Feature Writer: ctemple


Published: 14.10.2009

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Witch tries to seduce art student into her coven.


The Dark Moon Coven


The light slanted as it came in through the high ceilings, natural lighting always made it easier to draw, especially on the days that the sun was strong, as part of the ceiling was glass.

The art room at Price Junior College was a pretty, open space with loads of light.

There were eighteen people in the class, and they were doing quick sixty second sketches with charcoal pencils.

They were standing in front of large upright easels, and it was a cool day for early September.

The class was working on drawing a clothed model sitting in a chair.

The art instructor Kelly Gruening, was a ‘cougar’, she was forty, seemed like she was thirty, and had all her moves together.

Later she sat in the small office with her friend, another college instructor Heather Corman.

“I tried to give a kid the candle yesterday after class, but he thought I was just kidding,” Heather said with an irritated look.

“Bummer,” Kelly said.

“I fucked him, but it just isn’t helping, I’m ready to climb the Goddamn walls,” Heather said.

“Tell me about it.”

“There isn’t any way that Astaroth is coming back is there?” Heather asked anxiously.

“Nope,” Kelly said somewhat sheepishly.

Heather’s normally attractive face was contorted with irritation and stress.

“I thought maybe with how hard it was for his parents to get him out of the house, that maybe he could come back and stay with a relative or something,” Heather said.

Kelly said, “There’s not much chance of that I’m afraid, of course we’re the main reason that they had so much trouble getting him to move.”

Kelly leaned back in her chair and laughed, a pretty toothpaste commercial laugh.

Heather ran her hand through her shiny brunet hair, “I swear if we don’t get a motherfucking consort in the next week or two, I’m going to go out of my mind.”

“Try to say calm, Hecate, I know it’s not easy,” Kelly said, “I want it as much as you do, it’s like being a vampire without a neck to bite.”

Kelly looked at Heather suddenly, making a lock of light brown hair to fall down over her eyes.

“It’s fucking driving me nuts too,” she said with intensity, “but it’s only been two weeks.”

“And that’s two weeks too long!”

Heather took her pretty lips and made a face, “You’re the leader, do something!”

“I’m working on something right now,” Kelly said.


“He’s out there drawing right now, in minute sketches,” Kelly said smiling.

“Great, let me see him,” Heather said excitedly.

“Class is almost over, you stand outside my office, and I’ll have him come in for something and you can get a look at him then,” Kelly said.

“Maybe we’ve been too picky,” Heather said anxiously.

Kelly said, “Everybody in the coven said, and I mean everybody that they wanted gorgeous consorts, I mean knockouts.”

“That’s him over by the window,” Kelly said.

Heather opened the door wide enough to peak out.

“Are you talking about the guy drawing left-handed?”

“Yeah,” Kelly said.

“Wow!” Heather said, her lips making on O, “it looks good from here.”

“Again wow!” Heather said rolling her eyes.

“Why haven’t you hit on him?”

Kelly said, “I have hit on him.”

“Oh no, not a gay!” Heather said with disappointment.

“He seemed interested,” Kelly said, “I just haven’t sealed the deal yet.”

“Well seal already, please,” Heather said, her pretty mouth pouting.

“I’m gonna tell him that I’m a witch, and I’m hoping that it will turn him on, sometimes it does,” Kelly said with confidence, “besides I’ve been putting lust spells on him.”

“I hope it works,” Heather said.

“Yeah, I’ll have him come in before he cleans up and you can get a better look, then I’ll give him the candle, I hope.”

Kelly went out and told the class that they were finished for the day and to start cleaning up, then she asked Alex Capdevielle to come in her office, the recent object of the women’s attentions, Heather stood a few feet away from the door.

Heather waited until Alex’s back was turned, then she made a pantomime of oral sex and gave Kelly the thumbs up sign, then she left.

Alex had noticed a dark complected woman standing to the left of the office door as he walked by, he noticed her favorably, a raven haired beauty with shiny dark brown hair, and a revealing outfit for college, with two pretty tits showing. The woman smiled at him, and her eyes glinted with something he couldn’t quite place.

