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Published: 22.07.2023

Story Codes: NC

Synopsis: Innocent and inexperienced Dawn develops a crush

Author’s Notes: This story is about an inexperienced and innocent virgin girl whom gradually becomes corrupted by the sinful actions of others. Whilst it begins rather sweet, and this first chapter’s only sexual encounter is about female masturbation, the story will take a turn towards something darker – and will eventually feature elements such as reluctance, anal sex, BDSM, spanking, piss drinking, and maybe other rather extreme fetishes. If that is not something you enjoy, I do apologize, but you have been warned. Furthermore, I am not certain if the series will include any vaginal penetration at all, as our main heroine wishes to save that for marriage. Time will tell, but if it does occur, expect it closer to the end of the story. It is a work of fiction, and all of the sexualized characters in the story are above the age of eighteen. This is part 1 of what is going to be an ongoing series. I don’t know how many parts that I will write – I guess it depends on reader’s requests and if the story reaches a natural conclusion. Leave a comment if you wish to see the series continue, or if you wish for it to include a specific kink of yours. I do not kink-shame and almost nothing is off the table – I actually like to challenge myself and write about new kinks that I know little about. Thank you for reading.

Dawn of Corruption 1

Dawn grew up in religious household with very strict rules. The will of the Lord always came first, and the will of her father second – And usually, there was no room for any sort of debate or discussion. Because of this, Dawn had never had a boyfriend, and as she went off to college, she swore to herself that she would not get too caught up in the debauchery of the other students, and continue living a life free from sin. But that was before she laid her eyes on Sebastian..

They had psychology classes together. She still vividly remembered the first time she ever saw him. She had looked up from her textbook, her brain tired from studying Maslow’s Pyramid on the pages in front of her, and there he was. A few rows in front of her in the auditorium, wearing jeans and a black button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He had turned around in his seat and asked the person sitting next to him a question, and as Dawn watched his gorgeous face and his perfectly sculpted hair, she felt her heart instantly flutter. She had never felt that way before, after just one look at someone. Suddenly, she started to question if Maslow had been right, and the most basic of human needs truly were food, water, air, and rest. Her most basic need seemed to be this beautiful boy sitting in front of her. Somehow, she was smitten.

Dawn had not been able to concentrate for the rest of the class. She had tried to, but it was to no avail. Every few minutes, she caught herself staring at him, hoping he would turn around again. And she had tried to think of a good reason to approach him. But she had no experience with boys, and if she was honest with herself, she wasn’t even very good at making friends. She was the shy type, and socially awkward, and most people thought she was too uptight to be any fun. So when the professor uttered the phrase “class dismissed”, and he got up from his seat and walked towards the exit, she decided that it would be better for her own mental health to not say anything, and let him simply continue his day. But a part of her regretted almost instantly, as he was stuck in her mind, and this would prove to be the beginning of her unhealthy obsession.

Dawn was a petite girl with a slim frame. Naturally blonde, although she hated that about herself. She didn’t FEEL like a blonde, and really dislike the stereotype. It took her a few years to realize that she would always be compared to other girls that men needlessly put in the same category as her – labeled blondes. They were supposed to be tall, slim, with big boobs and bubbly personalities. Outgoing and party-loving. Fixated with their looks. Dawn knew she was not unattractive by any means, but she was also not going to be walking on any runways or be at the cover for some fashion magazine. She didn’t have big boobs, but she still had a round and shapely bottom, and a face that at the very least could be described as comely. Without a doubt, she was someone’s type. But she didn’t know yet that she’d be Sebastian’s.

For the next two weeks, she would stare at him in class. Would look where he was seated before she chose her own spot in the room. Usually, she would pick a spot somewhere behind him, to minimize the chances of getting caught oogling at him. Every time he turned around to face one of his friends, or to reach into his backpack, she tried not to look like a total creeper, but the more she did that, the less she convinced herself she was pulling it off.

