Feature Writer: BluDraygn


Published: 16.04.2021

Story Codes: Demonic

Synopsis:  Delivery. Interrogation. Visit. Blasphemy

Author’s Notes: Welcome back! I update my Bio with the latest Chapters and projects I’m working on each time I put up a new post. As always votes and feedback are greatly appreciated! Enjoy! Blu — Edited/Proofread by: oldfart and 2muchdiggity

The Witch’s Offering 5

“I could get used to this,” said Ren as the limo pulled up to the curb in front of Tyler’s, JC’s, and his home. Located on the outskirts of the university housing, the five-bedroom colonial was far enough away from the frat houses to make Ren’s jock roommates think twice before heading over there for a weekend party.

The place had enough room for two more renters, but JC and Tyler came from well-off families and convinced their parents to pay for the other two bedrooms instead of letting some random guys take them. One became Brit’s office and art studio for her graphic design classes, while the other was lined with sound padding and acted as JC’s recording studio where he worked on sound engineering and design. Though he looked like the perfect candidate for star quarterback on the football team, his eventual goal was to become a foley artist and do sound on a major Hollywood production.

Meanwhile, Tyler was shooting for the big leagues and played on the Uni football and baseball teams. Instead of commandeering one of the extra bedrooms that he was technically paying for, he turned the house’s study into a fitness room with treadmills, mirrors on the wall, a free weight bench, and one of those square universal machines. Ren had difficulty finding excuses not to stay in shape with a professional training center downstairs. Plus, he got the rare treat of spotting for Brit or JC’s younger sister, Kelli, when they wanted to work out and their respective men weren’t available.

Kelli was a bit of an enigma to Ren. He had no idea what the woman was studying as they never talked for more than a few seconds. Even when he spotted her when weightlifting, she quickly shut down any attempts at conversation. Technically, she was living with JC, or at least that was the excuse they used to keep her from the Uni required first year in the dorms. But once the administration approved staying with her brother, she instead moved into one of the sorority houses, saying that living with her brother and his girlfriend was weird. Despite moving out immediately, she still spent a significant amount of time hanging out with JC and Brit or using the fitness room. But when Tyler caught his girlfriend back in his hometown cheating on him, Kelli pounced on the opportunity. They were an official couple by the end of the week. Ren didn’t think Kelli spent much time at her sorority house since then.

When the owners renovated the kitchen years ago, they designed it with college students in mind. An abnormally large refrigerator sat next to a shelf with five dorm fridges, one for each bedroom. A rectangular island with stools on one side and a bar-style commercial dishwasher on the other occupied the middle of the room. Such a high-end dishwasher was expensive and cost a little more to run since the incoming water had to be blistering hot. Ren also couldn’t just run to the store and pick up some dish detergent if they ran out. However, the commercial detergent it used came in five-gallon buckets, which hadn’t required changing since Ren moved in his sophomore year.

Ren was the only real cook of the bunch, the others preferred nuke-n-eat meals or eating out. The cost of dining out made it an occasional luxury for him, much like his trip to Club Lethe. His only other option was to suffer day after day of mediocre frozen dinners. Luckily, he ran across a cooking show that piqued his geeky interests by discussing the physics, chemistry, and biology of culinary arts. Within a few months, Ren became surprisingly skilled in the kitchen. He had to admit, it was pretty awesome to watch his roommate’s faces light up when he told them supper was on him that night.

At some point, the house’s owner removed the wall separating the kitchen and living room. Ren appreciated whoever made the decision. Not only did it open up the space, but it made keeping the cook in on the conversation easier.

The living room had everything you might expect. Chairs and couches with their respective side tables took up most of the carpeted floor. Since the study became the fitness room, they moved some of the bookcases over and added a few small slide-around computer desks for working on assignments or perusing the interwebs. The house’s fireplace and mantle took up most of one wall. There was a rumor that the first student renters nearly burned the place down by letting embers from the room’s fireplace fall onto the carpet during a party. Understandably, the owner capped the chimney and slotted in a gas heater. A student later upgraded the heater to one with the fake glowing logs and flickering flames projected on the back wall. It even made sounds, mimicking the crackles, pops, and shifting logs of a real fireplace. The seventy-inch flat-screen TV mounted above the mantle went largely unused unless some blockbuster recently released on Net.flicks, Prime, or D+.

The only thing Ren hated about the room was the carpet. After buying the house, the landlord ended up replacing the room’s carpet yearly. He eventually decided to go with a sturdy, commercial carpet made for office buildings. What he found had more in common with the rough mats for cleaning mud off your shoes at the front door than any carpet he had ever felt.

When JC came to look at the place before moving in, he crouched down and ran a hand over the bristly pile before telling Ren, “Well, you won’t need to worry about catching me fucking in the living room. I prefer my skin attached to my back and knees.” His new roommate proved the comment false only a few weeks later. Early in the morning, a bleary-eyed and sleep-deprived Ren caught JC lying on the couch as his girlfriend rode him. The two froze as he walked into the room, but this wasn’t anything new to Ren. They weren’t the first of his roommates he’d caught fucking and probably wouldn’t be the last. And it wasn’t like he wouldn’t be doing the same thing if he had a girlfriend.

“Keep goin’,” he mumbled sleepily, “I’m gonna make some coffee. Nice tits.”

“Dude! Could you give us a minute?” snarled JC.

“Nope,” he replied as he stepped into the kitchen. “For you, it’s the beginning of the fall semester. For me, it’s summer finals week. Coffee is more important. I’ll keep my back turned.”

After a few moments of quiet whispering, the sound of naked bodies coming together resumed but the moans and grunts were more reserved. That wasn’t the last time he stumbled across them fucking in the living room. The second time it happened, Ren knew them both well enough to consider Brit and JC friends, and they barely slowed down after seeing who walked in on them. JC explained to him after the third time that Brit’s favorite position was to ride him while holding the back of a couch or chair for extra leverage, and the best time for them to do that was before their morning workout.

Ren wasn’t about to complain. Brittany’s breasts and ass already had a place of honor in his spank bank by that point. Though he kept his back turned to them as they finished, if it was dark enough outside, Ren could easily see her bouncing up and down on JC in the reflection from the window over the sink.

His mind snapped back to the present when he saw a hungry-looking feline form crawling through the narrow window separating him from the driver.

“K—K—Katherine?” he stammered, digging his heels into the limo’s carpet and pressing his back into the seat.

“Call me, Kat. It’s time to pay for your ride.” Her eyes locked onto his crotch as she prowled across the back of the car, “Get it out, now,” she demanded.