His teacher Kelly Gruening, he had noticed her of course, right away, she was tan and statuesque, with pretty light brown hair and penetrating green eyes, she impressed him the first day of class.

He knew or at least thought that Kelly was a cougar, what he didn’t know was that she was also a witch.

They walked towards the door with Kelly going first.

Alex took a quick look at Kelly’s tanned leggy ass as she walked in front of him.

It was a small office, and not as light as the art room, but still light.

“Why don’t you sit down for a little bit, Alex,” she said.

She gave a dreamy smile that that made him gasp.

They sat a few seconds without saying anything.

Alex noticed her tapping her fingers on the desk, as though she were thinking about something, he was just about ready to ask what she wanted when she sighed and said, “I want to give you something.”

“What is it?”

“A candle,” she said.

She opened a drawer, and took out a black looking candle.

“A candle,” he said perplexed, “what do I need with a candle?”

“Light it at night,” she said.

“I don’t really like candles,” he said.

She took hold of one of his muscular holders and squeezed it.

Then she stood up and came over to where he was sitting and put her arms around him, and smiled again.

“I’m a witch,” she said.


“I’m a witch, I can come through that candle if you light it, and meet you in your room for sex.”

“You’re kidding,” he said.

“Really,” she replied, “it’s black magic, I’ve done it before, lots of times.”

“This is really freaky,” he said with an odd look.

She stared at him and he felt a strong hot surge of sexual desire jolt through his body.

She said, “I can turn into smoke and I can come through the candle in my house to another candle when it’s lit.”

“Wow!” he said.

Alex felt her hands wrap around the back of his neck.

He felt a little nervous and stood up.

She said, “I can do an incantation, that is a spell and I can turn into smoke and materialize in another candle, provided that it’s lit, and not too far away.”

Alex stared at her.

Kelly said, “At midnight tonight, I want you to light your candle, the one that I just gave you.”

“Well….” he said.

He turned his head and stared at the door.

She took her hands and moved his head back to where she could stare into his eyes again.

“Light it tonight,” she said again.

“I don’t know,” he said.

“Light that candle,” she commanded.

Then he felt another wave of sex come over him like a fever, he almost started panting from the emotion. Although he was unaware of it, put she had already put lust spells on him repeatedly, and he was feeling the effects of them now.

“Alright,” he said quickly.

She laughed then and put her hand on his ass and caressed it.

“It’ll be lots of fun babe,” she said.

Kelly leaned over and kissed him on the ear.

“It’ll be our first fuck!” she said, enthusiastically.

She then put her hand down the feel the nice cock that had sprung up in his pants.

Then she broke away and said, “I’ll see you tonight then.”

“Okay,” he replied.

“Why do you want to do this tonight?” he asked.

“Because,” she said, rubbing the nice erection.

The reason, unstated was that her sex power after appearing in a candle was strong, almost irresistible and her goal was to capture him sexually for the coven, and one sex session after astral materialization would very likely do it. Plus the women in the coven were addicted to the blasphemous black magic rituals, and were having terrible withdrawl, after their two boyfriends, they were called consorts in the group, had left.

Unfortunately for Kelly and the rest of the coven, the two guys, i.e. consorts, had reluctantly moved, the first one, a twenty two year old former art student, had moved to the east coast with his family. And the other, a man she had picked up at the grocery store, had also moved when the trucking company he worked for transferred him to Texas.

Her power was strong and it had gotten stronger with every sexual encounter. The college kid in particular had to be dragged away from Kelly and the coven practically at gunpoint by his parents. And the delivery driver had gone with the greatest reluctance as well.

They were both ready to go out of their minds, when the black magic sex was removed from their lives, but Kelly had tried to arrange through calls and the internet for them to be taken into occult groups in their new homes, unbelievably for her, it had actually worked, and two new groups of female witches had eagerly snatched up the two broken in ‘consorts’.

