Crucifix Sex Magic – Non-Fiction

Writer: Lucy Az

Subject: Crucifix Sex Magic

Link: MEWE / 23.05.2021 / Crucifix Pleasures by  / Lucy Az 

Crucifix Sex Magic

Gather all ye Black Witches and Magicians. Watch the High Priestess of Lilith rub my ample and lustrous breasts while I masturbate myself to a wicked frenzy. Cursing the fuck of an Abrahamic God in Demonic tongues and with energetic fervor. Then each of you cum and swipe your fingers in my cum sopped cunt and suck your fingers to signify your agreement and compliance with my dark baneful magick against the Christian God. I’ll watch you all form a line to cum and feed from my pussy as I suck in this slimey crucifix before handing it over to my Beloved accomplice @Ho Ku Lani

As above, so below fuckers.

6 thoughts on “Crucifix Sex Magic – Non-Fiction”

  1. Hail Lucy Az
    Supreme High Priestess of Lilith

    Hail Hoku Lani
    Most Favored

    Thank You Brother Xpanther for Spreading The Words of Az

  2. Hail Satan and Lilith. I willing suck from your cum soaking cunt. I will babtise my cock and balls to Satan and Lilith by fucking your cunt, arse hole and mouth. Hail Goddess 😍 to you.

  3. Hail the High Priestess of Lilith!

    There is no god, no Holy Spirit or Jesus Christ.

    Fuck the trinity and allow all that preach their filth be blessed to recognize the creator Lilith.

    As such, embrace lust and curse the evil they support

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