Feature Writer: Mesmerciless

Feature Title: A DEMON’S DEVOTION 2

Published: 01.07.2021

Story Codes: Mind Control

Synopsis: A popular mean girl becomes the school loner’s slave

A Demon’s Devotion 2

Beatrice gawked in the mirror, droplets of water still streaking down her naked skin. Sticky steam lingered from her shower, clinging to her overheating body as she stared, transfixed by her reflection’s revelation:

It was still there. An ornate crest formed from ribbons of black ink, emblazoned right above her pussy. The design was vaguely floral, with brushstrokes appearing to blossom from her crotch before flaring out towards her hips in short, sharp petals. The symbolism was unclear, but Beatrice knew all too well what it meant.

Something had happened. Something between her and Levi. Something that had given him access to…to…

Beatrice gripped the edges of the sink, struggling to control her breath as she cast her mind back to the previous night. She remembered kissing him. And coming back downstairs to take his picture. But beyond that things got increasingly hazy and…surreal. Murky images flashed through her mind, absurd dreams of Levi transforming into some kind of…cosmic sex beast or something. The things he did to her…the things she did for him…they all blurred together into a rapid stream of sensations and impressions. The feeling of her tits being mauled by powerful hands; the memory of tender heat pulsing in her pussy and mouth; the afterglow of orgasms radiating from her skin. It was all so vivid, yet indistinct. And horribly, infuriatingly unexplainable.

At first, she’d assumed he’d drugged her.

That’d seemed like the most likely explanation, at least at first. Even though she didn’t remember leaving him alone with their drinks, it was still possible Levi had slipped something into her cocktail that had caused her to hallucinate. That would account for her strange memories, but the crest on her body still defied comprehension. There was no way it was a real tattoo, no way had Levi had the time, equipment, and otherworldly skill to mark her in secret. Yet the design couldn’t be a temporary stamp either: for all her scrubbing, the lines remained as sharp and dark as ever, her long, laborious shower having accomplished nothing.

Well, besides revealing the crest’s…side-effects.

Beatrice moved a trembling hand towards the glistening ink, almost convincing herself that this time, her fingers would wipe it away with ease. But moment she made contact, a powerful wave of arousal coursed through her, echoes of the previous night stealing her breath and curling her toes. Her pussy twitched, tension seizing her with monstrous might, only to ease the moment her hand slipped from the mark’s borders. It was like she’d been racing towards the cliff of an earth-shattering orgasm, only to stop inches from its edge. The whiplash was dizzying, throwing her head into a mess of instincts and urges she had to fight to control.

Eventually, her spinning mind reoriented, anchored by the same question that had plagued her all morning.

What the hell was this thing?

And what was she supposed to do about it?

Fishing for direction, Beatrice checked her phone, and grimaced when she saw the time. If she didn’t hurry up, she would still be around when her mother usually woke up. Despite seeming to spend every night in the campaign office, the house matriarch always had energy for an early morning interrogation. That was a conversation Beatrice couldn’t afford to have right now.

Then again, she thought as she reached her room and finished toweling off, it’s not like there’s much to go off of. Despite the violence and intensity of her memories, there was little physical evidence to back them up. There were no bruises or scratches on her body, no tears in her clothes or underwear, no spent condoms in any of the trash cans–hell, even her sheets were completely stain and stench-free. Somehow, Levi had dragged her upstairs and had his way without leaving so much as a hint of his presence.

Well, except for the crest, of course.

Beatrice hesitated as she pulled a pair of panties up her legs, fearing what would happen the moment the soft fabric made contact with her new ink. Fortunately, clothing seem to have a similar lack of effect as towels and sponges. Apparently, only her touch was able to activate the mark’s powers, a fact as relieving as it was baffling.

Just to make sure, Beatrice rested a finger on the black wings peeking out of her waistband. Instantly, another hedonistic blast detonated in her mind, the shockwaves strong enough to break a shaky moan from her lips. She clapped a hand over her mouth, gritting her teeth as the tremors of pleasure subsided. After a moment of terrifying silence, she finally exhaled. It seemed her moment of weakness hadn’t alerted anyone else. Flushed and still a little shaky, she finished dressing and hurried downstairs before temptation could strike again.

