Awaken The Fire In Your Loins – Non-Fiction

Writer: Muscledemon666

Subject: Awaken The Fire In Your Loins

Link: Tumblr / 23.09.2022

Contact: INSTAGRAM: DarkDemonDar666. WICKR: demondar, MuscleDEMON666. DEMONDAR666. Dar P.O. Box 69444, L A, Ca 90069. If you contact me best way is WICKR , always give your age and first name. We can speak directly on there. It’s time you give in and let go. Come home and be reborn in Satan!

Awaken The Fire In Your Loins

As you feel the stirrings in your cock and balls you know that Satan is calling you, guiding you, empowering you to a new level of awareness. You’ve tried to fight your feelings, your hungers and desires. But each day they grow stronger ever more powerful, ever darker. You are changing now.

He has awakened you, called you and there is no fighting it. Your balls and cock ache with lust and burning. Give in, give in, give in your mind tell you, your guts scream out … I must follow. It is time, you are His … let go! You were born for this. His lust and power and dark hungers whirl within your head.

You must follow Him! You are home now. Home where you belong. Be one with us and be set free. I am Dar. I’m here to help and guide you. To take away your guilt and shame.


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