Feature Writer: Robertos
Feature Title: The Satanic Cult
Uploaded: 28.08.2011
Story Codes: Fantasy, Domination/submission, Extreme, Group Sex, Wife
Introduction: Slut wife violated by the Satanic cult
Author Notes: As in the earlier story of “Devil Worship”, I ask those who like this story to take the trouble to post a positive vote in order to counteract those who can it because of their religious beliefs. It’s only a story after all. If you haven’t read the forerunner to this tale, you probably should. although it’s not entirely necessary if you just want to get on with this one.


The Satanic Cult

Everything about my wife Margie’s session with David had been absolutely fabulous.The talk of Satan and Devil worship had tremendously excited us both.

David’s revelation about the Satanic cult of twenty seven men, and his suggestion that Margie could be taken and used by them all, really stirred our lustfulness, though I really thought that Margie would never take things any further than more threesomes with David. To my great surprise though,. I found that she couldn’t stop fantasizing about the Cult of Satan

David was thrilled when I told him of this lustful fascination with the cult. He informed me that to date the cult had only had girls who had been heavily drugged, and the possibility of having Margie submitting of her own free will was something that made him lust even more for my wife. I still, even though Margie did seem so lured by it all, couldn’t believe that she would ever go so far as to agree to be used in that way.

David, in order to try my wife out to see if she indeed would consider going further, spoke directly to her, and told her to go shopping and to purchase the most beautiful underwear available – stockings, suspender belt, panties, camisole, quarter-cup bra, as well as the most elegant shoes with extreme high heels that she could find. All of this clothing was to be of virginal white and of the most beautiful and delicate design. He then told her that she would wear this outfit when she was taken to the Satanic Chapel to be used by the other cult members.

I was amazed when Margie, without hesitation, agreed to all that she was told. Two days later she was excitedly showing me the things she had purchased.

I couldn’t believe it. “Do you really want to go though with this thing?” I asked in wonderment.

At first she thought that I didn’t want her to do it, but when I told her that I would think her the most wonderful thing if she did indeed submit and be used as a Satanic offering, she told me that she did indeed want to do it even though she was somewhat scared and apprehensive about it.

“Perhaps,” I told her, “you are already under Satan’s control.” This thought thrilled us both incredibly, and Margie became more confident about going ahead with it.

It took some weeks before the session with The Satanic Cult was arranged. David explained that the various members were scattered about the country, and that it took time for them to arrange to gather together. During this time, Margie became more and more excited and thrilled at the prospect of what might happen to her, and she couldn’t stop talking of it and wondering just what would happen.

Finally the day and the time arrived. Margie spent a long time in her preparation but looked absolutely superb when she finally declared that she was ready. The underwear that she’d bought was so gorgeous and she looked perfect in every way, and so very, very sexy.

David had already joined us and he and I had excitedly and eagerly awaited my wife’s readiness.

In the car, we drove for miles through open countryside, but finally, after more than an hour’s drive, David directed me to turn up a small, unsealed road, along which we traveled for some miles more before pulling into the grounds of what looked like an old country church.

The lower windows of the building looked to be shrouded with heavy, black, cloth drapes, but a large, upper, stained glass window shone magnificently with colored pictures of the crucified Christ at the top, with the saints depicted beneath, and right at the base the inferno of Hell with the damned souls being consumed by the flames.

The night was cold and it was threatening rain. There was no one about out of doors, although a large number of cars where parked outside the old building. Entering by a side doorway, and passing a boiler that emanated warmth, Margie and I found ourselves in a small room which, judging from the hubbub of voices, was attached to the main hall of the church.

David told Margie to take off the coat that she’d worn over her underwear outfit and to prepare her mind for what was about to take place. I could see that she was tremendously excited, but also, almost trembling with nervousness.

“Don’t worry,” David told her with a smile, “Satan and his Devils are with you.”

I felt a cold shiver run through my spine, but Margie, on the contrary, seemed to take heart at this statement, and to grow less nervous.

Peering through the open doorway, I could just see the altar and surrounds all draped in black satin cloth with the floor carpeted with a deep purple carpet.

