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Feature Title: CHOIR DIRECTOR 2

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Story Codes: Religious Themes, Authoritarian Lesbian, Humiliation, Reluctant

Synopsis: Mandy was a good girl once again, and I wanted Catey to have a sign of my deep affection for her. So here’s Part Two.

Choir Director 2

Angela awoke in the middle of the night and smiled down at her new little plaything Mandy. Angela had used Mandy mercilessly to satisfy her carnal passions for the entire previous evening. Happily for Angela, Mandy had been a surprisingly quick study; slavishly obedient and wantonly responsive to anything Angela dreamed up to do with her. In fact, Angela had practically worn the obliging young subby schoolteacher to a frazzle before permitting her finally to cum. Angela had really enjoyed watching Mandy wriggle around as her orgasms took her over. And the choir director had enjoyed even more the wanton little whimpers and squeals Mandy made as she came, and came, and came for her mistress.

Mandy had proven herself to be very obedient because of her deep and abiding craving to serve her domme in any way Angela desired. And the little subby teacher had been most thankful for Angela’s permission for her finally to find sweet release. Most thankful, indeed. She had fallen into a deep sleep almost immediately after cumming with her head resting on Angela’s naked hip, a beatific smile on her sweet, young face.

Angela grinned to herself as she began toying with Mandy’s left nipple. In her dream state, Mandy began to wriggle on the bed, displaying all her ample charms to her new owner. The choir director just had to gloat when she recalled that Mandy’s luscious body was all hers any time she desired it. Her sleeping play toy lewdly scissored her smooth thighs against each other and arched her chest so that Angela could have more of her to fondle.

Mandy finally awoke to discover herself being lewdly played with. At first, she was embarrassed beyond words to be in such a wanton state. Then she remembered and smiled.

“Hello, slut,” Angela said in a languid, honeyed voice.

Mandy stretched like a cat.

“Hello, Angela,” she whispered.

Angela pinched Mandy’s nipple to get her attention.

Mandy sucked in her breath, taken completely by surprise at the sharp pain that radiated from her nipple.

“Are you still my little subbypoo slut, Mandy?”

Mandy nodded her head as a wave of exquisite pain washed over her body and started her little itch growing.

Angela pinched harder, and was rewarded by a luscious Mandy squeal of pain.

“Yes, Angela. I’m still your little subby slut.”

Angela left off her vicious pinching and returned to her wanton fondling.

“That’s my good girl. You need to get up now and go home. I want you fresh for Lisa tomorrow.”

At the mention of her student Lisa’s name, Mandy froze. In her whirlwind of lust earlier in the evening, she had completely forgotten about Angela’s order that she deliver a note from her to Lisa during class the next day. Mandy didn’t want to bring Lisa into her intimate relationship with Angela. Not at all. It was embarrassing and humiliating enough for the shy schoolteacher to admit to herself that she was in an intimate relationship with her female choir director: a dome/sub relationship where she was most definitely the sub. But she simply couldn’t imagine how completely degraded she would be if one of her own students became involved also. Besides, Mandy served Angela because she was drawn specifically to her like iron filings to a magnet. There was just something about Angela that made Mandy melt inside. She would do anything for Angela: anything at all. But extending her servitude to include one of her students. That was different: very, very different.

“Angela, please don’t make me get Lisa involved in this. She’s one of my students, and she’s always embarrassing me in class. She scares me and I don’t like her. Please, let me serve you without getting Lisa involved.”

Mandy looked absolutely pitiful as she begged Angela not to involve Lisa in their lewd little dome/sub relationship. Tears of shame were welling up in her eyes. But Mandy’s pitifulness only made Angela more committed than ever to involve Lisa.

Angela began running her fingertips along the nape of Mandy’s neck.

“Aren’t you my bad little slut girl, Mandy? Don’t you want to do what Angela says?”

Mandy began to sob as she nodded her head in agreement. Both women knew exactly what Mandy was.

“Say it for me, baby.”

Mandy looked pleadingly over at Angela.

“I’m still your bad little slut girl, and I want to do what you tell me.”

Angela stopped toying with Mandy’s neck.

“Well then, Mandy slut. Hadn’t you better get dressed right now while I write that nasty little note to Lisa. Huh, baby?”

Mandy’s face showed the depth of her emotional pain. She most certainly didn’t want to involve Lisa, but she didn’t want to lose Angela, either.

“Well, baby?”

Mandy sobbed and nodded her head. She had already committed herself to being Angela’s personal little slut. She knew how much she needed Angela to tell her what to do. She knew for certain that, even if it embarrassed or humiliated her, she just had to submit her life to Angela’s keeping from now on. She had been expectantly waiting for someone like Angela all her life. Now that she had found what she needed so desperately, she just couldn’t allow Angela to slip away.

Mandy lowered her head in shame.

“Yes, Angela.”

Angela reached out her hand and casually allowed it to slide over Mandy’s naked breasts. Mandy began whimpering as Angela fondled her hungry flesh. Her itch was growing again.

Angela giggled.

“You’re just so hot for me. Aren’t you, baby. You would do anything I told you to. I’m going to be so amused watching one of your little student girls put you through your paces for me. You’re just such a little slut. But you’re my slut. And I’m going to give you to Lisa just for fun.”

Mandy shivered as she nodded her agreement while hot tears rolled down her cheeks. She knew deep in her soul that Angela was absolutely right about her and what she would do, no matter what it cost her later.

After a while, Angela grew bored watching Mandy cry as she toyed with her naked body. So she ordered her little plaything to get up and get dressed. As Mandy was retrieving her blouse and skirt, Angela plucked up the schoolteacher’s soiled panties where they had been thrown the night before and placed them inside a small manila envelope along with the little note she had handwritten to Lisa.

