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Feature Title: A Christmas Play
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Synopsis: Mary and Eddie were proud of themselves. They had just managed to put on the most debauched children’s Christmas play that their perverted church had ever seen. No eleven year old boy had ever fucked the infant Jesus before. However the kids learned that their depravity was nothing compared to the sadism of their parents.

A Christmas Play

“Wow, Mary!”

Mary was walking down the stairs from her second floor bedroom.  She was dressed in a full-length flowing gown made of a light blue diaphanous material.  The only other piece of clothing she was wearing was a see-through pair of blue panties which tightly encased the eight-year-old’s puffy pussy lips and round butt.  Her father’s cock lurched as he watched her descent.  He loved seeing her naked, but found her even more enticing when she showed off her body through her sheer or tight clothing.  Undressing her with his eyes was almost as much fun as actually removing the clothes and panties from her tempting, immature body– or watching another adult do it.

Mary smiled happily at her father.  He imagined those red lips wrapped around the cock of a man or buried between the legs of a woman at this evening’s Christmas party.  It was a private affair for the church’s minister, and the six elders and their wives.  Another party would be held for all the parishioners later in the week to include all the children, who got to sit naked on Santa’s lap, fondling his big cock.  At least one of them would receive a cream present from the jolly old man.  However, tonight there would only be three kids, who were chosen solely for the benefit of the adults.  While none of the kids knew what was going to happen, they knew this was a huge event.

Mary definitely earned her honor.  She loved looking up at the adults she pleasured with her large blue eyes as she sensually feasted on cock and cunt, occasionally using a hand to push her long golden hair from her face and over her ears.  When they came over her face, she would use that same long hair to spread the men’s and women’s cum around her face or over her chest and small pink nipples until both her skin and her hair were glistening with their spunk.  She dreamed of the day that her hair would grow long enough so she could use it to spread the cum over her protruding bald pussy lips, but until then she would have to settle for using her small hands or using her mother’s hair as she ate her daughter’s erotic little pussy to do the deed.

Mary did not only lust after cum.  She also loved the warm golden showers they gave her, greedily drinking the piss from anyone who offered it to her.  She enjoyed the way it felt as it flowed down her body and through the crevice of her hairless cunt.

Simply put, eight-year-old Mary was a slut who loved being used for pleasure.  Mary did not obtain the coveted role at tonight’s Christmas skit because of her name, but because of her obvious devotion to anything sexual or perverse.  That was the reason she was chosen to star as one of the three children in this year’s Christmas crèche at her family’s church, a church which worshiped only sex.  Mary’s parents were proud of her because she so clearly embodied, in every way, the central tenants of their faith.

In earlier years the perverse ceremony took place in the church’s sanctuary, but this year the elders of the church arranged to have it in Elder John’s barn.  It was decided that this year the Christmas crèche would include more than the boy, girl, and baby.  There would also be dogs, some sheep, and a miniature donkey.  While Mary’s parents often let her play with her dog’s slippery red nine-inch cock and suck it till it came all over her face, she was never allowed to actually let him fuck her.  Tonight, unknown to Mary, that would change.

Mary walked down the remaining stairs wiggling her small hips as her mother had taught her.  Her father was always amazed at how seductive the eight-year-old looked.  It was no surprise that when it came to the monthly church meetings, Mary was often the one who the men enjoyed fucking repeatedly on the altar after the minister did her.  Just watching her small naked body squirm in delight around another man’s hard prick had some of them cumming before they had a chance to hump her.  Of course they would never waste their spunk.  They used it to decorate the child’s face.

When Mary got to the foot of the steps, her father, Barry, picked her up in his arms.  While he kissed her, he felt her hard miniature tongue invade his mouth.  He ran a hand under her gown and up her legs until he reached that wonderful place between her thighs.  Her sheer panties were already moist with her little girl juice.  As he fingered her smooth girl cleft through the thin fabric, he pulled his mouth away from hers and said, “Somebody’s excited.”

Mary giggled.  She loved the way her handsome father looked in his dark grey suit, white shirt, and red tie.  She called it his sex suit because when he got home from work she enjoyed pulling his zipper down, getting his cock out, and sucking him off while he sat in his recliner.  It always made her pussy wet.  She would often play a game with him, trying to guess which secretary’s cunt or ass he tasted like that day.  As her father held her by her cute round butt this evening, she dragged her right leg across the front of her father’s silk-like pants, feeling his hard cock.  She said, “I’m not the only one who’s excited, daddy.”

“Like daughter, like daddy,” Barry joked.

“All right, you two,” Mary’s mother said from the top of the stairs.

Both father and daughter looked up.  Mary’s mother, Alice, was a slightly older version of Mary, twenty-two-years-old to be exact.  She and Barry were classmates who got to know one another very well on a youth camp out when they were both thirteen.  They had Mary nine months later.  Actually it was only a DNA test which settled from whose loins Mary had come, since Alice’s father, who was the church’s minister, and Barry had spent that night fucking her repeatedly, one after another.  Barry was proud that the little sex toy was his.  Minister Jones did not begrudge him.  He was just happy that he could fuck his granddaughter, too.

Alice was dressed in a tight red backless micro-dress.  Although the tops of her ample breasts were exposed, this isn’t what caught her family’s eyes.  Viewing Alice from the bottom of the stairs, both father and daughter saw she was panty-less and the crevice of her shaved cunt glistened.  Mary’s mother looked down and said, “Oops.”  She pulled the skirt down slightly in mock embarrassment.  It did little to hide her snatch.  Then she walked down the stairs with the same ass wiggle that she taught her daughter.

“Time to go,” she announced, as if the other two were the ones who were holding up the show.  After donning their coats, the happy family walked out of their front door into the cold December night.  The snow fell about them.  Barry had the good sense to warm up the car before hand for the near-naked women in his life.

Across town, eleven-year-old Eddie was playing with his four-year-old brother, Sammy.  He was always amazed how much fun it was to suck on his younger brother’s two inch stiffie.  He loved taking the entire length of it into his mouth and then using his tongue to lick his smooth little ball sack.  As he sucked Sammy’s cock and rubbed the globes of his younger brother’s soft round naked ass, his own dick became rock-hard.  He wished he had the time to butt fuck the tyke, the harder the better, but his parents were already after him to get downstairs.  Just as a reminder of his place in the family, Eddie forced his index finger up Sammy’s ass, which never failed to surprise the youngster and delight Eddie.  After swiftly pulling his finger out, he brought Sammy with him downstairs.

The twelve-year-old babysitter was waiting in the living room with Eddie’s parents.  Eddie’s father had already shown her the new additions to the porn collection in VCR cabinet, and was busy rubbing her delightful panty-clad pussy beneath her skirt while she sat on his lap.  They were watching the latest video movie on the large screen T.V.  A group of boys were masturbating over a reluctant ten-year-old girl.

The babysitter’s eyes lit up when she saw Sammy.  He was wearing nothing but a short t-shirt that barely reached his navel.  Seeing his stiffie, she licked her lips in anticipation.  When Sammy saw the babysitter, he ran to her.  She was his favorite one.  When she butt fucked him with a dildo, she was nicer than his brother or his dad, though he was resigned to having their cocks up his ass at a moment’s notice.

Eddie’s parents, Beth and George, admired their eleven-year-old boy in his white semi-transparent costume which hung from his surprisingly muscular shoulders.  It fell about his ankles.  It would have done little to protect the real Joseph from a brutal winter, but it certainly heated up his parents’ crotches.  Eddie’s lean, tan athletic body was a sight to behold.  As usual, his longish brown hair was uncombed and yet it had a certain suave look.  His thin five inch cock was tenting the fabric of his gown as if it was begging to be sucked, but they were already late.

Eddie won the role of Joseph when he proved his sexual prowess and stamina at the Thanksgiving party earlier in the year.  He came more forcefully and plentifully than any other boy in his age group.

It took only a few minutes for the father, the mother and the brown-eyed boy to put on their coats, kiss Sammy and the babysitter goodbye, and get on the road.

Less than five blocks away, a three-month-old baby boy was being wrapped in a white blanket by his grandmother, Judith.  The boy, Adam, was the incestuous product of her thirteen-year-old daughter, Anna, and Judith’s father, Jeb.  Judith, in fact, gave her daughter Anna to her father as a Christmas present a year earlier shortly after the girl’s first period.  Anna was at first resistant, but that was easily solved.  Judith bound the girl spread eagle to Jeb’s bed.  Then Judith sucked her father’s cock to full length and helped him feed his huge hard prick into her daughter’s virgin pussy.  It was her fervent hope that her daughter was as fertile as she was at that age the first time she was raped by her father.  Anna was the result of that rape.

Anna cried out in pain as her grandfather unceremoniously ripped through her cherry and filled her with his stiff cock.  Both Anna’s mother and father-grandfather loved hearing the screams the young girl made as she was being abused, which only added to their pleasure.  In fact, there were times Jeb regretted that his granddaughter no longer cried out in pain when he fucked her.  Today the grandfather and granddaughter were nearly inseparable.  Adam was a testament to Jeb’s continued virility.  The brown haired, blue eyed boy was definitely the son of a virgin, though it definitely was not a virgin birth.

Tonight Adam’s entire family would all be attending their first Christmas party with the elders even though Jeb himself was not an elder.  It was a special invitation since they were providing the innocent baby for the Christmas crèche – and the baby’s unsuspecting mother.  The thirteen-year-old brunette with green eyes would be playing a larger role than she imagined.


Minister Jones greeted the guests at the door of Elder John’s barn.  The minister’s wife seated them.  A bar and snack table were set up in the corner and the members were invited to serve themselves.  The barn was surprisingly warm and had the sweet, almost comforting smell of freshly mowed hay and a serene odor from the two wood burning potbelly stoves.  Miniature lights cast a gentle glow over the room.  A simple curtain separated the staged manger scene from the congregation’s chairs.  Adam was placed in the makeshift manger – a somewhat large padded table covered in straw.  Mary and Joseph (Eddie) took their places beside the baby.  Joseph stood holding a staff as Mary knelt before Jesus.

When everyone was seated, drinks from the bar in hand, the minister started a cassette with soft Christmas music.  Then he pulled the curtain to the side.  Simple stage lights came up casting the scene in a soft yellow radiance.  The congregation oohed and aahed.  It looked like a tableau off a Christmas card.  In addition to the three children, two dogs, three sheep and a donkey were tied to posts around the manger.

The fundamentalist church in town would have loved to have such a Christmas crèche, assuming that the kids’ clothing was a bit more modest and opaque.  The revealing clothing of the children in this scene, and Eddie’s obvious hard-on probably would not been appreciated by a majority of that sad sexually repressed congregation.  However, changing that alone, their members would have stood in awe of the unchanging scene for hours.  However, for this church, such passivity was pointless.  Rather than meditation, they sought active debauchery.

Last week Eddie and Mary were told to plan their own Christmas play.  It need not be long because the adults were always anxious to join in the fun.  The Christmas play and the subsequent orgy were to be recorded, and the tapes were sold to pedophiles throughout the world.  It was the church’s largest fund raiser.

Mary and Eddie were allowed to view the ten minute skits from the previous five years in order to plan their own play.  Both of the deviant and oversexed kids thought they were boring.  In most of the tapes, Mary sucked off Joseph, and then Joseph would fuck Mary up her ass or cunt while Jesus lay forgotten in the crib.  Eddie and Mary wanted to include the baby in their little skit.  So they talked on the telephone and met in secret all week long to plan it.  They asked themselves the question, “If the holy family were perverts – and whose to say they weren’t – what would they have done to occupy themselves on that cold winter’s night?”  Though they knew they were taking a risk, tonight they would surprise the adults and show them just how obscene Mary and Joseph could be.

As the lights on the stage came up, everyone loved how the back-lighting emphasized the children’s naked bodies under their transparent gowns.  Eight-year-old Mary slowly removed the baby’s blanket.  Joseph laid down his staff and while she held the three-month-old child, he spread the blanket over the straw.  Then Mary lay Jesus naked back in the manger, his legs spread open and kicking before the audience.

Joseph and Mary each took one of baby’s legs and sucked on his toes and feet while they massaged his inner thighs.  Jesus cooed in pleasure.  Joseph removed the baby’s small foot from his mouth and began to lick up his leg until he reached the baby’s genitals.  He licked his cute ball sack and then sucked the baby’s small prick into his mouth.

Some things could not be planned, but luck was with them.  Just as Joseph sucked on Jesus’ cock, the baby began to pee.  Joseph pulled his mouth away quickly, and the audience laughed and applauded as the baby shot a surprisingly strong yellow arc up through the air.  Mary was not one to waste such an opportunity.  She allowed the child to pee in her face and then she opened her mouth and drank from his yellow fountain.  Joseph also took the opportunity to quench his urinal thirst.  Once the baby’s pee subsided, Joseph once again began to lick and suck on the baby’s cock until the little appendage became stiff.

While Joseph was fondling the baby’s one-inch cock, Mary was stroking Joseph’s five-incher through the thin diaphanous fabric of his gown.  She reached for the tie behind his neck, and unknotted it.  And then she pulled the sheer garment down over the eleven-year-old’s tan shoulders, off his arms and down his legs until it lay in a puddle about his feet.  Mary knelt before him and while he continued to caress the infant and lick its genitals, Mary cupped Joseph’s tight ass in her hands and took his circumcised prick into her mouth.  Within seconds, she swallowed the entire length of his thin cock into her mouth and with a firm grasp of his ass, she helped him to hump her mouth.

