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Bangkok Snuff Movie

I live in Bangkok, and make about half a million a year in the Asian movie business here. I do what is called procurement. That job initials procuring ‘Stars’ for all types of movies. This story is about Jennifer, a little girl from the USA, who lived in a small town in the mid-west somewhere.

I got a call early Friday morning from Chin, my best client. He needed a Caucasian preteen girl for a big snuff film that he’d been contracted to shoot. He offered me the usual one hundred grand to procure such a person. So I took off by noon, that very day, heading for Chicago.

Being the professional that I am, I quickly staked out a likely neighborhood, and found my target. She was a little girl around eight or nine, with the right look for the film project. I knew Chin wanted a typical American look, blonde hair, blue eyes, very cute, that type of child. This little girl fit the bill to a tee.

I nabbed her with a tranquilizer dart in the neck, when she was on her way to the grocery store. In no time we were on the chartered jet that I had waiting at O’Hare, and quickly heading east-ward. It took about thirty hours to get the child back to Bangkok, keeping her drugged for the whole trip. I always keep my merchandise quite, you never know what will happen if they have mobility.

Chin paid me my fee upon arrival, and offered me another twenty grand, to act as her handler, which I gratefully accepted. This happened only when he had multiple projects going, so I considered myself lucky to pull in some more cash. Being the kids handler meant that I had to keep her until they needed her on the set. Considering the type of movie this was going to be, I didn’t have to worry about her seeing me, so I just took her home with me.

The child woke up finally about ten in the morning. She came out of the drugged state slowly, then looked around the room and asked, “Where am I, I want my mom, please let me go to my mom.”

I said, “Baby, you’ll have to wait to see your parents until the movie is over. You’re gonna be in a movie, and you’ll be a movie star, maybe your folks will get to see you on the screen.” She just sat there looking at me, blinking. She was a real attractive little girl, I kinda thought this whole thing that was gonna happen to her was a real waist. But then the money was real good. Oh well.

We talked for a while, her hunger finally overpowered her fear, and she started to ask for food. I had found out that her name was Jennifer, and that she was nine years old, and apparently at the top of her class in most subjects. She liked to talk a lot, I figured that was probably because she was nervous.

Well we lived together for the next two days, and I was becoming real fond of little Jennifer, her bright little personality, and her cute little ways. I think if I had a kid, I’d want her to be just like Jenny. Then I got the call from Chin, to bring little Jenny down to the set. I hated doing it, but I’d already been paid a one hundred and twenty grand, and if I caused any trouble at this point, I’d be removed permanently, and I couldn’t see that would help anybody.

So I gathered up Jenny an we drove into the rural rice farm country, down back roads, to the studio. Chin had a little town sized facility built in the jungle, with high security fences and all the bells and whistles. After gaining entrance through the front gate, I delivered little Jenny to Chin and his director.

Jennifer wanted to know when she could go home, and with a very innocent voice said, “Mr. Chin, Rob told me that I could go home as soon as this movie is over. Will you let me go, if I do everything you want me to?” Chin looked at the young girl and smiled, “Yes child, you may go when we are through with you.” This seemed to satisfy little Jenny, and she smiled back at Chin and followed the make-up man to the dressing room.

I just had to say it, “Hey Chin, this little girl is really cute, I think you ought to consider using her in a series instead of just one flick. I mean it, you oughta talk to her, I think she’s a natural.” Chin stared at me with stone cold eyes, and said, “You’ve been paid, now you can leave.” As I turned to go, he yelled at me, “Wait a minute, I paid you twenty thousand to be her handler, that means that you have to take care of her after we’re done here. You better just stand over there and wait until we’re done. It will only be a few minutes.” Reluctantly, I walked over to the shaded lunch area, and sat myself down to wait.

