Feature Writer: DannyR

Feature Title: Another Mike 02: Sam’s Place 02

Published: Copyright 2005. All rights reserved.

Story Codes: Religious, Young Ones

Disclaimer: Some folks apparently have trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality. This story is a fantasy. It didn’t happen. Never will. And anyone who attempts to do in real life all or any of the things depicted in the story needs to be hanged, then drawn and quartered, and then turned over to the cops for the harshest penalties the law allows. After that, well, hopefully everything Law and Order and the news say is true about child molesters in prison, is really true. Now that we’re clear on what’s what, and what’s not, read on.


Another Mike 04: Sam’s Place 02

Father Sean finished the story of his six-year-old self getting fucked and sucked and sucking off his grandfather, great-uncle, uncle, a stranger, and two waiters in a t-room orgy in this same restaurant a bit over thirty years ago. He took a final sip of his current glass of wine. “So, what do you think?”

John took a drink of his wine, more of a gulp, before saying, “Jesus, that was hot.” And then he blushed. And his cock pulsed.

“You ever thought about sharing this fine young man?”

John’s suddenly wide eyes gave him away. This was one of two things he’d never confessed to the priest, but, fuck yeah, he’d thought about other men sexing his little boy. Teenagers, adults, old men. As long as he got to watch, and then have him when the others were all done.

“Perhaps with me?”

John could only nod. And grope his oozing cock. The idea of watching this stud priest sex his little boy was such a fucking turn-on.

Father Sean turned his head toward the little boy, reached out, took his hand, and gently stroked the back of it with his thumb. “Do you like what your daddy does with you when you’re in bed, Josh?”

Josh had pretty much followed the story the priest had told, so he sort of knew that when the priest was his age he’d been doing things with his grandpa and uncles, just like Josh did with his daddy. But daddy had said he couldn’t ever tell anyone about it, and now the priest was asking, and Josh knew you weren’t supposed to lie to a priest. The look of dismay on his face caused John to say, “It’s okay, Joshie. You can tell Father Sean. I already told him and you know he won’t tell.”

Josh remembered what his daddy told him about going into the booth and confessing, so he smiled and nodded his answer.

The priest kept on stroking the little boy’s hand. “So, Josh, what does your father do with you?”

“Uh, well, he sucks my dickie until I get that real good tingly feeling. Sometimes he does it so good I just shake all over, real hard. I like that a lot. ‘n I get to suck his daddy dick until he gives me all his hot daddy juice. That’s really, really good too.”

“Does your daddy ever put his dick in your little behind?” Of course Father Sean knew John had been doing that for a couple of years, but he wanted to hear what the boy had to say.

Josh was almost indignant. “It’s not my behind. Daddy says it’s my boy cunt.”

The priest smiled. “Okay. So do you like it when you have daddy dick up inside your boy cunt?”

Josh grinned. “Oh, yeah. That’s the best!”

“Well, Josh, if it was okay with your daddy, do you think you might like to put another man’s dick in your mouth and drink down all his man milk?”

Josh looked at his father, who nodded approval, and Josh scrunched up his face, thinking it over. He knew what the bulges were inside of men’s pants, even though he’d never actually seen another man’s dick. Well, he’d seen boy dicks in the showers when his daddy’s soccer team finished a game, and he’d seen man cocks when he was in a toilet with his daddy taking a piss at the urinals, but he’d never seen another man besides his daddy all naked and with a big stiffy. He liked that idea. He nodded eagerly. “Yeah.”

“And maybe let me put my dick way up inside your tiny boy cunt and fill you full of my juice? While your daddy watches? And maybe plays with your little dickie while I’m doing you?”

John groaned, and Josh was well aware that it wasn’t an I-hurt groan, but instead it was the one he did when Josh was making him feel real, real good. Josh thought Father Sean had a great idea. He nodded again.

Just then Father Sean’s cell phone vibrated against his hip. He looked across the room. Sam nodded to confirm that his other guests were here. Now to find out if they were going to join the group in the booth.