The audience loved it, ever amazed at this little eight-year-old girl’s ability to swallow any cock she encountered.  Every man there knew what the boy was experiencing.  After all, each of them had fucked that same mouth one time or another.  The men (or their wives) unzipped their pants and were stroking themselves (or were being stroked) as they recalled the times that those same cherry red lips sucked and engulfed their manhood.  They each delighted in the memory of her long soft blond hair as it caressed and tickled their groins and their legs.  And they looked forward to seeing Joseph fill the little girl’s cunt or ass with his prick as they themselves had done many times in the past.  However, these kids were not so mundane.

Mary withdrew her mouth from Joseph’s hard cock and looked up at him with her big blue eyes.  Joseph removed his own mouth from the baby’s genitals and looked at his play wife.  Mary said to Joseph, “I want you fuck Jesus’ ass.”  There was a gasp and the baby’s thirteen-year-old mother, Anna, screamed out, “No!” It was a tradition in the church that nobody ever fucked a baby’s ass before it was a year old, but these kids wanted to do it now.

Everyone looked at one another, but it was Anna’s mother who settled the issue.  The thought of seeing this baby’s ass raped had her cunt dripping.  She clamped a hand over her daughter’s mouth to keep her from screaming out again and gladly announced, “With the minister’s permission, I’d love to see Joseph fuck the little bastard.”  Everyone stared at her in disbelief, but she simply smiled at them while she ran her fingers through her cunt and then licked them.  They got the idea.  So they turned to the minister for his blessing.  He was so shocked by the idea that he actually had quit stroking himself.  However, he could not deny that his hard cock was twitching.  He looked around the room and saw the lust in his congregation’s eyes.  At last, he just smiled at Mary and Joseph and while he resumed stroking his twitching prick, he grinned and said, “Do it.”

Having gotten the needed permission, Mary and Joseph’s faces reflected their evil delight.  They just knew these horny and perverted adults would not pass up this opportunity.  Mary sweetly said, “Perhaps one of the audience members would like to help lube up the baby’s asshole.”

Everyone began shouting like little kids, “Me, me, me.”

Mary almost wanted to let the perverted grandmother do it, but Joseph and she had already decided how they would accord the privilege.  She said, “Well, let’s keep it fair.”

Mary lifted her gown above her waist and asked Joseph, “Oh, most chaste spouse, would you mind taking my pretty blue panties off?”  Everyone laughed.

Joseph knelt before her and said, “Only if I can lick that virgin pussy of yours.”  That got the men roaring.  If the eight-year-old was anything, it was not a virgin.

Joseph pulled Mary’s sheer panties down her thin legs and off her feet.  Then he placed his mouth over her edible mound and began to lick through her juicy little cunt crevice.  Mary giggled in satisfaction.  Joseph would never tell his mother, lest he hurt her, but he loved young bald girl pussy even more than his mother’s shaved cunt.  Everyone applauded when he made a show of sucking on her engorged clit and Mary could not help but push her hips into his face.  Finally she pushed Joseph away and said, “You better stop or else I’m going to have to insist that you fuck me rather than Jesus’ ass.”

Mary picked up her panties and then turned her back to the crowd.  Like a bride throwing her bouquet over her shoulder at a wedding, Mary threw her panties to the crowd.  Elder Ray caught them and every other man in the group gave him a good natured “boo.”  Ray laughed while he sniffed the little girl’s panties.  After he gave them a lick, he passed them around to the other guys as a consolation prize and a peace offering.

When Elder Ray entered the stage area, his thick, long uncircumcised cock was jutting out of his dress pants.  Mary gave his foreskin a playful tug and, like a well-trained slut, she helped him out of his suit coat and loosened up his top button and tie.  The congregation yelled, “Take it off.  Take it all off.”  Mary stepped back and looked at the forty-five-year-old man with graying temples, and shook her head no.  Frankly, she loved the sight of his cock poking obscenely out of his dress pants.  It reminded her of her evenings with daddy.

Even though it was not listed as one of the original gifts from the wise men, Mary pulled out a large jar of Vaseline and displayed it like one of those slutty girls on the Price is Right.  The congregation laughed and applauded.

The baby’s mother, Anna, made one last attempt to cry out “no.”  It pissed Mary off.  The precocious little girl turned to the thirteen-year-old and put her hands on her hips like Mrs.  Magrett at school.  She said, “I’ve had it with your stupid screaming.  If you can’t keep your mouth shut, how about having the guys strip you and bring you up here on stage.  Then you can suck on Elder Ray’s cock while he butt fucks your kid with his finger.  That way you can have a front row seat to all the action and it’ll also keep your mouth shut.”

Without further instructions, the congregation turned on Anna.  Beginning with her grandfather, they ripped her dress from her body, taking the opportunity to feel her up.  Joseph himself wanted to join the fray and play with her firm barely ripe breasts, but he refrained-for the moment.  Minister Jones and Jeb helped to drag the naked and humiliated girl to the stage area and forced her to her knees in front of Elder Ray’s engorged cock.  The minister ordered her to adore it.

The frightened girl took the elder’s dick in her shaking hands and began suck on its tip.  The moment her tongue touched his piss hole, Elder Ray grabbed Anna’s head with both hands and forced his cock down her throat.  Anna choked, but she knew that if she did not please him, there would be a price to pay.

Once Anna began to bob her head up and down the elder’s cock, he removed his hands from her head.  Then he stuck his index finger into the jar of Vaseline and removed a large glob.  Mary and Joseph turned Jesus over onto his stomach and then stuffed some additional hay beneath his hips so that his butt was in the air.  Pulling the baby’s legs apart in order to expose his pink rosebud, Elder Ray began to apply the lubricant to the baby’s anal orifice.  Then with a slow, firm movement, so as not to harm the child, he pushed his index finger up the baby’s ass.

Jesus squirmed and whimpered and tried to pull his butt away from Elder Ray’s invading finger, but it was only turning the elder on more.  He loved the feel of Anna’s mouth pumping his stiff cock, and tight feel of the baby’s rectum.  He began to pump the baby’s ass with the same tempo of Anna’s bobbing head.  Anna’s eyes got bigger as she watched the elder molesting her child, but it seemed to be turning her own as her own treatment of the elder’s cock was becoming more frantic.  Joseph took the opportunity to kneel behind Anna and massage her lovely breasts from behind and pinch her aching nipples.  His own cock was happily riding in the crack of her ass.

The minister had decided that the stationary cameras would no longer do, so he enlisted the help of his wife and Elder Ray’s wife to hold them and to get close ups of the action.  Mary removed her right hand from her throbbing pussy long enough to glob more Vaseline around Elder Ray’s fucking finger and then said to him, “Use two of them.”  Elder Ray was thinking the same thing.  He pulled his index finger out of the baby’s ass and then using it along with his middle finger, he forced both of them up the baby’s rectum in one fell stroke.  Jesus cried out as the elder unmercifully finger fucked him.

The sound of the baby crying was music to the congregation’s ears.  Sex was good, but sex with the innocent and the unwilling was great.  Elder Ray could hardly hang on any longer.  He knew he was about to cum.  He reached down with his free hand and pushed Anna’s face away from his cock.  Turning to the baby, he removed his fingers from the baby’s ass and used that hand to hold his cock up against the entrance of child’s asshole.  As Mary held the baby down, the elder pushed his cock against the boy slut’s distended asshole and stroked its slick saliva-covered length until he came in spurts of white cream.  His spunk sprayed over the boy’s ass.  Then Mary used the tip of Elder Ray’s cock to paint his cum over the small soft round butt cheeks of Jesus.  At that moment Elder Ray decided all bets were off.  His own six-month-old niece was going  to get an unwelcome  Christmas present from her uncle.

When Elder Ray backed away from the baby, Mary took command of the situation.  She ordered Anna, “Lick the cum off the baby’s ass and then help Joseph fuck him.”

Anna shook her head no.  Elder Ray all but pulled her head up by her hair and pushed it toward the baby’s ass crack.  He said, “You heard her.  She’s Mary.  She has to be obeyed.  Lick the cum off that boy toy’s ass!”

To make the point, he shoved the girl’s face into Jesus’ ass and rubbed it in his spunk.  Only then did Anna begin to lick through the butt crack of the baby and suck at his asshole, trying to make sure she ate all of the elder’s white cream.  The elder stood there holding his hard cock contemplating whether he should fuck it up the girl’s ass while she worked, but he knew that Joseph’s balls were probably growing impatient.

When he was sure that the nervous girl would fearfully obey Mary’s next command, he pulled her face away from the baby’s butt.  He admired her face which was covered in his spunk, except where the girl’s tears were streaking it.

Mary held out the jar of Vaseline and commanded Anna, “Grease up Joseph’s cock!”

Anna’s hands were still shaking, but she did as she was told.  She spread the lubricant over Joseph’s hard five-inch prick till it was covered in the yellow jelly.  Then Joseph approached the “manger.”  Mary instructed Anna to help him fuck it up Jesus’ ass.  Anna looked around for help, but all she saw were the adults, male and female, frigging themselves or fucking one another’s hands.  She knew nothing would stop what was about to happen.

Joseph grabbed Anna’s hand and made it clear that he wanted her to hold his dick.  Mary grasped it, and then held it against the infant’s asshole.  Mary had her hands on the baby to ensure that he would not move.

Joseph pushed his cock against the baby’s ass and while he held the infant’s waist, he began to shove his prick into the child.  Jesus began to cry.  Joseph took that as an invitation to molest the boy some more.  So he withdrew his cock very slightly and using his hips for leverage, he managed to shove his cock into the baby’s ass an inch or so past it’s sphincter.  Jesus did not like that at all.

Anna’s grip on his cock was getting loose, so Joseph turned to her and commander her, “Hold it tighter!” Anna’s grip tightened.

Joseph proceeded to pump his cock in and out of the baby’s ass while the congregation rooted him on.  “Fuck him,” “Get it all the way up his ass,” “Fill him with your cream.”

Joseph told them how wonderful it was, “He’s so fucking tight.  Slippery tight.  It’s almost like he’s using his ass to suck my cock in.”  Joseph had butt fucked his little brother a lot of times, but this was better than anything he felt before.

He said, “It’s almost hard to move in him.”  However that did not stop him.  It became a challenge trying to bury all of his five-inches up this toy’s ass, and Joseph was determined that he would succeed.

Elder Ray could not resist Joseph’s tight ass cheeks which were contracting and relaxing with the boy’s fucking movements.  He reached over and caressed them.  Joseph looked back at him with a smile, and then resumed screwing the baby’s rectum.

The surprising moment came when Anna no longer could hold onto Joseph’s cock because more of his cock was in the child than out.  When Anna released her grip, she did not remove her hand, but instead she circled the Joseph’s cock with a finger as it entered Jesus’ ass.  Even though no one could see her dripping cunt, they all knew that she letting the obscenity of the moment overcome her.  She reached between her legs with her free hand and began to diddle her clit and pump her fingers in and out of her cunt as she watched her baby being raped.  She could not help but wonder what it would be like to see her grandfather fuck his huge cock up his great-grandson’s ass.  Her breathing became erratic as she pictured that lewd and perverse scene and within seconds she had her first orgasm of the evening.

Jesus continued to scream and cry.  There was nothing that would comfort him, except if Joseph were to stop, but that was not going to happen.  Joseph continued to speak, this time to the child, “That’s alright Jesus.  St.  Joey is just having fun with your boy cunt.  He’s training you to be a cute little fucker.  Hell, when you grow up, you’re going to be a famous guy and all the apostles can take turns butt fucking you and all the little boys they can find.  In fact, it’ll become a tradition.”

The minister chuckled when he heard “St.  Joey.”  The boy did not know how true his words were.  He was just recalling the party he had three nights ago with the catholic priest in town and the two rather reluctant altar boys, though they did not remain reluctant for long.  However, unlike the catholic priest, the minister enjoyed variety and liked both boy and girl cunt.  Yet a night of strictly male bonding was also nice.

The lowly animals, especially the dogs, seemed to be aware of the smell of sex in the air.  Both of the dogs’ red cocks had escaped their sheaths and were dripping.  If Mary was not occupied holding down the baby and encouraging Joseph with a few raw comments, she would have loved to have sucked both of them, bathing her face in their salty juices.  She wanted to tell Joseph to hurry, but it was such a turn on seeing his stiff cock stretch the baby’s butt hole open, she did not really want that to end either.

St.  Joey suddenly shouted, “Oh, fuck!” Everyone knew that he was about to cum.  Just as he pulled his cock out of the innocent child’s ass, Elder Ray surprised him and shoved his index finger up Joseph’s ass and with a skill of one who knew the pleasure, he massaged the boy’s prostate as he came over the baby.  Joey had a thing for facials, so he turned the baby over and began to spray the baby’s face with his spunk.  The baby tried to wiggle its arms and legs to avoid the hit, but Joey aimed and stroked, pumping his cream over the crying innocent’s face.

Elder Ray felt each forceful pulse and at the last, he pulled his finger out of Joseph’s ass and squeezed his balls, almost to the point of pain.  Joseph grunted.  At first Elder Ray thought it was a signal for him to stop, but looking up at the boy’s face, he saw delight instead.  Joseph had a masochistic streak in him.  The pain fed his sexual desires.  So Elder Ray squeezed them tighter onc more time and Joseph came again.  This time it was only a dribble, but a fulfilling one for the eleven-year-old boy.

