Feature Writer: Unknown

Feature Title: CHURCH OF EVIL 9

Published: Unknown / Before 08.06.2014

Story Codes: Erotic Horror


Church of Evil 9


Father Galos was absolutely determined to achieve the ultimate goal that he had set his sights upon, that of becoming a Grand Master in the Circle of Holy Ones, intending on being anointed with that title far sooner than any other priest in the order.  Once he had been invited to attend a ceremonial meeting of the order, seeing and even being given a special honor to participate in the ceremony, Father Galos was totally hooked and looked forward to future ceremonial meetings being held each month.

The special honor given to a new inductee into the Holy Circle, an honor normally reserved for those with the Grand Master or that of the Ultimate Grand Master, such an exclusive right allowed him that one time honor of going first before any of the other members of the holy circle.  Attending his first weekend gathering at the monastery, he merely thought that it was just going to be a gathering for the holy men to watch films of a graphic nature or simply put… x-rated porn flicks.

But when he was taken to what was a two-way mirror, the Grand Master smiled and asked “How do you fancy that lovely beauty?”  Nodding his approval of the lovely beauty, he was then advised that…

“This twenty-nine year beauty is Mrs. Natalie Benton, who has been married for four years, coming to this retreat as a guest of Father Downly to help her get over the loss of her parents in a small plane crash!  And with her husband away on a business trip for the weekend, everything is working out perfectly!  I do understand that Father Downly has used his preemptive right, since she is his guest and member of his congregation, to be the very first male to enjoy her beautiful pink lips.   And then, one of the old-time Grand Masters will execute his privilege in being the first male other than her husband to sample her lovely charms!”

Mrs. Natalie Benton

Thinking back to that first visit, Father Galos recalled:  Having a ring-side view of Father Downly and Mrs. Benton, he was told that the beauty was under a hypnotic spell and the influence of some potent drugs, and thus the sweet thing thought that she was parting her lips to please her loving husband.  Only it was the horny Father Downly’s fat cock that she was clamping her lovely pink lips over and using her pointed tongue to lap and tease his bloated cockhead.  ‘Damn, if they can get innocent young beauties like this under such a spell thinking that she’s making love or having sex with her own husband, this is my true calling!  Do I dare be bold and take advantage of my honored guest status, use the privilege bestowed upon me this weekend?’ he wondered.

He then watched as the Ultimate Grand Master, the priest who had been introduced to him upon his arrival as Father Thomas was about to declare the commencement of the Black Mass.  Only after he clamped his mouth over the sex of the beautiful Mrs. Benton’s sex, eating her to a climax and having her scream out in ecstasy, did the Black Mass commence.

It was then than an elder of the monks. a black monk, gave the beautiful young wife a black dicking and a fucking of a lifetime.  ‘Damn, this sure is a first for the lovely beauty on this night!  Sucking a monk’s cock till it pops in her mouth, getting eaten till she has an orgasm in another monk’s mouth, and then getting a big black dick in her cunt.  Seeing her crawling upon the bed, licking his lips at the sight of her beautiful round ass, Father Galos wondered ‘Has she ever been butt-fucked before?  Oh, God, can I?  Is it alright for me to experience such an unholy act… to fuck this pretty morsel up her tight little ass?”

Electing to use the honor given to him as a new inductee, an announcement made of his electing to use that honor, all the monks began clapping and chanting “Praise to Father Galos!  Praise to Father Galos!  Praise to Father Galos!  Bugger the little wench, Father, bugger her good!  Bugger the bitch, bugger her!  Make her scream!  Make her scream for us!”  Hearing the applause and his name being chanted and praised for taking up the privilege, Father Galos stepped on forward, knelt down upon the foot of the bed and shuffled on up to get behind the naked beauty.  Parting the folds of his holy robe, he gave his hardon a couple of wanks to get it jutting like the bottom of the crucifix, then reached forward to caress her creamy white ass.  But in pushing the pointed head up against the crack of the beauty’s ass, she tried to shuffle forward in a panic, panting out…

“No… no, honey… not back there… it’ll hurt… I’m scared!”

