as well as each other. Five nude women would be placed on the back of each bull elephant, with another strapped by her wrists to rings through the top of the beast’s ears so that her back was pressed between its eye, with her legs spread and kicking in lust-driven enthusiasm on either side of the upper trunk.

Every time the huge animal’s trunk was raised it painfully smacked into her pubic mound, swelling the bitch’s excited organ. The elephants used their trunks to hammer at each other, and in the process knocked one or more of the women off the back of the opponent. They also did extensive damage to the bitches strapped to the front of their heads.

The enraged elephant would grab a downed woman’s leg at the knee with its trunk and lift the human female nude high, then lower her until her head touched the ground. The beast would bring a large foot over the bitch’s head and gradually put the downward weight that would slowly crush her skull while the girl sprayed piss in the air from dread, pain, and uncontrollable arousal.

When all of the females were killed the female gamekeepers would drive the animals apart to prevent them from killing each other, saving them for another opportunity to perform. Sometimes a particularly hefty dose of the rage drug was given to animals.

This was done when they wanted the beasts to continue fighting, and the female keepers, identified by an orange band tied around their waist, were then sacrificed as they were subjected to the same brutal killing of others, to the delight of the women in the audience.

Part 12

One of the maintenance engineers used his free time to devise a particularly nefarious tool that brought about a new sport. It was a dildo that, when inserted in a woman’s womb, presented between her legs a broad padded plate that invited kicking.

When struck several times with sufficient strength, a blade shot forward from the internal end, stabbing deep into the uterus of the wearer. Several more powerful kicks caused the sudden spread of tongs hinged at the head of the dildo that extended from the shaft.

These pointed back with the spoon-shaped ends digging into the vagina walls, preventing removal while not causing fatal injury. Having this nefarious device implanted and fully deployed inside a woman’s womb was just like having a huge triple-pronged fish hook inserted into her vagina.

Women eagerly volunteered to participate in these extremely rough cunt-kicking fights, knowing how excitingly stimulating the sport would be. Being kicked in the groin until the shock was strong enough to release first a stabbing blade to the uterus and later a debilitating expansion of tongs enlarging her womb and firmly gripping her inner organ was right over the top, and far too exciting for a girl to miss.

When a fight started the participants kicked and kneed each other in the groin with all their might, but were equally eager to present their bare vagina to receive punishing kicks that drove their own device deeper into their womb. Their sudden elated scream announced the forward blade had been dispatched into their uterus, destroying any reproductive possibilities for them.

With the dildo blades digging into the walls of their uterus, the bitches were still in the game, fully capable of delivering punishing blows to the other’s groin, and possibly triggering the release of the spreading blades inside her opponent, greatly expanding the bitch’s vagina walls and thereby anchoring the heinous device inside her permanently.

The ladies engaged in this violent sport found the prospects of internal damage to their gonads so stimulating they actually shook with erotic excitement awaiting the next vicious kick to their cunt. The violently delivered blow brought sexual gratification with the stab of pain. This was the prime value of the mind-altering drug.

The result of having the blades implanted in her womb was not lethal, but the spoon-shaped end pressing deeply into the walls of her fuck-slot, provided a sturdy internal anchor not unlike a three-pronged fishhook, which would be extremely difficult to remove from the cunt of a woman wearing one.

This vaginal anchoring was critical to the success of the remainder of the event, which left the woman and girls quite anxious to go forward. On the other hand, what usually proved to be lethal for the lovely cunt-loaded ladies was what happened next.

A large eye-bolt was screwed solidly into the pad on the dildo, and used to suspend the inverted woman by her groin in the air several feet above the entertainment pit, into which a grizzly bear was released to feed at will on the cunt-swinging bitch,

She was shrilly screaming in ecstasy at the carnal excitement of a massive orgasm as bloody chunks of her meat were ripped from her by the bear, which was also charged with a powerful stimulant of adrenalin to add to the ferocity of its vicious attack.

To add even more to the entertainment value of the erotic feeding of the large bear, a pair of little girls, fully dosed on the lust stimulant, were sometimes placed on the inverted suspended woman, their little cutlets pressed firmly against her armpits.

These naked children were clinging to her torso and within easy reach of the bear, which could stand and reach 12 feet in the air with its long-clawed paws. The children would attempt to climb the woman, but with her legs free they could never gain sufficient height to avoid the bear, because their weight pulled the woman’s legs downward.

Whenever the children were added to one of these events, a second bear was also added so that there would develop interesting if deadly competition for the outstanding living meat prizes. The audience loves seeing the bears up on their rear legs, easily reaching with their paws and jaws.

