Feature Writer: Unknown
Feature Title: The Preacher’s Wife


The Preacher’s Wife

Jack Strong fidgeted in his seat waiting for the movie to start. He hated this part… sitting alone in a porn theater, self-consciously thinking that everyone was staring at him. Of course the few others spread out in the dimly lit room were feeling the same way. But this was an ordinary event for Jack. As a traveling salesman, Jack was on one of his usual business trips to the big city. The 100 mile drive was a pain, but it did have some advantages. There were no porn theaters in his small, conservative town. So, when Jack went to the big city, he either tried to pick up women at bars or he visited the triple-X movie theaters.

The 45 year old divorced salesman sat low in his seat. He tried not to look at the others, but he occasionally felt compelled to.

“Why won’t the movie begin already?” he mumbled to himself.

Just then a figure caught his eye — a woman walking down the aisle. That in itself was strange, but this particular woman looked so out of place. The woman couldn’t see more than shadows since she just entered the darkness from the bright light outside, but Jack’s eyes had already adjusted. She was young, no more than mid-twenties, and very homely looking. It wasn’t that she was not pretty, but her blonde hair was tied up in an old woman’s bun and her frumpy, plain dress had no shape, coming well below her knees. All the buttons that ran up the front of the dress were fastened… all of them… from the hem to the neck. Jack watched as the woman awkwardly walked crablike in the row she selected until settling into the last seat — the one against the far wall. She sat and slouched down, never looking around, evidently trying to be inconspicuous and blend in with the furniture.

The movie started, capturing Jack’s attention. He watched the plot-less fucking and sucking, but kept glancing at the woman who he studied. Her eyes never left the big screen. All of a sudden he didn’t care about being anonymous and got up, walked from his center seat to the aisle, and then down the aisle to the row the woman was sitting in. He took a deep breath to get his courage and made his way down the row, plopping down in the seat next to the woman.

The woman quickly turned her head with a startled look on her face. Actually, it was filled with panic and fear as well. She abruptly stood up and tried to maneuver past Jack’s knees to make her escape.

“What’s your hurry, Mrs. Calligan?” Jack whispered.

“Please let me by. Please, I have to….” the woman began, but then froze. “H-How do y-you know my n-name?” she stuttered.

“You’re the preacher’s wife,” Jack stated matter-of-factly.

“B-But… b-but….” she blabbered.

“Sit down, people are staring,” Jack said. The woman’s eyes darted through the mostly empty theater and quickly sat down. “That’s better,” Jack whispered. “Now tell me, what’s a preacher’s wife doing here?”

Jack watched the young woman’s pained face as she tried to fabricate an explanation. But she wasn’t accustomed to lying and couldn’t come up with an excuse. She had been caught red-handed.

“Never mind, let’s just watch the movie,” Jack finally said.

The woman turned back to the big screen, almost relieved that she didn’t have to answer. Jack watched the movie, but often turned to look at the woman intently staring at the action. She was lovely and the light coming from the movie illuminated her flushed cheeks. Before too long, the woman was breathing hard and letting out little sighs now and again. Jack’s gaze returned to the film and saw the actress fondling a cock.

Without taking his eyes off the screen, Jack leaned over and whispered in the woman’s ear, “Do you like that?”

“Uh huh,” she answered almost absentmindedly.

“Do you wish you were the girl?”

“Uh huh.”

While the preacher’s wife was engrossed in the action on the screen, Jack quietly unzipped his pants and fished his cock out. He grabbed the woman’s hand and guided it to his dick. Her small fingers automatically wrapped around his meat and squeezed. Then she realized what had happened and pulled her hand away as if it had touched a red hot coal.

“Go on, I won’t tell anyone,” Jack coaxed her.

“No, please, I can’t,” she said, trying desperately to look away from the stranger’s cock protruding obscenely from his pants, but her eyes were drawn to it.

Not counting the cocks in the porn movies she occasionally went to, it was the first dick she had ever seen other than her husband’s. And she rarely saw his. The preacher was very strict about sex. To him, sex served two purposes. First, to make babies and, second, to relieve the desires implanted in man by Satan to tempt him to sin. The woman’s role was simply to be a non-responsive receptacle. Therefore, sex in the preacher’s home was infrequent and done in shame, always under the covers in the missionary position. The preacher would say, “Satan’s calling,” giving his wife the signal to slip her knickers off under the covers and lift her flannel nightgown to her waist. He’d then get under the covers, between his wife’s obediently spread legs, pull the cock the Devil made hard through the slit in his boxers, and unceremoniously stick it into his wife’s dry pussy. No foreplay… no loving… just a few in and out strokes until he came. Then he’d replace his now soft dick back into his boxers and go to sleep. It was infrequent that the young wife accidently saw her husband’s penis.

But now there was a real cock within reach. She glanced at the actress on the screen playing with the cock and wanted to do it too. Her temptation won out and her hand returned to Jack’s lap, grasping his organ. She made the same sigh Jack had heard while she had watched the action on the screen.

Jack watched the dainty hand slowly move up and down his hardening cock. He couldn’t believe the preacher’s wife was sitting next to him in a dirty movie theater jerking him off. Just the thought she was another man’s wife was exciting, but to know she was the preacher’s wife was so much more.

The young wife kept glancing back at the screen to see what the actress was doing and tried to mimic her actions. When the actress used two hands, so did the preacher’s wife. When the actress fondled the man’s balls, the preacher’s wife snaked her hand inside Jack’s pants and did the same. But when the actress began licking the cock like an ice cream cone, the preacher’s wife hesitated. She looked at the screen, then at Jack, then at his cock still in her grasp, then the screen again, and then Jack. When her gaze returned to his cock, Jack’s gentle nudge on the back of her head was all the encouragement she needed. The preacher’s wife lowered her face to Jack’s lap and quickly licked the large mushroom-shaped cock-head protruding from her small fist. As soon as she had done it her head shot up and she looked around the theater to see if anyone had seen.

When the preacher’s wife looked at Jack again he nodded towards the screen. Her jaw dropped when she realized why he told her to look at the movie. The actress was now sucking the cock, bobbing her head up and down. Before the young wife had time to think, she felt a pressure on the back of her head. She submissively allowed Jack’s hand to push her head back into his lap, opening her mouth to capture his cock between her lips. Soon her head was moving up and down in Jack’s lap while she sucked and licked his cock. Although it was her first time, she had seen enough porn movies to understand the basics.

Jack reached around the preacher’s wife’s body and grabbed her right tit. She pushed his hand away, but never stopped sucking. Again and again Jack grabbed her tit, but she kept pushing his hand away. After all, she was a married woman and couldn’t let another man touch her there. The fact that his cock was in her mouth didn’t even register.

The preacher’s wife, lost in some kind of sexual dream, sucked the stranger’s cock like she would lose it forever if she stopped. The strain of her leaning over caused her back to begin hurting so she shifted in her seat, dropping to her knees on the dirty floor. All thought of watching the movie was forgotten. The real thing was in her mouth and she was like a child on Christmas morning with a new toy.

Jack watched the top of the preacher’s wife’s head as it bobbed up and down in his lap. He still couldn’t believe it was happening. But the feelings in his groin were real, and approaching the point of no return. He knew that if he didn’t stop now he wouldn’t be able to, but he didn’t care. With his fingers clamped tight on the armrests, Jack jerked his hips upward.

The young wife was so engrossed with sucking a cock for the first time she didn’t even realize when the first load of semen entered her mouth. She kept sucking, but then another ejaculation caused her mouth to fill. Aware of what was happening, the preacher’s wife looked up with wide eyes at the man staring down at her. But when the third load entered her mouth her head jerked back with such force that it banged against the back of the seat in the next row.

Jack stared down at the stunned woman on her knees. Her lips were pressed tightly together and her cheeks puffed out, not knowing what to do with the cum in her mouth. But Jack couldn’t worry about it since he was in the middle of an orgasm. He quickly grabbed his now loose cock just before it erupted again, spewing his white goo into the air. The preacher’s wife’s eyes followed the stream of sperm until she realized it was going to hit her. Shutting her eyes tight, she felt the hot jizz splash onto her face. Her hands automatically went up, palms towards Jack, to protect her from more of the same. Jack smothered his cock with his other hand, capturing the rest of his sperm into his cupped palm.

Jack held his shrinking cock while staring down at the young wife. When she thought it was safe, the preacher’s wife lowered her hands and slowly opened her eyes. Her cheeks were still puffed out. She turned to the side and lowered her head, letting the slimy goo flow from between her lips. Jack thought it was the most erotic thing he had ever seen — the preacher’s wife on her knees at his feet, some of his sperm on her face and in her hair, and his cock-cream pouring from her mouth leaving a puddle on the floor.

When most of his sperm was out of her mouth, the preacher’s wife looked up at Jack in shock. Her mouth opened and her hands went to her face. She quickly pulled her hands away and looked at one, seeing the sticky substance on her palm. She realized the stranger’s sperm was on her face.

The preacher’s wife jumped to her feet and was about to make a dash for the aisle, but Jack blocked her way by pressing his foot against the seat in front of him. She tried to climb over his leg but he grabbed her and almost flung her into her seat. She sat there in silence, still tasting the cum in her mouth and on her lips.

“That was great,” Jack whispered.

“Please let me go,” she implored.

“Why, the movie is still on?”

“I don’t want to see it anymore. I just want to go,” she said, her head lowered and her eyes boring into her lap. When Jack didn’t respond, the preacher’s wife, without lifting her eyes, said, “I don’t know why I did that.”

“Are you sorry you did?” Jack asked.

“Yes… it was wrong.”


“I’m married… and it’s a sin to enjoy sex.”

“So you enjoyed it?” Jack asked with a glint in his eye. When she didn’t answer he added, “Well, I enjoyed it.”

The young wife’s head shot up and she turned to face Jack. The actors in the movies all seemed to enjoy having sex, but her husband didn’t. Her parents were like that as well and, if it hadn’t been for the fact that she was born, she would have thought they never had sex either. Since she was an only child she grew up thinking they tried it once and she was the result. But when she was lying on her back in bed while her husband thrust his dick in and out of her, she had a desire to push back. She never did, knowing he would scold her for enjoying it. But this stranger said he enjoyed it.

“I liked it too,” she admitted in a whisper hardly audible.

“Then let’s enjoy the rest of the movie,” Jack said, taking her left hand in his right.

The preacher’s wife almost pulled her hand away when a man other than her husband embraced it, but she wanted to hold his hand. And their clasped hands were resting on her thigh, warming her body. She felt so wicked sitting next to a strange man, holding his hand against her thigh.

While they watched the movie, Jack’s hand gently squeezed hers. His hand was face up and hers down, fingers entwined. She allowed the intimacy and didn’t even object when the back of his hand began sliding on her thigh. But when it pushed against the juncture of her tightly clenched legs, she yanked it away. Jack passed her hand to his left one and held it against the inside of his right thigh. Then he draped his right arm across her shoulders, pulling her body towards his. She rested her head on his shoulder like they were sweethearts. With his right hand hanging over her right shoulder, Jack cupped her breast. She tried to push his hand away with her free hand, but he was persistent and soon she gave up. Jack was squeezing the preacher’s wife’s tit in a public movie theater.

It was the first time the young wife felt anyone caress her breast. She tried to stop it at first but after a short while it felt good. This surprised her, thinking the only purpose of a tit was to feed a baby. She never thought it would feel good when squeezed. But it did. Soon the preacher’s wife was moaning softly, almost purring.

Jack’s cock was still sticking out of his fly. When he pulled the hand he was holding to it and let go, the preacher’s wife automatically grasped it, squeezing the soft meat with her fingers. This left Jack’s left hand free which he used to open the top buttons of the woman’s button-down dress. Before the preacher’s wife realized what was happening, Jack’s right hand slipped into the now open dress and onto her bra-covered tit. She lazily glanced down at the hand inside her dress and then her eyes went back to the screen. An actress was taking on two guys at once, one in her pussy and one in her mouth. When Jack’s hand slipped under the bra and cupped her bare breast, the preacher’s wife began squeezing Jack’s cock harder as her body responded to his skin on skin titillation. Even her husband had never touched her breast.

Jack nudged the preacher’s wife’s head off his shoulder and then turned towards her. He began nibbling on her earlobe. The young wife never knew she could get into the aroused state she was in and didn’t notice Jack’s free hand unbuttoning the bottom buttons of her dress, from the hem to the waist. She was lost in the stimulus of his hand on her tit, his teeth nipping her earlobe and his tongue probing inside her ear canal, her hand on his now hard cock, and the fucking and sucking on the screen.

Jack didn’t want to scare the woman by having the front of her dress come completely undone, so he left a few buttons intact at her midsection. He looked at her body and saw her plain white bra with his hand inside one cup and her white cotton underwear. She didn’t seem to realize she was so exposed, her eyes fixed on the large movie screen. But when Jack pressed his hand between her thighs, the preacher’s wife snapped out of her stupefied sexual trance and bolted upright. She violently pushed his hands away, pulled the bottom two halves of her dress together and held them between her clamped legs, and pulled the top part together.

“What are you doing?” she exclaimed, clutching her dress against her chest.

“Just returning the favor,” Jack whispered.

“What favor?” she asked, still agitated.

“You made me feel good so I want to make you feel good.”

“I-I shouldn’t enjoy this. It’s a sin.”

Jack was flabbergasted. The woman was watching a porn movie and had just given him a blow-job. He couldn’t understand why she would say it was a sin for her to enjoy what they were doing. He decided to use another tactic.

“It’s a sin not to feel pleasure,” he countered.

“What?! Why do you say that?” the befuddled, naïve woman asked.

“God designed our bodies so that we would enjoy the touch of another person. God filled us with love and wanted us to love each other in ways that give us pleasure. Why are you going against God’s will?”

“I’m not going against the Lord. It’s Satan’s doing, not the Almighty’s.”

“Nonsense!! I can prove it.”

“You can? How?”

“If you allow me to touch you in a certain place… a place that God created… it will give you pleasures you have never known. If it doesn’t I will leave the theater and you’ll never see me again. But you have to let me touch you there.”

The preacher’s wife thought about it for a moment. Could the stranger be right? After all, God did create her body. When the stranger’s hand was fondling her breast it felt great. Why would the Lord have provided sensitive nerves in that area if he didn’t want her to enjoy the caress? She still thought her desires were Satan’s attempt to make her sin, which she gave in to by going to the dirty movie, but this was different. There was only one way to find out if the stranger was right.

“Where would you touch me?” she asked very sheepishly.

“You’re going to have to trust me.”


“Between your legs.”

“Oh-my-gosh, I couldn’t!!”

“That’s where God put your very special place. That’s where He expected you to be touched.”

The preacher’s wife was troubled. She was still aroused from the previous activities and the stranger was confusing her. She thought he was going to ask to touch her breast again. After all, that gave her enjoyment. But he wanted to touch her vagina. How could she let anyone touch her there? Her husband never would, so how could she allow the stranger to do it? But he said he’d leave if she let him try and it wasn’t pleasurable. There’s no way touching her there would give her pleasure. No way!! But he had put doubt in her mind. She needed to know if he was lying to her or if her entire upbringing was a lie. And if he was lying to her, at least she’d be free of him when she told him he was wrong. He’d leave and she’d be able to return home to the life she understood.

“Okay, but you’ll leave when I tell you I’m not enjoying it, right?” she finally said.

“Deal. Now I’ll show you. Relax your legs.”

Jack pulled the dress out from between her legs and made a space, but not like before where she was completely exposed. He didn’t want her to panic. As it was, her body was trembling. He turned and pressed his mouth to her ear, whispering reassuringly not to worry, to relax, and that she was going to enjoy it. He wanted to distract her as much as he could while he got into position. While whispering in her ear, and occasionally caressing it with his teeth and tongue, Jack slipped his left hand under the waistband of the preacher’s wife’s knickers. He felt her body tense, but she didn’t push him away.

Jack’s fingers traveled over the abundant bush of pubic hair until they found the beginning of her slit. The preacher’s wife’s thighs were still clamped tightly together, but that didn’t foil Jack. He slipped a finger into the slit right onto her clitoris. The young wife audibly gasped when he made contact, and her body jerked. He then began a slow, gentle circular motion with his finger.

The preacher’s wife began breathing harder and little sighs escaped from her. Jack kept whispering in her ear how good he was going to make her feel and reached around with his right hand, sliding it into her bra cup. The preacher’s wife put her hand over her bra, but did not try to remove Jack’s hand. Instead, she pressed his hand against her tit. While Jack squeezed her breast, his other hand was busy between her legs. Slowly, the preacher’s wife’s legs parted, giving Jack better access. He took advantage and occasionally slid his finger down her slit and into her pussy-hole, only to drag it back up and once again onto her clit. Each time he did that his finger got wetter and wetter, adding lubrication to better titillate her little love-button.

The preacher’s wife slouched down in her seat and spread her legs as wide as she could, stopping when they bumped against the armrests. Her dress fell apart, giving Jack an unobstructed view of her old fashioned underwear and the outline of the back of his hand within them. She was moaning loudly now as she experienced pleasure like she had never before.

Just then the house lights came on. The movie had been long forgotten and they didn’t know it had ended. When the room was lit, Jack pulled his hands away from the squirming woman.

“No, don’t stop!” she cried out, her eyes closed. “Please don’t stop!”

Jack looked down at the panting preacher’s wife. Her chest was moving up and down with her heavy breathing. Her legs were spread wide and her hips were uncontrollably jerking, seeking the finger that had abandoned her. Most of her dress was off her body, leaving her very exposed. Her body was gorgeous.

Jack put caution to the wind and slipped his hand back inside her knickers. The preacher’s wife cupped his hand with both of hers and pressed it to her pussy. When Jack’s finger began rubbing her clit again, the preacher’s wife let go of his hand and gripped the armrests tightly. Her pelvis started humping as the pleasure returned.

Jack looked up and saw several men standing around watching. He noticed that the young wife opened her eyes and also saw them. He thought she would bolt upright and push him away again in order to pull her dress together, but she surprised him. He saw her eyes darting from man to man as they looked at her almost naked body.

Then the cocks appeared. All of the men pulled their hard cocks from their pants and began jerking off. The preacher’s wife no longer looked at the men’s faces. She glanced from one cock to the other. All the while Jack was frigging her. And then she came for the first time in her life.

“Oh Jesus!!!” she screamed out. “Oh-my-god. Oh, oh, oh. Oh-my… oh nooooo!!! AAAHHHHHHH!!!!”

Jack pulled his hand out of her knickers and sat back, watching the young wife in the throes of a powerful orgasm. Then one of the men came, shooting his cum through the air, some of it landing on the preacher’s wife’s thighs. And then someone behind her came, shooting his sperm all over her head, face, and chest. One after another came, some of their sperm falling onto an empty seat or the floor, but some onto the preacher’s wife’s body and clothes.

The preacher’s wife languishly opened her eyes after experiencing the most incredible feeling of her young life. Her eyes lazily looked around, seeing but not comprehending what she saw. Then it registered! Several men were staring at her and, when she looked down her body, realized she was almost nude. In a panic, the preacher’s wife abruptly sat up and pulled her dress closed. She huddled like that with her hands clutching the dress to her body and leaning forward trying to cover as much of her as possible.

“Okay guys, time to get,” Jack announced.

One by one, the men stuffed their still leaking pricks into their trousers and marched out of the theater. Jack was left alone with the preacher’s wife. He looked at her in the bright lights. She was stunning. Although she wore no makeup, her facial features were breathtaking — little button nose, big blue eyes, long fluttering eyelashes, flawless complexion. Her blonde hair was still in a bun, although several hairs were now hanging loose, but the color glimmered with her natural pigments. And her body!! Wow!! Her frame was small, around 5’4″, and her thin waist was expected, but her breasts were large — 36C’s!! And those breasts looked even bigger on her petite body.

“Oh my, those men saw me,” the young wife cried out, tears of embarrassment falling down her cheeks.

“So what, no harm done,” Jack tried to comfort her.

“No harm? Jesus forgive me… they saw me naked.”

“Well, not technically,” Jack said with a chuckle. “You have ugly underwear on that covered almost everything.”

“But they saw my underwear. And… and they saw your hand inside them. Oh-my-gosh, they saw what you were doing to me.”

“And they saw how much you enjoyed it,” Jack added. “I guess I was right. The Lord designed our bodies for pleasure. Now tell me… did you enjoy it?”

The preacher’s wife looked directly into Jack’s face and hesitated. She didn’t want to admit it, but it was a sin to lie. She slowly nodded her head.

“And it looks like all those men did too,” Jack said, pointing his finger at her.

The preacher’s wife looked down and saw the wet spots on her dress where it touched the sperm on her body. Then she felt it on her face, touching it with her fingers to make sure. She had a look of disgust knowing the men had spilled their seed onto her.

“Wait here, I’ll get you some paper towels from the bathroom to wipe yourself with.”

Jack left the preacher’s wife sitting by herself in an adult movie theater clutching her soiled dress to her sticky body. Sperm was drying on her face and in her hair. She realized she had kicked off one of her shoes while the stranger was pleasuring her and she bent down to locate it. When she found it she slipped it on and looked up. A boy, about 18 years old, was staring down at her in shock. Luckily for her, Jack returned at that moment.

“Is there a problem?” Jack asked the boy.

“I’m going to have to call the cops,” he responded.

“What?!! Oh-my-god no!!” the preacher’s wife screeched.

“Why will you need to do that?” Jack said calmly.

“Well, she caused a disturbance and… and… well, she was indecent.”

The preacher’s wife was in shock. She had been sneaking trips to the big city to see the porn movies, but her husband had no idea. But if she were arrested, he would surely find out. Her life would be ruined, and so would her husband’s. Her body shut down, not knowing what to do, so she just sat there trembling. She saw the stranger lean down to whisper something in the boy’s ear and the teenager’s eyes got real wide and looked up and down her body. His leer made her feel dirty and cheap. Then Jack came over to her.

“I made a deal with the kid,” he informed her.

“Will he call the police?” she asked, terror stricken.

“Not if you cooperate.”

“Of course I’ll cooperate. I don’t want any trouble. I’ll leave and never come back if that’s what he wants. I promise.”

“That’s not what he wants,” Jack informed her. “He wants something else.”


“First, he wants to see what the other guys saw. He wants you to open up your dress like before.”

“Oh-my-gosh, I can’t. I just can’t,” she wailed.

“It’s either that or the police,” Jack clarified her options.

“Oh-my-god, oh Jesus,” she cried out in blasphemy.

After considering the situation, the preacher’s wife slowly sat up and pulled the top of her dress apart, displaying her bra. She saw the boy stare at her large tits and lick his lips. She found that simple gesture repulsive, but her trembling fingers took hold of the bottom portion of her dress and spread it apart as well. He could now see her underwear.

“Um… Mrs. Calligan,” Jack began, using her name for the first time since he first sat next to her, “you need to spread your legs. He wants to see you just like the men did.”

The preacher’s wife’s cheeks turned a bright red. The theater was brightly lit and she was conscious of what she was doing. The boy kept staring at her body, waiting for her to show him more. She had gone this far so she decided to do what he wanted and end her humiliating ordeal. Her knees slowly parted. She saw the boy’s eyes lock on her crotch, but she couldn’t bring herself to look at what he was staring at. She just sat there blushing even more.

“Will she do the other?” the boy asked Jack.

“What other?” the preacher’s wife asked, closing her legs.

“Remember how you pleased me before?” Jack asked. “You know, when the movie was playing and we got… um, intimate.”

“I don’t understand,” the befuddled woman said.

Jack simply stuck his forefinger in his own mouth and moved his head back and forth a few times.

“Oh no!! I can’t. He’s just a boy!”

“It’s either that or the cops,” Jack informed her.

The preacher’s wife was in a pickle. It was bad enough showing the boy her body, but this was so much worse. She didn’t even know how she could have done it to the stranger and regretted doing it, but she was being told to do it again… and with another stranger… a boy. She looked up at the two glaring down at her, praying for a miracle… for a reprieve… for a pardon. But the two stood steadfast, waiting for her decision.

After what seemed like an eternity to the preacher’s wife, but lasted only about two minutes, she gave in and agreed. The boy scrambled closer until his legs were touching the preacher’s wife’s knees and the backs of his legs were against the seat in the next row. He fumbled with his pants until they fell to his feet. The preacher’s wife just stared at him in shock. Then he pulled his underwear down to mid-thigh and his little, hard cock pointed accusingly at her. She had sinned and this was her penance.

The preacher’s wife stared at the boy’s cock and felt a warmth spread throughout her body. It was a new cock, one different from the others. It was smaller than the stranger’s and her husband’s, and much smaller than the ones in the movies, but it was so hard. And it looked cute jutting out from his body. She noticed his balls were a small, tight sack barely observable. And the dick itself was thin and only about 4 inches.

All of a sudden the preacher’s wife desired the boy’s cock. She wanted it in her mouth… to suck on it… to taste it. She leaned forward and wrapped her lips around the cock-head and then moved her head forward, sliding her mouth down the shaft. The boy moaned his approval. Before the preacher’s wife even realized it, her nose was pressed against the boy’s belly… she had his entire cock in her mouth.

The preacher’s wife twirled her tongue around the boy’s dick, eliciting groans from him. His pelvis began moving back and forth so the young wife put her hands on his hips. While sucking him, her hands slid around the boy’s body until she was cupping his ass-cheeks. Now, when she moved her head forward, she pulled him towards her, swallowing all of his cock. She did it again and again until he cried out that he was cumming and filled her mouth with his teenage sperm.

The preacher’s wife didn’t stop. She really liked sucking the boy’s small cock and swallowed his discharge to get it out of the way. To her pleasure, the boy remained hard so she kept sucking and licking. It took longer this time, but he again exploded into her mouth… his fingers entwined in her hair. The preacher’s wife swallowed his new offering, gobbling down the slimy, hot goo.

When she no longer felt any new semen filling her mouth, the preacher’s wife released his cock. She remained close, staring at the boy’s glistening dick. She knew it was her saliva coating it, and probably some of his sperm. But that only excited her more. She remained only inches from his cock as she watched it slowly lower and then shrink. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. It wasn’t until the boy pulled his underwear up that she came back to the reality of the situation. She leaned back in her seat, trying to get as far away from the boy as possible. She had shamed herself and again committed adultery. But she watched the boy pull up and fasten his pants, not even bothering to close her dress to cover her almost nude body from his staring eyes.

“Okay, a deal’s a deal,” the boy said, and walked away.

“Here are the towels,” Jack said, handing the young wife the paper towels he retrieved from the restroom.