Truthfully, she was ashamed of herself. She had never even spoken to this boy, but somehow, she couldn’t get him out of her thoughts. Every day after class, she would make up a new reason as for why she should have asked him out before class was over that day. A reason why she shouldn’t give up. A reason for why it would be good to take the leap, even if he’d instantly reject her – if for no other reason, at least so that she could start paying proper attention in class again. She even tried to ignore him. Picked a seat right in front of him one day. But she couldn’t focus, knowing he was right there behind her, and she could sometimes hear him whisper something to a friend. He had a bit of a foreign accent that she couldn’t quite figure out the origin of, but the sound of it made her heart melt.

>> 2 <<<

Dawn had only really made one real friend since she got to college. A girl named Jennifer, whom had the same major as Dawn, and they were both active Church-goers. That’s how they first met, attending a morning sermon at the only operating church within walking distance in this small college town. They bonded immediately, coming from such similar backgrounds. Dawn thought Jen was very sweet, and smart, and always very upfront with her opinions. She had many qualities that were admirable, and she was surprisingly easy to talk to.

  • “I got invited to a party tonight,” Jen said as she and Dawn were having brunch together one Saturday morning. They were having waffles, and Jen had already finished two of them in record time, while Dawn had barely managed to finish her first.
  • “I know it’s not really your type of scene, but apparently, this guy I know named Robin is going to be there. And he’s close friends with that guy you always stare at, so there’s a good chance he’ll show up as well.” Jen beamed a smile at her friend, then stuffed her face with more waffles.
  • “Oh, I don’t know.. People usually drink a lot and act tactless at parties. I tried going to one when I first got here, in an attempt to get to know some people, and honestly, I didn’t have fun at all. I think it’s pretty cringe.” Dawn poked at her waffle with her fork.
  • “It’s okay if you don’t want to come. It’s just.. I don’t want to be the only one there that doesn’t drink..” Jennifer mumbled between bites of food. “Just think about it, okay? Promise I wouldn’t leave your side, and that we’d go home early because of Church tomorrow morning, anyways.”

Dawn sighed.

  • “Okay, fine..” Dawn agreed, knowing how hard it was to say no to this girl. Jen was just too precious to say no to. “What time should we be there, then? And what kind of clothes should I wear?”
  • “I’ll come pick you up, and we’ll go there together. Be ready by.. Maybe.. 9pm? And you can just wear whatever, it’s not really a dress-up kind of party.” Jen replied. “Just something casual.”

>> 3 <<<

That night, after dinner, Dawn had nothing to do but to get ready for the party. Part of her had already started to regret agreeing to go. She didn’t expect to have much fun. And so what if the cute boy was there, honestly? She wouldn’t have the courage to approach him anyways. She sighed, but held up different items of clothing in front of the big, oval mirror in her dorm room nonetheless. She decided to wear her white knee-length dress she had bought last year, that her mother thought made her look so pretty It was old-fashioned and not very revealing, with no real cleavage, just a white dress that fell just below her knees, with ruffles at the bottom. As for make-up, she usually didn’t wear much at all, but she went slightly heavier with the mascara than usual. She brushed out her hair, leaving it wavy and curly. Then, she put a hair clip in it. Satisfied, she put on a pair of long socks that reached all the way up to her thighs, and simple white ballet flats – then she waited for her friend.

She had expected Jennifer to come pick her up by car. Apparently, that was not the case, as she showed up on an ordinary bike.

  • “Don’t make a fuss about it. You can sit on the package holder. It’ll hold your weight – You’re tiny!” Jennifer replied when Dawn raised her eyebrows at her choice of vehicle.

She obliged. At least this way, they wouldn’t be there too soon, which would hopefully mean they wouldn’t have to linger at the party for longer than necessary. And the autumn night was truly beautiful. The quaint little college town was full of gorgeous trees and bushes, and a few of them were still covered in golden or red leaves. Many of the houses were small, but had a rustic charm to them, with spacious lawns and intricate flower beds.