Live salmon as well as local fish and small game and baskets of fresh berries were provided to feed the bears when they were not entertaining in the pit, but once they were established at the retreat, they by far preferred the taste of live human flesh.

Once the bears had developed a taste for live woman meat, the risk to their nude handlers doubled, and unscheduled “accidents” occurred frequently. The handlers were not given the amazing stimulant drug and lived in terror as they performed their dangerous duties.

These handlers were usually viewed by their carnivorous wards not as supervisors but as a living sumptuous meal, yet to be consumed. The replacement rate for women eaten by the bears tripled, but the excitement generated in the bear pits increased at the same rate.

The mistress of the animal handlers was a piece of work. She wore a black sash around her waist, a black turban over her jet-black hair, and a pair of thigh-high spike-heeled boots. Her legs were always spread, proudly displaying her prime sexual assets.

One of the whips she carried was a riding crop, the second a slender horsewhip, and the third a stout and rugged bullwhip with hard knots tied on the end. The handle of each of her whips was two inches in diameter with a ball on the end to keep it from sliding from her grip.

Without the knob, she could easily lose control of a whip during an impassioned session of correction on one of the bitches in her charge. The balls also helped to keep them in place, because one was always in her hand, and the other two handles were buried, inserted in her vagina and rectum so that they were always at ready.

The gorgeous mistress never cleaned her colon before inserting a whip, because she liked to have the woman about to be whipped clean the handle of her smeared offal, either by masturbating with it in their vagina or, if the woman or girl was insolent, with their mouth. She was in every respect a piece of work.

For pleasure, on a quiet evening she would often assemble 20 of the animal keepers and would command one of them to stand on her shoulders with her legs spread in the air, straddling her, and press her rectum against the woman’s vagina so that she could deliver a firm stool directly into the waiting female organ.

That was only the beginning of the filthy game. A blaring rock song would fill the air, and the woman with the dark human sausage in her womb was required to dance for 5 minutes while being lashed with the horsewhip, then lie on her side and press her vagina against that of a second woman, and transfer the stool to the new host.

She also would dance to the rock music and the whip, and this would continue for a couple of hours until all twenty of the women had held in her womb what had started as a stout firm turd. By the time the last had danced, the attrition due to female genital moisture had reduced it to a short thin lump.

Now the first woman in the group was required to kneel before the last to carry the lump and take it directly into her mouth. She would kiss the next in line, passing the hard offal matter along mouth to mouth. The lump would continue to shrink, this time due to saliva.

I had no hope of remaining intact until it reached the end of the line. A mouth inspection quickly revealed who had been the last to carry the turd before it disappeared, and she would feed a full dose of the lust drug ALD to the woman with the last potty mouth.

The mistress kept a three-and-a-half-foot-long inch-wide steel shaft, pointed on the top end, bolted to the floor near the corner of her bedroom. This was her ultimate punishment toy. When the drug had taken full effect, she instructed the woman to stand over the shaft, work the end into her rectum, and then bend her legs until her buttocks eventually sat on the floor.

This deadly move required her to take the shaft right up through her torso until she at last threw her head back for the tip to emerge through her throat and open mouth. This crude impalement was the only part of punishment the female animal handlers took from their mistress willingly because she treated the chosen one with a dose of the amazing lust drug.

The mistress was allowed sixteen new conscripts per month to make up for attrition in losses of handlers to the animals, and if the girls were lucky enough to lose only a few due to accidents, their mistress could stage her own private shows, creating “accidents” where handler girls mysteriously got hold of the magical drug, and found themselves in a cage with warthogs, a tiger or a crocodile.

Any of the Society members on the island at the time were alerted to an imminent “accident”, and the shocking show in the animal cages was shared, so that as many of the lesbian women as possible could enjoy a sex-crazed woman being ripped, shredded and consumed alive just for their entertainment.

Video cameras were always ready to capture any new activity in the cages, and because ALD was not a factor in the ladies’ response to lethal attacks, these videos proved to be very popular on the extremely risky and therefore secretive snuff video websites.

Part 13 – The conclusion

The three engineers charged with maintenance for the island retreat were too efficient and had too much time on their hands for the good of the female entertainers. They were always exploring new ways for the ladies to try to assuage their drug-induced lust, and this, of course, was impossible, but the good old college try kept them raising the bar.

One day they came up with a crotch stimulator that would only be started with the ladies’ genitalia – it would rapidly find its way right through them in a novel manner. One of them had seen years ago a movie called The Long Ships, in which a remarkable slide was deployed to punish anyone foolish enough to mess with the Moors of North Africa.

