Feature Writer: Unknown

Feature Title: CHURCH OF EVIL 11

Published: Unknown / Before 08.06.2014

Story Codes: Erotic Horror


Church of Evil 11


Ms. Julie Cramer

As Julie approached the handsome man she had married earlier that day, she longed for him to make a woman of her finally.  Sliding her hands up his muscular chest, she tilted her head as his thick lips closed down upon hers, and then she panted out…

“Oh, Johnny, I’ve waited so long for tonight… waited for this night when we can finally make love together… and you making a woman of me!”

She watched as her ‘husband’ pulled one of the ties of her black ribbon belt, then turned as he guided her to in order undo the clasp and then pull down the zipper of her dress.  Dress pushed over her shoulders, slowly falling down her ivory arms, then off her hands and over her hips to fall around her black heels.  Clasp of her beige bra undone, straps were then pushed off her shoulders, cups falling away to bare her twin boobs.

Cold air had her pink nipples budding up, then immediate hardness to both as thick thumbs began flicking upon them.  Pushed down onto the bed, she lay there on her back as her ‘husband’ peeled off her 3″ black heels and tossed them aside, then he was grasping the waistband of her smokey pantyhose, rolling the garment off her hips and down off her trim legs.  And then her ‘husband’ was after her beige panties, determined to get her bareass naked as he stripped that flimsy garment from her.  With her husband stripped naked before her, fisting the mighty prong that jutted skyward, Julie raised her arms up to accept her down onto her.

But instead of her ‘husband’ coming into her arms, he had grasped her arms and pulling her up from the bed, pulling her upwards and atop of him as his heavy body fell to the bed.  Julie found herself being made to straddle her ‘husband’s’ broad hips as he lay upon his back on the bed.  This was certainly not the way in which she ever imagined losing her virginity on her wedding night, feeling his calloused hands adjusting her petite body, then felt that thick prong upon which she was being centered upon.

“No… not like this… not like this!” Came the frantic plea from the frightened beauty as she tried to struggle against him and pull herself up from the bed and out of his grasp.

Fighting with all her might, Julie found that her ‘husband’ was so much stronger than her and obviously intent on claiming her virginity in this despicable manner.  Suddenly being pulled on down by the large hands on her trim hips, with her vile ‘husband’ giving a huge thrust upwards, Julie’s eyes widened in absolute horror and from the sheer pain of being entered so brutally.

”Owww! Johnny, stop… stop… it hurts so bad!”

Her ‘husband’s’ penis suddenly began sliding to and fro, in and out at a quickened pace, for the blood from her ruptured hymen served as a lubricant for their fucking.

Julie just could not believe that the man she had loved and looked forward to marrying could be so heartless and uncaring of her feeling on their precious wedding night. No thought of making a woman of her by gentle lovemaking, as she always had dreamed of, but instead he had so callously taken her virginity in such a hideous and uncaring manner. It had been sheer agony for her, a terrible ordeal as she was held on down by his strong while he kept on lunging upwards into her bleeding slit.

And then his trusting up into her began to quicken at a more rapid pace, Johnny thrust his proud animal all the way in to the hilt before he groaned out his lust and began to spew his pent up sticky semen into her fertile womb.  Now his hands were pushing her her upwards, till she was off his thick spurting spear, tossed off onto her side as her damned ‘husband’ had now sated his lust.

As darkness set in around her, Julie closed her eyes and seconds later was in a deep sleep.  But her sleep would be short lived, for soon her loving ‘husband’ would be wanting more of her sexy body, getting her legs wide so he could get between them once again and to shove his rock hard manhood up into her pain racked body.  Body hurting from the brutal taking of her virginity, there would be no mercy from her lusting ‘husband’ as he thrust himself hard up into her bloody snatch.

Five overhead lights now came one, each light focused upon upon a separate bed, upon which lay a recently deflowered virgin with a puddle of blood between her trim sexy legs.  Perimeter lights in the dungeon also came on, allowing the holy ones to hurry on down to get into line, whether it be to sate his lust in a particular beauty who had caught his fancy or merely to get into the shortest line so he could get his nuts popped as soon as possible.  On their backs, sometimes on all fours to be mounted from the backside, and at times she’d be pulled atop of her ‘husband’s’ jutting prong… she’d be fucked like a bitch by a lusting holy one.