Angela smiled a wicked little smile as she handed Mandy the package.

“Tell Lisa that you want to see her after school today. Then, give this to her after class first thing and ask her very sweetly to open it and read the note. I’ve told her whose panties those are and she can verify that you aren’t wearing any if she wants to.”

Mandy dumbly nodded her head as she took the little package from Angela’s hand.

“Good girl. We’ll have such fun, Lisa and I. I have this girlfriend in the city who could use some entertainment, too. I’ll call her tomorrow and arrange a visit.”

Mandy cringed at Angela’s new revelation. So now she was going to be used by one of Angela’s friends as well as her student, Lisa. Where was this all going to end?

As she drove back to her house that night, Mandy let her mind wonder where she was going. She knew that she wanted desperately to belong to Angela. She knew that she was drawn to her in a way that she just couldn’t escape. But she fretted with worry about the consequences being Angela’s little sex toy were going to have in her life. She worried and worried about bringing her student Lisa into her relationship with Angela. She knew she should never have told Angela about Lisa and Tori. But that was not something she could rectify now. She knew that Angela had become aroused at the thought of sexually sharing her with Lisa. And she knew that deep down inside her, she secretly thrilled at the prospect of being made to sexually service her bratty, smug student right in front of her choir director domme. Mandy also worried about this mysterious “friend” of Angela’s who was also being brought into the mix. Where was this all taking her?

As Mandy pulled into her driveway, she brought herself to a firm decision. The bottom line was that she served Angela now. She belonged to Angela. She needed to serve Angela. There were no two ways about that fact. She needed to serve Angela. So, it just naturally followed that she would do whatever Angela wanted her to do, no matter the consequences. With that decision made, Mandy breathed a great sigh of relief and went inside her house to shower, change into fresh clothes, and await events.

Mandy remembered Angela’s strict admonition to get rid of all her bras and panties, and so she scooped them all out of her underwear drawer into a large garden trash bag to be set out for pickup the next day. Then, she showered and got every inch of her body as clean as could be. After her shower, Mandy set her alarm clock and went to bed totally naked. Her dreams were so erotic that night that she had to shower all over again when she got up the next morning. Then, without eating, Mandy dressed in a prim blouse and skirt and went off to school with Angela’s little package safely hidden in her briefcase.

School that day was a total blur for Mandy. She walked though her classes like some sort of zombie. Her students and even some of her fellow faculty members noticed Mandy’s dreamlike state and wondered what was the matter with her. She didn’t come out of it until Lisa and her posse of noisy, bratty girlfriends invaded her classroom that afternoon. All during class, Mandy could not take her eyes off Lisa, and Lisa saw right away that she had an audience for her erotic little peep show with Tori. So, once again, Lisa began toying with the back of Tori’s neck until her little toy began to make happy gurgling noises in the back of her throat. Then Lisa began sliding her inquisitive finger under Tori’s bra strap. Back and forth. Back and forth.

Mandy continued to stare at Lisa and Tori as if she were starving and they were a seven-course meal. Lisa noted her teacher’s inability to tear her eyes away and wondered just how far she could go without receiving a reprimand. Deciding to really test the limits of Mandy’s endurance, Lisa whispered in Tori’s ear. The younger girl giggled and swiveled around in her desk and raised her feet off the floor and straightened her legs right across Lisa’s lap. Then, Lisa began sliding her possessive hand up Tori’s leg, pushing her skirt ever higher until it was bunched around her waist. Torl closed her eyes, leaned back and began gurgling once again. By now, all eyes in the class were watching the interplay between Lisa and Mandy. Surely, they thought, Mandy would just have to notice such a flagrant violation of school rules. But Mandy just stood at the front of the class and watched Lisa feel up her little girl play toy. Then, just as the end of class bell rang, Mandy finally found her voice.

“Lisa, I need to see you after school today. Come back here after class.”

As the class sat spellbound, Lisa looked up from what she was doing and brazenly pinched Tori’s nether lips through her panties, causing the young girl to squeal in delight.

“Sure, Teach,” was Lisa’s bold reply.

“Anything you say, Teach.”

The entire class laughed at the impertinent way in which Lisa had addressed her teacher, then they all piled out of the classroom into the teeming hall. Lisa and Tori sat still for a couple more minutes while Lisa calmly and deliberately adjusted Tori’s skirt and the younger girl slid back around in her desk chair. Then, arm in arm, they strolled out of Mandy’s class as if nothing had happened. Mandy breathed a sigh of relief as she watched the two girls walk down the hall to their next class. She had done it. She had done what Angela had told her to do. Now, she must go through with all of it. She must give Lisa the little package and ask her student to read the note Angela had written. Then she must do whatever Lisa told her as a result of reading it. She must. There was no turning back now.

Mandy was dreading her meeting with Lisa, but Angela had been quite specific in her instructions. She had also bee quite specific about what would happen to Mandy if she disobeyed. So Mandy gritted her teeth and tried to teach her last class. When the end of school bell rang, the frazzled teacher actually breathed a sigh of relief. She would be seeing Lisa soon, for better or worse.

Mandy sat silently erect at her desk until Lisa finally sauntered into the classroom. Without being bidden, the girl nonchalantly closed the classroom door, then walked over to Mandy’s desk. Her stance was arrogant: her smile a haughty smirk.

“Well, Teach. Here I am. As asked.”

Of course Mandy had not asked Lisa to meet her, she had told her to. But the way Lisa said the word “asked” made Mandy shiver.

When Mandy didn’t respond, Lisa leaned a little bit toward her. “Well, Teach. What do you want?”