Mary invited the men to come forward and to leave their gift for the child.  If it was not clear what she meant, she sucked on her grandfather’s cock (the minister) until he was oozing pre-cum, and then stroked him with her small hands until he came over the baby.  The men gathered and masturbated with the help of their wives, or another man’s spouse, coating the baby from head to toe in their cum.  Most of them, like Joseph, however, thought that there could never be enough cum on a child’s face, so they took particular care to coat Jesus’ entire face in their creamy white spunk.  The women were a little more considerate.  Occasionally they would wipe their spouse’s cum from the baby’s eyes and lick it off their fingers.  However, they spent the rest of the time spreading it over the baby’s soft body and stiff little genitals while their own pussies burned with desire.

Mary knew her own need to cum so she was the one that started the next event.  She pulled her gown off over her head and got her father to help her up on the table.  Mary spread her legs and knelt over the baby’s small body.  Holding open the lips of her pussy till it’s pink interior showed, she peed over the unsuspecting child’s face and body, literally washing some of the cum from its body with the force of her urine.  Occasionally she would stick her hands in the flow of her pee and rub it over her own cunt till it was dripping.  Then she offered her urine soaked pussy to anyone who wanted it.  She was happy when Elder George, the youngest elder in the group with the largest cock, took her on.  He licked the piss from her twat, sucked on her clit, and then took her doggy style on the barn’s floor pumping his twelve-incher into her with abandon.

The women were delighted with this perverse little girl.  Some of them stripped while others simply hiked up their skirts.  Like Mary, they got on the table and squatted over the baby and urinated on him.  They washed their own snatches with their piss-soaked hands and rubbed it over their abdomens and breasts.  Some of the men began to suck their wives’ clits while they were still peeing, drinking thirstily from their urethras and feeling the urine splash warmly over their faces.  A couple of the men placed a finger over their spouse’s piss hole in order to direct the flow over the baby.  Many tried for the unsuspecting child’s mouth.  The fact that the child was crying did not deter them in the least, but only made them more desirous of abusing him.

Most of the men ended up fucking another man’s wife.  Few of them could come again in so short a time, but their cocks were hard enough to satisfy the women.  While they rutted the sexually hungry females and played with their clits and their breasts, one of them glanced towards the manger.  She shouted, “Look.”  They turned towards the stage.

There was Anna lying on her back on the piss and cum-covered table.  The baby was lying on her, stomach-to-stomach, with his head between her outstretched legs.  She was holding his head and rubbing his face against her bald pussy as she peed.  The profane act was enough to make some of the women cum.  Anna’s mother smiled proudly.  Her thirteen-year-old daughter showed promise.  She was turning into a real slut.

Once they had all orgasmed, the congregation took a few moments to clean up after the children’s skit.  Elder John had set out large galvanized metal tubs of hot water, now warm, in which the participants could bathe.  After washing up, the adults gathered around the bar for drinks and snacks.  Everybody agreed that it was the most perverse and wonderful Christmas pageant that any them had ever experienced.

They profusely congratulated Mary and Joseph for their sexy skit.  As an award, they offered each of the kids, including Anna, a glass of sweet red wine.  The kids happily accepted it because it made them look so grown up.  They drank it in sips just like the adults did.

It would take only twenty to twenty-five minutes for the drugged wine to take effect.  It would heighten the children’s senses, but they would be helpless to resist any of the commands the adults gave them while they were being abused.


Mary was the first one to feel the drug’s effect.  She went to her father and said, “Daddy, I feel woozy.”

He asked her if she felt sick or tired.  They were always concerned when they drugged children because it was hard to adjust the dose for their small bodies.

“No, daddy,” she said.  “I just feel woozy, like I can’t do anything, but I’m not tired or sick or anything like that.”

“Maybe it’s the wine, honey,” he answered.  “Why don’t you just sit in my lap for a while to rest?”  Mary cuddled up with her father in his lap while they waited for the drug to take effect on the other two kids.  She reached down and stroked his comforting cock while he caressed her pink dime-sized nipples and the soft silky skin of her slightly rounded tummy, occasionally letting his fingers find their way to her smooth puffy crotch where they lingered.

About ten minutes later the other two kids sat down.  After checking them to make sure that the drug did not adversely affect them, the adults decided to proceed.

The minister led the girls to two beds which were behind a curtain at the back of the stage.  Long experience had taught them that it was best to tie down the ones that were not in use even though they were drugged.  While one child watched the minister abuse the other, they often were not very complacent.

So Anna and Mary were gagged and tied down hand and foot to the posts of their beds.  The baby was placed in the same bed with Anna.  As Mary lay there spread-eagle across the bed, she looked pleadingly at her father, as if to ask what was happening.  She knew something was wrong.  Her father just smiled at her and said that everything would be alright as long as she obeyed.  She never had a reason to doubt him, but she was still frightened.  Her father grinned because he knew that the drug only heightened her fear.

Her dad told her that she should watch the fun they were going have with Eddie (their eleven-year-old Joseph) and she would see that everything would be okay.  It was a lie.  If she thought fucking a baby’s ass was evil fun, just wait till the adults used her.  Some of the men had to admit that it was hard walking away from the prominent and hairless little girl snatches that were stretched wide open on the bed.  They reminded themselves that the evening was still young and there would be plenty of time to fuck them later – and repeatedly.

The adults led Eddie over to the three sheep that were busily munching the hay that lay beneath them.  Eddie was not sure what was happening.  He looked confusedly back at the girls unsure if he should be happy that he was not tied down like they were.

Minister Jones asked, “Eddie, have you ever fucked sheep before?”

Eddie shook his head no.

“Have you ever seen anyone do it?”

“No,” Eddie answered, “though some of the guys at church told me that it can be fun.”

Minister Jones smiled at the boy condescendingly.  “It is.  I bet you’ll like it as much as you liked screwing Jesus.”

Eddie was feeling safe.  What can be so bad about fucking sheep?

Minister Jones said, “These are actually rams, Eddie, but they have been trained to take cocks up their asses and to do a couple of other tricks, too.  Three of the men here are going to show you how to fuck them, and then we’re going to play a little game.  If you win, you can fuck one of them, too.  Does that sound like fun?”

Eddie nodded his head yes.

“Good,” the minister said.  “The first thing you have to do Eddie is to help prepare the three men that are going to fuck the rams.  So get down on your hands and knees next to the rams.”

Eddie was not sure about this, but the minister seemed to mean business.  So he clumsily knelt down on all fours next to the sheep.

“Now, Eddie, you get to be a lamb.  The guys are going to fuck you first, not up your ass like the rams, but down your throat.  Here’s the thing, Eddie, you are going to swallow their cocks all the way down your throat in twenty seconds or less or else you are going to be punished.”  The boy immediately became frightened and looked up at the minister just in time to see and hear him strike a riding crop against his hand.  The boy jumped.

“That’s right Eddie, if you spare the rod, you spoil the child.”  the minister said.  “And if you don’t get their cocks down your throat in twenty seconds, you’ll receive another swat for each additional ten seconds it takes you to swallow them all the way.  Do you understand?”

Though he was afraid and felt like crawling away, Eddie could do nothing but nod his head yes.

The minister said, “Good, we drew lots to see which three guys get to fuck your mouth and the rams.  The first lucky winner is Elder Mark.”

Everyone heard Eddie’s sigh of relief.  Elder Mark was not well endowed, only slightly larger than Eddie’s five-inch cock, but he was extraordinarily thick.  Eddie knew that it would not be difficult to get him down his throat.  He had done it in the past.

Elder Mark approached Eddie and Eddie was about to reach out for his cock when the minister stopped him.  “Oh, wait, Eddie.  There’s one more thing.  You notice that the rams are eating their hay.  You have to do it just like they do.  You first have to eat a mouthful of hay, and then you can suck on Elder Mark’s prick.  Just to make sure that you do not cheat, I’ll feed the hay to you.”

The minister reached down beneath the hindquarters of one of the rams and picked up what he judged to be a mouthful.  Then he straddled the boy’s back, his hard prick slapping the child’s back, pulled his head up by its hair and then stuffed the hay into the boy’s mouth.  Eddie almost became sick.  Instead of tasting the fresh green hay that the rams were eating – which he thought he could stomach – the minister had fed him a mouthful of piss-laden hay.  The animal piss was more pungent than any human’s and he almost choked on it.  He could no longer control his tears.

The minister announced, “You have twenty seconds now, to swallow that and Elder Mark’s dick.”  The boy tried desperately to chew the urine laden straw in order to swallow it, but each time he bit down on it, the taste became more obnoxious, as if his teeth were squeezing the piss out of it.  He thought he was going to vomit, but somehow he got it down.  At exactly that moment, the crop struck his buttocks and the boy screamed out in pain.  “Twenty seconds are up, boy.  You’re going to have to do better than that.”

Both of the girls tugged at their ropes when they saw what happened.  When Mary caught her father’s eyes he merely stroked his dick and grinned at her in a sadistic way that she never seen before.  If there was any doubt before, Anna and Mary knew that they were in deep trouble and they began to cry.  Their sobs were muffled by their gags.

Eddie grabbed for Elder Mark’s cock and tried to swallow it quickly.  He was almost comforted by its taste and sucked at it greedily as if it were a breath freshener.  Yet it took over twenty seconds to get the man’s cock down his throat.  The minister struck him two more times on his ass with the riding crop and Eddie felt the pain of the red welts and an sudden sense of shame long after he was hit.  After pumping Eddie’s face a couple of minutes, Elder Mark pulled his saliva-coated dick from the boy’s mouth.  In a strange moment of affection, he tousled the boy’s hair.  Eddie was not sure how to take that.

The second winner was Elder Thomas.  His cock was longer than Elder Mark’s, at least seven inches, but it was not as thick.  Eddie knew it would be no problem, as long as he could get the sharp tasting hay down first.  Once again, the minister picked up a mouthful of the urine-laden hay and pulling the boy’s head back he forced it in Eddie’s mouth.  Eddie tried to imagine that it was sweet tasting and concentrated on the pain of the red welts on his ass as he chewed and swallowed it.  He almost managed to get it down his throat before the riding crop stung him again.  He missed it by only a second.  Again, it took him two stinging hits with the crop to get Elder Thomas’s cock down his throat.

Eddie’s stomach turned when he thought of eating another handful of hay, but he now knew the minister would not have any mercy on him.  However, he was even more shocked when the name of the next elder was announced: Elder George, the elder with the biggest prick in town.  Even grown women had trouble sucking his twelve-inch dick down their throats and few succeeded.  Eddie was so overwhelmed by that huge cock swinging in his face that he almost did not taste the hay this time.  All he saw was that bulbous purple red head, its piss hole already dripping with pre-cum.  He was so frightened by the size of that dick, it took two stinging strikes of the crop to just get the hay down.

Elder George was a man who not only had the largest cock around; he also loved using it – forcefully.  He did not wait for the boy to grab his cock.  Instead, he grabbed the boy’s head and forced his prick into his mouth.  Eddie immediately began to choke on it, but Elder George did not care.  He would pull it out and shove it back in repeatedly while the boy struggled to get it down his throat.  Eddie lost track of the number of times that the minister struck him with the riding crop.  Actually the welts were becoming a strange comfort to boy as he struggled to eat the elder’s dick.  His own five-inch prick was becoming almost painfully hard and his balls were aching for release.  The minister noted the transformation.  He already knew that Eddie loved a limited amount of pain.  Tonight they would teach him just how much he loved it.

Without warning, the minister stuffed a butt-plug up the boy’s asshole.  It initially hurt and was totally unexpected, but Eddie soon liked the full filling.  He grasped Elder George’s cock tighter and did his best to get it all the way down, not out of the fear, but out of lust.  The pain of the riding crop was beginning to feel satisfying.  The minister methodically struck him, but when he saw that the boy was deriving a masochistic pleasure from it, he reached down and began to stroke the boy’s cock.  Eddie immediately began to use his hips to hump the minister’s hand.

At last Eddie succeeded in getting Elder George’s cock down his throat.  While the man was humping his face, his balls were slapping against his chin.  Everyone applauded.  The moment the elder withdrew his slick prick from the boy’s mouth, Minister Jones dropped the crop and reached for the boy’s balls instead.  As he continued to masturbate the child, he squeezed his testicles until the boy cried out in pain.  All of his feelings were centered in his ass, his balls and his prick and all he wanted was release.  Any release.  However, just when he thought he was going to get it, the minister removed his hands and stopped playing with him.  The boy groaned.  Everyone else snickered at his discomfort.

Meanwhile Anna and Mary lay bound on their beds, wondering what was going to happen to them.

Minister Jones pulled Eddie up to his feet.  The boy’s ass was red and burning.  The minister took pity on him, and two of the women came over and coated it with a soothing cream.  Each of them also sucked on his prick, but only for a few seconds which did nothing to relieve his aching balls.  He was only getting more frustrated.

Minister Jones announced that a new game was going to begin.  Each of the men that Eddie swallowed was now going to fuck a ram.  However, only one of them was going to cum up the ram’s ass.  Eddie was to guess which ram was actually creamed.  He would be given three tries, and if he guessed correctly he could fuck that ram himself.