All was action and noise. The director was getting all the actors in place. This was going to be and outdoors scene. There was a truck parked in the middle of the lot, with five cameras suspended above the cargo bed at the back. As I watched the goffer was bringing little Jenny back to the set. She had on a little safari outfit. she looked like a little English child complete with a pith helmet. They led her to the truck and helped her up into the back.

The director was giving her instructions, “What you are expected to do, is stand back here, then some men will come riding in on horses, you are to run to the back of the cab, and yell at the top of your voice… HELP! Daddy, please HELP me! If you do this well, we will let you go home today, OK?” Little Jenny, was ecstatic and replied, “I’ll be the best actress that you’ve ever had, I promise.”

“QUIET ON THE SET!….” Here we go I thought, this is it, I’ve never actually seen a snuff movie before, and I knew that this was the main scene. This type of movie only lasted as long as the action, they’re generally only ten minutes or so long. I could take it. I knew I could. “ACTION” the director shouted.

Out of the quite the sound of pounding hooves could be heard, then ten rough looking men came galloping up to the truck, kicking up dust, and screaming obscenities at the cute little girl. Right on queue, Jenny jumped up, and ran to the back of the cab, screaming “HELP Daddy, please Help me!” As she lay back against the cab the first of the big mean looking men jumped into the cargo bed of the truck and grabbed the child by the arms.

Jenny was really frightened now, she started to cry from fear, and the pain of the man’s tight grip on her. He slapped her hard across the face and ripped the helmet from her head. The camera caught the beautiful child’s eyes, and the texture of her skin, as the leader of the horse men ripped her jacket off her, then he took out his knife, and cut her skirt off with one quick up thrust. Little Jenny was trying to fight this big man, but she wasn’t even a one hundred pounds, and he must have been at least two hundred and fifty pounds of muscle.

Another man jumped into the truck bed and held the little girl by the hair almost pulling her feet off the floorboards, as the leader pulled her pretty pink undies off, so that the little girl was wearing only a child’s T-shirt, and long riding boots on her legs. The leader pushed little Jenny down onto the bed of the truck and pulled his waste wrap off with one jerk, baring his naked body for the child to stare at.

The man had a raging hard-on that had to be nine inches long and at least four inches around. As he stood there the camera lenses dilated and you could see they were getting close-ups of Jenny’s face, you could see her looking at the man’s engorged penis, you could tell that she had no idea what was going to happen to her. Then the leader jumped down on the girl, spreading her little legs and began to thrust his huge cock at her little virgin pussy.

Jenny was really frightened now, she had no idea what was happening, but she knew enough about sex to know what the man was trying to do to her. She knew that she didn’t want him between her legs. She also knew that she couldn’t do too much about it. Then all of a sudden the man thrust into her, making the child scream in fear and pain. At this point I was really hating myself. It was nice to get one hundred and twenty grand outta the deal, but that moment I pledged never to be a handler again, what I didn’t have to see, wouldn’t bother me.

The man started pounding into the little girls pussy, grunting and slobbering, grabbing her little ass and thrusting her body up to his down thrusts. He came in the little girl very quickly, then lay on top of her for a moment.

All was silence, all the cameras were rolling, all trained on the obscene couple, then you could see, the lenses began to move, as they took a close-up of the little girls face. She was laying there with tears streaming down her face. At that moment, I think she realized that she wasn’t going to get to go home, that she wasn’t going to see her mommy again.

The second man pushed the leader over off little Jenny, and mounted her himself. All ten of the men fucked the little girl in turn. Some of them came in her quickly, some took longer. They were all rough with her. When they had all had her at least once, the leader walked up to the little angel, and said in very accented English, “You little British whore, you now die like the animals you people are.” (great lines) He grabbed Jenny by her long blonde hair, pulling her up into a kneeling position, pulled a huge hunting knife, and ran it across her beautiful little throat.

That one slice almost severed her head from her body. Little Jenny was no longer in pain, or fear. They got the whole thing on film.

I then began to throw up my lunch.

Bangkok, Thailand.


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