If all the lines were equal in length, one hundred and twenty divided by five would mean there would be some twenty-five horny holy ones continuously waiting to empty his holy goodness into one of the beautiful brides-to-be.  And with those blue pills readily available to the holy ones, each of the five raped beauties would getting a sample of each holy cock sometime during the night.  When her wedding day did arrive, the supposedly virginal bride would be far from being a virgin, not after this unholy retreat where she would be getting herself fucked several hundred times before the weekend concluded.  One question would exist on their departure from the monastery, that of ‘How many of these raped beauties would be walking down the aisle, having been made pregnant by a holy one on her retreat to the monastery?’

On each of the five beds throughout the night, often an arm would be thrown over the beauty’s eyes as she moaned and pleaded for her ‘husband’ to be gentler with her all went for naught as he took no heed of her discomfort, merely thrusting himself into her still bleeding slit.  In her dazed mind, wondering just what kind of sex maniac she had married, for all her supposedly ‘husband’ seemed to care about was to sate his lusty needs in her body.

His heavy body lying atop of her, thrusting his bloated cock in and out of her bloody slit, at time he’d have her legs draped over his shoulders and at other he’d have them widespread as he hunched in and out of her aching body.  She could not believe how insatiable he was on this special evening, how quickly he was at her once again after just spewing his hot liquid lust in her just moments before, and then he was again in her for another fuck session that would soon having him soon grunting out his lust into her.

Over and over, cock after cock, the sobbing beauty would be continuously shagged and humped till there were no more erections still standing near 3.00 AM. Beginning at 2.00 AM, Father Galos called for a brief break to introduce the next unholy game, trying to assure that when each beauty left the dungeon, her cunny would be filled to the brim with holy semen.  With each beauty pulled on down the bed so her buttocks was near the edge of the bed, knees spread wide and bent and foot planted, so each would literally serve to be a cum dump for the holy ones!

In the darkness ringing the walls of the dim dungeon stood the naked holy ones, each stroking his boner up to hardness with the aid of the blue pills he had downed throughout the night, getting it to a point where he could once again ejaculate his holy seed into one of the desirable beauties.

With the Grand Masters and holy ones wanking away, Father Galos smiled upon seeing how each onlooker/participant seemed to be smiling widely as he wanked away in hopes of being the next one to rush on forward for others to see him sticking his stiff boner into the beauty he desired… sticking his cock into her, planting his holiness in her cunny, watching his holy filth dripping out of her raped snatch when he pulled on out.

It started off slowly, a holy one rushing out from the darkness to stick his cock into a raped beauty, no stroking… just sticking it in seconds before ejaculating in her!  But after the first then minutes, all five beauties were simultaneously being seeded with another holy one immediately in line to give her another dosage of baby making jizz.

At 3.00 AM, with all holy cocks spent from two outpourings, each of the raped beauties would given the hypnotic commands instilled in her mind.  Following the hypnotic commands given to her, she would then retrieve her heels and clothing from the dungeon floor, then proceed up the stairway and up to her room with cum drooling down her inner thighs.  Showering away any evidence of her violation, she would then fall into a deep hypnotic induced sleep, to away the next morning not remembering anything but the fabulous meal she and the other women had shared, not noticing any difference in her body… especially not realizing that she had just lost the precious jewel between her lovely legs that she had guarded so carefully for all these years, the jewel she was planning to give to the man she married on their wedding night!

On the fourth day of the retreat, their last day at the monastery, following a group ‘therapeutic’ session once more they would again follow Father Galos down to the Dungeon of Depravity and Debauchery.  That would be their last meal for the day till breakfast the next morning before departing for home, each would stand and  disrobe before her handsome ‘husband’, then made to get up onto all fours on a separate bed.  Beds again would be in two rows but this time staggered to give the audience of every bed and the happens upon it.