It wasn’t until she was walking her bike down the driveway that Beatrice was able to breathe easily. The dew-slicked grass and dark blue sky welcomed her into the dawn, and the cool air urged her on as she hopped on her seat and began pedaling. Her morning ride was one of the few moments of peace she enjoyed each day, a fact which she knew set her apart from her peers. Most seniors–especially girls of her standing–elected to drive or carpool every morning, with an unlucky handful still forced to take the bus. But biking to school? Who in their right mind would do that? Not only did you have to get up earlier than normal, but you had to actually work up a sweat to get anywhere, threatening your hair and makeup just to show up at the same dreary building as everyone else. It made no sense.

Or so Lucy and the others argued. But for Beatrice, this was the one old habit she couldn’t break. There was something comforting about the stillness of the morning, something musical in the whisper of her breath and the clicking of her tires. Astride her bike, she was at once exhilarated by the freedom of motion, yet enveloped by the quiet vastness of her surroundings. She could go anywhere, if she wanted to, but would always be a part of the ever-shifting landscape, another shadow under the trees and powerlines. Sometimes, she fantasized about vanishing, of fading like a dream into the green tapestry of suburban sprawl.

But not this morning. This morning she had to plan and prepare, lest she be victim to even more unpleasant surprises.

She couldn’t tell her friends about last night. That much was certain. To let Levi slip out of her trap was embarrassing enough, but to somehow become his quarry in the process–she couldn’t bare the humiliation. It would be different if she had proof of his misdeeds, or even a clear recollection of what he’d done. But all she had was a degrading tattoo, and a story that made less sense the more she thought about it. Lucy couldn’t be privy to either, at least not yet.

Not until Beatrice had confronted the bastard herself.

No matter how she looked at it, Levi was the only real lead she had. Of course, she didn’t expect him to be straight with her: if last night had proven anything, it was that the skinny creep was an even craftier manipulator than she was. But Beatrice was done playing that game. To hell with seduction and subterfuge. The first chance she got, she was grabbing that smug face of his and forcing the truth out of it, even if she had to take a few teeth in the process. Whatever he had done to her, she would make him undo it. And then she would have her revenge, whether through Lucy, the law, or both.

Whichever would be most painful for him.

Though burning with refocused fury, Beatrice was careful to hide it as she approached the school lot. She parked and locked her bike with measured motions, her greetings to classmates unhurried and casual. She mirrored their bored expressions and reluctant gait, refusing to give even a hint of her inner discord as she joined the pre-bell flow. It was surprisingly easy, falling back into her normal routines, and she was able to navigate her first block of classes without much difficulty. Passing through the halls did present some unique challenges though. Sporadic glimpses of Levi-like figures kept spiking her pulse and, whether in class or out, the tattoo on her crotch would sometimes flash through her mind like an intrusive daydream, accompanied by the urge to slip away somewhere private and…make sure the mark was still there. She resisted those impulses, but dreaded what might happen if and when nature called.

It was with some urgency, then, that she bustled towards the cafeteria after the lunch bell rang. She kept her senses alert as she joined the line of hungry students, still trying to minimize her presence as best she could. If Levi saw her first, he might flee before she could confront him. That couldn’t happen–this period was her best chance to isolate and interrogate her tormentor.

Fortunately, the cafeteria seemed tailor-made for reconnaissance, its wide windows offering clear sightlines to both the surrounding halls and the practice fields outside. Beatrice kept her head on a swivel as the line chugged on, yet could spy no sign of Levi, even as she entered the dining area proper. Her search foiled, she let out a low growl and made her way to her usual table, praying her friends wouldn’t pick up on her frustration.

Suzi and Teresa helped, though they didn’t realize it. The former’s boy troubles and the latter’s running commentary filled most of the time amiably enough, and Beatrice even hoped she might make it through the meal without any mention of Levi at all. Of course, she wasn’t so lucky: the moment an opening appeared, Alissa was quick to inquire about the new slave’s progress, drawing Lucy into the conversation as well. Though irked, Beatrice managed to deflect their questions as best as she could, pretending to still be in the process of charming Levi into her clutches. None of them knew he’d been to her house yet, which allowed her a certain degree of ambiguity in describing her progress.