  • “See, this is not so bad, is it?” Jennifer said with a smile, looking over her shoulder at Dawn. “The fresh air will do you good.” Jennifer kept pedaling, and Dawn sat on the package holder behind her, with her arms around her friends waist so she wouldn’t risk falling off. As she held onto her friend, they passed several people from their school, and a few other people that were just walking past the sidewalk to get to one of the dorms. Some of them were couples, holding hands. She was quite jealous that she wasn’t part of that crowd, but also somehow glad to not be. It seemed stressful to be in a relationship, she thought.

Once they got closer to the party, it was becoming obvious it was going to be a grand ordeal, because groups of teenagers were walking in little droves towards the same destination that they were heading towards themselves. When they finally got there, there was a lot of people just lounging about on the front yard, red beer cups in hand, and there was music coming from inside.

  • “There we go. Just try to stay close by. And if you want to leave early, let me know, okay? This is not really your scene, and I understand.” Jen said swiftly, almost as if she had rehearsed the words. “I’m thankful you’re here, though.”
  • “Nice bike!” some random guy in a football jersey yelled as they walked onto the property. Dawn and Jennifer exchanged a brief look of confusion, then shrugged it off, deciding not to comment on it. Jennifer locked the bike around a small aspen tree on the front yard, its leaves still more yellow than red. Then she headed towards the porch, with Dawn in tow.

The living room was packed with people awkwardly dancing – or shuffling, mostly – to the music playing from the speakers that were placed everywhere around the house. The walls had pictures everywhere, mostly oil paintings, but they were not particularly good. Maybe the house owner was an amateur artist? In the kitchen, Dawn could see people serving themselves snacks and drinks. Mostly drinks. Surprisingly, there did seem to be quite a variety of food – chips, crackers, fruits, even a few prepared sandwiches on a plate. On almost every flat surface there was a red plastic cup resting, and most where empty. Dawn thought about it, and considered if it would be best if she went ahead and got a cup for herself, just to hold, since it seemed to be the easiest way to blend into the crowd. But she decided against it.

  • “Who’s party is this anyways?” she asked Jennifer, rather loudly to overpower the music. Whatever song was blasting over the speakers, she didn’t much care for. She recognized it but had no idea of who the artist was.
  • “I heard some people say the name of the guy that lives in this house, but I don’t think I caught it..” Jen shrugged her shoulders. “It’s not important. Relax.”

After they had been at the party for almost half an hour, Dawn was convinced – This was not for her. She was not really having fun. They had toured the property and greeted some of Jennifer’s friends, and Dawn had tried her best not to be too awkward, but she just felt out of place. In the backyard, there was a game of beer pong being played on a plastic garden table. In a corner of the living room, four seemingly stoned emo’s were sitting in a circle. And in the kitchen, someone had spilled an entire bowl of cheese puffs on the counter since their last visit. Although there were people everywhere, most didn’t really seem to pay much – or any – attention to her. But perhaps she preferred it that way.

  • “I need some air, do you want to come outside with me for a moment?” she asked Jennifer, who was still talking to some guy named Kyle that she apparently found cute or interesting. He was neither. “I feel a little faint.” Dawn added, and her friend glanced at her briefly before turning back towards her new boy toy. She gave him her biggest smile, and he reciprocated it – it was truly disgusting.
  • “My friend needs some air but I’ll find you later, okay?” Jennifer told the guy, then she took Dawn and headed towards the sliding glass doors, which were already left open.

There were a few people lounging on the garden chairs in the back of the house, observing the beer pong game. Two other girls were smoking a joint on the porch swing, one with a phone in her hand, the other looking up into the night sky and staring off into the distance. Down in the grass, leaning against the tool shed, a couple was making out. That’s when Dawn remembered why she had never enjoyed going to parties very much. When people were drunk, it was only a matter of time before someone would end up doing something stupid or saying the wrong thing – either because they didn’t realize it themselves, or sometimes because they knew it was going to be a bad idea from the beginning. As if on queue, a young man ran past them with a lamp shade on his head, laughing hysterically. He looked very drunk, because he could barely stay on his feet, with his balance being so poor.

