Feature Writer: James Bondage /
Feature Title:  Bayonetta’s Abuse 7 /
Uploaded: 23.11.2013 /
Story Codes: Ma/Fa, Mult, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Slavery, Heterosexual, TransGender, CrossDressing, Shemale, Mystery, Paranormal, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Sex Toys, Size, Big Breasts /
Synopsis: A dark and mysterious woman has an insatiable sexual appetite and a rather large surprise in her pants. A (fortunate?) young man becomes her latest obsession and prolific debauchery ensues /

Bayonetta’s Abuse

Chapter 7: Jeanne’s Gambit

Beams of warm light streamed through the open shades as James lounged on the water bed, a smirk on his face as he surfed through the channels. It was the early afternoon of a crisp autumn day, the leaves outside exploding in bursts of red, orange and yellow; the air filled with the sweet scent of fall.

Bayonetta had left the night before and would be gone at least a couple more days, off on another lengthy assignment. She left him in her studio dungeon with a small stash of food and just enough amusement to keep James from losing his mind. She had added a treadmill and a set of weights to his accommodations so that he could exercise when he wished, but using either of them wasn’t particularly comfortable when bound from neck to toe in latex and chained to a bed.

“Femdom … S&M … Femdom … and, big surprise … more Femdom.”

He chuckled as he clicked from channel to channel, knowing that his efforts were futile. She had password protected the cable box and locked out all channels that weren’t porn of her preferred variety. He slipped off the bed, tossing the remote behind him as he stood and stretched his limbs, the latex of his skin tight suit stretching and creaking.

‘Oh well, at least I have my games… ‘

He walked toward the entertainment center and grabbed a controller, powering on his Playstation 3 as he sat into the thick PVC bean bag, his suit audibly meshing with the leathery chair. He let out a sigh of contentment as his game loaded, reminded suddenly that although he was, technically, a slave, he really didn’t have it that bad.

Just across the street, Jeanne was also lounging. She sat in the back of her white limousine, a cell phone held to her ear as she listened intently. Her body was wrapped in red leather, the clingy, shiny body suit hugging her wide hips and full breasts nicely. A white scarf sat draped around her neck and her short, snow white hair was complemented nicely by the sparkling diamonds that hung from her ears. She shifted nervously as the caller spoke, appearing to ponder an important decision.

“You got her already? Are you ABSOLUTELY sure?!?”

“Affirmative. We caught her off guard. She took two shots to the back, near the spine, then fell in the river. She never had time to use her powers. I think she was meeting a contact there, but we got her first.”

Jeanne bit her tongue. It sounded like things had gone perfectly, but she knew how resourceful Cereza could be. There was still a chance she was alive.

“What about the body? Witnesses?”

“No witnesses. The body hasn’t surfaced, but we’ll keep an eye out. If it does, we’ll recover it and dispose of her elsewhere.”

“Good. Call me if that happens. Otherwise we’ll speak again at the appointed time.”

The line went dead and Jeanne closed her eyes as she flipped her phone shut.

‘You were a good friend at times Cereza, but you were an even bigger source of trouble. I’m sorry it ended this way.’

Moments later her eyes reopened devoid of guilt, remorse or pity. A small smile played across her face as she set the phone down and picked up her oakleys. She slipped the elegant sunglasses over her eyes while pushing a button to scroll down the window at the front of the limo.

“William, put us in stealth mode. I’m going to get him.”

“Yes Mistress.”

William flipped a few switches on the dashboard of the extravagant vehicle and as Jeanne emerged from the side, the windows began to fully tint and small shields slid over the front and rear license plates, concealing them.

Jeanne sauntered across the street, her nose turned up at the seedy lower-middle class neighborhood. Her red, high heeled boots clacked on the pavement as her white scarf flowed in the cool breeze. She approached the shady looking building that housed Cereza’s safe house, inspecting it carefully for any kind of security. There were no cameras, no sensors, no precautions of any kind that she could see.