David quickly stripped his clothes off and donned a thick, black, garment, pulling the cowl up over his head. He then flipped a couple of switches on the wall so that the area of the altar darkened and suffused with a reddish glow, the rest of the hall being submerged in shadow. Immediately the chatter in the church subsided into an excited and expectant murmuring as the congregation of Satanists eagerly saw that what they’d impatiently been waiting for, was about to take place.

“Wait here,” David said to us, he then stepped through the doorway into the church. We could hear his voice addressing the gathered men who had immediately hushed in excited expectation.

“Satanic Brother’s,” he began, “As you know, our Lord Satan has delivered to us a
young woman to be abused for his glory.”

Again an excited murmur arose from the unseen congregation.

“Not only is this woman young , but she is beautiful as well. She is a pure and chaste bride, having been married before God in his holy church. Our Lord Satan has chosen this young bride and her husband to be corrupted for his glory. He has chosen them to corrupt and destroy the purity and chastity of their marriage. He has chosen them to make a mockery of their wedding vows before God, and he has chosen this young bride for us to look upon her body, and to molest with evil thoughts in our minds, and finally to fuck and to abuse in abominable ways.”

Again a murmur of approbation arose. David continued: “Our Lord Satan has sown his seeds of evil, and this young woman has shown her worth by offering a prayer to him while she was being fucked with the holy symbol of the crucifix.”

More murmurs of approval as David continued; “The husband of this pure offering to The Lord Devil, has seen the evil of the Satanic way, and willingly offers his chaste wife to be used in the practise of wickedness and evil.”

Here David motioned to Margie to step forth into the presence of the gathered congregation.

I looked at my wife’s face and saw her eyes wide with nervousness, and a flush upon her face, all of which made her look even more beautiful. She stepped forward onto the raised platform before the men who would abuse and corrupt her for Satan. There was a great hubbub of comments and sounds of approval from the gathered men. There were gasps at her pure loveliness and sexiness, as well as comments of praise, and a general enthusiasm and eagerness of the men to lay hands upon her pure body.

I’d looked towards the darkened body of the church as Margie had stepped forward onto the raised platform, my gaze being greeted by a sea of faces all shrouded in the same black, hooded garb that David wore. I felt a shudder, not of fear for my wife, but of elation, as I thought of how she was to become their victim and a sacrifice to Satan..

David now beckoned to me to step forward, and he next addressed me directly.

“Robert, having conformed to the rituals and rites of the Christian church in wedding Margaret, and having promised before God to honour your wife and remain true and faithful to her, do you now renounce those vows and give your wife to be abused and used in honour of The Evil One, The Lord Satan?”

I felt overwhelming lust arising within me, and I felt my cock rapidly swelling as I answered in a firm, loud voice, “I DO.”

An appreciative murmur of approval, with one or two of the congregation commenting more audibly.

“Fellow Satanists,” David resumed, now addressing the congregation. “Let us behold this man’s wife, the pure and lovely victim of Our Lord The Devil, as yet chaste and unsullied but even now with her mind filled by Satan’s power, and wishing to become His whore and His harlot.”

Margaret’s heart was racing, her mind was in a whirl. She’d listened to everything that had been said and had grown more and more lustful and excited. She knew that the moment she had stepped through that door, she was lost and would truly become a whore of The Devil, but she’d had no qualms about what she was doing, in fact she was savoring the wonderful moment of formally giving herself to The Evil One.

I watched on with incredible lust and excitement as I saw my darling wife being gloated upon and offered to Satan. I knew that very soon she would be fucked and ravished by all of these assembled men.

“Margaret,” David now spoke again, addressing my wife.

“Before God’s altar you promised chastity and purity, you promised faithfulness towards your husband Robert, do you now freely renounce those vows?”

Margaret went to speak but in her extreme excitement the words could hardly be heard even by David standing right before her.

She took a deep breath and then in a pure and sweet voice, uttered the words “I DO.”

“And do you Margaret,” David continued, smiling lecherously at her as he spoke,

“Do you give yourself to Satan to be his whore and slut, that you may be made corrupt and sinful?”