Eddie thought it was strange that he would be given three guesses since there were only three sheep, but he did not dare question the minister.  The elders took their places behind the rams and aligned their cocks with their assholes.  Eddie could only imagine how slippery their rectums were as the men easily busted through the sheep’s spincters and began to rut them with zeal.  Their cocks shined as they pulled them out and pushed them back in again, out and in, out and in.

The minister told Eddie he could stroke the men’s glistening cocks while they screwed the rams.  That way he could see how wonderfully slick a ram’s tight rectum could be.  Eddie reached out tentatively, and felt the length of Elder’s George’s big prick when he pulled it out.  He never felt anything so slick in his life.  However, when he tried to rub his own dick with the slime, the minister struck him with the riding crop.  Eddie was not allowed to touch his own genitals and it was frustrating the hell out of him.

While the men continued to hump the ram’s asses, he noticed them looking at one another.  By a prearranged signal, the men suddenly thrust their hard cocks up the ram’s rectums and Eddie noted that all of the elders’ butts tightened as if they were cumming.  He was convinced all three of them had given their rams a cream enema.  However, when they pulled their cocks out of their ram’s butt, they turned away from the boy quickly.  Minister Jones told Eddie that it would not be fair to see which one of the men was no longer stiff or still had spunk leaking from his piss hole.

Three women came forward, including Anna and Mary’s mothers and immediately sucked the cocks of the men removing any evidence of cum.  Eddie turned up his nose in distaste.

Minister Jones sounded like a game show host when he asked, “Which ram has cum up his ass, Eddie?  Ram number one?  Ram number two?  Or ram number three?”

Eddie thought it was a dumb question because if he guessed wrong the first time, he still had two more guesses.  So he blurted out, “Ram number one.”

The minister asked him, “Are you sure?”

Eddie saw no harm in saying yes.

“Okay, Eddie,” the minister said.  “You need to prove to us that you are right.  What I want you to do is get behind the ram, stick your fingers up his butt and rim his ass with your tongue until you find Elder Mark’s fuck cream.  When you do, I want you to suck it out and show it to us on your tongue.”

Eddie could not believe what he heard.  He barely whispered, “Eat a ram’s ass?  Lick its asshole?”

The minister smiled at him and said, “Yes.  You have until the count of three to begin.”

The boy just stood there.  So the minister gave his ass a stinging angry blow with the riding crop, harder than any he received before and then yelled, “Get to it, you little fucker.”  Without warning, he managed to bring the crop up between the boy’s legs and give his balls a burning swat.  The eleven-year-old almost doubled over from the pain.

He fell to his knees behind ram number one and slowly raised the fingers of his right hand to the brownish pink anus of the animal.  The minister swatted him on the ass again and yelled, “How do you expect to get your tongue up that animal’s butt if you don’t use both hands?”

Eddie immediately brought his other hand up to the animal’s puckered asshole and stuck both of his index fingers into the warm slick interior of the animal’s butt, opening it just as he often opened his mother’s pussy lips, only the ram’s ass was so much tighter and smelled horrible.  He stared at the reddish interior a moment too long, because the minister swatted his ass again and told him to lick it.

Eddie tried to imagine that he was not rimming an animal’s asshole, but nothing could overcome the nasty and frankly humiliating taste.  He probed the animal’s ass with his tongue in search of Elder Mark’s spunk.  He quickly pulled his mouth away from the distasteful orifice of the animal and was about ready to tell the minister that he could not find any cum.  The moment he pulled his mouth away, he received another vicious swat with the riding crop.

Minister Jones commanded, “I told you to suck it, and that’s what I expect you to do.  Don’t do a half ass job on that ass.  I want you to be sure.  Trust me, if this is the right animal and you don’t find the elder’s fuck cream, your punishment is going to be a lot worse.”

Eddie was frightened.  He had an uncomfortable butt plug stretching his ass.  His balls still hurt unmercifully from the times that the minister squeezed and swatted them.  His ass was covered with red welts from the riding crop.  He could not imagine what else could be done to hurt or humiliate him, but he was not willing to take a chance.  He sucked and licked, and sucked and licked, and sucked and licked until his mouth and tongue were sore.  His stomach churned and he began to cry uncontrollably.  He whimpered, “I can’t find it.  I can’t find it.”  That earned him another swat, this time across his back, so the boy continued to probe and rim the animal’s ass in search of the elder’s cum, but it was futile.

The boy looked up at the minister with pleading eyes, afraid to say that he could not find any cum.  Finally, the minister took pity on him.  He said, “That’s all right, Eddie.  Perhaps were just looking in the wrong place on this ram.  Maybe there isn’t any spunk up its ass.  It’s probably all in his balls, so I want you to lie down beneath it and suck its cock until it creams you in your mouth and on your face.”

Eddie’s looked at the minister with disbelief.  He was about to argue with him and tell him guys sucking guy cocks was one thing, but animal cocks were a girl thing, not a guy thing.  The minister beat him to the punch.  Eddie received another striking blow from the crop even before he could speak.

“Eddie, you’re not listening,” Minister Jones said in his most patronizing voice.  “I want you lie on your back and stick your head between the ram’s hind legs and suck him off till you choke on its spunk.  You got it?”

The boy did not argue.  Crying, he lay on his back and stuck his head between the legs of the ram.  The ram’s cock had already escaped its sheath and the angry red appendage was dripping in the boy’s face.  He took the bulbous head of the slimy prick into his mouth and almost choked on the taste of it.  He reached up and grabbed the flanks of the animal and tried to pull his head up towards its belly in order to swallow the cock in his mouth, but he hesitated a moment too long.  Minister Jones kicked the boys legs apart and forcefully hit his scrotum with the crop.  The boy screamed out and wanted to grab his balls to temper the pain, but was afraid of what the minister would do.  His entire loins ached.

With as much speed as he could muster, Eddie tried to take as much of the stiff length of the animal’s red cock into his throat and pump it with his mouth.  He wanted this nightmare to end.  Fortunately the ram cooperated and it was only moments before it came in the boy’s mouth.  As Eddie watched the ram’s throbbing balls, he remembered that he was supposed to let it cream his face.  He quickly pulled his mouth away from the spurting cock and masturbated it with his hand.  He let the ram spray his face with his spunk.  The adults all thought it was a great show and applauded.

Eddie only made one more mistake.  He tried to wipe the spunk from his face with his hands.  The minister stopped him with another well placed blow to his balls with the crop.  The boy lay there screaming in pain.

Minister Jones dragged the boy out by his legs from beneath the ram.  While he stroked his own hard cock, he smiled at the boy with a sadistic lust.  He lifted Eddie up, but the boy could barely stand on his weak legs.  The minister pushed him towards the ram’s ass and told him he could fuck the ram’s ass since he managed to find some spunk.  The boy grabbed onto the ram’s hindquarters for support.  The animal cum was dripping in his eyes and burning them and his balls hurt so bad he was not sure he could even cum.  Still the minister stood behind him and reached around the boy.  He roughly stroked his five-inch prick till it was hard.  Then he hissed at the boy, “I told you to fuck it.”  The eleven-year-old struggled to get his cock into the slick interior of the ram’s ass.

For a second, Eddie imagined that the worst was over.  However, the moment Eddie’s cock was buried up the ram’s male cunt, the minister got behind him, pulled out Eddie’s butt plug and with one swift and painful thrust, buried his own thick cock up the boy’s unlubed ass.  Eddie screamed out in pain while the minister happily and sadistically rutted the boy’s rectum.  He loved the tight feel of boy cunt almost as much as little girl’s pussy, especially when he surprised them.  If that was not enough, the minister reached down between the boy’s legs, and once again cupped those delectable balls that he enjoyed like  a budding girl’s tits.  Slowly he squeezed them with increasing pressure and then he would release them when Eddie started crying out.  Then he would squeeze them again and release them when the boy whimpered, repeatedly, while he aggressively humped the boy’s ass.

Eddie was praying that this would soon be over.  Yet the minister kept punishing the boy’s ass with his angry cock and continued to squeeze Eddie’s aching and pain-filled balls.  The minister whispered to him, “Trust me, Eddie.  Feel how wonderful the pain is when I rut your ass with my big cock and rub my pubes against the welts on your ass.  Feel all that delicious pain when I squeeze your balls.  Everything you are, Eddie, is in your ass and your loins.  Turn yourself over to the pain, feel the pleasure of the abuse, and if you do you’re going to cum like you never came before.  Just give yourself over to the hurt and it will save you.”

Eddie heard the words and found himself concentrating on the pain within his loins.  The more he experienced and felt the ache in his balls, the welts on his ass and balls, and the minister’s large cock up his ass, the more sensual, lascivious and depraved he felt.  His whole world, all his feelings were centered in his crotch, in his ass, in his balls, and in his cock.  Without thinking he whispered back to the minister, “Make it hurt.  Make it hurt some more.”  The minister smiled at the adults in his congregation.  While the minister squeezed the boy’s balls and fucked his tight ass unmercifully, the elders and their wives silently rejoiced.

Eddie continued to beg the minister to hurt him until he finally came.  As the spent boy lay over the back of the ram, the minister continued to fuck his boy cunt until he filled the child with his cream.  When he pulled his semi-flaccid cock from the boy’s butt, he loved watching his spunk leak from the boy’s distended asshole.  He kissed Eddie’s cheek, and told him he had performed wonderfully.  The moment was almost nostalgic as the minister recalled the time that his own father introduced him to sexual pain.

The abused boy was angry, and yet he knew that if he were given the chance, he would let another adult use him for their sadistic pleasure.  He could not deny that when he came this time, it was better than any other time in his life.  Pain and pleasure had become one.

The congregation applauded.  Eddie had reached a new threshold in his sexual development.  A small crooked smile escaped his lips.  They knew that before the evening was over, it would become a sadistic grin.  Now that he had tasted and given himself over to the abuse, they knew that his anger would also help him to give it.

Once again, this Christmas celebration was proving to be a success.  They gave birth to another child sadomasochist.  He, in turn, would help bring the same joy to the girls.

Mary’s mother, Alice, went up to her father, Minister Jones, and hugged him.  He loved the feel of her lovely breasts pressing against his chest.  He took the opportunity to pinch and painfully twist her stiff nipples, something he had trained her to accept from early childhood.  Alice said, “I can hardly wait till Eddie helps you to abuse Mary.”  Her father looked at her with evil pride, and then he reached down and roughly stuffed a couple of fingers up her hot snatch.  Her juice was literally flowing.  When he withdrew his fingers from her dripping twat, he licked them off.

He smirked at her and said, “I couldn’t tell.”

The girls were not forgotten.  Throughout the evening the minister and the elders had been watching them to judge their reaction to the abuse that Eddie received.  They doubted that thirteen-year-old Anna could ever be trained to be a sadomasochist.  She was far too resistant.  However, that was not a problem.  Some of the boys and girls were simply meant to be fuck toys, nothing more or nothing less.  Their continual opposition only added to the pleasure of those who abused them.

On the other hand, they all believed that eight-year-old Mary could be trained to take and to give pain.  Anyone that could think of fucking a three-month old baby boy without regard for the pain it caused him had already demonstrated her love of deviant sex.  They noticed that she would wince when Eddie was being punished, but they also saw her hips writhe.  Her pussy juice continued to leak down the crack of her ass while she watched him being physically abused.  Though she was clearly frightened by what was happening to Eddie, it was also obvious that it turned the eight-year-old girl on.  Minister Jones was proud that his granddaughter seemed to inherit his family and his church’s love of sadistic pleasure.


The members of the community took a few moments to relax before they proceeded with their Christmas party.  Those who felt a need to relieve their bladders were invited to piss on the girls while they lay helplessly bound to their beds.  Everyone was happy to see that Eddie led the way.  Since he could not decide which one of the girls to baptize first, he stood between their beds and with his hips thrust forward, he held his flaccid cock and showered them both.  Mary, however, seemed to enjoy it, so he ended up pissing most of his urine in  Anna’s face while she frantically tried to turn her head away from it.  The baby boy beside her also received a good washing.  Almost half of the congregation, women and men alike, ended up using the girls as their urinals during this intermission.  Their beds were soon soaked with the adults’ piss.  The baby was almost swimming it.

While the congregation replenished their drinks and the tapes in the video machines were changed, Minister Jones and the lead elders discussed which child they would victimize next.  It was actually a very simple decision.  Mary would have the honor, not that the men’s cocks did not harden when they thought of fucking someone as resistant as Anna.  On the contrary, it would be their greatest pleasure, or as Elder Mark joked, “Their climax.”  However, they decided that if everything turned out as expected, they would get to see both Mary and Eddie abuse Anna.  They all loved watching child-on-child sadism.  Kids could be so creative.

The elders had spent the previous week trying to think of some games to play with Mary.  The child was so sexually precocious that it was hard to figure out a way to humiliate and train her.  After sorting through a list of alternatives, they finally decided on a few that they thought would turn the agreeable sex toy into a full-fledged sadistic child bitch.  Though they would participate in abusing their granddaughter and daughter, Minister Jones and Elder Barry refrained from making suggestions.  Though they loved the sadistic practices of the church, they were afraid that their compassion may rear its ugly head and they would end up being too soft on Mary.

After the break, Mary’s father approached her.  Sitting on the edge of the piss-sodden bed, he removed the gag from her mouth and gently caressed her soft chest and stomach and ran his hand over her moist pussy mound.  While he looked down at her he smiled.  It was a smile she had never seen before, reflecting a cruel joy.  Barry’s cock was dripping pre-cum in anticipation, and it took all his energy not to fuck the bound child at that very moment.