Without a word, Mandy handed her student the little package that Angela had prepared for her.

Lisa looked at the little manila envelope and felt it with her hands. She could clearly feel that there was something soft inside, but she didn’t know what.

“Am I supposed to open this, Teach,” Lisa said in an aggressive voice.

Mandy looked up, her face all one blush of shame.

“Yes, Lisa. Please open it. There’s a note inside.”

Lisa tore the end off the little envelope and reached inside. A look of baffled surprise came over as she felt what must surely be a pair of women’s panties inside. She pulled the panties out and looked at them, then at Mandy. There was a budding grin on Lisa’s face that made her teacher shiver all over her body.

Then, Lisa retrieved the note from inside the package and began to read. From time to time, she looked up from the note directly at Mandy. Each time Lisa looked up, her grin grew wider until, by the end, it looked exactly like the grin on the big bad wolf when he looked at Little Red Riding Hood: a hungry grin, a knowing grin, a confident grin.

“Angela says that these are your panties, Teach. Is that right?”

Mandy just sat there and nodded her head ‘yes.’

Lisa stepped closer to her shivering, downcast teacher.

“Look Teach. I asked you a question. You better answer me, or I’ll tell Angela you were a bad little girl.”

Mandy looked up at her imposing student, fear and pleading on her face. Seeing her teacher looking at her like this, Lisa giggled.

“Well, Teach?”

Mandy couldn’t fight it.

“Yes, Lisa. Those are my panties.”

Lisa giggled again.

“Angela says that she told you not to wear panties or a bra any more. I can see you’re not wearing a bra because your nipples are so hard they’re pressing against your blouse. But how about the panties, Teach?”

Mandy was so embarrassed. She didn’t want to get up and demonstrate for Lisa. She didn’t want to move at all.

“Last chance, Teach. Answer me or I rat you out to Angela.”

Mandy was shaking with gnawing fear and anxiety.

“Yes, Lisa. I’m not wearing panties. Just as Angela told me.”

Lisa unconsciously licked her lips.

“Show me, Teach.”

Mandy lowered her head. She just couldn’t do it. Even though Angela said she must prove to Lisa that she wasn’t wearing panties. She was just too humiliated.

“You know, Teach. Angela wrote her phone number on the note and said I should call her right away if you didn’t obey me. I’m going to take out my cell phone and call her if you haven’t proven that you aren’t wearing panties by the time I count to five.”

Mandy sat stark still. She couldn’t move.

Lisa got her cell phone out of her purse and punched in Angela’s number.


Mandy looked over at her.

“Please, Lisa. Please don’t.”


Mandy trembled.

“Please, please, please. I’ll behave. I’ll prove it. Please don’t call Angela.”


Mandy jumped out of her chair as if she had been scalded. She leaned over, grasped the hem of her skirt, and lifted it all the way to her waist.


Mandy began crying.

“No, Lisa. Please, please, please don’t. I’m showing you. I’m showing you right now.”

Mandy held her hem up against her heaving breasts, showing Lisa all of her smooth legs and demonstrating beyond a shadow of a doubt that she wasn’t wearing panties.

Lisa smirked and laid the cell phone down.

“Well, Teach. You weren’t lying after all. And by the way, your sniz is too furry. We are going to have to do something about that. Aren’t we, Teach?”

Mandy nodded her head.

“Yes, Lisa,” she whispered.

Lisa reached out her hand and combed her fingers through her teacher’s bush. Mandy stepped back a pace, but then stepped back forward so Lisa could have access to her sex. Lisa laughed out loud.

“That’s a good girl, Teach. I just knew you wanted me to play with you. I could see it in your eyes every time you looked at me in class. That’s why I played with Tori in front of you. To get you ready for me. And you are ready for me. Aren’t you, Teach?”

Lisa slid an exploring finger along her teacher’s dew-sparkled lips. When she felt how sticky Mandy was, Lisa giggled.

“You don’t have to answer me, Teach. I can feel how ready you are for me.”

Mandy let out a little sob of desperation. Yes, she was more than ready to be played with by Lisa. And Lisa knew it.

Lisa allowed her fingertip to stroke and fondle for a minute longer. Then, she withdrew her hand.

“Maybe later, Teach. But now we have to go to Angela’s house. She says she wants me to help her play with you. Won’t that be fun?”

Mandy nodded her head. A part of her, as degrading as it was, wished ardently that her student Lisa would continue stroking her sex. It felt sooooo good. But another part, a forlorn, degraded part, longed to fly to Angela and serve her, and be reassured by her that everything was all right.

Lisa gazed at Mandy’s bare thighs for a long minute; thinking, scheming, daydreaming of all the fun she was going to have with her teacher. Then she stepped back a pace or two.

“Well, you better pull your skirt down, Teach, before someone comes in here and finds out just what a subby little slut teacher you are; flashing like that in front of one of your students. And it’s OK. You can show me your legs again as we drive over to Angela’s house. And your pussy, too, if you want to.”

So it was that Mandy and Lisa left the school, got in Mandy’s car, and headed for Angela’s. And sure enough, Lisa ordered her teacher to rook her skirt all the way up to her hips as she drove. Mandy didn’t want to, but Lisa reminded her of the consequences Angels would exact if she disobeyed. Lisa then spent the remainder of the drive gliding her teasing hand up and down over Mandy’s smooth thigh, wantonly distracting the teacher to the point that she almost ran up onto the curb and into a tree. That lapse made Lisa laugh out loud.

By the time they arrived at Angela’s house, Mandy was an emotional wreck. Her burning itch, which had been growing all day, was just about to drive her insane. She wanted more than anything to jam her fingers deep inside herself and bring herself off while her student watched and told her what a sick little slut she was. She just didn’t care any more. She was horny, and hungry, and needy. She wanted her itch to go away.