  • “Are we leaving soon?” Dawn asked. She realized how impatient she sounded, and felt a little bit bad about it. After all, it was not her intention to be difficult or rude. But there was something about crowds that made her extremely uncomfortable.
  • “Yeah, I guess we can go home if you want. But I haven’t seen Robin yet. He said he’d be here.” Jennifer said. “Don’t you want to see if Prince Charming shows up?” she winked.
  • “Umm.. I don’t really know, Jen..” Dawn began, but the girl cut her off.
  • “Just ten more minutes? I was really hitting it off with Kyle. He seems nice, don’t you think? You need to stop being such a loner and just talk to people – make some friends. It would do you some good.” Jen added.

Dawn knew she wasn’t trying to be mean. But as nice as it sounded to have more friends, she did not feel like socializing with other people right now. Especially not people who had been drinking. But she didn’t want to ruin Jennifer’s night either.

  • “Okay, ten minutes. Then we leave,” Dawn agreed. “.. And Kyle seems boring” she added, and stuck her tongue out playfully. Jennifer laughed and poked her friend in the arm.
  • “Well, I kind of like him. So I’ll go find him. Do you want to come with, or do you want to wait here?”
  • “No, that’s okay. I’ll just stay here. Just promise me you won’t be gone for long.” Dawn replied. “Ten minutes, at most.” She sighed, and as Jen headed back inside, she found herself staring up at the night sky, just like that other girl had done. Only she wasn’t looking into the distance, lost in a daze. Her eyes were scanning every star in the sky – and she was thinking of a story that would suit each and every one of them. She didn’t believe in star-signs or anything – In fact, her parents classified that sort of thing as works of the devil – But she liked to imagine that each star was circled by planets inhabited by some sort of alien race or something. As silly as that sounded to herself.

It didn’t take long after Jennifer had left her side until disaster struck. Lampshade guy and some of his friends bumped right into her, knocking her to the ground, and spilling their drinks all over her white dress. She shrieked as the liquid hit her skin. It was cold, and smelled bad. Beer, without a doubt. But more importantly, her clothes became somewhat see-through due to the liquid, and she suddenly felt extremely embarrassed. Her pink-beige bra and panties almost had the same color as her skin, making her look and feel more exposed than she really was. She felt dirty, and her eyes welled up with tears.

  • “Sorry, sorry..” slurred Lampshade-guy, leaning down to help Dawn up, but losing his own balance in the process and thus providing no help at all. For some reason, he was still wearing the lampshade even now. His friends were laughing. To them, this was hilarious.

Dawn got up on her feet and instantly started bolting through the glass doors, back into the house, heading towards the front door exit. She was covering herself up with her arms, and was trying her best to block out the sound of laughter behind her, trying to keep it together. She did not want to start crying, but it was hard to hold back the tears. She felt so embarrassed. So unclean. So angry. But the feeling of humiliation was stronger than anything else.

Dawn passed through the house in a hurry. The music felt even louder than before. She think she heard someone say “Are you okay?” but she didn’t stop to check who it was, or if they were even talking to her. She just wanted to go home.

But just when she made her way through the front door, she noticed a guy standing there, talking to a couple of friends. He was wearing all black, and had slicked-back, perfect hair, and had dark blue eyes that looked quite mysterious in the night – And Dawn instantly recognized him as the boy she’d been so intrigued by. The one she thought was the most beautiful boy she had ever seen. He was blocking her path, unintentionally.

  • “Fantastic!” she thought to herself, and almost wanted to curse out loud. What a great first impression to make on the guy who never seemed to notice her, whom probably didn’t know she existed until now. She tried to just keep her head down and storm past him, but he reached out and gently grabbed her. It felt so fast, so abrupt. She wanted to scream and push his arm away, but then it occurred to her that he was trying to help her.
  • “What happened to you? Are you alright?” he asked, pulling her closer and wrapping his arms around her upper body to shield her from everyone. He sounded genuinely concerned. “Hold on, let me give you my jacket..” he added.
  • “I’m okay, I’m.. I’m fine, really.” Dawn managed to blurt out. It came out shaky and slightly muffled. She didn’t dare look up at him. She felt a tear roll down her cheek, but she managed to keep herself from breaking down completely. “Some guy knocked me over and spilled his drink on me..”

