Feature Writer: Charlie

Feature Title: Church of Omni
Story Codes:
 Religious, Ritual Sex, Bisex, Young Ones, Orgy, Incest, Cum-drinking.

Church of Omni

Rick was sitting alone at a bar drinking.  He liked this dirty old bar.  They never checked id and he was sure he had seen horny high school boys in here drinking. The bar fit his dark mood.  He was drunk, angry and needed an outlet for his sexual needs and desires. His wife Cary was fun when they were first married but somehow she got religion.  She lectured him about his drinking and the incest site she found on his computer when he stupidly didn’t sign off.  Well, fuck the holy bitch, she was gone for a month at one of her bible study retreats so he was going to get drunk, go home and check the incest and gay sites and beat off wearing her panties. Maybe even get some strange cock or cunt. Fuck but he was horny.

He drained another drink and remembered their good times in the big city before they moved down south into the bible belt.  She would drink with him at a bar and “accidentally” spread her long legs getting off of the stool and let some guy see her red panties.  Then they would have a wild fuck at home.  She never fucked a stranger even though he wanted her to.  He was sure she thought about it.  One night she got a little drunk and mentioned that boys sort of turned her on.  Now the up tight holy bible thumping bitch not only cut him off from her religious hairy cunt but slept in another bedroom.  He needed to get her horny cunt back fucking somehow.  After all they were both still attractive and fit.

Fuck but he had to piss.  He staggered back to the men’s room and pissed himself trying to get his flaccid cock out of his wife’s panties while leaning against the urinal.  The man standing next to him showing him his hard cock reached over, got Rick unzipped and pulled his cock out.  The stranger asked if he minded another man holding his cock.  Rick slurred that since his wife got religion and quit fucking him any hand or mouth on his cock was fine with him.  The stranger said his name was Carl and he would like to buy him a drink.

Carl found a dark booth in a corner and bought several drinks for them.  Rick explained his sad story about his wife getting religion and cutting him off.  That was bad enough but she even pissed and moaned about his porn sites and his drinking.  He muttered that she would fucking shit if she knew he was wearing her dirty panties.  He continued that she was gone for a month at some fucking bible retreat and he was going to drink and have some fun however he could.

Carl put his arm around Rick and pulled him close and said he liked the feel of his cock and could help him with his needs.  Rick said he was ready for any fucking thing.  Carl said good, he would take him home and let him meet his wife and 13 year old stepson.  On the drive home Carl said his wife had gotten to be a cold bitch and her son a pain in the ass.

Rick asked what happened and Carl said he found the Church of Omni and that super charged their hormones and lowered their inhibitions to about fucking zip and turned her into a fucking whore.  Rick looked dubious and Carl said Brother Peter gave them narcotic laced wafers that were addictive and made their sexual drives explode.  He said it even effected younger children.  Rick slurred, really?  Carl said they carried the wafers with them and stayed high most of the time.  Rick said he would like to go to that church and maybe get his religious wife fucked.

Carl pulled off into a parking area for lovers and opened the glove compartment.  He took two wafers from a plastic baggy, took one and gave one to Rick.  Rick was too drunk and horny to hesitate and took one.  He was immediately over come with an over powering need to strip and show his raging cock to Carl and fuck something, anyone.  Carl was nude now and they grabbed each other’s cocks and started kissing like teenagers.  Carl pulled Rick’s head down and suddenly he had his mouth full of his first cum shooting cock.  After they sucked each other off they were still burning with lust and Carl drove them to his house, carefully because he was still nude and totally fucked up.

Carl parked in the garage and closed the door.  He helped Rick out of the car, now dressed only in his wife’s panties, cock straining against the wet stained fabric.  Carl’s wife Beth was laying drunk on the couch, one leg hanging down with her robe open showing her tits and thick cunt bush.  She looked at her nude husband helping a strange man into the living room dressed in female panties.

Beth smiled and said, “Well look what the mother fucking cat dragged home, my nude hubby with his usual hard on holding up a hot looking man with a big prick in women’s panties.  I love a cock in panties.  I hope you want to share him?   By the way, Buck brought home another boy from church to spend the night and the little fuckers are still in the bedroom.”

