Sometimes I feel like I am writing a cliche. Do you feel that the stories, scenarios, characters are too much of a cliche? I just write what I feel… let me know what you think… THX XP

2 thoughts on “CLICHE”

  1. Absolutely not. It’s inevitable that, because you find certain themes particularly exciting, you will return to them and explore them in different ways but I don’t find your writing cliched or repetitive in any way. I think that’s because of the quality of the writing – indeed, your stories are some of the few which I can re-read (after a reasonable interval) and still find exciting and arousing. That’s partly because the subject matter is very much to my taste but that alone wouldn’t keep me coming back (and cumming back!).

    So don’t doubt yourself – I really don’t feel you have a problem.

    1. Hi Harry – thanks for your comment on CLICHE, it’s good to hear that you feel that the exploration of my favorite themes isn’t getting stave. I really try to keep it fresh (for myself as well as others); but as you say, there is some amount of inevitability in the return to blasphemy, transgender, water sports and demons that I cannot escape (as they are the drivers of my personal ambitions to write… a bit like the wind in the sails. Thanks XP

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