“NOOOOO… no, honey… .Noooooooo!  Eieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  STOP… STOPP!  OWW…. NOOO… OWWWWWW!” Came the beauty’s shrieks of agonizingly sheer pain as Father Galos skewered his thick holy hardon up into her cherry ass.

Not caring how many holy ones were in the audience, that all eyes were focused upon him, Father Galos now had only one desire at that instant, that of hearing the beautiful Mrs. Natalie Benton screaming her head off as her buggered her once cherry ass.

“Aiee… stop… stopppp!  It hurts… it hurts… it hurts so bad!  Owwwww!” The lovely young wife shrieked as Father Galos shagged at her soft beautiful ass, giving it to her as hard as he could to cause her even more pain.

That evening had been so instrumental in Father Galos’ outlook on being a Holy Father and that of taking care of the members of his congregation, especially the young and beautiful ones of the female gender, spiritually as well as ‘physically’!  Determined to get on the fast track of becoming a Grand Master of the Circle of Holy Ones after attending his first ceremonial meeting, he decided on showing his determination to the elders by volunteering to supply the succulent pleasures for the holy ones at the next meeting scheduled for the month of November.

The Circle of Holy Ones indeed got to sample quite a treat at that ceremonial meeting, getting to sample the succulent charms of beautiful Mrs. Teri Ashford and that of Mrs. Keri Hansen.  What made it so very special, a first for all the members of the holy order, was each unholy bastard getting to see for himself if he could detect there was any difference in the fucking of identical twin blond beauties.  One thing for certain that the members of the order had gotten to witness, that each twin responded in the very same manner when being eaten out, for this is what took place:

With fingers of each twin entwined and grasping each others’ hands, then each was sucking in her breath as thick calloused fingers were grasping the waistband of her lacy panties and pulling them down over her hips, down her sexy white legs and off her feet.


Came the stereophonic mewls from the twin beauties as each felt a hot mouth was clamped over her sex and a thick tongue pushed up between her pouting pussy lips.  It was quite an amusing sight as each twin responded in exactly the same manner, that of having bent her legs and raising them up with her toes curled from the pleasure between her legs.

“Ahhhhhh… oohhhhhhhhhh!”

Came the dual moans from the identical twins as each began shaking in uncontrolled spasms from being eaten to an unbelievable orgasm, making her cream in the holy bastard’s slurping mouth.

Identical twins:  Mrs. Teri Ashford (L) and Mrs. Keri Hansen (R)

The audience then got to see all the action taking place, getting to witness the rape of the beautiful blond twins, watching their Brothers’ big black cocks sliding in and out of the tight pink slits.  As each beauty was literally getting the holy shaft fucking in and out of her squishy hole, it was quite an amazing sight to see both sets of sexy white legs rising up to encircle her fucker’s black waist and locking her ankles around her rapist.

Black asses rising simultaneously, then plunging back down at the same instant, it became quite obvious that both identical twins were getting an identical fucking as each was responding and moan in the exact same manner. Loud groans could not be heard coming from the twins as the black bastards began raping their subjects in earnest, causing the beauties to scream as all holy hell broke loose as their rapists sought to plant his holy seed deep in her fertile womb. What had been moans and cries of agony now had changed to that of pure pleasure, with one moaning out…

“Yess… yes… oh, yes!”

And that was followed by the other twin finishing with…

“Yes… fuck me… fuck me… fuck me!”

And after they had screamed out jointly in their joint climax, the big black fuckers showed their brotherly ones the holy seed drooling out of the twin pink slits.  But seconds later those leaking slits would be plugged up by the next holy man in line.

Having learned from one of the Grand Masters that several of the Holy Ones were endowed with the gifted ability in the practice of hypnotism, Father Galos was quite intrigued with the subject, ever since he had witnessed first hand how a beauty’s inhibitions could be removed like at the ceremonial meeting that he had attended as an inductee into the Circle of Holy Ones.