John had just finished his glass of wine and his left hand was out of sight under the table. The priest grinned. “Your cock a bit hard, is it, ‘my son’?”

“Uh, damned right.” John wished to hell he could stop blushing. But he’d done it since he was a kid, so it probably wasn’t going to happen.

“Would it get any harder if I gave you a chance to slide it up inside another man’s son? Or a couple of them?”

John was already flushed so at least it couldn’t get worse. That was the second fantasy he’d hadn’t confessed. Swapping boys with another pedo father, so they could each watch their own sons sucking off and getting fucked by the other pedo daddy. “Fuck, yeah.”

The priest looked at Josh again. “Hey, kiddo, why don’t you come sit next to me?”

At John’s okay, Josh slid out of the seat, moved around the table and got up next to Father Sean. The priest hugged him and pulled him close, and then reached down and put the little boy’s plump hand on the priest’s hardon. He almost moaned himself as the little boy, obviously well-trained by his daddy in what to do with a stiff cock, began to squeeze and stroke it.

“How about a 10-year-old, and his best friend, also 10?”

John’s expression of lust and near-agony from an aching cock answered the question.

“The son is a great fuck and expert cocksucker. He and his dad are also into water sports.” John might be a pedo, but he was a naïve pedo, and looked confused. The priest shook his head in amusement. “Piss, John. Boy-piss, man-piss. Drinking it, sharing it, and probably getting pissed on and in.”

“That’s disgust—uh, well, no offense, I’ll pass.”

“Sure. Now as for the second boy, the father says his son’s friend is as good a fuck as his own boy, probably better, and even more eager. Oh, and there’s also another boy, just nine. The best fuck of all, according to the father. So. You want to meet them? The third boy isn’t available but the two boys and the dad are.”

“Damn right.” Two 10-year-olds to fuck and suck? While one boy’s father looked on, or did little Josh at the same time? You’d have to be fucked in the head, or not a pedo, to turn that down.

“And remember, it doesn’t matter a fuck who the father is. He’s got just as much to lose from you knowing about him as you do from him knowing about you.”

John had had his eyes shut, fantasizing while he worked his meat and squeezed the oozing precum out, but he opened them and stared at the priest. That sounded like he might know the father, that he wasn’t some stranger. No way. No way at … He was going to speak up but saw Father Sean turn his head, so John did too.

The restaurant owner, who John now knew was the “Little Sam” of the story, was escorting Mike, John’s fucking assistant soccer coach, across the goddamned room, together with two boys on the team, Mike’s son Jimmy, and his best friend, Andy. Fuck! He was fucked!

Father Sean grinned, looking back and forth at the two men and enjoying their shocked expressions. All he’d told Mike was that he’d “heard” about a father who was regularly sexing his little son, and that he might be interested in meeting and swapping, especially if Mike could bring not only Jimmy but Andy and little Chris, too. Mike had eagerly agreed to meet at the restaurant, and if the other father agreed, to join him and Father Sean; if the father changed his mind, then Mike and the boys and the priest could still go somewhere for sex. After all that Mike and Jimmy had told Andy, the boy was eager to get his own butt fucked by the priest.

Sam brought the trio up to the booth, and then with a wicked grin—since there was something Father Sean hadn’t told his guests yet—left them.

“I think you two daddies know each other, don’t you?”

The agreements were mumbled and neither man could seem to meet the other father’s eyes. It had never occurred to either one of them that if they got to live out a fantasy of sexing some other daddy’s little boy, that daddy and son might be someone they already knew. “Mike, you’ve met little Josh here before, haven’t you?”

Mike nodded. Met and lusted after him, but never tried anything for obvious reasons.

“Why don’t you sit next to him? Jimmy, you slide in next to Coach John, and Andy, next to him.”

When they were all seated, the priest smiled benevolently at them all. Things were going very well. Now to get things ready for the next part. “Mike, boys, you hard yet?”

The three of them were floored. Hardons and fucking and sucking, and other stuff, were things only talked about in private. Not in a restaurant in a big booth, even if it was at the back of the place, and no one seemed to be able to hear them.