Mrs. Calligan had forgotten all about the way she was. She took the towels and wiped her sticky face with them. Then she looked down her body and wiped as much off as she could. But she couldn’t really clean herself up, plus her dress was blotchy with wet and dried up sperm.

“Look at me,” she exclaimed. “For God’s sake, I can’t go home like this. Oh-my-gosh, what am I going to do? What will become of me?”

“No problem,” Jack consoled her, “we’ll go back to my hotel room and I’ll take care of it all. C’mon.”

The preacher’s wife buttoned up her soiled dress and accepted the stranger’s outstretched hand. She stood up and followed him out of the theater to his car where they drove off.


The preacher’s wife was deep in thought as the stranger drove them to his hotel room. Her body and clothes were covered in several men’s sperm, and the taste of the boy’s cum lingered in her mouth. She wondered how the wife of a preacher could be so sinful. But she couldn’t return home to the small conservative town, and her husband, looking like she did. She could never explain what happened. She didn’t even understand it herself. So she quietly rode with a complete stranger… a stranger whose cock she had sucked and who made her orgasm with his fingers… a stranger who watched as other men jerked off around her and covered her with their sperm… a stranger who made her show her nude body to a teenage boy and then suck his cock. And to make matters worse, she enjoyed it so much she brought the boy off with her mouth a second time on her own.

“Mrs. Calligan, what’s your first name?” Jack asked, breaking the silence.

“Marge… Margaret, but everyone calls me Marge.”

“I’m Jack. My wife and I used to go to your husband’s church. But after the divorce… well, I just stopped going.”

The mention of her husband and the church flooded her with guilt. She wringed her hands in her lap knowing she had committed many sins. How could she have done such things? The preacher’s wife couldn’t explain it… not even to herself.

When they entered the hotel room Jack offered her a drink. She declined and he disappeared into the bathroom returning with a bathrobe.

“You better get out of those clothes. Go take a shower and I’ll have your clothes laundered. Here’s a robe to wear.”

The preacher’s wife went into the bathroom and removed her soiled dress. She cracked the door only enough to snake her arm through it, dangling her dress from her hand. As soon as Jack took the garment she yanked her arm back and slammed the door shut.

“You better give me your underwear too,” Jack said through the door.

“That’s okay, they’ll be fine.”

“Look, I saw how messy they got. Do you really want to go home with them in that condition? C’mon, hand them over and I’ll have them cleaned.”

Marge looked at her bra and knickers and realized the stranger was right… they had blotches of sperm all over them. She removed the soiled undergarments and bundled them into as small a ball as possible, embarrassed to give a man her underwear. Again her hand appeared through a crack in the door. Jack took the underwear from her and the door closed again.

“I’ll be right back,” Jack yelled through the door. “They have a quick cleaning service here. I doubt if this is what they had in mind though.” The preacher’s wife cringed at that comment, and she blushed when he added, “These are the biggest panties I’ve ever seen. Man, you should buy sexier undies.”

Marge locked the door and looked at her nude body in the mirror. She couldn’t believe strangers shot their seed on her. Even her hair was stuck together where their semen landed. She undid the bun and shook her head, letting her hair fall to her shoulders. Then she took a long, hot shower, trying to cleanse her soul.

“They said it will take over an hour,” Jack called through the door when he returned.

“Okay, I’ll wait here.”

“I gave you the robe, didn’t I?”

“Yes, but I feel better in here.”

“There’s a problem with that.”


“I have to pee,” Jack explained.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I guess you’ll need to use the bathroom.”


“Okay, I’ll be right out.”

Marge pulled the robe tightly around her nude body and tied the belt. She looked at herself in the mirror and noticed how short the robe was. In reality, it was a couple of inches above her knees, but to the prim and proper preacher’s wife that was very short. Her hair was wet so she couldn’t put it up in the bun she always wore in public, but there was nothing she could do about it. She clutched her robe together one last time, took a deep breath, and opened the door. Jack was waiting in the other room and glanced up and down her body. She knew that he knew she was naked underneath the robe and blushed accordingly.

Jack scurried past her and slammed the door shut. Marge waited outside until she heard the splashing of the man’s piss in the toilet bowl and moved away from the door. It was embarrassing to hear what he was doing. But the preacher’s wife thought about him holding his dick while urinating and longed to watch… but she shook her head and called herself a sinful woman.

Marge heard the toilet flush and then the shower be turned on. She paced back and forth in the room, wringing her hands nervously. What was she doing in a stranger’s hotel room wearing only a short robe? When Jack reemerged from the bathroom he was simply wearing a towel around his privates.

“Oh!” the preacher’s wife exclaimed when she saw his almost naked body. “I-I didn’t expect you to, um….” she said averting her eyes.

“I felt so grubby I needed a shower,” Jack explained.

“But can’t you put something on?” the preacher’s wife almost pleaded.

“In a bit… just need to air dry a little. Unless, that is, you want to give me the robe.” Jack smiled at the preacher’s wife’s blush and then said, “Go on, sit down and let’s chat while we wait for your clothes to come back.”

Marge looked around and spotted a chair. She sat down, trying to keep the robe from riding up her legs but she couldn’t stop it. The preacher’s wife grabbed the hem and pulled it downward while pressing it to her thighs. She kept her legs locked together.

Jack sat on the side of the bed facing her. They began talking and Marge felt a little more at ease, that is, until Jack’s knees slightly parted. She was sure it was an accident since men aren’t accustomed to wearing skirts and having to keep their legs closed, but she couldn’t take her eyes off the gap between his knees and the darkness under the towel. And then his knees moved further apart, allowing light to enter the area between his legs. The preacher’s wife held her breath when she saw his limp dick leaning on the mattress.

Jack kept talking, but the preacher’s wife couldn’t take her eyes off his cock. Jack, of course, knew it and moved his knees in and out, teasing the young wife. He willed his cock to harden and it grew slightly. He flexed his groin and felt his cock twitch.

The preacher’s wife saw the object of her desire move. It was like watching a worm wiggling, although this was no worm, but a man’s cock. She began breathing harder and emitting little sighs.

“Do you want it to get hard?” Jack asked.

“Uh huh,” the preacher’s wife absentmindedly answered, but then quickly added, “Huh? What?”

“I said, would you like my cock to get hard?”

“Please, I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said, trying to sound indignant.

“I’m talking about this,” Jack said, pulling the towel off and spreading his legs.

“Oh my… oh my, please cover up,” the preacher’s wife exclaimed, but never averted her eyes.

Again Jack made his cock twitch and saw the desire in the preacher’s wife’s face. He spread his legs further apart and jerked his hips, causing his cock to flop in the air and back down onto the mattress. Then he sat still, waiting.

After a prolonged silence, the preacher’s wife licked her lips and said, “Yes.”

“Yes what?” Jack asked, knowing the answer but wanting to hear the innocent young wife say the words.

“Please make it hard.”

“Spread your legs and it will get hard,” Jack informed her.

As if in a trance, the preacher’s wife parted her legs. First a little, and then more. When Jack saw the blonde bush his cock grew a little.

“Oh my!” the preacher’s wife exclaimed. She waited and then said, “It stopped.”

“You need to open your legs more.” Jack was pleased to see the young wife move her knees further apart. “Now pull the bottom of your robe to the sides.”

Marge didn’t even hesitate. With her eyes locked on the stranger’s cock, she grabbed the hem of her robe and opened it, letting the light illuminate her pussy. Jack’s cock shot up to a full erection immediately.

“Oh!” she exclaimed and then sighed heavily.

Jack began slowly stroking his erection. The preacher’s wife watched his hand slide up and down the long shaft, wishing it was her hand. All the while her legs were spread wide open, displaying her married pussy to a stranger, something her husband had never seen.

Jack stood up and walked towards the panting woman. His hard cock was leading the way, bobbing as he walked. The preacher’s wife’s breathing got more irregular, as if she was hyperventilating. But her eyes never left his cock. When he was standing in front of her she grabbed his cock and began squeezing it. But to her dismay, Jack pulled her hand off.

“Please let me tou… oh… OH!!”

The preacher’s wife didn’t finish because Jack dropped to his knees between her widely spread legs, grabbed the back of her knees, pulled her butt to the end of the chair, and buried his face between her legs. His tongue lapped inside her pussy slit and onto her clit.

“Oh my, what are you doing? That feels so funny. Oh-my-gosh, you shouldn’t do that. Oh, oh. Ahhhh.”

Jack moved his hands along his cheeks and pressed them on both sides of her labia. Using his thumbs, he pulled the hairy pussy lips apart, affording him better access. His tongue was now licking the wet folds inside the preacher’s wife’s cunt. Marge was experiencing pleasure she had never known. Her hips were bucking so hard that Jack had to grab her bottom just to maintain contact.

The preacher’s wife didn’t understand the new feelings. She leaned forward, bending her body in half and leaning over Jack’s back. This changed the equilibrium, causing him to lose his balance. While holding her buttocks tightly, with his face pressed against her pussy and her chest against his back, the two tumbled to the floor. Jack kept licking, causing the preacher’s wife to squirm under him. Their bodies performed a sensuous dance as they rolled around on the floor. Finally, Jack found himself on his back with the preacher’s wife sitting on his face, her pussy pressed to his mouth.

During their writhing on the floor, the robe’s belt came undone. Jack was now looking up at her naked body only partially covered. Without stopping his tongue from moving inside her pussy, Jack reached up and grabbed the robe, pulling it down off her body. The preacher’s wife was now totally nude.

Jack snaked his tongue into the preacher’s wife’s hole and wiggled it around. This set her off and Marge began bouncing up and down on his face… using his tongue to fuck herself. Jack watched her large breasts jiggle above him.

“Oh-my-god, this can’t be happening,” the preacher’s wife screamed. “I never felt anything so good. Don’t stop… please don’t stop!! Sweet Jesus, your tongue is in me! It’s in my… oh Lord, how can this feel so good? It’s too good… oh, so good.”

Marge was now out of control. She was screaming loudly and bouncing up and down. Her pussy smashed against Jack’s mouth… jaw… nose… wherever she happened to land. It was almost painful to Jack, but the thought of this prim woman… another man’s wife… a preacher’s wife… smashing her wet pussy against his face was too exciting to stop her. He felt her pussy hairs against his skin and lips… her pliable labia conforming to his facial contours… her wetness dripping from her pussy. And then she leaned forward with her palms flat on the ground, humping Jack’s face. She let out a screech that Jack thought would bring the hotel security as her orgasm exploded through her body and turned her brain to mush.

The preacher’s wife collapsed, face first, to the floor. Her dripping pussy still rested on Jack’s face, now glistening with her juices. Her body was twitching uncontrollably as it recovered from her orgasm. When Marge had the strength, she slowly lifted her leg over Jack’s face and rolled onto her back.

Jack turned onto his side and propped his head up with his hand, supporting the weight on his elbow. He smiled as he stared at the preacher’s wife’s nude body, her legs spread and her breasts moving up and down as she panted. He noticed how hard her nipples were, how puffy and red her pussy lips were, and how large her clit had become.

Jack moved between her spread legs and pressed his hard cock at the entrance to her pussy. He pushed the head inside, but then paused. He stared down at her face and waited for her eyes to open. When they did, he smiled down at her. But there wasn’t recognition in her open eyes. She just stared up at him as if she was gazing into space. He waited until she regained her composure. Then he saw it… the look in her eyes that she was aware he was over her naked body… between her legs… the head of his cock inside her pussy. The preacher’s wife was about to say something, but her mouth hung open as Jack plowed his cock into her married snatch.

“OOOHHH!!!!!” the preacher’s wife exclaimed. “Please, don’t do that… I’m married.”

But Jack was well-seated and was not about to pull out. Well, he did pull out, but not all the way. The preacher’s wife’s eyes widened when he rammed his hard cock back into her — balls-deep. And then he did it again and again. Once more, Marge had that feeling between her legs and fought to remain still, but Jack lasted a lot longer than her husband. She found it harder and harder to just lie there. Also, Jack was ensuring his cock rubbed against her clit while he fucked her.

“Go on, fuck me back,” Jack said when he felt the preacher’s wife tentatively move beneath him. “It’s okay, just enjoy it.”

That was all the encouragement Marge needed. All of a sudden the preacher’s wife met each of Jack’s downward stabs with an upward thrust of her pelvis. For the first time in her life the preacher’s wife was fucking someone… and she liked it! Years of pent-up desire were unleashed, transforming the proper wife into a nymphomaniac. She couldn’t get enough of the stranger’s cock, trying to drive it deeper and deeper into her pussy. And then she exploded in her first coital orgasm. Her body shook and her mouth remained open in a silent scream.

Jack felt the preacher’s wife fucking him and wanted to cum. But he gritted his teeth in order to hold back, waiting for her. And then she began really thrusting her hips up at him, pulling him deeper and deeper inside her, their bodies literally slapping together. And then she came, her whole body shuddering from the explosive experience. That was too much for Jack who flooded the preacher’s wife’s pussy with his scalding sperm. He thought his orgasm would never end as he pumped load after load into her adulterous pussy.

Jack lay quietly on top of Marge’s limp body. The thought of being inside a married woman’s pussy — a preacher’s wife — kept his cock hard. Marge’s eyes fluttered open with a blank stare. Then she became cognizant of her situation and Jack saw panic in her eyes… or was it guilt? She futilely attempted to push his much larger body off her.

“Please get off me,” she pleaded. “I feel so ashamed. I don’t know what happened to me. For God’s sake, let me go home. I need to pray for forgiveness. Please get up… please.”

“You liked it, didn’t you?” Jack taunted the distraught woman.

“It was wrong… a sin. Please get off me.”

“Tell me, did you like it?”

“Yes,” she said shyly, her eyes looking away from the stranger staring down at her. “But I shouldn’t have. Now I need to repent and ask the Lord for forgiveness.”

“Nonsense!” Jack said, and then began sawing his cock in and out of her pussy again.

“Oh no, not again!” she cried out. “I can’t do this. Please have mercy.”

But Jack continued fucking the distraught preacher’s wife. And now that he had cum, he was in no hurry. His thick dick slid in and out of the young wife’s pussy with one intention… to arouse her. He used all his skill to titillate her, making sure her clitoris was involved. Marge kept begging him to desist, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Jack used long, slow strokes, eventually bringing moans from the unwilling wife.

“Oh, I shouldn’t feel this way,” the preacher’s wife exclaimed as her hips began moving along with Jack’s thrusts. “It’s wrong. What’s the matter with me? What have I become? The Devil must be in this room and making me feel this way. Oh Lord, please help me. Please exorcise Satan from my body. Don’t shame me like this,” she prayed.

But if there was a devil in the room it was Jack. He ignored the preacher’s wife’s distress and kept fucking her, now with more energy. He’d pull out and hesitate, then ram his cock into her pussy with great force, taking her breath away. When the preacher’s wife began fucking him back in earnest, Jack took hold of her body and rolled onto his back, pulling her on top of him. It was a risky maneuver because he lost his dominant position and the young, petite wife was able to easily get up. But Jack read the preacher’s wife correctly and, in the state she was now in, had no intention of removing his cock from her pussy.

Jack lay on his back with his hands behind his head, elbows out, staring up at the young wife straddling his cock. Her eyes were filled with lust as she moved up and down his long shaft. He was not holding her… she was free to get up. He was not fucking her… she was fucking him. The preacher’s wife kept saying “Ohhh,” each time she sat down on the hard cock. Soon it was “Ohhh… ohhh… ohhh,” as she picked up speed, and then became, “Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh,” as her body frantically bounced up and down. The only time she paused was when small orgasms rippled through her body; and then the big one hit. The preacher’s wife bit her bottom lip and made quick, short jerks with her hips before freezing above Jack as she came hard.

Jack watched the preacher’s wife’s ecstasy and then moved his hips upwards, but Marge was not responding. He grabbed her and rolled over, with her on her back and him above. He pounded his cock into her listless body until he once again filled her married pussy with his sperm. They remained connected until Jack’s cock shriveled and slipped out. Jack rolled off her and onto his back. The two sweaty bodies lay panting side by side.

Jack heard a soft tapping on the door. He got up and opened the door only a crack to see who was there. He expected to see the hotel security, but was pleased when a boy stood in the hallway holding a garment bag.

“Your laundry, sir,” the well trained hotel employee said.

“Is the charge on my room?” Jack asked.

“Yes sir.”

“Good, I don’t have access to my wallet right now,” Jack chuckled. “Actually, I can’t even give you the normal tip, but maybe this will do,” he added, opening the door wide.

The boy’s jaw dropped when he saw the naked woman lying on the floor. Her huge tits were rising and falling with her heavy breathing and her legs were spread apart. He stared at her blonde pussy and the gaping slit, looking right inside. The white cream oozing from her hole made it clear that she had just been fucked. The boy’s hand cupped his instant erection which he rubbed as he stared at the preacher’s wife.

Jack took the garment bag from the boy and called to Marge that her clothes were back. She lazily opened her eyes and turned to the voice. It took a moment, but her eyes focused and saw Jack standing next to an open door holding the bag. Then she noticed the boy staring at her, with his hand on his crotch. She covered her body with her arms and then realized that didn’t do much. She rolled onto her side and curled up in a ball, but that wasn’t much better. Finally, she scrambled to her feet and started running in one direction, stopped, and then ran in another. She was completely confused and ran around like a chicken without a head. It looked like a scene from a Keystone Cops movie. But she finally spotted the bathroom and made a dash for it, slamming the door behind her.

“Yes sir, that was the best tip I ever got,” the boy said with a Cheshire Cat grin.

“You can come out now,” Jack said after the boy left.

The door slowly opened and the preacher’s wife peeked through the small crack. When she was convinced the boy had left and the front door was closed she asked, “How could you have done that?”

“What’s the big deal?” Jack asked.

“He… he saw me naked,” she exclaimed.


“So? My god, I can’t believe this is happening to me. For God’s sake, I need to get out of here.”

“Okay, why don’t you take another shower? I don’t think you want to go home like that.”

The preacher’s wife blushed and closed the door. She showered, making sure not to get her hair wet again, and put her hair back into a sloppy bun. She didn’t have her brush so it wasn’t easily accomplished. She came into the bedroom holding a towel in front of her body.

“Can I please have my clothes?” the preacher’s wife timidly asked.

“First drop the towel and show me your body.”

Marge thought this ordeal would never end, but wanted to get dressed and leave so she complied. The towel dropped to the floor and she stood in front of a stranger totally nude. Although she had just showered, she felt dirty the way his eyes looked up and down her body. Jack sat on the bed and smiled at her.

“Please, can I have my clothes now?” the preacher’s wife asked, extending her arm.

Marge watched Jack fish through the bag and pull out her knickers. She blushed seeing her underwear in his hand. But she gasped when he began rubbing it all over his face. And then he began licking the gusset… the part that was going to rest upon her pussy. But it only got worse. He then stuffed the crotch of her knickers in his mouth and began chewing on them. When it came out, the preacher’s wife saw how wet it was. She shuddered knowing it would soon be against her pussy. Her humiliation increased when she watched the man turn her knickers inside out and wrap the inside of her wet gusset around his slimy cock. He used her wet underwear to wash his cock, transferring his cum and her pussy juice onto it. He even rubbed his balls and below, where a lot of the sperm had accumulated. Then he tossed the soiled knickers to her.

The preacher’s wife’s first reaction was to pull her hands back, not wanting to touch the soiled undergarment. She didn’t want to dirty her clean pussy either, but wanted to cover up, so she lifted the knickers off the floor. Spreading the waistband apart, she stepped into her soiled knickers. When both legs were inside, she pulled her knickers up and then adjusted them around her butt and pussy. She felt the wetness against her and knew it was more than saliva. She stood in front of the stranger smiling at her from the bed, nude except for the soiled underwear.

Jack then tossed her the bra which she embarrassingly put on. It was the first time she dressed in front of another person. It made her feel cheap and, although she was putting her clothes on instead of taking them off, like a sinful stripper. Jack just stared at the preacher’s wife for a long time, enjoying seeing her in her underwear and knowing her embarrassment. But eventually all good things must come to an end so he threw her the dress. It was actually exciting to watch her fasten the numerous buttons running the length of her dress.

“Okay, I’ll drive you back to your car,” Jack said to the relief of the preacher’s wife.

They rode in silence back to the dirty movie theater where the preacher’s wife’s adventure began. Jack asked Marge for a goodbye kiss before letting her go, but she refused. He insisted so she leaned over and placed her lips against the stranger’s. Jack grabbed the back of her head to hold it in place and pushed his tongue into her mouth. This was a first for the preacher’s wife, but she instinctively flapped her tongue against Jack’s. She didn’t know why, but she found that enjoyable. Then she got out of Jack’s car and into her own to begin her long drive home.

The preacher’s wife drove home to her small, conservative town and dignified life. She had committed adultery and felt extreme guilt. But she was even more distraught over how she had behaved. There were times she was forced to commit sexual acts, but at other times she wanted to do them. The drive was long and she had time to reflect. She knew she was going to spend a lot of time in church asking God for forgiveness and to return her to a normal, respectable life. But part of her was wondering if she would miss the feelings the stranger awoke in her.

Marge became flustered when her husband asked where she had been. Because of the “extracurricular activities” in the hotel room after the movie, she was gone longer than usual when making one of her “special” trips to the big city. In the past, her husband had no idea she had left town or, for that matter, even the house. He wasn’t one to ask her how her day went. The young wife came up with an excuse about searching for a present for an upcoming birthday and the trusting preacher accepted it. Marge hated lying and worried about adding another sin to the list she’d have to answer to on her day of judgment.

The preacher’s wife’s life was getting back to normal. Her knees were sore from constantly dropping down to pray when a wicked thought entered her mind, but she believed she had put the sinful part of her life behind her. God had taught her a lesson. She had been punished for sneaking out to watch the dirty movies and vowed never to do it again. She had fought Satan and won!

It was Sunday, the day she felt closest to her husband. Standing with the choir, she watched him at the pulpit, bellowing out his sermon. He seemed so powerful. Marge’s eyes perused the congregation to observe the faces being inspired by her husband. But the warm smile on her face changed to a frown when she spotted Jack. And then she averted her eyes when he winked at her. But she couldn’t continue to look away. She felt compelled to search him out again and saw him nod towards the side door. She shook her head from side to side, not enough for others to notice but enough for him to understand. But he nodded again and got up, disappearing into the room.

The preacher’s wife fretted. Why was the stranger in her husband’s church? What did he want? She no longer had the anonymity of the large city to protect her. This was her small town…. where she lived. She was surrounded by people she knew. There was no way she was going to leave the choir and meet him. But what did he want? She kept asking herself that question and got more and more agitated. Finally, she couldn’t stand it any longer and quietly moved away from the choir towards the room the stranger had entered.

“What are you doing here?” Marge whispered as soon as she stepped into the room and closed the door behind her.

“A hello would have been nice?” Jack said sarcastically.

“Stop it! We’re not friends. We’re….”

“Yeah, more like lovers,” Jack interrupted.

“Lovers?! We are not lov…. I’m married. You were a mistake. What do you want?” the preacher’s wife asked coldly.


“Me? Oh-my-gosh, not again! Please leave me alone.”

“A quick fuck and I’ll be gone.”

“Please, you’re in the house of the Lord. Please don’t use that language.”

Ignoring her protest, Jack said, “Just let me stick my cock in your hot juicy cunt and I’ll be on my way.”

“I will never cheat on my husband again,” the preacher’s wife spat at him. “I sinned and have been asking God’s forgiveness. Now please go,” she said, crossing her arms across her chest in defiance.

Jack grabbed the preacher’s wife’s arm and put his hand on the doorknob saying, “Okay, let’s go tell everyone about our little party.”

“Wait!!!” Marge exclaimed in a subdued scream, yanking her arm free. “You can’t.”

“Of course I can… and you know I will,” Jack threatened.

The preacher’s wife’s mind was in turmoil. She couldn’t sin again. But she couldn’t be exposed either. “It’s your word against mine,” she boldly stated.

“Hmmmm, I wonder how many people know about the birthmark on your ass? It looks sort of like Florida,” Jack said triumphantly. “And how did you ever get that little scar next to your right nipple?” When he saw the panic in the preacher’s wife’s eyes he went for the kill. “That should prove I saw you naked. And if they believe that, they’ll believe the rest. Oh yeah, I’m sure the movie theater employees would recognize you. Not many women go there… especially alone. And the boy whose cock you sucked… hmmm, I bet he’d remember you. Do you want your husband… and your family… and all your friends… to know that you sucked a boy’s cock and swallowed his cum? Twice too. You were only told to do it once, but you did it twice. Yeah, that boy will surely remember.”

The more the stranger spoke, the more defeated and helpless Marge felt. “Okay, but not here,” the preacher’s wife said softly, succumbing to the stranger’s threats.

“We either do it here or we go out and talk to all those nice people out there. Who knows, maybe they’ll want to see your birthmark. Ha ha.”

The preacher’s wife nodded her reluctant consent and let the stranger drag her to a table along the wall opposite the door. He pushed her upper body down so that she was resting on her forearms. Jack then flipped the long flowing dress onto her back, exposing her plain cotton knickers. The preacher’s wife felt humiliated bent over like that, allowing the stranger to see her panty-covered backside. But it was nothing like the shame she felt when he dragged her knickers down her legs. She couldn’t look at him, but knew he was staring up at her pussy while she lifted one foot, and then the other, out of her underwear.

Jack stuffed the preacher’s wife’s knickers in his pocket and removed his pants and underwear. He kicked the inside of Marge’s foot until she spread her legs further apart. He then stood back, taking in the sight of the preacher’s wife’s lewd position. In the background he heard her husband’s voice, shouting out his sermon.

Marge anxiously waited for her violation, but didn’t expect what happened. Instead of feeling the stranger enter her, she felt his hot breath between her legs. His face was right next to her pussy. She was obscenely bent over a table with her dress up, her knickers off, and her legs spread. And the man was breathing on her pussy. The shame soared through her body, but then she was distracted… his breath was replaced by his tongue.

“Ohhh noooo!!!” the preacher’s wife moaned when Jack’s tongue began lapping her pussy. She felt the familiar tingling in her loins… something she was trying to forget. She tried to fight it… fight the sin of pleasure… but she was losing. Jack’s thumbs were prying her pussy open, and his face was pressed between her legs. His taut tongue sunk deeply into the preacher’s wife’s hole, wiggling around inside her. Marge squirmed from the titillating tongue which now began flicking in and out of her moistening cunt.

Jack pulled away for a moment and let her labia spring back to their normal closed position. The preacher’s wife was breathing hard, her forehead now resting on her forearm. Her hips unconsciously wiggled, seeking the tongue that had left her. Then she felt her pussy being separated again. It felt different this time because Jack was using only one hand… his thumb and forefinger of that hand. And then to the preacher’s wife’s glee, his face pressed against her again and his tongue began licking.

