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Are human sacrifices becoming more popular?


Screams in the jungle: mystery Panama cult sacrifices children in sickening exorcism ritual


Police raid Panama church, arresting 10 people and rescuing 15 captives, including children / Comes after cult ceremony that killed pregnant woman and six children in a remote village …

A week after six children and a pregnant woman were sacrificed in a brutal religious ritual, the inhabitants of a remote village in northwestern Panama fear they might be next.

“No one can sleep. As soon as they hear a cricket or a cockroach everyone’s on high alert,” said Pacifico Blanco.

Blanco lives in Altos del Terron, an isolated indigenous community where the victims of the ritualistic killings were found last week in a mass grave. Bibles, messages alluding to the devil and a heap of rope can still be seen at the site of the massacre – a makeshift church in dense jungle that was used by an obscure sect that called itself “God’s New Light.”

Police raided the church on January 15, arresting 10 people and rescuing 15 captives, including children, they believe were being prepared for sacrifice. The mass grave was found a day later, about an hour away from the church. Vegetation and walls kept the church almost invisible to the outside world and the local community had no idea what was taking place inside. The massacre has left locals “terrorized,” said Enrique Martinez, police chief for neighboring Veraguas province. Police reinforcements were flown in by helicopter to the village, around 250km (150 miles) from Panama City and hard to reach.

Besides protecting the local community, the police are looking for other such sects. This latest incident came just a month after 17 foreigners belonging to another sect were arrested in the coastal town of San Carlos. The police presence in Altos del Terron has brought little relief to residents who fear there may be more murderous sect members lurking in their midst.

“We don’t sleep, either by day or by night, nor do we rest,” the local indigenous chief, Evangelisto Santos, said.

Since the murders of the six children aged between one and 17, and the pregnant woman – the mother of five of the victims – many villagers have taken to living together in the deeply religious community. Safety in numbers, they believe, will help protect them from any other potential sects in the area.

“Honestly, I spend my nights sad and worrying about the fate of the nephews and nieces that have been left with me,” said Edison Rios, the dead woman’s brother.

“It’s upsetting to think about them. Who knows if they will come back today or tomorrow and finish off the remaining children?”

According to the public prosecutor, the 10 suspects, now in preventive detention, tied up their victims and beat them to death with Bibles, sticks and machetes. The pregnant woman was killed in front of her children, who were then murdered too. Survivors said the sect leader claimed he was carrying out God’s orders to “remove the demon” from the victims in a violent exorcism. Cult members used Bibles, cudgels and machetes to hit the congregants. Dina Blanco still bears a broad bruise across her forehead from whatever hit her.

“When I came to, they kept telling me not to open my eyes,” she recalled.

“I heard drums, an accordion, screams, crying. I was tied up.”

Neighbors said they suspected nothing because the church had carried out noisy, animated religious rituals in the past without major incidents. For that reason, they thought nothing of the sounds coming from the compound, even screams, at the time of the massacre.

“We heard the racket,” said Diomedes Blanco, but paid no heed because they thought people “were praising God”.

Everything changed when several injured hostages managed to escape and alert the authorities. That’s when the locals found out that “they were capturing people to take them to the church and massacre them, and the people became alarmed”, said Santos.

“From now on we’re not going to believe any religion that enters our region because it’s a danger to us. We’re afraid of what we’ve seen,” said Pacifico Blanco.

For Narciso, a retired police officer who now ferries passengers on his boat.

“This was the work of the very devil himself.”


Nepal police say four arrested over child sacrifice

Agence France-Presse / Fri, 12 Feb 2010 03:54 EST

I keep telling people that human sacrifice never went away, that it is more prominent than ever (it just went underground). I have a blog dedicated to this and cannibalism (it went underground as well). What part of ‘underworld’ don’t people understand? We’re living in a demon-run world (from inter dimensional planes and from demons dressed in flesh suits called psychopaths) and I know I’m not the only one who sees this! I used to talk to one of the demonic flesh suits! He told me that he ate human flesh twice a week! What I keep trying to tell people is that you can’t have cannibalism without some kind of human sacrifice! This world is getting more evil all the time!