Mary looked up at him with trusting eyes.  As he removed the straps from her legs and her hands, she asked him, “You’re not going to hurt me, daddy.  Are you?”

The evil smile returned to his face and he answered her, “Yes, honey, we are.”

When Mary’s eyes filled with tears, Barry felt his balls churn.  His hands were shaking, not from fear, but from anticipation.  He never realized how psychologically satisfying it could be to destroy his own child’s trust and to see it literally leave her small body.  Mary thought she would die.  Her own father was betraying her, not for thirty pieces of silver, but solely for the pleasure within his loins.

After her father removed the last bond, he lifted her from her bed.  Normally, Mary would have her arms wrapped around his neck, but now she was as limp as a rag doll as if all her affection had left her body.  Barry carried her to an examination table which was slightly wider than one found in a doctor’s office.  He laid the girl down on her back.  He placed her small feet in a set of stirrups and tied them there with leather straps.  Then he pulled her small round butt up to the very edge of the table.  He strapped her hips to the table just above her delectable puffy pussy mound and with two straps through her legs.  She could not move her hips no matter how hard she tried.  Then he bound her hands above her head.

Mary thought that with the exception of the straps, it probably would not be any worse than going to the church’s child gynecologist.  They were probably going to fuck her silly and that would be the end of it.  That she could tolerate.  She almost sighed with relief when her father approached her between her legs, his big cock slapping against his stomach.  She imagined he would be the first to fuck her pussy or even her ass.  However, that is not what happened.

While he smiled at her, Barry started adjusting the stirrups.  Unlike the ones at the gynecologist’s office, these ones extended up and out.  Her father pulled the stirrups out until her legs were straight, like an upside-down letter “Y.”  Then he pushed the stirrups up until her feet and legs were almost above the rest of her body.  Her pussy and ass were prominently displayed at the very edge of the table.  Even this she could tolerate.  What she did not expect, though, was her father pulling her legs farther and farther apart.  He would momentarily stop to let the inner muscles of her thighs stretch, but then he would stretch her legs apart even wider.

Tears were flowing from Mary’s eyes and she bit her lower lip trying to control the pain.  It felt like her legs were being ripped from her hip sockets.  The muscles of her inner thighs were burning from the pain of being stretched to their limits.  Barry did take a moment to rub the tip of his cock against the gaping mouth of her cunt and again Mary was almost relieved, but then he pulled it away.

At that point her grandfather, Minister Jones, stood above her and looked her in the eyes.  He said, “I couldn’t help but notice that your little twat was drooling while I spanked Eddie.  To be honest, I think it kind of pissed him off when I told him about it; you were getting off on his pain.  So he wanted a little payback and we thought it was only fair.  Eddie gets to hit you anywhere below your waist that he wants to – eight times, one time for each of your birthdays.  However, we told him that if you begged him to stop, he must, but you will have to beg him.  Understand?”

Mary gave him an angry look.

The minister knew that the girl would remain defiant to the end.  He was depending on it to develop her anger.  He added, “Let’s see if Eddie’s cock drools when you’re being punished.  I can tell you my piss-hole is already dripping just thinking about him hitting  your fuckable little ass with the riding crop.”  He slapped the whip against his hand; it made a cracking sound.  He was delighted to see her eyes get bigger, but she kept her mouth shut.

The minister handed Eddie the whip.  Eddie approached Mary and stood at the end of the examination table.  He raised the crop and swung.  It cracked against her ass.  He was surprised when congregation shouted, “One.”

He stroked his lengthening cock and looked at Mary grinning.  The minister was happy to see that the boy was already getting turned on while he abused his granddaughter.  The eleven-year-old swung the crop again.  Crack!  “Two!” Crack!  “Three!” Crack!  “Four!” Eddie was having fun.  He saw the tears in Mary’s eyes, but the obstinate little girl did not utter a word.

So Eddie smiled at her again.  She gave him a look of hate for his betrayal.  He made it a point to let her see him stroking now stiff cock.  When her eyes were on his prick, he raised the crop above his head and, brought it down directly on top of the little girl’s gaping cunt and clit.  Crack!  Mary’s scream almost drowned out the congregation’s chorus.  “Five.”

Mary never imagined that her swollen clit could hurt so bad.  She was feeling dizzy and seeing stars.  She wanted to reach down to protect her genitals, but her hands were bound above her head.  She could not even move her hips.  All she felt was pain.  Eddie enjoyed Mary’s reaction, so raised the crop again.  While he looked her in her eyes, he brought it down on the inside of her right thigh.  Crack!  Her muscles in that leg contracted even more, causing her excruciating pain.  Mary’s screamed.  “Six!” And Eddie’s cock was dripping.

While he looked at her again, he brought the whip down on her left thigh.  Crack!  “Seven!” Mary was beyond dizzy.  She was sure she was going to faint.

Eddie raised the crop one last time.  Mary whispered to herself, “Please, not on my cunt.”  She was almost relieved when the next angry stinging swat came across both of her butt cheeks.  Crack!  “Eight!” Mary closed her eyes.  She could not stop crying.  All she could think was it’s over, it’s finally over.  And then she heard the crack even before she felt the excruciating pain.  The ninth blow was directly on her pussy, shocking and smashing her clit.  She screamed louder than she ever screamed before.  Just as her mind registered that her grandfather had lied to her and betrayed her, she fainted.

Most people apply cold compresses to a person who has fainted, but this community handled things a little differently.  Mary woke up coughing.  Her father and grandfather were pissing in her face, and some of it had run down her nose.  Eddie was between her legs fucking her pussy with his cock, while he shoved a thick vibrating dildo up her ass.  The girl hurt, and yet she could not deny that her groin was also full of pleasure.

Just when she was gaining sexual pleasure from her pain-filled crotch, Eddie applied an alligator clip to her swollen elongated clit.  It bit at her tender flesh.  She was not sure whether she wanted him to remove it, or to close it tighter on her sex.  Eddie showed her a simple hand held push button switch in his hand; she followed the black wire and noticed it ended at the clip.  Just when she knew what was going to happen, Eddie pushed the button, sending the electrical shock to her clit.

Mary screamed and almost fainted again.  The minister whispered to her as he did to Eddie, “Feel it, Mary.  Feel that lovely pain.  Feel how alive your sex is as Eddie fucks you and hurts you and turns you on.”  Eddie roughly thrust his cock into the immobile girl’s cunt again and then pressed the button.  She jumped, but this time she only moaned.  There was no scream.

Her father, Barry, could not take it anymore.  Punishing the little slut was making his balls ache.  He climbed up on the table and straddled her chest.  He placed both of his hands under her head and raised it off the table.  Then he pushed his cock into her mouth.  Mary choked on it, so he yelled at her, “Eat it, you little bitch.”  Mary tried, but the angle of her neck was making it difficult.  When she almost had his cock at the entrance of her throat, her body convulsed.  Barry chuckled, “You got a little shock there, huh, honey?  You like having your cunt and your clit and your ass and your mouth punished; don’t you, my little fuck toy?”

Mary did not know what she was feeling anymore.  It was all confused.  All she knew was that it was deep and penetrating and like nothing she felt before.  And then she felt Eddie’s jism spurting up her tight twat, and the pleasurable sensation of the vibrator up her ass, and the biting feel of the metal clip on her clit, and the sudden electrical shock, and her body convulsed again.  However, this time it was the explosion of an orgasm radiating from her ass and her crotch throughout her entire body.  Her thigh and leg muscles stretched to the point of pain.  Her stomach and ass contracted.  Her shoulders tightened.  She clenched her fists and when she began to roll her head back and forth uncontrollably, her father removed his cock.  He leaned down to kiss her and explore her small mouth with his hard tongue.

Eddie continue to shock the little girl’s clit and, again, she came, one surge after another.  The minister said, “Feel how good that is, honey.  Just imagine coming like this all the time, all those wonderful feelings in that sweet ass and cunt of yours.  They can be yours.  Just ask Eddie to hurt you some more.  Just say please or hurt me.”

Eddie withdrew his leaking prick from the girl’s pussy and awaited the command.

“Say it before its too late!” her grandfather commanded.

Mary muttered it, “Please.”  The moment she did, Eddie shocked her clit and then he shoved a second huge dildo up her cunt and turned on a spray.  Water pulsed through the tip of the thick cunt dildo.  It was almost painful when it struck the tight inside walls of the girl’s vagina and her womb.  It was filling her snatch up achingly fast.  She started moaning and saying, “Oh, fuck.  Oh, fuck.  It hurts.  Aches.  Fuck!” Suddenly she came, and when she came, this time she could not get her breath and she fainted again.

When Mary woke up, she was still on the examination table, but her mother was sitting on it cradling the little girl in her lap.  The ties had all been removed and Mary’s body and her stretched muscles ached.  Her cunt and ass were sore.  And still she could not forget the most extraordinary orgasm she ever could have imagined.  Even the thought of it made her tender clit tingle and her pussy drip.

Mary’s mother, Alice, looked down at her and smiled.  She said, “I remember the first time daddy abused me like this.  I did not know whether to thank him for the pain or to be pissed.  In the end, I found out I could have both.  Your education is not complete.  You have one more task.  Feel how good the pain AND the anger are.  They can do wonderful things to your cunt.  And if you are a really good girl, you will get to help punish naughty Anna and no one really cares if the stupid bitch cums when you do it.  Just thinking about watching you and Eddie abuse her is making my pussy wet.  Trust me.  It will make you cum like Eddie did when he fucked you now.”

Mary did not know whether to trust her own mother, but when Alice told her to spread her legs, she did.  Alice caressed the red abused lips of her swollen cunt and then forcefully stuffed two fingers up her snatch and aggressively fucked her with them.  Mary felt the soreness of her vagina, almost as if it had been bruised.  Her mother’s fingers only made it sorer.  Then Alice took Mary’s clit between her forefinger and her thumb and stretched it painfully from the little girl’s snatch while she pinched it.  Mary buried her face in her mother’s breasts and gasped, but she did not resist the pain her mother was giving her.  Alice looked up at her father and nodded her head.  The little girl was ready for her next lesson.


Alice removed her hand from her daughter’s tender cunt.  Mary sighed audibly.  She pulled her daughter’s face from her breasts and looked at her.  She said, “It’s time, Mary.”

Tears formed in the eight-year-old’s eyes.  She was dazed, caught in that world between pleasure and pain.  She did not want to hurt, but she also knew its sexual excitement.

Alice said, “Daddy wants you to help him fuck the donkey.  Do you want to do that for him?”

What was Mary going to say?  No?  Instead she looked at her father, Barry, who gave her, at best, a lascivious grin.  Mary’s mother carried her over to Barry.  They were sure that the little girl probably could not walk without support as her legs were still trembling, but they guessed that she could still stand if she held onto something.

Barry took Mary in his arms and said to her, “Daddy wants to stick his big cock up that donkey’s butt and cum in its tight ass, but it’s too dirty.  Daddy doesn’t want to get all that nasty donkey stuff on his prick.  So honey, you need to clean that donkey’s ass for me, just like Eddie sucked the ram’s asshole.  You remember that, don’t you honey?  I could see your little pussy was getting hot when you watched him do it.  So you can make Eddie and Anna and everyone else’s sex hot while we watch you.  Okay?”

Mary did not expect the same humiliation that Eddie received.  She said nothing.

Barry reached over to a table and picked up a small cylindrical vibrator, less than two inches long.  He held it up for Mary to see, and then without preparation, he stuffed it up her cunt.  A small wire was attached to it, like a string on a tampon.  Mary’s father said, “Grandpa has a neat little radio control in his hand, honey.  If you do as daddy says, you will not be punished.  However, if you disobey me, something nasty is going to happen to your pussy, namely, this…”

At that moment, Minister Jones, pressed the button on the control.  Mary jumped.  The shock made her vagina feel like it was on fire, and even after it quit, her vagina muscles continued to have spasms.

Barry enjoyed his daughter’s reaction.  If only they could put them up some of the boy’s asses or girl’s cunts at the grade school.  It would be fun watching them hop around like Mary did all day.  Barry asked Mary, “So, honey, are you ready to clean up that donkey’s butt for daddy?”

This time the girl shook her head yes.

Elder John bred miniature donkeys and trained them.  Most of them ended up in children’s zoos, but some were trained for more esoteric uses by a select clientele.  This donkey, which he called “Unnamed,” belonged in that latter category.  A man could stand on the ground behind it and fuck it and a little girl’s face was at the ass’s ass level.

Barry helped Mary stand behind the animal.  Since her legs were still weak, she held onto the donkey for support.  Then Barry pushed the donkey’s tail to the side and said, “Eat it, Mary.  Clean it up for daddy.”

The little girl’s nose turned up in distaste.  When she hesitated, Barry pushed Mary’s face up against the animal’s puckered asshole and rubbed her nose in it.  ‘There now, you little bitch, you don’t have to guess what it smells like anymore.  Get your tongue in there now, or else grandpa is going to flick the switch.”

Mary stuck her tongue out and daintily licked the reddish brown hole.  With a nod of his head, he signaled the minister.  Mary’s grandfather pressed the button, and Mary almost fell when she jumped.  Barry said, “That’s just another warning, Mary.  Next time he’s going to do it two times in a row.  Now you know the drill.  Get your fingers up there and stick them up his butt just like Eddie did his ram and lick it clean.”