‘Of course there’s no security. She never told anyone about this place but me.’

She looked around carefully as she entered the foyer, making sure no one else was around as she approached the door to Bayonetta’s apartment.

‘What a dump. Does anyone else even live here?’

She shrugged before taking hold of the door knob, turning it slowly and carefully to see if it was locked. It was of course. There was also a dead bolt situated just above. She eyed them suspiciously, wondering if it was even worth the effort to pick them.

… Fuck it.’

She closed her eyes and concentrated, a red glow beginning to creep over her lower body and illuminate the dim hallway.

James was completely absorbed in his game when a loud striking sound made him jump in the luxurious bean bag. A second, louder strike came two seconds later, the front door hurtling off its hinges and hitting the opposite wall, wood splinters flying everywhere and pieces of metal hitting the floor in a flurry of clanging sounds.

He dropped his controller and turned to look at the hallway entrance as Jeanne emerged from the shattered doorway. She held the door handle in her palm, casually tossing it aside before setting her sights squarely on James.

“Well hello there, slut. Having a bit of fun are we?”

“Jeanne … what are you doing?”

“Same as you, having a bit of fun.”

She grinned as she approached Bayonetta’s toy rack, quickly selecting a pair of handcuffs and a rubber ball gag.

“Mistress never said anything about…”

“She’s not your Mistress anymore. I am.”

James’ eyes went wide, recalling suddenly the words she’d spoken back at her mansion.

“What did you do to her? Where is Cereza?!?”

Jeanne shrugged, a coy look on her face as she approached him, her perfume invading his nostrils.

“Lying in a gutter somewhere? Hell if I know…”

She reached out and grabbed the chain connected to his collar and gave it a heavy tug, yanking him forward into her grasp.

“It doesn’t really matter does it? You’re mine now, and I’m going to take such good care of you.”

He pushed her back immediately, his expression a combination of sadness and rage, his eyes beginning to water as a million horrible possibilities entered his mind. Jeanne stumbled back slightly, angered by his insolence, but maintaining her composure in light of the news she had just delivered.

“You fucking bitch! Did you do this just to get me?!?”

“Pfffft. Please… ” she responded, picking up the slack on his chain once again. “Don’t flatter yourself. There were a dozen reasons. You’re just a nice little bonus.”

She yanked the chain hard once again, pulling him forward and taking hold of his left arm.

“Now stop screwing around and submit like a good little boy.”

James placed his right hand on her shoulder and pushed hard, wrenching his left arm back out of her grasp at the same time. She was strong for her size and build, but he was still stronger, barely. His posture exuded stoney resolve as she stumbled back once more.

“I’m not going anywhere with you.”

Jeanne sighed, closing her eyes as she raised her hand up slightly, the palm of which had started to glow red.

“Fine … the hard way then.”

James’ look changed from determination to fear and wonder as her entire upper body grew brighter and more red, the light spreading and concentrating around her.

In the blink of an eye she had crossed the distance and was wrestling with him, her arms grasping him tightly, her lips pursed in a wicked smile. Her strength was five times what it had been just moments ago and his limbs started to buckle under her unnatural might.

“What … the fuck?!? LET ME GO YOU CRAZY BITCH!!!

With little effort she cuffed his left hand and wrapped it around his back. She then grabbed his right arm and pulled it back, cuffing them together. He continued to yell as she plugged his mouth with the thick red ball, the leather straps buckling around his head.

“Now now, that’s no way to talk to your new Mistress! But since I’m in a good mood, I’ll forgive you just this time.”

His arms secure and his mouth gagged, she embraced him from behind, wrapping her arms around his chest and purring into his ear.

“This is going to be so much fun! I don’t know how, but you still have some pride left. After all Cereza and I have put you through, you still have a chip on your shoulder!”