“Guys, guys, it’s a simple question. Yes or no. If it’ll help, I’ve got a hardon from hell and little Josh here is playing with it. And John is playing with his own dick.” The three still didn’t say anything. “Okay, here’s what we’ll do. Mike, I know you want to get inside little Josh’s pants, so why don’t you slide your hand down inside the front of his shorts and see if you like what you feel. I’ll bet Joshie’s dickie is nice and hard, isn’t it?”

Josh bobbed his head up and down with a big smile, and squeezed even harder on the priest’s cock. This time Father Sean let himself moan out loud, just softly. “And you’d like Daddy Mike to play with your dickie, wouldn’t you.”

“Oh, yes, please.”

Mike by now was harder than steel, and he did what both he and the boy wanted. He didn’t look at John, still somewhat embarrassed, but figuring if John objected he’d let Mike the fuck know. John didn’t object. He was too busy imagining Mike’s big hand on his little son’s cocklet and tiny balls. Mike just barely refrained from playing with himself, certain that one touch would cum his pants big time.

Father Sean turned his attention to the other side of the table. “Andy, shift around and put your left leg up on the seat so you’re facing away from the room, and then all three of you pull your cocks out. Jimmy, you get to play with Andy’s dick, and Coach, you get to play with Jimmy’s boy cock.” The rest of the restaurant may have been air conditioning cool, but the booth was getting very, very hot.

“So, boys, would you like to have to have Coach’s cock in your mouths and up your butts?” The 10-year-olds had already looked at the stiff piece of meat standing straight up from John’s unzipped pants. They nodded and whimpered at the feelings in their respective groins. “What about you, Coach? You want to fuck these boys while little Josh plays with Mike and me? And then all of us together?”

Like Mike, John had moved his hand off his own crotch even though his cock was out in the open and oozing. The feel of Jimmy’s randy young prick, in a public restaurant booth, was so hot he also knew that a touch to his dick would send him shooting cum everywhere. He again ignored his rules about swearing in front of the boys he coached and moaned, “Oh, fuck, yeah.”

Father Sean let them enjoy each other for a few minutes while he enjoyed the feel of a 6-year-old’s hand playing with his meat. The youngest he’d ever had, but not, he figured, the youngest he was going to have. Okay, time to move along.

The priest looked at the lust-glazed eyes of the other men and the boys. “No time like the present,” he said.

John looked up from watching his hand stroking Jimmy’s boy meat. He thought of the story Father Sean had told them earlier. “You mean the toilet here?” Fucking fantastic. He’d heard about gloryholes, even seen a few, and heard about t-room sex, but he’d never had the nerve to try, not even to get some queer to suck his dick. But three hot men and three young boys in the back toilet here? Fuck yeah.

Mike was puzzled, since he hadn’t heard the story, but he was turned on, too. He’d gotten a few blow jobs in restroom glory holes, and really got off on it, but still, the first time he fucked little Josh he wanted a bed and some privacy. On the other hand, if the t-room here was his only choice, well, needs must when the devil drives.

The priest shook his head. “Maybe another time. Sam has made some improvements since my Grampa Leo brought me here. You’re going to love it.” He looked around at the eager faces and told everyone to get themselves tucked back in and put together, but to be as discreet as possible about it. They did. The only thing that wasn’t really discreet as they got out of the booth and stood up was the still obvious hardons from the three men, and the equally rigid pricks of the ten year olds. Josh’s wasn’t visible, but they were all sure he also had a nice stiffy.

Father Sean led them towards the back of the room where the restroom sign was. The diners in this area—oddly, all men—watched them go, some of them winking at the adults as they went by, or just smiling and pointedly staring at all the hardons. Mike and John had given up—about a second after they started walking—on trying to get soft, and just enjoyed the attention. They walked past the marked restrooms, but instead of going through the door at the end of the hallway, the priest unlocked a door on the right-hand wall. He carefully locked it again once they were all inside. This hallway was well-lit, with occasional doors on either side, and once they had made a couple of turns they stopped in front of another locked door.