Until she felt a tap on her shoulder, and turned to see Levi standing behind her.

“Pardon my interruption,” he muttered. “But could we speak for a moment?”

Enraged though she was, Beatrice managed to cloak her anger beneath an expression of simple surprise, agreeing to Levi’s request before her friends could comment. Still, she made sure to slip them a sly look as she stood. Hopefully, they would read this encounter as part of her design.

Levi led her out of the cafeteria and down the hall, casting constant glances over his shoulder the whole way. Beatrice recognized where they were going: rounding the corner ahead would lead to an emergency exit, tucked in a nook apart from the main corridor. What was more, the band and choir rooms were nearby, the sounds from inside leaking constantly into the surrounding halls. Apparently, Levi was just as wary of eavesdroppers as Beatrice was. If only he knew: she was about to give him something to really worry about.

“Alright,” she seethed, wheeling on him the moment they stopped walking. “Just what the hell are you up to? If you don’t–”

“Enough,” Levi uttered. “There’s no time for a discussion. I need you to listen.”

Beatrice blinked, her mouth still hanging open mid-retort. For some reason, the knot of rage inside her suddenly unraveled, leaving her thoughts in a confusing tangle. She wanted to say something, knew on some level she needed to take control of the conversation. But the right words continued to elude her, leaving her gaping helplessly as her Master continued to speak.

Wait…Master? Had Beatrice really just thought of Levi as her..?

“First,” the dark-eyed boy muttered. “I assume you’ve told no one about last night, as instructed?”

As instructed? Beatrice thought. “Yes,” she answered, the word popping into her brain and out of her lips before she could stop it.

“Good girl.” Levi nodded. A strange, pleasant tingling danced across Beatrice’s skull. It felt…nice. Really, really nice. “I know you have questions,” Levi continued, “but it’s not safe to talk here. Do you have any after-school obligations this evening?”

“Just swim practice.” Again, the answer slipped out automatically, even as her head still buzzed with confusion. “It usually runs from three to six.”

“Do your parents expect you to return home afterwards?”

“No. As long as I answer their texts and get home by ten, they don’t care if I stay out.”

“Good,” Levi nodded, taking out his phone. “I’m going to send you the address of my residence. You will come to me immediately after your practice is finished. If you must make excuses to your friends or family, you will do so. Once you have arrived, I will give you the answers you seek. Until then, you will not dwell on this conversation, nor on what transpired last night. You will be satisfied to wait until tonight, and carry out my instructions without question. Do you understand?”

Beatrice felt like she didn’t understand anything anymore. But still she murmured: “Yes, Master.”

Levi paused, then shot a glance around the corner before meeting Beatrice’s gaze. “Good girl,” he said, his hand stroking her cheek. “Very good girl.”

A fresh wave of happy tingles seized Beatrice, racing from her head and pussy to every inch of her body. Her eyelids fluttered. Her knees trembled. For a moment, the world around her disappeared, her awareness blinded by the pleasure arcing across her mind.

Then the sensations faded. Beatrice opened her eyes and found herself standing alone by the emergency exit, left with only a vague memory of the preceding moments. She’d confronted Levi as planned but…he hadn’t really given her any answers, had he? Still, he’d said he would explain everything later and, oddly enough, Beatrice felt satisfied with that concession. In fact, as she headed back to the cafeteria, she found her earlier anxieties falling away, each step she took lighter than the last. By the time she rejoined her friends, it took no effort at all to rejoin the giggling gossip, and to assure them that her private conversation with Levi went according to plan.

In a way, it had. She would get the answers she wanted. All she had to do was find him after school.

As he had instructed.


With an exhausted sigh, Beatrice made her way to locker room showers, joining the rest of her swimsuit-clad teammates in the cramped, tiled room. She tried her best not to dawdle, turning impatiently under the harsh blast of water, while across from her Lucy and Teresa luxuriated in their post-practice scrub-downs. God, even with drenched hair and a bland one-piece, Lucy was still a vision of perfection. Her sculpted hips and prominent, slightly-upturned bust swayed with effortless grace as she washed, evoking a goddess under a waterfall rather than a student athlete de-chlorinating.