The preacher’s wife was so consumed with pleasure that she didn’t even feel Jack’s other hand glide across the front of her thigh, that is, until it located her clit. With a tongue now licking the inside of her pussy, a finger was diddling her love-button. The preacher’s wife had to shove her fist in her mouth to prevent screams that would surely be heard throughout the church.

The preacher’s wife kept biting her hand as she felt the pleasure between her legs. Her body was trembling as Jack’s tongue and finger stimulated her beyond anything she had ever felt before. Then it hit her… a powerful orgasm. Even with her fist shoved inside her mouth, the preacher’s wife couldn’t hold back her muffled scream as she came in multiple little orgasms that culminated in a gigantic one.

Jack stood up and shook his legs, getting the stiffness out of them. He watched the preacher’s wife writhing in pleasure, still bent over the table with her dress over her back. Her naked backside was thrust in his face and her dripping pussy was visible between her thighs. And then her head slowly rose, looking around. She saw Jack smiling at her and realized she had lost control again.

Dropping to her knees, the preacher’s wife began praying, “Lord, forgive my sins. I cheated on my husband and felt pleasure. Please forgive me for experiencing lust.”

“While you’re down on your knees, put your mouth to better use than praying,” Jack said, pushing his cock against the preacher’s wife’s lips.

“Please, no,” she cried, “haven’t you made me sin enough? Please leave me alone. I feel so ashamed.”

Jack began stroking his cock right in front of the preacher’s wife’s face. He noticed her eyes were locked on his cock… on his fingers sliding up and down its shaft… on the excess skin moving back and forth. He knew the dignified preacher’s wife was a suppressed slut. He continued stroking himself, causing his cock to stiffen. Then he moved closer and rubbed his cock against the young wife’s cheek. First one, then the other… again and again. When he changed cheeks he dragged the head of his cock across her lips. He heard her breathing get irregular as he caressed her face with his cock. And then, during one pass over her lips, the preacher’s wife grabbed his hand to stop him from moving and opened her mouth, stuffing his cock inside. Her lips closed around his cock-head and she began sucking.

Jack couldn’t believe it. He was in a church room while the preacher was screaming out his sermon. The preacher’s wife was on her knees sucking his cock. He could still taste her pussy juices on his lips and tongue, and now her head was bobbing up and down his shaft. He heard the preacher’s voice and his wife’s slurping noises at the same time. Jack pulled his cock from her mouth and lifted her to her feet, spun her around, pushed her so she was bent over the table, lifted her dress over her back, and rammed his cock into her pussy in one shove.

“Aarrgghhhh,” the preacher’s wife cried out at the force of the penetration.

Jack didn’t care if his cock had come out the woman’s mouth. The wickedness of what he was doing spurred him on as he pounded into the preacher’s wife while her husband was in the next room standing in front of the congregation. His hands were on the young wife’s naked hips while his cock rammed in and out of her juicy pussy. Marge was moaning, both from pleasure and the violent intrusion.

All of a sudden, Jack stopped. The preacher’s wife was catching her breath when she felt his sperm fill her pussy. She was in church, committing adultery, and the stranger was spewing his seed inside her married pussy… with the voice of her husband in her ears.

When Jack pulled out, the preacher’s wife once again fell to her knees. But this time it wasn’t to pray. She cupped her face in her hands as her sobbing wet her cheeks. Jack grabbed her by her hair and pulled her face to him. She dropped her hands and cried out at the pain in her scalp. Jack shoved his slimy cock into her open mouth. She tried to pull away, so Jack pulled her towards him, forcing his cock down her throat. When she gagged, he let her pull off his cock, sputtering and coughing. When she calmed down, he pushed his cock into her mouth again. This time she did not try to pull away, but sucked her pussy juices and his sperm off his cock.

Jack was satisfied and pulled out with a popping sound since the preacher’s wife was sucking it at the time. Marge looked up at him, her tears streaking her cheeks. Jack used his cock to wipe away her tears. He then retrieved his clothes and redressed. The preacher’s wife stood up and looked around the room.

“Please, have you seen my… um, underwear?” she asked sheepishly.

“Never mind them, you better rejoin the choir,” Jack said, fingering her knickers in his pants pocket.

“Oh I couldn’t!” she exclaimed.

“You better before your husband realizes you’re missing.”

That struck a nerve. She knew her husband never paid any attention to the choir so she doubted if he would have noticed her absence. But if she wasn’t standing there with the others when he was done, he would ask her where she had been. The preacher’s wife tapped her bun to make sure it was still on top of her head and smoothed out her long dress. She opened the door and peeked out. Trying to be as invisible as possible, the preacher’s wife snuck back into the main part of the church and resumed her place with the choir. Some of the others looked at her funny — she was sweaty, her hair was a little messed up, and she smelled funny. Luckily for her they never associated the smell with sex. After all, not the preacher’s wife.

Marge stood in church while her husband finished his sermon. She tasted the fluids she had sucked off the stranger’s cock and felt his sperm dripping down her thighs. She was in church without knickers on. She was sure she would go to Hell.

“Are you okay?” The preacher’s wife was brought out of her thoughts by the voice of her husband. “Let’s go, we have to say goodbye to the congregation.”

Marge was half dragged to the front of the church where everyone complimented her husband as they departed. She stood next to him, shaking people’s hands, with another man’s sperm inside her pussy and dripping down her thighs. And the foul taste in her mouth reminded her of what had been in it. To the preacher’s wife’s shock, Jack was suddenly standing in front of her, speaking to her husband.

“Preacher, that was wonderful. I can’t believe how excited you made me. I’m so glad I came today. And when your lovely wife sings… well, her mouth will make me come again and again.

The preacher was vigorously shaking Jack’s hand, thanking him for the praise, but his wife knew Jack was talking about having sex with her.

The preacher’s wife was still enraged that the stranger made her perform sex with him in the church room while her husband was conducting services within earshot. And the audacity of him to actually shake hands with her husband afterwards while the taste of his cum lingered in her mouth and his sperm dripped down her thighs. So you can imagine her surprise when the stranger stood there smiling on her porch when she opened her front door.

Marge immediately slammed the door shut, but Jack was a door-to-door salesman and used his foot as a wedge to foil her. The preacher’s wife futilely kept pushing the door, but it wouldn’t close.

“I’m not budging,” Jack informed her.

Marge kicked his foot several times out of frustration and then leaned against the door, sighing deeply. Her heart was pounding in her chest.

“I’ll call the police if you don’t leave,” the preacher’s wife threatened.

“Go ahead… what’s the charge?”

“You’re bothering me.”

“That’s not against the law,” Jack chuckled. “If it was, every door-to-door salesman would be out of work.”

“You raped me!” she said more vehemently.

“I did not… and I think I have a few witnesses who would say you are a slut and enjoyed it.”

“That’s absurd.”

“Oh yeah, what about the boy in the movie theater whose cock you sucked… twice?! And the guys who jerked off on you. What about them? Some are regulars so I’m sure I’d find them if I looked.”

“Okay, okay, I won’t call the police. Just leave. Leave me alone.”

“Only if you come with me.”

“Absolutely not!!” the usually soft spoken preacher’s wife yelled.

“Okay, then I’ll come in,” Jack said, easily pushing the door open.

The force of the door flung Marge backwards causing her to lose her balance. She stumbled like a drunk for a few moments and then plunged to the floor. By the time she regained her composure and looked up, the stranger was standing over her — inside her house with the front door closed. The young wife scampered backwards, bouncing on her butt and hands.

“G-Get out of here,” Marge said with a lot of apprehension in her voice.

“Only if you come with me,” Jack reiterated.

Marge started to back up further when she saw the stranger approach her, but she wasn’t fast enough. Jack grabbed her ankles and effortlessly lifted them, flipping her upside down. The preacher’s wife extended her arms into a handstand, facing the same direction as the man holding her, except upside down. Gravity pulled her dress downward, exposing her knickers to the stranger. Jack spread her legs so that he could see the young wife’s panty-covered crotch.

Marge was dumbstruck. She was being held upside down and knew her dress had fallen. That meant the stranger was able to see her underwear and, when he spread her legs, the juncture between them. But then it got worse. Jack quickly wrapped his arms around the preacher’s wife’s body and lifted her. She felt the sides of his head against the inside of her thighs and then his mouth on her crotch.

Jack rubbed his mouth against the cotton material covering the preacher’s wife’s pussy. Then he used his lips, taut over his teeth, to nip at her very private area. The preacher’s wife squirmed, but Jack didn’t know if she was trying to get away or if she was getting turned on. He kept at it, pushing his mouth hard against her covered pussy and pressing his tongue into the crevice.

The preacher’s wife struggled to get free. The man’s mouth was where it shouldn’t have been. Even though her privates were covered by her knickers, she felt his mouth and tongue on her. That feeling was returning so she tried desperately to free herself from his grasp. But then she felt his hand on her bare belly and then under the waistband of her knickers. His hand slipped inside the front of her knickers and spread across her pubes. His mouth was still titillating her pussy through her knickers, and now his hand was inside directly against her. She tried to reach behind her to grab his legs for leverage, but the stranger sort of tossed her in the air and regained his grip with his arm. Now the preacher’s wife’s hands couldn’t even touch the floor. She helplessly dangled upside down.

Jack felt the crotch of the preacher’s wife’s knickers get wetter. He knew some of it was his saliva, but the taste told him there was more — her pussy was lubricating. Although she wouldn’t admit it to herself, Jack knew how easily the young wife of a preacher got excited. He kept rubbing his mouth against her wet crotch and edged the hand inside her knickers further until he located her clit. When he started rubbing that sensitive nubbin, the preacher’s wife locked her thighs around Jack’s head, holding him tightly against her. He knew then he had conquered her.

Jack brought the preacher’s wife almost to an orgasm and then stopped. He gently lowered her to the floor… first the top of her head… then her shoulders… then her back and buttocks… and finally her legs. The preacher’s wife was lying on her back with her dress over her face and her legs spread. A good portion of her knickers were pressed into her pussy slit with her abundant pubic hairs sticking out the sides. Her body was twitching and she was moaning under her dress. Jack stooped beside her and gently ran his fingertips along her panty-covered crotch. Her lower body jumped at the touch. He did it again and again with the same reaction each time. All the while the preacher’s wife was moaning.

Jack grabbed the knickers and began pulling them down the young wife’s subtle legs. She didn’t put up a fight as he removed them. Her face and upper body were still covered by her dress, but her lower body was now completely exposed. Jack again began teasing the preacher’s wife’s pussy with his fingers, but this time it was skin against skin. With each touch Marge humped her hips upwards as if trying to increase the pressure, but Jack kept teasing her.

Jack heard the moans of frustration coming from under her dress as her lower body jerked. He had stimulated her to the point that she needed relief. The very sexually repressed prim wife probably wasn’t even aware of her situation. She was on the crest of an orgasm and desired it.

Jack pulled her hand to her own pussy and moved her fingers on her clit. The preacher’s wife had never masturbated, growing up believing it was a sin. But her mind was like mush and all she felt was pleasure between her legs. She didn’t even realize it was coming from her own fingers. She continued touching those parts craving to be touched, bringing herself closer and closer to an orgasm… and then she exploded. She pushed two fingers from one hand deep into her pussy and used her other hand to rub her clit. Her body writhed on the floor as her legs kept closing and opening. When her climax completed, the preacher’s wife’s arms dropped to her sides and she lay limp on the floor, panting hard, her dress still covering her face.

When the preacher’s wife came around she quickly pulled her dress down her body and sat up. Looking at the stranger she said, “You pig… you made me do it again.”

“Do what?”

“Lose control… let the Devil in my body.”

“That’s called an orgasm, sweetie. And it wasn’t me who did it… it was you.”

“Me? What are you talking about?”

“Smell your fingers.”

The preacher’s wife cautiously lifted her hands to her face and inhaled. The expression on her face was all Jack needed to know that she smelled her own pussy on her fingers. She blushed a deep shade of red when she understood.

“Oh-my-gosh, I couldn’t have. Oh no!! Oh God, please forgive me!” she wailed.

“Now let’s go,” Jack said, grabbing the preacher’s wife’s arm and pulling her off the floor. Before she realized what was happening, the young wife was dragged outside and thrown through the driver’s door of the stranger’s car. Then he pushed her to the passenger’s side as he climbed in. She faintly heard the automatic door locks click just before the engine started. And then they were zooming away.

“Oh sweet Jesus, my underwear!!” the preacher’s wife shouted. “He’ll find them.”

“Don’t worry about your husband,” Jack said and held up the young wife’s knickers, waving them teasingly.

Marge tried grabbing them, but Jack kept them away from her. He told her she didn’t need underwear and told her to sit quietly. The preacher’s wife gave in to the dominant man and placed her hands in her lap. She was acutely aware that she was naked under her dress. She felt so sinful.

The silence was deafening so the preacher’s wife finally asked, “Where are we going?”

“My place.”


“I’m going to bring out the woman hidden in you,” was all Jack said, and then they rode in silence again.

When they got to Jack’s house, the preacher’s wife looked quickly from window to window in the neighboring homes. She was very self-conscious of being alone with a strange man. Although no one would have known even if they saw her, she felt especially sinful not wearing her underwear. So when Jack ushered her into the house she moved quickly, glad to be out of sight.

“Would you like a drink?” Jack asked.

“No… I don’t use alcohol.”

“You don’t mind if I have one?” Jack asked, but it was a rhetorical question since he was already pouring himself a whiskey.

Jack told the preacher’s wife to sit on the couch which she apprehensively did. He then loaded a cassette into the VCR and brought the remote with him to the couch. Sitting next to the preacher’s wife, Jack shook his glass causing the ice cubes to rattle and took a swig of his drink, the cool liquid burning his throat.

“Aaahhhhhh,” Jack said holding up his glass, thinking it was funny, but the preacher’s wife just stared at him nervously.

“Why are we here?” Marge asked.

“I didn’t want to drive 100 miles.”


“To the city,” he clarified.

“What do you mean?”

“To the movie theater. We can watch one here.”

The preacher’s wife was about to say something, but Jack silenced her by holding up his hand. He aimed the remote at the VCR and hit the play button. The sound coming from the TV caused Marge to turn towards it. Her eyes got wide when she read the title across the screen — “Cock Loving Sluts.”

“Please turn it off,” the preacher’s wife said very quietly, lowering her eyes.

“I thought you like movies like this,” Jack countered.

“I don’t. They’re sinful. I have learned my lesson and repented.”

“Don’t tell me you don’t like that,” Jack said, pointing towards the TV.

When the preacher’s wife followed his finger, her eyes focused on the biggest cock she had ever seen. No one… not her husband… not the stranger… not even the actors in the dirty movies she had seen… had an organ the size of the one on the screen. Jack smiled when he heard the young wife take a deep breath.

The actor was standing nude. His 14 inch cock was hard, but its own weight kept it from pointing to the ceiling. On her knees was a fully dressed actress, staring at the monster cock longingly and licking her lips. The preacher’s wife’s tongue unconsciously slid across her own lips. Each time the actress reached out to grab the huge cock the actor slapped her hand away. The pout on the woman’s face was priceless.

Another cock appeared. Not as large as the first one, but just as hard. The actress was so engrossed with the gigantic cock that she didn’t even notice the second one. That is, not until it poked her cheek. She turned in surprise and stared at it, then her eyes went back to the first one. Back and forth her head moved, looking at each cock in turn… the look of desire obvious on her face. That look was also on the preacher’s wife’s face.

When the actress begged to touch the cocks, Marge’s breathing got more pronounced and she began squirming on the couch. Jack noticed her thighs separate and then clamp shut. And then he heard a low moan coming from the preacher’s wife. Her eyes were fixed on the TV, watching the woman grab both cocks at once. While Marge was consumed with the action on the screen, Jack had undressed and now placed the preacher’s wife’s hand on his cock. She wrapped her fingers around it and squeezed while watching the movie.

The actress let a large drop of saliva drip from her mouth onto the huge cock and then used it as lubrication to help her hand slide smoothly. She repeated it with the other cock and soon her fists were moving faster. The preacher’s wife was now rocking back and forth, pressing her thighs together. One hand was still unconsciously stroking Jack’s now hard cock.

When another cock appeared on the TV screen, the preacher’s wife clenched Jack’s cock and held it, waiting to see what the actress did. She didn’t have to wait long. The new man guided his cock into her mouth. The preacher’s wife found the scene unbelievably arousing. A fully clothed woman was on her knees with three nude men. She was jacking off two while blowing the other one. Marge’s hand began moving up and down Jack’s cock again while she watched; her mouth gaping open.

Jack pressed his hand on the preacher’s wife’s crotch over her dress and she instantly parted her legs, providing him better access. When he applied pressure she began humping. While they masturbated each other, Marge intently watched the movie and Jack watched the preacher’s wife. When he tried to stand up, the young wife gripped his cock as if she didn’t want to lose it. Jack pried her fingers off and got to his knees. The preacher’s wife had that same pout the actress had earlier.

Jack pushed the preacher’s wife’s knees apart and dove under her long dress. He didn’t stop until his face was between her thighs, his mouth on her pussy. When he began licking, he felt hands on the top of his head. But they weren’t trying to push him away… they were pulling his face into her pussy.

Jack continued licking until he thought the preacher’s wife was close to climaxing. He quickly climbed out from under her dress. The preacher’s wife looked down at him in shock. She was so close and desired his tongue. Jack took her by her hands and gently pulled her to her feet. She followed his lead like a zombie. When she was standing, still staring at the action on the TV, Jack lowered her zipper and pulled the dress over her head. When her face was covered, she helped pull it off so that she wouldn’t miss any of the movie. Jack removed her bra, and the preacher’s wife was standing before him in all her glory.

Jack sat on the couch behind the preacher’s wife and pulled her down onto his lap. When seated, he snaked his hand between their bodies and found his cock, trying to raise it upwards. In a daze, the preacher’s wife lifted up slightly, providing Jack the space he needed. His cock slipped into her pussy and the preacher’s wife sat back down.

Jack just sat still with his cock up another man’s wife’s pussy. Marge was watching the movie, breathing hard. Then she began rocking back and forth. This caused Jack’s cock to slightly slide in and out of her pussy. Jack pulled her to his chest and fondled one breast while his other hand went between her legs onto her clit. The preacher’s wife began moving her lower body more vigorously.

Jack kept whispering dirty things into the preacher’s wife’s ear. Things like, “You love my cock in your cunt, don’t you?” and “Your nipple is so fuckin’ hard.” The preacher’s wife should have been offended but it aroused her more. “You love cock, don’t you?” Jack whispered, and then added, “I bet you’d like more than one cock at a time. Would you? Would you like to touch another man’s cock while we fuck?”

“Yesssss,” the preacher’s wife hissed, lost in a sexual bliss.

Jack glanced at the TV and noticed the actress was taking on several guys at once. He looked over his shoulder and spotted his friend waiting in the shadows… watching them… fully nude… stroking his hard cock. A slight nod of Jack’s head brought his friend into the living room.

The new man sat down next to Jack. Marge was so consumed by the action on the TV screen… and Jack’s cock in her pussy… and his finger on her clit… and her nipple being rubbed… that she didn’t even notice. When Jack moved Marge’s hand to his friend’s cock, the preacher’s wife automatically began stroking it. In her aroused state she didn’t even realize it couldn’t be Jack’s cock if his was inside her. The prim wife of a preacher was watching a porn movie while being fucked by one man and jacking off another.

Jack began whispering in the preacher’s wife’s ear again, “That girl loves having multiple cocks. One isn’t enough for her. Don’t you wish you were her?”

“Uh huh,” the preacher’s wife said softly, almost as if in a dream… almost as if she saw herself in the movie… that the girl on the TV screen was her.

“You’d love to have multiple cocks at the same time.”

“Uh huh.”

“One in your pussy and one in your hand.”

“Uh huh.”

“Well, that’s what you have.”

“Uh huh… huh?”

Jack rubbed the preacher’s wife’s clit more briskly while turning her head to the side. She saw a naked man sitting next to them. Someone was jerking him off. It must have been the stranger doing it. But he had a hand between her legs and another one on her head. She never noticed he had three hands before. No, that’s not possible. Who else was in the room with them? She’ll just follow the arm attached to the hand to find out.

“Oh-my-gosh!” the preacher’s wife exclaimed when she realized she was holding another stranger’s cock. But she didn’t stop. The young wife leaned her head back on Jack, closed her eyes, and continued stroking the new cock.

The man next to them stood up on the couch. The preacher’s wife never relinquished her grip on his cock. He stepped over the fucking couple so that he had a foot on either side of them. And then he moved his hips forward so that his cock pressed against the preacher’s wife’s lips. Her hand kept jerking him off, but her mouth didn’t open. Jack’s friend got impatient and pried Marge’s fingers off his cock. He then began slapping the preacher’s wife’s face with his hard-on.

Marge lazily opened her eyes and saw the cock in front of her. The man was hitting her with it. She didn’t understand why. That was a stupid thing to do with a cock. She saw the man’s hand on his cock and was jealous. Why should he have all the fun? The married woman… the preacher’s wife… grabbed his cock and pulled it inside her mouth. Her hands reached around his body and grabbed his ass, pulling him towards her. The man didn’t need further encouragement and began humping his hips… fucking the face of a preacher’s young wife.

The preacher’s wife now had a cock in her pussy and one in her mouth… at the same time. She thought her body would burst from the overload of stimulus she was receiving. In their position, Jack couldn’t move much and neither could Marge. So she kept rocking on his cock, prolonging the sensuous feeling without terminating in his orgasm. The preacher’s wife kept experiencing small climaxes, but they only excited her more, not satisfied her.

But the cock in her mouth was another story… she had full movement of her head, tongue, and lips. And she put them to good use. It didn’t even bother her when the man thrust his cock down her throat. Sure she gagged, but she wanted to swallow his entire cock. She wanted to swallow the whole man, cock first. Jack’s hands were now on her breasts. Each time he squeezed, she did the same to the other man’s buttocks. And then she felt the man’s belly against her forehead. She had done it. She had swallowed his entire cock. His long cock was down her throat. And it was… spurting. He was cumming. His goo was sliding down her throat and into her belly. But she couldn’t taste it and wanted to. The preacher’s wife pulled her head back slightly, feeling the throbbing cock dislodge from her throat. She was rewarded with his sperm. The preacher’s wife didn’t swallow immediately, but sucked the man’s cock with a mouthful of cum. She swished his cum all over his cock with her tongue, but finally had to swallow when he kept spurting.

When the man stopped cumming, the preacher’s wife continued sucking his cock. It began to shrink so she took it from her mouth and began kissing it. She kissed its head and up and down its sides. Each time a bubble of sperm appeared from his piss-hole, the preacher’s wife flicked at it with her tongue, bringing it into her mouth. Then she’d kiss his cock again and again, worshiping it.

The man eventually climbed off the couch and collapsed onto the floor. Jack wrapped an arm around the preacher’s wife’s waist and stood up, holding her tight and not dislodging his cock. He dropped to his knees causing the preacher’s wife to fall forward onto her hands and knees. Now Jack had the leverage he needed and began pounding his hard cock in and out of the preacher’s wife’s pussy from behind.

“Come here,” Marge beckoned the other man. “Please, I want your cock too. I want more than one cock at a time. Please come closer.”

Jack couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He knew there was a slut inside the body of the preacher’s wife, and his intention was to bring it out, but he didn’t believe it would happen so fast. He watched his friend scoot on his butt until he was in front of Marge and then spread his outstretched legs on either side of the preacher’s wife. She bent down and took his soft cock in her mouth, noisily sucking it.

Meanwhile, Jack kept fucking her. The preacher’s wife’s moans were muffled by the cock in her mouth, but not Jack’s grunts. The preacher’s wife was on her hands and knees getting fucked from behind while she sucked a second man’s cock. Not only was she committing adultery, but doing it with two men… at the same time. And she was loving it. Everything she had been taught since she was a little girl was forgotten. She had two cocks inside her and she never wanted them to leave. But just then Jack began shooting his sperm into her pussy.

When Jack pulled out, the preacher’s wife was pleased to note that the other man’s cock was once again hard. She grabbed it and pulled him with her as she lay down on her back. Spreading her legs wide, the preacher’s wife guided the man’s cock to her pussy and moved forward, causing it to sink in. She put the cock of a stranger whose name she didn’t even know inside her married cunt. And she had no regrets.

As soon as the man began fucking her, the preacher’s wife exploded in an orgasm. But to her glee, the man didn’t stop. Her passion quickly rose again and soon another orgasm shook her body. When Jack came to her head and dangled his limp dick over her, the preacher’s wife stuffed it into her mouth. She didn’t care that it had just cum inside her pussy… that she could taste his cum… and her own pussy… she just wanted to suck it forever.

By the time the other man erupted inside her pussy, Jack was hard again. They switched places and soon the preacher’s wife was sucking the other man’s slimy cock while Jack fucked her. And so it went for several hours, until neither man could get it up again. The preacher’s wife kept sucking their soft cocks, but eventually they pushed her head away from their very sensitive genitals.

The preacher’s wife looked around very sheepishly. Now that her sexual desires were sated, she was thinking like her old self again. All of a sudden she was embarrassed to be naked in front of the two men and quickly donned her clothes. She cupped her face in her hands and felt the stickiness on both her palms and cheeks from holding the slimy cocks. Their taste was in her mouth and she felt the sperm leaking from her pussy. She was too ashamed to speak and was grateful when Jack told her he would take her home.

As soon as the preacher’s wife was in her own house she made a dash for the bathroom. She took off her dress and noticed the big wet spot on the back. Riding home in the car without panties allowed the sperm to soak the back of her dress. She took a hot shower and threw her clothes into the hamper. The preacher’s wife made her way into the vacant church and sat in the last pew. She put her arms on the back of the seat in front of her and rested her forehead on them. She had sinned again, but this time it was even worse. She was sure she would go to Hell for eternity.

That night Marge’s husband gave her the signal that she was to spread her legs for him. Under the covers, the preacher climbed between his wife’s legs and entered her. Marge felt an instant desire for a good fucking, but the preacher pumped in and out a few times, grunted, and climaxed.

After the preacher rolled onto his back and almost immediately began snoring, the young wife lay awake realizing how much she enjoyed sex with the two strangers and that it would never be like that with her husband. She fretted over it until she fell asleep.