Like any other sensible prey, his first instinct was to run. Ren attributed her aggressiveness to Xaal’s “blessing,” but it was hard to say the succubus’s spell was the only reason after Kat’s comments from yesterday. From the look on her face, it might be more appropriate to call it a curse than a blessing. Either way, it was hard to reject a woman who so blatantly wanted your cock.

As he unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers, Katherine flipped onto her back and quickly stripped off her pants before rolling back over and crawling between his legs. Wrapping a hand around the base of his cock, she slowly stroked it up and down as her other hand opened a storage compartment beneath his seat and pulled out a small bottle of clear liquid.

“Running you back and forth these next couple of days is going to be torture,” said the cat as she drizzled the lubricant on Ren’s prick while increasing the speed of the hand stroking him. Pull your shirt up,” she panted, her voice thick with desire.

Ren did as asked, and Kat crawled up onto the seat, straddling his legs. “You may have wondered how Lethe’s spell works,” she said, lining him up with her entrance. As the cat-girl lowered herself, the tip of his cock slipped forward. She tried three more times, but as soon as the tip touched her sex’s lips, it moved to the side. “See, you couldn’t fuck me if you wanted to.”

“And oh how I want to,” said Ren. The light brushes of her lips across the head of his cock was the closest he had come to being inside a woman, and the thought had him close to glazing the cat’s pussy already.

Sensing he was close, Katherine gripped him around the base of his dick and squeezed. Ren laid his head back and groaned as the feeling of impending climax faded. “That was mean,” he muttered.

“So is shooting too quick and leaving your partner unsatisfied,” said Kat. Pressing his dick against his abdomen, she lowered herself, trapping it between them. “Luckily, with Xaal’s spell, this shouldn’t take long,” she continued as she began shifting her hips and sliding back and forth on his cock.

“Shouldn’t take long?”

“I’ve been sitting in the effects of the Succubi’s Blessing this entire trip. I’m half surprised I didn’t cum as soon as my pussy touched you,” she explained while rubbing her clit against the bottom of his glans. “I want you inside me so bad right now,” she moaned in frustration.

Ren couldn’t agree more as the feel of her sex rubbing along the underside of his cock had him quickly approaching climax again. He could feel the heat from her pussy, and the thought of being wrapped in that wet warmth brought him to the edge.

Kat’s hips sped up. “Where do you want to cum, human? Should I lay on my back and hold my pussy open? Maybe you would like to come all over my ass? Or maybe you want to see it splattered all over my face and tong—”

“Oh, fuck!” cried Ren as jets of seed erupted from his cock and landed on his stomach.

“Or jizz all over yourself, I guess that works too,” said the cat-girl with a hint of disappointment.

Ignoring his embarrassment from cumming so quickly, Ren lifted Katherine up and set her in the seat beside him. While his cock was still leaking the last few dribbles of his orgasm onto the limo’s carpet, he lifted the cat’s legs into the air and dove into her pussy face first.

“Good save, virgin boy,” she said while grabbing handfuls of his hair and pulling him tighter against her sex, “but forget all that shit Lethe taught you last night. I need to get off, so focus on my clit and don’t let your jizz go to waste; I still want it.”

Following her instructions, Ren attacked Kat’s pearl with his tongue while trying to scrape as much of his cum off his belly as he could. The cat-girl responded quickly to his efforts and was soon grasping for his hand with the jizz-soaked fingers. Katherine shoved his fingers into her mouth as her thighs clamped down on either side of his head. The taste drove her climax even higher, and she screamed around his fingers as a jet of fluid struck him in the chin. Unsure what to do, he moved his mouth down and caught the remaining streams, swallowing them down without a thought.

When her orgasm waned, so she wasn’t squirting anymore, Ren continued running his tongue over her pussy lips and entrance but avoided her clit. Kat’s body went limp except for a hand playing with his hair. Moments later, a loud purr emanated from her chest.

“I could let you do that all day,” she said.

“I don’t think I would mind, though my tongue might get sore after a while,” Ren replied before taking one last long lick from her entrance to her clit.

Sitting up, she popped open the same compartment that held the lube and grabbed a towel. After drying herself and the seat where she was sitting, she had Ren trade her places, so she could dry him as well.

“After Xaal is done with you, I’m inviting you to spend the weekend with my mate and I. Between the two of us, we may test how long your tongue can last.”

“You have a mate?” Ren was both disappointed and worried. He didn’t need someone like the bouncer, Jones, beating down his door. Didn’t she say the Bellator form of a werebear got up to twelve feet tall? How was he going to—

“Whatever is going on in your head needs to chill out. Alessa is a panda morph, and she is going to love your tongue as much as your cock.”

“You’re a lesbian? Wait… No, you’d be bi, right?”

“Most of us are,” said Kat as she tossed the towel off to the side and picked up her pants, “The number of human males is so low in the magic world it’s almost a necessity. Either that or live alone,” the look on her face told him exactly what she thought of that idea.

“That still amazes me there are so few human men in the magic world with a city full of them around you.”

“Humans are annoyingly unpredictable and have turned out to be more trouble than they are worth. Aside from being a virgin, your caution was why Mistress Lethe chose you. You’ll actually think about the consequences before you open your mouth. I don’t envy you these next few days. You’re going to have women trying to fuck you right and left and need to come up with an excuse why you can’t.”

“Damn, I hadn’t thought of that… unless…”

“Unless?” she prompted.

“Unless I ran across a biochemist who wants to test out an experimental pheromone booster, and as part of the challenge, I can’t have sex for three days until the effect wears off. If I succeed, then I get a big monetary reward, say… fifty thousand?”

“Hmm, not bad, but nobody will go for it.”

“What? Why not?”

“Because you let some mystery woman shoot you up with a strange drug with nothing to show for it. I’ve only known you for a day, and I can say that is completely out of character for you.” Looking back toward the driver’s seat, she called out. “Hey, Kitt?”

“You’re fucking kidding me,” said Ren

“Yes, Katherine?” a voice responded along with three red bars that flickered with the audio.

“Max was a big fan of the show and made a digital assistant based on it. All Lethe’s vehicles have him,” whispered Kat. Addressing the car again, she instructed it to call the witch. A brief explanation of Ren’s idea later, Lethe instructed Katherine to give him her business debit card.