And allowed to crawl up behind the beautiful white and flawless ass of the lovely Mrs. Natalie Benton without any objection, all while she believed it was her husband about to take her from behind, Father Galos had been the first male to stick it up her beautiful ass!  Oh, she had screamed bloody murder when he proceeded to ream out her virginal asshole, but days later when she returned home to her husband, all had been neatly imbedded deep into her mind it would only come back to her in a dream or more likely a nightmare.

And so Father Galos scheduled a meeting with the best of the monks to learn what could or could not be done for what he had in mind to get himself anointed to the title of a Grand Master of the Circle.  He was certainly dreaming big with what he had in mind, but he had to see if in fact it could be accomplished, and if so he knew that putting on such an unthinkable event would surely move him towards the coveted title of Grand Master.  Following that eventful meeting and learning that what he had in mind was in fact possible, just that a minimum of four entire days would be needed for the prep work and follow-through to the last day, Father Galos had to figure out the means on getting each beauty to possibly take off a day from work before a regular three day weekend to attend a special retreat up at the monastery.

With the entire summer booked on the weekends for weddings, Father Galos would make his selection from those lovely beauties who would soon be walking down the aisle.  To learn what he wanted, he decided to be cagey and learn that needed information from the unsuspecting beauty where the questions posed would be intrusive but not to the point when the young woman would become suspicious of his inquire but merely assume it was a part of the premarital sessions that she would soon be attending with her fiance.   Thinking it out, he’d broach the subject in the confessional when she came to confess her sins, first by asking…

“Is there any sins that you need to confess concerning your upcoming wedding?”

If it was a ‘yes’, he’d then have her confess her sins, then take it from there.  If it was a ‘no’ response, he’d then pry more, asking…

“Have you engaged in premarital sex with your fiance?”

Many of those to be married that summer had been quite active sexually and for quite some time.  Some had only jacked off her fiance, a few had gone down and sucked her fiance off, and a few had gotten buggered!  The main aspects that he sought out were that she be:  young, beautiful and the most important aspect of all… a VIRGIN!

A total of five brides-to-be were needed for his unholy agenda, one for the Ultimate Grand Master and one each for the three Grand Masters, and of course one for himself!  Chuckling to himself, Father Galos surmised ‘If’n this doesn’t get me anointed as a Grand Master, wonder what the fuck will it take to make it!  Shit, giving the Ultimate Grand Master and the three Grand Masters a precious cherry to pop on his own should ought to do the fucking trick!’

That third evening at the retreat, this is how the five beauties dressed for dinner:
L to R: Ms. LeAnne Miller (age 25); Ms. Taryn Denton (age 24); Ms. Julie Cramer (age 23); and Ms. Kaori Kishida (age 24)…

With him being in charge of the big event, Father Galos would have first dibs on every event planned, meaning he’d be the first to make his selection if it was a group thing or be the first to lead off on any single event.

Having gotten all the details needed from the monk whose expertise was that of hypnosis, planning the events in accordance of what was required to gradually break these beautiful bitches down sexually so as to have them believe it was pleasurable and what each wanting it to happen, Father Galos figured on getting himself some sweet Asian cuisine on that first night at the monastery.

With each beauty being put under a spell by the monk with the expertise shortly after her arrival, after the beauties dined together for a fabulous meal, the magic spell would then have them under a deep hypnotic spell, after which all would then be led down the stairway to the dungeon of depravity and debauchery.

That first evening, it was important that their virginity be kept in tact according to the monk as more hypnosis would be needed the next day to assure none would ever know or recall her cherry being popped over their stay at the monastery.  Father Galos advised the Grand Master he was coordinating things with as to what props would be needed for the big event, that of having 6 padded drop-away alters for that first evening.

Each would be led down into the dungeon, clad in the nice dress and heels that she wore for dinner, then assisted up onto a separate altar.  All she would see of the male figure standing before her and stroking her sexy legs would be that of her handsome fiance who was feeling her up.

