Feature Writer: maestro84

Feature Title: CURSED BLOOD 6

Published: 27.02.2022

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Leslie can’t stop herself with Rick

Author’s Notes: Cursed Blood is a mini series set in the Lilith’s/Safari universe. Reading both the main Lilith story and the Safari series will help understand but is not necessary. Enjoy!

Cursed Blood 6

“Oh fuck, I can’t…… stop!” Leslie said as her sweat-covered body was wrapped around Rick’s.

She had tried to resist, tried to stop herself, only going to him for help, but whatever Natalie had done to her was too strong as she moved her hips and let her new sex organ suck the life out of the man she loved.

“Oh God, this is so…… fucking hot!” Rick said in a fog as Leslie had never looked sexier as she bounced on top of him. “I……. I can’t……. hold on……… much………. FUCK!”


30 minutes earlier.

Leslie flew over the town with her wings spread. The wind against her naked body felt amazing as she headed back to Rick’s apartment. Despite what was done to her, she felt free and powerful, but she also wasn’t sure exactly what she was. All she knew was that she had this burning lust and could hurt Rick if she wasn’t careful, but she also had nobody else to turn to as she landed on the roof of his building.

“Okay, Leslie, just control yourself. You can do this,” she said, taking a deep breath to calm herself. “Shit, I’m naked,” she added as she looked at her body and tried to figure out what to do about it.

She ripped open the door with strength she didn’t even know she had and headed inside trying to hide. She heard someone coming and noticed they were carrying a laundry basket with them. Seeing her chance she used her newfound quickness to grab a large T-shirt out of the basket without even being seen.

“What the?” The man said feeling a rush of wind past him but not seeing anything that would have caused it.


Rick had been pacing in his apartment as he was worried about Leslie. He hadn’t heard back from her at all, and given what she had told him before, he was starting to wonder if something bad had happened to her.

He grabbed his keys and headed for the door, deciding he was going to go and find her, but when he opened the door and stopped in his tracks, “Leslie?” He asked, seeing her standing there wearing nothing but an oversized t-shirt. “Oh my God, are you alright?” He asked, pulling her into the apartment.

“No, something happened to me. Something has happened to Nat and her stepmom. I don’t even know how to describe it, but I……” She stopped as she began to feel that burning lust again.

“What is it? What happened?” Rick asked.

“I uh……” she said as she could suddenly see and smell things she couldn’t before. Her senses were heightened, and she could hear his heartbeat in his chest, smell the sweat on his skin, and there was another scent she noticed as well. “Cock,” she said under her breath as she began to stare at his crotch.

“What was that?” Rick asked, not sure what she had just said.

“I…… fuck, I can’t stop myself,” she said, realizing that whatever she had been turned into was stronger than her will as she suddenly felt like a wild animal in heat.

“Leslie, it’s alright,” he said, walking over and putting his arms around her. “You’re safe now.”

She breathed in his scent as her hands slid around him. She could feel her body betraying her as this low growl rumbled in her chest. She pulled away, looking up at her boyfriend with lust in her eyes as he blinked a few times. Something was happening to him as well.

“Leslie, that scent, you smell…….. really good,” he said as he seemed to stumble over his words, not sure what was happening to him.

“No, stay away from me!” She said pushing him back as she tried to compose herself but it was too much.

“What, what’s wrong?” He said stepping closer.

“I can’t………. she said as she closed her eyes and felt the demon inside take over before she stepped closer to him and wrapped her arms around him, looking at him with a very seductive look in her eyes. “I need you,” she whisper in his ear as all the hairs stood up on the back of his neck.

Leslie ran her hand along the front of his pants, feeling his cock getting harder by the second. She knew this was wrong, and she knew she could hurt him, maybe even kill him, but she couldn’t control herself. This creature she had become was taking over, and she was powerless to stop it as she pushed him down onto the couch and quickly straddled him, pressing her lips to his as she began to rub herself against his crotch.

“Fuck, I need you…… I need you so fucking bad,” she said as she continued to kiss him and pull off his shirt.

“Fuck, Leslie…… I…..” he was still a little confused by what was happening until she grabbed the shirt she was wearing and quickly ripped it apart.

She was fully naked under the shirt, but not only that. Rick looked her up and down and noticed her body seemed different. Leslie had always been sexy but not she seemed more fit, with her breasts looking more firm and her abs visible to the naked eye.