Jeanne gave his ass a loud smack, kneading his flesh through the thick, latex suit, groping him up and down with one hand as she held him firmly with the other.

“You have a wonderfully deep throat and a nice, pliable ass on you, but I think your stubbornness is your real charm. Bitches like you are never as much fun once they’re completely broken. Frankly, I hope it lasts forever!”

James grunted and yelled back at her, the gag allowing nothing but high pitched muffles through. He bucked and shook, but it was no use in her impossibly strong grip.

Jeanne reached back up for his leash and pulled it in the opposite direction, ripping the chain out of the bedpost with ease. She wound the length around her left hand until it was short enough for her liking, tugging it harshly as she stood and headed for the exit.

“Alright slut, time to go!”

Mr. Anderson plodded along behind the noisy lawn mower, sweating lightly as the machine ate up grass and fallen leaves. With the exception of the white limousine parked in front of his house, it had been a completely normal day so far.

Suddenly, he caught a streak of black and red out of the corner of his eye. He looked over his shoulder carefully, focusing on a woman in red, dragging what looked like a man covered in black rubber with his arms bound behind him. He let go of the mower’s operating lever and it quickly buzzed to a stop a few feet away from him.

He placed his hands on his hips as he watched the unusual pair slowly make their way to the street, the woman constantly pushing, pulling and yelling at him as the rubbery guy stalled and bucked.

“Jesus tap dancing christ … This used to be a quiet neighborhood.”

As they crossed the street and got closer to the car, the woman finally noticed him staring. She gave Mr. Anderson a dazzling smile and a little wave of her hand before licking the rubber man’s cheek and pushing him head first into the open door of the limo. She then blew Mr. Anderson a kiss before disappearing inside and slamming the door. Moments later, the limousine pulled out and sped down the street, a “Just Married” sign displayed prominently on the bumper.

Mr. Anderson watched the limo cruise into the distance, a blank expression on his face.

“I don’t get these sex games.”

The ride to Jeanne’s mansion felt much longer than it had the first time. Even as she groped, licked and nibbled on him endlessly, his body splayed over the plush leather of the seats, James’ mind was a knot of turmoil. His heart ached at the prospect that he may never see his true Mistress again. Jeanne ignored his melancholy, confident that he would fully succumb to her charms in time, giving him not a moments respite as she lavished him with unbridled affection.

When the limo arrived at its destination, she quickly hustled him inside and took him upstairs in her private elevator. James had given up any pretense of resistance at that point, knowing that it was futile and would only serve to piss her off. The supernatural display he had witnessed earlier, the source of her amazing strength and its connection to what he had seen earlier with Bayonetta occupied a corner of his distraught mind, but he was unable to focus.

Jeanne marched to her bedroom with her prize in tow, tossing open the doors to the enormous chamber and rushing him to her oversized canopy bed. She grabbed him by the harness of his ball gag and launched him face first onto the mattress, his bondage suited body smacking flat onto the wide surface.

She ducked down into his field of vision with a wild grin on her face.

“Home again, home again! Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back!”

She laughed as she rose and headed to the bathroom, her enormous erection evident through the skin tight leather of her costume. James could hear her heavy urination and subsequent washing as he struggled on the bed, his arms still cuffed tightly behind him.

His arms were sore, his jaw and tongue stung from the thick rubber gag and he needed to piss as well, but as he watched Jeanne exit the bathroom, her body suit half unzipped and stroking her thick cock hungrily, he knew there would be no relief for a while yet.

She walked back around the bed, approaching her bound slut from behind and immediately unzippered the pouch at his ass. His gift wrapped flesh opened up before her as the black latex peeled to the sides. She thrust three fingers into his ass swiftly, digging in and stretching his anal lips wide, her fat cock twitching impatiently as it rose to its full 18 inches.

“Do you believe in destiny James? I do. That you are now my property is just another confirmation that it is so. A woman like her had no right to a treasure like you. She didn’t appreciate your true potential either.”