Father Galos had always eyed up the slender creamy legs of Ms. Kaori Kishida and this would be the opportune time to have that sweet Asian cuisine, determined to have her have a wild orgasm right in his mouth as he ate her out good!  And at the same time, all the other beautiful brides-to-be would be getting the very same treatment from one of the Grand Masters.

Once he and the Grand Masters had each of the beauties screaming out in ecstasy and creaming in their mouths, monks would be filing down from the rafters based on seniority to get in line for his turn eat some pussy with a ten minute allotted time per pussy, as that way he could get into the next line to taste the next lovely beauty.  By midnight or so, after each monk and the Grand Masters got a sample taste of each pussy, each of the lovely beauties would then don their panties once again and head up to her bedroom for her beauty sleep.

Day two would be a group therapeutic session, termed that way rather than group hypnosis session which would be the proper way of describing it, more to pave the way for when each would lose her virginity to a holy one.  Thus this in mind, the evening entertainment after the beauties dined together once again, once the monk uttered the magic words to have each beauty in a hypnotic stupor, Father Galos would then lead them down the steps to the Dungeon of Depravity and Debauchery.

The props he had called for would all be in place, with five padded rests that a parishioner would kneel to pray at church, would be placed parallel to one another and facing the west side of the dungeon about five feet apart, for the audience could watch the women kneeling and praying before them.  Then it would be time for them to receive holy communion, with each beauty having he honor of being given holy communion by either Father Galos or one of the Grand Masters himself.

It would quite a special holy communion, one that she had never before experienced at a regular mass on a Sunday, for once the holy robe parted before her, she would get a taste of different kind of holy communion… and she’d get to drink down a very special holy white wine!  For Father Galos, he desired to be the first to part the beautiful pink lips of the lovely Ms. LeAnne Miller, a dreamed to be fulfilled with the beauty kneeling before him so he could cum in her mouth!

Then of course, the monks would be filing down in seniority to get to the beauty of his choice to blow him off.  Each monk would be given up to twenty minutes that first run, more than ample time in which he could pop his load off in her mouth or right in her beautiful face.  When all was done that first round, from then on it’d be a ten minute time limit for a suck off or not, that way allowing every monk to get at least a ten minute suck job from each of the six beauties.

The third evening, after the brides-to-be underwent more hypnotic sessions throughout the day and then dined together once again over another fabulous dinner prepared for them, the aphrodisiac laced food would have each and every one of them hot and eager for some lovemaking with her handsome fiance.  But of course, it would be Father Galos and the Grand Masters standing for the missing grooms.

The props for the second evening called for five single beds to be lined up in two rows length-wise, two in the front row and three in the back and spaced equally apart.  This would be five single events taking place on a bed in the back row so nothing but an empty bed would be separating the view to the rising seat in the background, giving each leering monk a clear view of the action taking place below as he or one of the Grand Masters would be popping some cherry on this eventful night.

For himself, Father Galos would be leading on off and the one that he fancied in busting her preciously little cherry was the petite and beautiful Ms. Julie Cramer, a beauty who always gave him a raging hardon every time he saw her!  ‘Damn that cute and beautiful blond hairdo, so fucking trim… I’s gotta be the one to pop her fucking cherry!’ he panted out.  And to hear her scream when he popped her cherry, Father Galos then planned on pulling out his holy shaft for all the Holy Ones to witness his unholy deed… to gaze upon his bloody shaft that had just raped the beautiful bride-to-be!

Once he ejaculated his holy seed into the once virgin beauty, he’d then get off the bed, leaving the stunned beauty upon the bed with her raped pussy dripping blood upon the mattress.  Next to appear from the room nearby would be the beauty selected by the Ultimate Grand Master, at which time the audience would then get to see that beauty embracing her handsome ‘husband’, being disrobed and placed upon a bed in the second row.