If only beauty came so naturally to Beatrice. And if only she didn’t have this stupid tattoo to worry about.

She’d gotten lucky before practice. Back then, one of the bathroom stalls had been open, allowing her to slip in and change into her swimsuit without revealing her new crotch marking. But after practice was a different animal. If Beatrice wanted to enjoy that same privilege again, she would have to hurry, or else bustle out of the showers only to find…

Both stalls were occupied. It was just as Beatrice had feared: she would have to change out in the open.

She grit her teeth, wishing she could shrink into nothing as she slinked past her stripping and chattering teammates. It was strange: normally she would have no problem waiting for privacy. Yet today, for some reason, the mere thought of lingering in the locker room filled her with anxiety. She needed to change and get to Levi’s house as quickly as possible. There was no explaining or denying it–it just had to be done.

Even if it meant exposing her shame.

With shaking hands, Beatrice toweled off in front of her locker, trying to covertly keep tabs on the rest of the girls. None of them seemed to be paying her much attention–if she was quick, she might be able throw on her panties and jeans before anyone saw the tattoo. Taking a deep breath, Beatrice counted to three before slipping her swimsuit from her shoulders, peeling the garment off while stooping to reach for her underwear when–

“Hey, Bea, you doing okay?”

Beatrice froze. Apparently, Lucy had approached while Beatrice had been psyching herself up. Now the golden-haired monarch had a full view of her subject’s nudity, including the slutty, humiliating crest over her snatch.

Beatrice could feel her cheeks burn scarlet, but still tried to maintain a poker face as she straightened. “Y-yeah. I’m fine. Why do you ask?”

Lucy’s blue eyes shone with concern. “Well, you seemed a little…distracted at lunch today, and I wanted to make sure you weren’t having…second thoughts about the whole Levi thing.”

Beatrice tensed, her gaze instinctually darting downwards. Sure enough, the black crest was still where it was this morning. And yet…Lucy hadn’t seemed to notice at all. Or if she had, she was doing an incredible job of hiding it.

“You can talk to me,” Lucy insisted, apparently interpreting her friend’s hesitation as guilt. “I know we’re putting a lot of pressure on you, and I know it’s not easy. But we’ve all been exactly where you are, at one point or another. So if there’s something you want to tell me, I promise I’ll be super understanding.”

“Um. Thanks,” Beatrice muttered, continuing to dress as casually and quickly as she could. “But, uh, you don’t have to worry about me. I’m…I’m good.”

“You sure?” Lucy stepped closer. “It’ll stay between the two of us–I promise.”

Beatrice swallowed. For a moment, she considered telling Lucy what had really happened with Levi. But the absurdity of that notion hit just as quickly, forcing Beatrice to simply smile and shake her head instead. “Really, I’m fine. He’s just a little tougher to crack than I thought.”

Lucy frowned. “I see.”

“Anyway. My parents are kinda on my ass about getting home in time for dinner tonight. So I gotta run.”

“Oh, I can give you a ride, if you’d like. That way you don’t have to bike all the way back.”

“It’s alright, I don’t mind.” Beatrice laughed. “You know how I am.”

“Yes,” Lucy smiled, her expression as pleasant as it was unreadable. “I do, don’t I?”

There was something odd in that response, but Beatrice was in too much of a hurry to analyze it. Instead, she said her goodbyes before hurrying out of school in an anxious haze. It followed her as she pedaled down the sidewalk, blocking out the sunset-dappled streets and evening bustle, trapping her in a world of endless questions.

Had Lucy really not seen the tattoo? Or…was it possible she couldn’t see it? Could it be that only Levi and Beatrice were aware of the strange crest? Such an explanation seemed impossible and yet…she struggled to come with any plausible alternative. But how could such a mark be real? Was it some kind of special ink? Magic? Hypnosis? Nanomachines?