They set to work building the new device in the workshop, using half-inch-thick steel sheets carefully welded together end to end. When it was completed, they set it up in the large courtyard gardens of the main building and used a servant who had been disobedient to demonstrate it to the woman who produced the next major show.

They called it the Devil’s Saddle. One end of the apparatus stood fifteen feet off the ground, with a ladder and small platform from which it could be mounted. In profile, the metal contraption looked like a slide with a gentle S curve, quite steep in the middle section but leveling out near the bottom, where it was just two feet off the ground.

Viewed from above it now in no way resembled a slide or a saddle because it was half an inch thick with a keenly sharpened top ridge. The device was in fact a very large blade, capable of vertically splitting in half anyone unfortunate enough to ride it!

It was now time to test the heinous device. The handlers provided a beautiful young “volunteer” a generous dose of the lust-stimulating drug, and when it had taken effect they escorted the nude beauty in her striking red heels up the ladder to stand on the small platform atop the Devil’s Saddle.

When she realized what she was seeing and what it would do to her she became uncontrollably excited and promptly began a huge orgasm. The handlers aligned the naked beauty with the top of the blade so that her long slender legs were on either side of it.

When she was positioned they allowed her to step off the tiny platform, but first, she chose to tease her audience. She seductively moved her left foot forward, her gorgeous foot in the red spike heel announcing the color that would quickly wash the huge blade.

She wagged her narrow knee, and her pretty arched foot in the open-topped spike-heeled string sandal swung from side to side. Then, withdrawing the shapely leg, she put the right foot forward, repeating the tease with the other leg. Her hand went to her groin, rubbing up her engorged vagina, eager to give it more and more and more as the lust drug did its thing.

The gorgeous nude young woman was showing remarkable restraint under the circumstances. She desperately wanted to experience the enormous thrill the monster blade offered. At this point, nothing could hold the randy lady back from total self-destruction.

Suddenly she could wait no longer, and bending her knees, leaned forward until she was too far advanced to regain her balance on the small platform. Her enticingly bent legs dropped, and she was irrevocably on the slide, gliding downward on the sharp blade of the Devil’s Saddle.

Like with any well-designed slide, gravity, and the smooth surface took care of the rest, but with a radically different outcome. The keenly honed edge bit cleanly into her groin as she began to slide along its length, dividing her vagina and then slicing rapidly on up through the vivacious young woman’s nude torso.

Observers seemed to see the action, which in fact took just a little over three seconds, in slow and stop motion as what they witnessed registered in their brains. The gorgeous volunteer screamed in abject ecstasy as her torso was split, up her spine and through her navel, up between her large full breasts, then it sliced through her chest and neck, finally digging into the bass of her skull.

Her legs now dragged on the ground, as did her stomach, supporting so much of her weight that there was insufficient downward pressure to allow the blade to divide her gorgeous head, spilling her drug-stimulated brain. The show master made a note to further elevate the entire device, in order to allow a total division of the subject woman.

On this island retreat the owner-members rightly expected perfection, and doing something only partway did not satisfy them. The ingenious ancient device was a perfect divider of human riders, but their setup was deficient. Thank goodness it was a dry – well, more accurately a wet run.

Service women appeared with a pair of wheelbarrows, and loaded the shapely bitch-halves and spilled viscera into them. The mechanics raised only the tall end of the slide, increasing its steepness, but only after having determined that because of its incredible sharpness, it was now sufficiently steep to do its work.

One of the pretty servicewomen was “volunteered” to climb the ladder with them, and casting off her colored sash, they pushed the screaming bitch onto the Devil’s Saddle without the benefit of the mind-bending and stimulating drug. None was needed, as her sheer horror would be sufficient for their purposes.

Her screams were brief. With the steeper angle, it took her just under three seconds for the cleanly dividing woman to descend the blade’s length, but this time the gorgeous captive was perfectly split, from her beautifully ripe vulva and base of her spine to the top of her skull.

Her cleanly divided halves fell away quickly as two totally separated parts, spilling her contents from abdomen to skull onto the bloodied stone floor that supported the heinous Devil’s Saddle. It was now working as it should and was ready for demonstration to the ladies of the island.

The island retreat now had another exciting sport for the powerful and wealthy lesbian women to enjoy, the top executive women who had clawed their way to the very top of their particular industry in a cutthroat man’s world. Watching the violent and entertaining demise of their fellow creatures, in particular innocent and helpless young women, amused these ladies with an uncommon common interest.


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