Then she too would be losing her precious virginity that she had been saving all this time for her wedding night and husband-to-be.  Once the back row was filled with a moaning and bleeding beauty, the action would move to the front row of beds till all five cherries had been popped.  Then the watching monks would be hustling down in seniority to be the next one in line for a shot at the beauty of his choice.  Each horny bastard would be allotted fifteen minutes on any one fuck, cum or not it’d mean he’d have to get at the of some line for another shot at one of the beauties.

Ms. Julie Cramer

For young 22 year old Julie Cramer, this was the night that she had longed to be up alone in the honeymoon suite with her handsome husband, the love of her life from high school at the age of sixteen.  Become Mrs. Julie Weston, the wife of handsome Stan Weston, had been her dream since she was a junior in high school when they first began dating.  Her being a cheerleader and Stan a star player on the basketball team, they had been voted the couple most likely to tie-the-knot during their senior of high school.

Not wanting to be apart after high school, they both chose to attend State U. for their college education, with Stan majoring in business and she going into education.  Both set of parents and all their friends knew that they’d be tying the knot together, but both she and Stan put graduating from college first, then they’d be able to get decent jobs and live comfortably as a married couple.

Exactly four years from their first date, Stan had gotten down on one knee and proposed, to which she eagerly said ‘yes’.  But with graduation two years away, it’d be a rather long engagement, with of course Stan trying to convince her that it was all right if they got intimate at this point.  Julie wanted it too, wanted to feeling his loving caresses, but she had made a solemn oath from way back that she would wait to make her wedding night a magical one, that only then would she surrender her virginity.

With their petting getting hotter and heavier following their engagement, Julie knew that they’d get too far along and she’d end up losing her virginity prematurely, so relented some by going as far as to stroke his manhood till he got some relief… first by rubbing Stan through his trousers, but she felt pretty bad in sending him driving home with a mess in his pants, so she had gone as far as to allow him to take his pecker on out so she could fist him off into paper towels kept at the ready.

From the adjoining room and stepping into the dark dungeon that had a spot light upon a bed, through her eyes Julie was seeing the plush elegant honeymoon suite she had seen in the brochure.  And the male standing next to the bed was that of the handsome man she had married earlier that afternoon, for now she was Mrs. Julie Weston, and hubby Stan would soon be making a woman of her.

Reaching  her husband, Julie tilted her head up to engage in an intimate kiss with her loving husband, but in reality it was the very priest that would soon be performing her wedding ceremony whom she was kissing and whose hands were grasping her ass cheeks.  Taking off her necklace, Julie then turned her back to her husband so he could have the honor and pleasure of taking off her dress for the very first time.

Zipper pulled on down, Julie shivered with pleasure as the large masculine hands pushed the dress off her shoulders and began caressing her bare flesh.  Large inexperienced fingers fumbled with the hook of her bra but they finally did get to it unhooked.  Once the calloused fingers pushed the bra straps off her shoulders, the protective garment slid down her arms to fall to the floor upon her puddled dress.

Large masculine arms encircling her arms and petite body, Julie sucked in her breath as the hands cupped her twin breasts, then swooned as thick thumbs began flicking at her sensitive pink nipples.

“Oh, Stan… .ohhh, yes… I’ve been waiting for this for so long!  Oh, that feels so good!”

Shivering from the thumbing of her sensitive nipples and from tonguing of her earlobe, Julie smiled as her ‘husband’ whispered in her ear.

“Oh, honey… I’ve been wanting to do this for so long too!”

With her ‘husband’ requesting that he wanted her to keep her white heels on as such made her look even sexier, Julie complied as she stepped out of her puddled clothing, getting up onto the bed with just her heels and pink panties on.  From her prone position on the bed, Julie watched as her handsome ‘husband’ began undressing by taking off the robe he had been wearing.

She was surprised to see that he had not been wearing any jockeys, sucking in her breath as her ‘husband’s’ penis looked so much bigger than before, as if it had swollen to twice the size from what she recalled touching.  The penis her ‘husband’ was fisting was so… BIG!  Suddenly the hypnotic suggestion implanted on the day she had arrived kick in, causing tremble in fear of being torn apart as she panted out.

