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Feature Title: THE PIXIE 1

Published: Copyright (c) 2015, Polaris. All rights Reserved

Story Codes: Sadism, Abuse, Young Ones, Scat, WS

Synopsis: Lelani is a pervert pixie that gets off as others suffer

Author’s Notes: Feedback always welcome:

The Pixie 1

Hi. My name is Lelani and I’m a pixie. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of our kind before. We’ve been around for many, many generations, and live secretly in forests found all around the world. We are about eight centimeters tall, and have two wings that resemble the kind that an insect might have, which allow us to fly.

Our calling, aside from living harmoniously with nature, has always been to aid and enchant humans, especially human children. Humans, our elders taught us, are the species who most easily lose their way in life, but can just as easily benefit from the kind of spiritual guidance that we are capable of providing.

While the other pixies welcome their lot with pure contentment, it has always been kind of frustrating for myself. I’ve never had that same yearning to help children. In fact, it always felt like it would be much more fun if we could play tricks on them; especially if those tricks had very serious consequences. Our Queen has scolded me and tried persuading me away from these thoughts more times than I can count, but she just wastes her breath. It’s who I am, and who I want to be! It seems silly to fight it, don’cha think?

I suppose that you are probably wondering where I am at right now. Well, I’m currently sitting on the window sill inside of the upstairs bathroom in a human home. If you want to know what I am looking at this very second, I’m watching a eight year old girl named Mandy trying frantically to shove her hand into the asshole of her unconscious classmate, who is slumped over the rim of the bathtub with her shorts and panties pulled down to her little shoes.

How did this all start, you ask? I befriended Mandy several weeks ago. As always, it was a very private and secret introduction. We pixies are taught at a very early age that humans must never collectively find out about us. Oh, the kids try, of course; running to their friends and family to, “Show,” us to them, but we explain the terms to the targeted child clearly and are both clever and quick enough to hide ourselves in a hurry, if need be.

I started my acquaintanceship with the child by showing her several harmless tricks that I could do with my magic. Our powers are not that great, but they are certainly enough to bring delight and wonderment. Forming a bond with Mandy came, as expected, very easily, and I was able to gain her trust quickly. I did everything I could to make her believe that I was someone who would always be there for her. Which meant that I was bursting at the seams and counting down the days to when I would get to betray her!

Mandy had planned to spend the afternoon at her friend Penelope’s house. Earlier this morning, I had sneaked into a nearby pharmacy and located some of the most hazardous, extra-strength painkillers that I could find. It took me hours as I flew back and forth from Mandy’s house, as I could only carry a couple of the pills at a time due to my small size, but as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

The two girls had begun their play-date inside of Penelope’s bedroom, but at the first opportunity when the child hostess looked away, I quickly flew over to Mandy’s ear and whispered for her to offer her friend the special, “Candy,” that I had given her.

Can I have some too?” my patsy had asked me at the time.

I’ll give you some later, but your friend is really going to love you for it! And if you don’t give it to her today, you might have to wait a long time for another chance!”

Mandy, wanting to strengthen their friendship, gave Penelope the pills. The kid didn’t have to be coaxed much and consumed them right away. The hard work for me was now over (thank God) and all that was left was to watch everything unfold.

Things continued normally for a time, but eventually, the substances hit Penelope, and hit her hard! The eight year old burst into the bathroom, feeling as if she was going to vomit, but then lost consciousness only seconds later. Now the fun part really started!

“Mandy, this is BAD! You gave her too much! You gave her too much!” I shouted with urgency.

“Wa-wa-what should I do?” the girl asked, the fear that was now quickly rising inside of her becoming very apparent.

“She’s dying! You’ve got to get that stuff out of her, or it’s going to kill her right here!”

“How? HOW?!”

“She swallowed it, so it’s going to her butt now! But she can’t poop it out because she’s not awake! You have to get it out before she dies, or you’re going to be in big trouble!”

“What do I do?”

“We’ve just got to keep trying things until we get it out of there. Pick her up and put her over the tub!”

Her heart racing, the panicked girl did just as I said.

“Now pull her shorts and undies down.”

Mandy grabbed onto the rim of the shorts and hesitated for a second, but then yanked them past Penelope’s knees. A shudder went through my one-ounce body as she did that. I stared at the unconscious child’s bare ass cheeks for a couple moments, but then snapped out of it. There was much to be thrown at this ignorant, eight year old, “Wall,” and I couldn’t wait to see what stuck!

I started out by instructing Mandy to pull her friend’s cheeks apart and to try digging the pills out of her butt-hole. It was clear that the girl was very scared and weirded-out as she thrust and rooted her digits around in the cavity.

“Push them in as deep as you can go,” I encouraged, “See if you can get them with your fingertips.”

I milked this naturally-futile effort as wisely as I could gauge it, which was about three minutes, before moving onto my next perverted request.

“It must be stuck. Try hitting her butt to knock it loose!”

Her adrenaline really pumping now, there was no more hesitation from Mandy. She quickly slapped her right hand across Penelope’s ass-cheeks.