She felt that her sexual power was getting stronger every time she had materialized herself into a guy’s room and she was very anxious to do it again. It had been two weeks, and it had been hard to find the right guy, most of them didn’t seem nice looking enough for her, she wanted handsome and sexy. But she hadn’t been able to take her eyes off Alex for any length of time since he had walked into her class on a hot August day. Now she felt Alex should be brought into the coven, and as quickly as possible.

Kelly had put her candle down on the table to put her arms around Alex, she picked it back up and held it out to him, “Light it tonight at midnight,” she said shaking her head up and down.

“Boy, will it be some good motherfucking sex,” she said, then she stuck her tits out at him.

She waited anxiously as he took the candle from her hand, great! Great! She thought to herself.

Alex was very excited too, while dubious at first, Kelly’s intensity and energy had won him over, plus the talk about witchcraft and conjuring summoned up occult devil worshiper type images that were really turning him on.

“Sure,” he replied, “right around midnight.”

“Great,” she said, unable to hide her enthusiasm.

“I’ll see you later,” he said and turned to leave the cramped office.

“Certainly,” she replied.

The black candle was about six inches long and about two inches thick, he stuck it in his book bag and headed for the parking lot.

The minute he was out of earshot, she picked up her cell phone and dialed Heather.

“He took it!” Kelly said with excitement.

“Cool! That’s awesome, I thought he was fantastic.”

“He is going to get a nocturnal visit tonight,” Kelly said with an evil smile.

“Shit, what if he doesn’t light it?” Heather said.

Kelly said, “I saw his face, he’ll light it, don’t worry.”

“Great!” Heather replied.

Heather said, “Jesus, I hope this works out, I miss those nocturnal meetings, shit, I miss being a succubus.”

“Me too,” Kelly said emphatically.

Both women were feeling the withdrawl pains from the dark rituals.

Kelly said, “Anyway, don’t worry, once I give him the black magic fuck, he won’t be able to resist from here on out,” she smiled confidently.

Heather said, ” I just hope he doesn’t get scared, change his mind, and not light the candle, that happened to me last year.”

Kelly laughed, “You should have seen him when I handed him the candle, if he wanted out he wouldn’t have taken it, I’ll bet he’s already figured out how much time there is to go, he can’t wait to light that sonavabitch. God I am ready for this, and he is too, I just know it.”

“Awesome!” Heather said again, “call me tomorrow.”


He drove home, which was south Alton. He was so excited that his heart was racing and he could hardly keep his hands off of his penis. Alex was really not sure at all that she could do what she said she was going to do, but he was really hoping that she would do it. The talk about witchcraft and black magic was driving him nuts with excitement.

His cock was already as hard as a rock, and stuck up out of his abdomen in a good erection. Alex was having trouble concentrating on his driving, he was so excited. He absolutely could not wait to light the candle and go through with the ritual! He checked his watch to see how soon it would be until midnight, it was around four in the afternoon.. It would be eight hours to go!

Alex worked part time at the post office in Godfrey, and studied art at the junior college level, and he had most of the top floor of the house, his aunt’s room being downstairs, he could make a hell of a lot of noise without her being aware of it.

I met a witch, he thought to himself, and she’s good at black magic, cool!

Alex stuck his hand down his pants and began squeezing his throbbing penis.

I hope she’s as good at black magic as she says, he thought eagerly stroking his cock.

His aunt worked at the driver’s license bureau and wouldn’t be home until after six o’clock.

Alex watched t.v., and couldn’t concentrate, then he tried to play video games on the computer and couldn’t concentrate either. He kept wanting to masturbate, his cock just kept getting hard.

It was ten thirty now, and his aunt was in her room, watching t.v, his erect penis ached for release, he stroked it and stroked it but didn’t shoot.

Then finally it was time! He had gotten an antique candle holder out before his aunt came home and set it up in his room. The thick black candle sat there waiting to be lit. He picked up his cigarette lighter up and got it going with a trembling hand, then held to the black candle and lit it.

It shown brightly for a minute or two, with nothing happening, then some inky black smoke began to come out of it, then more and more until there was a big cloud of acrid black smoke in his room. Presently it began to take shape, slowly at first then quicker and quicker.