“The less work The Veil has to do, the better,” said Lethe over the limo’s speakers. “I’ll have the accountants set it to a limit of two-thousand.” Ren had a feeling the witch could see him and the cat-girl as well. “Kat, use your personal card for any purchases you need for the next couple of days. Just keep the receipts so I can reimburse you. Ren, there are no strings attached to that money. Consider it a signing bonus for coming to work for me. Anything else you two need?”

“No, Ma’am,” said Kat, digging through a small purse she pulled from the console between the front seats and handing him a solid black credit card.

“Then finish up your fun if you haven’t already. I need to go to the Estate.”

“Yes, Mistress, I’ll be on my way shortly,” Katherine replied before Kitt announced the call ended.

“The Veil?” Ren asked as the feline tucked in her shirt and used a mirror hidden behind a sliding panel to make herself presentable.

“A global spell that hides the magic communities from humans using illusions and misdirection. The Veil is also what protects you if you slip up and say something that might arouse suspicion and punishes you if you intentionally try to tell other humans about us. It sounds like some all-powerful enchantment, but it often struggles when new people are brought in because of all the words and memories it needs to change. Once you are… integrated, couldn’t think of the word there, and accustomed to keeping the secret, The Veil won’t have such a hard time.”

“You said it struggles. What happens if something I do becomes too much for The Veil to cover?”

“Memory leaks, or it won’t be able to modify a memory properly. Those often lead to fake ghost sightings.”

“As opposed to real ghost sightings?” he snarked.


“I was joking there.”

“Well, they’re real. Just don’t fuck them without some kind of protective spell. It might be the last thing you ever do.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. Weren’t we talking about The Veil?”

“Yes. As I was saying, little things can slip through. Illusions may not form right or other glitches along those lines. Having a story, even one as implausible as the ‘Mysterious Biochemist,’ will ease the strain on The Veil and avoid cracks. But The Veil is what allows me to do things like this…”

Kat opened the door facing his house and stepped outside. Before his eyes, the cat-girl’s ears and tail vanished as her skin change from black with white ‘boots’ and spot on her face to a pale tone normal for humans and short-raven black hair.

Ren was only mildly surprised by the transformation as her words prepared him for something unusual. He immediately recalled her mentioning The Veil produced illusions to mask the magic world. As he crawled out of the limo, Ren came face to face with all four of his stunned roommates.

However, Katherine wasn’t done. Closing the door behind Ren, the disguised cat-girl stepped up to him. Grabbing his wrist, she placed his hand firmly on her ass as the other arm went up around his neck and pulled him down into a kiss.

Ren froze at first from the unexpected public display of affection but recovered quickly and returned the embrace. It was probably the hottest kiss he had ever received, even though her mouth remained stubbornly closed when he brushed her lips with his tongue.

When she finally pulled away, the smoldering look of desire on her face was unmistakable, even to their audience. “After your three days are up, and Mistress is done with you, I want to steal you away for a weekend with my roommate and me,” Kat said just a little too loudly.

“Are you sure you will still want anything to do with me after the effects of this stuff wears off?” he replied, also raising his voice slightly.

“After what you just did to me? I guarantee I will.” Clearing her throat, her expression turned serious, “Remember, you aren’t just a guinea pig, you have a job to do, and Mistress wants those reports back to her ASAP.” Pulling a business card out of her pocket, she handed it to him, “Mistress designated me as your contact until your background checks come back clean. If you need to speak to her, call me, and I will relay your message as soon as it’s convenient. My employer is a busy woman. She can’t have you bugging her in the middle of important meetings. Any questions?”

“A million, but none I can think of right now. Isn’t that how it always goes?”

“Last, if you need a ride somewhere, call me. If I’m not busy, I’ll cart you around town. It’s my job, after all. But limousines are expensive, so I may need a little more,” her eyes flicked to the limo door, “payment.”

Ren smiled, “You might have to twist my arm, but I think I can handle that.”

“I’ll be looking forward to it. Even more, once your three days are up, then I plan on putting that luxury suspension to the test,” she said, dragging her fingers over the front of his pants. As she walked around the front of the car to get back in the limo’s driver’s seat, she called out, “See you later, virgin boy.”

“Funny how that doesn’t feel like as much of an insult as it would have yesterday.”

Kat just blew him a kiss before opening the car’s door and climbing in. As she pulled away, he realized the vehicle had been running this entire time. The engine was so quiet he hadn’t noticed.

Turning to look at his roomies, Kelli gave him an appraising look while Tyler pumped his fist in the air and hooted in celebration. Brit and JC both stood there, slack-jawed and staring.

Ren couldn’t suppress the smile creeping onto his face, “So, my night was pretty interesting. How about yours?”

As soon as they walked inside, Brit called a house meeting. Directing Ren to park his ass in one of the living room chairs she took up a spot next to JC on the love seat while Kelli and Tyler posted up on two of the bar stools.

Once Ren finished a shortened version of his story, Brit stood up and paced back and forth in front of him. “So, let me get this straight. For two grand, you let some lady you just met administer an experimental drug that affects your pheromones and will make you irresistible to women. And, as part of her experiment, you can’t have sex for three days, but BJs and hand jobs are okay.”

“And I can return the favor,” added Ren, “just no penetration, front or back. It releases a secondary hormone that kills the serum’s effect where hands and mouth don’t. Essentially, if I go back and she doesn’t want to fuck the hell out of me, that will tell her I cheated, and I’m no longer a virgin.”

“And if you are a virgin, then she gives you fifty grand as thanks for being a guinea pig and giving her your V-card. Correct?” asked Brit.

As Ren nodded, a flash of guilt ran across his thoughts. He hated lying to his friends but didn’t want to screw up this opportunity with Lethe. Not only would his job be something he loved, but money would become a minor worry in his life. Sadly, He couldn’t see JC, Brit, or Tyler taking the revelation of a hidden magical world very well. They were good people, but perhaps a little too normal.

Ren realized he probably wasn’t giving his friends enough credit. Brit was an artist and incredibly open-minded. Despite JC looking like a jock, he enjoyed reading Sci-Fi and fantasy novels. Tyler, however, was a lost cause. His life revolved around ‘I did five-hundred sit-ups’ and bragging about his last big play in whatever game he was involved with at the time. While Kelli mostly lived there, much like Brit, he didn’t know if he considered her a friend and honestly didn’t know how she would react to Lethe and Kat’s world.

“I call bullshit,” said Kelli. “Some strange potion is going to make you irresistible to women, but it doesn’t affect us?”

“It doesn’t affect you for the same reason I can’t have sex. Something about sexual and long-term relationships makes it not work. I wouldn’t have come back here for three days if it was going to turn me into a homewrecker, especially if it hurt your relationships,” Ren replied, meeting the eyes of each of his housemates.