“My great-uncle, Big Sam, also owns the building that backs up to the restaurant. I’ve been away so many years, what with the seminary and parishes elsewhere, and the fact that until I fucked Jimmy’s hot little ass a couple of weeks ago I wasn’t fooling around except with my hand on my own meat, I’d never talked with my family about the restaurant, and whether the sex toilet—well, that’s what I always called it growing up—was still around. So when I talked to Little Sam about this get-together he gave me the good news.”

The priest gestured with the key at the door and then caught the eyes of both men and held them. “The room on the other side of this door is actually in the warehouse. There’s a couple of beds, and a, well, not-quite-regular bathroom. Let’s just say it’s set up for fun and games, too. All the supplies you’re likely to need, but nothing comes back here harder than liquor or poppers. No drugs. It’s got all the supplies and toys you’ll need for sexing little boys, and cleaning up afterwards.

“So here’s the deal. There’s a very select group of men, with a wide range of ages, who have the keys necessary to get in here. You two can have a key if you want, and bring your boys or anyone else’s boys here pretty much any time you want. There’s another way to get in when the restaurant is closed. But here’s the catch. When you’re in the room, there’s no privacy.”

John interrupted with a chuckle. “Well of course there’s no privacy. Not if we’re all in there fucking and sucking at the same time in the same room.”

Father Sean shook his head. “Nope. More than that. You can’t keep anyone out. Any man who has a key can come in at any time. With or without a boy. If he wants to watch, he can. If he wants to join in, he can. Now if you’ve brought the boy, you can decline to have the kid fucked or to have him suck the new man off, but if he wants to feel either or both of you up while you’re sexing, or lick your holes, or jack off on you, he can. This is not a group of porn star Adonis’s, just ordinary men with a wide range of ages and a wide range of looks and cock sizes and interests. So nobody gets rejected just because they don’t happen to be your ideal sex partner.

“What you do and who you do it with anywhere else is up to you, but here, it’s different. So—you two want keys or not?”

Mike was the first to agree. He’d been fantasizing for years about having men of all different ages and races and cock sizes playing with his little boy. Jimmy would just do as he was told, although he had to admit, since Jimmy had gotten fucked with the priest’s enormous meat, he’d been much more agreeable and eager about everything to do with sex.

John hesitated. Shit, it seemed he’d barely gotten used to the idea of fucking his own kid, and he’d only just admitted out loud he wanted to share the boy and have sex with other boys himself. Now he was going to have to do it in public? Well, more public-in-private, but still…

He was still thinking rapidly, while the others waited, when Josh made the decision for him. He tugged on his daddy’s hand and looked up at him with the wide-eyed smile that melted his father and let him get away with anything. “Daddy, is Father Sean gonna put his dickie in my cunt?”

Everyone laughed. John tousled his son’s hair. “Sure, Joshie. Probably in just a few minutes.”

“Oh, goody.”

They all laughed again, and the priest reached in his pocket and pulled out two sets of keys. “I’ll show you which key goes where later. Right now, we have other things to do.” Father Sean opened the door and ushered them in.

The room was huge. Mike looked around in amazement, and counted seven beds: two king-size, two queen, and three singles. And they looked almost lost in the space. Father Sean gave them a quick tour. There was a panel of dimmer switches to control the lighting for various areas in the room, so you could highlight one of the beds, for example, and dim out the others. The toilet area was open to the room, with a regular toilet, but also an area for pissing on the wall, or on little boys or men, several showerheads, and enema facilities. Various chests contained lube, dildos, vibrators, and other toys for anyone who might want them. But show and tell was indeed quick; they were all too horny to wait around for details.

The priest dimmed the lights except for the area around one of the king-sized beds, and started shedding his clothes as he headed toward it. The three boys just stopped where they were, stripped to skin, and then with a gleeful shout ran ahead of the men and jumped on the bed, their little cocks bouncing loosely for a moment, and then becoming stiff again. The men arrived at the bed a moment later, each balancing on one foot and then another to rid themselves of pants and shoes and socks.