Just then her 13 year old son Buck and his 11 year old church friend came out of the bedroom holding hands, nude and with dried cum on their lips.

Her son said, “Hi daddy.  We have had fun.  We both fucked mommy and then practiced blow jobs just like the big guys.  Is your friend from church?”

Carl said, “Oh fuck, it is about time for church.  We had better go.  This is Rick and I just met him.  He is going with us.”

Carl’s wife said she was too fucked up to go but wanted that panty clad cock when they got back.

On the way to the garage Carl, Buck and his little friend put on short black robes in case they got stopped.  He gave Rick one too.  On the drive to the Church of Omni along a little used muddy dirt road in the boonies Carl told him about The Church while the boys were playing with each other’s cocks in the back seat.

Carl said in the beginning in the secluded land everyone was carefree and happy.  No one had heard of clothes where they lived back then.  Sex was fun and a healthy release.  Children grew up watching their parents fuck and joined them.  Fathers fucked daughters and sons, sons fucked their mothers and fathers and the children fucked each other.   Then disaster.

Church leaders in a nearby land were very harsh and strick about their rigid church rules.  The Bishop was horrified when he heard of these naked people in the secluded land fornicating with family members and worse, in public.  Something most be done to control these frolicking nude blasphemers and bring them into line with The Church Rules.  The rigid and self serving Bishop dressed in his finest robes and rode to this secluded land with his armed Church Guard.

The happy secluded people were whipped, made to dress and attend a newly formed Church to study and follow the Bishop’s rigid rules of proper conduct.  The once happy secluded people looked to their natural leader, Omni to help them.  During a public training session by the rigid and cruel Bishop, Omni walked up the isle, nude, huge cock swinging.  Omni told the shocked Bishop that the secluded people were confused and unhappy about the Bishop’s Church rules and they wanted him to leave.  As Omni spoke his large cock got rock hard, pointing right at the Bishop.  The Bishop stood and shouted a command at his Church Guard who threw Omni to the ground and pounded a stake through his heart killing him in front of his shocked people.

Carl continued that in death their leader Omni’s cock stayed rock hard.  That is when the secluded and enslaved people started their secret under ground Church of Omni.  His body was secretly removed and taken to a secret underground cavern where his faithful followers started the service by sucking his dead but rigid cock and becoming high with his cum that continued to flow, leading to even wilder fuck sessions.  As he drove across the wooden bridge over Hog Creek he said one of the many secret Churches of Omni was hidden right here in the woods just ahead.

Carl parked and led Rick and the boys to a hidden door in the ground and told him to follow his example.  As they entered the darkened chamber they hung their robes on pegs.  The huge chamber was lit by large candles giving off a strong fragrance that had the same effect of the narcotic wafers.  Under a small alter honoring Omni there was a life like nude body of Omni with a huge cock standing straight up.  First Carl bent over and sucked the huge cock and was rewarded with a mouthful of cum and continued further in.  Rick followed suit and bent over and took the huge sweet tasting cock in his mouth and was rewarded with cum.  Just like with the wafer, his cock got rock hard and he was filled with an urge to show of his naked body and cock and enter into any kind of sex.

Through his hormone charged dizziness and the fog of candle smoke he was aware of people chanting and crying out in the throes of orgasm.  The odor of cum, cunt juice and sweat added to his need for any kind of sexual release was over whelming.  A hand grabbed his arm and pulled him in a pew.  It was an old hag, her toothless mouth kissing him with her tongue.  She belched booze and cum in his mouth and cackled drunkenly that she needed fucked again.  She lay back, her sagging old tits hanging to her belly.  Her skinny legs spread showing gray cum coated cunt hair and inviting him to fuck her ancient whores cunt.  Rick was wild and first sucked cum from her used smelly cunt and them fucked her so hard her hanging tits bounced.  His huge cum filled balls slapped her wrinkled old ass until he came, powerful streams of cum blasting until his cum shot back out coating him.