Beatrice felt her pedaling slow, and realized that her destination was in sight. Before her stood a modest, ranch-style house nestled in a quiet suburban cul-de-sac. The chipped paint and spotty lawn weren’t exactly inviting, and yet Beatrice found herself drawn towards the home’s threshold, her eyes fixed on the door as she set her bike aside and stepped onto the patio.

The door opened before she even had the chance to knock. Levi stood in the entryway, his eyes shining despite the lack of light from inside. He’d traded out his usual hoodie for a collared shirt, which hung off his skinny frame like a smock. It wasn’t exactly the most fashionable choice, but Beatrice got the sense that this was his version of dressing up for her, a fact she couldn’t help but appreciate in a small, strange kind of way. Plus, if she was being honest, the sharp, visible lines of his collarbone and neck weren’t…totally unappealing.

“There you are,” he stated. “Follow me.”

Beatrice gave a vague nod, trailing him into the house. Its interior was just as underwhelming as its façade. The furniture was all a mish mash of second-hand finds, beer cans cluttered the kitchen countertops, and the beige walls were bereft of any decoration, save for a single police academy graduation photo. One of the men pictured was probably Levi’s father, Beatrice guessed.

As she and her host padded down a carpeted hall, some of her old unease began to return. It reoccurred to her how strange this all was, showing up to the school loner’s house without a second thought, and then wordlessly following him to his bedroom. By the time Levi closed the door behind her, Beatrice’s heart was hammering in her chest. Still, she remained motionless, watching like a captive in her own body as he stalked past a desk laden with books and fantasy figurines before sitting on his unmade bed.

“So,” he said, his voice heavy and low. “I suppose I should first thank you for your patience, and apologize for making you wait so long. The circumstances that brought us together were hardly ideal, and it was not my intention to leave you ‘high and dry,’ as they say. In fact, to be perfectly honest…I never intended for things to go this far in the first place.”

“I…I don’t…” Beatrice wanted to say she didn’t understand, but her mouth struggled to form the right words.

“Ah, my mistake.” Levi waved his hand. “You may speak freely, if you wish.”

Like a cracked dam finally bursting, a rush of questions flooded Beatrice’s tongue. “What the hell is going on here?” she exclaimed. “What did you to do me? Why is there this…this thing on my…my…”

Levi grimaced. “You’re referring to my crest, I assume.”

Your crest?” Beatrice sputtered. “So you admit it: you did draw it on me.”

“I didn’t ‘draw’ anything.” Levi pointed between her legs, and a wave of heat rippled through her. “That mark is a manifestation of our pact, a sign that you’ve accepted my power over you and that I’ve acknowledged you as my servant.”

“As your what? What are you talking about? You think just because you…took advantage of me that means y-you own me or something?”

“That’s a rather crude interpretation. But true, in a sense,” he exhaled. “I did take advantage of your feelings for me when I initiated the binding ritual. And, in a way, you do belong to me now.”

“Like hell I do!” Beatrice snarled. “I don’t know what kind of magic, mumbo-jumbo bullshit you think you’ve pulled off, but I am not your ‘servant.'”

Levi arched his eyebrows, like a teacher dealing with a particularly dense pupil. “Aren’t you, though? Since last night, you’ve acted in perfect accordance with my wishes. And surely by now you’ve noticed the effects of my…influence.”

Levi drew a beckoning motion with his fingers, and Beatrice gasped as pleasure bloomed inside of her. “H-how are you doing that?” she stammered. “W-why do I feel so…so…”

“I already told you. That crest denotes my power over you, and your subservience to my will.”

“And I told you…that’s…that’s bullshit. There’s no such thing as…as magic powers.”

“For humans, maybe. But that label doesn’t apply to me.”

“Th-then…wh-what…are you?”

Levi rested his chin in his palm, his dark eyes boring into hers. “Why, a demon, of course,” he answered.

Beatrice balled her fists at her sides, quivering as her world spun out of control. She wanted to fight it, this insanity that Levi had drawn her into. She wanted to scream, to rage, to tackle him to the ground and disprove him one clarifying blow at a time. Yet she remained frozen in place, her feet as rooted to the floor as Levi’s words were in her mind. She couldn’t explain how she knew they were true, but she felt it all the same, as deeply as the arousal thrumming between her thighs.