It was her! She’d actually done it, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her as she took shape in the smoke.

She came out of the smoke somewhat so he got a better look.

Kelly was dressed all in black, black shoes, black skirt, black blouse with a plunging tight neckline, and her pretty light brown hair made a great contrast with all the black. The thick inky smoke hung around her body. And surprisingly, she was holding a black book.

“Hello,” she said.

“Glad to see you,” he said, not knowing how to respond and almost dumbfounded by what he was experiencing.

His eyes took in the sexy witch dressed all in black.

“I wasn’t sure you could do this, but now I’m really impressed, wow!” Alex exclaimed.

Kelly smiled at him brightly, pleased by his compliment.

“Oh fuck, I’ve done this lots of times,” she said, “the problem, once in awhile is finding a consort.”

“A consort?”

“Yeah, the devil has consorts,” she said.

“Should I put the candle out, or leave it going?” he asked, to change the subject.

“Absolutely, leave it going,” she said quickly, “I’ll disappear if the candle is put out.”

“Under no circumstances put the candle out, ever, understand?” she said forcefully.

“Of course.”

“Some of the other women in the coven are going to want what I want, which is, a dark ritual fuck,” she said.

“Sure, I understand,” he replied.

“That means that they’ll come to you through a black candle, and you light that candle when I call and tell you to light it.”

“I understand,” Alex said, staring at Kelly.

He waited a few seconds then said, “What’d you mean by consorts?”

She stared at him, “I mean you, I want you for the coven.”

“Uh huh,” he said quickly and nervously.

The witch stood in front of Alex staring at him, the hot hypnotic eyes burning into him like a laser beam.

Then she leered at him and opened her mouth and tilted her head a little sideways, an obvious invitation for a kiss.

He put his arms around her shoulders and kissed her hard on the mouth.

“Mmmmm!” she exclaimed eagerly returning the kiss, her arms went around the back of his neck.

She stepped back for a minute then she gestured towards the book she was carrying, “Now honey, this is the book of The Dark Moon Coven, and I’m the leader.”

“I understand.”

“You aren’t allowed to tell anyone about any of this, not the name of the group, not about ritual sex magick, nothing.”

“Okay,” he said quickly.

“And if you say anything to anybody, we’ll kill you,” she said with a surprising smile.

“Of course, I understand,” he said.

Then she laughed, “And I don’t want to kill you, I want you for my sex rituals.”

She said, “There are thirteen of us in the coven, I’m the high priestess, I’m the devil, my name in the coven is Naamah, that’s my devil name, don’t call me Kelly.”

The witch said, “You’ll have to follow my directions, you won’t be a full member for awhile, but an associate, you’ll have to agree to embrace wickedness, blasphemy and evil.”

“I understand,” he said.

“You’re going to need a name in the coven, I’ll help you come up with one later,” she said.

“Look, she said, “this book records our group activities and we all have to sign it.”

“Yeah,” he said.

The witch stared at him again, “You were really ready to light that candle weren’t you?”

The witch’s stares brought wave after wave after wave of desire that boiled up in his balls.

“Well sort of, it seemed different,” he replied.

She kissed his neck.

She reached out and caressed his cheek.

The witch stared at him again, she said, “You actually couldn’t wait to light the sonavbitch.”

“I don’t know about that,” he said.

Her eyes burned at him again again, even hotter this time if possible.

She said, “You were going nuts waiting to light that motherfucking candle, weren’t you, you just could not wait to light that sonavbitch.”

He stared back at her not saying anything.

An evil cult! Ran by a powerful witch, incredible, he was getting more excited by the moment.

She was right of course, he was turned on by her being a witch, he had counted the minutes until he could light his candle, he couldn’t wait to do it. And the more evil she acted, the more it was turning him.

The witch’s amazing sexuality poured out of her in hot flash waves, wave after wave hit him as he stared at her.

“Before I initiate you into the Dark Moon Coven,you have to sign the book,” she said.

“Oh?” he said.

She walked over to the small table that was next to the bed, opened the book to a particular page.

“This is where you sign,” she said.

She pulled a dark pen out of it and held it out to Alex.