Angela could see the desperation in Mandy’s eyes as she opened her front door. But the choir director merely brushed the sexfamished teacher through her door and into her living room. All her attention was focused upon Lisa, and Angela wasn’t disappointed by what she saw. Lisa held out her hand, which contained Mandy’s panties.

“I believe you wanted me to bring you these, Angela.”

Angela smiled and nodded her head.

“And did my little Mandy slut prove to you that she wasn’t wearing any others?”

Lisa smiled.

“Oh yes. Teach showed me that she was naked under that skirt of hers.” Angela smiled.

“And has she obeyed you as I told her in my note?”

Lisa possessively patted her teacher’s read.

“For the most part. I had to threaten Teach a couple times, but she seems to want to obey me. I think she likes being a little teacher slut.”

Angela nodded her head as she allowed her hand to reach inside Mandy’s blouse and fondle her naked breasts.

“She sure does. And we’re going to let her prove it. Would you like to help me with her, Lisa?”

The teenager’s smile was bright as noon.

“Sure, Angela. She’s been mooching around me for a long time now. I just knew she wanted me to make a move on her, but she didn’t quite have the courage to tell me straight out. Looks like you pushed her over the edge.”

Mandy was panting, taking shallow little breaths and making hungry little whimpering noises as Angela continued to play with her body. “Well, I wanted her. So I took her. It wasn’t hard, I must say. She’s a born sub who gets off on being degraded and humiliated. Would you like to help me abuse her?”

Lisa slipped her hand under her teacher’s skirt and began possessively stroking Mandy’s naked flank. Mandy began whimpering more loudly and started to wriggle like a worm on a hook. God, when would her owners finally decide to give her the release she craved so much?

Angela pinched Mandy’s left nipple just to hear the woman squeal.

“Well, Lisa. We’re going into town in a little while. I have a friend who is rector at the church I used to be choir director at. She and I have a “special” relationship, and I want her to sample our little Mandy slut here.”

Lisa slid her hand along Mandy’s rounded butt cheek and began curiously probing along the moist crack. Mandy set up a series of little whines and pushed her bottom hard against Lisa’s probing fingers. Seeing how needy her teacher was, Lisa began teasing her little puss from the rear.

“Can I come along,” Lisa asked as she taunted her teacher’s sensitive flesh.

Angela pinched Mandy’s other nipple, basking in her litany of squeals.

“Sure, but you have to help me dress her appropriately for church first.”

At this, Angela and Lisa laughed together like old friends sharing a private joke. For Mandy, it was anything but a joke. She was almost beside herself with unrequited lust hunger. She just had to cum soon or she would explode. She didn’t care what she had to do to get the release she needed. She was past worrying about consequences. She was past worrying about humiliation. She was past worrying about being degraded by her student. She just had to cum.

So it was that Mandy allowed her student and choir director tormentors to lead her dumbly into Angela’s bedroom where they spent the next hour trying on various slutty combinations of tops and bottoms. Mandy just stood there like a mannequin while Angela and Lisa dressed and undressed her. As they played with Mandy like some sort of human dress up doll, Lisa and Angela took every opportunity to stroke, and pinch, and probe, and fondle, and do anything to her that came into their heads to do. By the time they had finally settled upon an outfit which both deemed suitably slutty for Mandy, the poor teacher was hysterical with the need to cum. There she stood, pantyless and braless in a flaming purple pair of short shorts and a matching crop top about two sizes too short.

Then Angela and Lisa led a nearly catatonic Mandy out to Angela’s large sedan and placed her in the passenger side front seat. Angela climbed behind the wheel and Lisa piled in the back seat where she could see whatever Angela did to her teacher. Lisa was not disappointed. As they rode along, Angela drove with her left hand and used her right hand to sex Mandy up, feeling up her thighs and impishly pinching her naked flesh from time to time. Lisa giggled almost constantly as she watched Angela dominate her teacher. As they continued along, Angela began describing in lurid what she and her rector friend were going to do to Mandy with Lisa’s assistance. Mandy began to sob openly as Angela’s words sank into her fevered brain. If she allowed Angela to torment her this way, then she would truly have plumbed the depths of her own submissive depravity. And she knew that she was in fact going to allow it. Truth to tell, Mandy knew that she would even become a willing participant. She knew her itch gave her no choice in the matter whatsoever.

When Angela finally arrived back in the big city from which she had so recently come, memories of past experiences wafted into her brain: memories of exotic and erotic times she had had with the Rev. Sheila Stokes, memories that she was about to relive with her new toy.

Rev. Stokes was anxiously waiting at the open front door of the large downtown church to welcome her three communicants: Mandy, Lisa, and Angela. From the restless way she paced back and forth along the threshold, it was apparent to Angela that the willowy red-haired priest was chafing to get on with the salacious scene her choir director friend had promised to her over the phone earlier. That made Angela happy. She wanted Rev. Stokes to be agitated and anxious.

Rev. Stokes had every reason to believe that Angela was as good as her word in such matters, but she also knew Angela had her vicious side that was perfectly capable of inflicting great psychological suffering. She so hoped that Angela was not in one of her “moods” tonight.

The tall, shapely, mid-thirties priest had been the pastor of Angela’s former church for several years now, and therefore had a long acquaintance with her former choir director. Her familiarity with Angela, who had been choir director for the past three years prior to leaving for the small rural church last month, was literally steeped in wanton intimacy.