“Oh, Stan… its… its so BIG… its too BIGGGGG!”

Then her husband was kneeling up on the foot of the bed, moving up some so he could reach the waistband of the pink panties.  Panties worked on down, baring her sex to her ‘husband’, although trembling with fear Julie was so pleased that the man she had married was enjoying getting her naked for the big event.  With the flimsy garment stripped off her legs and heels, she then nervously spread her legs wide to accommodate the man she loved.  Embracing her ‘husband’ as another intimate kiss ensued, Julie trembled with fear as she felt the thick bloated cockhead rubbing itself up and down her sex to get itself into place.

Breaking the kiss, Julie panted out, “Oh, honey… .I’m scared… you… you’re too big!”

Trembling turning into her entire body shaking with fear, Julie sobbed.

“Honey, I’m sorry… I can’t… I’m afraid!  Please… let’s wait till morning!  Let’s just wait till morning comes!”

Knowing what hypnotic thoughts had been fed to the trembling beauty, Father Galos had been waiting for her to panic in this manner and was totally prepared on her plea to stall things to the next morning.  It had all been planned in advance, for he’d now give the beauty something that would be tucked away in her subconscious till the morning after her wedding day.  What happened this evening would be what the beauty would recall taking place the night before in the honeymoon suite when her real husband fucked her for the very first time.  Jutting hardon stiff and at the ready, head up against her tight little slit, Father Galos got himself a good grip on her trim hips.

“Eeeiiiiii!  Aieeeee!”

Came the shrieks of pain from the terrified beauty as gave to her good and hard, determined to and indeed getting to bust her precious little cherry on one big thrust of his throbbing cock.  He laughed and chuckled at her plight, wanting her to feel the pain caused by her uncaring ‘husband’, knowing she’d never forget nor forgive him for so brutally taking her virginity.  And what he had planned next would certainly anger the beauty each time she’d think of her terrifying wedding night with her brutal ‘husband’.

Pulling his bloody cock all the way out to put it on display for the appreciative audience, he then reached his arm up to slide his hand under the back of her head, lifting it up so she could gaze down on his blood streaked boner while he gloated.

“Popped your cherry, sweetie!  Look at my cock… I went and busted your cherry with it!  You’re my bitch now!”

Letting her head fall back onto the mattress, he grasp her trim hips once again, then shoved his raping fuck-stick back up into her bleeding slit.  Humping away at the beautiful bitch without mercy, deliberately wanting her to feel no pleasure, for she’d always remember how her uncaring ‘husband’ only sought to please himself with no consideration whatsoever for her feelings or comfort.

Wanting the bitch to think that the loving and caring guy she had married had tuned into a real uncaring bastard, Father Galos continued to brutalize the beauty by hammering away at her bleeding pussy, all while demeaning her by telling her that…

“You’re mine now, bitch!  All mine!  From now on, when I want you to spread those fucking legs, all I want to hear out of you is ‘How wide?’ Got me, bitch?”

He loved it as that got the beautiful bitch sobbing and crying in disbelief that the man she thought she loved and had married was really a bastard and sex fiend, not giving a damn about her feelings at all.  Jack-hammering away at the bleeding bitch, he was about to go and pop his holy load in her, gritting his teeth to try and extend his rape of the petite little beauty.  But trying with all his might, it all had to come to an end as he grunted out…

“Gonna cum… gonna cum…. gonna fill your tight little pussy with my cum!  Ahhh … ahhh.. ah, fuckkkk… yeah… cumming in you, bitch!”

Having emptied his lust into the weeping beauty, Father Galos then pushed himself up from the bleeding bitch, pulling is spent dick out of ravaged slit and then slid on off the bed.  With the spotlight on the beauty going out and another one coming on to focus an empty bed nearby, the beauty he had just raped and taken her precious virginity could rest her aching body some, but more was to come when all the holy ones could get in on the action.