He handed his jacket over, and it was big enough that it reached down almost all the way to her knees, making her look like a young girl pretending to be her older sister. He helped her get the arms in the holes, but the sleeves were so long that her hands were not sticking out at all. Then he reached down and buttoned it for her. It was a fancy jacket, almost like a blazer of some kind, and it was incredibly soft and had his scent on it.

– “I’m sorry that happened to you” He said as he helped her with the buttons, and then he didn’t let go of Dawn’s shoulders until she nodded slightly, indicating that she was fine. She blushed. He was being so nice! Now she felt embarrassed again. She wondered what he must he think of her, looking like a crybaby.

– “No, no it’s fine, thank you..” she whispered softly. “I’m sorry if I’ll make your jacket smell like beer.” She sighed. “I don’t even drink!” she added, with a frustration in her voice.

– “That’s okay. It doesn’t bother me. It’s actually machine washable.” Sebastian smiled. And then he just stood there for a moment, with his hands still on her shoulders. “You enjoy going to parties even if you don’t drink? The intoxicated people would drive me insane, I think.” He said.

Dawn shook her head slowly.

– “No, I.. I don’t usually go to parties. I’m just here with my friend.” She sniffed, trying her best not to start crying in front of this boy.

– “Where is your friend? Should we go get her for you?” It was one of Sebastian’s friends that spoke up. A stocky guy with a friendly face, and light brown eyes.

Dawn glanced over her shoulder, back inside the house through the glass panel in the front door, but Jennifer was nowhere to be seen.

– “No, it’s okay.. I don’t want to bother you. I’ll just text her..” Dawn mumbled.

– “It’s no bother. What’s her name?” said the other friend that she later learned was Robin.

– “Jennifer, uh..” she paused. She wanted to say Jen. “Jennifer Falk”.

– “Oh, you’re Jen’s friend!” Robin said, sounding enthusiastic. “I have a few classes with her. Really nice girl. I’ll go get her.” He took a few steps towards the door, then paused. “Do you two have plans to do something afterwards?” Robin continued. “It’s cool if they come with us, Seb?”

Sebastian looked at Dawn with an indescribable expression on his face. Then he gave Robin a nod. “Of course.”

– “So, how about it? Are you doing something after this?” Robin asked again.

Dawn thought for a moment, looking over at Sebastian, trying to decide if she should say yes or just go home. She felt a lot better after the encounter, and his jacket smelled very nice. Looking at him now, she felt her heart beat faster.

– “No other plans.. But we wouldn’t want to ruin your party..” she began, but then Sebastian interrupted her.

– “That won’t be a problem. We’re leaving anyway.” He stated simply, still looking into her eyes. “Would you like to come with us?” He added, a smile appearing on his lips.

She couldn’t help but smile herself in return. She thought about Church tomorrow morning, and how it was already getting late, but.. She wanted to accept the invitation. Now that it was coming directly from Sebastian it seemed harder to resist, somehow.

– “If Jen wants to, sure.” Dawn replied, looking down at her feet. She didn’t want to appear as if she was fishing for his approval or something. It just made her feel quite special that he seemed to want to cheer her up somehow. He was so nice and gentle and polite. She was super curious about his accent – wanted to ask about it, but didn’t want to come across as nosy.

– “I’m Sebastian, by the way. And this is Jason, my older brother.” He nodded towards the stocky guy. Dawn could not see even a slight resemblance. “The guy who went to look for Jennifer, his name is Robin.” He grinned.

– “Nice to meet you. I’m Dawn.” She beamed a smile at the two guys, who smiled right back at her.

– “I assume you’re a student at Griffthon College? Are you a freshman?” Sebastian asked.

She nodded her head. “Yeah, I just started this semester.” She wanted to elaborate a little more, but felt a bit awkward. She didn’t want to come across as a blabbermouth, nor did she want to bore him. She almost blurted out that they have psychology class together. Instead, she kept her mouth shut.

