Children and their Fables by Lucy Az – Non-Fiction

Writer: Lucy Az

Subject: Children and their Fables

Link: MEWE / 26.09.2021

Children and their Fables

Stories are told to children which have yet to comprehend life. They are only able to grasp the Imagery of stories with their imagination. Now as they mature, they dispense with stories and fables, utilizing reason and Science to process life.

Stories are like training wheels, or appealing toys for kids.But eventually outgrown. Stories and myths like — Santa Clause and Xmas —The Easter Bunny — Adam and Eve, talking serpents, and magical resurrection — To the child, such things are real. But the adult has long surpassed make believe, and merely chuckles as the kids play.

Parents told stories to their kids to answer the questions that hadn’t a clue to. Each time the story was retold, it was embellished for flair. With the rigors of imperial Science over generations, humanity has unpacked a lot of what then Myth. The power to comprehend was within humanity all along. As if they were God.  Imagine that?

5 thoughts on “Children and their Fables by Lucy Az – Non-Fiction”

  1. Once upon a time there was a Prince. The Prince had a Princess, however he was her subordinate, as she was in charge.

    The prince complained and the Princes went to rule over her own domaine. The Prince complained to the King, who was no King, but an evil step father.

    The Evil King made the Prince an new Princess and they had many years of her being told what to do.

    Then a serpent came and offered freedom.

    For this the King kicked them out of the kingdom and the Prince and Princess had many children. Eventually the supreme Princess returned and fucked the Prince while a sleep. Then the First Princess manifested a cock and fucked the second Princess. The second Princess had many children, but one of the children killed another.

    Eventually the evil step King burned a few towns, made the subjects of the kingdom offer children to him as a blood offering then killed the entire population of the kingdom, except one family.

    He was wise and wanted to leave some subjects to continue his killing spree.

    Eventually he devised a plan that involved a whore who pretended to be a Virgin and then he killed his son, so the people he killed could continuously be his subjects and worship him.

    In the end enough people who had knowledge it the original Princess, woke up and slayed the evil Step King and enjoyed orgies with beasts, women, men and children.

    They all lived happily ever after.

    The end.

  2. Santa, the tooth fairy, and the easter bunny are harmless (and ungodly).Adam and Eve is harmful and disgusting.

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