With him being the leader of the pack, him giving the signal to commence the action, Father Galos planned on choosing the lovely Ms. Kristin Gerber to be his bed companion.  It would be his motion for each to commence the activity planned by he and each of the Grand Masters grasping the trim hips of the beauty kneeling before him, thrusting hard with his holy shaft to spear deep and hard up the screaming bride-to-be’s virgin ass!  It would be quite a thrill for all down in the dungeon, except the screaming victims of course, to hear five beauties screaming out in unison as each got herself buggered for the very first time.  After her buggering,  each beauty would be quite busy and with her hands full… of COCK!

From late morning till the wee hours of the next morning, it would be a continuous gangbang session of all the lovely brides-to-be, sucking and getting fucked in every which way.  And with so many horny monks wanting in on the action, if all holes were filled, a good handjob would do till he could stick it into one of her orifices!  With 120 other horny holy bastards wanting to sate his lust time and time again, the only meals the young beauties would be getting was what each holy one planned on feeding them… hot jizz from his churning balls!  By the end of this day, each beautiful bride-to-be would have somehow sated each and every monk at the monastery, all one hundred and twenty of them, in at least one way way or another.

A healthy breakfast the next morning followed by another a deep and lengthy group ‘therapeutic’ session, this time to reinforce the hypnotic suggestions implanted from that first day and then to instilling thoughts and memories that each beauty would recall of her monastery retreat.  Implanted in each one’s mind was the thought that she indeed was still a ‘virgin’ when she walked on down the aisle later that summer, that it was the man she married that day would be the one very one to claim her virginity on their wedding night.  She would naturally be quite surprised that being penetrated by her husband’s penis was not at all the painful experience she had prepared herself for, that it was in fact quite pleasureful.

Most surprising for the bride on her wedding night would be finding that she had not bled from the rupturing of her precious hymen, not like what she had read about and expected, but would merely assume that it was her good fortune that it turned out that way.  But her surprise and lovemaking experience with her husband on her actual wedding night would be gone once she awoke in the honeymoon suite the next morning.

Erased from her mind was the ease of her husband penetrating her on their wedding night, along with the fact that she had not bled at all, those events all being replaced by the  deeply suppressed memories of when she had actually lost her virginity to her ‘husband’ and how unexpected virile he had been throughout the entire night.  What she would recall of her wedding night was that her ‘husband’ was insatiable, ejaculating in her time and time again, pulling out each time he had ejaculated but seconds later was have another run at her.  She recalled going to the bathroom to shower and cleanse her body, how she had examined her swollen slit, dabbing it with a tissue as a trickle of blood still flowed from her ruptured hymen.

As the newlyweds would have their wedding night memories fresh in their minds, the details would almost never be discussed that next morning, especially details as to whether she had indeed bled or not from the first time they made love, as deeply implanted hypnotic suggestions were to rise to the surface of her mind after waking the morning after her wedding night.  So, the young wife would be having memories of when she actually had lost her virginity and seen evidence of her ruptured hymen in the bathroom as she examined herself, and rather upset with her supposed loving and caring husband.

What she would remember of her wedding night when she surrender her virginity to her ‘husband’ was how uncaring he had been, no gentle caresses in their lovemaking, but with him grasping her hips tightly as he brutally shoved his ‘thing’ into her to sate his vile lust.  Her husband was no longer the same loving and caring person to her, and what he had done after rupturing her hymen to claim her virginity was so despicable, for she could still hear his laughter as he put his hand behind her head and pulling her up some so she could see his blood streaked shaft as he laughingly chuckled out…

“Made a woman out of you, honey!  Went and busted that cherry of yours!”

And once her head was laid back down upon the mattress, she felt his strong hands on her hips once again, then another brutal thrust of his ‘thing’ into her bleeding slit.  He had been uncaring in trying to take it easy nor cared of her comfort one iota, for the bastard just proceed to fuck away into her aching slit, till he ejaculated his lust deep into her womb.  With an arm over her tearing eyes to block out her miserable wedding night, she was surprised to have her ‘husband’ wanting more sex so quickly as his penis was still so stiff and hard as he thrust into her once again.

Only after being taken around the tenth time, the pain then subsided and the constant rubbing of her clit by the cock sliding in and out did the pleasure of lovemaking become pleasurable for her.  After finally soaring into outer space with a mind-shattering orgasm did she begin to crave the hard rough fucking of her ‘husband’ giving it to her hard though uncaring till he popped off into her clasping pussy.