Once more Margaret answered clearly, “I DO?”

“Do you offer your body to the disciples of Satan, that they may use you for wicked and sinful purposes that The Lord Devil shall be pleased to see your purity and chastity defiled and sullied?”

Margaret’s mind was surging with lustful excitement and she wondered if The Devil had indeed possessed her. Again in a clear, melodious voice she answered in the affirmative,

“I DO.”

Whereas I had only been asked one question, it was obvious that David was turned on by making my wife answer many questions about her degradation.

“Are you willing to become Satan’s harlot?” she was asked.

She replied, “I AM.”

“Are you desirous of becoming base and wicked and to have your body used for gross indecencies?”

Again she replied, “I AM.”

David’s grin had become more and more broad with each question. He now turned back to address the men in the congregation.

“Brothers in wickedness,” he said grinning, “let us please our Lord and Master, Satan, and destroy every last vestige of goodness in this victim of The Evil One. Let us truly make her his whore and slut and harlot.

Turning to some large object that stood covered with purple silk shrouds,.

David announced, “let the slut be taught the difference between good and evil.”

With these words he pulled the silk cloth so that it fell away to reveal a life sized crucifix, that crucifix that had been a part of the original church for over one hundred years, and which had been venerated by worshipers for that length of time. Margie gasped when she saw the crucifix. Between the loins of Christ, protruded a huge, fat, curved, erect penis some two inches thick and perhaps ten inches long.

At David’s last words, the men in the congregation had eagerly surged forward to do what they would with Margie. Her beautiful underwear was now almost ripped from her body and several burly men now bodily lifted her naked body upwards towards the crucifix. At the same time she felt a greasy hand slopping muck onto her asshole, and she immediately knew the purpose as she was located on to the massive cock of Jesus which, with her downward weight, pressed at the hole of her ass, pushing it open so that the huge cock began to slide upwards into her body.

“God!” She gasped as she felt the massive head of the cock opening her hole and stretching her anal passage wide.

“Not a word we use here,” one of the men laughed at her.

“My Lord and Master, Satan,” Margie gasped, correcting herself.

The head of the huge cock had entered her hole and she felt as if she would be split open. The men held her upright in position and let her weight sink her slowly down on the cock of Christ as it slowly entered her bowels. She was gasping and panting, she had never before blasphemed but now, almost without thinking, and perhaps with The Devil controlling her mind, she uttered the words, “fuck me with the cock of Christ that I am sodomized for The Lord Satan.”

Fortunate that she was a petite little thing and light of weight, the massive thick cock only slowly penetrated up into her intestines but even so her anus did reach the bottom curve of the cock and she was supported impaled thus, gasping as she felt the huge thickness of Christ’s cock stretching her incredibly, feeling the cock pressing and stretching the furthest recesses of her anal passage.

In this position, the men buckled two leather straps around Margie’s arms and fastened her to the cross bar of the crucifix so that she was like a crucified whore with the cock of Christ up her ass.

While the number of men had been positioning and fastening Margie, other men had dragged another large object across in front of her. This object was slightly larger that the crucifix upon which Margie was fastened, and, being covered with a purple shroud, she assumed that it was another such figure of Christ upon the cross.

Once Margie was positioned and fastened to the cross, with the huge cock deep within her bowels, David again stood in front of her and looking up at her, he said loudly so that all could hear, “Behold, slut of Satan, your Master.” With these words he tugged the purple silk cloth which easily fell away to reveal a huge, magnificent, carved image of The Devil, similar to the portrait that she had first seen at David’s apartment on the occasion of her being fucked with the crucifix.

Margie gasped and stared at the splendor of the beast. It wasn’t until a moment or two of staring at the cruel and fearsome face of the carved image before she looked further over the splendid being and saw a massive cock rising proudly from between the animal like loins of the Satanic Beast.

The men now edged the carved image of Satan close to Margie so that the huge, thick cock pressed against her naked belly. The closer it came to her, the more she was entranced by the eyes that looked straight into her own. At first she had the idea that the eyes were real but she told herself how could they be. And yet they stared cruelly into her own and seemed to be alive. She was truly entranced.
She stared at the transfixing eyes, at first with some feelings of fear, then of fascination, and finally of submission and devotion.