“No, that won’t work!” I corrected, “You’ll just knock it over to the left. You have to hit both of them at the same time with both hands!”

Mandy raised both of her palms up and — SMACK!

“Harder! You’ve got to do it hard and fast or else it’s going to sink back into her body!”


“Again,” I coached.


Penelope’s ass had gone from white to red in a hurry, and tears were now welling up in Mandy’s eyes. What a dumb little cunt, teehee!

“Shit- er, uh, I mean dang it! It’s not coming out,” I stated. “Mandy, you’ve got to get it out of there, hurry!!”

The eight year old breathed heavily as she stressfully clutched her hands to her head.

“You have to try sucking it out! Put your mouth on her hole and breathe in as hard as you can!”

Again, Mandy would have hesitated at the start of all this, but the terror was now driving her only to obey. She pried Penelope’s numb butt-cheeks apart once more and wrapped her lips around the delicate bud.

“Just keep sucking … keep sucking … and when it falls into your mouth, just spit it out.”

It was a good thing that she wasn’t looking at me, as I now had my fingers buried deep into my pussy by this point. To my surprise and delight, something did enter her mouth. A glob of Penelope’s wet shit had exited her rectum. Mandy quickly turned and spit it out onto the tile floor.

“It’s not there, keep trying!”

The idiot resumed sucking until she was again, “Rewarded,” with an larger amount of vile shit in her oral cavity. The little angel coughed and gagged as she again spewed it onto the floor, but no sign of those pills.

“M-maybe I should tell someone …” she whimpered, sniffing a bit of snot back up into her nostrils.

“Are you kidding? Do you know how much trouble you’re going to be in if anyone finds out you did this?”

And so, I continued my, “Educated suggestions,” right up to where I am at this very moment, masturbating all the way. Penelope’s ass and tiny twat are now covered in blood, after I commanded the moron to use a nearby curling iron to pry her asshole open. Mandy, shit still dribbling down her chin, did just that until her strength gave out. I then told her to drench her fist in shampoo from a bottle sitting on the edge of the tub, and then to force it into her ass to grab the pills, as this was the, “Last resort”. It’s so great! Ingesting the pills themselves wouldn’t have been enough to kill Penelope, but with all the trauma her, “Friend,” has caused, I can definitely feel her life force draining away.

Look at her go! God, what a hot sight! I actually tricked a little kid into fisting another kid’s ass! And best of all– wait a minute… What’s that sound I hear? Could I be so lucky? Is it footsteps?

Yes, it is! Yes! Yes! Fucking yes! This is just what I was praying to happen! Welp, time to hide!

I immediately fly to the top of the window frame to ensure that Mandy can no longer see me.

“What are you girls doing in —” a tall woman begins as she enters the room. “Penelope? Oh God, Penelope! What are you doing to her?! WHAT DID YOU DO! OH GOD, SAM! SAM, GET IN HERE!”

The father’s here too? Oh yes, PLEASE, “Sam,” come in here! Hurry! I squeal to myself.

Not but a few seconds later, a large man enters the room.

“What is it … Penelope!”

I watch with glee as the two parents desperately try to shake their daughter awake, but, too late now! Heehee!

And then, the greatest payoff that I could have possibly hoped for when staging my plan. I watch as the father, in an uncontrolled rage, wraps his strong hands around Mandy’s throat and begins to squeeze. Slightly more clear headed, the mother attempts to stop him, but nothing doing. I cum hard – my pixie pussy juice squirting out all onto the top of the window – as I watch sweet little Mandy murdered right before me!

The funniest part, I think to myself, is that the girl would have indeed still have been able to save Penelope’s life at the time that she suggested going for help … had I not talked her out of it! Three lives, two families, ruined … all ’cause of little ole me. If my fellow pixies only knew just what they were missing out on!


You probably would like to know a little more about my past. As I mentioned, the role we pixies play in nature is something that tends to clash with my own best interests. I can remember my first deviation like it was yesterday.

I had introduced myself to a little tyke, only five years old, named Constance. Having a sixth sense in being able to detect emotions in humans, I had discerned that a girl was feeling blue as I flew over her house. It isn’t always a surefire thing to get a child to do what you tell them to without first providing them with something that they cannot get on their own. And what more perfect gift to give than their very first orgasm?

After reaching a desired comfort level with Constance, I asked her if she’d like me to do something that would make her very happy. As any average child would, she smiled and nodded, and so I flew down with my little wings, under her skirt and up the leg-hole of her panties. My size may prevent me from giving a human, even a child, a complete sexual experience, but if there’s one thing I pride myself on, it’s my ability to manipulate a clitoris. Summoning just a few droplets of magic to rain down upon me, I can lubricate my entire body in seconds and then go to town. And go I did! I humped and writhed myself onto the swollen red nub, using my skilled hands in just the right spots and with just the right movements in between. Even a well-timed fluttering of my wings against the majora goes a long way in bringing about a powerful kiddie cum!

I left Constance shortly after, and did not return again until the following night. I had to give her at least a little time to recover and, naturally, to crave what she had experienced. I mentioned nothing of what we had done just twenty-four hours prior, but instead took a moment to crawl around her sensitive thighs several times, teasing her terribly, before flying back up to resume our childish conversation. It was not until the fourth time that I finally brought it up.

