A Prayer For Your Penis by SaBaLith – Non-Fiction

Writer: SaBaLith / Sadialisex

Subject: A Prayer For Your Penis

Link: MEWE / 22.09.2023

A Prayer For Your Penis

Volo esse ignis dominus libidi sexu insatiabili Diaboli. Volo colem meam clavem esse potentiae tuae pro mulieribus huius mundi. Utinam penis mei et testiculi mei inhumaniter crescant, una tecum et tua daemoniaca potestate sexuali efficiatur et mulieres huius mundi ad primam tuam magicam daemonicam excitandam — legionem sumus.


I want to be the fire lord of the Devil’s insatiable sexual lust.  I want my church to be the key to your power for the women of this world. May my penis and my testicles grow inhumanly, become one with you and your demonic sexual power and the women of this world to awaken your first demonic magic — we are legion.

4 thoughts on “A Prayer For Your Penis by SaBaLith – Non-Fiction”

  1. My Lord Satan, Please take my penis,?make and keep it hard so it can be used as a tool in all that is perverted and unholy. Always keep me on the unclean path so I may be transformed into your vesssel, always ready for you to fill.

  2. Satan gives us beautiful dark thoughts that cause our penises to swell with pleasure. The greater the depravity, the harder we become. In Hell, some of us unholy beasts will be lucky enough to crawl on our hands and knees with our genitals swollen to the size of stallions, our obscenely huge testicles and thick cocks dragging on the ground beneath us. We will leave a wet trail of thick ejaculate behind us as we experience a continuous orgasm during our endless journey. An orgasm that is a gift from Satan, our Lord and Master! We give him our soul and our devotion, and He gives us giant swollen genitals that we get to drag through Hell for eternity!

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