Nepali police said Thursday they had arrested four people in connection with the death of an eight-year-old girl believed to have been killed in a human sacrifice. Police said the child’s throat had been slit and her body pierced with a sharp weapon. Local media reported her blood was found inside a brick kiln along with religious offerings of money and food.

“The circumstances of the killing in early December suggest the girl was sacrificed,” local police official Narhari Adhikari told AFP from Rupandehi district in the south of Nepal.

“We have arrested four people including the owner of the brick kiln on charges of murder.

“Two of those arrested confessed they killed the girl as an offering to the gods to bring good fortune to the business,” he added.

Mainly Hindu Nepal is deeply traditional and religious rituals are a part of everyday life in the impoverished country. Around 80 percent of the 27 million-strong population are Hindu. Nepal outlawed human sacrifices in 1780 but experts say it is still practiced by some communities in poor rural areas.

“Some people still believe sacrificing human beings will appease the gods, improve their fortunes and raise their social status,” said Chunda Bajracharya, professor of cultural studies at Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan University.



Most feared gang in America—sacrifices teenage girl to Satan




The MS-13 is the only street gang the US government has designated a ‘transnational criminal organisation’ An infamous street gang from Los Angeles is believed to have murdered at least eight people across the US over the last month, including teenage school students some of whom it is claimed were killed as part of satanic rituals.

Members of Mara Salvatrucha, also known as MS-13, have been charged with murders including that of a 15-year-old girl in Houston, Texas, and also of two friends, aged 15 and 16 in New York’s Long Island in September, whose bodies were found raped, beaten with baseball bats and hacked with machetes. Two El Salvadoran suspects, Diego Rivera and Miguel Alvarez-Florez have been charged with the Houston murder.

It is alleged the pair killed their 15-year-old victim known only as “Genesis” when she challenged her captors’ over their “satanic” beliefs in front of a shrine. According to the New York Post, a court in Houston heard a testimony from a 14-year-old girl who had also been captured, drugged, sexually assaulted and tattooed by the group, and held in the same room as Genesis. She told the court that after Genesis’ outburst, gang member Alvarez-Florez offered a satanic statue in the shrine a cigarette.

“The beast did not want a material offering, but wanted a soul,” Alvarez-Flores said, according to court documents.

The body of the 15-year-old was subsequently found in the middle of a road, with a bullet holes in the head and chest, both of which appeared to have been fired from close range, police said.

Meanwhile 14 members of the gang have been held, and 12 charged over the killing of the two girls in Long Island, after arrests this month.

Four face the death penalty at a trial of the 13 adult gang members that will be held on April 10.

“For far too long, MS-13 has been meting out their own version of the death penalty,” Robert L. Capers, the United States attorney for the Eastern District of New York said at a news conference. The MS-13 gang emerged in the 1980s and is the only US street gang the American government has designated a “transnational criminal organisation”.

The group’s activities extend through Canada and Mexico and as well as through several countries in Central America. Their activities, including people trafficking and drug smuggling, have helped make the Northern Triangle – Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras – the most violent place in the world that is not at war, according to organised crime investigation group InSight Crime. The gang is thought to be responsible for more than 30 murders on Long Island since 2010.

“For far too long, MS-13 has been meting out their own version of the death penalty,” New York Attorney Robert Capers said.

But speaking to The Independent, InSight Crime co-director Steven Dudley said it is highly unlikely the gang is making a wholesale move towards Satanism. He said: “There is a grain of truth in the satanic fascination of some of these gang members.

“But does it translate into mass, gang-wide rituals in which they execute young girls (thereby conforming to our worst, preconceived fears about them)?

“I highly doubt it. I think these are kids playing God, or Satan, as the case might be.”

Mr Dudley added: “More troubling for me is their systematic effort to take new territory or reclaim old territory for the purposes of extortion and drug peddling.”