It seems that Angela had recognized in Rev. Sheila Stokes a needy soul almost from the first time the choir director had begun her work in her church. The first time she took communion from Rev. Stokes, Angela had impudently reached up her hands and interlaced her long, supple fingers with those of the female priest around the Eucharist cup. Instead of drawing back, Rev. Stokes had submissively allowed Angela to take the cup completely out of her hands and drink deeply from it all on her own. Then, when Angela finally gave the cup back, the priest had not been able to prevent herself from caressing the choir director’s giving hands with her own in a manner that could mean only one thing.

From that point on, Angela had taken it upon herself to initiate the female priest into an intimate affair with her. Why? Because Angela had been her usual calculating, observant self where Rev. Stokes was concerned. Angela had quickly discerned the sly way that Rev. Stokes surreptitiously ogled her female communicants and their ample charms during service and the cunning manner she had of finding stealthy opportunities to stroke and fondle them while at the alter rail or while she was hugging them in spiritual greeting after church. Rev. Stokes seemed especially drawn to the young, tasty girls of the parish. To a Sapphic dominant of Angela’s sagacity in these matters, here was clearly someone who shared her own sordid predilections, or could certainly be led to pursue them by someone as seductive and persuasive as Angela. Therefore, here was someone with whom to ally, or at least to appear to ally, to further their mutual purposes. Of course, any such alliance would perforce always be unequal, with Angela as the decidedly senior partner.

Within a month, Angela had begun to come to Rev. Stokes for “counseling” at her grand parsonage located in one of the city’s more posh neighborhoods. It was no great feat for Angela to sexually seduce the older woman, once she set her mind to it and once she ascertained just how much Rev. Stokes craved her sexy body. And since the initial barriers had been overcome, the two females had spent many blissful hours discovering each other’s secret, sensuous, and sensitive places; had intertwined their naked, desire-heated bodies and their lust-wet tongues.

During one of these early Sapphic monkey love marathons, the good Reverend had confessed to her choir director lover just how sensuously drawn she was to the lithe and fresh bodies of the younger communicants who came to her church. Angela had immediately begun to plot and scheme with her spiritual coconspirator about some of the delicious ways in which the older priest might actually be allowed to realize her Sapphic and pedophilic fantasies with the callow female members of her large and thriving downtown parish, and perhaps some of their mothers as well: although Angela made it a point to reserve them for herself.

Angela had taken great delight in painting lush and lurid verbal pictures of just what she had in mind while Rev. Stokes dutifully laved her choir director’s most intimate places with a willing and hungry tongue. In her own mind, Angela painted even more lurid pictures that involved turning the tables on her voluptuous priest lover and making her into the insatiable, servile sexual plaything of her parish girls rather than their wanton mistress. And in the intervening three years, much of what Angela had fantasized about had come to pass. To say that Rev. Stokes was looking forward to Angela’s return is an enormous understatement.

“Good evening, Angela,” Rev. Stokes said, her sweet voice brimming with welcome and beatific joy as she placed her soft hand on the choir director’s cheek and slid her finger along the firm jaw line.

Angela looked Rev. Stokes right in the eye.

“Good evening, Sheila,” Angela replied in a strong voice, quite sure of her power over the other woman.

Angela touched Lisa on the shoulder.

“This is Lisa. We’re just new friends today. Isn’t she just a little yummy?”

Rev. Stokes smiled. “Good evening, Lisa.”

“Hi,” the 17 year old giggled, observing closely just how quickly Rev. Stokes’ dissolute caress had turned Angela on.

Angela took Mandy by the shoulders and presented the shy and frightened teacher to Rev. Stokes.”

And this is Mandy.”

Rev. Stokes put her hands firmly on Mandy’s shoulders.

“And a good evening to you too, Mandy,” smiled the priest.

Mandy stood mute. This was church. This was a priest laying hands on her: dissolute, wanton hands.

“Yes, Sheila. It will be,” Angela purred as she slowly extended her hand and allowed it to rove salaciously along the outside of one of Rev. Stokes’ large breasts thrusting proudly against her priestly robe. At Angela’s touch, the priest instinctively stepped back a pace, but quickly returned toward the trio so that Angela could continue to caress her. It always felt so good to the priest to have this dominant woman’s hands on her body. Angela smiled, leaned forward, and gave Rev. Stokes a sensuous little teasing kiss on the lips as a reward. Then she motioned for them all to go inside the church.

When all four females were inside the vestibule of the large, imposing sanctuary, Rev. Stokes produced a key and locked the church door with a resounding click.

“No need to allow anyone to disturb our private little service, is there.”

“No, Reverend Stokes,” Mandy said quietly: wanton realization beginning to dawn in her mind. Was this female priest going to defile her body right here in her own church?

“That’s right, Mandy puppy,” Angela giggled as she allowed her other hand to slide around her teacher slave’s protruding rear end so tightly encased in her too snug short shorts. Mandy felt Angela’s hand on her flank and shivered all over her body.

“No reason at all.”

“That’s right,” Lisa chimed in as she nuzzled up against her teacher’s other flank. She gave Mandy’s left earlobe a sexy little tongue flick, chuckling as her teacher sucked in her breath at the feel of her student’s wicked expression of lust.

Rev. Stokes led the three wanton communicants down to the front of the enormous sanctuary and indicated that they should all take their places in the front pew. Lisa entered first, followed by Mandy and Angela. Once in the pew, Angela pulled down the kneeling pad and all three kneeled facing the enormous alter.

Then, Rev. Stokes stepped up onto the alter platform and took her usual place at the lectern, just as if she were about to give her Sunday sermon. Which, in fact, is exactly what she began to do.