Jeanne leaned down by his side, her lips hovering next to his ear.

“When I’m done with you, you are going to be … perfect.”

She rose back up and speared another finger into his quickly loosening asshole. James grunted into the ball gag as she opened him up swiftly. Finally, she pulled her fingers from his moist hole, bringing her hefty cock up to the crack of his ass and laying it between his cheeks. She slid it up and down several times, savoring the anticipation for a few moments.

“So much to do … After we have a little fun, I’m going to go make an appointment for you to get those wonderful tattoos I promised. You’re going to have your own special room, both upstairs and in the dungeon. They’ll be well equipped in every way. And there will be other surprises as well…”

Her eyes closed as she allowed the tip of her cock to slide halfway down his crack and then pushed it between his fleshy cheeks, spearing her cockhead directly into his juicy pucker and ramming 9 inches of thick meat into his ass in her first thrust.

James groaned loudly, the already muffled cry dying in the thick comforter as Jeanne pulled her ravenous monster back and plunged in even deeper, the exquisite pleasure written across her face. The pungent smell of sex began to fill the room, the musky aroma of Jeanne’s fleshy spear and hefty ball sack assaulting his nose.

“You’ll never guess what my latest project is, slut … and it’s not like you can voice a guess right now anyway, so I’ll just tell you. It’s a volume enhancer.”

She began thrusting her cock in faster; the white, meaty pole slurping in and out of his reddened asshole more vigorously. She cooed softly as 15 inches of her shaft tunneled into his well trained bowels, every muscle in her body urging her on, her hunger increasing by the second.

” … a good amount of zinc in your diet will improve the quantity of your semen substantially. So will the right combination of amino acids. Mmmmmm … yeah, give me that yummy boy pussy!”

Her breath became ragged as she continued, her excitement multiplying as she came closer and closer to plugging her bloated penis balls deep. She reveled in the experience, ecstatic to be drilling the perfect ass she’d waited so long to re-enter.

“I’ve been testing this myself by taking a high-grade zinc supplement, a protein powder, eating egg whites every morning and tailoring the rest of my diet to get the right acids. The results, as you’ll soon see, are pretty astonishing…”

James attempted to buck and shake her as the meaning of her words sunk in, but it was way too late for that. He may as well have been rain soaked earth trying to resist an oil derrick. Her grip on his flanks was iron and her cock impaled his luscious ass to its full length, her large, fleshy balls smacking into his in familiar fashion.

“On top of that, I haven’t cum in two days … Oh yeah… OH FUCK!!!

She began jack hammering her fat, turgid penis into his ass at lightning speed. Loud moans escaped her lips as she became rougher and more needy, lifting her right leg up and placing her foot on the bed, using her superior leverage to plunge into his sucking ass flesh even harder.

James’ entire body went slack as she drilled impossibly deep into his anatomy, his limbs tensing in the already tight latex, his own moans rising in volume and changing from painful to blissful as his prostate lit up like a Christmas tree.

Her hips smacked his ass louder and louder as her wide open bodysuit flapped around her, her teeth gritting and a growl growing in her throat as she came closer and closer to climax, her bulging scrotum churning with untold levels of seed, her need for climax desperate.


James’ ass flooded with creamy ejaculate faster than he could ever recall, the thick, white syrup exploding from her glans and filling his anal walls. It glided along her slick cock flesh, pouring out around her plunging rod and forcing its way up into his intestines and beyond. Jeanne screamed and smacked his ass repeatedly, wailing like a banshee as she continued to bury her bloated fuck stick into his filth clogged rectum.

The jizz continued to gush out, inconceivably, each thrust into his ass accompanied by a deluge of ejaculate being forced out of his cheeks in a loud, wet slosh. He could feel the hot sludge climbing further and further up his bowels, backing him up and threatening to enter his stomach as her climax drove on seemingly without end.