“If you want to be initiated into the coven, then you have to embrace the wicked,” she said evilly.

“What am I signing?” Alex said.

Naamah said, “Repeat after me, our mother, who art in hell.”

“Our mother who art in hell.”

“Devil be her name.”

“Devil be her name,” Alex repeated.

“Her kingdom come, her will be done on earth, as is it is in hell.”

“Her kingdom come, her will be done on earth as is it is in hell,” Alex said.

Alex watched as her face shown as she recited.

“Take this day our daily bread,” Naamah said.

“Take this day our daily bread,”

“Trespass against those before they trespass against us,” she said her voice throbbing.

“Trespass against those before they trespass against us,” Naamah said.

“And lead us into temptation,” Naamah said, her voice rising.

“And lead us into temptation,

“And delivery us to evil,” Naamah said staring at her would be conquest with another evil smile.

“And delivery us to evil.”

“For hers is the kingdom and the power and the glory and forever.”

“For hers is the kingdom and the power and the glory and forever,” Alex repeated.

“That’s what the fuck you’re signing,” she said, her face glowing with passion.

She had the book on the table and was standing about ten feet away from him, the pen was black like the book, and she held it out for him to take.

Unbelievable! Witches showing up in candles, excellent! devil worshiper type prayers, Alex had never been this turned on by a woman in his entire life.

Black books recording wicked and evil stuff, that he had to sign, sonavbitch! It was just like the candle, he counted the seconds until he could light it, since he had first seen he carrying that motherfucking book, he was hoping and hoping that she would force him to sign it, and now she was doing that too.

The witch’s seductive power was almost unstoppable, he could hardly take his eyes off her, her face turned him, it was an evil, knowing smirk.

“Are you ready to sign?” she said.

“I’m ready,” he said, staring at the witch.

She bobbed her head up and down knowingly and gave him another one of her grins mixed with sex and evil, “Good answer,” she said.

“So, sign it,” she commanded


Wow! He thought.

“Sign your real name, not a nickname,” Naamah said.

He quickly and eagerly signed Alexander R Capdavielle

Naamah picked the black book up and closed it.

She smiled a satisfied look, “All right babe, way to fucking go!”

Again Wow! Alex thought.

Naamah put her right hand out and began rubbing his ass cheeks.

She had her mouth open and her lower lip stuck out, she felt like a hot fifteen year old girl who had been sent to an all girl’s school, and by the end of the semester was so horny that her only goal in life was getting a fuck.

Her hand reached around feeling for that nice cock that she knew was there in the front.

Having finally found the cock she was eagerly reaching for, she gratefully put her hand around it.

It was nice and hard and erect already, and she sighed in gratitude. She also began squeezing the muscular arm that she had stared at before.

Then she reached over and shoved him.

“Take your shirt off, consort,” she said.

He quickly ripped his shirt off and she whistled like she was in a strip club.

“You should have had your clothes off when I got here,” Kelly said.

“You didn’t tell me to do that,” Alex replied.

“Well I’m telling you now.”

Then she reached over and shoved him again, and laughed, “Take your pants off.”

Alex a grabbed her hand and pulled her close, then gave her three good kisses.

Then he turned her around and pushed his fully erect cock into her nice curvy ass.

“Hey, who do you think you are?” she said when the cock hit her ass.

She pulled away from his grasp, she said, “Fuck you, I thought I told you to take your pants off.”

“Yes, you did.”

“Well, I’m waiting,” she said.

Her face was flushed with passion, and she stared at him again with the same hot hypnotic look that she had used before.

Alex was thirty years old but had a babyish face that made him look like he was around seventeen, and pretty lips. Naamah sighed just looking at him.

Alex was around six feet tall, a hundred and ninety pounds, and he had a good stomach, because he did exercises to build up his abdominal muscles.

He unbuttoned his trousers and quickly took them off, so the witch could see.

Then he put his arms back of his neck, posing like a male model.

He looked at her and she stuck her tongue out at him briefly.

Alex grinned back at her, excited by the bitchy witch.