The preacher’s wife awoke to an empty bed. Her husband was an early riser and out and about. She knew he would never be able to satisfy her sexually. And that thought caused her to realize she wanted… no needed… to be sexually satisfied. She liked sex and liked the way it made her feel. And she craved it, knowing it was not her husband that would be pleasing her. For the first time in her life, the preacher’s wife consciously moved her fingers between her legs and began rubbing her clit. While her other fingers entered her pussy, the preacher’s wife thought about the two men she had sex with… about them fucking her… about her sucking their cocks… about her swallowing their sperm. She came in a powerful orgasm, biting her lip in order not to shout out her pleasure.

This time when Jack appeared at the preacher’s wife’s front door, a smile spread across her face. She asked him if he wanted to come in, but he informed her that she was to come with him. The young wife smiled and told him she’d be just a minute. Jack’s jaw dropped when he saw her reach under her dress and pull off her knickers.

“I just have to put these away,” the preacher’s wife said, holding up her knickers. “After all, it’s getting expensive replacing them.”

Jack stared at her cute butt as it swayed. He was still staring when the preacher’s wife returned and brushed against his body as she stepped outside. They got into his car and drove off.

“Are we going to your place?” the preacher’s wife asked sheepishly.

“Would you like to?”

“Oh yes!” she exclaimed, enthusiastically.


Then, after a pause, she asked, “Um… will there… um… be anyone else there?”

“I didn’t plan on it,” Jack said and saw the disappointment on her face. Then he added, “But I can if you want. Do you only want one more guy?”

“How many can you get?” she surprised him by asking.

“I have an idea,” Jack said after thinking a bit. “If you’re game for something different, I think you’ll like it.”

“What do you mean ‘something different’?” she asked hesitantly.

“Well, you won’t know who the guys are… and they won’t see you either.”

“How’s that?” the naive wife asked.

“Let me surprise you. Are you game?”

“I guess so.”

“Are you excited?” Jack asked.


“Will you play with your pussy for me in the car?”

Jack expected the preacher’s wife to slap his face, but to his surprise she pulled her dress up and spread her legs. He saw her pussy and then her fingers between her legs. Jack couldn’t believe the woman who had thought it a sin to touch herself was now blatantly doing it in his car while driving in broad daylight.

Watching the preacher’s wife masturbate had its affect on Jack. Marge noticed it too. While sliding a finger in and out of her juicy pussy, the young wife licked her juices off the fingers of her other hand. When she felt it was clean, she reached out and cupped Jack’s hard-on. His moan was all she needed to begin rubbing his groin.

“You better stop or I’ll cum in my pants,” he told her.

“Mmmmm, you’re that excited?” she asked with a smirk on her face.

“Watching you play with yourself in my car is sooo hot.”

“Then it’s my fault.” Jack was about to explain that it wasn’t bad when she said, “I guess it’s up to me then to take care of your problem.”

Jack was aghast. He fell for her tease. The naïve young wife actually got the better of the experienced older man. But he wasn’t complaining when her dainty fingers unzipped his pants and fished out his almost painfully hard cock. She leaned forward and took him in her mouth. The preacher’s wife was sucking his cock in his car in the middle of the day. He had never had a woman do that before, and it was the prim and proper preacher’s wife who was the first. He didn’t last long and grunted as he came in her mouth. Suddenly, he realized he had closed his eyes, but thankfully the road was pretty void of traffic. He wondered if a crash would have caused her to bite down and sever his manhood. He also wondered how they would explain her being in his car with cum dripping down her chin.

“Feeling better?” she asked impishly, licking her sticky lips.

“Much,” Jack answered, smiling from ear to ear.

Soon they arrived at a building in a part of town the preacher’s wife had never been to. It looked scary so she was glad the large stranger was with her. Jack led her to a side entrance and looked around inside until he spotted who he was looking for. He motioned to the man who came over. Marge didn’t like the way he ogled her, but she stood silent, clutching onto Jack’s arm with both her hands.

Jack and the store owner spoke in whispers and then the man looked at the preacher’s wife again. He turned back to Jack and nodded. Jack led the preacher’s wife through a door and closed it behind them. The room was small with only a couple of chairs in it. Atop a small table were a box of tissues and a box of wet ones.

The preacher’s wife sat demurely on one of the chairs with her hands clasped in her lap. She didn’t understand what they were doing there, but she waited for Jack to tell her. Then she saw Jack nod toward the wall to her right. She turned to look and gasped. Sticking from a hole in the wall was a soft cock. The preacher’s wife looked back at Jack for an explanation.

“That’s called a glory hole,” he explained. “Guys shove their dicks through them and someone on the other side does what they want with it. Usually it’s a blow-job, but it’s up to you.” The preacher’s wife looked shocked so Jack added, “You said you wanted a lot of cocks. Well, you will get them here.”

The preacher’s wife’s face lit up, now understanding. She would get a supply of cocks and no one would even know it was her. She had complete anonymity, yet was able to satisfy her craving. She thought that Jack was the smartest man in the world.

Marge got up and then onto her knees next to the protruding dick. She licked it once and watched it twitch. She giggled and did it again. But then her desire overtook her and she opened her mouth wide. Without touching the dick with her hands, she gobbled it up and began sucking. The anonymous cock hardened in her mouth so the preacher’s wife moved her head back and forth, dragging her tongue along its length.

Jack watched the preacher’s wife on her knees sucking a stranger’s cock. Well, he knew it belonged to the store owner since he always went first, but she didn’t. He thought it was one of the most erotic things he had ever seen. The young wife of a preacher on her knees sucking a cock through a hole in the wall. And then he saw something even more erotic… her cheeks puffed out as the cock flooded her mouth with sperm.

When the preacher’s wife let the cock slip from her mouth she stared at it. Each time a drop of sperm showed at the tip, she’d lick it off. She kept doing this until the cock withdrew. Disappointed, the young wife looked at Jack with that pout again. But when Jack nodded at the new cock that appeared she smiled and stuffed it into her mouth.

After the third cock came in her mouth Jack told her to undress. She had just finished when another cock was shoved through the glory hole. While she was bent over sucking that cock, Jack lifted her hips and entered her pussy from behind. The preacher’s wife was servicing two men at the same time, even though they were in different rooms. With each violent thrust by Jack, the young wife’s forehead smashed against the wall and the anonymous cock went down her throat. But instead of objecting, the preacher’s wife moaned her approval.

Both Jack and the man on the other side of the wall came, and then the preacher’s wife sucked off another man… and then another.

“I’m getting full,” the young wife complained, holding her stomach.

“You don’t only have to use your mouth, you know,” Jack informed her.

The preacher’s wife stared at the cock protruding from the wall and smiled. She turned around and backed up to it with her hand between her legs. Grabbing the cock, the preacher’s wife guided it to her pussy. She backed up to the wall, sliding the stranger’s cock inside her. Then she pressed her backside against the wall and let the man in the other room do all the work. After he came, she took five more cocks the same way.

With sperm pouring out of her pussy and all over her lips and chin, the preacher’s wife sat down exhausted. She told Jack she couldn’t do it anymore. But when she saw the next cock appear she changed her mind. It was dark brown. It was a black man on the other side and he was offering the Lilly-white blonde his cock. The preacher’s wife couldn’t resist and began licking the cock. Jack thought she looked like she was tasting it. He wondered if the sheltered woman thought it would taste like chocolate. But the sperm he filled her mouth with was as white as everyone else’s.

When another cock appeared, the preacher’s wife told Jack she just couldn’t do another one. Her pussy was sore and her belly full. He suggested she use her hand, which she did. The preacher’s wife jacked off the rest of the cocks, watching their jism fly through the air and drip onto her hand. Finally, the glory hole remained vacant.

The preacher’s wife used the tissues to clean up as best she could and then redressed. Jack drove her home to her husband.

After the glory hole experience, the preacher’s wife couldn’t get those feelings out of her system. But even more importantly, she didn’t want to. She now masturbated often, trying to fulfill her needs, but it only quenched the heat momentarily. Soon the desires were back.

Marge masturbated after every one of her husband’s boring fucks. She didn’t even try to feel anything while he was on top of her, selfishly pumping between her legs. It was too frustrating. Just when she was ready to get into it, the preacher climaxed. So his wife patiently waited for him to roll off and then went into the bathroom to finish what he started.

The preacher’s wife even felt the need to masturbate while doing mundane tasks like preparing dinner. Her fingers would end up under her dress. Since she had stopped wearing underwear her pussy was always available. Her preacher husband never knew she was nude under her dress because he never looked. She got to the point where her fingers weren’t enough and used whatever was handy. Often it was one of the food items, like a cucumber. It even turned her on to watch her husband eat his salad… eating the vegetables that were inside her pussy and made her cum like he never did.

But the most wicked place where the preacher’s wife masturbated was in church. Even when standing in the front with the choir. When the choir was waiting their turn, they would stand still. The preacher’s wife would hold her book in front of her… over her crotch… and indiscreetly use her other hand (hidden behind the book) to rub herself. Sometimes she pushed the edge of the book against her clit. When she orgasmed while standing with the choir, the idea that she was cumming in front of all those people aroused her very much.

The preacher’s wife was pleased when she spotted Jack amongst the congregation. She’d sneak out of the choir and meet him in one of the vacant rooms where she’d suck his cock or let him fuck her. Then she’d go back to the choir with a mouth and/or pussy full of sperm. She’d catch Jack’s eye and lick her lips, letting him know she tasted his jism.

But the preacher’s wife was insatiable. She wanted more. She wanted more than one man at a time. She told Jack this and he set up a rendezvous.

Marge’s heart was pounding in her chest as Jack drove her to an unknown destination. All he told her was that all her desires would be met. Her heart kept pounding… pounding… pounding. She felt so many emotions — nervousness… excitement… apprehension… desire… wickedness. Yes, she felt wicked, but that only added to her arousal. Now that her sexual appetite was unleashed she couldn’t seem to get enough; and the more sinful the better.

Marge watched the scenery as they sped along the interstate. They were heading towards a town she had never been to. Eventually, the car rumbled over a long gravel drive until it stopped in front of a large house. The preacher’s wife was impressed with the immaculate garden and flowerbeds. Before she even realized it, Jack was holding her car door open, extending a hand to help her out. Marge took his hand and stepped out of the sedan. Soon they were waiting in front of the large double doors.

When the preacher’s wife entered the luxurious house she was taken with its spaciousness and beautiful furnishings. Growing up in a modest home and marrying a pious man did not expose her to such lavishness. She was speechless and led through the house without uttering a word. It wasn’t until she saw the room full of people that she paid attention. She hadn’t known what to expect, but it wasn’t a large crowd… and especially not women.

“Ladies and gents…” Jack said and then waited until he had everyone’s attention, “this is Marge.” A lot of “hello’s” and “hi’s” were mixed together and then Jack said to the preacher’s wife, waving his hand over the room full of people, “This is… well, we have a special way of welcoming people into our group.”

Jack led the preacher’s wife into the room. A man came over and kissed her full on the mouth. No introduction, just a lip-lock. Marge was taken back by the brashness, but didn’t pull away. As soon as the man broke the kiss, he was replaced by another and another and another. The preacher’s wife stood in the middle of the room while being kissed by complete strangers. Some slipped a tongue into her mouth while others just used their lips. And then, before she even realized it, one tongue playing with hers belonged to a woman. Marge’s eyes got real wide when the woman pulled away and smiled warmly but, before she could even gasp, another set of lips were pressed to hers. And so it went until everyone in the room had kissed her… both men and women alike.

Once the ritual had ended, people began talking again. Some introduced themselves to the preacher’s wife while touching her. Not just on her arm, but on her hip, waist, and even ass. She was stunned by the casual caresses, but was too dumbstruck to protest. Anyway, their hands on her felt good.

While Marge was chatting with a woman, someone came up behind her and pulled her against his body. When his arms wrapped around her waist, she felt his hard-on press against her. The preacher’s wife pushed back on his erection, and then leaned her head back onto his chest with her eyes closed as his hands moved up to cup her breasts. A soft moan escaped from the preacher’s wife.

Then Marge felt the bottom of her dress being tugged, followed by someone against her legs. By the time she opened her eyes and looked down, her dress was tented out and someone was nudging her legs to get her to spread them. By now the man behind her was nibbling on her neck, so the preacher’s wife parted her legs in her aroused state. Almost immediately, soft lips were pressed onto her pussy since she was not wearing underwear. Marge groaned and pushed back on the hard cock behind her.

The mouth on her pussy was doing all the right things. The preacher’s wife enjoyed her pussy being licked, but what she was experiencing was better than the way Jack did it. The tongue seemed to know just where to lick her and when to linger on one spot, and when to move to the next. It was as if the person could read Marge’s mind. All too soon the preacher’s wife felt her orgasm approaching and grabbed the head busy under her dress, pulling the active tongue into her pussy. The preacher’s wife humped her hips, smashing her wet pussy against the face under her dress, driving the person’s tongue in her pussy and pressing her clit on the person’s face. Marge shuddered and then came, her climax prolonged by the continued gentle licking of her clit.

Marge had to see who the wonderful cunt-licker was. She tugged her dress up until the top of the person’s head appeared. The preacher’s wife gasped when she saw the long red hair… it was the woman who she had been chatting with when the man stepped behind her. The preacher’s wife couldn’t believe a woman made her feel so good.

The woman leaned back and smiled up at the preacher’s wife. Marge looked down at her wet face in shock. Then she realized she was holding her dress at her waist, showing everyone her wet pussy. She blushed and dropped her dress. The redhead stood up with her mouth next to the preacher’s wife’s ear and whispered, “You taste delicious,” and then smacked her lips. Marge’s blush deepened.

The redhead leaned forward and pressed her lips against Marge’s. They were wet, and very soft. When the woman’s tongue pushed against Marge’s lips, the dazed wife of a preacher allowed it to enter her mouth. She sucked on the redhead’s tongue, tasting her own juices. The preacher’s wife couldn’t distinguish between her moaning and the redhead’s.

Marge felt her dress being lifted and then it was up to her armpits, being tugged upwards. She was forced to break the kiss and raise her arms. As soon as her dress was removed she leaned forward, seeking the other woman’s mouth. They kissed again until the preacher’s wife felt something pushing under her chin. She opened her eyes and saw the redhead had her arms in the air as if someone was pointing a gun at her. Marge broke the kiss and leaned back. She then realized she had felt the other woman’s dress being lifted up her body, getting stuck where the two were joined. The preacher’s wife watched as the woman’s only garment was pulled from her body.

When the two women’s mouths reunited, their now naked bodies pressed against each other. The preacher’s wife felt the soft warm skin of the other woman against her burning flesh. The redhead’s large breasts flattened her own as the two women wrapped their arms around each other’s body, hugging each other tightly. The redhead positioned a thigh between the preacher’s wife’s legs and, in doing so, ended up with one of Marge’s thighs between hers. The two women began humping the other’s leg while they passionately kissed.

The crowded room was quiet while everyone watched the two naked women embrace. Quiet except for the moaning of the two women, that is.

The preacher’s wife felt the other woman pulling her down. She obediently let the redhead guide her and soon she was lying on top of the prone woman, their lips still locked. The redhead’s legs were now spread with the preacher’s wife lying between them, their pussies pressed together. In her aroused state, the preacher’s wife ground her pussy against the other woman’s.

The preacher’s wife felt the other woman gently push her face away. She was about to kiss her again when the redhead said, “Please kiss my tits,” and then pushed Marge’s head down. Caught up in the sexual moment, the preacher’s wife scooted down a bit and placed her lips on the other woman’s breast. When she heard the redhead moan, Marge sucked the large nipple into her mouth and flicked her tongue over it. She then moved to the other tit.

Marge once again felt the redhead pushing on the top of her head. She moved lower until her lips were kissing the redhead’s abdomen. The preacher’s wife couldn’t believe how soft the woman’s skin was and ran her lips over it… then her tongue. The preacher’s wife was no longer lying on the woman’s body. She was on the thick carpet between the redhead’s spread legs, kissing her belly. The redhead shimmied backwards, causing her belly to move away from the preacher’s wife. But when her pubic hairs tickled the preacher’s wife’s nose and lips, Marge pulled her head back and looked up at the woman.

The preacher’s wife felt a bonding with the other woman. She wanted to please her. Without thinking about what she was about to do, the preacher’s wife lowered her face between the redhead’s legs and pressed her lips onto the woman’s cunt. Marge planted several kisses onto the hairy pussy just like she had done to the woman’s belly. Then, mimicking what she had done on her belly, Marge dragged her lips first, and then her tongue, over the area. But Marge didn’t like running her tongue over the curly hairs so she pulled them out of the way. What that did was expose the warm, moist flesh inside. The preacher’s wife began licking in the hairless area.

“Oh yes, please don’t stop. Do it. Oh… yes, like… oh….” the redhead panted.

The preacher’s wife remembered how good the other woman made her feel and wanted to return the favor. She used her tongue like the woman had on her and lapped away. She alternated between shoving her tongue inside the redhead’s pussy hole and licking her clit. Marge soon felt the redhead’s legs on her back and the woman’s thighs pressing against the sides of her head. The preacher’s wife kept licking until the woman under her began bucking, clenching her thighs even tighter around the preacher’s wife’s head. And then the redhead went limp, her legs falling to the carpeted floor.

When the preacher’s wife looked up she was shocked to see everyone naked. Not only naked, but some were masturbating while others were masturbating each other. A couple was even fucking. But all eyes were on the preacher’s wife as she wiped the redhead’s pussy juices from her lips with the back of her hand.

Marge couldn’t remember when she had been so turned on. She stared at the nearest cock, watching the man’s hand stroking it. The preacher’s wife crawled toward it on her hands and knees and then pushed the man’s hand away. She grabbed his cock and stuffed it into her mouth. The preacher’s wife began bobbing her head back and forth while on her knees, longing to make the man cum… and she didn’t have long to wait. Soon, globs and globs of sperm were fired into her mouth. The preacher’s wife noisily gulped down the stranger’s sperm.

When the preacher’s wife let the softening cock slip from her mouth, her head was turned to the side. Kneeling next to her was another woman who pressed her lips against Marge’s. The other woman shoved her tongue inside the preacher’s wife’s mouth, but didn’t simply rub it against her tongue. The other woman’s tongue rubbed against her palate, teeth, gums, and also her tongue. It was as if she was licking the sperm out of Marge’s mouth.

“Mmmmm, I just love the taste of Jerry’s cum,” the woman said, licking her lips after she pulled away. “Here, try my husband’s.”

With one hand on the back of Marge’s head and her other hand wrapped around the hard cock, the other woman fed her husband’s cock into Marge’s mouth. The preacher’s wife was turned on by knowing a wife was putting her husband’s cock into her mouth and that she was watching her blow him. The preacher’s wife sucked on the cock and bobbed her head up and down the shaft, never taking her eyes off his wife. When he exploded in her mouth, the wife quickly pulled Marge’s mouth off his cock and stuck her tongue inside the preacher’s wife’s mouth. Once again, she used her tongue to retrieve the sperm she obviously desired.

The preacher’s wife was gently pulled down by hands under her armpits until she was lying on the floor. The woman who had grabbed her then leaned down and said, “I hear you’re a preacher’s wife. That’s so fuckin’ hot. I’m going to watch my husband fuck you… fuck a preacher’s wife.”

Marge was about to say something when she felt a hard cock pushed into her pussy. She looked down her body and saw a good-looking man smiling at her. She looked back up at his wife who was staring intently at Marge’s crotch. Her eyes were fixed on her husband’s cock that was soon going to plunge into the pussy of a preacher’s wife. Then the woman moaned as Marge felt the cock slip inside.

“Fuck her, honey,” the woman encouraged her husband. “Do it baby, fuck her good. I gotta see it closer.”

The woman straddled Marge’s body and leaned forward, getting a close-up of her husband’s cock sliding in and out of the preacher’s wife adulterous cunt. The woman’s legs were spread and Marge was able to see her pink gash. While the woman was telling her husband to fuck the preacher’s wife, Marge saw the woman’s fingers sink into her pussy and begin finger-fucking herself. It was erotic to watch the woman masturbate right over her face, especially knowing it was her husband fucking Marge that turned the woman on so much.

After the man came, his wife yanked his cock from the preacher’s wife’s pussy and stuffed it in her mouth. She sucked it clean, moaning around the shrinking shaft. Then she leaned forward and began sucking his cum out of the freshly fucked cunt, all the while fingering herself with her ass raised high. Then Marge saw the woman shove three fingers all the way inside her pussy as her body shuddered in a massive climax. The woman quickly spun around and shoved her wet fingers into the preacher’s wife’s mouth. Marge sucked them clean and then the woman pressed her mouth against Marge’s. When the preacher’s wife opened her mouth, she felt the goo slide onto her tongue. The sperm that the woman had sucked out of Marge’s cunt was now being fed to her. But the preacher’s wife wasn’t upset. She swallowed it all and then, like the woman earlier, the preacher’s wife found herself using her tongue to scrape the remains of the man’s sperm from his wife’s mouth.

When the woman got off the preacher’s wife, Marge was lifted into the air by two men. She was held in a sitting position with two hands on her back and a hand on the underside of each of her thighs. It was like she was sitting in a chair with her legs spread. They carried her over to a prone man, whose cock was being sucked by a woman. When Marge was near, the woman pulled her mouth off the cock and held it vertical. The two men holding Marge lowered the preacher’s wife down, still in a sitting position. The woman guided the saliva-coated cock into the preacher’s wife’s pussy.

Marge began fucking the man, bouncing up and down on his cock. The woman reached out and began fondling the preacher’s wife’s tits, asking her how her husband’s cock felt. Marge just grunted. The woman reached around Marge and began caressing her buttocks. Soon her fingers were inside the crack, sliding up and down. Then she spat on her hand and spread her saliva onto the preacher’s wife’s anus before slipping a finger inside. The preacher’s wife was fucking the woman’s husband while his wife squeezed one of her tits and finger-fucked her ass.

“So you like my husband’s cock,” the woman purred. “How about this one?” Marge glanced at the new cock, watching the woman swallow it in her mouth and then begin sucking it. “Yeah, this is a good one too,” she said after taking it from her mouth. The new man walked behind the preacher’s wife and pushed his slick dick against her lubricated anus. While he was pushing his cock into the preacher’s wife’s asshole, the woman leaned next to her ear and said, “That’s my brother. You are fucking my husband and brother at the same time.”

The magnitude of what the woman had told Marge caused the preacher’s wife to cum immediately. She was being fucked by two men at the same time and the woman who orchestrated it told her that the cocks belonged to her husband and brother. The preacher’s wife couldn’t think of anything more wicked than that and it caused a powerful orgasm.

The woman watched her brother and husband fuck the preacher’s wife for a while and then sat on her husband’s face. Marge looked between the woman’s legs at her husband’s tongue licking her. All the while cocks were sliding in and out of her two holes.

“I want to lick you,” the preacher’s wife said without even realizing it.

The woman smiled and climbed off her husband’s face. She straddled her husband’s body and stopped when her pussy was in front of the preacher’s wife’s face. She grabbed the back of Marge’s head and pulled her face to her hairy snatch. She then began humping the preacher’s wife’s face. Marge tried unsuccessfully to get her tongue inside the woman’s pussy, but it was impossible. The woman kept smashing her wet pussy against her face while watching her brother’s cock sliding in and out of the preacher’s wife’s asshole.

Just when Marge thought she was going to be denied, the woman let go of her head and turned around. She bent at the waist and moved backwards so that her pussy was against the preacher’s wife’s mouth. Marge didn’t hesitate and stuck her tongue out, licking the woman. What a sight it made. The man was lying on the floor with Marge riding his cock. His wife was bent at the waist, kissing her husband while the preacher’s wife’s tongue was licking her pussy from behind. And the woman’s brother was fucking the preacher’s wife’s raised ass.

When the brother came inside the preacher’s wife’s ass, he was replaced by another man. Then the man on the floor came in Marge’s pussy. The new man kept fucking the preacher’s wife’s ass as the cock in her pussy slipped out. The preacher’s wife kept licking the woman until she came and collapsed onto her husband’s body. Then the man fucking her ass came too. The preacher’s wife fell to the ground, totally exhausted.

“Well Dad, how was her ass?” the woman asked, still breathing heavily.

Marge couldn’t believe what she had just heard. For the first time she looked at the man who had just cum in her ass and realized he was quite a bit older than the others. He was the woman’s father! The preacher’s wife had licked the woman’s pussy and fucked her husband, brother, and father.

After that, they let the preacher’s wife rest. She talked to the strangers as if they were long time friends. Their nudity, or hers, didn’t bother the preacher’s wife in the least. Neither did all the fucking and sucking and licking going on around her. The preacher’s wife spent the rest of the day getting fucked in her pussy and ass, sucking cocks, drinking cum, and eating pussy.

After frolicking in an enormously large shower with several people, all fucking and sucking as they washed, Jack drove the preacher’s wife home. She told him how much she enjoyed what they had done and wanted to do it often. He told her she was a big hit and they wanted her back. When they pulled to the curb in front of the church where Marge lived, the preacher’s wife unbuckled Jack’s pants and pulled out his cock. In broad daylight, in front of the church, she sucked his cock until he came in her mouth. She raised her head, licking her lips, and smiled at him. She had become wicked and she loved it.


Marge Calligan felt totally liberated for the first time in her life. Raised by puritanical parents, her sexuality was repressed from puberty. Marrying a preacher didn’t help. He thought Satan caused his hard-on and his wife’s duty was to relieve his tension. Under the sanctity of the bed covers, the preacher would enter his wife with no foreplay, pump in and out a few times, and spill his seed. There was no lovemaking involved… and no pleasure for Marge. The preacher thought it was a sin to enjoy sex, being the Devil’s work.

But the preacher’s wife learned differently. Jack Strong was older than Marge and more worldly, and turned out to be a good teacher. He brought her repressed lust out of her slowly until she participated in a full fledged swinger’s orgy, having sex with both men and women. She even had sex with a woman and her husband… and her brother… and her father. The preacher’s wife was now a slut who loved sex.

Marge’s outward appearance was still the dutiful wife of a preacher. She dressed plainly, seemed prim and proper, and even participated in several church activities, like teaching Sunday School and working with many of the volunteer wives on the social functions. It was after a planning meeting for one of these functions that Marge was pulled aside by Mrs. Stark.

“Can I speak to you for a moment?” the nervous woman asked the preacher’s wife.

“Of course, Mrs. Stark.”

“Please call me Gail. I’d rather not be so formal right now.”

“Of course… Gail. How can I help you?”

The woman seemed very tense. They sat quietly, Marge waiting for the older woman to speak. The preacher’s wife took the opportunity to study Mrs. Stark. Gail was around 35 years old with dark hair and large breasts. The preacher’s wife inwardly chuckled when she noticed that the other woman’s breasts were large. That was something the “old” Marge Calligan would not have noticed. Mrs. Stark had red hair and a curvy figure. She wasn’t fat, but not thin either.

