Comment on INCUBUB from Ben

Hey what do you think of writing about a kid INCUBUB that fuck wives and his sons always make there moms their little slut? Ben 

1 thought on “Comment on INCUBUB from Ben”

  1. Yeees !! It is a real good and very exciting tale, but, in my opinión, very awkwardly worded. It is necessary to pay due attention to the context, since mere pornography lacks morbid, but you fall in just the otherwise, what also is wrong: too context and little pornography. Furthermore the action advances and retreats awkwardly.

    You cut the most interesting (the rape of the little girl by her owm mother and Lucy with her soon, the kill of fetus by her own mother, the torture and murder of the kid …), for go another act with more and more simply context or go back to tell the same by another character. In this way, you kill the morbid and excitation.

    In Spain there is a saying what to say “the good, if brief, two times good”. You write very long unnecesarly, doing the tale slow and heavy to read. This tale need more cruel and snuff pornography and less context. Otherwise, it’s a really exciting tale, as I said. I really loved it!! The act that I more liked, was the rape and torture of the little girl, with the absoloutly lovely pleasure of her mother because her suffering. Unfortunately, it was too short.

    Sorry because my bad english.

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