“I dunno, man. Kelli might be right. The shit you’re talking about sounds pretty farfetched,” said Tyler.

Ren got up from Brit’s interrogation chair and walked over in front of the man. Looking him square in the eye, he said, “Last night I met a woman who did something to me I don’t fully understand, which will make some women want to have sex with me. Part of her terms was to resist any offers other than blowjobs or hand jobs for the next three days. At that point, I get to lose my V-card and receive a substantial reward along with.”

Tyler closely studied Ren’s face the entire time he spoke. After a few seconds of silence, he looked over at JC. “Weird as it all sounds, I think he’s telling the truth.”

JC shrugged, “Good enough for me.”

“What?!” shrieked Kelli and Brit in unison, gawking at the man.

“How could you tell if he was lying just from that?” Brittany continued.

“It’s a guy thing,” said JC.

“Now I’m calling bullshit,” said Brit as she glared at her boyfriend.

“It’s not, though,” said Tyler. “Chicks lie to each other’s faces all the time, while guys can have a whole conversation and never look away from a fishing pole. If a man looks you in the eye and tells you something, it’s probably true. We don’t have the kind of practice chicks do at lying to each other.”

“We do not lie to each other all the time,” fumed Brit.

“You complimented one of your friend’s outfits the other day then bitched about how her shoes were a different shade of green than her top,” said JC. “I think that’s what Tyler meant, by ‘practice.'”

Ren held up his hands, “Whoa, whoa, whoa…whoa. I said I wouldn’t have done this if I ended up hurting you all’s relationships. Admittedly I was more worried about one of the ladies jumping my bones like the limo driver did, but making you start fighting is just as bad.”

“Hey Ren,” said Kelli, “This stuff she gave you, you said it didn’t affect women in a relationship, are you sure about that?”

“That’s how I understood it to work. Why?”

She looked over at Tyler, “Because I think we need to get to the bedroom. Now.”

Tyler glared at Ren, his face reddening with anger.

“No, no, no,” said Kelli, turning her boyfriend’s face toward her. “I don’t want to do anything with him, just you. But I’ve been getting more and more turned on since Ren got home.”

“Fuck,” said Brit, glaring at Ren, “I thought it was only me.”

Kelli’s eyes flicked to JC, then back to Tyler, “Not gonna lie, if my brother wasn’t sitting there, we would be going at it right now.”

JC chuckled, “The voyeur in me is thinking that would be hot, while the brother in me is going, ‘eww, sister cooties.'”

“Maybe I misunderstood,” said Ren, “I didn’t think other women were supposed to be affected, but maybe she just meant they wouldn’t fixate on me.”

“So every woman around you is going to get like this, but only the single ones will want to fuck you?” Brit asked. Her cheeks looked flushed, and she kept glancing over at JC, but not at his face. Her boyfriend seemed to enjoy seeing her in such a state.

“Maybe I should get a hotel or something for the next few days,” Ren mumbled as he returned to his chair. The women’s arousal was making a tent in the front of his pants despite getting off with Kat less than an hour ago. It probably had something to do with Lethe’s ‘fourth time’s the charm’ enchantment on his dick.

Brit shook her head, “We can deal with this. I’m not going to run you out of your own home, and I’m sure Ty and JC won’t complain.” She shot a look at her boyfriend, “Not that he ever needs to worry about going without.”

“Does this mean you believe me?” Ren asked.

“I don’t have much choice, do I,” she admitted. Looking around the living room, she blushed bright red and said, “Would you guys mind giving us a little bit of privacy?”

Kelli bounced off her stool, grabbing Tyler’s hand and dragging him toward the stairs. Wearing a shit-eating grin, he gave Ren a thumbs up as his girlfriend pulled him out of the room. Coming to the bottom of the stairs, her impatience made her veer toward the fitness room. Tyler turned and pulled the door closed from where his girlfriend flung it open, giving those left in the living room a show as Kelli yanked her pants down and planted her hands on the floor in anticipation.

“Is it weird if I say that my little sister has a very nice ass?” asked JC.

“Only a little,” said Brit as she undid her belt and wriggled her pants down her hips.

“Babe! Ren’s still here!” cried JC as her pants hit the floor, and she bent over to work on his.

“He’s walked in on us enough times. I doubt he’s seeing anything new.”

Ren disagreed. Sure, he had seen them having sex before, but the sight of Brit’s perfect, former-captain-of-her-high-school-dance-squad ass framing her pucker and dripping wet pussy was completely new.

“Dude, could you not stare so much?” said JC over her back.

Ren’s eyes flicked to his friend’s face before returning to Brit’s sex. “You have to be the luckiest bastard I know, JC. Her ass is just… wow.” He burned the image into his mind as Brit finally fished JC’s cock out and began bobbing on it to finish getting him hard.

Rising from his chair, Ren said, “Have fun, you two,” and started towards the stairs to the upper floor. Brit was too occupied with sucking her man’s cock to notice him leaving while JC had his head laid back against the loveseat with his eyes closed. As he approached the steps, he heard rhythmic slaps punctuated by Kelli’s sharp squeals of pleasure just inside the fitness room door. With a final glance into the living room where Brit had climbed onto JC’s lap and begun riding him, Ren made his way upstairs to take care of the raging hard-on in his pants.

You: Hey Kat? I’ve got a question for you.

K: Shoot.

You: Xaal’s blessing wasn’t supposed to affect women in a relationship, right? Well, my roomies are fucking like rabbits rn after sitting in the same room with me for about an hour.

K: Lemme ask Miss L

K: Sounds like you got stuck with a rare side effect of the blessing.

You: Just my luck. Everybody’s fucking but me.

K: Miss L has plans that will keep me busy the rest of the day, sorry I can’t help.

K: Hold on

K: She says imagine sliding your dick between them.

You: Those weren’t that big this morning.

K: Nope, but some of the more prominent players at this meeting love huge tits. It makes things easier when she needs to get her way.

Image Download: Pussy’s pussy.jpg

You: That was unexpected but very appreciated.

K: I took that for Alessa a couple of days ago. I thought you might like some options.

K: We’re here. If you still need some incentive ten minutes from now, let me know. Once I’m in the parking garage, we can vid call if you want.

You: Doubt I’m going to make it that long between those and my roommate’s girlfriend bending over in front of me.

K: That’s okay. I’d rather have your cum all over my face and tits than watch you cum on a phone screen.