“I just have to speak to someone or else I’ll just bust,” Gail finally blurted out.

“I’m here for you,” the preacher’s wife said, trying to calm the anxious woman.

“B-But I don’t know if I can talk about this.”

“You can ta….” the preacher’s wife began, but was interrupted by the agitated woman.

“I… I don’t know. It’s so… so personal,” Gail said.

Now the preacher’s wife was curious. She wasn’t a gossip, but now that she became sexually enlightened she saw things differently. She wondered what was so traumatic to affect the woman this way. But she politely sat quietly, waiting for the older woman to speak.

Without looking at Marge, Mrs. Stark said very quietly, “I would have gone to your husband for guidance, but I can’t… not this time. It’s… I can’t… he’s a man. Oh Lord, what am I going to do?”

Mrs. Stark broke down into tears, cupping her face in her hands. Her shoulders were moving up and down with each gasp for air. The preacher’s wife’s heart went out to the distressed woman.

“Mrs. Stark… Gail… you can talk to me. Please trust me. What is it that’s troubling you so much?”

Mrs. Stark looked up at the face staring at her and said, “Oh Lord, you’re so young… and so pure. How could you help me? I should just go. This was a mistake.”

The older woman started to get up, but the preacher’s wife quickly moved her chair next to hers and gently put a hand on her shoulder. That was enough to have Gail settle back into her chair. The preacher’s wife draped an arm across the sobbing woman’s shoulders and pulled her to her breast. She softly stroked the cheek of the crying woman as she cradled her face against her breasts.

When Mrs. Stark controlled her weeping she nestled her face between the preacher’s wife’s breasts and babbled, “I have these urges. I can’t explain them and know it’s wrong, but I have them anyway. It’s sinful and I’m a horrible wife. I don’t know what to do about them.”

Marge began rocking the woman’s head in her arms like one would a baby. She patted the side of Gail’s face, trying to calm her down. Then she pulled Mrs. Stark’s head away from her chest and held it in her two hands, waiting until they made eye contact.

“Gail, tell me about the urges. What urges do you have that are so terrible?” the preacher’s wife said calmly.

“I’m normal,” Gail said.


“So, what I’m feeling isn’t normal.”

“What are you feeling?”

Mrs. Stark stared intently at the preacher’s wife and then blurted out, “I get aroused by… women excite me,” and then covered her face with her hands.

The preacher’s wife considered how to reply and then pulled Gail’s hands away from her face saying, “There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“You’re just saying that,” Gail said, and failed to hold back her tears.

“Gail, do you think I’m attractive?”

Mrs. Stark stopped crying and just stared at the younger woman. “Yes, you are very pretty,” she finally admitted.

“Do you think I have nice breasts?” the preacher’s wife asked, opening her blouse and pulling it apart, exposing her bra-encased tits.

“They’re lovely,” Gail said, almost to herself.

“And what about my legs?” the preacher’s wife asked, sliding her skirt up her legs very slowly.

Mrs. Stark’s eyes burned into the hem of the preacher’s wife’s skirt as if trying to make her raise it higher, but Marge stopped just below her pussy.

“Oh yessss,” Gail hissed.

“And what about this?” Marge asked, pulling her skirt to her waist and spreading her legs.

“Oh Lord, you’re not wearing panties!” Mrs. Stark exclaimed.

“I keep losing them so I’ve stopped wearing them,” Marge stated without explanation. “But you didn’t answer me. Do you like my pussy?” she asked while gently stroking the sides of her pubes.

“You’re beautiful, but….”

“No buts. I think you’re pretty too.”

“You do?”

“And sexy.”

Before Mrs. Stark could respond, the preacher’s wife leaned forward and pressed her lips against the older woman’s. When she extended her tongue, Mrs. Stark parted her lips and accepted it. They passionately kissed and then Marge pulled away.

“So, what was wrong with that?” the preacher’s wife asked.

“It was wonderful.”

“Do you want to touch my breasts?”

“Oh, would I,” Gail said, dreamy-eyed.

“Then let’s get this out of the way.”

The preacher’s wife pulled her blouse off and tossed it onto the floor. Her bra soon followed. She let the older woman gaze at her tits for a while and then grabbed the back of Mrs. Stark’s head, pulling her face to her naked breasts. Gail opened her mouth and began sucking on one, flicking her tongue over the hard nipple.

“Mmmmm, that feels nice,” the preacher’s wife cooed.

While Mrs. Stark was slurping on her tits, the preacher’s wife fumbled with Gail’s blouse and bra until she was as naked from the waist up as Marge. When her hands found the soft globes and squeezed, the older woman moaned her pleasure. The preacher’s wife’s hands began undoing Mrs. Stark’s slacks and pulled the woman to her feet when they were open. Marge squatted while tugging the pants and underwear down.

“What are you doing?!!” Mrs. Stark cried out, clutching her pants as they were partially down her hips.

“Just relax. I know you want this,” the preacher’s wife said confidently.

When Gail’s hands released their hold on her slacks, the preacher’s wife pulled them, along with her panties, all the way to her ankles. Marge tugged on them until Mrs. Stark raised a foot and then pulled them off one leg. The same was done with the other leg. Mrs. Stark was now naked standing in front of a half naked woman. Her hands automatically covered up her private areas.

The preacher’s wife stood up and again pressed her lips to Mrs. Stark’s. The older woman was more hesitant this time, but eventually parted her lips. Once again the two women embraced in a passionate French-kiss. Marge felt the other woman’s arms wrap around her body and their naked breasts press together. She took the opportunity to slip a hand between Mrs. Stark’s legs and cupped her pussy. Gail let out a moan. The preacher’s wife’s finger teased the slit and clit until Mrs. Stark’s legs parted and her knees slightly bent.

Marge broke the kiss and asked, “Has Mr. Stark ever gone down on you?”

“Huh?” the stunned woman said. “What do you mean?”

“Has your husband ever licked your pussy?”

“For god’s sake, no,” the shocked woman exclaimed.

“Then I’ve got a treat for you,” the preacher’s wife said with a wicked smile.

Marge guided Mrs. Stark back to her chair and knelt at her feet. The stunned woman just stared down at the preacher’s wife, naked from the waist up, whom she had been so intimidate with just a few moments before. Marge placed her hands on the older woman’s knees and looked up at her confused face. She gave a warm smile and gently pushed Gail’s knees apart. Mrs. Stark looked between her legs when they parted, seeing her red bush unprotected from the woman closer to it than any other woman ever had been.

Marge ran her fingertips up and down the inner thighs of the seated woman. She felt Gail shuddering from the titillation. Slowly, very slowly, her fingers inched higher and higher, using her forearms and elbows to push the woman’s legs further apart. At the same time she leaned closer to her target, smelling the aroused pussy. When Marge was close enough, she leaned forward and ran her tongue through the pussy-slit, making sure it made contact with Mrs. Stark’s clit on the way out.

“Oohhhhhh!!!” Mrs. Stark sighed.

When the preacher’s wife didn’t get slapped or pushed away, she took that as acceptance. Using her thumbs to pry Mrs. Stark’s labia apart, the preacher’s wife placed her tongue between them and licked a few times in rapid succession. The humping of Mrs. Stark’s hips told her how much the older woman enjoyed her cunnilingus. She kept at it, sometimes penetrating the warm, moist hole with her taut tongue, flicking it in and out.

The preacher’s wife grabbed Mrs. Stark around her butt and pulled the married woman to her, smashing her face in Gail’s pussy. No longer was she gentle. Marge almost violently licked inside Gail’s pussy, getting her face very wet by her movements. When she heard Mrs. Stark panting and moaning, the preacher’s wife attacked her clit. That was all Mrs. Stark needed. While the preacher’s wife licked and sucked the clit of her husband’s parishioner, Mrs. Stark howled as her orgasm swept through her body.

Marge sat back on her heels, watching the older woman come down from her orgasm. Mrs. Stark’s body was twitching like she was being hit with electricity. Her legs were splayed open and her chest was rising and falling with her panting. When her eyes slowly opened and focused, the preacher’s wife smiled warmly at her.

“I-I can’t believe we did that,” Mrs. Stark said when she was able to speak. “It was unbelievable… fantastic.”

“You’re welcome,” the preacher’s wife said with a big smile on her wet face.

Marge stood up and took Mrs. Stark by her hands, pulling her to a standing position. She gently brushed the side of Gail’s face with the back of her fingers and then leaned in for a kiss. When her tongue was inside Mrs. Stark’s mouth, the older woman suddenly pulled back.

The preacher’s wife watched the other woman’s lips moving, as if tasting, and then her tongue licked her lips. She hesitated for a moment, tasting pussy-juice for the first time, and then smiled at the preacher’s wife. Marge was pleased when Gail grabbed the back of her head and pulled her so that their lips were once again joined. When the preacher’s wife’s tongue reentered Mrs. Stark’s mouth, Gail sucked it.

“I want to please you,” Mrs. Stark said when she broke the kiss.

“You are,” the preacher’s wife said graciously.

“No… I mean like you pleased me.”

The preacher’s wife had experience with coming out of her repressed shell, so she said, “Tell me exactly what you want to do to me. Don’t mince words. Please tell me what you want to do.”

Mrs. Stark stared at the preacher’s wife. She had been raised in their small, conservative town. This was new to her. But the prim and proper preacher’s wife was acting in a way she never would have imagined… and she was extremely turned on.

“I want to lick your vagi… um, pussy. I want to lick your pussy and make you orgasm. Please, let me lick you.”

The preacher’s wife knew how liberating it was to do what Mrs. Stark just did… to feel a sense of freedom… to have society’s shackles removed. She smiled at the emancipated woman and nodded, sitting down in the chair and raising her skirt to her waist. She spread her legs, not needing to be told.

Mrs. Stark stared at the preacher’s wife’s pussy. Could she actually do it? Could she put her mouth there? But she remembered how good the preacher’s young wife made her feel and wanted to reciprocate. She had already tasted her own juices, so how much different could another woman taste? She made up her mind and got onto her knees between the preacher’s wife’s widely spread legs.

Marge saw the hesitation in Mrs. Stark’s face and said, “You don’t have to do this if you’re not ready.”

Gail smiled up at the younger woman and then leaned forward, pressing her lips to the preacher’s wife’s pussy as if she was going to kiss it. And that’s exactly what she did. Gail planted several loud kisses right on the preacher’s wife’s pussy. Then her tongue tentatively came out and it snuck inside the crevice. Soon it was lapping the preacher’s wife’s pussy-juices, savoring the flavor. Once that obstacle was overcome, Mrs. Stark attacked the pussy with her tongue, knowing what she had liked and doing the same. Soon she had Marge panting and humping her hips, until the young wife of her preacher came all over her face.

After that, the two women sat on the floor cradling each other in their arms, gently rocking back and forth. From time to time their lips locked and their tongues played. The preacher’s wife felt wetness on her face and pulled away. She saw the tears streaming down Mrs. Stark’s face.

“I’m so sorry,” the preacher’s wife apologized, thinking the married woman was feeling regrets.

“Sorry?” the other woman said with a smile on her face. “That was the most beautiful thing I ever experienced. Thank you for showing me how wonderful it could be.”

After that, Mrs. Stark and the preacher’s wife met often. With Marge’s encouragement, Mrs. Stark’s inhibitions were chipped away. One day they were lying side by side with the flavor of each other’s pussy on their lips. Marge asked her new friend if she loved her husband.

“Of course I do,” Mrs. Stark responded, startled.

“Do you enjoy sex with him?” the preacher’s wife asked the very personal question, but they were now very open with each other.

Mrs. Stark hesitated and then said, “Well, I still like sex with him, but…” Marge let the older woman gather her thoughts, “I wish it was better.”

“Better? How better?”

“I don’t know. When we were first married it was so exciting. But now it is kinda… well, sometimes boring… predictable at least.”

“How so?”

“Well, when we have sex I know exactly what he’s going to do. He’ll kiss me and touch my breasts. Then he’ll suck on a nipple while fingering me. Then he’ll get between my legs and fuck me. It’s always the same.”

“What do you do to him?”

“What do I do? I fuck him back, I guess.”

“What about foreplay? You told me what he does to you, but what do you do to him?”

“I kiss him, of course. Sometimes I rub his penis to get him hard.”

“Do you put it in your mouth?”


“His cock.”

“Oh Lord, no!” Mrs. Stark exclaimed.

“Why not?”

“It’s dirty. He pees from it.”

“I pee from my pussy, but you lick that. It’s not dirty.”

“I… I don’t know. I’ve never done that.”

“At least it would be something different.”

Mrs. Stark absorbed what the preacher’s wife had said and then burst out laughing. It was contagious and Marge joined her in a hearty laugh. The preacher’s wife was thinking about the Starks making love and it excited her. She climbed on top of Mrs. Stark and pushed the older woman’s legs apart with her knees. Then, lining her clit up with Gail’s, she mashed her pussy against Mrs. Stark’s. They were fucking, sans a cock, and both came hard, shuddering in each other’s arms.

After they had rested, the preacher’s wife stunned Mrs. Stark by saying, “I’d love to see you make love to your husband.”

“Why would you want to do that?” Mrs. Stark asked.

“It’s so hot watching others having sex.”

“You’ve seen it before?” Gail asked incredulously.

The preacher’s wife didn’t tell the older woman everything she had done, but she mentioned group sex, making sure not to call it an orgy. But she did tell her that there were married couples sharing their spouses and getting excited by it. She wanted to put the idea of sharing her husband in Mrs. Stark’s mind.

Mrs. Stark listened to the preacher’s wife wide-eyed. She couldn’t believe she had cheated on her husband. Up until now, Gail thought their relationship was a first for both of them. Now she was learning that the prim and proper preacher’s wife wasn’t so chaste. But it didn’t offend her. On the contrary, it excited her. When she heard the episode of a wife feeding her husband’s cock into the preacher’s wife’s mouth, her fingers went to her cunt and she began vigorously frigging.

After Mrs. Stark had orgasmed, she looked sheepishly at the preacher’s wife smiling at her. There was no hiding how aroused she had become talking about swinging and cheating. She agreed to let the preacher’s wife watch her and her husband make love.

“How will we know when he wants to do it?” the preacher’s wife asked, showing she was still naïve in some areas.

“Mac is always ready,” Mrs. Stark said with a chuckle. “I just need to tell him I’m in the mood and race him to the bedroom.”

On the night they had arranged for the preacher’s wife to watch, Marge told her husband she was going to talk to Mrs. Stark about some woman problem she was having. The preacher was thrilled when his wife helped out with the spiritual guidance of his congregation. And the preacher’s wife knew that the subject — a woman problem — would ensure her husband never mentioned it to Mr. Stark. There were things he simply didn’t talk about.

The preacher’s wife stood at the Stark’s bedroom window under the cover of darkness. They chose a night with no moon. The wickedness of the act made the preacher’s wife’s pussy moisten. She was going to watch a married couple make love without the husband knowing it. Her hand went under her skirt and onto her clit, but she suddenly dropped below the windowsill when the bedroom light came on. Cautiously, Marge rose up and peeked into the room. Gail had left the curtains parted enough to see inside. When the preacher’s wife heard voices she realized the window was open as well.

“This is a surprise,” Mac Stark said as he walked into the bedroom.

“Are you not in the mood?” Gail asked a little worried, and unconsciously glanced at the window she knew the preacher’s wife would be at.

“Honey, are you kidding?” Mac said, tearing at his clothes.

The preacher’s wife saw the big smile on Mrs. Stark’s face and envied her. Marge watched the two disrobe, tossing their clothes haphazardly — most on the floor, a shirt dangling from the back of a chair, a bra on the dresser, panties hanging from a floor lamp. Gail’s nude body always turned the preacher’s wife on, but her eyes were riveted on her husband. Mac Stark had a decent body, but when his boxers came off she saw his equipment… and was impressed.

The two got on the bed and embraced. Mr. Stark leaned forward and placed his lips on his wife’s. They passionately kissed for a while, and then his hand cupped her breast. Marge knew what was coming next… his mouth went to Gail’s tit and his hand between her legs, fingering her pussy. Just as Mrs. Stark had told the preacher’s wife, her husband was predictable which led to her boredom in the bedroom.

But today Gail Stark was not bored. She knew the preacher’s young wife was watching her. That got her excited so she squirmed under her husband so that they were lying across the width of the bed instead of its length. She knew this would give the voyeur a better view; and then she spread her legs.

The preacher’s wife watched Mr. Stark’s finger slide in and out of his wife’s pussy. Marge was jealous. Why didn’t her husband do that to her? Instead, she crouched outside a married couple’s bedroom fingering her own pussy.

Mr. Stark got up on his knees and the preacher’s wife noticed Gail’s hand wrapped around his now hard cock. She was wanking him. He tried to get between her legs, but because of where she was on the edge of the bed it wasn’t possible.

“Honey, move to the middle,” he said, breathing hard.

“You lie down in the middle,” she told him.

“Are you changing your mind?” he asked in a panic.

“No dear, just lie down.”

Mr. Stark was confused, but did what his wife had asked. This was unlike her. They had a routine and now she was altering it. He thought she had changed her mind and didn’t want to make love after all. He was already thinking he’d have to go into the bathroom and finish himself off with his hand. But then….

“Oh Jesus!!” Mac Stark cried out when his wife’s mouth engulfed his hard cock. “Oh Jesus… oh Jesus!!” he kept repeating as she began sucking.

The preacher’s wife noticed Gail’s eyes look her way while she was sucking her husband’s cock. Although the large cock was in her mouth, Marge thought she saw the ends of her mouth curl up into a smile. Then, while her eyes were locked on the window, Mrs. Stark took her husband’s cock from her mouth and licked it from the base to the tip.

“Oh Jesus!!” was all Mac could say. But when Gail stopped he said, “What got into you?”

“Are you mad?” his wife asked, afraid she stepped over the line.

“Are you crazy?! I’ve always wanted you to blow me.”

“Really?! Then why didn’t you ask?”

“I thought you’d be offended. Please Gail, suck my cock.”

“Oh Mac, I love when you talk like that,” Mrs. Stark said and then stuffed his cock back into her mouth.

The preacher’s wife climaxed when she heard the last exchange. She had brought out the sexuality in these people just like Jack Strong brought hers to the surface. The two were enjoying lovemaking like never before and it was all her doing. Her husband may be the spiritual leader of their community, but she accepted the role of their sexual leader. Her fingers kept frigging her pussy while she watched and listened.

“Gail, that feels so good,” Mr. Stark praised his wife. “Move your hair away from your face so I can see your… yeah, I see my cock in your mouth. Suck it honey… suck my cock. Oh god your mouth feels good. Mmmmmm… oh, mmmmm. Gail!! Gail, you have to stop! I’m gonna cum, honey. Gail!! STOP!! Oh noooo, I… I can’t…. oh nooooo!!!!”

The preacher’s wife had a clear view of Mrs. Stark’s mouth working on her husband’s cock. Her lips were locked around it and sliding up and down the shaft. Her sunken cheeks attested to the fact that the word “blow-job” wasn’t correct. She wasn’t blowing… she was sucking and licking. And her collapsed cheeks showed how hard she was sucking. That is until they puffed out as her husband filled her mouth with his hot cum.

“Oh honey, I’m so sorry,” Mr. Stark apologized when he returned to Earth from what he thought was surely Heaven. “I tried to warn you.”

“Don’t be silly,” Gail said, smacking her lips, “your first blow-job was going to be done right. Anyway, I didn’t mind. It’s not bad,” she said licking her lips. The preacher’s wife caught her glancing towards the window.

“You’re so wonderful,” Mr. Stark exclaimed. “But honey, what about you? It’ll take me a while to… you know, get hard again.”

Gail glanced at the window again and then back to her husband. She held her breath for a moment and then said, “Will you do for me what I did for you?”

“Do what? You don’t have a… oh shit, do you mean it?”

“Yes,” she said so softly the preacher’s wife hardly heard her response.

“Honey, I’ve always wanted to do that, but I thought you’d think I was a pervert.”

“Well pervert,” Gail said with a big smile on her face, “lick my pussy.”

Gail laid down the length of the bed and spread her legs. Her husband climbed between them and stared at her pussy. He dove face first between her thighs, lapping away. While Mr. Stark was busy licking his wife’s pussy for the first time (first time for him anyway since the preacher’s wife was doing it regularly), Mrs. Stark was looking at the window and smiling at her female lover. But soon her eyes went to the ceiling as her husband’s tongue performed its magic and then her eyes closed in ecstasy.

“Oh baby, lick my cunt,” Gail called out, so uncharacteristically for her. “Lick it baby… eat me. Oh yeah, that’s good… so good. My clit now, baby, lick my cl… aahhh… oohhhh. God it’s… it’s… oh baby, I’m cummingggggg!!!!”

The preacher’s wife saw Mr. Stark lift his head and wipe his lips and chin with the back of his hand. Mrs. Stark’s body was twitching like Marge had seen it so many times recently. When Gail had recovered, a big smile appeared on her face.

“Looks like you’re ready,” Gail said, pointing to her husband’s hard-on. “Can we do it differently this time?” she said, almost seriously.

“What do you mean?”

“Can we try it doggy style?”

“Why not? I love you so much I’d fuck you upside down if you want.”

“Maybe some other time,” Gail said with a chuckle, “but now I want it from behind.”

Mrs. Stark got onto her hands and knees making sure she was facing the window. Her husband got behind her and placed his hard cock at her wet entrance. When he pushed in, the preacher’s wife saw the pleasure on Gail’s face. And then her expression changed to lust as Mac rammed his cock in and out of her pussy. The preacher’s wife saw Gail mouth the words “Thank you” and then stopped looking at the window.

The fuck lasted at least 20 minutes, with both crying out their love for each other and obscenities. They weren’t cursing at each other… but rather adding to their pleasure by saying things like “Your cock is so big” and “Oh honey, I’m so deep this way. I love your pussy.”

Finally, the two came, Mrs. Stark beating her husband by a few milliseconds. And while they were panting, still connected, the preacher’s wife was shuddering from her own climax.

he preacher’s wife was driving home after watching through the Stark’s bedroom window that Gail had left open for her. Gail and Mac Stark made love more passionately than they ever had and the preacher’s wife realized she had made it happen. Marge’s husband was the spiritual leader of the community, but the preacher’s wife now saw herself as the sexual leader. Although she had frigged herself to multiple orgasms, the preacher’s wife still felt a need. She suddenly made a U-turn in the middle of the road.

“Hi, nice surprise,” Jack Strong said when he opened the door and saw Marge standing on his porch.

“I need to be fucked real bad,” the preacher’s wife said, pushing Jack aside as she entered his home.

As soon as Jack turned after closing the door, the preacher’s wife was at his belt buckle. She quickly had his pants and underwear around his ankles and was sucking his cock. Before the shock even wore off, Jack had an erection. The preacher’s wife pulled him down with her as she got onto her back, flipping her skirt out of the way. She guided his cock into her juicy pussy and sighed when she felt what she had longed. Images of the Starks fucking and sucking flashed through her mind like the dirty movies that began the journey to her new wicked life.

“Damn, I needed that,” the preacher’s wife blasphemed.

Marge was once again driving home. She felt content and satisfied, if not a little messy with Jack’s sperm between her legs. The preacher’s wife was actually humming when she entered her house.

“Satan’s calling,” the preacher said impatiently when he saw his wife.

Marge panicked. That was her husband’s signal that he had an erection and needed relief. She told him she wanted to shower first, but he said he needed her immediately and, anyway, she would just have to shower afterwards. So the dutiful wife went into their bedroom, changed into her nightgown, and slipped under the covers. Her husband soon followed, climbing into bed with her.

The preacher’s wife agonizingly watched her husband’s face as he entered her pussy, filled with another man’s sperm. But he didn’t show any signs of recognition and pumped in and out of her, his cock sliding through Jack’s semen. She realized he lasted longer than ever before and wondered if it was because the fit wasn’t as tight — she was well lubricated. Knowing that her cuckold husband was fucking her in another man’s sperm got the preacher’s wife aroused and she almost had a climax while her husband fucked her. But even though he lasted longer, he was still too quick. After he went to take a shower, the preacher’s wife rubbed the combination of her husband’s and lover’s sperm on her clit and came while biting her bottom lip to hold back her scream.

From that day on, the preacher’s wife brought a cork with her when she went to the swinger’s parties. She’d be fucked so many times she’d lose count of the number of times someone came inside her pussy, ass, or mouth, but at the end of the party she was full of sperm. Then, before taking her shower, she’d stick the fat cork inside her pussy.

“What’s that for?” everyone would ask the first time they saw her do it.

“Oh, just in case Satan is calling,” the preacher’s wife would reply and then chuckle.

Since Marge was married to a preacher, they thought it was some religious thing, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Marge wanted to retain as much of the sperm inside her just in case her husband had a hard-on. She got off on his cock entering a pussy filled with numerous men’s sperm. She learned to resent her husband. He was pious and didn’t satisfy her. It was his fault she cheated on him. And she enjoyed getting even.

When the preacher said, “Satan’s calling,” Marge bubbled with joy. She’d get under the bed covers and remove her panties. She still didn’t wear panties under her clothes, but carried a pair with her so that she could put them on after her shower to better hold in the cork. Then, while he was climbing on top of her, she’d pull the cork out. His cock would slip into a cum-filled pussy. While he fucked her she wondered what he would say if he’d known that other men had been inside her before him and he was sliding his cock in their jism.

But Satan didn’t call too often which frustrated the preacher’s wife. She wasn’t sexually frustrated since she was getting her share outside the home, but she wanted to humiliate her husband even if he didn’t know it. When Satan didn’t call and Marge had a pussy full of sperm she’d squat over an opaque Tupperware and force the sperm out. The Tupperware was labeled “cream for baking” so she knew her husband would never open it. It was the wife’s duty to do the cleaning, cooking, and baking. So, when the preacher’s wife was in a wicked mood, she’d take the Tupperware from the refrigerator and mix the sperm from many men into something she was preparing for her husband.

Her favorite was when she mixed it in with his Ranch dressing and watched him eat his salad knowing a lot of the white cream was other men’s sperm. She loved when he got some dressing/sperm on his lip and she’d gather it up on her finger and feed it to him. The cuckold preacher thought it was an affectionate gesture and sucked his wife’s finger clean.

The preacher’s wife’s sex life was getting better and better. She continued to have sex with Jack, and sometimes with his friends, attended the swinger’s parties, made love to Gail Stark and, like she was doing this night, watched through the window as the Starks made love. Gail and Mac had just orgasmed after a wild fuck, and lay resting next to each other. Mrs. Stark was affectionately stroking her husband’s soft cock, using the gooey cum on it as a natural lubricant. It no longer bothered her to have his jism all over her hand.