“Fuck me, Rick. I need you to fuck me,” she said as she quickly pulled off his belt before sliding off his lap and onto the floor, pulling his pants open and releasing his inflated cock. “Oh fuck, I need this, I need this so bad,” she said before she quickly began to taste his cock, licking it and sucking on it like she had gone crazy with lust.

“Fuck, Leslie, I……. Holy shit!” He said as she had never been this forward with him before, and it felt incredible as his head fell back against the sofa, and he let out a moan.

His head became clouded in ecstasy as his girlfriend molested his cock in her mouth. She was hitting every sweet spot, making him moan even louder as he wasn’t sure how long he was going to last if she didn’t stop soon.

She suddenly released him, pulling away as her eyes glowed red, and her tongue seemed longer as well. Her teeth had turned into fangs, and the lustful creature Nat had turned her into was in full control now as a line of spit stretched from her tongue to his cock. Rick hadn’t noticed any of this as he was still in his lustful haze.

“Come with me Rick,” she said as she stood up and walked towards the bedroom, glancing back at him.

He couldn’t help but noticed her perfectly rounded and smooth ass as she shook it a little. He practically tripped over his pants, trying to stand up and follow when he heard something. It sounded like something plastic hitting the floor as he looked down and noticed the condom Shadow had given him at the shop earlier.

He picked it up and had a moment where he could think clearly again and had a feeling he should use it. He opened the wrapper and pulled it out, quickly sliding over his already moistened penis before he gave chase to his lustful girlfriend.

“Ouch!” He said as he felt a slight zap on his cock followed by a tingle. “What the Hell?” He asked himself as he looked down and noticed the condom was gone. “How the……”

“Rick, I’m waiting,” Leslie said in a sexy voice as he quickly forgot about the condom and ran into the bedroom after her only to see her lying on the bed. “Take me,” she said in a lustful whisper as he stepped closer to her.

He was practically ready to explode, seeing the sexy woman in his bed begging him to fuck her as he crawled onto the mattress towards her. She spread her legs, inviting him in as she grabbed him and pulled him closer to her. His cock slid right inside her with ease as he suddenly faced to face with his lover.

She wrapped her legs around him as he kissed her and began to thrust himself. Her pussy felt amazing as it squeezed around his cock like a mouth, trying to suck him off. It was an incredible sensation as her hands slid around his back before he let out a moan of pain.

“Ouch, that hurt,” he said as she had scratched his back.

Leslie suddenly rolled him over, pinning him down to the mattress as she moved her hips, milking his cock. As he looked up at her, he could tell something was wrong as her eyes began to glow. Her hands began to look more like claws as she smiled down at him with those fangs in her mouth.

“Fuck…… Leslie?” He asked as she moved her hips in a circle driving him crazy with pleasure.

“I’m sorry, Rick…….. I can’t…….. control………..”

“Leslie, what’s happened to you?” He asked, finding it hard to talk as she continued to pleasure him.

“Natalie…… she did this to me….. and I…… can’t stop!” She said with a growl in her voice as she began to move her hips faster. “I’m sorry,” she said in a low voice as she leaned down and kissed him while her pussy squeezed his cock.

Rock knew something was very wrong but he couldn’t help himself. His cock was so stimulated that even if he tried to pull out he would cum violently. He watched as she began to breathe heavily sitting up still impaled on his cock. Suddenly two large leather wings sprouted from her back as she began to look more like a feral beast.

“Cum for me, CUM FOR MY RICK!” she yelled in a deep voice as he felt her pussy un-mercifully squeeze his cock. “Oh fuck, I can’t…… stop!”

“Oh God, this is so…… fucking hot!” Rick said in a fog as Leslie had never looked sexier as she bounced on top of him. “I……. I can’t……. hold on……… much………. FUCK!” he yelled out as she made him cum harder than he ever had before as he screamed his lust.

Leslie could feel his warm seed squirting all over her insides but that was all. She knew she was supposed to absorb energy from him but that was not happening. Her orgasm was incredible but she was not getting the nourishment her body needed.

“What is this,” she said looking down at Rick who was still alive and well. “Rick, something…….” she said climbing off his cock. She reached out to touch it only to see a small yellow spark. “How is this possible?”

“Shadow……… she gave……. me condom……… and…….”

It protected you, it protected you from me, that’s it!” She said getting excited. “We need to find her, maybe she can help me.”

“Leslie……. what’s going…….. on?”

“I don’t know, but I…..” she said before she grabbed her stomach and fell to the floor.

“Leslie,” he said rolling out of bed to help her.

“I need……….. to feed. I’m week, and this form……. I need energy,” she said with pain in her eyes.

“Shit, what do I do?”


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