You: That’ll do it. Ahn, fuck, fuck, fuck.

K: Ahn?

You: That was more of a grunt. I honestly wasn’t expecting Talk to Text to catch that.

K: 🙂 I thought it was cute. Were those good fucks or bad fucks?

You: Veeeery good.

K: Now that you are all relaxed, I have a little bad news for you. Xaal contacted Miss L with the exact time of her challenge for the top spot in the Plane of Lust. Miss L is going to have to renew the spell on your dick, or it will expire too quickly. She’ll just have to dispel it before you and Xaal get together instead of letting it lapse naturally.

You: That sucks ass.

K: I know, and I hate that I was the one to break it to you.

You: It’s all good. I was planning on hiding out here at the house anyway.

K: Fuck that! Get out there and have some fun! Get your cock sucked! Eat some pussy! Get a hand job from the girl sitting next to you in class! The succubi’s blessing is usually a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and Miss L’s magic made you free of almost all consequences. Take advantage of it. Plus, different women like different things. You can come back and show me all the new tricks you learned.

You: Something still feels wrong, like I’m coercing or forcing them.

K: You won’t go messing around with any woman who doesn’t want it. If the hot clerk at the convenience store follows you into the bathroom and gives you a hand job, it’s because she’s single and wondered what it might be like to fuck you at some point. Quit worrying and roll with it. Miss L’s spells and The Veil will take care of the rest.

You: Okay, I’ll try. Are these pics mine to keep, or do I need to delete them?

K: Max messed with your phone this morning, didn’t he?

You: Yes.

K: If anyone else accesses your phone or you try to upload them to the cloud, they’ll autodelete. Gotta keep our secrets.

You: Understood.

No sooner had Ren laid his phone down and begun looking about for a towel to clean himself up with than his phone rang. He groaned at the name on the caller ID.

With an exaggerated sigh, he pressed the button, “Hey, Mom.” Well, now he was talking to his mother with his jizz-covered dick in his hand, fucking great. Where the hell did he leave that towel?

“Hi sweetie, I wanted to be sure you called Brit. She was very worried.”

“I’m home, Mom. You will be happy to know she already sat me down and interrogated me about my night in a manner that would have made you proud. She had a few choice words for not contacting her sooner.”

“She and her boyfriend are such nice people. The lady I spoke with earlier said you might have to work Sundays. I know starting a new job can be difficult and that you are probably trying to prove yourself, but I wanted to know if you were going to be at church tomorrow.”

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea.”

“Are you wanting to spend the day with the chauffeur your new boss mentioned?”

“That’d be fun, but I think she’s working.”

“So, is this a serious thing?”

“Sadly, no. It sounds like she and the woman she lives with have been in a relationship for some time. I think I’m just a distraction.” Ren frowned at the hint of truth behind his words. Her interest in him and their intimate moments the past day made him hope there was more between them. But she was also telling him to go screw around with other women while under Xaal’s blessing. That didn’t sound like something a person interested in a solid relationship would do. A flicker of an idea in the back of his head said he was missing some critical detail, but he couldn’t nail it down.

“That’s probably for the best, dear. Bob and JoAnn’s daughter moved back in with them after a bad breakup. We are having a potluck after service tomorrow. Maybe you two can rekindle an old flame?”

He tried not to groan. Ren and Angela dated for a few weeks around Halloween their senior year of high school. They started strong, but things fell apart quickly when her clique decided the nerd wasn’t good enough to date one of their crowd. Before her friends threatened to ostracize her for dating him, they snuck away for some kissing and heavy petting during church functions, but the furthest he got was rubbing her ass through her jeans.

But once her clique decided it was time to break up, that was the end of it. Then, to make matters worse, she apparently felt the need to make up for letting a lowly geek tarnish her standing and went from indifferent towards him to hateful. The rumors she spread pulled the plug on Ren’s hopes of romance for the rest of the year.

Of course, his mother knew none of this. As far as she was concerned, they just didn’t have any chemistry and drifted apart.



Probably had sexual thoughts about him at one time?


A reason to not feel bad if they ended up messing around because of the succubus’s blessing?

Double check.

“Sure thing Mom. I’ll be there.”

Xaal appeared in the air above a mess of gigantic, octagonal pylons of obsidian thrusting up out of the surrounding dirt at odd angles. Each of the pillars was big enough she could fit her entire castle on the top

Most of her territory consisted of barren, rocky, mountainous terrain with strange rock formations like this one dotted about.

Only a tiny spit of her borders stretched into the Jungles of Abandon. The Jungles were her favorite place to sit and relax while listening to the incessant cries of pleasure from the souls trapped there. It helped that the plants quickly filled her pussy and ass with their vines, though she often had to sever the ends of a few before they got the clue her mouth and nipples were off-limits. She was there to relax, after all.

Her wings flared as she landed in front of a cave entrance within the black glass. Skulls and bones lashed together with sinew and tendons adorned the opening, reminding Xaal of her castle’s decor when she took over. The cave entrance was only a few steps long at most and opened up into a gap created by the obsidian that came to a peak high above her head where the pillars merged.

The sound of a succubus’s moans reached her before she stepped inside, echoing off the black glass walls. Inside the sparsely decorated cave, Xaal grinned at the demon bent over a stone table, getting fucked in the ass by an imp. On the plane of Lust, imps all sported human-sized, disproportionately large cocks for their tiny stature. As the small demon’s wings beat powerfully in time with its strokes, trails of blood ran down the succubus’s waist and thighs from where the imp’s sharp claws pierced her skin as it slammed its cock into her rectum. If the lust demon noticed the puncture wounds, she didn’t act like it as she threw her hips back to meet each of the imp’s thrusts.

The woman caught a flicker of movement and turned her head to see Xaal holding out her hand toward the imp fucking her. “No!” she yelled a moment before a powerful beam of energy left nothing but the charred base of the imp’s cock sticking out of her ass. She laid her head on the table, “You fucking whore, do you know how long it took me to find that one out here in the middle of nowhere?” Standing up, she reached back and pulled the small demon’s phallus out of her rear.

“No sense in letting this go to waste.” Tilting her head back, she slipped the cock into her mouth and pushed it down her throat with two fingers. After gulping loud enough to echo off the cave walls, she looked at Xaal. “Now that you’ve ruined my fun, what the fuck do you want, Mistress,” she snarled, the last word dripping with contempt.