Mary almost lost her balance when she let go of the animal’s sides.  So Barry held her beneath her arms.  The eight-year-old stuck her small index fingers into the donkey’s ass.  He snorted and clopped one hoof, but otherwise he remained still.  Mary felt her stomach churn as she stuck her tongue in the animal’s ass as far as she could.  She licked it with all of her might.  Her father encouraged her, “That’s it, you little cunt, get it shiny clean for daddy.”

The frightened girl licked away trying to complete the nauseating task as quickly as possible.  The entire congregation was surprised how willing she was to please her father.  Occasionally she would glance at him and he would shake his head no.  So she would bury her tongue up the animal’s butt again.  After the fifth try, he finally said yes.  The girl almost fell to the ground in relief.  She sat on the ground.

Barry lined up his cock with the donkey’s ass, and shoved it up the tight slick tunnel.  He smiled at his daughter as he rutted the donkey’s ass.  “Damn, guys, this is better than the sheep, though I could do without the damn tail.”  Everyone laughed at the double entendre.  Nonetheless, Barry happily rutted the animal’s ass for a few minutes more.  Mary could tell when her father was about ready to cum, having seen and experienced it for many years.  He glanced at her with a look, more of a command.  She knew it was time to take her dad’s cum in her face.

Barry spurted up the animal’s ass before he had a chance to withdraw.  When he got his cock out of the donkey’s ass, he left another load over its butt hole.  He turned to his daughter, and obediently she took it first in her mouth and then over her face.  Her father said, “Finish it.”

The last thing that Mary wanted to do was taste that donkey ass again, but she knew that the vibrator was still up her tight cunt.  She she grabbed her father’s prick and began to lick it and clean it off.  He loved the sight of his little girl doing him so much, he held her head and stuck his entire cock in her mouth until she could swish it clean with her tongue.

The adults came up and praised Mary and she thought her initiation was over.  The minister held the girl in his arms and squeezed her.  He proudly said, “You’ve been such a good girl, you deserve a reward.  Before we let you hurt Anna,” – Mary looked over at Anna and the girl gave her such an angry look that it made Mary’s little pussy water – “how would you like to play with the donkey’s big dong.  I know how much you like dog cum and I thought maybe you’d like to try donkey spunk.”

Mary shook her head enthusiastically.  She liked cock in all of its shapes and sizes and types.  And, to be honest, she was hoping to see how big the donkey’s prick was all along.  She also had a well developed taste for cum, male and female alike.  (That’s how she could tell which secretary her daddy fucked at work.) Playing with donkey dong was indeed a reward, the best Christmas present ever.

Alice brought a small table over so Mary could lie on her back underneath the donkey.  When she lay down, she was relieved when her mother pulled the small vibrator out of her pussy using the transmitter wire.  The girl knew she was now safe.  She would only have lots and lots of pleasure.

Mary had to lift her head to reach his balls and sheath of its cock.  She licked its leathery black ball sac, and felt its lemon size testicles in her hands.  She never knew that they grew this big, and she thought that she could probably take a bath in all of the cum they made.

Mary’s mom gave her some lubricant and instructed her to stick it up the donkey’s sheath with her hand and rub it over the hidden head of it’s prick.  After a few moments it would descend and then she could use her tongue and the lubricant together.  Mary took a glob of the lubricant in her small hand and stuffed it up inside the donkey’s sheath.  It felt warm, almost hot.  She loved the slick feel of it’s head and ran a finger over it’s large piss hole.  The donkey brayed.

Slowly its cock descended, inch by inch.  Mary greedily lapped at its reddish tip, and up its length.  Inch by inch it grew, until it was a foot long, and then a foot and a half and finally over twenty inches long.  It was so thick and round that Mary could not even fit her hands around it.  Stroking it in her fists took a lot of energy, but after a few minutes she was rewarded.  The donkey’s cock began to drip its precum.

Mary love licking it from his pisshole.  In fact, it was large enough that she could get her tongue in it.  The moment it would fill with its salty surprise, she would lick her tongue through it, just like her daddy licked his tongue through the crevice of her pussy to lap up her little girl juices.  Because it was so big, she let Eddie sit beside her and stroke it with her.  Occasionally, he would stick his head up under the donkey to lick the ass’s big ball sac or he would simply fondle its testicles in his hands.  The adults smiled at them condescendingly, watching the kids play with Unnamed’s genitals, until Elder John gave the signal.  It was time.

While Mary continued to fondle the donkey cock, the minister approached her.  She was so preoccupied she did not notice him slipping the strap under the table.  Only when he tied it over her, did she suddenly stop to look at him.  “Sorry, honey,” he said.  “It’s time to play one more game.”

She looked at him with frantic fear, unsure what was happening.  The minister and her father pulled the table out from beneath the donkey and turned it 180 degrees so that Mary’s head was now in the same direction as the donkeys.  The minister reached beneath the table and unhooked a couple of latches.  The top of the table tilted.  Mary’s head was now lower than her legs.  He lifted her feet to the table’s surface and then pressed her knees outward.  He tied them down.  The little girl’s cunt and asshole were exposed at the edge of the table and the blood was flowing to her head.

Mary looked pleadingly at her father.  “You’re not going to let him fuck me, are you?  He’s too big.”

He father grinned at her.  She now knew his sadistic smile and she groaned.  “Yes, Mary.  It’ll probably hurt like hell, but we’ll enjoy it.”  They shoved the girl back under the donkey and then set up three video cameras for close ups.  Mary was going to make history in the church, and they wanted to record it special for posterity (and their customers.  Mary would be the first preteen to be fucked by a donkey.

Eddie was going to get the pleasure of helping the donkey rape her.  Mary’s father and grandfather would be by him in case he needed help.  Eddie grasped the donkey’s cock in his hands and aligned it with the eight-year-old’s small slit.  Eddie didn’t help Mary out any when he said, “Fuck, how am I supposed to get this in her?”  All of the adults laughed.

The minister assured Eddie that the donkey would do most of the work.  He just had to help it keep it aligned.  The minister nodded to Elder John.  Elder John approached the donkey, opened a vial, and waved it in front of the donkey’s nose.  Unnamed brayed.  He knew the odor of a female’s estrus.  He immediately lowered his hind quarters and began to thrust his huge cock forward.  Eddie lost hold of it, but quickly got it back in hand and at the entrance of Mary’s pussy.

Mary looked pleadingly at her father.  The biggest cock she ever had in her cunt was Elder George’s and she only managed to get two-thirds or eight inches of his prick in her.  Her father didn’t even notice her plea.  He was too busy stroking his own hard prick and watching the red head of the donkey’s dong strike at his daughter’s pussy slit trying to gain entrance.

Mary screamed a second later.  The donkey had done it.  His cock was embedded in the little girl.  Even her father and grandfather could not believe how wonderfully wide it stretched the little girl’s snatch.  While Mary cried out, “It hurts.  It hurts,” her father and grandfather’s cocks were becoming slick with their own pre-cum.  Neither one of them had seen anything so obscenely wonderful.

The congregation started rooting the donkey on.  Each time his hips would thrust, they would shout, “Fuck her.  Fuck the little slut.”  On top of feeling like she was going to be split open, Mary was humiliated.  All she felt was the hurt.  The donkey had managed to bury eight inches of his engorged prick into the little girl and it continued to hump her, wanting to get more of it into the girl’s tight snatch.  It was then that the minister reached over and started to diddle the little girl’s clit, massaging it and twisting it between his fingers.

Mary gasped.  Up to this point she was hugging herself with her arms.  Suddenly they flew open and she reached for her pussy.  Her snatch was in that delicate balance between pleasure and pain, and all she wanted to do was feel it all.  She literally shoved Eddie’s hands out of the way and grabbed the donkey’s huge dick in her hands and tried to help it shove it in her tight little canal.  She moaned as the donkey painfully rutted her and still she wanted more.

Her father shifted his slick cock to his left hand so that he could rub his daughter’s forehead with his right.  He quietly said, “Go with it, honey.  Go with the pain.”

The minister chuckled and said, “Perhaps he should be saying, ‘Cum with it, honey.  Cum with the pain.'” The father smiled at the minister.

Nonetheless, Mary did not need any instructions.  She bucked her hips up towards the donkey, burying another and then another and another inch of the thick cock in his sore pussy.  It was like she could not get enough of it, even though she felt like she was about ready to faint again as the donkey’s dong fucked her deeper than she had ever been screwed before.

The donkey brayed and the little girl felt it’s cock pulse violently.  She felt its hot cum boil out of its piss hole and fill her.  She felt an aching fullness she never experienced before and at that moment, she herself started to cum.  As she orgasmed, she pulled the pulsing cock from her cunt and sprayed herself with one spurt of donkey cum after another.  Eddie replaced the dong with four of his fingers and continued to frig the girl.

She continued to masturbate the donkey’s large thick red prick, slick with its own cum and her own juices, pointing it towards her face and her open mouth.  Even though her loins ached painfully – and Eddie repeatedly brutalized her cunt – she started laughing.  The white cream splattered over her face in globs and she stuck her tongue out to capture her salty pungent reward.  She felt like the little dressed in white at the grade school’s winter play: not the snow queen, but the cum queen.

When the donkey had spewed it’s last shot of cum, Mary finally let go of it’s dick.  She reached down and pinched her own clit till it hurt like her cunt, while Eddie was still masturbating for her.  She came again, and when she did, her juice flowed, thick with the donkey’s cum.  Eddie could not resist.  He buried his head between Mary’s legs and sucked the flowing juices from her snatch.  As he did so, his own balls seem to explode, and without touching his cock, he spewed his own thick cream over the floor.

Mary wiped the cum around her face with her long golden hair not to clean it from her face, but to coat it.  She loved the sticky feel and was convinced that the glistening spunk was the best face cream that was ever made.  Her mother, father and grandfather smiles were full of pride.  They looked forward to spending the rest of the night with her engaging her in some more hard sex.

Only a few members of the congregation clapped to show Mary their approval.  However, the rest could not be blamed because most of their hands were busy, masturbating themselves or a fucking a partner.  The atmosphere was that of an orgy, and no one was concerned with whom they were doing, men with women, men with men, or women with women.  It did not matter as long as their genitals and their naked bodies were satisfied.

In all of the previous years, the party ended here.  The children had put on their play and then the community would train them to fulfill their masochistic desires.  This year was different, though.  Rather than just three children, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, they had a fourth, Anna, the thirteen-year-old mother of the baby who played the infant in the manger.  Unlike Mary and Joseph (Eddie), they knew this child would be more difficult to train.  As the girl lay bound in the piss-soaked bed, she remained defiant but helpless.  Some of the congregation took pity on her.  They were sure that the urine was probably cold, so they gave her another shower of warm piss to keep her comfortable.

The drug that the kids had been given was wearing off, however the elders decided not to administer an additional dose to them.  Mary and Eddie were sufficiently trained that they would do anything the adults commanded them now that they discovered their own masochistic desires.  Anna, though, was surprisingly rebellious, even when drugged, but it was decided it would be more fun to play with her while she was fully aware.  They could just imagine that sweet little body of hers squirming defiantly as she was mistreated.  She was such a sexy little nymph, and was even sexier when her long brown hair fell about the small firm globes of her breasts, lending her an aura of innocence.

After the orgy, the elders and their wives took a short break for refreshments.  The elders also met with Mary and Eddie and told them they could abuse Anna any way they wanted.  They listed some things that were available, but the kids came up with their own ideas.  When Mary told them what she wanted to do last, the minister looked at her in shock.  This little girl would end up following in his footsteps and leading the church after all when she grew up, as perverted as she was.

When everyone gathered again, Mary picked Jesus up off Anna’s bed and placed him on her own.  The three month old baby actually remained asleep.

The two kids untied Anna from the bed.  Anna wanted to run, but a couple of the elders all but carried her to the center of the barn and told her to lie down on her back.  She refused, so the same elders literally wrestled the thirteen-year-old to the ground and pinned her down with their own bodies.  The two kids attached cuffs to her hands and ankles and then tied the cuffs to four posts.  Her legs and arms were stretched further apart than when she was on the bed.  Eddie got between Anna’s legs and gave her gaping slit a couple of licks.  He chuckled when Anna’s butt jumped off the floor.

Mary put her hands on her hips (like the eight-year-old she was) and said to Eddie, “You have to wait.”

Eddie smirked at her and said, “I was just trying to see how close she was to cumming.”

Mary asked one of the elders to help her carry some straw over to Anna.  She stuffed it under the girl’s butt so that her pussy was higher than the rest of her body.  Anna’s body was uncomfortably stretched.  Though she knew everyone here had seen her nude (and some of them had actually fucked her at the monthly church services), her helplessness made her feel humiliated and more naked and exposed than ever.  She felt dirty.  Mary saw and recognized that look in her eyes, and it made her little pussy drool.  She knew then that she would always love doing nasty things to other kids.

Elder John assured the kids that his two German shepherd dogs, which he called Spot One and Spot Two, were well trained to perform on command.  Mary went over and unleashed them.  Both dogs jumped happily and tried to lick her pussy, but she pointed at the outstretched girl and ordered, “Lick!” Both dogs ran over to Anna and began to sniff and lick her all over.  Spot One had an affection for the girl’s breasts and lapped them hungrily.  Eddie was a little jealous that a dog got to do her nipples before he did, but he was at least glad that he got to taste Anna’s cunt before Spot Two.