Ms. LeAnne Miller

For 25 year old Ms. LeAnne Miller, having obtained her nursing degree and becoming a registered nurse, she had met her husband-to-be while on the job.  Engaged to young and handsome Dr. Greg Ralston, life couldn’t be better for LeAnne as her fiance was so loving and caring, readily agreeing with her desire to surrender her virginity on their wedding night so that it would be her special wedding gift to him.

They had already purchased a beautiful home in a rather luxurious subdivision of upper class homes, the home that she was living at by herself so as not to get too tempted and losing sight of precious gift to her husband on their wedding night.  They agreed that he wait till near their wedding date to begin moving his things into the home, that he would only make the final move of his joining her to live there after they had gotten married.

Kissing, some intimate caresses naturally took place between the loving couple from when they had been dating some and more so following their engagement, but all caresses were through their clothing.  In thinking about her being twenty-five years of age, LeAnne was very proud of herself for never having surrendered her virginity, although that had come very close to not happening.

It had been back in high school when she was a bit on the wild side and her boyfriend was the star quarterback for the football team, when he was about to claim her virginity in the backseat of his car.  The fact that her virginity had been preserved had been quite a fortunate one for LeAnne, eager then to let the handsome teen jock make her a woman, her grasping his manhood to help guide him to the right spot instead had him creaming all over her fingers.  Days later, having caught her boyfriend two-timing her, that had been the end of their relationship and thus the reason she could still plan in surrendering her virginity after the wedding ceremony to her handsome doctor fiance.

Into the spotlit empty bed stepped a large robed figure, with that holy robe worn by the Ultimate Grand master, entirely covering the large two hundred and fifty pounds of his  big muscular body… his two hundred and fifty pounds of coal black ebony flesh!  But as the lovely Ms. LeAnne Miller stepped out of the adjoining room and into the spotlight upon her, all she would see standing next to the bed in the other spotlight was that of her handsome white-boy doctor ‘husband’, the man whom she had supposedly married some six hours earlier.

The holy robe in her eyes were that of a bathroom that her ‘husband’ had donned after undressing and getting ready for bed, and with his hand on her wrist to guide her manicured fingers between the folds of the robe, LeAnne grasped the thick cudgel as her ‘husband’ took off the robe and let it fall to the floor behind him.  In her eyes, it was her whiteboy’s penis that she was touching and stroking, getting it up hard so it could do the deed and claim that gift that she had preserved for him on their wedding night.

But those in the audience was getting a special thrill in seeing her trim manicured fingers stroking the thick twelve inches ebony cock belonging to the Ultimate Grand Master of Holy Ones.  With her using her right hand to stroke the pulsating tube of flesh, her ‘husband’ then guided her by the shoulder, turning her counter-clockwise so she could keep on stroking him while he undid the button behind her neck that would undo the entire top of her colorful print shoulder-less dress.

Top of her dress undone, the front and back of it fell to her waist, caught there by the elastic waistband.  Then her strapless bra was being undone, baring her breasts for her ‘husband’ whose arms had encircled her entire body so he could get his hands on her bare titties for the very first time.  The staring eyes up in the audience saw the blond beauty close her eyes as she lay the back of her head upon her ‘husband’s’ chest, all while actually getting pleasure as the Ultimate Grand Master’s thick ebony thumbs got her sensitive pink nipples to rise up in excitement.

Panties around her ankles after being worked on down by her ‘husband’, LeAnne then stepped out of them and the slip-on heels she had been wearing, then took off the red bracelet she had been wearing and set it  own at the foot of the mattress.

“Go and lie down so I can look at your beautiful body!” She was told, and thus she got onto the bed and slid her body up to center of it.

From her prone position, she could see her ‘husband’ fisting himself, apparently getting himself ready to make love to her, and she licked her lips at the thought of her handsome ‘husband’ about to make a woman of her.  But to LeAnne’s widening eyes, the fisted tube of flesh began to get even bigger at this point, so much longer and thicker that she was truly afraid of having it penetrating her.

“Oh, Greg… I’m scared… I’m so scared!  It’s too big… it won’t fit… I’m scared… it’ll hurt bad… real bad… I know I won’t be able to take it all in!” She panted out in absolute fear.