The men supported Margie once again, and undid the straps attaching her to the cross, then two men, standing on small stools, lifted her up off the cock of Christ, and then positioned her so that not only was that original cock still probing at her ass, but also the huge cock of The Devil was entering into her vagina.

Slowly both cocks, those of Christ and Satan penetrated together into her body. She gasped as she felt the two massive cocks entering into both anus and vagina, stretching both channels incredibly.

“Fucking whore! Filthy slut! Satanic cunt!” Were just some of the comments that she heard and which filled her with ever increasing lust for what was being done to her.

She clung to the animal like image of Satan, and gazed into the fascinating eyes. Never had she experienced such a feeling, she felt that she must surely be ripped open by the massive cocks within her body, and yet her holes seemed to slowly accommodate them and she felt more wonderful than she had ever felt in her entire life.

While she hung there impaled, the men had been busy fastening some machines to the base of the two statues. A switch was thrown and a dull droning noise began. A lever on each machine was then operated and both crucifix and figure of Satan began to tremble so that the two cocks vibrated within her ass and cunt.

“VE STNA, HL STN, LD f DKNSS, RG STNA” Margie’s words came out like a chant of Devilish ritual.

Electrodes were next placed in close proximity and green arcs of electric discharge flowed and quivered over Margie’s naked body. Her body shook and quivered, with the green arcs of electricity crackling and twisting.

“VE SATNA” she babbled over and over and over.

Robert got very excited at seeing his wife subjected to such spectacular treatment, and thinking that she was being electrocuted to death.

“No, no, it’s not lethal,” one of the men told him after he’d said something about Margie being killed.

“It’s just very nasty,” the man laughed. “The fucking whore is really fucked isn’t she,”

After some ten minutes of subjection to this treatment, David finally threw the switch. The violent arcing and the shaking of the vibrators stopped. Margie slumped between the crucifix and the Satanic Idol, panting and gasping, her magnificently naked body glistening with perspiration.

Many hands lifted her from the cocks and her ass and cunt gaped open after the incredible fucking from the two massive cocks.

“All right,” David said, taking charge, “onto the altar with the whore.” She was lifted up by many willing hands, and in a moment her naked body was lying upon the black altar, her arms and legs askew and hanging over the edges.

The men eagerly gathered around Margaret’s body upon the black altar.

“Lord Satan,” David began, addressing the disciples. He then began babbling a strange tongue unlike anything that Robert had ever heard.

Somewhere along the way he seemed to revert to English,. “Ever and ever for Satan’s glory, who’s power and kingdom is his, into evil deliver us, with wicked temptation and covetness of our neighbor’s wife, this kingdom of evil is forever yours Lord Satan the Evil One knowing all wickedness, sin and corruption.

Take then this woman sacrificed upon your altar, ravage her mind and body, and take her to torment and destroy for your glory and honor Lord Satan.
Let us, your disciples abuse and ravage the body of this woman, taking all good from her to be replaced with corruption and sin. May you so defile her Lord Satan, that she becomes vile and corrupt.

David then once more drifted into the strange mumbo-jumbo not unlike the words that Margaret had used when being electrified and tortured.


David then gave Robert a card and told him to deliver the prayer to Satan.
Robert looked at the card, and began to recite the words:

“My Lord and Master, Satan. I give to you my wife to use as you wish. May she, a fallen christian and follower of god, be pleasing to you oh Lord Satan, in that she, once holy and pure, is now vile and filled with sin. May it please you oh Lord Satan, to see your disciples make every foul and sinful use of my wife’s body in your name, and may it please you that I give her to You, through your disciples, to use in any way that they may see that it pleases you, even in life or in death. AVE SATANA.”

Upon completion of this strange ritual, the men fell upon Margie’s body and took everything that they wanted, fucking her mouth, cunt, and ass; mauling her breasts, touching every private part of her body. Nothing was spared so that before long every orifice in her body was a mess of sperm, sloppy and dribbling.