Jeanne leaned back suddenly, withdrawing her pulsating schlong from his overflowing ass with an obscene slurp. She held it at a slight upward angle as semen continued to jet from the mushroom shaped head. Long, thick ropes of cum landed all over James’ back and limbs, slowly covering him in viscous slime.

As the entire backside of his body took on a white glaze, she reached down and grabbed one of his hip handles, tugging it mightily and rolling him over. James found himself staring up at a woman possessed, ropes of her cum shooting out all over his thighs, chest and face.

As her stream of jizzum shrunk to a trickle, she released her cock and pounced on him hastily. She grabbed his nipples through the thick latex, twisting fiercely as she brought her face to his and began licking his neck above the collar, her half naked body squishing against his in a semen sandwich.

James moaned and winced as his world filled with Jeanne’s sucking lips, the grip of her flesh and the strong scent of her sticky cum. She groped and feasted on him for several minutes before finally collapsing on his body, slowly catching her breath as her body descended from cloud nine.

“That … was … wow.”

The room was silent of all but her deep breaths as she laid atop him, glued to his body with her own filth. She rested there for long minutes, hugging him sensually before finally stirring and rising off his body. A sloppy adhesive sound ripped out as her cummy skin pulled off his gripping suit.

“Just wait until I do that in your throat.”

She chuckled to herself as she stood back up and placed her hands on her hips. Her cock hung dominantly between her thighs, over a foot long even in its flaccid state.

“That suit the bitch got you is nice, but I’m having a new one made. Black is such a boring color! The bondage I craft for you will have style and much better features.”

Jeanne grabbed his hip handle once again and rolled him over a second time. She unlocked the handcuffs and his arms slid down, finally relaxed as they hit the mattress. She strode away from the bed, zippering up her bodysuit and smoothing it over her moist skin.

“Dinner is at 7 o’clock. You can rest and refresh until then.”

She opened the large double doors and stepped through them, turning on her heel and looking back through the breach in the middle.

“Welcome back slut!”

The doors shut and the lock on the outside jingled and clicked, Jeanne’s heavy boot steps trailing into the distance. James rose slowly, reaching up and unstrapping the mouth gag from his face before tossing it aside.

He slid off the bed and headed for the bathroom, his asshole aching and oozing cum the entire way. After he had relieved himself and washed his face clean of her spunk, he re-emerged and went directly to the doors, reaching out and testing the lock. Unsurprisingly, it was sturdy and locked tight.

He sighed and began looking around the spacious bedroom, her chamber having changed little since his visit in the spring. He began poking around the room, looking through drawers and containers, seeking out anything that might be insightful or useful.

‘It’s hopeless. This place is a fucking fortress. She killed Cereza and then fucked you in the ass. Plus, she’s some kind of fucking sorceress. What are you going to do genius? Stab her with a letter opener?’

James paced around the room, frustrated but trying as hard as he could to focus and think. His mind was spinning as he attempted to comprehend his situation and imagine a way out.

As he walked by her painting supplies, he bumped into her easel and stumbled, the cardboard cover falling off and hitting the floor. He reflexively reached down to retrieve it, but as he stood back up, the cover dropped from his hands; his entire being struck to the core with instant terror.

It wasn’t a perfect likeness, but it was him alright. The same eyes and jawline. The same shoulders and hips. The same legs and ass tight in his latex suit. What wasn’t him was the sizable pair of breasts that protruded from the drawing’s chest.

‘I need to get the fuck out of here. Now.’

It was late morning as sunlight poured into the dining hall. Jeanne sat at the head of her banquet table eating eggs, oatmeal and orange juice with a smug smile on her face, the erotic adventures of the night before still fresh in her mind. She had fucked James’ ass and mouth in every conceivable position throughout the evening, and it showed in her appetite. She devoured the food ravenously as James sat at the other end of the lengthy table, picking at his plate.