Ritual Mass Human Sacrifices


Ritual Mass Human Sacrifice is the deliberate and systematic murder of more than 100 persons based on a religious belief system and according to ritualistic processes. When reading any history book on mass human sacrifice, inevitably the most barbaric groups in terms of brutal ritual are listed as such cultures as the Maya, the Aztecs and Incas and the hacking of people to death so that their blood ran down great pagan temples.

Yet this image is quite untrue on two fronts. The ancient Maya, Aztecs and Incas were far from the greatest ritual mass human sacrifices compared to the Sadducee noble families over the centuries and secondly the largest number of people sacrificed have been by fire, not by ritual slaughter.

It is conservatively estimated over the past two thousand years, the Sadducee noble families that control Christianity and Islam have ritually sacrificed alive by fire in excess of 20 million souls, 18 million of those around 60 years ago in Europe. The basis of this brutal, evil and terrifying method of murder center’s around maximizing the psychological trauma of human souls to ensure their capture and perpetual grounding for eternity.

The principle is quite simple- a horrendous death in absolute pain will often result in a human mind (soul) incapable of finding rest at least at first. If that soul also believes they were cursed in the process of their horrendous death they become a powerful magical force for those that killed them. This is at the heart of the Sadducee and Vatican legacy for nearly two thousand years.

Greatest Historic Examples of Ritual Mass Human Sacrifice by Burning alive

  • 358-370 Skythopolis, Syria Sarmara (Samaritan) Kingdom up to 2 million Gnostics and Yahud (Judah) Jews
  • 408-428 North Africa King Augustine (St Augustine) of Tunis up to 4 million Gnostics/Christians
  • 1181-1760 Worldwide Roman Catholic Church – Holy Inquisition (Sadducees) up to 2 million burned in individual and mass trials
  • 1940-1945 Poland Roman Catholic Church – Holy Inquisition embedded in SS units (Sadducees) up to 18 million burned alive with priests chanting at ovens 24 x 7

In recent history, one of the most extraordinary cover ups was the complete white wash of any involvement of the Catholic Church in World War II and the Vatican’s specific planning and design of the concentrations camps for burning people alive.

Even the accounts of the holocaust have been doctored so that 99.9% of the world is taught that millions were “gassed” to death and only their bodies burnt. Yet all eyewitness accounts have shown that the gas chambers were merely to render victims unconscious in order to chain them to stretchers only to wake up alive being burnt to death in the ovens.

Even the fact that the concentration camp stretchers had chains to lock people trapped to the stretchers has been removed from almost every history book. Such willing elimination of all evidence of over whelming history less than 100 years old does not bode well for the future. It means similar evens are quite possible, even probable given the history of the Sadducee noble families.



Demon King-Power, Magic Moloch


People told me that my theology was wrong, that there were many ‘gods’ in the ancient middle-east of human sacrifice and I said, “No, it was one human sacrifice entity that went by different names.” This article exonerates me!

OTHER NAMES; Melech, Molech, Milcom, Melkom, Moloch, Molek, Malec, Malik, Melek, Malkum, Melqart, Melkart, Milk, Melqarth, Kronos, Cronus.


Moloch, Molech, Molekh, or Molek, representing Hebrew מלך mlk, (translated directly into king) is either the name of a god and the name of a particular kind of sacrifice associated historically with that god in cultures throughout the Middle East, including but not limited to the Jewish, Egyptian, Caananite, Phoenician and related cultures in North Africa and the Levant.

Moloch went by many names including, but not limited to, Ba’al, Moloch, Apis Bull, Golden Calf, Chemosh, as well as many other names, and was widely worshipped in the Middle East and wherever Punic culture extended (including, but not limited to, the Ammonites, Edomites and the Moabites). Baal Moloch was conceived under the form of a calf or an ox or depicted as a man with the head of a bull.

Hadad, Baal or simply the King identified the god within his cult. The name Moloch is the name he was known by among his worshippers, but is a Hebrew translation. (MLK has been found on stele at the infant necropolis in Carthage.) The written form Μολώχ Moloch (in the Septuagint Greek translation of the Old Testament), or Molech (Hebrew), is the word Melech or king, transformed by interposing the vowels of bosheth or ‘shameful thing’.