“A-are you…” she whispered, unable to stop her voice from shaking. “Are you going to…take me to hell?”

“Hardly,” Levi laughed humorlessly. “I couldn’t go there now even if I wanted to. I’ve been trapped in the human world for centuries now, living, dying, and reincarnating despite my best efforts. Don’t ask me why,” he added, a shadow passing behind his gaze. “It’s a long story. One I’m not fond of telling.”

“Wh-what do you want then?” Beatrice demanded. “Why did you make me your…your…”

“Servant? Well…” He ran a hand through his hair. “Even though I’ve inhabited a human form, I’m still beholden to my demonic nature. Which means while food and water are required to keep my body alive, my soul is only nourished by…’sinful feelings’ is how you would put it, I suppose. Of course, every demon has their preferences among the dark passions, but for me,” a slight smirk played on his lips, “lust is the delicacy I’m especially fond of.”

His smile made Beatrice’s chest flutter. “So…every time I feel…like that, you’re…feeding off of me?”

“That would be the simplest way to put it, yes.”

“Wh-what if I want you to stop? What if I don’t want to be your…sex food or whatever? What if I want you to leave me alone?”

Levi’s expression sobered. “I understand your apprehension. Again, this was not an outcome I desired. Had I been in my right mind last night, I would’ve avoided the binding ritual at all costs. But as a creature of temptation, I’m rather susceptible to it myself. And,” his voice lowered, “you are very, very tempting to me.”

Beatrice stiffened. “I-I don’t care about your excuses. I just want this stupid tattoo off of me.”

“That I can’t do. Binding you took a significant amount of my power, which doesn’t come easy in my corporeal state. I spent eighteen years slowly building and saving that supply and now…it’s more or less expended.”

“S-so you shot your shot and can’t get it up again.” Beatrice managed a sneer. “Sounds like your problem, not mine.”

“Indeed,” Levi frowned. “Though I’m afraid you must play a part in its solution. I can’t afford to lift the mark yet, not until I’ve regained the power I’ve lost. But while I could simply let you go about your business and siphon off energy bit by bit, I was hoping we could negotiate a more efficient and…mutually beneficial arrangement. Especially if,” he cleared his throat, “you still desire me as a partner.”

Beatrice scoffed. “As if.”

It was an automatic reaction. Borne from disbelief and scorn. And yet the moment it left her lips, she knew she’d soon regret it.

Levi’s eyes narrowed, and the warmth within Beatrice vanished. “I beg your pardon?” he asked.

“I-I mean,” she scrambled to recover. “Y-you can’t seriously expect things to be the same now that I know the truth, right? It’s not like last night I knew you were, you know…”

“Answer me honestly,” Levi commanded. “For what reason did you invite me over last night? What were you really hoping to accomplish?”

“I-I…” Beatrice bit her tongue, fighting the urge to confess. But it was no use. The truth was coming whether she wanted it or not. And it was bringing all her suppressed feelings with it. “I…I was trying to blackmail you, okay?” she spat. “My friends have a system for getting losers like you to do what we want. And you fell for it like a total sucker. In fact, if it hadn’t been for your stupid ‘binding ritual,’ you would be the one serving me right now.”

Levi stood, the shadows in the room deepening as he approached. “So. It was all a ruse then. You never felt any…affection towards me?”

“Are you kidding?” Beatrice let out a barking laugh. Even as she sensed the danger she was in, she couldn’t stop the spite leaking into her voice. “Why the hell would I ever want to be with you? Because you’re so dark? So mysterious? Grow the fuck up. You edgelord posers are all the same. You think you’re some kind of lone-wolf bad boy, but you’re so desperate for attention, it’d honestly be sad if it wasn’t so hilarious. But you know what’s really funny? You’ve been acting like you’re better than me, but I didn’t need magic powers or some kinda ritual to get you under my thumb. All it took was a little flirting, a little teasing, and you caved like wet garbage, you pathetic cr–”

“Kneel,” Levi uttered.