“Eat” she ordered, gesturing to the small meal placed before him.

“I’m not hungry” he answered, refusing to look up at her.

“Eat or I will send every morsel up your ass with another helping of my cum.”

James sighed, sticking his fork in the breakfast sausage and reluctantly taking a bite. He leaned back in his chair, his whole body creaking with cum slick latex. Jeanne giggled as she watched him in his disheveled state, knowing full well what a mess she looked like as well.

“Don’t worry, I’m going to have William draw us a bath as soon as we’re…”

As if speaking his name summoned him from some ethereal realm, William suddenly burst into the dining hall, a worried expression on his face and a blaring two-way transceiver in his hand.

“Mistress Jeanne! We’ve got trouble!”

Jeanne dropped her fork immediately and stood up, grabbing the radio from the butler as he approached.

“What is it?” she demanded angrily from the gate guard.

“Miss Jeanne?!? We’re under attack! She’s moving too fast! We can’t hit her!!! I’ve called for backup but it will be a while bef–”

A loud crack could be heard and then a crashing sound as the radio hit the ground on the other end.

“Fucking hell.”

She crammed the radio into William’s chest as her eyes flared in sudden realization. Her agent had not reported in last night and now Jeanne knew why. Exactly what she had feared had come to pass.

“I’m getting my weapons. William, see if any of the girls are in town right now and if they are, tell them to haul ass.”

“Right away Mistress.”

William hurried off in one direction while Jeanne strode through the opposite door.

James was left to look out the window and wonder if he shouldn’t take this opportunity to make a break for it. He could see a thin column of smoke coming from the front of the compound, but nothing else was visible, thick trees blocking the rest of the view.

‘No … it has to be her. Mistress is alive!’

Jeanne re-entered the hall moments later, two enormous guns strapped to her hips and a padlock in her hand. The light gleamed off her red leather attire and the metal implements of destruction at her sides.

They were way too big to be ordinary hand guns, but having no knowledge of firearms, James had no idea how to classify them. She crossed the distance to him quickly and grabbed the leash hanging from his collar as she continued past.

“And YOU, young man, are not leaving my sight.”

She stalked toward the front entrance of the mansion, pulling him roughly behind her. Reaching the doors, she smashed them open with an explosive kick, continuing onto the wrap-around porch and walking to a metal ring that stuck up from the cement of the stairs. She brought the end of his chain to the ring and smoothly connected the padlock around them, securing him to the floor.

“It’s just impossible to find good help these days. Be right back my pet! I have some vermin to exterminate.”

She charged onto the lawn, her hands already twitching as the familiar roar of Bayonetta’s GTO advanced up the long driveway, growing louder. She locked her eyes on the vehicle and drew her weapons, the unusually large, multi-barreled hand guns aimed directly at the intruder.

As the bright yellow car closed in on the mansion, it screeched to the side of the pavement, the chassis barely coming to a stop before Bayonetta leapt from the seat, her own guns drawn. Her black leather costume and luxurious dark hair exploded into the air, a look of utter contempt on her face as she headed right for Jeanne.

What James saw next would have been unbelievable had he not already witnessed the impossible the day before. Both women began glowing a light purple, and just as their guns rang out in attack, they began moving at impossibly fast speeds, a blur of colored shapes and streaks.

The sound of their weapons was deafening, the chambers unloading at unfathomable rates, hundreds of gunshots ringing out like machine gun fire for each minute the conflict continued.

Try as he might to keep up with the battle, his eyes could scarcely make out the two women as they jumped, dodged, rolled, and continued to fire at each other. A hail of bullets riddled the top of the steps, making him jump and informing him that the contest below was no spectator sport.

James dove behind one of the Romanesque pillars holding up the porch, looking around furiously for anything that might help him get free. He spied a box of tools not far away and crawled to it, his chain offering him barely enough slack to reach it.