Xaal pulled over a chair constructed of bone and sinew like the décor outside. Unlike outside, these weren’t human bones but those of a brown-furred beast that wandered the area. It looked like someone replaced a gorilla’s head with a stingray and a kangaroo. The stingray-shaped head had two glowing red slits for eyes placed on either side of the skull. Its poison-tipped tail didn’t kill but instead contained a paralytic to immobilize its prey. The body’s proportions matched that of the great apes but much larger and with no discernible genitalia, an oddity in the Plane of Lust. Instead, its genitals were hidden by a pouch covering its lower abdomen. As yet, no females of the species had been observed.

For a succubus, the beasts were an inconvenience. But if it captured a human soul, they were shoved into a muscular kangaroo-like pouch. When only the victim’s head stuck out, the pocket contracted, leaving the human’s body looking like it was vacuum sealed in place. Only then did the beast’s massive erection emerge from its sheath inside.

On the plane of Lust, everything was out to fuck you.

Xaal sat down in the hide-covered bone chair and put a leg up on the table, “Since you like the taste of succubus ass, you can stick your tongue in mine, Kylak.”

The other woman knelt down obediently, but her face showed her confusion. “What’s your game Xaal? This is hardly a punishment,” the demoness said as her tongue darted around Xaal’s pucker before slipping inside. Immediately, a euphoric look came over her face as her fingers slipped between her legs and began teasing her clit.

Over centuries of existence, every succubus developed some kind of fetish. Xaal enjoyed getting double penetrated and even had spells to give her lovers a second, temporary cock. Kylak’s fetish was rimming. She was so obsessive about having her tongue up an ass, man or woman, it cost the succubus her first favor to Xaal. But Kylak also had an advantage over other demons in the plane of Lust. Her obsession became so strong she could orgasm from the act, making her the only demon besides Azzy and Lilith who could do so. The orgasm wasn’t physical, hell prevented that, but after seeing the succubus shake and twitch as pleasure exploded in her mind, there was no denying it was every bit as real.

“I have a job for you. Do it well, and you move back to the castle. I might even let you make the occasional trip to earth.” When she didn’t answer right away, Xaal pushed her head back while letting out a small moan as Kylak’s long, agile tongue slipped free of her bottom.

A mask of confusion replaced the euphoric look on the demoness’s face. “What could be so important you would offer me all that?”

“I’m making a push for the top spot on Lust. I could order you to do it but risk you betraying me in some way. I want you on board with trying to make this happen.”

Kylak’s eyes widened, “You’re challenging Asmodeus and Lilith?! Being owned by you is one thing. Getting reduced to cinders is another.”

“Fuck. I forgot how long you’d been out here.” Reaching down, Xaal directed the succubus’s mouth back to her asshole. “Keep going but listen up. There’s a ton of stuff that’s happened since I took over and banished you out here.”

“So Azzy and Lilith ran off to help Lucifer with his pet project, leaving a power vacuum you want to fill,” said Kylak. They had moved to her bed and were grinding each other’s pussies together. Long conversations between succubi usually involved some sexual act. This position at least kept their mouths free to talk. “Why do you need my help?”

“I don’t need your help specifically, but you are old and competent enough I feel certain you can do it.”

“Quit being coy. What is it you need of me?”

“Lethe found me a virgin, a powerful one.”

“Powerful?” Kylak had her share of virgins over the years. They were indeed fun, and the burst of energy when they came inside her pussy or ass was intoxicating, but she had never described one as ‘powerful.’

“I can’t explain it, but just sucking him off gave me more energy than I’ve ever got from a virgin before. I think when he finally fucks me, it will be more than I can handle,” Xaal’s eyes locked on Kylak’s, “unless I can get rid of the power I have beforehand.”

“You need me to be a vessel.”

“Yes, which is why this is an offer and not an order. As I said, I need you on board with this.”

“If you win and move into Asmodeus and Lilith’s place, does that mean I get my castle back?”

“And lose my favorite ass eater? Absolutely not. You’ll be coming with me.”

“It hardly feels like I’m your favorite after you banished me out here.”

“You were too good, Kylak. Even as my slave, you were still dangerous. My territory hasn’t declined since I took it from you, but it hasn’t prospered either. You managed to make things work in one of the worst lands in the second level. Those skills will be key to making Lust the most powerful of Hell’s planes. I’m offering you a place next to me if I become ruler of Lust. If I’m Azzy, I need you to be my slutty, slave-queen Lilith.” Everyone in hell knew that Asmodeus made the big decisions while Lilith did most of the actual ruling. The position was perfect for Kylak.

“From banished to a slave-queen of Lust. How can I say no? Tell me about this challenge with Belgrun. Let’s see if I can offer up any new ways to ensure you win.”

Coming to church was both an amazing and horrible idea. During a hymn where everyone stood and sang, Ren watched the older woman sitting in front of him dig through her purse and hand her husband a little blue pill. Never in his life did he expect to see a man wash down ED meds with communion wine, or grape juice in this case.

Knowing that his presence was the cause made him worry about his chances of actually getting into heaven. Of course, he wasn’t overly concerned before, only going through the motions for the sake of his mother. But getting a blowjob from a succubus can change a person’s mind about the existence of heaven and hell pretty damn fast.

The service started getting weird almost immediately. The church had a husband-and-wife team who took turns as pastor and worship leader. This week it was the wife’s turn, and the sermon quickly veered off the topic presented in the scripture reading to sex and sexual relationships. If Cliff Notes got ahold of a transcript, it would have read, “God gave you a body capable of intense pleasure. Enjoy your gift and go fuck like rabbits. Amen.” He was extremely thankful the few couples with kids only came to evening services.

One highlight of the service was Angela standing up in the pew behind him and excusing herself to use the restroom. Instead of returning to her seat next to her mom and dad, she sat down next to Ren.

Unlike her relationships, time had been good to Angie since high school when it came to her body. She was the heaviest of her clique back in their senior year, but ‘heavy’ to them meant ‘normal’ to the rest of the world. That put Angela on the bottom of the social standing totem pole, and unfortunately, led to manipulation and getting pushed around by her ‘friends.’

Since graduation, she slimmed down a little but still had the C-cup tits that were the envy of the other girls. She mentioned once while they were dating that she felt her breasts were the only reason her clique accepted her. Her chest could pull boy’s gazes that their tissue-stuffed bras couldn’t. The same was true for her ass. Admittedly, all the girls in Angie’s crowd had amazing asses, but hers had a roundness and appeal the others didn’t.

Her height was another reason for her low social standing. At five foot six, she was the tallest of her circle and was often teased for being an Amazon or that she should wear pants and tryout for one of the boy cheerleader’s spots.