Beatrice yelped as her body went rigid, her legs folding before she even registered what was happening. It was as if invisible ropes had suddenly captured her, their thick, powerful cords wrapping around her limbs before knotting over her mark, so that all it took was the slightest tug to force her to the ground. She tried to break free, tried to leap to her feet and charge her captor. But no matter how her muscles flexed and strained, she remained exactly as Levi had commanded: on her knees, staring helplessly as he loomed like storm clouds overhead.

“This isn’t how I like to do things,” he tutted. “The energy from your wrath is hardly worth the effort to extract it. Plus it’s just so…tasteless. At the same time,” he grabbed her face, squeezing a shocked gasp from her lips, “this method can be quite effective for educating those who forget their place. Such as a servant who mocks her Master’s generosity.”

“Wh-what gener–”

“That’s enough talk out of you,” Levi admonished, and Beatrice’s tongue fell silent as he released her. “It’s time you’ve learned to use your mouth more…appropriately.” His hands moved to his belt.

Beatrice’s insides clenched. Surely, he wouldn’t…he couldn’t possibly make her…

His pants slid down his legs, revealing a pair of boxers already tented by an eager erection. “You know,” he said, “I’d honestly hoped our relationship could be symbiotic. But now…” He tugged down the waistband, his stiff cock popping free. “Now I see that’s no longer an option.”

Blood pounded in Beatrice’s ears. She was using all the strength she had, yet couldn’t even close her eyes as Levi’s flushed tip approached. He put a thumb to her lips, and they parted without resistance, saliva pooling and spilling as he hooked a thumb into her compliant cheek. She burned with rage, but her face remained frozen in doe-eyed servility as he rested his cock on her lolling tongue, his rigid heat pulsing against her taste-buds.

“The only choice you have now,” he growled, “is how difficult you’re going to make this. As you can see, I would have no trouble taking you as you are now. I could keep you trapped in here all night and day, using your captive body however I see fit. It’s not the most economical way to feed, but it would get the job done. However…” he took a step back. “There is another possibility.”

Beatrice blinked, suddenly realizing she was again in control of her body. She turned away with disgust, spitting and wiping her mouth before rising to attack and–

A surge of pleasure radiated from her crest, sapping the strength from her muscles. She staggered forward, losing her balance and falling on all fours as Levi laughed above her.

“There, see?” he said. “Isn’t that better? All it took was a little nudge, and look how well you responded.”

“Fuck…yo-oough,” her curse melted into a moan as another tremor overtook her. It traveled to every sensitive part she had, tender yet insistent as it circled her stiff nipples and stroked her soaking pussy.

“There, there,” Levi cooed, kneeling down and lifting her chin. “There’s no need to be upset. I can tell you’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“N..n-uhhh….” Beatrice struggled to speak as her head filled with pink, pulsing fog. Even though he was barely touching her, his gentle grasp sent sparks of ecstasy across her temples, churning and swirling the glossy mist inside. It was entrancing. Addictive. She wanted more, to take his fingers into her mouth, to taste and suck all the ecstasy she could from his touch.


She groaned, shutting her eyes as a shiver ran down her spine. Even as she struggled to think, she knew she had to fight what was happening. It was just like last night. If she didn’t find a way to resist then…

“Look at me, Beatrice,” Levi ordered.

By the time she thought to refuse, it was already too late. Her eyes opened, then widened as she beheld her Master. He was grinning at her, his human body covered by traces of his true self, fleeting glimpses of the cosmos that had previously enraptured her. It wasn’t as overwhelming now, but it was more than enough to capture her scattered senses. And the deeper her arousal grew, the clearer his galaxies became.

“Good girl,” her Master murmured. The words entered her like a lover’s touch, and she let out a strained whine as her pussy danced on the edge of orgasm. The heat, the need…it was all she could think about, all she could feel. When Master stood and swung his cock in front of her face, her lips parted with trembling anticipation, already dripping and ready to receive him.

“That’s right,” Master purred. “Yield to your desires. Show me what a good servant you are, and be rewarded.”