He pulled out of the hag and a little boy and girl took his arms and lead him to the front alter where a dark skinned man with long black hair called Brother Peter, of uncertain age, with a long cum covered cock welcomed him with open arms and kissed him.  He asked Rick to clean his cock and Rick knelt down and gave him a powerful cock cleaning and blow job.  The man kissed Rick again and he sucked his own fresh cum.  He asked Rick if he had any requests.  Rick said his wife Cary had gotten religion and wouldn’t fuck him anymore and he wanted her totally corrupted and to become a member of Omni’s Church as a whore.  Brother Peter gave him a baggy of wafers and instructions for her downfall.  The rest of the evening was foggy and Rick woke up at home with a belly and ass full of cum.  He also had the plan.

Cary finally came home from her month religious outing.  By now Rick was sober and attentive to her uplifting stories of the many successes of their getting the message out and saving lost soles.  Rick pretended to listen to his good looking well built wife but his cock was starting to swell thinking of the plan for her conversion to a Church of Omni whore.  After she finally ran out of her totally boring stories Rick started the plan for her fall.  He said he had met a nice couple with a teen age son who she might want to talk to about salvation.

Cary was excited about meeting with them.  Rick called Carl and the plan was put into effect and Carl invited them over.  They arrived and Carl invited them in and introduced Cary to his wife Beth and her 13 year old son Buck.  Cary smiled at Buck.  His long blond hair was brushed and he was dressed in little shorts and a muscle shirt.  Cary shook hands with Beth who was dressed in a rather short skirt, bare legs and a peasant blouse.  Carl was very casual in shorts and open cotton shirt, a very attractive man.

Beth invited Cary to go into the kitchen to pour iced tea for everyone after Cary announced that she never partook of alcohol since she got religion.  Beth added a wafer to each drink that she said was for flavor.  They gave the drinks to Carl, Buck and Rick and Cary sat down and opened her church literature.  She took a sip and thought the iced tea really tasted good.  She took another cool drink because she suddenly realized she felt hot.  My goodness she thought, my cunt is flowing and I suddenly have a very strong loving feeling for our new friends and Rick too.  She remembered how good it had felt when she used to ride Rick’s big cock and she how she missed it.  She remembered when she was in grade school a little friend had invited her for a sleep over and they had kissed and finger fucked each other.  She wondered why they hadn’t continued and done more.  She needed more iced tea and asked Beth for more because she was so hot and thirsty.  She noticed Buck was staring at her and rubbing his cock bulge and his cock head was showing.  She wondered what it would feel like in her cunt.

Beth drained her new drink and felt even hotter, sexually powerful, in control and needed a long raunchy fuck.  She was suddenly telling her new friends that there must have been endless fucking in biblical times, old men fucking a baby into a young cunt.  She said it was so hot in the desert that they must have gone naked.  She threw down her prepared religious notes and said modern churches have lied to us about wearing robes.  They must have been naked.  She said she wished she could have lived back then, seeing nude boys and men, cocks swinging as they walked towards her spread legs and wet cunt.  Her eyes glazed over and she drooled as she pictured them all fucking her puffy wet young cunt.

She felt Beth tongue kissing her and removing her panties, bra and dress.  She opened her eyes and saw that Beth was nude and licking her flowing cunt and Cary was consumed by a huge orgasm.  Then Beth was kissing her and she tasted her own cunt on her lips.  Beth stood up, her nipples rock hard on her bare tits and Cary saw a beautiful sight.  Her husband Rick, Carl and 13 year old Buck were stark naked stroking their hard cocks looking at her cunt.   Cary opened her cunt with her fingers and said she wanted to feel Bucks young cock shoot cum in her hot cunt.  It was an orgasmic blur, fucked by a boy’s cock followed by Carl and then her husband.  Cocks cumming in her mouth and ass hole, over and over.