While Rev. Stokes rambled on joyfully about God’s love and other such things, her piercing eyes never left her three kneeling communicants. Angela, sensing that she had Sheila Stokes’ full attention, smiled sweetly as she nonchalantly began to remove Mandy’s top so she could fondle the submissive teacher’s tantalizing body more accessibly. Mandy just kneeled there in shocked embarrassment as her mistress removed her top completely, exposing her ample breasts to the now smirking priest. Mandy’s only response to this salacious uncovering of her breasts was to turn a rosy flush of embarrassment.

Then, while Rev. Stokes continued to drone on, Angela leaned over her subby teacher playmate and began toying lewdly with her nipples, pinching, tweaking, pulling at the sensitive nubbins while Mandy just kneeled there. There was a decided catch in Rev. Stokes’ voice as Angela ever so slowly lowered her head and began suckling and nibbling on Mandy’s turgid nipple flesh. Mandy tried and tried but she just could not keep from squealing out loud as Angela bit down especially hard on one of her erect, throbbing nipples. Rev. Stokes continued doggedly on in spite of Mandy’s squealing and her own growing wetness between her legs.

At the same time that Angela was fondling and mouthing Mandy so lewdly, Lisa began to sensuously rub her slim, young body up against her teacher’s left side. She hugged Mandy fiercely and rested her head on Mandy’s shoulder, her fingers playing sensuously with the nape of her teacher’s neck. Then she began to nuzzle Mandy’s neck and lick her ear all around the inside surface.

Mandy tried as best she could to stifle her moans and squeals of lust pain, but they escaped out into the sanctuary for Rev. Stokes to hear and enjoy. As her mistress and student continued shamelessly to minister to her rosy hued body, Mandy began to glow white hot with wanton animal stirrings and banked sexual hunger.

When Angela had finished using her mouth on the teacher’s breasts, she slid her hand slowly back and forth along the inside of Mandy’s smooth thigh, and, in her turn, Mandy spread her knees as far apart on the kneeling rail as she could so that her Mistress could explore her intimate places more lewdly. But before Angela could reach her hand into Mandy’s short short crotch, Lisa stole a march on her and forcefully unzipped her front. Then both dommes intertwined their probing, teasing fingers in a frenzied Mandy frig. Mandy lost all restraint at this point and began to pant and squeal openly.

Sheila Stokes looked down from the lectern, watching every move of Angela’s and Lisa’s insistent hands and ravenous mouths. The preacher stammered, her delivery faltered, and she was constantly having to find her place again. By the conclusion of Rev. Stokes’ sermon, Angela and Lisa had contrived to strip Mandy completely bare, leaving her naked as the day she was born, kneeling in the sanctuary with blood-gorged turgid nipples and lust-moistened labia; sweat drenched and incredibly needy of sexual release once more.

“Let’s go on to the communion service, shall we,” Rev. Stokes asked in a husky voice.

“Sounds right to me, Sheila,” Angela spoke up from her place on the kneeling rail.

“Do you want to take communion from Rev. Stokes now, Mandy.”

Mandy looked at Angela with unfocused eyes. So lost was she in her lust that she did not understand the question.


Angela’s spanking hand sharply stung the teacher’s breasts. Mandy immediately came out of her lust-induced fog.

“What, Angela.”

Angela leaned away from her teacher sub.

“I said, do you want Reverend Stokes to give you communion, you dear little teacher slut, you.”

“I guess so, Angela. If that’s what you want me to do.”

“Oh yes, Mandy. Now we all know how very much you’ve sinned over the past two days, don’t we. And I want you to be absolved so you can sin some more for me. Right.”

Angela leaned forward and kissed the teacher long and lovingly on the mouth. Mandy returned the kiss with hungry fervor. When Angela finally pulled her face away, Mandy was panting and pale with lust.

“Yes, Angela. I want to get absolution from my sins so I can sin some more with you.”

Lisa grabbed her teacher’s hair and yanked her head around so the two were eye to eye.

“And what about me, Teach. Do you want to keep on sinning with me, too?”

“Oh yes, Lisa,” Mandy gushed.

“I want that a whole lot.”

By this time, Rev. Stokes had moved over to her side of the alter rail and was standing: waiting in anticipation . As Angela, Lisa, and Mandy looked over her way, they instantly observed that the tall female priest had arranged her robes so as to expose her long, creamy white legs from her slippers all the way to her pantied crotch. Angela and Lisa mentally licked their lips at the salacious sight of the priest nearly naked from the waist down. Her long legs were creamy smooth, well muscled, and inviting.

“Lets go over to the alter rail, Mandy, so you can take communion and be absolved from all your nasty sins,” Angela whispered into the teacher’s right ear.

Mandy had no idea where this was leading, but she was perfectly willing to go along with anything her mistress desired. All three stood and walked over to the alter rail where Angela and Lisa forced Mandy to kneel right between Rev. Stokes’ outstretched thighs.

Rev. Stokes began reading the communion service as Mandy stared right up into her panty-clad crotch. As the reading continued, Angela and Lisa nuzzled the hapless subby teacher, firing her sensual hungers once more almost beyond her ability to bear it. By the time Rev. Stokes got to the actual part where the communicants were supposed to consume the bread and wine, Mandy was almost faint with lusty, sick desire. Her labia itched as though they had been rubbed in black pepper.

“Do you, Mandy Beale, desire to be absolved from all your sins and be restored to faith through the consumption of your true savior represented here by the pudendum of your priest?”

Mandy looked up into the smiling face of Rev. Stokes. Her loins ached with a burning desire for release. She could feel Angela’s fingertips stroking her erect clitoris while Lisa pulled and pinched her labia, depriving her of the release she so desperately desired. This whole business was just so sick, but so was Mandy.

“I do.”