Before Father Sean looked at the naked men beside him, he quickly glanced to the side to check one of the “details” he hadn’t mentioned to Mike and John. At least not yet. He saw the tiny red light that told him the cameras were on and filming. Short of a Hollywood sound stage, there probably wasn’t a room in the country better “wired” for sound and video. There were cameras to film at a wide range of angles, covering every part of the room. There were two members of the group who were experts who could sit in the control booth, and play the camera angles and shots like Heifetz and his violin.

One was Sean’s youngest cousin, David, who was a genius—and a genius who not only got off on little boys, but who also put together incredible, seamless DVD’s of what went on in the room. Then he’d take the pick of the lot, usually the ones with the hottest, youngest boys, and take them over to show his grandfather, Big Sam. If he could, he’d take a little boy with him to get fucked by Big Sam while they watched the DVD’s; if he couldn’t, well, he still got off big time on having his grandfather’s meat fucking him. And Big Sam enjoyed it too, although trying to watch a DVD around a hunky, tight-bodied, college student who was writhing on Big Sam’s lap, and raising and lowering his tight hole on Big Sam’s prick, was difficult. But the out-cum, so to speak, was well worth the effort, for both of them. And today David was in the control room.

Father Sean turned toward John and Mike. Mike had already seen the priest’s thick, heavily veined, nine-inch cock, and the mat of soft black hair that covered his muscular chest, with a treasure trail down to an explosion of pubes that were just as thick and soft. John gulped. A cock that size was going to fuck Joshie? No way. No fucking … well, way after all. He’d already promised Joshie that the priest would fuck his little cunt. And if he backed out now, he was pretty damned sure he wouldn’t get to slide his own aching prick into any of the boy holes available on Jimmy or Andy.

Now Mike’s prick would go in Josh better, or at least easier. He was about seven or so inches, just like John. Thicker cock, though, and his body was hairier. At twenty-six, after two years of marriage and four years of being widowed and raising a little boy-slut of his very own, John’s abs weren’t quite as firm as they used to be, despite exercise—in and out of bed. But he didn’t feel he compared too badly to Mike, though he admitted inside his head he came nowhere near matching the stud of the priest.

John took a moment to look at the 10-year-olds while he stroked his cock carefully, so as not to cum too soon. Jimmy was slender, hairless, with about three inches of equally slender dick, and balls that were only beginning to drop. Andy was shorter and more stocky, with a fat little cock a bit shorter than his friend’s, but his balls had dropped more. Both of them were playing with themselves.

John looked back at the priest. He was the ringleader of all this, so might as well let him be the ringmaster of this one-ring fuck circus. “How do you want us?”

Father Sean kept his smile to himself. He could, he knew, be greedy, and take little Josh right now, but he sighed (again, only in his head), and did the right thing. Thank God for being able to cum multiple times. “Let’s let each of these adorable little sluts take turns sucking us, and then when we’re ready to fuck ’em, Mike can have Josh, John can take Jimmy, and I get to pleasure Andy here.” No one argued with the plan.

The three men lined up at the bottom of the bed. Nice angle for a number of cameras, the priest thought. And then he told the boys to kneel on the edge and start sucking cock. Jimmy was closest to Father Sean. He already knew how well the boy could suck dick and Jimmy started in on a fantastic repeat performance. After a few strokes, though, Jimmy pulled back so only the thick knob was in his mouth and one of his soft hands let go of the priest’s thigh, and touched Father Sean’s hand. While the boy swirled his tongue around the cock head and into the piss slit, the priest looked into Jimmy’s eyes and realized what he wanted. He put his hands on the sides of the boy’s head, ready to hold him in place for a face fucking, but then the boy shook his head and pulled all the way off the leaking dick. He gestured for Father Sean to lean over, so he did, bracing himself with one fist on the bed.

Jimmy leaned over to whisper in the priest’s ear, softly enough that no one else could hear. “Will you fuck me tonight? Please?” The priest nodded. “Promise?” The priest nodded again.