Cary came to with her face buried in Beth’s well fucked cum filled cunt.  She looked over and saw her husband Rick being fucked in the ass while he sucked Buck’s young cock.  During a break Rick kissed Cary and she tasted Buck’s cum.  She said she loved him and their new friends and the hard fucking.  Rick said they had a real treat for her at an ancient church that was founded on family fucking.  She said she was ready.

Cary was in a drugged sexual haze as she followed Carl into the dark smoky chamber.  She saw Carl bend down and suck a hard cock on a figure laying nude under a small alter.  She bent down and sucked the sweet tasting cock and received a mouth full of cum.   Her previous drinks at Beth’s, the figures cum she sucked and the heavy candle smoke sent her out of control.  She could sense the figure beckoning her and she spread legs and mounted the huge cock.  She bent over and kissed the figure’s lips and started riding the ever hard cock.  As the cock started pumping cum in her she orgasmed until she passed out.

Cary finally came to and Rick got her off the squirting cock and fucked her hard in her cum filled cunt.  He led her down the isle to meet Brother Peter.   Hands reached out to grab her long legs but the cum running from her cunt onto her legs was too slippery.  Brother Peter greeted her at the alter and is huge black cock was rigid.  She fell to her knees and slurred that she would worship his black cock.

Rick was so turned on watching his wife sucking Brother Peter’s black cock that he knew his wife was on the way to be a church whore.  After he blew his load down Cary’s throat Brother Peter raised her up to face the church members.  With cum running out of her mouth and cunt Brother Peter announced that Cary was to be called Sister Cary hence forth.  He continued that, since she was active in her church and bible classes she was in the perfect position to seduce the hypocritical holier than thou staff and church members into the Church of Omni.  The celebration started with Brother Peter bending Sister Cary over, grabbing her bare hips and fucking her hard and long.  Following that every member fucked her long into the night.

Sister Cary woke with sheets soaked in cum from her flowing cunt.  She was belching cum and her thick pubic hair was coated with dried cum.  She had lost track of the number of times she was fucked and how many cocks she had sucked off.  Rick was still asleep and cum was dribbling from his fucked ass hole.  She was still high and realized she had a meeting this morning at church with the pastor to report on her bible study retreat.  She had plans for the pompous old self serving mother fucker.

She made several pitchers of iced tea and added a half bottle of vodka, two wafers and some cum from her dripping cunt.  She slipped on a very short low cut thin cotton dress, no bra or panties.  Her cunt was on fire and her nipples were rock hard.  She looked in the mirror, added red lipstick and looked like a whore looking for a customer as she left a note for Rick and headed out of the door.

She somehow made it to church, parked and was trying to look normal and sober when she entered the pastor’s office trying not to spill the iced tea.  The pastor looked startled and asked if she was OK.  She said it was the heat and she felt faint.  He had her sit next to him on the office couch and poured the iced tea into two glasses and handed her one.  He said maybe the cool tea would help.  She told him thanks and they both drank.  The pastor said it was the best tea ever and drank another glass.

Right away she saw his face flush and his cock spring erect in his pants.  He was staring at her and licking his lips with lust.  She lay her head on his shoulder, licked his ear and said she hoped he didn’t mind if she told him she was attracted to older men like him.  She had let her dress pull up and he was looking at her long bare legs.  She spread them slightly and he started breathing hard.  She said his wife must feel lucky to have a husband like him to love and a hard cock to fuck.

He said he had never told anyone else but the bitch didn’t even sleep in the same bed with him anymore.  She said from the looks in his pants she was missing something.  She unzipped his pants and his small prick popped out and into her mouth.  He gasped as he exploded, flooding her mouth with cum.  She wiped his cum from her lips and pulled her dress up exposing her flat belly and fat wet cunt lips.  Without a word she mounted him and he started frantically fucking her and came again.   She had him under her control now and the old fuck was hard again.

She kissed his cock head and told him she would be right back and to keep his fucker hard.  She pulled her dress down and smoothed it, winked at him and left his office with the pitcher of iced tea.  Women were gathering in the meeting room for the weekly bible study class that Cary taught.  Cary got there just before the prayer to start the lessons.  She made light of her looks by saying it was the heat.  She hoped the ladies wouldn’t notice the cum running down her legs.