Rev. Stokes raised herself to her full height and Angela and Lisa, as if on cue, proceeded to take hold of her panty waistband and slide her tight panties slowly, tantalizingly, off her ample hips and down well past her knees.

“Mandy. Place your head on the kneeling pad. Face up.”

With the able assistance of Angela and Lisa, Mandy turned her lush naked body so that her breasts and vulva were facing the church ceiling and then she placed the back of her head solidly on the soft kneeling pad. From this vantage point, the wanton teacher could look right into Rev. Stokes’ smooth vulva and plump derriere. And she smiled in wanton anticipation.

“Then open your mouth and receive your true savior.”

Mandy dutifully opened her mouth wide and Rev. Stokes slowly sat her firm, soft skinned buns right down on the woman’s face. When she was seated properly, Rev. Stokes bent her body forward and Mandy began to lick slavishly around her tight little rose.

“Oh Teach,” Lisa said quietly, watching what her teacher was doing. “That is so sick.”

As she sucked, and licked, Mandy felt hands all over her naked body. They were the hands of her mistress, and her student, and her priest. The hands opened her, and they probed her, and they pinched her, and they squeezed her, and they made her cry out from time to time; either in ecstatic pleasure or in excruciating pain. But they never gave her the release her body craved.

Her slit dripped like a faucet. The alter carpeting was stained with her secretions. The creamy flesh of her inner thighs glistened with lust dew. She writhed and wriggled, but she never stopped licking; not for one second.

When Rev. Stokes could stand it no longer she raised herself gingerly up off of her supplicant’s upturned face. Mandy cried pitifully up at the priest and begged her to have mercy on her and deliver her from the ravening torment in which her body suffered. But Rev. Stokes only smiled down at her.

“And now, Mandy. Do you wish to be cleansed of your sin in the fluid of your true savior?”

Mandy came to herself, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, and wantonly licked off the residue of her Priest’s gift.

“Yes, Reverend Stokes. I do.”

Rev. Stokes took a step back from the kneeling pad and squatted right over Mandy’s mouth.

Angela smiled at Mandy’s look of anxious surprise.

“Now Mandy, be a good little subby slut for Angela and feast on the fluid of your true savior.”

Mandy was so mesmerized and so in need of release that it never entered her mind to do anything other than what she had been ordered to do by her Mistress.

“Now, go on, Mandy. Drink.”

Mandy gave one last, lost look before Rev Stokes squatted down on her face, covering her mouth with her nether lips.

“Oooooh, Teach. That’s so gross,” Lisa giggled.

The wanton teacher began to lick and drink down the sexual secretions Rev. Stokes bestowed on her. And as she tasted the pungent, earthy taste, the hands of her tormentors returned again to their wicked task. Mandy moaned into the depths of her priest’s open vagina and wriggled her body in a desperate attempt to get herself off somehow. But still they would not allow her to cum.

Angela leaned over her teacher’s writhing body and kissed Sheila Stokes full on the mouth.

“I’m so glad you are giving my little Mandy absolution,” Angela said when she finally came up for air.

“I have so many more sins in mind for her over the next week that if she weren’t absolved from her previous ones, her soul would surely break apart. This starts her out virgin fresh.”

Angela laughed loudly and began french kissing Rev. Stokes once more. As their tongues intertwined, Rev. Stokes let her mind dwell on just how wonderful it truly was to be soul kissed by a full bodied, sexy choir director while having her soppy sex eaten out for her at the same time.

By this time, Mandy and Angela’s oral ministrations were having a decidedly dramatic effect upon Rev. Stokes. Her face was flushed. Her limbs trembled. Her breathing came in panting whimpers.

“Oh Angela, dear. There is absolutely nothing in this world like having your snatch eaten out when you are in church.”

Angela smiled.

“Yes, Sheila. I know.”

Rev. Stokes giggled like a schoolgirl and cried out with childlike little squeals of ecstasy as orgasm after ripping orgasm slashed through her taut body until finally she slid weakly and resignedly off of Mandy’s still upturned face.

The area around Mandy’s lips was smeared with a thick residue, and there was a broad smile all over her contented fact. For it seems that somewhere during the process of tasting her priest, Mandy had finally gotten herself off. But she was the only one in the church who knew when that was because her own orgasmic cries had been so effectively muffled by Rev. Stokes’ slit.

But Angela could tell from the contented look on Mandy’s fact that she had somehow managed to cum. To confirm her suspicions, Angela unceremoniously jabbed her first two fingers deep into the teacher’s soppy pussy. There was the telltale cyprienne fluid, cloying and tacky.

Angela pulled out two coated fingers and held them up for all to see.

“Mandy, you disobedient little slut. You’ll pay for that later. You nasty little slut: cumming without permission. Bad girl.”

“I’m sorry, Angela,” Mandy slid to the church floor, her head downcast and her face solemn.

“I bet you’re not sorry now, but you will be when I get through with you.”

Mandy began to cry softly because she knew that Angela was absolutely right about her being sorry later.

Angela reached over and put her left hand behind Rev. Stokes’ head. Then she pulled the priest’s face right to her fingers.

“Open up Sheila, and I’ll give you a taste of what you caused.”

Rev. Stokes shook her head ‘no’. It was clear from every inch of her body language that she did not want to taste Mandy’s secretions.


There was clear threat in Angela’s voice.

“Angela, please. No. I don’t want to. Please don’t make me.”


Rev. Stokes looked Angela right in the eye and saw the coiled serpent there ready to strike. The older woman blinked, shivered once, then she resignedly opened her mouth to receive what Angela proffered to her.

Angela placed her two fingers on Rev. Stokes’ outstretched tongue.