>>> 4 <<<

The night had been saved in the end. Dawn and Jen, together with Sebastian, Robin, Jason and even Kyle had gone over to Rowland Park. It was a cozy spot with a big pond and large oak trees, that was not too far from campus, perfect for star-gazing. They had stayed up much later than planned, and Dawn had not gotten home again until three o’clock at night. The boys drank a little bit from a bottle of Jack Daniels that they passed around, but kept their wits about them rather well, with the exception of Kyle. Even after spending several hours talking to him, Dawn still could not quite see what Jen saw in him. But they seemed to like each other, so Dawn tried to not get in between of anything. He was just too flamboyant for her taste, and loud, and he’d talked their ears off about some topic that honestly nobody except himself cared much about. He was a bit socially awkward too, she realized, just in a very different sort of way compared to Dawn. Less.. Aware.

Dawn had felt guilty about wearing Sebastian’s jacket as the night grew colder and colder. She offered to give it back to him on two separate occasions, but he adamantly refused. Even though she didn’t talk too much through the night, she had felt surprisingly comfortable with this group. She preferred to listen to others over speaking up much, even when she was with people she knew really well, like her own family.

Throughout the night, she had learned a lot about them all. Jason was two years older than Sebastian and had graduated before the summer, but stayed in town because he had a good job here by now, working at the butcher’s deli section of the local grocery store. Robin was majoring in engineering, but claimed his true passion lied in aviation, and that he’d be a pilot some day. Or an astronaut – He was fine with either. Kyle was.. Kyle. He seemed rather clueless about what he wanted or where he was going, but to his credit, at least he was living in the moment. And Sebastian was a freshman like Dawn, and had not picked a major yet. Quite a few students left that until sophomore year. However, he was interested in psychology, in biology, and in understanding how things worked. Dawn found him to be a gentle soul, with many dreams, and high ambitions.

At one point, she found the courage to ask about the accent. It was Austrian. He had lived there until the age of 12, and had not known much English until he came to the states. He seemed sad to talk about his past, so she didn’t ask many follow-up questions. But after an hour or so, she suddenly realized that his brother Jason did not have an accent, and that there was a chance Sebastian might have been adopted. She quickly decided not to pry. She also told them a bit about herself, how she moved away from home at 18 and ended up going to school here in this little college town. No mentions were made about her religious beliefs, and how serious she was about them, and she doubted any of them had noticed the cross charm on her silver bracelet, as Sebastian’s jacket was covering it up.

At the end of the night, she had exchanged phone numbers with the boys. Not in a flirtatious way, really – but to keep in touch, perhaps for lunch or coffee or something like that. Sebastian had insisted that she kept the jacket, even as she went home. “Just wash it and return it to me – You have my number now”. Her heart fluttered as he had said the words.

Now, it was in the middle of the night, far later than she usually stayed up, and yet she couldn’t sleep. She lied in bed, tossing and turning, thinking about the events of tonight, and their conversations over and over. Mostly she thought of Sebastian. What was she to do now? What could she do now? She wanted to talk to Sebastian. He was such a gentleman, and so charming. But even though she had felt rather comfortable in his presence, she knew she would feel awkward reaching out to him. She was not very good at text messaging. She was not very good at social interactions of any kind, really. At least she’d have a reason to contact him that seemed innocent enough. Returning the jacket.

She glanced at it in her dark room as she was lying in bed, unable to fall asleep. She had thrown it over the back of the chair next to her desk. She could see it hanging there, full of his scent. She sighed deeply, and bit her lower lips, then decided to get out of bed to go fetch it.

She got back into bed, put the soft fabric up to her nose, and sniffed it. It smelled like him. His cologne mixed with his natural scent. Dawn’s head was spinning, and suddenly, her mind started to fantasize about Sebastian. She thought of what he must look like naked, under those clothes of his. She closed her eyes as she ran the sleeve of the jacket across her lips. Embarrassed, she could feel herself starting to get wet between the legs, but she couldn’t stop thinking about him. The feeling she got when he had placed his hands on her shoulders, and when he leaned in a little closer than he probably normally would have to help her put his jacket on. How he had saved her from being exposed at the party. He was her knight in black jacket armor! And how nice it had felt when he hugged her less than an hour ago as they said good bye. Technically, she had been the one to hug him, during a moment of bravery. She felt like it was appropriate for her to give him a hug, since he had been so kind to her. But quickly afterwards, she did hug the other guys as well, as to not seem overly interested in Sebastian specifically.

