11 thoughts on “DARK INSPIRATION 33”

  1. These are truly beautiful and sinful images. Sin alone makes life worth living. Hail Satan! Hail Lilith!

  2. The picture where the little devil sticks his hands in the fleshy ass of the Virgin Mary and licks her pussy is so powerful! His dick is in full erection and can’t wait to shove it into her cunt.

      1. I came up with the idea for the story (which should of course be enriched with details, stylized and expanded) by looking at this picture. The Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus but soon after that event she met Lilith. He begins to socialize with her intensely. Lilith orders her to shave her pussy to begin with. Lilith soon introduces the Virgin Mary to the devil Asmodeus. She flirts with him and Asmodeus fucks the Virgin Mary who gets pregnant again. This Little Devil in the picture is born. The Virgin Mary breastfeeds Jesus and the Little Devil together. The Little Devil greedily sucks the big tits of the Virgin Mary. He develops rapidly and grows a large penis. He soon begins to masturbate and teaches Jesus the same. Little Devil also starts licking the pussy of the Virgin Mary. She sleeps together in the room with Jesus and fucks him anal. The Virgin Mary associates with Lilith on a daily basis and visits brothels and indulges in prostitution. The Little Devil takes Jesus out and goes to the city to get to know life …

        1. Hail DangLa … is this a modern day setting or is it set in biblical times? XP

          1. Hi XP :)) So I imagined this setting in biblical times. I think a very attractive story could be written.

          2. Hail DangLa … This would need some research… but could provide a very interesting starting point. XP

  3. Well yes, that research would be from the Bible or from the life of the Virgin Mary. The following characters and episodes could also be included in the story: her parents Joachim and Anna (the Virgin Mary watching them fuck), her old husband Joseph (does he have a little dick), the archangel Gabriel and the Holy Spirit (about them only a few words), cousin Elizabeth (loves the dick), introduction to Lilith and Asmodeus (explain this event in more detail), the birth of Jesus (the shepherds in the cave pee on Jesus; Mary and Joseph take Jesus to the Temple where the old man Simeon rams him on the dick; Three Kings they come to pee on Jesus and bring dildos and vaseline; King Herod’s order to kill all the children and the departure of Mary, Joseph and Jesus to Egypt). In Egypt, the Virgin Mary gives birth to the Little Devil (to whom the devil Asmodeus made him while they were still having fun in Nazareth). Growing up of Jesus and the Little Devil (breastfeeding together, masturbating, licking the pussy of the Virgin Mary ..). Socializing of the Virgin Mary and Lilith (going to brothels, black slaves, etc.) ..

    1. HAIL DangLa … Every story needs a beginning, middle and an end … how do you see this narrative? How would you write the synopsis? HAIL LVST XP

      1. Hm … I don’t know yet. I never wrote an erotic blasphemous story though I would love to. I’ve put a lot of ideas here. Can you help me? Which work should I dedicate the most to? Feel free to take this draft story so write it down if you like.

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