Then she wolf whistled appreciatively.

“I got an idea,” she said, “Lucifer is the best looking of the prince’s of hell, how about Lucifer for your coven name?”

“Okay,” he said, flattered but feeling weird at the same time.

The witch seemed to be full of sexual energy, it hit him over and over and over again, in hot waves of desire, so much so that he was a little afraid that he was going to cum before he ever got inside her.

Then she stood in front of Alex and said, “Step one, take my clothes off,” she said commandingly.

“Okay!” he replied.

She stood posing like an Egyptian goddess with her arms pointing out at the sides as he took off her leather top and skirt, she had on no bra or underwear.

Alex took a nice admiring look at her svelte gorgeous looking body.

She moved his head so she could look at him, “Hurry the fuck up!” she said.

The dark blond hairs around the beautiful looking cunt made a pretty contrast with the black of the skirt once Alex had unzipped it and let it fall to the carpet.

Naamah had a pretty attractive mouth, and he was more that ready to kiss it, she had full lips and nice teeth, and an evil looking smirk that was making his cock harder every time he looked at it.

He got down on his hands and knees and stared at her tan muscular thighs and stuck his tongue out to lick that delectable pussy.

“Ohhhhhhh!” she exclaimed in response.

Cool! He thought, his cock was already so hard that it could hardly get any harder.

He stood up and Kelly had her back turned to him, he put his arms around her from the back, holding her close and squeezing her tight.

The nice smell that he had noticed before started again, it smelled like strawberries, Alex put his nose in her hair, it was the shampoo.

Alex kissed her ear and squeezed her hard.

As good as it felt to finally get his hands on her cute little ass, he missed looking at those killer eyes, so her turned her around.

As soon he turned her around, her arms went around his neck and he got a nice hot kiss.

Her face turned into his and started getting kiss after kiss.

He felt her pull herself into him closer and closer.

“Mmmmmm!” she said after the ninth fiery kiss.

“You’re a good fucking kisser sweetie,” Naamah said.

“So are you.”

His heart was pounding, now that he had hold of the little vixen, he needed to get inside her!

The girl broke away from the blood boiling embrace and sauntered over to Alex’s bed.

She sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide in an obvious an invitation to fuck as could be seen, and the hot devil eyes continued to burn holes through him.

She picked up and extra pillow and threw it on the floor, then picked up a heavy blanket and tossed over against the wall.

“Hey, what are you doing that’s my bed!” Alex protested.

Naamah stared at him again and said, “Shut the fuck up.”

“Wait a minute!”

Naamah laughed at him and said, “Pick up the pillow.”

“You threw it,” Alex said.

He looked at her and saw her staring at him again, “Who am I?” she asked.

“Naamah,” Alex said.

“Partially right, but I’m really the devil, and I just gave you an order.”

Alex looked back at her.

She got back up and stood in front of him, “You pledged yourself to my coven, and I’m giving you an order, shut the fuck up and pick up the pillow and the blanket.”

Then the anger boiled up in him, and he wanted to punch her.

She leered at him again, and the sex smacked him in the face.

Then Naamah nodded her head up and down and gave him another grin, “You’ll learn, Father Derry learned, and so will you.”

Then she reached out and touched his hair.

The witch’s amazing sexuality was stupefying for Alex to witness.

“So, pick up the blanket and the pillow, now!”

The girl’s magic face seemed to melt the will out of him.

She went and laid down in the his bed and put her legs up in the air spreading her thighs as wide as they could be spread.

She moved over on the bed so that the hot glistening pussy was only about a foot away from his head when he leaned over pick up the pillow.

His throbbing cock was sticking straight up and was dripping pre cum on the carpet of his room.

He laid the pillow back down on the bed-sheet, then she grabbed his arm and pulled him down, she shoved him down on the bed began kissing his neck and got on top of him, once she got on top of him she started laughing but he pushed her down on the bed and got on top of her. She struggled a bit.

“Fuck,” she said.

“Oh alright,” she said with fake exasperation.

His dick got inside her hot wet cunt.

Then his ass pistoned into hers for the first time.