He didn’t have to tell her twice. Beatrice dove onto his erection, drool dripping onto her crop-top as she served him with sloppy, eager abandon. Her tongue worshipped every inch of his shaft, each twitch and throb traveling through her in ecstatic waves. She had never been a fan of giving head before, but this was completely different. His moans rang like melodic chimes, his sweet scent intoxicating her with every breath. When his hand grasped her hair and forced her to take him deeper, she happily yielded to his aggression, drifting on dreamy delirium as he used her like a toy. Despite never deep-throating before, her body knew how to open itself for his pleasure, allowing him to take every inch with passionate, quickening thrusts.

Finally, she felt him stiffen inside her, and prepared to drink deeply from her Master’s blessing. But then he yanked her head back, eliciting a sound somewhere between a cough and a cry as he pulled free from her mouth. His cock spasmed and erupted, coating her face and chest. Her panting tongue caught what it could. He finished with a sigh, and she glowed with pride at the sound, savoring the way his cum slid down her cheeks as he patted her buzzing, tingling head.

“Good girl,” he breathed. “Very, very good girl.”

“Th-thank you Master,” Beatrice mewled, her thighs shifting and squeezing as her crest hummed.

Her Master smiled. “I promised you a reward. And I bet you want it now, don’t you? You want to show your Master your devotion and come for him like a good little servant, isn’t that right?”

“Hh–!”Beatrice bit her lip, furiously nodding her cum-streaked face in reply.

“Very well.” Master bent over, yanking her hair back so her eyes were forced to meet his. “But first, you will go home immediately. You will not clean yourself until you have arrived. You will not speak to anyone about what has just transpired. And when you masturbate tonight, you will only to come to thoughts of your Master. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Master,” Beatrice squeaked, transfixed by his obsidian gaze. “Thank you Master.”

“Good,” her Master released her roughly and turned away. “Now leave me in peace.”

The dazed servant stood on shaking legs, wiping a stray drop from her chin as she bid her Master farewell. The heat from his touch slowly dwindled as she wobbled through the house, the fire he’d stoked fading bit by bit until it was little more than smoldering embers.

Yet even as traces of her Master’s influence remained, a sliver of clarity returned as she pedaled, allowing her drifting thoughts to realign.

She started thinking about what had just happened.

About how she’d planned to beat Levi to a pulp, only to gladly suck his cock and wear his cum like a medal instead.

About how his talk of demons and rituals had been proven true, as had his ability to control her.

About how impossible, infuriating, and humiliating her ordeal had been.

And about how, despite all that…

…She couldn’t wait to get home and masturbate to it.


Levi lay sprawled on his bed, his strained soul recovering from its latest trial. He could still feel the lust radiating from his servant, precious nourishment he clung to as he listened for the telltale sounds of his father’s return.

Were those final orders a bit too far? For all Levi’s bluffing, it’d taken a surprising amount of power to keep Beatrice under control. And the energy he’d gained was barely enough to break even. To invest what little extra he had in a parting set of commands…it was risky, to say the least.

Then again, such danger was to be expected. It was an enormous gamble he was taking, and the odds would be against him no matter what strategy he employed. To be using his powers this much, and in such a direct manner…it was only a matter of time before his adversary took notice. But there was no other option. If Levi wanted to survive, he needed power, and fast.

And Beatrice was his only hope.

She was a fascinating creature, he had to admit. The force of her feelings was incredible, yet she could be redirected and manipulated with a modest amount of pressure, so long as it was applied precisely. As luck would have it, lust seemed particularly effective in this regard. Perhaps that’s what had attracted Levi in the first place.

Regardless, it was clear he wouldn’t get anywhere with brute force. Even if she couldn’t ward off his influence completely, her resistance would keep his gains far below what he needed for the coming confrontation. His best plan of action, then, was to condition her into willing servitude, training her to offer lust and obedience without direct intervention. If he could manage that, the power he’d reap would be staggering.

That was a big “if” though.

A door closed elsewhere in the house, and Levi let out a sigh as he sat up. The day hadn’t gone exactly as he’d hoped, but it would have to do for now.

Tonight, Levi would rest.

And tomorrow, Beatrice’s training would begin in earnest.


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