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  1. Mmmmm love that sweet tranny hard cock if love to milk all the sweet cummmmm out of it. Let it drain down my throat…

    A sex story
    Grandma and Billy

    well it’s the time of the year I’ve got to go see Grandma spend two weeks doing nothing pretty much I’m 15 years old grandma lives all alone, my mom sends me here every year to help out grandma, before school starts, my Grandma never knocks on the door she just walks in my room all the time she never knocks hmmmmmm, I watch out the window and I see Grandma go out to the barn to do stuff for about and hour or two, so this is my chance to turn on my laptop turn on my favorite porn and masturbate the windows right there so I can see if my Grandma comes out of the barn,

    I’m just getting really into my porn I like gay, transsexual, bestiality porn it’s the best I was stroking my little cock getting into it forgot to look out the window and all the sudden Grandma comes walking through the bedroom door I’m sitting there naked with my legs apart my hand wrapped around my cock watching a girl and a guy fucking a dog on my laptop, grandma looks at my laptop and sees this girl sucking his huge dog cock and the guys holding the knot so she can get a good suck, Grandma comes in shuts the door locks it comes over and sits next to me on the bed, she grabs my cock, starts jacking it up and down, she says what do you think I do when I’m going out in the barn???? I know you’re in the house you’re jacking your hard little prick off, I know you’re looking at porn, well I’m out in the barn sucking the Great Dane Satan off getting a mouth full of dog sperm, satanic dog sperm, I must tell you now you mommy knows and she the same way I raised her to worship Satan worship Lilith the lust slut of HELL, I worship Satan, I worships any cock beast or human , I love incest especially your mommy wet cunt, I wants to suck your little cock off, then I want to take you out to the barn and let the Great Dane Satan fuck that tight little ass of your sweetie, you’re going to be grandma’s little slut grandma’s little fucks slut for 2 weeks and when I get done with you’re not going to want to leave you’re going to tell your mother you want to move in and stay with Grandma cuz Grandma loves satanic perversion, we need to let your hair grow much much longer, we need to paint your fingernails and toenails red, we need to shave all your body hair off, your a very very pretty boy sweetie, I’ll need to get you some really sexy tight dresses to show off that sweet tight ass ok??? yes Grandma I like dressing up like a 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 666 sexy girl, when I’m home I wear mommys dresses and skirts and have my friends cummmmm over and they bring strangers with them i get so sexy, I put on makeup and hot red lipstick of mommys I cummmmm out of the bedroom looking so fucking hot grandma I dance for them with my long legs sexy nylons and platform heels, they sit on the couch and jack off watching me makes them really good and hard grandma, then I get between there legs and suck cock till they blow a huge load of cummmmm in my mouth 👄 👄 👄 👄 👄 👄 666, then they pull my little girl skirt up and cunt fuck me grandma, my tight little soft girl ass cunt squeezes there cocks draining every drop of Hot sperm, I’ve even had a train pulled on my mouth and fuck cunt grandma!!!!

    when Grandma gets done with you you’ll want it all the time, once you get fucked by your satanic grandma and she injects you with a ton of satanic dog sperm juice you will want too walk around naked swing your faggot cock all the time and want your 15yo cock in everything on the farm sweetie. but mostly grandma’s cunt, you want to pump it deep in my cunt and thank Satan while cumming hard, then I want you on all fours ass up cock swinging as great Dane Satan gets his huge serpent’s head in your little boy twat bitch, while you suck Grandma’s satanic fucking unholy twat,

    let’s dye your hair black and make your nails black and we need to get a tattoo of 666 on your cock, and while your getting a tattoo let’s get one of a ace of spades on your ankle so all the gay and bisexual nigger know you love to suck and fuck there swing black meat ok sweetie???? mmmmmm ok grandma I want some nigga daddy please please please grandma????

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