Out of the corner of his eye, he could tell the boy was gathering his courage to ask something else, so he whispered back, “Whatever you want.”

“Well, uh, will you, uh,” he gulped and then hurriedly finished, “fuck me really, really hard?”

Father Sean allowed himself only a slight widening of the eyes. With his first fuck of the boy, Jimmy seemed to be in pain for most of it, despite Mike’s claim it was only acting to make it better. Although by the second fuck when he was getting double-teamed with his dad, he sure as hell was feeling no pain. But still. With his free hand, he gently caressed the boy, stroking down to his stiff little dick, and said, “You sure?”

The priest could feel the boy’s soft skin against the side of his head as the boy nodded. “Yeah. It hurt last time, but, well, the hurt was kinda good, and then when you, uh, did my tits it was really good.”

“You mean like this?” And with that he squeezed the boy’s tiny balls. Nowhere near hard enough for serious pain, much less injury, but the boy gasped and writhed in the priest’s grip but made no effort to get away. Father Sean gave him the tiniest bit of extra pressure and then released him and managed a stern-sounding whisper. “Suck my fucking cock, little boy.”

Jimmy’s eyes glowed with lust as he began doing his damnedest to deep-throat the priest, holding onto one thigh and using the other to tug and play with the low-hanging hairy balls. Father Sean spread his legs, bent his knees and used them to support himself against the edge of the bed. It made Jimmy’s suck-job easier, and also much easier for the priest who was mouth-fucking him to get at his erect little boy-tits. Jimmy inhaled sharply at the first hard squeeze and began sucking even harder.

John was in the middle, and Mike had definitely told Father Sean the truth about Andy. The boy was an incredible cocksucker. He didn’t know whether it was a natural talent, or whether Mike had just trained him well, but the boy was eagerly deep throating every inch of his coach’s cock. John reached down to caress the sides of the boy’s face, feeling the bulge in his cheeks when his mouth was all the way full of cock, then playing with his own heavy man balls with one hand, while the other felt up the boy’s soft lips, swollen so nicely around the thick cock. He put both sides of his hand on the little boy’s face, holding him in place so he could start a good mouth-fuck. Yeah, fucking a hot little boy’s mouth. One of his team. There were already two boy cunts on the team. Maybe there were more. John sighed and began sliding his dick in and out a little faster.

“Your own daddy ever fuck your face?” he asked Andy. The boy kept on sucking but shook his head “no.” “Would you like him to?” This time the boy looked up with naked longing in his eyes and then looked down again and concentrated on the suck job he was giving his coach.

John said softly, as he started to face fuck the 10-year-old even harder, “Why don’t you keep your eyes closed and pretend it’s your daddy fucking your hot little boy mouth? And in a little while, when Father Sean slides that really fat long cock up your boy cunt and fucks you good and hard, pretend that’s daddy cock up inside your tiny boy pussy.” Andy whimpered and had to reach down one hand to play with his own little meat.

Mike was in fuck heaven. His first blowjob from a little boy whose pedo father was eager to share and it was this gorgeous fucking 6-year-old. A plump blond boy who was taking every inch of Mike’s cock into his throat. Mike braced his knees and bent over like the priest had done, but for a different reason. He got his fuck finger nice and wet in his own mouth, and then balancing on one hand he reached behind tiny Josh and slid it easily up inside. This was a well-fucked little hole, but still tight. Josh writhed on the finger and Mike kept on thrusting his hips feeling the pleasure-pain around his cock head as it buried itself in the boy’s tight throat and the kid swallowed.

He felt that hollow feeling in his gut and at the end of his dick and knew he wasn’t going to last through a round of switch-the-boys blowjobs. He was too horny. He needed to get off now, and then have a more leisurely fuck of the little boy who was sucking him off. “Guys, uh, you mind if we forget switching around? I really need to dump a load of cum in this little slut’s hot mouth, and then turn him over and fuck the shit out of him.”

“No problem,” moaned John as he fucked Andy’s mouth even harder. He looked over to Mike. “And when he’s swallowed every drop, I get to fuck your boy’s cunt, Mike. And it looks like he likes it rough.”