The Golden Calf—Moloch—Idol

The Molech idol was a large, hollow brass statue with the head of a bull and the bulging belly of a man. It was designed like an old fashioned pot-bellied stove, with the belly as the firebox. A child sacrifice laid on the hands, would roll into the fire in the belly cavity. Scripture describes this practice as ‘passing through the fire to Molech,’ Leviticus 18:21. Cleitarchus, an ancient historian, around 315 BC, gives this description of a fire god at Carthage. (Kronos is the north African name for Molech).

“There stands in their midst a bronze statue of Kronos, its hands extended over a bronze brazier, the flames of which engulf the child. When the flames fall upon the body, the limbs contract and the open mouth seems almost to be laughing until the contracted body slips quietly into the brazier.”

Diodorus Siculus, 90-30 BC, gives this description of a Carthaginian fire god.

“There was in their city a bronze image of Cronus extending its hands, palms up and sloping toward the ground, so that each of the children when placed thereon rolled down and fell into a sort of gaping pit filled with fire.”

Plutarch, AD 46-127, senior priest of the oracle at Delphi, gives this description of the fire god.

“The whole area before the statue was filled with a loud noise of flutes and drums so that the cries of wailing [of the children being sacrificed] should not reach the ears of the people.”

Molech worship is essentially identical with worship of Chemosh of Moab, Cronos-Cronos of Carthage and Melkart-Melqart of Tyre. The general name, used throughout Palestine and in the Bible, for this type of fire god, was Baal.



Human sacrifices ‘on the rise in Uganda’ as witch doctors admit to rituals


Human sacrifices ‘on the rise in Uganda’ as witch doctors admit to rituals
Witch doctors in Uganda have admitted their part in human sacrifice amid concerns that the practice is spreading in the African country.

One man said he had clients who had captured children and taken their blood and body parts to his shrine, while another confessed to killing at least 70 people including his own son. The latter has now given up the ritual and is campaigning to stamp it out, according to BBC News. The African country’s government claimed human sacrifice was on the increase.

According to officials trying to tackle it, the crime is directly linked to rising levels of development and prosperity – and an increasing belief that witchcraft can help people get rich quickly. During its investigation, to be broadcast on Thursday on Radio 4 and Newsnight, the BBC team witnessed anti-sacrifice campaigners torching the shrine of a witch-doctor in northern Uganda, who agreed to give up the practice. He said clients came to him in search of wealth.

“They go and capture other people’s children. They bring the heart and the blood directly here to take to the spirits,” he said.

“They bring them in small tins and they place these objects under the tree from which the voices of the spirits are coming.”

The witch doctor, who said he was paid 500,000 Ugandan shillings (around £160) for a consultation, denied any direct involvement in murder or incitement to murder, saying his spirits spoke directly to clients. Moses Binoga, the assistant police commissioner who is head of the Ugandan anti-human sacrifice and trafficking task force, said there were 26 murders thought to be part of ritual sacrifice last year compared with three cases in 2007.

“We also have about 120 children and adults reported missing whose fate we have not traced,” he added. “From the experience of those whom we recovered, we cannot rule out that they may be victims of human sacrifice.”



Belief in Witchcraft Leads to Murders in Africa


While many Westerners think of witches and witchcraft as being relics of the Middle Ages (or relegated to modern tourist traps in Salem, Massachusetts), in many countries belief in witches is common, and black magic is considered part of everyday life. In Africa, witch doctors are consulted not only for healing diseases, but also for placing curses on rivals (or removing curses placed by rivals). Magic (or at least the belief in magic) is used for personal, political and financial gain.

America, of course, has its own version of witch doctors: the thousands of independent fortunetellers and psychic soothsayers with hole-in-the-wall shops occasionally arrested for scamming desperate or gullible customers. (Their victims are often led to believe that a curse has been placed upon them and that it can be removed with a generous “donation.”) While fortunetellers usually do only financial and emotional harm, belief in black magic has led to dozens of murders.