Tearing open the container, he found an assortment of items, quickly tossing aside a few that were of no use and finally extracting a chisel and hammer. As he raised them and prepared to smash the chain, the gunshots suddenly halted. First one pair of guns went silent, then the other. He peeked his head back above the railing, observing that the mystical glow was fading from both combatants.

Jeanne and Bayonetta were both breathing hard, their mystical energies dissipating as their guns clicked empty. They both stood catching their breaths and glaring at each other with cold eyes.

Jeanne tossed her guns aside casually, her resolve to end her rival’s life unshaken. She entered an elegant Wing Chun kata, her arms flowing up and outward as her body balanced itself low to the ground.

Bayonetta holstered her guns, a sarcastic smile spreading across her lips.

“Sending a little girl to do a Witch’s job … that was bold Jeanne. Not terribly smart, but bold.”

Jeanne seethed, suddenly springing into the air and delivering a jump kick in practice. She followed it up with a forward thrust punch, her right fist extended and her left held back in defensive reserve.

“Gonna make you uglier, bitch.”

Bayonetta took a simple, but effective Jujitsu stance, inviting her attack.

“I’d promise you the same, but I’m pretty sure that’s impossible.”

Jeanne screamed in rage and leapt at her, the devastating strength of her kick nullified as Bayonetta sidestepped and brushed her foot aside, skipping back again quickly as Jeanne followed the attack with a roundhouse. Bayonetta attempted to counter attack with a well aimed side kick, but the agile Jeanne dodged it and cart wheeled to the side, immediately resuming her attack once she was clear of danger.

The two women were moving incredibly fast even without their magical enhancements. Their limbs flew in attacks and counter attacks, most of them dodged as they carefully circled each other and looked for weaknesses in the others guard. The wind swirled around them, colorful gusts of autumn leaves sweeping by as they danced dangerously around one another.

James had become so absorbed in watching them that he was startled when William burst from the front entrance, running past James with another pair of Jeanne’s custom firearms in his hands.


James brought the hammer down on the chisel swiftly and repeatedly, finally snapping one of the links on the fourth blow. He dropped the tools and immediately took off, his tight latex suit encumbering him, but his urgency and sudden burst of adrenaline more than making up for it.

He ran faster than he ever had since high school, quickly closing the distance between he and William as they both headed towards the melee on the lawn.

He dove in a football style tackle, wrapping his arms around William’s legs and bringing him to the ground hard. The butler’s head collided with the heavy guns as he fell, stunning him badly. James pushed himself up and dove on him again, this time landing on top of him and delivering a right cross to William’s jaw as he tried to right himself. The man’s body collapsed into unconsciousness and James rose from the ground, shaking his bruised hand from side to side.

“Sorry buddy, but there’s been enough gun-play already.”

As he got his bearings and his gaze returned to the two women in the distance, he could tell that Jeanne had noticed them, her body suddenly abandoning its attack and turning towards the two men. She took off at top speed, her eyes set on the guns that lay before William. James quickly grabbed them up and looked around frantically.

He spotted what he needed 200 feet away, a large water fountain. He made a dash for it with the heavy weapons in hand, his lungs burning as he crossed the dry earth, fallen leaves crunching below his steps.

Jeanne gained on him as they ran, but it wasn’t fast enough and James reached the fountain with time to spare. He tossed the guns into the water, a look of surprised relief spreading across his face. Jeanne came to a stop as she shrieked in anger.


Her enraged slight was cut short as Bayonetta crashed into her from behind, tackling her to the ground and immediately delivering a fist to her face, bloodying Jeanne’s nose. The two amazons struggled on the ground, a frenzy of arms and legs vying for position.

Bayonetta took a painful boot to the face, but managed to slide around Jeanne and put her in a headlock. It didn’t last long, however, as the woman in red squirmed to the side and delivered an elbow directly to her crotch. Bayonetta coughed and yelled as Jeanne rolled off, putting some distance between them as James arrived to the scene.