“Suck her nasty cum off my fingers, Sheila. Do it right this second.”

Rev. Stokes did as she was told until Angela’s fingers were squeaky clean. At which point, Angela removed them, reached down, dipped them nonchalantly back into the cauldron that was Mandy’s vagina, and proffered them once more, sticky and coated with secretions.”

“Once again, Sheila dear. I want to see you slurp her puss puss wet like a good slut.”

Rev. Stokes opened her mouth once more and sucked away Mandy’s pungent secretions.

“That’s my good little priest slut. Soon, I’ll force you to eat her out without the benefit of an intermediary finger. But that can wait for now.”

Rev. Stokes shivered all over her body, but she kept on sucking around Angela’s fingers until they were clean once more.

Angela looked over at Lisa whose eyes were big as saucers watching the salacious goings on.

“Are you all hot and runny, Lisa.”

“Oh yeah, Angela,” the hot teen girl admitted.

“Well, that’s good. Because our Sheila here has already confessed to me just exactly how much she’s been wanting to get her long, wet tongue way deep inside little girls’ slits just like yours. Haven’t you, Sheila sweet.”

Rev. Stokes blushed all over her face and chest.

“Haven’t you, Sheila.”

Rev. Stokes lowered her eyes.

“Yes, Angela,” she whispered.

“How much, doll.”

Rev. Stokes could not meet Angela’s gaze, but she knew that she had to tell anyway.

“Oh Angela. Very much.”

Angela smiled over at her priest lover.

“Well, now’s as good a time as any, Sheila sweet. Lisa, why don’t you let our nasty priest lady slut have a little treat.”

Angela looked back over at Rev. Stokes.

“You know you just can’t wait to taste her sweet pussy. Can you, doll?”

Rev. Stokes finally got up the courage to look Angela in the eye.

“No Angela. I can’t wait.”

“Well then. Do you want your sniz snuzzled by old Sheila slut, Lisa. She really wants to.”

“Sure, Angela,” Lisa giggled.

“I just love it when full grown women like our dear Sheila here have a hunger to eat me out. They do such a great job at getting me off. Just like Mandy did before. And just like Mommy.”

Only Angela was paying enough attention to Lisa’s words to hear and understand her last sentence. Angela’s understanding of what Lisa had said made her grin. So, Lisa’s mom was also a little subby slut. There were possibilities there.

Lisa was out of her top, skirt, and undies in next to no time. There she stood, lush and naked in front of her teacher, her lover, and her priest. Rev. Stokes’ ravenous eyes locked on the slender, graceful body, and the hunger to touch it with her hands and with her tongue rose up to overwhelm all her other senses.

Angela looked at the way Rev. Stokes salivated at the sight of Lisa.

“Oh yeah,” she giggled. “She wants it, all right.”

Lisa flashed a big smile, lay her naked body on one of the pews, and put her bare foot on the floor, thereby splaying her long legs and opening her coral colored slit to the famished gaze of her priest. Truth to tell, Sheila Stokes had had her share of such scenes over the years with the yummy daughters of her parishioners courtesy of Angela and she had dreamed of another such a torrid scenario ever since Angela had departed for her new job. And now, Angela, her lover, was making the dream come true again. How could the priest refuse her anything at all? Lisa was going to allow her to snuzzle her face in this young girl’s nether regions, to lap her slit, to lick her clitty bud, to browse around her dainty pink rosette, and do just any little thing she set her heart on. Heaven on earth: again.

Angela saw the lustful gleam in Rev. Stokes’ eyes.

“Beg me, Sheila. Get down on your knees right this second and beg me pretty please to let you eat Lisa’s sweet pussy.”

Rev. Stokes immediately got down on her knees in front of her teen lover. Her ecclesiastical robes draped around her near naked body.

“Please Angela. Please let me taste Lisa. Pretty please.”

The older woman hugged Angela’s legs for all she was worth; her desperate tears wetting Angela’s thighs.

Angela smiled down beatifically.

“OK, doll. But you better get completely naked first. I want to see you all bare and beautiful as you slurp our little Lisa here. Seeing you bareass will make it so much better for me while I watch you get her off. And, if you do a real good job, I might be persuaded to make our little Mandy return the favor for you one more time.”

Rev. Stokes was out of her vestments in no time at all. When Angela saw the priest humbly standing before her, stark naked, as she had so many times before, the choir director marveled yet again at how fortunate she was to have such mesmerizing powers over the women in her life.

“Lisa hon, why don’t you frig yourself a little to get the juices flowing for our hungry little priest slut.”

“Sure Angela,” Lisa agreed as she used her long fingers to open up her nether lips and play with herself wantonly while the others watched.

“You know, Sheila,” Angela said softly, “While Lisa is getting herself all ready for you, you could be using that tongue on me as a warm up. I mean, since you’re down there on your knees and all already.”

Rev. Stokes looked up Angela’s legs and directly into Angela’s pantieless crotch. The choir director smiled down on her, slowly hiked her skirt up around her hips, and spread her thighs as wide as she could.

“Come on, doll. Let me have some of that talented tongue before you begin on Lisa’s sniz.”

Rev. Stokes slid along the carpet until her face was just against Angela’s sensitive outer lips. The choir director reached her hands down and covered the priest’s cheeks, pulling her hard against the sensitive, dew-covered flesh.

“Okay now Sheila bitch, snuzzle me real good and I’ll sing you a hymn you’ll really enjoy.”

Mandy watched glassy-eyed as Rev. Stokes knelt before her mistress and began to worship her slit. The schoolteacher wished that it were her servicing her mistress rather than the priest. But she knew for certain that before the night was over, she would have her chance as well. And she smiled.


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