Mike was about to object to that. Not his little Jimmy. But then he looked over at the priest mouth fucking his kid and his eyes widened. The boy’s nips were red and swollen, and the priest was obviously twisting them hard as he rammed that thick rod in and out of the boy’s mouth, but Jimmy was not only not trying to get away, he was writhing and moaning and obviously cumming already, without even touching his cock. “Yeah. Go for it.”

John had never thought about being “rough” with a little boy, but here was one who was turned on by it. The thought of getting a blowjob from a boy other than little Joshie and then getting to unleash the kind of hard fuck he couldn’t do to Josh on another pedo father’s kid sent him over the edge. With a shouted “Christ! Fuck! I’m cumming!” he thrust his cock hard and deep into Andy’s throat and began spewing cum.

Mike and Father Sean tied for second cumming. Josh bravely gulped and swallowed, gulped and swallowed, and when Mike tapered off, slowly sucked him clean. The priest let the first few blasts go right down Jimmy’s throat into his belly, but remembering how he had always liked the taste of cum, he pulled back so that the head of his cock was inside the boy’s mouth while he finished. The boy swallowed twice and then filled up with the remainder. When the priest was done, the boy slowly let the cock go, and then dropped back to rest his butt on his heels.

Jimmy looked up at Father Sean, opened his mouth and waggled his cum and slime covered tongue like a cheap boy whore. Mike was not only amazed, but secretly pleased. Things were going to get a lot more fun around the house. The priest put two fingers in Jimmy’s mouth, got them good and covered and then with his left hand shoved Jimmy down on his back, his knees in the air. The priest leaned over him, covered the boy’s mouth with his own for a good tongue-fucking sharing of the priest’s cum, while he rammed first one cum-greasy finger and then quickly two up the boy’s cunt and started finger fucking him. Then he yanked his fingers out, leaving the boy sprawling and panting.

Following the priest’s directions, Andy and Jimmy had switched places and were on all fours at the edge of the bed in front of Father Sean and John. The priest picked up the lube that David had been sure to leave at the edge of the bed, and after lubing his own meat passed it on to John and then Mike. Little Josh could probably have been puppy-fucked at the edge of the bed, but Mike wanted him on his belly so that he could stretch out over him, rest his weight on his forearms, cover the young boy and then power-fuck him as best he could without hurting the kid.

Despite their powerful cums just moments earlier, the three men hadn’t gone soft. But if they’d imagined the boy fuck was going to be any longer because of that, they were sadly mistaken. If each pair had been alone, maybe. Not with the fucking erotic group scene, though. John had his dick in the butt of another pedo father’s boy for the first time, while right next to him he could see that same pedo father mounting his own little boy, sliding a thick greasy rod into his baby boy’s tight cunt, watching the man’s beer belly rest on the boy’s back while the hairy butt cheeks shoved that man cock deep into the boy cunt. And then the cock slid out again. Just to the knob end. Then back in.

John bent over Jimmy and started shoving his cock hard, and began tweaking the red and worn boy tits, as Jimmy started moaning and begging, “Fuck me, coach. Please, fuck my boy pussy hard.” John turned his head and saw that Mike was staring at him, having gotten his own fuck rhythm going in and out of the hot tight tiny cunt. The two fathers stared at each other, their lusty enjoyment of the boy fucks increased several orders of magnitude by watching their own sons get fucked by another pedo father. And each of them silently imagining the thrill of getting to watch their pedo priest friend mount and deep fuck both of their boys.

Father Sean recognized what was happening with John and Mike, but he was unexpectedly too far gone in his own fuck to pay much attention. Andy was indeed an incredibly talented fuck, his well-trained cunt hole squeezing and releasing the priest’s dick in perfect time with the thrusts. Within moments he’d already gone through one dry cum, practically cutting Father Sean’s prick in two with the boy’s clamping muscles, since the cum started when he was half-way on an out stroke.