Some men had demon masks with horns and evil eyes, some had adopted masks in the form of goats heads, and all of these Margie gave her lusting body to, as if to The Devil, Satan. Never had she felt such lustfulness for sexual depravity. She thrilled in the knowledge that all was evil and wicked, done in the name of Satan.

Man after man had his desire with Margaret, many, after a short time, coming back to again rape and abuse her body, this time in one opening, next time in another. Not one man at a time by any means, at times she had two, three, four men abusing her femininity until she was vile and corrupted.

The men continually fucked and abused her voluptuous body, with many more milling about her and wanting their turn with her lovely nakedness. Margie freely gave of herself, lusting and desiring more and more of the lovely, big, hard cocks that entered her body by way of cunt, mouth and ass. Her hands groped about for those cocks that were waiting and not actually in her body.

She, when men ejaculated into her mouth, happily swallowed it down and then looked about her for the next cock that was to fuck her mouth. Those men who called her a whore of Satan, or some other demeaning name, she responded to all the more, not that there was any cock that she didn’t respond to. Now one man pushed his entire hand up into Margie’s sperm soaked cunt. This was a sign for others to try the same, at first only using her stretched and sloppy cunt, but soon she was heaved this way and that as her ass too became an orifice for men’s hands to enter.

Never in her life had Margaret felt so used and abused, and she reveled in it, responding to every abuse of her body, wanting ever more and more. She knew that now she belonged to The Devil Satan, and she wanted to be sinful and unholy in the extreme for Him. She knew that she would do anything whatsoever that was evil and wicked, she wanted this treatment to never stop, and indeed, it went on for some hours of incredible lust and debauchery..

David standing next to Robert, looked upon the scene of total depravity, and with a smile said, “your wife Margaret is truly possessed by The Devil now,” then he added with a malicious grin, “we’ll do this sort of thing a few more times before we use her in celebrating a Black Mass.”


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  1. Oh Lord Satan! I can’t wait fpr the celebration of the Black Mass with the harlot for Your glory!!! Ave Satana!

  2. HELL YEA lucky ASS bitch wish it was my bitch boi ASS getting used for LORD SATAN may he makes us all his bitches to worship him and be RAPED by SATAN and his DEMONS sweetie praying for SATAN’S HOTT SEED sweetie thanks for the story sweetie

  3. Back in 1962,when i was 12 years old,my buddy Scott had an older brother Brian,who was 20 at the time.Brian was somewhat of a free spirit and had his own car.That summer,brian took off on a trip out west and into canada and had his video camera with him.Two months later in August he came back home and told me and scott that he had crossed the border into southern canada and met a girl in a cafe.She told him that she belonged to a satanic cult and she invited brian to the underground complex that the cult lived in.He told me and scott that he lived with the girl for a few weeks and then the one day she told him that the cult was going to sacrifice a 16 year old virgin girl that was a runaway and that they had taken her in.Brian told us that three days later the girl whom he had met told him that they were sacrificing the virgin that night around midnight.Brian sad he put his camera in his back pack and had the lens thru a hole in the side of the pack.Then he told us,the girl took him around 11:30 pm to a clearing in the woods that was lit up with lights and there was a wooden platform about 8 feet off the ground with steps at one end and in front of the platform was a huge bonfire going with big logs in it.Brian said that he turned on his camera then and filmed what happened next.He showed scott and i the video from that point on.We saw the virgin girl being escorted by two boys up the steps and onto the platform.The girl was was wearing a diaper with plastic babypants over it and a white tee shirt and a baby type bonnet on her head and her hands were tied in front of her.The high priest came up onto the platform and then dropped his black trousers and forced the virgin to her knees and made her give him oral sex.After he was done,he helped the girl to her feet,then led her to the front edge of the platform and pushed her off and into the roaring inferno!The sound in his camera caught the girl screaming as she started to burn.The video went on and showed the girl burning and her body turning black! Thats when brian said he stopped the video. It was gut wrenching watching the video and brian told us that a couple weeks later he left and showed the video to the canadian police so they could investigate.

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