“Mac,” Mrs. Stark said, getting up on her elbow but still rubbing his cock, “do you think the preacher’s wife is pretty?”

Marge held her breath when she heard the question.

“Um… yeah, I guess so,” Mr. Stark answered, not knowing where his wife was going.

“C’mon, be honest. She’s a little hottie, isn’t she?”

“She’s very pretty.”

“Would you fuck her if you could?”

“Gail, I would never cheat on you!”

“Let’s talk hypothetically. Make believe I didn’t exist. Think about her body. Would you want to fuck her?”

A few moments of silence fell on the room and then Mac said, “Gail, that’s a silly question.”

“Hmmmm, I think I have my answer. I can’t remember you getting hard this fast after coming twice.” Mac Stark and the preacher’s wife looked at the hard cock in Gail’s hand. “Now be honest. You think she’s hot, don’t you? And just thinking about fucking her got you hard, didn’t it?”

“Guilty as charged.”

“Close your eyes, dear,” Mrs. Stark said and waited, but continued to slide her fist up and down his cock. Then, after her husband complied, she said, “Okay, now think of her body. Oooo, you feel even harder. You really like the preacher’s wife’s body. Think of her kneeling at your feet with your cock in her mouth.”

Mrs. Stark glanced at the window, stuck her finger in her mouth, and moved her head up and down, simulating fellatio. Marge was frigging like crazy listening to Gail’s narrative and watching her fist sliding up and down Mac’s slimy dick. When Gail said the part about the preacher’s wife sucking his cock, she heard Mac moan loudly.

“Yeah, the cute little preacher’s wife sucking your cock,” Gail continued. “I’d bet she’d let you cum in her mouth and swallow it all.” Again Mac moaned. “Would you like to put your hand under her skirt and feel her pussy? Yeah, put your finger in the preacher’s wife’s cunt? It would be so juicy for you. Your hand is sliding up her naked legs, getting closer and closer to her pussy. Then you feel the hair. She doesn’t wear panties, you know. Every time you see her she’s not wearing panties.”

“Ooohhhh!!!!” Mr. Stark groaned. Long ropes of sperm shot from his cock like a geyser, landing on his chest and belly. Gail continued to milk the last of it out, as it dribbled onto her hand.

“Oh honey, I can’t believe you did that,” Mac said. “Now every time I see Mrs. Calligan I’m going to be thinking that she isn’t wearing panties.”

“She’s not.”

“Huh? Weren’t you just making up a story for me?”

“Nope. The preacher’s wife never wears panties.”

“You mean when she’s standing with the choir in front of the church she’s not wearing panties? Picturing that made me cum. How… how do you know that?”

“Let’s just say I do. Now… would you fuck her?”

“Gail, I told you I would never cheat on you. It’s one thing to want to… and another to actually do it.”

“Ha!! So you want to fuck her?!”

“Wanting and doing are two different things,” Mac said defensively.

“But what if it was okay with me? Would you do it then?”

“Gail, why are you asking me this?”

“Just answer me. If it was okay with me, would you fuck the preacher’s wife?”

“I… I guess so,” the confused husband said lamely.

“Would you do it with me there too?”

“What, you’d want to watch?!!” he asked incredulously.

“Yes, I’d like to watch and… be involved also.”

“You mean a threesome?”


“Oh honey, that would be so wonderful.”

“Okay, I’ll see if I can arrange it.”

“What?!! Are you serious?”

“Very. Now finger me… I’m so hot I need to cum.”

The preacher’s wife peeked through the window in awe of Mrs. Stark. Marge couldn’t believe the conversation she just heard and it got her as hot as the Starks. She had cum when she saw Mac’s cock spewing his sperm. And she knew she’d cum again while watching Mr. Stark finger her girl lover to orgasm.

* * * *

“Did you like the last show?” Mrs. Stark asked the preacher’s wife a couple of days later.

“I couldn’t believe you told him what you did. My god, I got so hot thinking about it.”

“Did you see what happened when I mentioned you didn’t wear panties?” Gail said smiling.

“He came like a horse,” the preacher’s wife laughed.

“When would you like to join us? Mac’s been horny as a teenager thinking about it.”

“How ’bout Monday? I first want to give him a special treat.”

“What treat?” Mrs. Stark asked excitedly.

“Well, he got so excited when picturing me pantyless standing in front of the church that I have an idea.”

Then the preacher’s wife told Mrs. Stark of her plan. Gail got so excited she grabbed Marge’s hand and shoved it between her legs under her dress. Her own fingers found their way into the preacher’s wife’s pussy. Both women climaxed and then looked at each other sheepishly, realizing they were still fully dressed.

Mrs. Stark didn’t tell her husband anything about the plans for Sunday’s services. They sat quietly in church while the preacher shouted out his sermon. If you’d have asked either what the sermon was about they wouldn’t have been able to tell you. Gail was thinking about what was soon to happen and Mac was staring at the preacher’s wife knowing she did not have panties on.

The preacher’s wife excused herself and made her way out of the choir and into the church room where Jack had sex with her. That was the signal, so Mrs. Stark grabbed her husband’s hand and pulled him out of the pew. He was confused, but followed her. When they entered the room and he saw the preacher’s wife waiting he was dumbfounded. Gail had suggested they would have a threesome, but surely not in church… not with the preacher in the next room.

“Go on, dear, see if she’s wearing panties,” Mrs. Stark said to her husband.

Mr. Stark looked lost but, when the preacher’s wife smiled and nodded, he walked over to her. Hesitating, he bent down and placed his hand on her calf, just below the long frumpy dress. He still wasn’t sure so he slid his hand up her leg very slowly. When the preacher’s wife didn’t object, his hand traveled faster until he was cupping her pussy.

“I really didn’t believe it,” Mac exclaimed.

When the preacher’s wife felt Mr. Stark’s finger slip into her pussy she grabbed his forearm through her dress. Holding his arm steady, she spread her legs, bent her knees, and began bouncing up and down on his finger. Once she knew Mac understood what he was supposed to do, the preacher’s wife released his arm and put her hands on his shoulders for better leverage. She was now frantically bouncing up and down on his finger.

When the preacher’s wife came, she wrapped her arms around Mr. Stark and pressed her face against his chest. Her pussy clamped his finger with each wave of ecstasy that pulsed through her body. By the time Marge had stopped cumming, Mac’s finger and entire palm were soaked in her pussy juices.

The preacher’s wife climbed off Mr. Stark’s finger and dropped to her knees. He was standing there speechless, and even more so when she opened his belt and pulled his pants and boxers down. His hard cock sprang free. Mr. Stark stared down in disbelief as the preacher’s wife guided his cock into her mouth and began sucking. He was in church and the young wife of the preacher was sucking his cock while the preacher shouted out his Sunday sermon in the next room. It was too much for the man who began filling the preacher’s wife’s mouth with his semen.

When Mr. Stark had stopped cumming, Marge stood up and turned. She took the few steps to a table and picked up a paper cup. She made sure Mr. Stark was watching when she let his sperm pour from her mouth into the cup.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Mr. Stark apologized. “I didn’t know you didn’t like it in your mouth. I’m so sorry.”

“No need to apologize,” the preacher’s wife said. “Just go back to your seat.”

Gail waited for her husband to get dressed and then they went back to the main room. He walked like a zombie, not really understanding all that was happening to him. When he was seated he saw the preacher’s wife return to her place with the choir. He couldn’t take his eyes off her, especially her mouth. Those luscious lips had just been wrapped around his cock. Then he literally gasped when he saw her lift the paper cup and bring it to her lips. In front of the entire congregation, while her preacher husband was just a few yards away, she drank Mr. Stark’s sperm. Gail smiled when she heard her husband groan.

On Monday, the preacher’s wife drove to the Stark’s home. The two women watched Mr. Stark awkwardly standing in the living room, not knowing what to do. He never really believed his wife when she told him the preacher’s wife didn’t wear panties, but then he found out… in church no less. And the preacher’s young wife sucked him off and drank his cum. So, after what his wife had suggested and the fact that the preacher’s wife was standing in his living room, it should have been enough to make him a believer. But he still had doubts. It was so hard to believe.

“Well, if you’re not going to start,” Gail said to her husband, “I guess I will.”

Mr. Stark’s eyes opened wide when he saw his wife press her lips against the preacher’s wife’s. They kissed for a few moments and then she pulled back a little. From the side, Mac saw both women extend their tongues and flick them against each other’s. He couldn’t resist any longer and squeezed his face next to the women’s, his tongue joining theirs. No one knew whose tongue was touching whose, but they didn’t care.

Mac felt a hand on his groin so he reached out and grabbed both women’s butts. While squeezing and rubbing them through their skirts, he felt hands at his waist. The next thing he knew was that his pants were falling to his ankles and a hand was fishing for his hard cock, pulling it through the opening in his boxers. Then the preacher’s wife left the ménage a trios, but Mr. Stark soon felt her warm mouth on his cock. When his tongue stopped moving, Mrs. Stark pulled away. She saw what the preacher’s wife had done and dropped to her knees. Gail leaned forward and captured her husband’s balls in her mouth, sucking them while the preacher’s wife sucked his cock.

“Oh Jesus… Oh Jesus,” was all Mac could say as two women gave him oral pleasure at the same time.

“Mac, open your eyes and look down,” Gail said after breaking away from sucking his testicles.

Mr. Stark forced his eyes open and looked down at the preacher’s wife looking up at him, his cock in her mouth. Gail grabbed the base of his cock and the back of Marge’s head. He watched in awe as his wife moved the preacher’s wife’s head back and forth, sliding her mouth along his shaft. His wife was feeding his cock to the preacher’s wife.

“Oh baby, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum. Oh shit… ooohhhhhh!!!!” Mac cried out when the sight and feeling overcame him.

The first load of sperm flew into the preacher’s wife’s mouth. Then Gail pulled his cock out of Marge’s mouth and stuffed it into hers. She felt the second load coat her tongue. Gail then pushed his cock back into the preacher’s wife’s mouth to receive the next load. Back and forth she moved the spewing cock, sometimes not timing it correctly giving one of the women a face full.

When Mac stopped cumming, his wife waited for him to open his eyes. He looked down at the two women kneeling at his feet with jism on their faces. He watched in awe as his wife leaned forward and began licking his sperm off the preacher’s wife’s face, and then the preacher’s wife doing the same to hers. When their faces were clean, the two women began French-kissing, from time to time extending their tongues to show Mac that they were sharing his sperm. Eventually, they had swallowed it all so nothing was left showing on their tongues.

“Wow, you’re still hard,” Gail said seeing her husband’s erection.

“I can’t help it. You two are so fuckin’ hot.”

“Don’t apologize,” both women said in unison and then began giggling.

“Let’s go into the bedroom where we’ll be more comfortable,” Mrs. Stark said.

Both women burst into laughter when Mr. Stark took a step and tripped on his pants around his ankles. He was so caught up in the moment that he forgot they were even there. Marge and Gail wrestled his pants off and then ran to the bedroom, Mr. Stark trotting after them with his hard cock flapping.

The preacher’s wife dove onto the bed and rolled onto her back. Mrs. Stark jumped between her legs, burrowed under her dress, and buried her face in the soft folds of the preacher’s wife’s pussy. Gail was lapping away when her husband entered the room.

“Oh my god… oh sweet Jesus,” Mac cried out when he saw the Sapphic lovemaking.

Mr. Stark walked to the bed and pulled the preacher’s wife’s skirt up, uncovering his wife’s head. He watched her tongue licking a woman’s pussy. He took the rest of his clothes off and then removed Marge’s blouse and bra. His hands soon found her soft melons and then his mouth sucked on her hard nipples.

“Honey, why don’t you get undressed?” Mac said to his wife.

Gail looked up at her husband and smiled saying, “You want to lick this juicy twat, don’t you?”

“God yes,” he replied.

Gail backed away, but pulled Marge’s skirt off first. The preacher’s wife was lying completely naked on the Stark’s marital bed. Mac looked at the young, beautiful woman and knew he was going to fuck her. But first he wanted to taste her. He got between her legs and pulled her labia apart with his thumbs. He leaned forward and pressed his nose inside the slit, inhaling deeply. Then his tongue began lapping furiously until he located her hole and then he pushed it inside.

Mac felt a movement on the bed and looked up. His wife was facing him, her nude body straddling the preacher’s wife’s face while Marge licked her pussy. Gail leaned forward and grabbed Marge’s legs just above the knees, pulling them towards her. This lifted Marge’s ass off the bed and opened her further. With the preacher’s wife’s body bent, it brought her pussy closer to her face. When Mac returned to licking it, he was much closer to his wife’s pussy, which was being licked by the preacher’s wife.

But Mr. Stark wanted much more than to lick Marge’s pussy. He wanted to fuck the preacher’s wife. He got up on his knees and pointed his cock at the entrance to her pussy. He paused for a moment, looking up at his wife. When she smiled and nodded, giving her consent, he plunged his cock into the preacher’s wife’s pussy.

A muffled moan was heard coming from between Gail’s thighs, but the preacher’s wife was not complaining. Mr. Stark was well-endowed, and his thick dick felt good inside her. She licked Gail’s pussy more energetically while Mr. Stark fucked her.

Gail couldn’t believe what was happening. She was sitting on the preacher’s wife’s face, being eaten out by her, while holding her legs up and apart so that her husband could fuck Marge. She watched his cock slide in and out of the moist flesh clinging to it. And then she saw the white streaks on his moving cock. He had cum. Her husband had cum inside the preacher’s wife’s adulterous cunt.

Mac kept thrusting in and out until his softening cock wouldn’t oblige. On one push it bent and slipped out, leaving her gaping pussy leaking his sperm. Gail released Marge’s legs and leaned forward, pressing her mouth to the now vacant cunt. She began licking her husband’s sperm out of the preacher’s wife’s pussy. The women were now in the classic 69 position while Mr. Stark sat back and watched.

The preacher’s wife came first, but that didn’t cause Mrs. Stark to stop licking. In fact, as she got closer to her own climax, she licked the other woman’s pussy even faster. But then Gail’s body shuddered and began twitching like it did when she had a powerful orgasm. She collapsed, face first, on top of the preacher’s young wife.

After the women recovered, the three chatted for a while. They all admitted how exciting it was for them to be with multiple partners and to watch others having sex. Then they played. Mac had the women lie side-by-side with two legs touching and the others spread wide. He straddled the two touching legs and stuck a finger in each pussy. He finger-fucked both women at the same time. As if choreographed, Marge and Gail reached over and began rubbing each other’s clits while Mac finger-fucked them.

Then the women had an idea. Gail stretched out on her back and her husband straddled her, moving up her body until he was over her face. He slowly lowered his body while the preacher’s wife guided his wrinkled sack into Gail’s mouth. With a mouthful of his testicles, Mrs. Stark held her husband’s dick in one hand and then pushed the back of Marge’s head with her other. From below, Gail watched the preacher’s wife open her mouth and accept Mr. Stark’s cock. Both women began sucking and licking, causing Mr. Stark to moan his approval…. and his hardening cock attested to his pleasure.

Gail’s mouth released her husband’s balls and shortly thereafter his wet hard-on felt nothing but air around it. He opened his eyes and looked down at the two women whispering and giggling. Then they were scampering about until the preacher’s wife was on her hands and knees, wiggling her ass at Mac. Mrs. Stark nudged her husband until he was behind the preacher’s wife. She grabbed his cock and tugged it, making him move closer to Marge. Gail positioned her husband’s cock and waited.

“Gail, honey, lower,” Mac suggested.

“No dear, this is the hole,” she insisted, pushing the head of his cock at the preacher’s wife’s asshole.

Mr. Stark didn’t move. Then Marge looked back and said, “Don’t be afraid, I’ve done this before.”

Mac pushed and felt his cock enter the preacher’s wife’s asshole. She didn’t cry out in pain so he pushed harder, sinking more of his cock inside. When his cock-head entered her he felt like the hardest part was over. It was like her anus opened and then shut tight around his shaft. He continued pushing until all of his big dick was inside her.

“Are you okay?” the concerned man asked.

“Yes, now fuck me. Fuck my ass,” the preacher’s wife cried out.

With his wife’s face only inches away, Mr. Stark pulled his cock out of the preacher’s wife’s asshole and then pushed it back in. He did it several more times, making sure he was gentle. But when the preacher’s wife didn’t complain, he picked up speed until he was ramming his cock in and out of her ass like a jackhammer.

“Oh god, fuck me hard,” the preacher’s wife moaned.

“Fuck her. Mac, fuck her ass. Fuck the preacher’s wife’s ass,” Gail chimed in.

Gail scurried on the bed until she was lying under the preacher’s wife, looking up at Marge’s pussy and her husband’s cock sliding in and out of her ass. She reached up and stuck two fingers into the preacher’s wife’s cunt. Gail didn’t even have to move her hand. The force of her husband pounding in and out of the preacher’s wife’s ass caused Marge’s body to move to and fro, her pussy sliding on Gail’s fingers.

The preacher’s wife leaned forward and buried her face in Gail’s pussy. All three were now being pleasured — Mac fucking the preacher’s wife’s ass… Gail fingering the preacher’s wife… the preacher’s wife licking Gail’s pussy.

Mr. Stark came first. He grunted and shot his hot jizz into the preacher’s wife’s asshole. Gail first saw the white streaks on her husband’s cock, but then he buried it all the way in and remained still. Gail now thrust her fingers in and out of the preacher’s wife’s pussy with her husband’s cock still inside her ass. Marge let out a howl and came on Gail’s fingers, collapsing on her friend’s body. Mac slipped out and fell onto the bed as well.

After Marge and Mac recovered, the preacher’s wife said, “Gail, you didn’t cum.”

“That’s okay,” she said graciously.

“No it’s not,” both Mac and Marge said at the same time.

They each grabbed a foot and spread Gail’s legs apart. Then they dove towards her pussy, actually banging heads in their haste. After backing up and giggling, they moved more carefully until their faces were pressed together and their tongues were licking Gail’s pussy. First one would be on her clit while the other licked lower, then they’d switch. When both tongues flicked against the sides of Gail’s swollen clit at the same time, Mrs. Stark cried out and came.


“Marge, we have a problem,” the preacher said to his wife over dinner.

Marge was watching her husband eat his salad, covered in dressing mixed with sperm. She felt extraordinarily wicked and added a much large percentage of sperm to Ranch dressing. Now she feared her husband tasted the sperm.

“What’s the problem?” she asked, her heart beating fast.

“It’s summer camp,” he said to her relief. “I’ll be at a convention at the same time and you can’t do it alone.”

The preacher and his wife chaperoned a two week summer camp for the high school grads each year. Managing a group of 18 year olds was a handful, but they did it with joy. The preacher stayed in the boy’s part of the camp while his wife stayed with the girls. In addition to supervising, it was their job to make sure no hanky-panky went on.

“What if I found someone to help… like the Starks for example?” Marge offered.

“Do you think they’d be willing?” the preacher asked hopefully.

“I think so,” Marge answered, thinking it would give her more time with the Starks. “I’ve talked to Mrs. Stark about our trips and she always seemed excited. I don’t know about Mr. Stark, but I can ask.”

Marge later asked the Starks and they agreed. It was all set and the busload of teenagers headed to the campsite; Mr. Stark driving and the two women chatting. When they arrived they set up camp, making sure the boys and girls were on opposite ends.

The campsite was in a beautiful location. There were bathrooms and showers, a few barbeque grills, a large campfire area, a lot of trees, and a lake with a sandy beach. In the past, the two adults were between the boys and girls with the preacher setting up his tent on one side of the campfire area and his wife on the other side. So, looking at it from one end to the other, it was the boys’ tents, the preacher, the campfire area, the preacher’s wife, and finally the girls’ tents. The preacher and his wife, along with the campfire area, were the buffer between the girls and boys. But since it was the Starks instead of the preacher, it led to confusion. If the Starks shared a tent, then Gail would be next to the boys’ tents. The adults huddled and decided that Gail and Marge would share a tent next to the girls and Mr. Stark would be in the tent that the preacher would normally be in, next to the boys. He wasn’t too happy about the sleeping arrangements, but the women just giggled knowing they’d be sharing a tent.

After the hard work of setting up camp, they sat down for a dinner of hot dogs and hamburgers with potato chips. Then they roasted marshmallows on the open campfire until one by one they got sleepy from the long day’s activities. After everyone had turned in, the adults cleaned up and then they also retired for the night. The preacher’s wife needed to relieve her bladder so she headed for the bathrooms, but she heard a noise. It was in the boys’ section, but not very close to the tents so she thought she’d investigate.

Marge followed the noises until she heard some grunting. Now she was afraid someone was hurt. But when she looked through some heavy shrub she stopped in her tracks. Two of the boys were facing her with no shirts on and their shorts around their ankles. They were both frantically jerking off.

“I’m gonna win,” one whispered.

“No way, man. I can cum faster than you,” the other replied.

The preacher’s wife smiled when she realized the boys were playing a game — who could cum faster. Seeing the hard cocks on the young bodies got her excited. Her fingers went to her pussy and she began frigging, but that only excited her more.

“What’s going on here?” the preacher’s wife said, climbing through the shrub and standing in front of the two naked boys with her hands on her hips.

“Oh-my-god!” one cried out.

“Shit!!” the other chimed in less eloquently.

The boys quickly bent to pull their shorts up when the preacher’s wife yelled as loudly as she could in a whisper, “FREEZE!”

Both teenagers became statues, bent at the waist, their hands clutching their shorts, and their now limp dicks dangling.

“Please, Mrs. Calligan, can’t we just go back to our tent?” one begged.

“Stand up straight,” the preacher’s wife said in her most authoritarian voice.

Both youths stood up immediately. They were standing in front of the preacher’s wife naked, blushing from embarrassment and trembling in fear.

“You won’t tell anyone, will you?” one pleaded. “We’d never live this down. We’re not queer or anything.”

The preacher’s wife felt a power come over her. It never even crossed her mind to mention it, but now she wanted to tease the boys. Seeing their dicks was exciting her.

“I don’t know. What you were doing was sinful,” the preacher’s wife said. Both boys couldn’t even speak. “Haven’t you heard masturbating will cause you to go blind?” The teenager’s looked at each other in disbelief and then back at the preacher’s wife. “Of course that’s ridiculous,” she added with a smirk on her face.

“Are you going to tell on us?” one said sheepishly.

“No, Steve, I don’t think so,” the preacher’s wife said. “What you and Johnny were doing is only natural.”

“It is?!” the shocked teenagers said in unison.

“Of course it is. Boys your age rub their peckers all the time.” Marge saw the stunned expressions on the teenagers’ faces and noticed Steve’s cock rise a little. “But it’s better if someone else does it for you.”

“We’re not queer,” Johnny said defiantly.

“I never said you were.” The preacher’s wife walked up to the boys and grabbed their cocks. Both dicks hardened immediately as she squeezed them. “This is what I meant,” she said, now stroking their cocks.

“Oh Mrs. Calligan,” Steve moaned.

“Shit!!” Johnny said in his obviously limited vocabulary.

The preacher’s wife dropped to her knees to get a better look at the two young dicks. They were decent sized, but thinner than what she was accustomed to. She liked watching their cock-heads disappear in her fists and then reappear as she slid her hands over the mushroom-shaped head and then down the shaft. The preacher’s wife had both boys groaning in no time.

“You know, you were playing that game all wrong,” the preacher’s wife said, never taking her eyes off their cocks. “A good lover doesn’t cum quickly. You should have seen who could hold out longer… not cum first.”

The preacher’s wife stood up without releasing their cocks. While slowly stroking them, she placed her lips on Steve’s and pushed her tongue inside his mouth. He began French-kissing her hesitantly. Then she pulled away and did the same to Johnny, who was more passionate.

“Okay boys, let’s play a new game,” Marge whispered while stepping behind them. She reached around their bodies and grabbed their cocks again. With her face between their heads she whispered, “Let’s see who’s the better lover. Whoever cums first loses.”

While stroking their cocks, the preacher’s wife nibbled on the backs of their necks and ears. She kept telling them how good their cocks felt in her hands and how hard they were. Anything she could think of to tease them. She even pressed her tits against their backs which caused moans to escape from their clenched lips. They were trying hard not to orgasm.

“Hmmmm, what should the winner get?” the preacher’s wife hissed in their ears. “Would you like to see me naked? Would you like to play with my pussy?” The boys were really struggling now to hold back their climax. “Maybe I’ll give the winner a blow-job.”

Up until that point, Marge was not trying to make the teenagers cum. Her hands were moving slowly, caressing more than wanking. But with that last comment, she began pumping their cocks fast. All of a sudden both boys groaned and she felt their cocks throb. Marge looked between them at the ropes of white sperm flying through the air and silently splashing onto the dirt floor. The boys were humping their hips while the preacher’s wife milked all their sperm out of their young cocks.

“Who won?” Johnny asked when he opened his eyes and saw that his friend had cum as well.

“It was a photo finish,” the preacher’s wife said with a chuckle. “Looks like a tie.”

“Will you do it to both of us then?” Steve asked, almost pleadingly.

“Do what?” Marge teased.

“You know,” Steve said shyly, “the blow-job.”

The preacher’s wife was absentmindedly stroking their cocks and realized they were still erect. They had lost none of their hardness even though they had orgasmed. Sperm dribbled from their piss-slits and she used it as lubrication, stroking up and down their shafts.

“But I’m married,” the preacher’s wife teased. “Do you think it’s right for a married woman to do that?”

“But you did the other,” Steve pleaded.

“What other?”

“You jerked us off,” Johnny stated boldly.

“Are you going to tell anyone I did that?” Marge asked.

“No,” both boys said together.

“No one would believe you, you know,” the preacher’s wife said. “They’d believe me if I told them you guys were jerking off together, but they wouldn’t believe you.”

“We know. We won’t ever tell,” Johnny promised.

“Hmmm, I still don’t know if I can trust you,” the preacher’s wife said. She liked being in the dominant role and it was making her think like she had never before. “There’s only one way I know for sure you won’t tell.” Marge watched the two teens staring at her, their cocks still rock hard, hoping she will give them their first blow-jobs. “If you do it to each other first then I’ll do it.”

Steve’s jaw dropped and he couldn’t even speak, but the more forceful Johnny said almost too loudly, “No way… we’re not queer.”

“I know that. But I have to be sure. You don’t have to do it for a long time… just enough so that I know you’ll never tell on me. C’mon, it will be like sucking his finger. What’s the big deal? It’s not like he’ll cum in your mouth. Tell you what. If I blow you I will let you cum in my mouth. Think about that. I’ll suck your cock and you can cum in my mouth. What do you say?”

