Art Of Nefarious – Rosaleen Norton

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Subject: Art Of Nefarious by Rosaleen Norton

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Art Of Nefarious

I want to pay homage to the artist “Rosaleen Norton” and her inspirational dark work (which I will do in a separate post) —see above.

Rosaleen Miriam Norton (2 October 1917 – 5 December 1979), who used the name of Thorn, was a New Zealand-born Australian artist and occultist, in the latter capacity adhering to a form of pantheistic / Neopagan Witchcraft largely devoted to the Greek god Pan. She lived much of her later life in the bohemian area of Kings Cross, Sydney, leading her to be termed the “Witch of Kings Cross” in some of the tabloids, and from where she led her own coven of Witches. 

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