Dawn laid in bed with the jacket wrapped around and across her naked body. The night had become cool, and her room felt chill, even with the windows closed. But her body was hot. She felt a tinge of shame, knowing that God would not approve of her actions, but helplessly – as if she was unable to resist the urges – she reached down between her legs, and ran the tip of her middle finger between the slit of her pussy lips.

At first touch, she immediately shuddered. It was as if a bolt of lightning had struck her – She was so sensitive! As she stroked along her vulva, she could feel the slight wetness seeping out of her body. She moaned softly, and licked her dry lips. She rubbed along the length of her cunny, from her clit to her bottom, meanwhile sniffing the jacket repeatedly. When she reached back down with her middle finger, she carefully slid it up into her tight, virgin hole. She couldn’t believe she was doing this – Couldn’t believe how much her own body wanted this. It wasn’t just that she wanted Sebastian, it was everything he made her feel. But masturbation was forbidden! It was not her first time exploring herself like this, but the times had been few and far in-between, and she would always stop herself before long. But now? Now she didn’t want to. The scent and the touch of his jacket’s fabric was somehow almost intoxicating, and she kept playing with herself, sliding one finger inside herself, and then adding another.

She wished Sebastian was there right now. Wanted him to slide those long fingers of his in her instead. She wanted to feel his fingers explore every part of her body. His hands were large, yet seemed so gentle. And as she fingered herself, her mind started filling up with more and more ideas of what else he would do to her. Her body was aching for him to make love to her, but she was afraid of the idea. She had promised herself she wouldn’t lose her virginity until after she got married. This was one of her core principals, and extremely important to her. Throughout her life, that promise had never seemed particularly difficult to keep – until now. It felt like her body craved Sebastian’s touch, and it wanted his penis inside it.

After a few moments of masturbation, she could feel the shame start to invade her thoughts. She could hear her father’s voice yelling at her from somewhere deep inside her memories that boys were forbidden and that masturbation is a sin. But the pleasure was too strong for her to stop, even though she wanted to. As she caressed her virgin body, and let her fingers slide in and out of the source of her wetness, and over her throbbing clit, she sighed with satisfaction. The rest of her thoughts were filled with nothing but the image of Sebastian. She imagined him to be laying naked right there in bed with her, slowly exploring her body with his hands. How his lips would kiss every part of her skin. She imagined they’d both be naked, except she’d be wearing his jacket, unbuttoned. And he’d get on top of her, and..

– “Oh God..” Dawn moaned to herself as the mental picture of it all etched itself into her memories, as well as her heart. But then she felt horrible for uttering the Lord’s name in vain. She realized there and then that this was not the brightest of ideas. How would she react when she saw Sebastian next, with her head full of these kinds of thoughts and mental images? Her cheeks were burning with shame as she thought about it. Still.. Her fingers were so slippery with her own wetness now, and her pussy throbbed hard against her fingers. Without thinking, she grabbed one of the jacket sleeves and started to rub it up and down against her pussy, across her clit. Her whole body tensed up. Almost as if she was having a tiny orgasm on the spot, just from rubbing herself on a piece of cloth! Then, she used her other hand to caress and sometimes pinch her sensitive nipples while she continued to masturbate herself silly with the jacket sleeve, pushing part of the fabric against her hole, as if she wanted to stuff it inside.

In the end, she kept playing with herself for what felt like a long time. Longer than any other time she had touched herself previously in her life. But she didn’t climax. She never had, and she didn’t know how. Something within her held her back. She sighed, partly satisfied, partly frustrated, and fell asleep with the jacket resting on top of her naked body, and one of the sleeves completely wet with her juices.



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