The priest grabbed hold of the boy’s slender hips and shifted into really ramming speed. He shut his eyes and threw his head back and said, “C’mon, you boy fuckers. Fuck their little cunts. Fill ’em full of man slime and then yank your meat out and shove it into another one! Fuck them!”

And they did. All three young boys came at least twice before the three adults finally filled their hot little pussies with thick cum.

The three men pulled out and then sort of collapsed on the bed next to the well-fucked boys, who promptly proceed to clean the remaining cum and slime and ass juices off the cocks that had just been up inside them.

Little Josh started the next round. He knew just what he wanted. Father Sean’s dickie! So when Mike was nice and clean, Josh promptly got on all fours and crawled over him, Jimmy, John and Andy, ignoring the bellies his tiny knees and hands pummeled, and then he was seated on Father Sean’s thighs.

The priest raised himself upon his elbows and looked down at the delicious sight. A plump little 6-year-old with a tiny stiffy, sitting on his legs and playing with his rapidly hardening dick. In less than a minute it was at full hard again. Mike tossed the lube back to the priest, who made good use of it, and then he pulled the boy onto his belly and lined the kid’s pussy hole with the head of his meat. Jimmy helped by guiding the priest’s rod, holding it in place as Father Sean pushed the little boy backwards, impaling him on the knob end. Josh’s eyes opened wide when he felt how the dickie was stretching his hole. His eyes got even bigger and his little dick even stiffer as the priest raised him for a better angle and then slowly pulled him down until the priest’s slimy pubes were resting against the soft angel boy-butt.

Andy moved on top of John, facing him, and lowered himself on the Coach’s dick. Jimmy got off the bed and hurried around to get onto his father, so horny for a daddy fuck that he squatted over his father’ s upraised cock, held it to his puffy hole and them dropped down hard and fast so that it went into his asshole in one thrust. With his legs spread wide he leaned back and nestled his head by his father’s neck, exposing his stiff red tits and his equally stiff cock to his father’s use.

Once again the three adults lost themselves in exquisite boy fucks, ramming their meat into the hot tight little cunts of boy sluts who went through dry orgasm after dry orgasm as they got their pussies fucked again.

The rest of the afternoon was more of the same. Only more so. David finally got too turned on and had to abandon director-mode so he could get in on the action. Little Sam had stopped by to watch, too, so he stripped and went into the fuck room with David. The sight of big, hairy, stocky, bull-dicked Sam, and the buffed bronzed college-man body of David with its own thick six inches, ensured that Mike and John were only too glad to have them join in. Little Josh was the star attraction, of course, as any serial-fucked little boy would be, but David and Sam knew better than to offend the other boys or the two fathers by having sex with just Josh. Sam only had time for a quick fuck—comparatively speaking—so he took Josh. David got permission for the other two boys to kneel at the edge of the bed while he moved back and forth between their asses, fucking each of them hard until he finally came inside Andy. When he was done, he pulled Jimmy around, made him clean his dick, and then gave him a good mouth fucking until Jimmy got a load of cum from David, too.

John and Mike were laying up against Father Sean, who was idly playing with their limp dicks as they watched the final fucks of the day. Mike looked up at the priest, and forgetting once and for all about that I’m-a-pedo-not-a-fag crap, pulled his face down for a long, hot kiss. When the priest moved back, Mike smiled and said, “I’ve just got one question. Any more?”

Before John could ask, Father Sean briefly explained his “seduction” by Mike and Jimmy and Mike’s request. He told them there were indeed more fathers and sons, some uncles and nephews, too, that he’d “heard” about. There was also the priest’s family, and most of the males who worked at Sam’s Place.

“Damn,” said John admiringly. “This town is full of fucking perverts.”

“Sucking ones, too,” said Mike. He sighed. “I guess it’s true what they say. I have seen the perverts and the perverts ‘r us.”

The laughter of the three men blended in with the loud, ecstatic squeals of little Josh as Sam filled his overflowing boy cunt with one last steaming load of cum.


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  1. Geez these stories are really fucking me up as a Priest. I have never touched a child in my life but these stories are getting me so hard and throbbing.

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