Call Out To The Dark Lord by Giventosin – Non-Fiction

Writer: Giventosin

Subject: Call Out To The Dark Lord

Link: TUMBLR  / 14.08.2022 / IN RESPONSE TO  — The most amazing gif I’ve ever seen. I need more of this! Satanicwhorewife

Call Out To The Dark Lord 

How can you look at this without being moved and aroused by the intensity and power of its message. This can be you! Call out to the Dark Lord, the unholy spirit and all the demons of lust and allow them to invade your body and possess your soul. Grant them the authority to use your earthly vessel as a vehicle for their pleasure and gratification. Be consumed by the heat of the infernal flames as wave upon wave of orgasmic ecstasy overwhelms your quivering, quaking and convulsing flesh. Your body is indeed a temple so use it as our most gracious Lord and Father intended. Hail Satan!

4 thoughts on “Call Out To The Dark Lord by Giventosin – Non-Fiction”

  1. I want this! Ohhh, I want this pleasure. But the threshold of my Christian faith is so fixed. How can a person break through and call out like you say? As a 49 year old married man, well, old dogs, new tricks. Sh!t.

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