In Tanzania, East Africa, at least 50 albinos (people with a rare genetic disorder that leaves the skin, hair, and eyes without pigment) were murdered for their body parts last year, according to the Red Cross. An albino’s arms, fingers, genitals, ears, and blood are highly prized on the black market, believed to contain magical powers. People with albinism anywhere often stand out because of their distinctive features; in a continent of dark-skinned Africans, albinos are often the subject of fear, hatred, and ridicule.

The belief and practice of using body parts for magical ritual or benefit is called muti. (Science fiction fans may recall that muti was featured in the hit South African film “District 9,” in which the hero’s body parts were sought after by a local warlord who believed that the limbs would give him magical powers. That horrific scene was based in fact, not the screenwriter’s imagination.)

The muti murders are particularly brutal, with knives and machetes used to cut and hack off limbs, breasts, and other body parts from their screaming victims—including children. Many of the albinos were beheaded, their heads carefully collected and preserved as gruesome good luck charms or for use in rituals.

While many suspects have been arrested for carrying out the albino murders, so far the persons who commissioned the killings (or offered huge sums for human body parts) have not been arrested. Some believe that because belief in witchcraft and muti is so accepted and widespread in East Africa, police, politicians, and judges are hesitant to pursue the criminals too vigorously. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of African albinos live in fear of their lives, shunned and hated because of the color of their skin. To those who believe in science, albinism is merely a rare medical condition; to those who believe in witchcraft and magic, it is a reason to murder and mutilate the innocent.


Tales of ritual abuse increase IS THE PAST SOMETIMES TOO TERRIBLE TO REMEMBER? Controversy surrounds memories of torture


When Marj Snyder tells the story of her life, she returns again and again to the same horrifying tableau — a satanic cult run by her father that victimized her hundreds of times, inflicting sexual, physical and psychological abuse.

With its details of devil worship, sexual orgies, torture and even human sacrifice, her story of “ritual” abuse — which she only gained conscious memory of as an adult in therapy — is similar to other tales that have surfaced in recent years around the country.

In their wake, however, a chorus of doubt has arisen: Are these memories accurate? How could such widespread abuse have existed without attracting police attention or leaving physical evidence? And is it possible that therapists are influencing the content of their patients’ revelations?

Ms. Snyder — who now lives in Pennsylvania but grew up in northern Baltimore County — tells of being raped and sexually abused in other ways from the time she was an infant; becoming pregnant as a teen-ager and giving birth to three babies she says were sacrificed in satanic rituals; developing a fragmented personality that shattered over the years into dozens of different parts to deal with or block out the horrors.

“The damage started so early that the real Marj is just a core,” said Ms. Snyder, 37, who has been in and out of psychiatric wards for the past 15 years. Over the years she has held a number of jobs related to horticulture, but currently supports herself with Social Security disability payments.

Now in twice-weekly therapy with a psychologist she has been seeing for eight years, Ms. Snyder tries to convey what she endured: “Think of the most horrible thing a person can do and then magnify that many, many times.”

Ms. Snyder was one of about 50 people who attended a recent conference on ritual abuse. The program, which was sponsored by the Baltimore Sexual Assault Recovery Center, attracted psychologists, social workers, educators, abuse survivors and others, some from as far away as Texas.

Similar conferences have been held around the country in the past year or two, as more and more people are going public with stories about ritual abuse. Often these stories — which have been featured on “Geraldo” and other TV shows — are uncovered only after years of therapy, which allows the patient to peel back layers of repression covering the memories of abuse.

And often the stories are met with disbelief.

Among law enforcers, mental health professionals and the public in general, two camps have formed: those who accept the stories of ritual abuse, believing that the horror behind them is adequate explanation for years of repression; and those who compare ritual abuse tales to stories of UFO sightings, voicing skepticism that such horrible activities could have occurred without leaving behind verifiable clues.

Ritual abuse is considered the extreme end of a continuum of satanic and cult activity, which ranges from dabbling in occult literature and gleaning satanic messages from hard rock lyrics, to conducting ceremonies that involve no abuse, to carrying out the kinds of incidents described by Ms. Snyder.