Angela let her dark auburn hair grow out since high school, and it now reached halfway down her back. Another restriction imposed upon her by her so-called friends was to keep her hair short. After all, most guys preferred long hair, and the fatty Amazon of the group wasn’t allowed to be as desirable as the rest of the clique.

Ren hated how her ‘friends’ treated her. But at the time, she completely shut out anyone who pointed out their faults or how badly they treated her. Once in college, a Psych major he knew explained her behavior as a variant of Stockholm Syndrome that applies to abusers as opposed to captors.

When Angie sat down, Ren glanced over to see her pretty brown eyes staring up at him through her lashes. At his questioning look, she smiled and whispered, “I’m single,” before drawing his attention to the unbuttoned top half of her shirt. His eyes widened at the sight of smooth, lightly tanned flesh topped by a hard, pink nipple. He was certain he saw the indentation of a bra strap on her shoulder when his and her parents chatted before services.

The potluck afterward was a disaster. Half the people who brought food begged off, saying they would be back to pick up their dishes later, while the other half disappeared to various rooms within the church for a few minutes of alone time. The pastors even vanished into their office and closed the door, something Ren had never seen before. That left Ren, Angela, and some older couples unable to join in on the fun because of age or health to set the food out on the tables. Little was said between them as they got their plates and sat down, partly because Ren’s nerdy awkwardness kicked in and he didn’t know what to say, and partly because the look in Angie’s eyes made it clear what she wanted, as did the foot sliding up and down his leg as they ate.

But the biggest reason they didn’t talk much had to be those unable to sneak off and sate their desires regaling each other with tales of youthful sexual conquests. Nothing quite compares to a ninety-something talk about being nineteen and taking on three guys at once. “They pumped me like they were trying to inflate a zeppelin,” was a phrase Ren never expected to hear in his life.

The bawdy tales died down as people filtered back in, looking relaxed and often slightly disheveled. A few of them requested to-go boxes for their meals claiming some task back home that needed attention.

Angie and Ren’s parents were in the group who snuck off for a quickie. After returning and getting themselves plates, all four of them acted more like high schoolers, blatantly flirting in between bites. Ren tried not to think about what they did while they were gone or his presence being the reason for their disappearance.

Their parents were finally settling into their meals when Ren collected his and Angela’s empty plates. “I’ll be back in a little bit. I need to use the restroom,” he said, excusing himself from the table. As he dumped the paper plates in the trash, behind him Angela made a similar excuse and got up from her chair. The restrooms were located in the hallway leading back to the sanctuary, but Ren ignored them. Instead, he continued to the storage room where the church kept Easter and Christmas decorations. Pushing the door open, he turned to find Angela walking up behind him.

“The men’s room is back there,” she said, jerking a thumb over her shoulder.

“So is the women’s,” Ren replied, reaching inside flicking the light switch before stepping back to let her go first. The room smelled strongly of cedar to keep bugs away from the decorations, and lack of airflow made it very dry inside, but the scent of Angie’s arousal overpowered the room’s stuffy air as she walked in front of him.

Closing and locking the door behind them, Ren turned to see Angela working at the clasp of her skirt for a moment before letting it drop to the floor. Hooking her thumbs under the hem of her panties and pantyhose, she pushed them down to her knees as Ren unzipped and fished his cock out of his underwear.

“I don’t know what’s going on,” said Angie as she cleared a spot on a table filled with decorations and leaned over in front of him, “but I need a good fuck.”

With confidence he wouldn’t have believed possible a few days ago, Ren reached out and grabbed a handful of Angela’s hair. The woman gasped as he pulled her upright. Turning her to face him, he watched her expression change to worry upon seeing the severe look in his eyes. She put up little resistance as Ren pulled her head back, forcing her to her knees.

On a strange whim, he held her close to his dick and slapped her in the cheek with it. It was odd because he had never had any particular desire to do that to a woman and often found it a little distasteful when he saw men doing it in porn.

Another uncharacteristic urge followed. “Suck my balls,” Ren ordered, holding his cock against his stomach.

Angela obeyed with gusto, laving them with her tongue before taking each into her mouth and gently rolling them around. Again, Ren found this strange. He rolled his balls around with his other hand when jerking off plenty of times, but it didn’t add much. Although, the feel of Angela’s tongue was quickly changing his opinion. As she let his ball slip from her mouth and dragged her tongue up the underside of his cock, she looked up at him.

She liked sucking cock and took pride in the skill she had developed since becoming sexually active. Despite that, she particularly enjoyed being face fucked but didn’t like gagging and wasn’t fond of the taste of cum. She loved the feel of balls in her mouth. Such a delicate part of a man inside a place as potentially dangerous as her mouth made her feel powerful. Likewise, getting slapped by a good-sized cock set off her submissive streak and was a good way to get her wet. She liked men’s reactions to showing her breasts but pinching or sucking on them didn’t do much for her. For slow romantic sex, she preferred missionary or spooning if the guy was long enough. Any other time, she wanted her ankles by her ears or to lie on her stomach with her ass in the air getting thoroughly pounded. When getting eaten out, she wanted a slow buildup if she wasn’t horny. But, if already aroused, she preferred a tongue flying over her clit while a couple of fingers furiously fucked her pussy. Anal sex was still an option because of enjoyable experiences with fingers and toys though her encounters with men attempting it had been unpleasant and painful. Rimming was a dealbreaker. Licking her perineum was okay though it didn’t excite her, but a tongue touching her sphincter grossed her out and triggered a complete sexual shutdown.

Trying not to react to the data dump flooding his thoughts, Ren pulled Angela back and fed his prick into her mouth. Breaking eye contact with him, she focused on the shaft sliding between her lips.

As soon as she looked away, Ren blinked rapidly as he assimilated this new knowledge. He didn’t know what was going on, but he was positioned perfectly to test if the information was accurate or just a mental construct.

He guided her further down his shaft until she gagged slightly, then pulled back and began fucking her face, being sure not to thrust any deeper. Angela started to moan as her tongue did acrobatics around his cock, and a hand found its way between her legs. Ren took it as evidence that wherever the info came from, it was accurate.

The influx of data nearly distracted him from his plan of this being a revenge fuck… or… revenge ‘not fuck’, since not fucking her was the actual revenge, wasn’t it?

He looked down in worry when Angie resisted his pulling hands, but it was only so she could roll her lips back and forth across the bottom of his glans. The jolt of pleasure banished the silly thought from his head as he began making shorter strokes, getting her to repeat the motion.