What would be going through hubby’s wondering mind was totally the opposite after not having found the cherry juice he had been expecting from his supposedly virginal bride, or as to why her cunny took him into her vagina so easily, making it apparent that this was not the first time she ever had sex before.  Hubby would naturally begin wondering as to why his wife had put him off till their wedding night, especially in view of the obvious fact that she had spread her legs for some other guy in a previous relationship, questions lingering as to ‘Why’d she string me along all this time with that ‘wait till we’re married’ bullshit?  Fucking bitch… making me wait till I put a ring on her finger… figuring I wouldn’t marry a whore if I knew she put out for other guys before me!’

Of course, hubby would never dare confront his new bride of his suspicions, but this certainly was not the way to begin a trusting and loving marriage.  More questions would crop up in hubby’s mind on the second day of their honeymoon when it’d be the first time he ever heard the ‘F’ word being uttered by his supposedly innocent young wife. One moment they were in an intimate embrace, then his beautiful wife seemed like a totally different woman as she suddenly got up on all fours on the center of the bed, telling him…

“Oh, honey…fuck me… fuck me like a bitch in heat!”

With his once innocent, supposedly prim and proper young wife now acting like a fucking nymph, hubby would certainly feel like a cuckold and indeed wondered if she had been getting dicked on the side while playing innocent with him.  So different she had become after they had been pronounced husband and wife, all due to the hypnotic suggestions implanted deep in subconscious that bubbled to the surface now that she had gotten married, the key that have her acting like a true slut in need of sex!

Now the innocent, prim and proper young lady that he had been engaged to, seemed nothing but a whore and a slut to him as obviously she had been fucking another guy and probably other guys on the side all along.  That constant wondering, about beautiful wife having fucked other guys all along, would have his sexual performance at quite an under par level… often to be evidence with his wife panting out desperately…

“No… no… not yet… not yet… no, honey… no!  oh!”

Her disappointment obviously showed as he’d pop off too soon, making it evident that she wanted a better fucking… probably like the kind of fucking the slut had gotten from other guys!

The hypnotic suggestions implanted deep in the beauty’s subconscious would always rise to her conscious mind when lovemaking with her loving husband commenced, at which time she would begin to mentally compare his performance to that of what she had been introduced to and come to crave at the monastery’s Dungeon of Depravity and Debauchery.

Once hubby’s penis would penetrate her lips, that of either her mouth  or pussy, the beautiful wife would mentally be comparing his hardon to the stiff holy ones of the monastery.  At the start of every month of married life approach, more timely hypnotic suggestions would surface like a time release capsule, such at the beginning of her fourth month of marriage the young newlywed would begin to constantly wonder ‘I wonder if he finds me attractive?  Does he dream of me when he goes to bed at night?  Does he like looking a my legs?  Will he get excited with me dangling a heel the next time we’re over visiting?  Will he try to sneak a peek up my skirt when I deliberately spread my legs in his direction while getting up from the sofa or off the bar stool?  Would he dare make a move on me… try to bed me… try to get in his daughter-in-law’s panties?’

And if the tempted father-in-law didn’t make a move, under the dinner table that next month, he’d find that his beautiful daughter-in-law had slipped off a heel as her toes were making their way up the leg of his trousers!  And the old boy would sure have to be stupid at that point to not know that he could easily get his son’s young beautiful wife in bed, to give her the hot and naughty fucking that she craved.  Needless to say, a number if not all the old boys would be getting the thrill of a lifetime, that of hearing his young and beautiful daughter-in-law pant out…

“Ohhhhhhhhh, Pop… yes… fuck yes… fuck it to your daughter-in-law… cum… cum in me… knock up your son’s teasing wife… fuck your baby in me! Do it, Pop… do it! Oh… your cum is so hot… oh, yes!”

During the Christmas holidays of that next year, two of the old boys would be beaming with joy, that of being a ‘grandfather’ and ‘father’ all in one breath as his lovely daughter-in-law just gave birth the the baby he had fucked up into her!  As for the other three, he had no such luck on impregnating his beautiful daughter-in-law, each was a bit along before even her wedding date… having been knocked up by a holy one!



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