“Sexual assault centers in the area all report seeing victims of ritual abuse, usually adults who were abused in childhood and are now seeking treatment,” said Cecilia L. Carroll, executive director of SARC. “The numbers are small, but they are increasing.”

Bonnie Ariano, director of the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center in Towson, confirmed that a small percentage of her agency’s clients report ritual abuse. “My guess is that it’s not increasing, but it’s certainly being talked about more.”

But others who have looked for evidence of ritual abuse doubt that it even exists.

“We now have 400 or 500 of these stories being told and we’re unable to find the least bit of corroborating evidence,” said J. Gordon Melton, a Methodist minister who directs the Institute for the Study of American Religion at the University of California in Santa Barbara.

“If you put the stories together you would have had hundreds of covens around the country that existed without anyone knowing about them, without the rumor mill picking it up,” Dr. Melton said. “Nobody ever talked about these things until about 1980, then we started hearing stories. How do we explain this?”

The recent surfacing of such charges, some say, may mean only that ritual abuse stories have achieved the status of urban legend. “The child abuse community is particularly susceptible to such a rumor process,” said Dr. Frank W. Putnam, a psychiatrist at the National Institute of Mental Health.

One of the leading debunkers of ritual abuse stories, FBI Academy instructor Kenneth V. Lanning, warns law enforcers about believing such charges without critical investigation.

“There is little or no hard evidence that [Satan worshipers] are involved in serious, organized criminal activity,” he wrote in a 1989 article for The Police Chief. “The American people should not be frightened into believing that babies are being bred and eaten, that 50,000 missing children are being murdered in human sacrifices or that Satanists are taking over America’s day care centers.”

But a local law enforcement official, Baltimore County police officer Donald H. Thompson, thinks such skepticism may be misplaced.

“I know that ritual abuse goes on,” Mr. Thompson said. “I’ve worked on three or four cases here this year that can be substantiated.”

Mr. Thompson has become convinced of the existence of ritual abuse “because a lot of kids from different areas will tell you very similar stories.” He cited one 7- or 8-year-old boy who drew a picture of a crematorium.

“He had the levers, he had the gauges, he had the whole thing. Now how does a kid like that know what a crematorium looks like unless he’s seen it?”

Ms. Snyder said that her personal experience illustrates how well satanic cult members can hide evidence of abuse. Many of the ceremonies she remembers occurred in a slaughterhouse — a place with built-in clean-up mechanisms where bloodstains would attract little attention. And she was terrorized, she said, into thinking that she would be killed if she ever revealed what had happened to her, so that it took years of psychotherapy to uncover the memories.

“Patients generally don’t come to us knowing about ritual abuse,” said Dr. Walter C. Young, a Denver psychiatrist who was the moderator of the recent conference in Baltimore. But the belated awareness of ritual abuse has given rise to criticism that it is the therapist who injects satanic ritual into an abuse victim’s “memories.”

David Bromley, a sociologist and co-editor of the upcoming book “The Satanist Scare,” says a study of case histories “was not able to find a case in which the satanic material was not introduced by the therapist. If you go to a therapist who is convinced that ritual abuse exists, then they will put it in these terms.”

But Dr. Young, while not denying the possibility that a therapist can sometimes introduce “contaminants” into the therapeutic setting, denies that this exists as a widespread pattern.

“Most of the time [discussion of satanic ritual] comes up spontaneously,” he said. “And different clinicians have varying viewpoints about this. There’s not agreement in the field.”

Dr. Young, who recently published a paper in Child Abuse and Neglect about clinical similarities in patients reporting ritual abuse, added that he welcomes the debate that has arisen around the issue.

“I think it’s a healthy dialogue that needs to be discussed in a professional arena,” he said. “We’ve got patients who come in saying they’ve been through something and acting like they’ve been through something and we’re trying to find out what it is.

“I’m faced with hundreds of patients across the country who say, ‘I’m an eyewitness.’ What am I supposed to say — that it’s all a contagious lie? We have to figure out the questions to ask, not attack each other for reporting our findings.”


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