He leaned down and offered Bayonetta his shoulder, helping her to rise as she recovered from the brutal blow to her nether region. Both women stood panting and glaring at each other, blood smeared across their faces and heaving chests.

James’ eyes narrowed, staring back at Jeanne as he held his Mistresses’ arm over his back, shouldering her weight.

“That’s enough Jeanne! It’s over.”

“It’s OVER when I kill that whore!”

Bayonetta snickered. “I’ve heard that before.”

“You’re the Salieri to my Mozart, Cereza. Always have been, always will be. Let’s finish this.”

Bayonetta grinned, saying not a word as she lifted her arm off James and pushed him behind her, taking her defensive Jujitsu posture once again.

As the two prepared to re-engage, the sound of cars rushing up the driveway could be heard in the distance. Jeanne turned and looked as the unmarked black sedans sped towards them, anger steadily growing in her eyes.

“You called the enforcers?”

“Right before I dealt with your guards. I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t take the risk of you getting the jump on me.”

Jeanne balked, shaking her head in disgust.

“Lords … and here I thought at the very least you would honor a sacred duel. You’re pathetic.”

Bayonetta didn’t flinch, her cool gaze fixed on her arrogant opponent.

“That’s amusing, coming from someone who just attempted murder and kidnapping.”

The cars screeched to a stop not far away, a dozen buxom females quickly exiting the vehicles and making their way to the trio.

James couldn’t help but stare as the intimidating women approached. They each had their own distinct style and flavor, but each woman was sporting a leather body suit and each of them was armed to the teeth. Their guns clanked and jingled as the force fell upon them, a tall blonde apparently in command.

“What the fuck is going on here?”

Jeanne’s smoldering gaze remained fixed on the ground. Bayonetta’s, by contrast, was lifted to the sky as she waited for the inevitable.

“You know what, I don’t even care! Take them to the hall.”

The assembly of sultry amazons fanned out, taking Bayonetta and Jeanne by the arms and leading them roughly to the parked cars. The blonde woman fixed her stare on James, her pony tail bobbing behind her as she sized him up.

“Who does this slut belong to?”

“Me!” Jeanne yelled over her shoulder.

“He’s mine.” Bayonetta answered matter of factly, ignoring the other woman.

The blonde rolled her eyes, nodding at James.

“Bring him too.”

Two of the enforcers hurried to his side, grabbing James by the arms and rushing him to one of the cars. He prepared to protest, but noticed, thankfully, that the car they were leading him to contained Bayonetta.

Just as they were about to shove him in, he suddenly recalled something, planting his feet into the ground in resistance.

“Wait! Check the basement. The dungeon! She may have others captive there. There were at least two women before!”

“Shutup!” the dark skinned woman on his right admonished him before throwing him into the back seat roughly.

He landed on Bayonetta’s boots, a grunt emitting from his mouth as the door slammed behind him.

As she leaned down to help him up, the car was already turning around and following the others out of Jeanne’s estate.

James climbed up on the seat, turning to see his Mistresses’ eyes on the verge of tears, the painful remorse clear on her bruised and bloodied face. She reached out her hand, her leather glove caressing his chin and cheek.

“Cheshire … I’m so sorry.”

“I’m fine Mistress. Are you alright?”

She leaned in swiftly, sealing her lips over his and inserting her tongue into his mouth. Her other hand drifted to the back of his head as they engaged in a long, deep french kiss.

“I am now.”

The trees sped by as the unmarked vehicle picked up speed, the caravan of cars heading into the city.

“Mistress, where are they taking us?”

Bayonetta sighed and sat back in her seat, closing her eyes as her weary body relaxed and steadily recovered from its recent exertions.

“You wanted to know more about me, didn’t you? About what I do? About US?”

Her eyes re-opened, peering out the window to the cloudy, darkening sky.

“This, my love, is why you must always be careful what you wish for.”


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