The two boys were stunned. What the preacher’s wife asked was despicable to them, but she was so pretty and she was going to blow them… and they were going to cum in her mouth. They huddled together and discussed it, telling each other that they were not queer and wouldn’t enjoy it. But if they did it then the pretty preacher’s wife would blow them.

“Okay,” Johnny answered for both, “but how long do we have to do it?”

“Not long. Who’s first?” Marge asked excitedly.

“I’ll go first,” Johnny said, and then turned to his friend and said, “You better do this too.”

Steve nodded his agreement. The preacher’s wife dropped to her knees and beckoned Johnny down next to her. When he was on his knees in front of his friend’s bobbing cock, the preacher’s wife took the cock in her hand and placed her other hand on the back of Johnny’s head. She pushed his head towards his friend’s cock.

When Johnny showed resistance the preacher’s wife said, “It’s just like putting his finger in your mouth.”

But what Marge didn’t tell the boy was that their cocks were coated with their sperm. She still felt the gooey substance on her palms and knew there was a thin layer on their cocks. To her delight, Johnny opened his mouth and let the preacher’s wife push his head forward. When his lips closed around his friend’s cock, both Marge and Steve let out a moan. The preacher’s wife couldn’t believe how exciting it was to see the teenage boy’s mouth around his friend’s dick.

The preacher’s wife pulled Johnny’s head back a little and then pushed it forward. She did it again and again, forcing the teenager to suck his friend’s cock. But she had promised them they wouldn’t have to do it too long so she let go of Johnny’s head and told him he could stop. The boy instantly pulled his head away and spit several times on the ground.

Johnny stood up and Steve got onto his knees. Marge was surprised when she didn’t have to coerce the second boy. He opened his mouth and stuffed Johnny’s cock in it. He had watched his friend give him a blow-job so he knew what to do. Without prompting from Marge, Steve bobbed his head back and forth on his friend’s cock. In fact, he was doing it so well the preacher’s wife thought Johnny might cum, and she didn’t want that, so she told Steve he could stop.

Both teenagers were now standing side by side, too embarrassed to look at each other. The preacher’s wife knelt in front of Steve and put his cock in her mouth. She bobbed on it like she had showed the boys to do, but she also used her tongue. She didn’t taste the residue of his sperm so knew that Johnny had sucked it clean. The preacher’s wife desperately wanted to put her hand inside her own shorts and finger her pussy, but she didn’t want to take it to the next level. Instead, she grabbed Steve’s buttocks and pulled him so that she could swallow his entire dick. In no time, Steve was moaning and humping his hips. He let out a low guttural sound and stopped moving as he filled the preacher’s wife’s mouth with his teenage sperm.

Marge swallowed the first boy’s offering and moved to her left thinking how dirty her knees were going to be. Then she stuffed Johnny’s cock in her mouth. Always the aggressor, Johnny grabbed the preacher’s wife’s head and fucked her face. He was a little longer than Steve and the preacher’s wife occasionally gagged as Johnny’s cock entered her throat. Just like with Steve, the preacher’s wife grabbed Johnny’s buttocks as her head bobbed up and down his cock. But unlike with Steve, she slipped a finger into his crack until she located his anus. Gently, she pushed her forefinger into his asshole up to the first knuckle. The teenager let out a groan as he came. The preacher’s wife felt his jism coat her tongue and then fill her mouth.

Without uttering a word, the preacher’s wife stood up and turned. The teenage boys watched her walk into the dark and disappear. They quickly yanked their shorts up, still embarrassed that they sucked each other’s dick. But they were both savoring the afterglow of their first blow-job by a woman… the wife of their preacher no less.

“Where were you?” Gail asked as Marge entered their tent. “I almost went to Mac’s tent to search for you.”

Without answering, the preacher’s wife dropped to where Mrs. Stark was sitting and pressed her lips to her lover’s. She tilted Gail’s head back and thrust her tongue into Gail’s mouth. Mrs. Stark instantly felt Johnny’s sperm pour into her mouth. The preacher’s wife had not swallowed. She eagerly French-kissed Marge until most of the sperm had been swallowed by both women.

“You dog,” Gail chided her lover, “you paid Mac a visit.”

“Nope,” the preacher’s wife said with a big smile.

“No? Then where did you get a mouthful of…? Oh-my-god, you didn’t. Who? Tell me who.”

The preacher’s wife told her friend how she caught Steve and Johnny and what happened afterwards. She didn’t tell her about making them suck each other’s cock. She would never tell anyone that.

By the time the preacher’s wife finished her story, Gail had ripped her clothes off and was tearing at Marge’s. She pushed her lover onto her back and climbed on top of her in the opposite direction. Both women were aroused and buried their faces in each other’s pussy. They moaned and groaned as the two slurped away… and didn’t stop until both had multiple orgasms.

The next morning, sleepy faces appeared coming out of every tent. The teenagers washed up and sat around talking about what they were going to do that day. The adults were already up and preparing breakfast. Whenever Marge caught Johnny or Steve staring at her, she’d put a sausage between her lips and move it in and out. She noticed the bulges in their shorts and how they were uncomfortably trying to hide it from the others.

The group decided to go for a hike and explore the woods. Of course the boys ran ahead and jumped out from behind trees and bushes to scare the girls… which they successfully did often. There was a lot of giggling and friendly chatting going on.

They returned for lunch and rested a bit before going for a swim. After a morning of hiking, all needed a cool dip in the lake. They changed in their tents and returned to the center of the camp. Marge and Gail wore conservative one-piece bathing suits, but the teenage girls were attired in bikinis. Not thongs or even strings, but their flat tummies and part of their ass-cheeks showed nicely.

One after another, they jumped into the cool water, the boys trying to splash as many of the girls as they could. And, to their glee, the young girls let out shrieks each time. While the others were frolicking in the water, Johnny’s eyes stalked the preacher’s wife. After the episode the previous night, he knew she wasn’t what she appeared to be. She had actually given him a blow-job… and he came in her mouth.

Marge was talking to the Starks as they sat on the beach watching the children play. She noticed Steve and remembered the night before. She remembered touching his hard teenage dick and sucking him off. That was fun, but she couldn’t get the image of his lips locked around his friend’s cock out of her mind. Unlike Johnny, Steve seemed to enjoy it. Then her thoughts switched to Johnny. He was very aggressive, always taking charge. Her pussy moistened a little thinking how she made him suck Steve’s cock. Where was he anyway? And then she saw Johnny standing in the water alone, staring at her.

The preacher’s wife told the Starks she was going in for a dip to cool off. She tried not to be obvious, but she walked towards where Johnny was standing. As soon as Marge entered the cool water, her nipples responded by hardening. When she stood next to Johnny she saw his eyes staring at the erect points pushing out her bathing suit. She continued walking into deeper water and the teenager followed her as if she was the Pied Piper.

“Mrs. Calligan, what happened last night?” Johnny asked when they were chest-deep in the lake.

“I jerked you and Steve off and sucked your cocks.”

“I know, but why? And the way you talk…. You’re the preacher’s wife. I don’t understand.”

“Well, part of me is the wife of a preacher, but part of me… well, you saw a sample of the other part.”

“You mean you did that before?!!” the teenager asked incredulously. “With other kids?”

“No, you and Steve were the first ki… young adults.”

“But there have been others?”


“Jeez, Mrs. Calligan, that’s so hot. But my parents and the preacher say it’s a sin.”

“Well, they’re wrong. As long as everyone is consenting and no one gets hurt, there’s nothing wrong with having sex.” The preacher’s wife looked down into the clear water and saw the bulge in Johnny’s bathing suit. “Hmmm, looks like our talk is affecting you.”

Johnny followed her gaze and blushed when he realized she could see his erection. He automatically cupped his hands at his crotch, trying to hide it. The preacher’s wife looked around and saw that no one was paying attention to them… other than Mrs. Stark.

“I think I can find a better use for your hand than to hide your boner,” the preacher’s wife said.

With one hand, Marge pulled the crotch of her bathing suit to the side and, with the other, pulled Johnny’s hand to her now bare pussy. When the teenager felt his first cunt, the hand still cupping his cock began rubbing it. The preacher’s wife pulled that hand away.

“That’s for me to do,” she said smiling. “You do me and I’ll do you. Deal?”

Johnny was in a daze. His hand was touching the preacher’s wife’s pussy. He looked through the clear water and saw her pubic hairs, running his fingers through them. The preacher’s wife gently stroked his cock through his bathing suit. The teenager became more aggressive and starting probing with his finger. He slipped into the crevice and moved through it, bringing moans from the preacher’s wife. When his finger accidently touched her clit, Marge shuddered.

The boy kept exploring, learning about her pussy like a blind person reads Braille — fingers only. When his finger sunk into her hole, the preacher’s wife shoved her hand into his bathing suit and grabbed his cock. It wasn’t very comfortable for her so she pushed his suit down low enough for his hard-on to spring free. Gripping it, she now fisted his cock underwater.

Johnny continued to finger the preacher’s wife. He couldn’t believe his finger was inside a pussy… an older woman’s pussy… the preacher’s wife’s pussy. And she was jerking him off, right there with the other kids screaming and splashing nearby. Johnny was a fast learner and soon had one finger moving in and out of her hole while his thumb rubbed her clit. He was inexperienced, but he knew all the parts. The internet was very educational when it came to that, from pictures, to stories, to “how to” instruction.

Marge put her free hand on Johnny’s shoulder and began humping her hips. His fingers were hitting just the right places and soon she convulsed in a huge orgasm. Her fingernails dug into his skin as she scrunched her eyes and pressed her lips together. When she recovered, she realized her fist was still gripping the boy’s cock… maybe too tightly. She loosened her grip and concentrated on bringing the teenager off. Her hand glided up and down the hard shaft until Johnny’s lower body began jerking. Soon, the preacher’s wife saw the white trail float to the surface of the water. She continued stroking him until no more came forth, and then she stepped back.

Marge realized they were standing near the others, and the enormity of that sunk in. She half walked/half swam towards the beach, now wading in the shallow water. Gail was frantically pointing at her and, when she looked down, noticed her bathing suit was still pushed to the side, her pussy exposed. She dropped to her knees in the water and adjusted her crotch. Then she walked to her friends and lied down on the blanket. When she located Johnny, he was splashing a bunch of boys.

The rest of the day was uneventful, but Gail couldn’t wait for bedtime. After all the children were in their tents, exhausted from the active day, Mr. and Mrs. Stark met in a predetermined place.

“So, after seeing all those sweet young things, do you still want to shag this old hag?” Gail asked, jokingly.

“Honey, I’ll fuck you any time… any place.”

“But what about those young cuties? Wouldn’t you like to fuck them?”

“I’m not going to lie to you,” Mr. Stark said, “I loved seeing their almost naked bodies. Jeez, you could even see their slits and ass-cracks through their suits. I liked when the cold water made their little nipples stand up too.”

“Hmmmm, you ain’t lying,” Gail said, dropping to her knees and pulling her husband’s shorts down. “Your cock is as hard as it’s ever been.”

Gail stuffed her husband’s cock into her mouth and began sucking. But after watching the preacher’s wife with the teenager, she was in need of a good fuck. Gail stepped out of her shorts and panties and put her hands on a tree, bending over. She wiggled her ass in the moonlight and her husband needed no more encouragement. He plowed into her from behind and fucked her hard. Mrs. Stark gave a little shriek when she came, and then a moan when her husband filled her pussy with his sperm.

Gail dropped to her knees before her husband and cleaned his cock with her mouth. There was no need for him to be uncomfortable, and she had plans for getting herself cleaned by the preacher’s wife.


“I can’t believe you did that with Johnny in the lake,” Mrs. Stark said when she and Marge were alone in the tent. “Anyone could have seen. And when you stepped out of the lake I should have let you walk up to us with your cooz showing. I bet Mac would have got a kick out of that.”

“That boy makes me so hot,” the preacher’s wife admitted.

“Everyone makes you hot,” Gail said and laughed.

“Yeah, well where were you just now?” Marge asked accusingly.

“Getting fucked by my old man. There weren’t any young dicks around.”

“Hmmm, poor Mac, sleeping with a sticky dick,” Marge joked.

“He’s as clean as a whistle,” Mrs. Stark said, licking her lips.

“I bet you blew that whistle,” Marge said, and the two women burst into laughter. “But now it’s time for your bath. I think you need a tongue bath.”

Gail was already pulling her clothes off. Soon the two women were naked in each other’s arms. They kissed while their hands roamed over each other’s body — fondling a breast, tweaking a nipple, squeezing an ass-cheek, probing a pussy. But soon they found themselves with Gail on her back and the preacher’s wife over her, head to toe, sucking and licking each other’s pussy. The preacher’s wife was sucking Mr. Stark’s sperm out of his wife’s cunt, and greedily swallowing it.

“Jessica, we better go,” the 18 year old blonde whispered to her friend.

“Sandy, just a little longer,” the brunette replied.

“But what if we get caught?”

“What would they say? Who would they tell that we saw them having sex together? Oh god, look at what they’re doing now. They’re licking each other down there. Oh gross!”

“I can’t believe two women would do that,” Sandy said. “And the preacher’s wife to boot. They can’t be lesbians. They’re both married.”

The two girls were sharing a tent and couldn’t sleep. They thought some night air would feel great so they headed towards the campfire area, but they stopped when they saw movement in a tent. The only light was the full moon, but they saw Mrs. Stark and Mrs. Calligan kissing. And not a friendly kiss, but a boy-girl kiss. And then the adults got naked and…. The girls couldn’t believe the two married women were actually licking each other’s pussy.

When the show was over, the girls hurried back to the safety of their tent. They were breathing hard, partly from running but also because of what they observed. The girls talked about what they saw until they fell asleep.

The next day, Jessica and Sandy kept an eye on Mrs. Stark and Mrs. Calligan. They looked for any sign of them touching each other inappropriately, but the adults acted normal. That is until the afternoon swim. While all the kids were splashing and frolicking in the lake, Jessica and Sandy stayed off to the side. They noticed the preacher’s wife walking into a thick part of the forest. The teenage girls followed.

The girls were waiting… for what they didn’t know. The preacher’s wife was leaning against a tree all alone. Then, all of a sudden, the girls heard a rustling only a few yards to their left. They held their breaths, not wanting to be seen, when Johnny came into view.

“So, are you ready for your next lesson?” they heard the preacher’s wife ask.

“Sure, Mrs. Calligan,” Johnny responded, trying not to show his nervousness.

Marge held out her hand and Johnny walked over to her. The teenage girls were shocked when the preacher’s wife began rubbing Johnny’s cock over his bathing suit. They elbowed each other, nodding their heads to the sight that seemed impossible. What was the preacher’s wife doing? First they found her making love to another woman and now she was fondling one of the boys under her care.

“Mmmmm, nice and hard,” the preacher’s wife cooed. “I like a hard cock. There are so many places to put it.”

Jessica turned to her friend who had her hand over her mouth, her eyes wide. Neither one could believe what they had just heard. Both had been taught that a girl shouldn’t behave that way, but Mrs. Calligan was… and she was the preacher’s wife.

“I’m going to make you into a man today,” the preacher’s wife hissed, still rubbing the boy’s crotch. “But first you have to please me.”

The girls, and Johnny for that matter, looked on in amazement as the preacher’s wife pulled her bathing suit off. She was standing butt-naked in the middle of the woods. Johnny’s eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw her boobs and pussy.

“Suck on my tits and get me in the mood,” the preacher’s wife said.

The teenage girls watched Johnny press his face to the soft orbs and kiss and lick them. He found the hardening nipples and sucked them, first one and then the other. The girls couldn’t believe they were watching a couple make love, especially since it was the preacher’s wife and one of their schoolmates.

Marge pulled away, turned, and bent over, giving all three teens a view of her ass and her pubic hairs peeking between her thighs. She picked up a folded blanket that none had even noticed. Flinging it in the air, it floated to the ground, providing a covering for the dirty floor. The preacher’s wife got on the blanket and dropped to her knees. She beckoned the boy to come to her.

Johnny brushed the bottom of one foot off before stepping onto the blanket and then cleaned his other one. He was now standing in front of the naked preacher’s wife. Marge grabbed his bathing suit and yanked it down to his ankles, letting him lean on her for support as he stepped out of it.

The teenage girls suppressed a giggle when they saw their friend’s hard cock sticking straight out. But they gasped when the preacher’s wife wrapped her lips around it and began bobbing her head up and down its length.

“She has his thing in her mouth,” Sandy whispered to her friend.

“Yuck,” Jessica replied.

The preacher’s wife pulled her mouth off Johnny’s cock very slowly, dragging her lips all the way up the shaft until the cock-head popped out. A string of saliva connected her bottom lip to his dick for a moment and then snapped. The girls were staring in awe. Then the preacher’s wife got onto her back and spread her legs.

“Your turn,” Marge said seductively.

The teenage boy stared at the first pussy he had seen in person (outside of the water). And this time he wasn’t looking down at it, but had a clear view of its intimate details. Just like in the lake, he stuck his finger inside the preacher’s wife’s twat and began pushing it in and out.

“Not this time,” Marge said. “I expect more.”

Johnny looked at her with a confused expression on his face. But when Marge flicked her tongue between her lips he got the message. Of course Johnny knew about cunnilingus. After all, he did have an internet connection. But seeing and doing were two different things. It was one thing to see and touch a woman there, but to lick it? What if it was gross and made him sick? That would be so embarrassing.

“C’mon Johnny, do it,” the preacher’s wife said impatiently. “Do it and you can fuck me.”

That was all the encouragement the teenager needed. He leaned forward and just barely touched the preacher’s wife’s pussy with his tongue, her hairs tickling his face. He was still on the outside and didn’t taste anything, so he continued. Johnny pushed his tongue into her slit and licked again. The feeling of his tongue touching such an intimate part of a woman was thrilling to the boy so he licked a few more times. Johnny tasted the preacher’s wife’s womanhood, but it wasn’t very strong. He continued to lick, causing the preacher’s wife to moan.

“My clit… lick my clit,” Marge implored.

Johnny spread her labia in order to locate the hidden treasure and ran his tongue over the sensitive button. The preacher’s wife’s hips jerked when he made contact. He licked it again and again, causing the older married woman to squirm. When he sucked on the little nubbin, the preacher’s wife’s body shuddered as her orgasm swept through her.

“Oh Johnny, yesssss!!!” she cried out as she came.

The preacher’s wife was about to tell Johnny to mount her when she heard a commotion.

“Look what I found,” Mrs. Stark said, coming out of the shrubs pulling the two spying girls by their ponytails.

“Let us go,” Sandy cried out, trying to disengage Gail’s hand from her hair.

When Johnny saw the two girls he quickly located and put on his bathing suit, but the preacher’s wife just sat on the blanket naked. She was still aroused from Johnny’s tongue and looked at the struggling girls. Both wore bikinis, showing most of their bodies. Jessica had nicely developed breasts while Sandy’s were the size of oranges.

“It’s not right to spy on people,” Gail said.

“Well, it’s not right to cheat on your husband,” Jessica boldly stated. Then looking at Gail she added, “And what would Mr. Stark say if he knew what you and Mrs. Calligan did last night?”

“You little twerp,” Mrs. Stark said. “So what do you want?”

“We wanna play too.”

“Jessica!!” Sandy said, stunned.

“C’mon, Sandy, when will we ever get a chance like this?”

“So what would you like?” the preacher’s wife asked, comfortably sitting naked in front of the teenagers.

“I want to touch Johnny’s dick,” Jessica responded.

“Johnny, is that okay with you?” Marge asked.

“Oh yeah!” he exclaimed.

Before Johnny had a chance to expose himself, the aroused preacher’s wife grabbed his bathing suit and yanked it down. Jessica complained that it wasn’t standing up like before, so the preacher’s wife told her to touch it and it would. The teenage girl lifted her hand and poked Johnny’s cock with her fingertip. It immediately stood up.

“Jeez,” Jessica exclaimed, and began giggling nervously.

“Go on, touch it,” the preacher’s wife encouraged her, again playing the role of sexual leader.

Jessica’s little hand encircled her schoolmate’s dick. She just held onto it, both embarrassed and enthralled at the same time. Poor Johnny was standing with a teenage girl holding his cock. He began humping his hips out of urgency. Jessica looked up at him and then back to her hand. She tried moving her fist, but without success.

“Loosen your grip and it will slide,” the preacher’s wife instructed her.

The teenage girl did what the preacher’s wife said and began wanking Johnny. He moaned his approval and continued humping his hips. Jessica was overjoyed with the power she seemed to have over Johnny and kept moving her hand back and forth. Johnny began grunting, bringing a smile to the preacher’s wife’s lips. Unlike the inexperienced girl, she knew what was about to happen. And then it did. Johnny moaned and all of a sudden his sperm shot out like a cannon, landing on Jessica’s belly and the front of her bikini bottoms.

“OH NO!!” the startled girl cried out.

Jessica quickly released Johnny’s cock and backed up. She continued to stare as more of his sperm came out and fell onto the ground. Johnny, in the middle of an orgasm, grabbed his own cock and began wanking it until no more sperm came forth.

“Look at me,” Jessica said, looking down at the sperm on her body. Sandy began laughing, which caused the preacher’s wife and Mrs. Stark to laugh as well. “Gross!!”

“Do you want to touch it too?” the preacher’s wife asked, looking at Sandy.

“I-I want something else,” she answered.

“And what’s that?”

“I-I want to be licked.”

“Johnny, will you do that to Sandy?” the preacher’s wife asked.

“Not him!” Sandy cried out to everyone’s surprise.

“Tell us what you want,” the preacher’s wife asked calmly.

“I want you to do it,” the teenage girl said, quieting the small group.

“It will be my pleasure,” the preacher’s wife said with a big smile on her face. “Sandy, lie down on the blanket.”

The teenager quickly complied, lying on her back. Marge kneeled next to her and pulled her bikini bottoms down, but the girl grabbed her hands to stop her. The preacher’s wife told her that she had to let her do it, so Sandy’s hands slowly dropped to her sides. The preacher’s wife pulled the bikini down, exposing her little quim to everyone. Sandy blushed a deep shade of red.

The preacher’s wife spread the young girl’s legs while climbing between them. She cupped the girl’s boyish butt and lowered her mouth to the sparsely haired pussy. When the preacher’s wife began licking the young cunt, Sandy moaned. Marge teased the girl with her tongue, not wanting to bring her off too fast. She licked all around her pussy, even along her inner thighs, sometimes slipping her tongue inside the crevice. Occasionally, she’d push her tongue in the hole and sometimes flick it over her clit. Those actions brought an immediate response from the girl so Marge went back to less sensitive areas.

When the preacher’s wife thought Sandy was worked up enough, she attacked her clit and pussy hole. She tongue-fucked the teenager ruthlessly, stopping only to lick her clit. Sandy was bouncing around on the blanket under her, experiencing sensations she had never felt before. The teenager’s head was moving from side to side, sweat beading on her brow. Then she grabbed the preacher’s wife’s head in both hands and humped her hips, her mouth open in a silent scream as her orgasm racked her body.

“Oh Mrs. Calligan, that was wonderful,” Sandy cooed when she opened her eyes.

“I promised Johnny something,” the preacher’s wife began. “Do you girl’s mind if we fuck?”

Both girls silently shook their heads. They couldn’t believe the preacher’s wife used the word “fuck”, and that she was actually going to do it. They were both excited. Marge beckoned Johnny over to her and spread her legs. He was already hard, having quickly recovered after his last orgasm by watching her lick a girl’s pussy. Marge pulled him down to his knees between her spread legs.

“Jessica, you like touching Johnny’s prick,” the preacher’s wife said, “so why don’t you do the honors and put it inside me.”

Without hesitation, the young girl dropped to her knees and grabbed Johnny’s cock. She guided it to the preacher’s wife’s pussy and held it at the opening. When Johnny felt it against his cock-head, he thrust his hips forward, burying his cock inside the preacher’s wife’s pussy. Jessica got her hand trapped between them for a moment, having it pressed on Marge’s hairy cunt, but it didn’t bother her. She was so excited about what was going on that it didn’t upset her to touch a woman’s pussy.

Once Johnny felt the warmth around his cock he began pumping in and out. If he hadn’t just cum, he would have exploded immediately, but he was able to fuck the preacher’s wife properly. Marge joined in and pushed back with every thrust. Jessica and Sandy were on their knees on either side watching their first fuck. But Johnny was young and couldn’t hold back any longer. He grunted and shoved his cock all the way inside the preacher’s wife as he filled her pussy with his sperm.

“Wow… oh wow!” was all the teenager could say as he fell onto the blanket.

“This is so much fun,” Jessica beamed. “Sandy, what do you think now?”

When Sandy didn’t answer, everyone looked towards her. She was absentmindedly running her fingertips through the gooey sperm on Johnny’s cock. Sandy didn’t even notice the others, but they sure were watching her. Then, to their amazement, the young girl stuck her sticky fingers in her mouth and tasted sperm for the first time.

“Yuck!!” Jessica cried out.

That brought Sandy out of her dazed state, her fingers still in her mouth. She blushed, then said, “I don’t care what you say,” and leaned over. Lifting Johnny’s limp, slimy dick, she stuffed it into her mouth and began sucking.

“Oh gross!!” Jessica shouted out.

“No it’s not,” the preacher’s wife said, stroking Sandy’s hair. “Go on, Sandy, enjoy it. That’s it, suck Johnny’s cock. Mmmm, eat all his cum and mine off his dick. Go on, suck him so he gets hard again.”

As if on queue, Johnny’s cock swelled in Sandy’s mouth. The young girl kept bobbing her head up and down, savoring every moment of the new experience. The formerly shy, innocent girl sucked Johnny’s cock like a slut, making obscene slurping noises with her mouth and slight gagging sounds in her throat.

Still naked from the waist down, Sandy took her mouth off her school friend’s cock and straddled his hips. Johnny was lying on his back in shock. Of all the girls in his class, Sandy would be the last one he’d expect to suck his cock. She was so pure and sweet, but now she was climbing onto his hard cock. Before anyone had time to react, Sandy guided Johnny’s cock to her pussy and sat down.

“OOOWWWWW!!!” Sandy cried out when her own weight shattered her virginity.

Jessica backed up, hands on her open mouth in shock. But Marge and Gail moved close to the young girl, tears streaming down her face. They stroked her back and cheeks, trying to comfort her. To Sandy’s credit, she never got off Johnny’s cock. She just sat atop it, waiting for the pain to subside. And then it did.