Anna was struggling against her cuffs.  The dogs were turning her on, and the last thing she wanted to do was to let anyone know how close she was to orgasm.  Truth be told, if her hands were free, she would have wanted to hold Spot Two’s slobbering snout against her aching cunt.

Mary and Eddie smiled at one another because they knew that the dogs were having their desired effect.  Both of the kids went up to the German shepherds and stroked their heads, liking the feel of their fur.  Before long, their hands had found the dogs’ deep red cocks which had begun to escape their bodies.  They each began to stroke their slick pricks, and they watched as they lengthened.  When the excited dogs began to hump the kids’ hands with their aroused dicks, they knew they were ready.

Eddie led Spot One away from Anna for a moment.  Mary took Spot Two by it’s collar, and helped him lie across the bound girl in a missionary position.  Its furry belly was tickling Anna’s taunt stomach.  While Spot Two happily licked at Anna’s stiff nipples, Mary fed its engorged thirteen-inch prick into the girl’s pussy.  It took a moment for Mary to get the thick bulbous head of the dripping dog cock into Anna’s snatch, but once it was in, Spot Two took over.  It didn’t matter to Spot Two that Anna was screaming no.  He was just happy to fuck a tight pussy as hard and aggressively as he could.

Once Mary was sure Spot Two would not escape the confines of Anna’s cunt, she reached for Spot One’s collar.  Eddie let go of the dog’s angry red dick, and gave Mary the dog.  Mary led Spot One over to Anna’s head.  She sarcastically said, “Anna, Spot One is jealous because Spot Two gets to fuck you.  Would you mind giving him a blow job?”

Anna was shaking her head side to side and saying no, so Mary signaled one of the Elders.  He came over to Anna, and held her head still with two hands.  He held Anna’s nose closed so that she would have to breathe through her mouth, ensuring that Mary could get Spot One’s cock into her mouth.  Mary easily directed the dog to straddle the girl’s face.  While she was getting him situated, its wet cock was slapping the girl in her face, streaking it with its precum.  Once the dog’s cock felt the confines of Anna’s mouth, he knew what to do.  He started humping her mouth.

Anna was choking and Mary occasionally would pull the red cock out of the thirteen-year-olds mouth a short way to give her a chance to breathe.  She didn’t want to kill her, just abuse her.  The moment Anna caught her breath, Mary would let the dog do its thing again with abandon.  Mary’s pussy was watering because she loved dog cock, and contrary to what Anna originally said, she could see that the girl also loved it.  At least it was clear that Anna was willing to deep throat Spot One’s prick since over seven inches of it were in her mouth.

When both of the dogs were humping the sexy little girl, Eddie straddled Anna above her breasts and got behind Spot One’s ass.  Spot Two’s head was tickling his inner thighs which was nice.  Eddie lined up his five inch prick with Spot One’s ass hole, and while the dog rutted Anna’s mouth, he began to rut the dog’s ass.  It was something he always wanted to do, fuck a dog while it fucked a girl.  Mary smiled at him and reaching to rub his balls she asked, “How do you like it?”

Eddie smiled, “It’s almost better than a girl or boy ass cunt.  Slick as ever.  And really nasty.”  Eddie liked nasty.

When it was looked like the dogs were about ready to empty their spunk into Anna, Mary reached down between the furry belly of Spot Two and the bound girl’s stomach and located her clit.  As others had done to her, she began to abuse it by pinching and twisting it between her fingers.  Occasionally, she would locate a small hair on Anna’s nearly bald pussy and quickly pull it out.  Tears streamed from Anna’s eyes and her cries were merely gurgles since her mouth was full of dog cock.  Anna tried to pretend that she could not feel anything, but now her body sent the overwhelming and confused masochistic signals of pain and pleasure.  Her cunt was throbbing and felt like it was on fire.  At that moment, she herself began to hump her hips towards the dog’s cock looking for release.

Mary felt the first shot of Spot One’s cum pulsing through its big cock and pulled it from Anna’s mouth.  It was not because Anna started choking on the salty cum, but because Mary wanted to coat her face in it.  She dragged the tip of the red appendage over Anna’s face while she continued to masturbate it.  Anna coughed and tried to turn her head away, but the elder still held it firmly.

Both Eddie and Spot Two came at the same time.  Eddie loved the feel of the dog’s slick rectum, and forced his cock into it as hard as possible when he emptied his balls up the dog’s ass.  Mary knew Spot Two had started to cum when it paused momentarily and then she felt his sticky cum leaking from Anna’s nearly hairless pussy.  However, Anna’s sexual needs were not fulfilled, and that is exactly where Mary wanted her to be.  Let her suffer.

When both dogs had completed their task, they stood wagging their tails.  Mary looked at both of them and said, “Just like a guy.  Proud because he can get his fucking balls off.”  The congregation laughed.

Spot Two was finished, so Elder John called him over to his side.  Spot One, though, had one more task.  Mary ordered the dog to sit.  The dog sat, his asshole right at Anna’s mouth, his balls and dripping cock in her face.  Mary ordered Anna, just like she was ordering a dog, “Suck.  Get all of Eddie’s cum from that nasty asshole.”

Anna tried to move her head again, but the elder kept it locked between his hands.  She tried to refuse the order.  What she could not see, however, because her face was obstructed by the dog, was Eddie.  Eddie stood over Anna, straddling her chest, facing her cunt.  Although he had a task to perform, he was somewhat preoccupied by Anna’s cute breasts beneath his legs which he desperately wanted to suck.  Mary told him to pay attention.

Eddie’s cum was leaking from the dogs ass onto her lips.  Again Mary ordered Anna to get her mouth up there and suck that puckered hole.  Anna refused.  So Mary said, “Now.”

Eddie raised the riding crop above his head and brought it foursquare down between the Anna’s legs.  Anna screamed.  It sent chills through everybody’s body and through their genitals.

Anna took only a tentative lick at the dog’s ass which did not satisfy Mary.  She ordered, “Again!”

Eddie struck her tender pussy again, this time assuring he hit her clit.  Mary screamed out again, but this time she lifted her head and place her mouth over the dogs ass and tongued it.  Mary studied what was happening, and then ordered Eddie to strike her again.  Eddie did.  Anna tried to say, though it was muffled, “I’m doing it.”

Mary said to her, “You’re licking, but you’re not sucking.  Suck.”

Everybody saw the little girls mouth pucker and her throat tighten as she attempted to suck all of Eddie’s cum from the dog’s ass.

It could be said that Mary had pity on Anna because once she was sure that the girl was following her instructions, she crawled between the abused girl’s legs and began to suck the dog cum from her abused pussy.  The fact was, though, that Mary savored the taste of its cream.  Anna started to hump Mary’s mouth while Mary licked her through her slit and sucked at her fuckhole just as Anna was sucking the dog’s asshole.

Eddie was happy because he could finally taste those delectable breasts.  He knelt by the girl and sucked first one and then the other nipple into his mouth.  Anna hated the nasty taste of the dog, but she could not deny that the two kids were turning her on.  She knew that at any second she would cum.  However, just as the first tremor started radiating from her cunt, Eddie and Mary gave Anna one last gift.  In the throes of her orgasm, Mary cruelly bit at her clit, while Eddie painfully bit at one of her nipples and squeezed and twisted the other between nails of his fingers.  Anna came violently, and though she would have denied it out of spite, she loved it.

After Anna came in Mary’s mouth, she said to the dog, “Stand.”  The dog raised his ass off of Anna’s face.  Anna wanted to rub her mouth to get the dog taste off her lips, and to also rub her sore pussy, but her hands remained bound.  The elder let go of the girl’s head and she rolled it from side-to-side as if she wanted to see if her stiff neck muscles still worked.

The minister came over to Anna and looked down at her while he stroked his cock.  He asked her, “Did you like that?”  Anna shook her head no, though everyone knew she was lying.

The minister knelt down and held up a length of cloth.  He said, “Too bad.  Maybe you’ll like this better.  Eddie actually thought this one up himself.  What would a Christmas be without a piñata?”

Anna’s eyes showed with fear.  She recalled the sting of the riding crop.  Were they going to beat her?

The minister said, “Don’t worry Anna.  I promise you we’ll all have fun.”

The girl said nothing, but her eyes were about ready to pop out of her head.  The minister tied the blindfold over her eyes and then adjusted it.  Anna felt two large hands handling her ankles, and the weight of a metal pole.  She realized they were tying it to her outstretched legs to keep them apart.  Her arms relaxed when she felt the ropes being removed from the poles to which they were tied.  However the leather cuffs were not removed from her wrists.

The minister brought Anna’s hands together and tied them.  He put a rope in Anna’s hand and told her she would be more comfortable if she held onto it.  And then she heard a metallic sound, like a wheel turning.

Anna’s felt her arms being lifted above her head by the rope and then it struck her.  The metallic sound was a pulley.  They were lifting her off the ground, hanging her from her wrists.  As they continued to raise her off the ground, she shouted, “You’re not!  You’re really not going to use me for a piñata, are you?”

The moment she said it, the crop cracked against her ass and it stung so deeply she felt like it was bleeding.  A voice she could not identify said, “Shut up, bitch.”  Another strike to her ass followed.  Anna bit her lip and cried.

Mary and Eddie thought Anna looked funny hanging there by her wrists with her legs stretched out like that.  They started swinging the thirteen year old like they were in a park.  Meanwhile, the ladies were being blindfolded and led to the living piñata.  Each in turn was handed the riding crop and given the opportunity to strike the swinging girl.  If they missed they were out of the game.  If they hit her, they would get to go to the end of the line and try again.  The last woman to succeed would get a prize.

One woman after another swung at the swinging girl.  Only four of them found paydirt, and managed to hit the little girl on the legs, thighs and butt.  Anna heard the crop whish through the air, and each time she braced herself for the sting.  It was almost a relief when a woman managed to hit her; the anxiety of the impending blow was greater than the actual blow itself.

Only two women managed to strike Anna the second time: on the ass and the abdomen.  Anna felt a sense of relief.  Only one more strike to go.  She could handle it.  Suddenly she heard the whoosh, and the welt on her inner thigh hurt painfully.  Then she heard another whoosh.  She was hoping against hope that the second woman would miss, but it was not to be.  If she could have bent over from the stinging blow to her cunt, she would have.  The ladies tried again.  This time they both missed.  Anna’s anxiety built.  Whoosh, another miss.  Whoosh, another miss.  Woosh, another miss.  And then another woosh, the sound of the whip cracking against her flesh, and the sudden pain across the back of her thighs.

Anna was almost relieved that they pain was over until she heard the woman laughing and screaming, “I won.  I won.”  One thing worse than physical pain was emotional pain.  Anna’s mother was celebrating because she had struck her daughter the most and won.  Anna felt betrayed and humiliated again.  Eddie proudly told Anna’s mother that she would get her prize later.  Deep down, he was actually happy that Anna’s final punishment would be a family affair.

Mary thought up the next little game.  Both she and Eddie were touching the red welts left by the crop on Anna’s body, and comparing them to the ones on their own butts and genitals.

Eddie ran a finger down the length of an angry red stripe and said, “I bet this one hurt the most.”

Mary pressed her finger against another one causing it to sting and said, “No, I bet this was the one.”

Both of the kids played this game a little longer feeling the abuse girl only where she was struck.  She told them to stop.  Mary said, “Why?  Do they burn?  I bet they do.”

Eddie spoke to Mary, “Do you suppose we should cool them off?”

Mary answered, “That sounds like a good idea.”

Anna heard Eddie running across the room and then a small rattle.  She heard him coming back.  Eddie asked, “Do you think this is enough?”

Mary said, “Um, hmm.”

Suddenly Anna felt the ice against her raw flesh.  She was so confused, it felt as if she was burning and she screamed.  Both of the kids laughed.  This was a fun game.  They began to touch her body with the ice, here and there, now and then.  She never knew when or where it would strike her.

Then they pulled out the feathers.  They would tickle her ass crack, and then suddenly apply the ice to her nipples; or they would tickle her inner thigh and apply the ice to the soles of her feet.  Anna reacted beautifully.  Of course, the kids would mix it up so that the mistreated girl would never know what would come next, the feather or the ice.

The two kids stopped and began a discussion as if Anna were not there.  Mary said, “But I really want to do it?”

Eddie finally said, “Okay, if I get to do the other thing.”

Mary stopped and considered, but she finally said.  “Okay, you can.  Besides you can reach higher.”

Without warning, suddenly Anna felt freezing ice against her clit and the entrance of her pussy.  She felt it being pressed into her cunt.  The sharp cube felt huge and her tight tunnel ached from the pain of the freezing object.  Anna wanted to push it out with her cunt muscles, but before she could, she felt another cube being unceremoniously shoved up her pussy by Mary’s small fingers.  Anna moaned.  It ached painfully.

Then Anna actually smelled it before she felt it.  Eddie had to reach to get it above her breasts, but it was long enough so that when dripped the hot wax from the candle on Anna’s breasts, it dripped beautifully from her erect nipples.  Anna screamed and Eddie and Mary giggled when they got that good of a reaction.  For the next five minutes they played the game with the ice, the feather and the dripping wax and the girl never knew where it was going to happen.