She poured the iced tea into plastic cups and passed them around.  The women were immediately effected and asked for more.  Some were trying to hide the fact that they were starting to finger fuck themselves.  Sister Cary started by saying that there must have been a lot of old men fucking young girls in the biblical times for them to have so many babies.  She said fucking would be today’s lesson.  One of the women said she bet a lot of women were getting fucked by young boys too.

Another woman pulled her dress up and pulled her panty aside and told the group that when her husband left for the day she showered with her 13 year old son and it was just a matter of time until he fucked her.  His cock got hard when she washed it and she knew he jacked off later.  Several women said their husbands were clueless about satisfying them and they would fuck any cock that they could.  Sister Cary said no woman should feel bad about fucking their sons or anyone else.  The woman who said she was going to fuck her son said she would fuck his friends too.  Another woman said she had never felt this horny and she thought about young girls too.

Sister Cary sat on a chair facing them, pulled her dress up and put her heels on the seat showing her bare cunt swollen and leaking cum.  She invited them to her new Church that worshiped family fucking orgies and there were boys and men who had fucked her and even fucked their old grand mothers.  Fathers, men and boys also sucked and fucked each other openly and were cheered.  All the hands went up and they all wanted to go.  She asked them to wait and left the room.  She returned with their pastor, nude and rock hard.  The women clapped and undressed, cunts swollen with lust and as their pastor started fucking them.  Some of the women started kissing each other and groping like teenagers.

On entering the church she had also left a pitcher of iced tea in the room for the boy’s bible study.  It was to start about the same time as the women’s bible study class.  She wondered if any of the boys had drank any.  Just then the son of the mother who showered with him and wanted to fuck him burst in the door.  He was nude, stroking his rock hard cock and frantically looking for his mother.  She saw him and waved.   Her legs were spread and her hairy cunt was open for him.  She screamed in lust as her son plowed her with his raging young cock, her big tits bouncing.

Sister Cary then looked in on the boy’s bible study room to see if anyone was there.  The assistant pastor who taught the boys was a 21 year old slender man with long blond hair.  She always thought he acted effeminate.  No question about him now as he was on his knees sucking a 12 year old boys cock.  Both had their eyes closed as the boy blasted his cum in the teacher’s mouth.  Other younger pre teen boys were dancing around exposing their young boners and grabbing each others pricks.

After Sister Cary left instructions for everyone to meet at the Church of Omni she rushed home to check on Rick.  She found Rick still in bed on their cum soaked sheets holding and kissing Brother Peter while they stroked each other.  As she pulled her wrinkled dress off she asked if she was in time for some of Brother Peter’s big black cock.  Rick winked and nodded and Sister Cary mounted his massive cock.  As she slowly rode him he said he just came by to see how she did at her church and couldn’t pass up Rick’s hot body.

She bent over and told Rick to fuck her moist shit hole while Brother Peter fucked her cunt.  They all had explosive orgasms at the same time and she rolled in between them and started sucking one spent cock after the other.  She said the taste of her shit hole on Rick’s cock really turned her on.  After she sucked them both off she told Rick and Brother Peter about drugging her church members and the mother fuckers were all fucking when she left and would be at the next Church of Omni meeting.

Sister Cary said they should celebrate and made more iced tea with vodka, wafers and drippings from her fucked cunt and shit hole.  They got totally stoned and high and made more plans to subvert Sunday schools, bible study classes and the pastors and their families.

What could be better?


2 thoughts on “CHURCH OF OMNI”

  1. That is a graet story , would have enjoyed more lewd behavious and foreplay but loved the plot , the corruption and the other very exciting ingredients that you put into it .Also i have long been a fan of drugs and other such chemicals being used in stories and films which help the corruption of individuals . The male on male sex was nasty and the descriptions including the corruption of the church women and men was very erotic . I’m going to hope to find more of your stories .

  2. I love all of this unbridled sacrilegious lust, even the man on man sex. I also love that the man was wearing his wife’s panties.

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