“Constance? Do you want me to make you feel even better than yesterday?”

The five year old quickly nodded. I then flew over to one of the electrical outlets in the corner in the room, which had a plastic plug interested into every socket that was not in use.

“Do you know what this is?” I asked.

“Mommy says I’m not a’sposd to touch that,” she answered.

“I bet mommy says that you’re not supposed to touch your peepee too, huh?”

The girl nodded.

“That’s because grown ups think that feeling good is just for them. They don’t want to share the secret with kids and hog it all for themselves. Isn’t that mean?”

“… Yeah …”


We had waited until Constance’s parents were asleep. At my instruction, the little dummy had quietly sneaked down to the kitchen and, with the help of a chair, retrieved a long fork out of the silverware drawer, as well as a stainless steel mixing bowl which she filled with warm water. Both items were carefully brought back to her room. I then had her gently use the handle of the fork to pry off all of the outlet protectors.

“Good job! Okay, now I want you to take off all of your clothes and look in the mirror,” I said.

The child did exactly that.

“Do you see that line that’s right in the middle of your pee-pee?”

“Uh-huh,” she said while nodding.

“That’s your crease, and it was put there so that you can hold this thing with it.”

I fibbed as I pointed over towards the fork. I then brought her back over to the outlet. Thankfully, a high molding on the walls ensured that the outlet was the perfect height to align with Constance’s crotch.

“Okay, make sure that your foot is in the water … Great! Now, you have to put the handle of the fork sideways and stick it into your peepee!”

The girl reached down and grabbed the object.

“That’s it, push it up as far into the line as it will go! Don’t worry, you can use your legs to hold it in place … Now, all you got to do is guide the fork straight into one of those little holes! Put all your weight on it!”

It was an exhilarating sight! The girl that I had been, “Destined to aid,” was now naked, with one foot dunked into a water-filled metal bowl, clumsily thrusting her hips forward trying to guide a sharp utensil wedged up between her pussy lips into the socket. It was so hilarious that I didn’t want it to end, but at the same time, prayed that the child would not give up out of frustration.

In what would be the first of many victories to come for me, the girl actually managed to succeed, and was immediately rewarded with one hundred and twenty volts ripping throughout her body. My heart raced like a jackhammer as I listened to the intense scream, and then the lights went out. A pixie’s eyes can see well in the darkness, but we still need some sort of illumination to recognize details. I hid myself away as the girl’s mother entered the room with a flashlight. Her husband was about to walk right past her in order to check the fuse box when another scream, this time from his wife, stopped him.

I waited right up until the police and emergency medical responders arrived. When the lights finally came on, I nearly came as I saw the dead girl’s naked corpse. I say, “Nearly,” because I didn’t actually do so until I arrived back at my forest home; my sisters none the wiser at just what recent recollections were being used to fuel my thunderous orgasms! (giggle)


6 thoughts on “THE PIXIE 1”

  1. I have never thought of this kind of evil before but I absolutely love it. So bonus points for coming up with a fresh idea

    1. Glad you liked it!

      This story was partially inspired by an illustrated children’s book I had as a kid called “The Practical Storybook”. Inside it was a story titled “The Electric Monster” where a tiny elf tries to convince children to stick their fingers into electrical outlets. In the end, the elf ends up doing it himself and gets electrocuted, but in the years after I always thought how darkly amusing it was that instead of just telling young kids not to do that, the book went the route of trying to horrify them with a nightmare-fuel type tale.

        1. I simply love all examples of a female whose role is meant to be kind and maternal – mothers, sisters, girl scout leaders, nuns, doctors, babysitters, angels, family counselors, the list goes on – being completely evil, and magical pixies are no different, haha.

  2. “I simply love all examples of a female whose role is meant to be kind and maternal – mothers, sisters, girl scout leaders, nuns, doctors, babysitters, angels, family counselors, the list goes on – being completely evil”

    That sums up my feelings as well. The idea of a woman who is so hedonistic that she puts her self pleasure above the well being of her child is the perfect woman to me. A mother who willingly pushes her young girl’s little cunt onto my cock because it makes mommy’s pussy wet to see the little fuck meat raped. A woman who wants the benefits of pregnant sex for nine months but has zero interest in the responsibilities of motherhood so she lets me abort her baby but she does it in a way that brings her an evil sadistic pleasure… one more orgasm at the expense of the ‘innocent life’ growing inside of her. Maybe she snuffs her with her cunt engulfing the baby’s head as I rape its tiny holes and try to push it back into her body even as her contractions try to force it out of her. In the end we are left with a crushed little piece of meat smashed between our entwined bodies. Those are the kinds of woman that turn me on the most!

    1. Your comment sums up my feeling as well. I would love to have a wife, who was an evil slut, up for absolutely anything in sex, the more horrific and eviller she was, the more I would love her and want to have truly evil sex with her and young children, including aborting a baby, whilst having Satanic sex. Hail Satan. Hail evil sex.

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