She thought that her loving ‘husband’ would understand her fear, just as the he treated his patients, that of being kind and gentle while always taking whatever time was needed for one to get over his/her fears.  LeAnne was in total shock to her her loving ‘husband’ gruffly tell her.

“Shut up, bitch!  You’re my wife now and you need to do your wifely duties!  Now spread those fucking legs and gimme the fuck you’ve been dangling about for the past fucking year!”

Stunned by those comments, extending her arms out to keep him at bay but LeAnne was no match physically as merely brushed her arms aside and shuffled up between her legs.

“Aieeee…. stooooooop… stopp!  It hurts… it hurts… it hurts so bad!” She scream out in agonizing pain as her ‘husband’ had thrust his proud animal into her without any concern for her feelings.

Seconds later, with her husband’s hand at the back of her head, LeAnne was forced to look at the bloody penis that had just taken her virginity so brutally.  “There, finally!  That’s what you deserve for making me wait so fucking long!  Bleed, bitch, bleed!” her uncaring bastard of a ‘husband’ told her.  Head dropped back onto he mattress, LeAnne threw an arm over her eyes to block out the nightmare of her wedding night, sobbing as her ‘husband’ grasped her hips roughly, then the bastard she had married went and thrust his manhood brutally into her once again.

Tears flowing from her eyes, LeAnne could only sob in despair and totally disbelief as to how her cherished day had come to an end in such a nightmarish way.  But little did LeAnne know that this nightmare had just begun, for the Holy Ones hidden in the darkness of the dungeon were all waiting for their turn to participate in the fun and games for the evening, only to end in the wee hours of the morning when all were spent and done.  Grimacing and gritting her teeth from the awful pain, she sobbed as her uncaring ‘husband’ apparently only cared about himself as he thrust in and out of her without any thought of her well-being.

And then the bastard was trying to kiss as he continued thrusting in and out of her aching slit, then was gruffly told, “Gimme some tongue, bitch!”

Sobbing and body shaking, LeAnne forced herself to comply with her uncaring ‘husband’s’ demand by parting her lips for him. She felt so disgusted in the way his thick tongue dove into her mouth to dart up against her tongue, making her feel sick to her stomach and repulsed by the bastard she had just married. LeAnne received no pleasure whatsoever from what was to a memorable occasion, feeling so humiliated and degraded at what had taken place, thinking that her ‘husband’ was no better than a rapist just that this was a legitimate rape since they were husband and wife.

For the Ultimate Grand Master, this was the ultimate thrill of all time, that of raping this young bride-to-be and stealing away the virginity promised to the man she was to marry.  Raping her brutally, wanting her to feel all the pain caused by her bastard of a ‘husband’, he loved hearing her sob and cry in her misery as that only spurred him on to thrusting even harder into the beautiful little bitch. And as the end neared for him, he chanted out…

“Gonna cum, bitch!  Gonna cum!  Gonna make this one night you’ll always remember!  Yeah, a bride always remembers her wedding night, especially when her cherry gets popped!  Yeah, my sweet little bitch, this will be one night you’ll always remember. Oh, yeah … yeah… gonna cum… gonna cum!  Arggggggggghhhhhhhh… there it is.. ahhhh… gonna pump ya full of cum!”

A moment later, pulling his still long dong out of her ravished cunt, he watched as the raped beauty curled up in a fetal position as she continued sobbing from her painful ordeal, and the Ultimate Grand Master watched the mixture of his cum and her bleeding hymen ooze out of her raped slit.  He couldn’t help but wonder if his holy semen with end up giving he lovely beauty a little black baby in nine months time. Whispering those few magic words into her ear, the raped beauty was then in a deep hypnotic sleep, only to be awakened later when the holy ones up in the audience came down to sample her lovely charms.  The spotlight on the now sleeping beauty, just raped and her precious virginity plucked away, went out and another came on to focus on and highlight an empty bed nearby.



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