Ren had already lasted quite a bit longer than he expected. Were it not for Xaal and Lethe, he would have popped at the first touch of her lips. But his movements were getting jerky as he started approaching his limit.

Looking up at him, Angela tried to back off his prick. As their eyes met, Ren knew she wanted his cock inside her pussy and to give him a chance to calm down so he would last longer than a few seconds. Instead of letting her get away, he gripped her hair tighter and started thrusting faster. Their eyes remained locked as Ren thrust into her mouth and stayed there. Grunting through clenched teeth, he began coating her tongue with cum.

Angie moaned and ran her tongue over his cock while gently caressing his balls as he came, acting as though this was exactly what she had been hoping for. Ren’s new sexual clairvoyance told a different story. Though surprised at how pleasant the cum in her mouth tasted, she was highly disappointed that Ren had turned out like the other men she had been with, self-centered and only interested in his own pleasure.

Of course, there was no way she could know about the restrictions on what he could do with his dick and that stuffing her pussy was an impossibility right now. But the thoughts running through her head even as she faked contentment with sucking him off tripped an unexpected emotion in Ren. He pitied her. It seemed really sad that her past experiences led to such low expectations of men.

He was happy to know that even though he came here with revenge on his mind, it never involved leaving her unsatisfied. Okay, maybe a little unsatisfied since his dick was off-limits.

Helping her to her feet, he put his hands on her hips and guided her to the spot on the table she cleared when they first walked in. After lifting her onto it, he took a moment to caress her tits through her blouse, sparking memories of making out with her in high school. Coaxing her to lean back on the table, Ren knelt down and stared for a moment at the sex he spent so many nights dreaming about back in his senior year and the wettest pussy he had seen so far. Admittedly that list was exceedingly small, but he was still amazed that her juices coated the inside of her thighs nearly down to her knees.

He had to admit Angie’s sex was far prettier than any of his teenage imaginings with its clean-shaven outer lips and little landing strip on her mons. Her inner labia were swollen and glistening with arousal as her clit peeked out from its hood, begging to be kissed and licked.

Glancing at her face, he saw a faint hope that Ren would go down on her until he got hard again, then bend her over the table like she wanted. He felt bad he was about to disappoint her, but not that bad after remembering how she treated him. Ren chased those thoughts away before they made him stand up, call her a fucking bitch, and leave. He was better than that.

Leaning forward, he took a moment to enjoy her scent before running his tongue over her pussy. The taste sent a shock straight to his cock, and within seconds he was hard again. Ignoring his dick, he brought a hand up and slipped a couple of fingers inside her as he traced light circles around her clit with his tongue. Adding a third finger made Angie moan. Taking that as a sign she wanted more, he began speeding up with his fingers as he applied more pressure and began switching patterns with his tongue. It wasn’t long before his hand slapped against the outside of Angela’s sex as he finger fucked her while his tongue lay flat against her clit as he made swirling motions with his head.

Her thighs clamped down on his ears as her pussy locked his fingers in place. A second later, a muffled moan came from above Ren, and he looked up to see Angie biting the side of her hand as she tried to keep quiet. Nearly a minute passed until she released his head from her thighs, though she still had the side of her hand in her mouth as she panted through her nose. As soon as Ren moved back a little, Angela hopped off the table and turned around. Leaning over where she had just been sitting, she looked back and begged, “Fuck me, Ren. Please, I need you inside me.”

Ren got to his feet, “No.”

“What?” she asked, looking with confusion between his face and the hard cock jutting out from his waist.

“I’m not going to fuck you, Ang,” he answered as he pulled his pants up and began slowly bending his erection downward in hopes of buttoning and zipping his pants.

“Why not?” Her face became a scowl, “Is this because I didn’t fuck you in high school?”

“No, Angie, you weren’t ready to go all the way back then, and I respect that. But the rest of the year, you were a hateful bitch toward me and did your best to make my senior year hell. That’s why I won’t fuck you.” As he carefully zipped his pants up, he said, “I’m here most Sundays with my parents. If you are interested in changing my mind, you know where to find me.”

The look of shock on Angela’s face as he walked out the door filled him with an unfamiliar but welcome satisfaction.

Seconds later, he stood in the middle of an empty fellowship hall staring with dismay at the sticky note on the table where he sat earlier. He and Angie had been gone a lot longer than he thought.

It read:

From the sounds of things in the storage room, your Mom and I figured Angela could give you a ride home. Hope you had fun. It sure sounded like she was!


Ren swore under his breath and pulled out his phone, cursing that he still didn’t have a car of his own.

“What’s up, Ren?” came Kat’s voice.

“My parents ditched me at the church. I need a ride home.”

“Ditched you? Did you piss them off?”

“No, but I might have gotten a little distracted with a female acquaintance, and they didn’t feel like waiting around. Also, I need to talk with Miss L about something strange that happened.”

“What are you doing?” asked Angela, walking up behind him.

“Calling a ride,” Ren replied, handing her the note and watching her face turn bright red at its contents.

“I could give you a ride. I brought my car,” she said, handing it back.

“I appreciate it, but that would be a long and very awkward trip. This way is better.”

“Okay then.” She was silent for a few seconds before looking up at him, “I’ll think about what you said, and I… I’ll see you next weekend,” said Angela before quickly leaving through the door to the parking lot.

“Sounds like you have a booty call set up next Sunday,” said Kat in his ear. “I make no promises as to how much energy you will have left for her once Alessa and I are done with you. Speaking of Alessa, I’m all tied up running Miss L at the moment. I can get one of the other chauffeurs to come get you or ask Alessa to make the trip out there.”

“I’d rather not have a lonely, abandoned man sitting on the steps of a church be her first impression of me.”

“Good point. I’ll send Dani. She’s a fox morph and covers for me on my days off. Fair warning, with the Succubi’s Blessing, she may end up in the same condition as I was in yesterday. I’ll warn her that you can’t actually fuck right now.”

“You know… after what just happened. I don’t think I’m in the right headspace for that at the moment. I think I’ll just call a cab.”

“You sure?” asked Kat.

“Yeah, I’ve got a card with two grand on it. I think I can spare a few bucks for a trip from the ‘burbs to Uni. Maybe I’ll stop at that scooter and e-bike place downtown and see what they have, so I don’t need to call you like this again. Now I feel bad for wasting your time.”

“You’re good, Ren. I’ll talk to you later.”


Stepping out the church’s main entrance, Ren sat on one of the benches beneath the carport and dialed the cab service.