8 thoughts on “DARK INSPIRATION 266”

  1. I’m genuinely experiencing a crisis of faith. As a Christian pastor, I see these images and know them to be bad and evil. But I can’t deny the raw and deeply delicious lust they inspire in me. I’m supposed to resist temptation. But I can’t … or won’t. It reminds me when I was about 10 and jacked off for the first time. I felt fear and shame but wanted to do it again, immediately.

    I’m going to be in DC in a couple of weeks on a solo trip. I wish I could sit down and learn more from someone who understands my context. I’ll buy the drinks…

    iamprime235711 – wicker

        1. David , i will pray for you. i’m closer than XP, but still too far away. i agree with XP. He does give advice and is wise. Hail XP, Hail Satan and Lilith.

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