Sandy slowly lifted up, testing her shattered membrane. It hurt a little, but not too bad. She sat down and then lifted up again. Each time it hurt less and less… and felt better and better. Her pussy was tingling with a feeling she wanted to continue. Sandy put her hands on Johnny’s chest and bounced up and down on his cock. She discovered that when she leaned forward his cock pressed against her clit, giving her more pleasure.

“Oh god, Sandy, you’re actually doing it!” Jessica exclaimed.

But Sandy couldn’t hear her friend. She was caught up in her first fuck, enjoying every moment of it. The young girl’s ass-cheeks slapped on Johnny’s legs as she crashed down on him, driving his cock deep into her pussy. Up and down… up and down. Sandy’s head was moving from side to side and to and fro, causing her ponytail to come undone. Her blonde hair covered her face and then flew away. Her eyes were closed and her mouth open. And then it hit her. Sandy squealed as she came on Johnny’s cock.

All of a sudden Johnny began humping his hips, Sandy still sitting on his cock. Mrs. Stark snapped out of watching the very erotic scene in time to pull Sandy off Johnny’s cock. Falling back on her behind with Sandy in her arms, Mrs. Stark watched the bloody cock shoot its first load of semen… then another, and another. The potent sperm fell harmlessly on his chest and belly.

“That was close,” Mrs. Stark said, breathing hard from the anxiety. “We don’t want any girls to go home pregnant.”

“We better get back to the others,” the preacher’s wife said when she too came to her senses.

Those who had shed their bathing suits, or partially disrobed, redressed. They walked through the thicket to the lake. Poor Sandy walked almost bowlegged as she was quite sore. When they got to the lake, the three teenagers and the preacher’s wife jumped into the water. Sandy let out a high shrilled shriek and quickly ran out onto the beach. The water stung between her legs. She walked gingerly to where the Starks were lying.

“Are you okay, dear?” Mrs. Stark asked her.

“It kinda hurts.”

“Did you hurt yourself?” Mr. Stark asked.

“Never mind that,” Gail said and nudged her husband. He just shrugged and turned back to watch the children swimming. “You just lie down right here and rest,” Mrs. Stark said to Sandy, patting the blanket next to her.

* * * *

“What was it like?” Jessica asked her friend after everyone turned in for the night.

“Awesome,” Sandy replied.

“Did it hurt?”

“In the beginning, but then it was better. That water sure hurt though,” Sandy said and cringed remembering.

“I can’t believe you did it before me. Miss goody-two-shoes got laid.”

“You won’t tell anyone, will you?” Sandy said in a panic.

“Of course not. I think I want to try it too, but I’m kinda scared.”

“I guess if I had thought about it I wouldn’t have done it. But I just… I don’t know, it just happened.”

“Are you sorry?”

“Nope, it was the most awesome thing I ever felt.”

Jessica pondered her friend’s reaction and made up her mind that she was going to lose her virginity also. But how? If it hadn’t been for Mrs. Stark’s quick thinking, Sandy might have gotten pregnant. She would talk to Mrs. Calligan about it. For some reason, the preacher’s wife was not the saintly woman everyone thought she was. That was perplexing to the young girl, but it didn’t bother her.


When Jessica heard Sandy tell her how “awesome” it was go get laid, the teenager decided to lose her virginity. But if Mrs. Stark hadn’t pulled Sandy off Johnny just before he came, Sandy might have gotten pregnant. Jessica didn’t want to take that chance and decided to talk to the preacher’s wife about it.

Even after all Jessica had seen and done with the preacher’s wife, she was still nervous talking to her about sex. After all, Mrs. Calligan’s husband was the preacher. As if reading the troubled teen’s mind, Marge made it easy for her.

“Jessica, did you have fun yesterday?” the preacher’s wife asked the teenager when they were alone.

“How could you do all those things?” the girl answered with a question of her own.

“Hmmmm, good question. Can we talk woman to woman?”

“Sure,” the young girl said, feeling grown up.

“I was raised to believe sex was dirty. And, although my husband is a good man, he thinks the same way. And those beliefs have permeated throughout our little community. I don’t want to go into the details, but I discovered sex could be very enjoyable. It took a man other than my husband to teach me that. I know I committed adultery, but I had needs that my husband wasn’t meeting. Well, once I was exposed to the enjoyment of sex there was no turning back. I had a good lover who brought me along slowly until I found all kinds of sex were okay.”

The young girl sat quietly, just staring at the preacher’s wife in astonishment. “But I saw you with Mrs. Stark,” Jessica said.

“I said all kinds of sex were okay, didn’t I?” the preacher’s wife clarified.

Jessica was deep in thought, and the preacher’s wife let her sort out all she had been told. The teenager enjoyed touching Johnny’s dick, even if he did make a mess by squirting on her. And Sandy sure liked getting fucked. And Sandy really liked it when the preacher’s wife licked her pussy. Her best friend, who she knew wasn’t a lesbian, enjoyed another girl’s tongue on her cunt. Maybe what Jessica had been taught all her life was a lie.

“Mrs. Calligan,” Jessica began slowly, “I want to lose my virginity, but…” Marge waited during the long pause, “I don’t want to get pregnant. If Mrs. Stark hadn’t pulled Sandy off Johnny she might have gotten pregnant.”

“Hmmm, you sound like a very responsible young lady,” the preacher’s wife complimented the girl. “I have an idea, but I’ll have to get back to you. Can you wait?”

“Sure I can, but….”

Marge waited again, but this time Jessica didn’t finish her sentence. “What is it, hon?” the preacher’s wife’s asked.

“I-I want to feel… um, to know what it feels like… um, to… um, to do what Sandy did.”

“I told you I have an idea, but you’ll have to wait.”

“No, not that… the other.”

Marge realized what Jessica was talking about and grabbed her hand, pulling her along. Marge stopped to pick up a blanket and led the teenager through the forest to the clearing they had been at the day before. She spread the blanket on the ground and told Jessica to sit on it. Then she got down on her knees and opened the young girl’s shorts, pulling them and her panties down and off. Jessica automatically covered her pussy with her hands, still encumbered by her puritanical upbringing.

“Let me make love to you,” the preacher’s wife said very softly. “I will make you feel very good.”

The preacher’s wife gently pulled the girl’s hands away and looked at her virgin pussy covered in a slight fluff of brown pubic hair. It looked so pure and tempting. Marge slowly lowered her face between the girl’s legs and placed a soft kiss on her pussy. She felt Jessica tense up. The preacher’s wife didn’t want the young girl to change her mind so she went right for her clit. Holding Jessica’s labia apart, the preacher’s wife licked the teenager’s clit a few times.

“Ohhh… ohhh. Mrs. Calligan, that’s… ohhh… feels good… ohhh,” the teenager cooed.

Now that the preacher’s wife had the teenager “warmed up”, so to speak, she slowed down her assault. Her tongue lovingly searched through the inner depths of the virgin pussy. She alternated between broad strokes and just using the tip of her tongue. Jessica was squirming under her, moaning and saying things that couldn’t be understood.

The preacher’s wife used her forefinger and the one next to it to isolate the girl’s clit. With a finger on either side, the little nubbin peeked out in all its glory. It looked hard and shiny, appearing outside its customary covering. The preacher’s wife wet a finger from her other hand and placed it on the little love-button. She moved her finger in circles, just brushing the sensitive flesh.

“Oh-my-god… oh god!” the young girl moaned.

Marge replaced her finger with her tongue, flicking at the clit. Jessica bucked even more. Now that her finger wasn’t being used, she slid it downwards until it sunk into the virgin hole. While licking the young girl’s clit, Marge’s finger went in deeper and deeper… hesitating when she realized it was all the way in. There was no barrier to stop her probing. But the preacher’s wife didn’t ponder that anomaly too long and began a slow finger-fuck while licking Jessica’s clit.

“Oh Mrs. Calligan,” Jessica cried out, grabbing the older woman’s hair, “I can’t take it. It feels… I’m gonna die. Oh Mrs. Calligan. I… I… oh god… aaahhhhh!!!”

The preacher’s wife’s finger and tongue slowed down but didn’t stop, prolonging the young girl’s orgasm. Jessica’s thighs were closing on Marge’s head and then moving away, only to snap shut again. The teen’s body was shuddering and her hips were jerking upwards. After what seemed like ages, Jessica’s body went limp and the preacher’s wife rolled onto her side next to the girl. Using her elbow to prop her head in her hand, Marge watched the teenager.

When Jessica opened her eyes she looked at the preacher’s wife. Lunging at her, Jessica wrapped her hands around Marge and hugged her tightly. When she finally backed away, the preacher’s wife saw tears streaming down the girl’s cheeks.

“Oh, Mrs. Calligan, that was the best,” Jessica exulted. “I never thought anything could feel like that.”

Marge wiped away the girl’s tears of joy and said, “Jessica, I thought you were a virgin.”

“I am.”

“But my finger went all the way in.”

“Oh, Mrs. Calligan, you are going to think I’m a slut,” Jessica cried out. “I… I put things in there. I… I would lie in bed and make believe it was a boy doing it to me. Do you think I’m bad?”

“Not at all,” the preacher’s wife said with a smile. “You were just experimenting. But we better get back before we’re missed.”

“Mrs. Calligan…?”


“Can I try it on you?”

“You want to do to me what I just did to you?”

“Yes, if it’s okay with you. I don’t think I’m a lesbian, but I want to try it.”

“Dear, you’re not a lesbian any more than I am. I would love for you to lick my pussy.”

The young girl actually gulped hearing what she was about to do. She watched the preacher’s wife take her clothes off, sit on the blanket, and spread her legs. When the teenage girl saw the preacher’s wife’s hairy pussy, she wanted to chicken out. She was so turned on before… and so thankful for the pleasure the preacher’s wife gave her… but now she questioned whether she could do it.

Marge saw the girl’s hesitation and closed her legs, motioning for Jessica to come closer. She held the teenager in her arms, hugging her tightly. Then she pulled the girl’s tee-shirt over her head and, while Jessica was stunned, removed her bra. The cone-shaped breasts beckoned her so the preacher’s wife bent over and pressed her mouth against one. When she sucked the now hard nipple, Jessica let out a moan.

Marge used her hand on the girl’s other tit, all the while sucking and licking her erect nipple. From time to time she’d switch breasts. Then her hand caressed the flat tummy, gradually moving downward until she felt hair. Her fingers played with the soft hair and then moved even lower, not stopping until they were on her clit.

While titillating Jessica’s clit, the preacher’s wife put her hand on the back of the teenager’s head and pulled her face to her own breasts. Caught up in the sexual moment, Jessica began sucking and nibbling on the preacher’s wife’s tits. Marge then guided one of the girl’s hands between her legs and just held in against her pussy. Soon, Jessica’s fingers were moving, feeling another woman’s pussy for the first time. When her finger sunk into Marge’s wetness, the teenager pulled away.

Jessica looked into the face of the preacher’s wife, breathing very hard. She twisted her body so that she was facing Marge from the side and lowered her head. When her lips touched the preacher’s wife’s pussy, Marge parted her legs. Jessica climbed over the moving leg and turned so that her body was in line with Marge’s, never taking her mouth off the preacher’s wife’s pussy. Lying between the preacher’s wife’s legs, the teenager began licking her pussy.

Jessica was no longer hesitating. Marge had aroused her so much she was working on instinct, licking furiously. Knowing it was Jessica’s first time added to Marge’s excitement as she ground her pussy into the young girl’s face. But soon all good things must come to an end and this one came to an earth-shattering climax. The preacher’s wife humped her hips as she came hard.

When Marge stopped cumming she pulled the teenager up onto her body and wrapped her legs around the youngster. Making sure their pussies were pressed together, the preacher’s wife pulled with her legs as she ground her pussy into the teen’s. Jessica soon got the idea and did the same. They hugged each other tight, rubbing their pussies together, until both came again. Marge let her limp legs drop to the blanket while the two lay together enjoying the afterglow of great sex.

“Any regrets?” the preacher’s wife asked.

“No, it was wonderful.”

“So, are you now a lesbian?” the preacher’s wife joked.

“No, I still want to get laid.”

“Well, I’ll see what I can do about that. But for now we better get back to the others.”

Later, while the children were swimming in the lake, Marge was chatting with the Starks. The preacher’s wife again asked Mac how he liked the young girls’ bodies.

“I wish I was 20 years younger,” he answered.

“You dirty old man,” his wife laughed and poked him in the ribs with her elbow.

“I am now, thanks to Marge,” Mac said with sincerity, not spite.

“How ’bout Jessica over there?” the preacher’s wife asked.

“She’s gorgeous… and look at those tits. Most of the girls are pretty flat. That’s cute too, but that kid has nice boobs.”

The preacher’s wife placed a towel over Mac’s lap and then slipped her hand inside his bathing suit. His cock swelled in her hand as she slowly stroked him under the cover of the towel.

“She wants to get fucked, you know?” the preacher’s wife said.

“What?!” Mr. Stark exclaimed.

“Yeah, she told me. But she’s afraid of getting pregnant.” Marge kept rubbing Mac’s cock. “She has such a cute little pussy. I think she’ll let you put this big cock of yours inside it,” the preacher’s wife said, squeezing Mr. Stark’s dick.

Mr. Stark moaned and his cock throbbed in the preacher’s wife’s hand.

“Let’s make sure everyone is accounted for and I’ll go talk to her,” Marge said. She started counting and said, “Two missing. Hmmm… where’s Johnny and Steve. Oh shit!” she exclaimed and ran to the lake thinking they had drowned. “Has anyone seen Johnny and Steve?” she frantically called out.

“Yeah, they went off that way,” one of the boys said, pointing into the woods.

Marge was angry. The children weren’t supposed to wander off. She headed in the direction the other boy indicated and searched for the two missing teens. She stopped and began creeping closer when she heard a voice. When she peeked through some bushes she couldn’t believe what she saw. Johnny was standing with his bathing suit around his knees and Steve was kneeling in front of him. Steve’s mouth was wrapped around his friend’s hard cock.

“I can’t believe you like doing this,” Johnny said. “You know I’ll never do it to you again.”

Steve looked up at Johnny but didn’t take the cock out of his mouth. He kept sucking and licking, moving his head back and forth. The preacher’s wife couldn’t believe how exciting it was to watch a teenage boy sucking the cock of his friend. She noticed Steve’s swimming suit was pulled down below his balls and he was jerking off while blowing his friend.

Soon, Johnny put his hands on top of Steve’s head and began humping his hips. The preacher’s wife heard Steve gag a few times, but soon Johnny’s body stopped moving. Marge saw the movement in Steve’s throat and knew he was swallowing his friend’s semen. Johnny pulled back, freeing his cock from Steve’s mouth. Steve kept staring at his friend’s shrinking dick, vigorously wanking his own hard-on. Steve moaned and white jets of sperm flew from his cock in an arc, landing on the leaf-covered ground.

Marge waited out of sight until the boys got themselves together and headed back to the lake. She didn’t want to embarrass either one. While walking back, the preacher’s wife realized she brought something out of Steve that was repressed. Maybe he was gay… maybe he was bi… but whatever he was, he was definitely different than when the trip began.

Marge waited near the water’s edge until she got Jessica’s attention. She nodded her head and walked away from the lake. Turning once, she saw the teenage girl wading towards the beach and following her. The two met by the campfire area.

“Are you having fun?” the preacher’s wife asked the dripping wet young girl.

“This is the greatest. I’m so glad I came,” Jessica bubbled.

“I’m glad I made you cum.”

“What? Oh, that too,” the teenager said giggling, “but I meant coming on the trip.”

“Do you think Mr. Stark is good-looking?” Marge asked out of the blue.

“Huh? I don’t know. I never really looked.”

“Hmmm, he’s a good fuck, you know?”

“What?! Oh-my-god, you fucked him?”

“A lot.”

“Wow! Does Mrs. Stark know?”

“Of course. She was there with us.”

“Oh-my-god, you’re so cool.”

“Mr. Stark would like to fuck you.”

“Mr. Stark? Me? But he’s….”

Jessica left it hanging, but Marge knew what she meant and finished the sentence, “Old.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“But he’s had a vasectomy. That means no chance of getting you pregnant.”

“But he’s my father’s age… maybe older.”

“He has a big dick,” the preacher’s wife offered.

“Won’t that hurt me?”

“Maybe if you weren’t already broken, but you’ve taken care of that yourself. It’s totally your call. Mr. Stark said he’d love to fuck you, but no one’s forcing you to do anything. You don’t even have to fuck anyone.”

“But I want to get laid,” the teenager pouted, sounding childish.

“I’m sure Johnny would love to fuck you, but we didn’t bring rubbers on this trip. Hee-hee, we didn’t think we’d need them. You can fuck Johnny and hope he pulls out in time, or you could fuck Mr. Stark, or you can wait ’til you get back home. It’s your call.”

“I don’t want to get pregnant, but I want to try it soooo bad. I guess Mr. Stark would be okay.”

“Then it’s settled,” the preacher’s wife said. “I’ll arrange it for tonight. If you change your mind let me know. Now let’s get back before we’re missed.”

Later, after everyone had turned in, the preacher’s wife stuck her head into Jessica’s tent. Sandy looked up and smiled, asking if she could come. Marge didn’t expect this, but agreed. The two teenagers followed the preacher’s wife to a clearing, surrounded by thick growth.

“His wife is here!” Jessica exclaimed when she saw Gail.

“Don’t worry, she knows,” the preacher’s wife said, trying to calm the startled girl.

“Jessica, I would enjoy watching so very much. However, if you don’t want me here… if it will make you uncomfortable… then I’ll go back to my tent,” Mrs. Stark explained.

“I guess it’s okay,” Jessica said, but her heart wasn’t in it.

Mr. Stark was sitting on the blanket when the girls arrived. He beckoned Jessica over with his hand and, when she got close, guided her down next to him. He put an arm around her trembling body.

“Honey, if you change your mind just tell me,” Mr. Stark consoled the young girl. “No one’s forcing you to do anything. I will try to make this, um… experience one you’ll remember forever. I know I will.”

Mr. Stark cupped Jessica’s chin in his hand and tilted her face upwards. He leaned forward, pressing his lips to hers. Mac held that embrace for a while until he felt some stiffness leave her body. Then he pushed his tongue into her mouth and wiggled it around. Jessica soon brushed her tongue against his, kissing him back. After a while, the teenager wrapped her arms around the older man’s body and kissed him more passionately.

Mac’s hand caressed the teenage girl’s back, gently stroking up and down. When he felt her relax in his embrace he moved his hand between their bodies and placed it on her breast. He felt her tense, but then relax. Now his hand was gently squeezing the soft orb, causing the girl to moan in his mouth.

Mac broke the kiss and stared at the young girl. She was very nervous and cast her eyes downward. Mr. Stark cupped her chin in his hand and lifted her head. He kissed each cheek and then her nose. Jessica smiled at his affectionate kisses. Mac then grabbed the bottom of her tee-shirt and pulled it up partway, waiting to see her response. When she raised her arms he pulled it over her head. Immediately, he reached behind her and unclasped her bra, freeing her cone-shaped tits.

“They’re lovely,” Mr. Stark praised her and then placed his mouth onto one. He sucked and licked the breast and then felt Jessica’s hand on the back of his head, holding him against her. He switched to the other breast and soon brought that nipple to the hardness the first one was at.

While sucking the teenage breasts, Mr. Stark opened his shorts and lowered his zipper. He found Jessica’s hand and pulled it to the waistband of his open shorts. When the girl’s hand felt his skin she pushed it into his shorts. Mac came prepared and wasn’t wearing underwear. Jessica’s hand soon touched his cock and hesitated a moment, but then wrapped her fingers around it. She moved her hand, as if sizing the organ, and then squeezed.

This time it was Jessica who pulled away. “I want to see it,” she said with urgency.

Mr. Stark removed his shorts and pulled his tee-shirt over his head. He was now completely naked. Seeing the young girl’s naked breasts and feeling her hand on his cock got him hard. The teenage girl just stared at the size of his cock in amazement.

Jessica turned to the preacher’s wife and said, “It won’t fit.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Stark will be gentle,” Marge told her. “I think Mr. Stark would love to see you naked. Why don’t you take your shorts off?”

The teenager blushed at that, but did as she was told. Mr. Stark watched the young girl expose herself to him. When he saw her pussy with fine wisps of brown hair, his cock throbbed. But when the young girl lifted one foot to pull her shorts and panties off, her legs spread and he saw the slit slightly part. Mr. Stark’s cock jumped at that, which didn’t go unnoticed by Jessica. She giggled when she saw it move on its own.

Still sitting on the blanket, Mr. Stark took Jessica’s hand and stood her up. He turned her slowly, taking in her youthful beauty. As she rotated, his hands caressed her buttocks, legs, tummy, and everything else he could reach… except her pussy. After several turns, he lifted one of her legs over his body so that she was facing him. With Jessica straddling the sitting man, his face was even with her pussy.

Mr. Stark brushed Jessica’s pubic hairs with his fingertips, bringing a deeper blush to her cheeks. The teenager was standing over a man older than her father with her legs spread. He was touching her where no boy had ever been. But then his fingers slid into her crevice, feeling where her fingers had so often been. And then one finger was inside her… pushing… probing.

The teenage girl felt her pussy moisten around the intruding finger. It felt so good she bent her knees, sinking down on it. When it moved in and out, her body moved up and down — finger in, body down… finger out, body up. It wasn’t clear if he was finger-fucking her or she was fucking his finger. But she didn’t care. I just felt so good.

Making sure Jessica had eye contact with him, Mr. Stark pulled his finger out of her pussy and brought it to his mouth. Then, while the teenager watched, he sucked it clean. Mr. Stark placed his hands on Jessica’s ass and gently pulled her towards him as he fell onto his back. When the girl was on her knees, Mr. Stark scooted down a little until his face was under her young twat. He then pulled her the rest of the way down so that her pussy was resting on his mouth.

As soon as Mr. Stark’s tongue entered Jessica’s pussy, the teenage girl moaned. Mr. Stark couldn’t believe he had his tongue inside an 18 year old girl’s cunt. She tasted so young and fresh. He held onto her ass-cheeks as he worshipped her pussy with his tongue, licking her and sticking it into her hole. Jessica was moaning loudly now and bouncing on his face.

Mr. Stark was busy licking Jessica’s pussy when he felt a warm mouth on his cock. He pushed Jessica off his face and lifted his head, looking between the girl’s legs. What he saw made his cock throb. Sandy, the other teenager, was sucking his cock. He watched her sweet innocent face as her lips were stretched around his cock. But he was neglecting Jessica so he pulled her back down onto his face.

The preacher’s wife couldn’t believe what she was watching. Mac was more than twice as old as Jessica and Sandy. But one teenager was sucking his cock and the other was sitting on his face. And by the way Jessica was moaning and moving about she was really enjoying Mac’s tongue. Jessica finally climaxed, falling forward onto her elbows. Mr. Stark eased her body off his and told Sandy to stop. She pouted, but he told her it felt too good and he would cum if she didn’t stop. With a large grin, Sandy backed away.

Mr. Stark rolled Jessica onto her back and spread her legs, climbing between them. He sucked on her breasts for a while and then moved up to her face. When he pressed his lips to hers, the two passionately kissed.

“Are you ready?” Mr. Stark asked, his lips next to the girl’s ear.

“Yesssss,” the teenager hissed.

He placed the head of his cock at her virgin opening and pushed. Her soft folds moved out of the way as he entered her moist hole. He saw the fearful expression on her face as she felt his cock enter her. It was the largest thing ever inside her. Mr. Stark pushed more in, feeling the tight hole clinging to his dick. Jessica was breathing harder now, feeling more and more stuffed. Mr. Stark pulled out a little, only to reenter the virgin hole. He kept doing that, gaining ground with each forward push. Before Jessica even realized it, Mr. Stark’s cock was fully inside her. It was hard for him to wait, but he just kept it there while the teenager adjusted.

“Are you okay?” Mr. Stark asked.

“I-I think so. Will you be able to get it all inside?”

“It’s all in you,” Mr. Stark said with a smile. “You have it all. Tell me when you’re ready for me to fuck you.”

“Do it now,” Jessica panted. “I want you to fuck me now.”

Mr. Stark slowly pulled out and then plunged back into her. In and out… in and out. With each thrust Jessica’s pussy opened a little more, allowing him to pick up speed. Soon he was ramming his cock into her, and she was pushing her hips up at him. They were fucking. Jessica was fucking for the first time and loving it.

Mr. Stark felt like he could cum any minute, but he wanted this to be special for the girl. He held back, thrusting into her, making sure his cock rubbed her clit. Just when he thought he couldn’t hold back any longer, Jessica pressed her feet onto the blanket and pushed up against Mr. Stark’s cock. She let out a high pitched squeal as she came. That was all Mr. Stark could handle and began pumping his hot sperm into her pussy.

After watching the lovemaking of a man and young girl, Marge and Gail ripped their clothes off and attacked each other’s pussy. While the two women were 69’ing and Mr. Stark and Jessica were lying on the blanket, breathing hard, Sandy took her clothes off and began fingering herself. But she wanted more than her own finger. She wanted a cock. She wanted a big cock, and Mr. Stark’s was the biggest she had ever seen.

Sandy got on her knees next to Mr. Stark and stuffed his soft, slimy cock into her mouth. She sucked and licked on it and was pleased to feel it stiffen. The teenager continued sucking until Mr. Stark was fully erect. She then mounted him, guiding his hard-on into her wanting pussy. When she sunk down on Mr. Stark’s cock she realized how much thicker he was than Johnny. But that only excited her more and soon she had all of him inside her. Sandy bounced up and down on Mr. Stark’s cock, cumming several times. And then, after about 20 minutes, she felt his semen squirt into her. Sandy shuddered in one last orgasm and then fell onto Mr. Stark’s chest.

Marge and Gail had cum and looked up to see Sandy riding Mac. They diddled each other’s pussy while watching the illicit fuck. Even Jessica was on her side watching her friend fuck the older man. She just watched and smiled in her own euphoria.

When everyone was satisfied, they went back to their tents. The preacher’s wife laid in the dark, her hands behind her head, thinking about how her life had changed and how she had changed the lives of others. The Starks were enjoying sex much more. She introduced Johnny and Steve to sex, Johnny losing his virginity. Steve’s gay or bisexual desires surfaced. Both Sandy and Jessica were no longer virgins and enjoyed sex with both sexes. The preacher’s wife had seen herself as the sexual leader of her community, but now her role expanded to sexual teacher of the next generation. She wondered if her cuckold husband would ever know as she fell into a blissful sleep.



    1. thx Flyn… not mine, but I do love corruption as a key theme. There’s something about the fall that is so wonderful. It was this that inspired the site – as I mention in my introduction – the wife of a minister desirous of incestuous rape and bestial sex for satan. XP

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