The climax of their fun came when Mary held the ice cube against Anna’s cute clit while Eddie teased her inner thighs with the feather.  Regardless if she wanted it, all that pain and teasing was turning her on.  She actually tried to swing her body against Mary’s hand as the sadistic eight-year-old pressed the ice up against Anna’s cunt.  While Eddie continued to tickle her, Mary took a second cube of ice in her other hand and began to rub it up and down the crack of the little girl’s ass.  Anna did not know whether to press her butt against it or pull it away.  Then she felt it at the entrance of her puckered asshole and her body shook with fear because she knew that Mary was going to stuff it up her butt.  Mary was giggling as she did it.  She never knew an eight-year-old could have this much nasty fun.

One cube was not enough.  Mary was going to give her an ice enema.  After the third cube, Anna’s entire loins ached.  She wanted to cum on Mary’s hand, and she wanted to expel the ice up her ass at the same time.  Her entire world was centered in her cunt and ass and clit, and as painful as it was, all she wanted to do was cum.

And cum she did.  She shook violently from her orgasm.  And while she was in the throes of her sexual release she received her greatest shock.  Mary had removed her hand from Anna’s clit, and the burning wax flowed down it and through the crevice of her cunt.  Anna fainted.


When Anna regained consciousness, she was lying on the floor.  All of her ties were removed and her mother was looking down at her and washing her forehead with a wet soft cloth.

Anna’s cunt was sore.  The wax was still caked in its crevice and it felt like it was still burning.  Her clit throbbed, but Anna was not sure whether it was a good throb or a bad one.  All she recalled was the orgasm which drove her over the edge, and it sent a sexual shiver through her entire body.  Her mother noticed it and smiled at her.  She said, “Nice, yes?”  Anna was stubborn, and did not want to admit it, but she knew her body craved the sexual feeling.  She barely nodded her head yes.

Anna’s mother, Judith, told her that there was only one more thing.  She thought the girl would like it.  Judith and her grandfather, Jeb, would be playing with her next.  Anna trusted that neither one of them could be as cruel as Eddie and Mary.  Although she loved the orgasm they gave her in the end, she still feared them.

Everyone took a break until Anna was able to get up.  When she could move, Judith led Anna back to the bed to which she was previously bound.  The congregation followed.  The bed was covered with a dry blanket, and Anna’s baby, three-month old Adam lay there sound asleep with its butt up in the air just like kids often sleep.  Adam’s great-grandfather, Jeb, was sitting on the edge of the bed rubbing the child’s back.  Anna could not help but notice Jeb’s big balls hanging between his legs and his rock hard thick nine inch cock and standing obscenely between his spread  legs as if they were on display.

Anna knelt down and caressed the baby’s butt, sad to see that his little puckered asshole looked sore from the butt fucking he had received from Eddie.  She actually knelt down and kissed it like a parent kisses a sore.  Judith gave the girl a tube of ointment and told her that Adam would probably feel better if she put some of it on his little hole.  Anna spread some of the ointment around the baby’s anus.  Judith instructed her to use more, as it was absorbed by the skin.  Anna had no reason to doubt her, so she did.  Judith then suggested that she apply a lot of it to her little finger and coat the first inch or two of Adam’s rectum.  It would get the soreness out.  Anna could not understand why her mother was being so kind to her, but she appreciated it.

Anna was so preoccupied with caring for her baby that she did not notice her mother was putting on a dildo strap.  When Anna turned back to her, she jumped.  Between her mother’s legs was a thick fourteen inch black dildo, thicker than the huge cock of the donkey.  Anna’s mother gave her a lascivious grin and said, “It’s time for the last little game, Anna.  Your grandfather and I are going to do a little butt fucking.  I won your ass, and he’s going to do Adam.”

When Anna heard the last phrase, she shouted, “No!  Not again.  Not Adam.”

Judith sadistically said, “Oh, but yes, Anna.  On top of that you’re going to help your grandfather do Adam, like I helped him do you.  You’re going to suck and get him real wet and then help him get at least three or four inches of his big prick up your son’s ass so he can hump him.  Everybody’s cocks and cunts have been dripping ever since Mary and Eddie came up with the idea.  No one here has ever had the opportunity to see a great-grandparent fuck his own great-grandson and son, and frankly we think it’s a great turn on.”

Anna gave Eddie and Mary an angry look and then said, “I’m not going to let you do it and I’m certainly not going to help you do it.”

“Oh, but Anna, you’re wrong.  You have already helped lube up his little asshole.”

The girl was shocked.  She said in a betrayed voice, “You tricked me!  But I’m still not going to do anything else.”

Judith smirked and said, “That’s what you think.”

Jeb grabbed the kneeling girl’s arms and dragged her between his legs.  He sexily said, “Come and get it.”  He pushed her head and mouth down on the head of his dick.

At the same time, Anna felt her mother lift her ass off the floor until she was kneeling and then shoved the huge black dildo against the little pink bud of her lily white ass.  Anna tried to say, “Don’t!” but her mouth was full of cock.  She feared the size of that dildo’s big head, and when her mother shoved it into her, she sobbed in pain.

“Now, Anna,” Judith said.  “All you have to do is participate if you don’t want this entire thing up your ass.  I’ll stop when you stop resisting us.  Do you understand?”

Anna just sobbed, so Judith shove the thick dildo up her ass another couple of inches and then began fucking her – in and out – with it.  Anna felt like someone had stuffed a baseball up her ass and was pulling it in and out.

Judith hissed, “Suck it!  Get it down your throat!  Cover it with a nice thick coat of your spit or else Adam is really going to suffer because of you.”

Anna cried.  She did as her mother told her.  She was still hoping that they were just joking, that they would not actually do it.  So she swallowed her grandfather’s cock and worked it with her tongue hoping to get him off before he even had a chance to fuck the baby.”

Jeb said, “Jesus, honey.  That’s great.  We should tell you I’m going to fuck baby Jesus here all the time.  It certainly does wonders for your blowjobs.”

Anna sucked frantically and played with his big balls, squeezing them just like he wanted, hard but not to hard.  She was thinking to herself, “Cum, you old bastard, cum.”

The blowjob continued for about five minutes and she tasted the flavor of her grandfather’s precum.  She was sure that she could save her baby from being abused again, when suddenly Jeb pulled her head away from his cock and shoved it back.  He said, “Cute, but your granddad is wise to what you’re trying to do.”

Anna looked up at him fearfully.  She quietly and mournfully said, “Please don’t.”

“Wrong answer, you little slut,” Judith said.  She shoved the huge dildo further up Anna’s ass and the thirteen-year-old screamed.  “Now help your grandfather get his cock up the baby boy’s ass cunt, and I want you to tell him you want him to fuck it.”

Jeb knelt on the floor next to his granddaughter.  He pulled Adam up to the edge of the bed and pulled the baby’s legs apart revealing his sore ass hole.  The boy woke and started to whimper.  Then he turned to Anna and said, “Grab my cock and help me stick it in our son’s ass.”

Anna was slow to respond, which meant that she got another inch of the thick dong up her ass.  It hurt so bad she wanted to scream, but instead she reached for Jeb’s engorged cock with shaking hand and aligned it with their son’s butt hole.

Jeb ordered, “Shove it in!”

Anna tried to push it in, but was frightened.  She just knew it was too big.

Judith fucked another inch of the dildo up Anna’s ass.  The girl almost doubled over in pain.  “You heard him, stick it in.”

Anna tried frantically to shove the thick prick in her son’s butt.  She pushed and pushed and pushed and suddenly an inch of it popped in and the baby screamed.

Anna was confused.  Her own ass hurt unmercifully, she felt for her child, and yet she could not deny the obscene beauty of seeing her grandfather’s cock in that tiny little asshole.

“More,” Jeb said.  Anna pushed and managed another inch while the baby let every one know that he hated this rectal invasion by his scream.

Just at the moment, Judith stuffed another inch of the dildo up her daughter’s ass and she screamed as loud as the baby.  Anna argued, “Mommy, I’m trying!”

Judith hissed, “Yes, but I want you to tell him to fuck that little fuck toy, too.”  And at that moment she shoved more of the dildo in, as if to make the point.

It took a second for Anna to get her breath back.  As soon as she speak, she whispered, “Fuck him.”

Judith pulled the dildo a couple of inches out of her daughter’s ass and then shoved it back again.  She yelled, “Louder.”

“Fuck him.”

Again the dildo ruptured her and her mom said, “Louder.”

“Fuck him,” Anna screamed.

And grandpa was fucking him.  He managed three inches up the baby’s butt and was slowly pulling it out and shoving it back in.

Anna’s mother was also fucking her more aggressively and while she did it, she reached down and rubbed her daughter’s cunt and clit, happy to see that it was responding.

Judith said, “Tell him you love watching him fuck your baby, Anna.  Tell him you like his big cock up your baby’s ass.  Tell him you love watching his big prick inside of your little fuck toys ass.”

Anna’s cunt was drooling, and her ass was sore, but in a fucking nice way.  On top of that she could not believe how much she was enjoying the way her grandfather’s cock was stretching that little hole.  It was so fucking obscene that she wanted to see how much he could get into Adam.  Soon she forgot her baby.  All she saw was sex, wonderful deviant nasty sex.  Who could imagine that raping a baby’s ass could be so much fun.  Anna tried to help her grandfather fuck more of his cock into the abused baby’s butt.  At the same time, she reached between her own legs and shoved her mother’s fingers into her cunt and helped her to frig her sore pussy.  She told her grandfather, “Shove it in there.  Make it stretch, grandpa.  All that cute little baby flesh around your big prick.  God, it’s so sexy.  I could just eat it.”

Judith was happy to see Anna’s transformation and continued to hump her daughter’s ass.  Anna started to push her ass back to meet her mother’s thrusts.  She didn’t care if it felt like a hardball up her ass.  She wished it was a softball.

Anna continued to encourage her grandfather to rape their little fuck toy.  “Stick it further in his boy cunt,” she begged.  Then she lowered her head to her son’s anus and licked it and her grandfather’s cock, loving the way her grandfather was stroking it in and out of the boy’s ass.  Her cunt was drooling.

She managed to run her tongue under the sensitive underside of Jeb’s cock and that was the end of it.  The second she saw his balls contract she reached down and squeezed them as if she were milking them.  His cum started squirting out of the baby’s ass and when it did, Anna came with the first taste of his salty spunk.  Judith held her around her waist and shoved the black prick up her daughter’s ass even further as the girl’s cum flowed over her hands.

The moment that Jeb pulled his cock from the little boy’s asshole, Anna started cleaning it off, sucking at his piss hole as if she could get more of his jism from it.  In the back of her mind, she heard her son crying, but it did not matter.  All that mattered to her now was that wonderfully painful dildo up her ass, her constantly convulsing cunt, the flesh of her grandfather’s cock in her mouth, and her finger which she now had planted up her son’s distended asshole saturated with her grandfather’s hot cum.

The moment Anna saw the first splatter of jism from one of the other men land on her baby’s butt, she lost all possessiveness.  Instead she turned her crying son over on his back and seeing all the cocks of the other elders over him, she said, “Cream his fucking prick and face.”

They accepted the challenge.


This Christmas crèche and party would be recorded as one of the most successful in the history of the church.  Everyone praised Mary and Eddie for their sexual deviance and ingenuity.  The tapes continue to be the most popular from all the years it was recorded.

Mary begged her mom and dad to celebrate Christmas with her grandfather and grandmother because she wanted both of her favorite men to fuck her up the ass and cunt at the same time “as hard as possible.”  No one argued with her.  Besides her dad had always had a hard-on for his mother-in-law and her mom never passed up a chance to be fuck her daddy.

Eddy accepted an invitation to an all men’s social at Elder George’s house later that week.  The elder had a thing for butt fucking little boys with his twelve inch prick and Eddie already imagined the wonderful pain it would cause.  The elder also promised him to show him all the neat toys he had that a guy could use up his ass or with his cock and balls that would make him ache and cum like never before.

And Anna?  Anna begged the minister to let her mom take the big black strap-on dildo home, “but just as incentive to help me stick grandpa’s big cock up baby Adam’s ass or down his throat this Christmas.”  The girl was following in her mother’s footsteps.


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  1. HELL YEA HAIL SATAN sweetie now this is so AWESOME SEXY sweetie wish it could have been my life growing up sweeties 💋

  2. Was gibt es da viel zu Sagen. Eine super tolle, super geile Geschichte. Spitzenleistung, satanischer, kleiner Mädchen, völlig und restlos der Geilheit verfallen, wie auch der kleine Junge. Drei herrliche Kinder, pervers und sadistisch für die Geilheit. Aber auch Eltern und Eltern der Eltern, alle hochgradig der Inzest verfallen – einfach herrlich. So wie auch die ganze “Kirchengemeinde” – Super. Alles was in dieser Geschichte vorkam, einfach Super und super Geil. Und allesamt und gerade die herrliche Achtjährige, hochgradig Gotteslästerlich, so muss es sein. Genussvoller kann man das Weihnachtsfest doch gar nicht gestalten. Wunderbar auch der Wandel von Anna. Sie wird garantiert dafür Sorgen, dass ihr Baby oft gefickt wird und unbedingt noch tiefer, weil so schön für ihre Fotze. Sie wird wollen, dass es nur noch Fickspielzeug ist. Aber ihr Arsch und Fotze genauso. Schade, dass man ihren tollen Wandel und die Achtjährige nicht verfolgen kann. Bei noch “schlimmeren, hoch geilen Orgien” ..Heinz.

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