Her fingers kneaded and stroked the hard muscles on his back.

Kelly was a thin waisted girl but she had wide strong hips that looked like she could fuck an elephant, Alex had longed to get between them and now he was.

Wow! He thought, her hot velvety cunt was as tight as an eighteen year old, she wrapped around him like a glove.

“Come on honey,” she said enthusiastically her fingers squeezing his back.

His ass pounded into hers.

“Come on, fuck me!” she said loudly to encourage him to pump harder.

She pulled his head down by the cheek to where she could kiss him.

The chanting started, “Fuck me, fuck me!”

His thick erection popped into her hot pussy again and again, and she was amazingly tight.

She began moaning in appreciation as their fuck moved into high gear.

The kisses continued, hot kiss after hot kiss after hot kiss!

Her legs went around him harder and she pulled him into her.

Then she kissed him on the ear, “Harder,” she breathed.

“Harder, harder.”

She moaned on every thrust now and he opened his eyes and looked down at her, the killer eyes were finally shut, and she had an ecstatic look on her face as she went towards her orgasm.

“Fuck me,” she said between kissing Alex.

Alex couldn’t keep from gasping himself, he was getting an amazingly hot piece of delectable ass from a beautiful and incredibly bitchy female, and he was grateful and wanted to pour it on and fuck her into the middle of next week!

She had done everything possible to seduce him and he was really going to let her have it.

Their asses screwed together again and then again, harder and harder.

Her hands caressed his hair and neck, and then wrapped around his neck again, “Um mm, finish it, ohhh,” she said between kisses.

“Ohhhhh!” he exclaimed.

Her cunt tightened and contracted around his cock, making spasms of pleasure, this produced another loud sigh from Alex.

Her pussy contracted around him again, producing another ecstatic moan.

Then Naamah giggled between kisses.

He wanted to hold out longer but her hot tight pussy was making him cum.

Presently Alex couldn’t hold out any longer and he shot after shot of burning hot cum into Naamah’s waiting cunt!

“Ooooooohhhhh!” she yelled.

Gradually their breathing slowed back down to something of a normal level and their pulse rate calmed down.

Then she was laying somewhat on top of him, with her head resting on Alex’s chest.

“I’ll have to go in a little bit,” she said.

“Oh no,” he said, “do you have to?”

She said, “I don’t want to, it’s a type of incantation that only lasts so long, and then I disappear back into the candle.”

“Oh shit,” Alex said.

She stood up and began putting on her clothes, “There are other nights and other candles.”

“Sure,” he said.

She leaned in and kissed him again.

“I’ll see you at school and give you other candles, and tell you when to light them.”


She smiled, pleased with the way that the seduction had gone.

“Welcome to the Dark Moon Coven honey,” she said.

Then she disappeared into smoke.



Alex was finishing up the figure drawing class when Kelly walked up to him and said, “Could you come into my office after you clean up Alex?”


Fifteen minutes later he walked into the partially open office.

She looked up and said, “Shut the door will you.”


She reached into a bag and brought out another black candle.

“Here take this,” she said handing it to him.

“Right,” he replied.

“Another candle of yours,” he said with an arched eyebrow.

She looked at him and said, “No, this is Hecate’s candle.”


“She’s another witch in the coven.”


“Light it tonight, at midnight,” she said.

“Okay,” he replied.

“Light it tonight,” she commanded.

“I won’t forget, I’m anxious to meet another one of the witches,” he said enthusiastically.

“Good work baby,” she said throwing her arms around him and kissing his cheek.

The three witchy fucks that she had already given him had made him an addict to the funky black magic sex, which was her original goal in the first place, to bring him into the coven.

The female witches in the group were addicted themselves to the blasphemous sexual rites, and were practically climbing the walls when their other two male consorts had both abruptly moved.

“I’m quite pleased Lucifer,” she said, calling by his coven name, “you’re coming along in the coven.”

That night he found out that Hecate was the dark haired cutie that he’d seen outside Ms Gruening’s office earlier. Like Naamah, she displayed a powerful sexual presence that was almost dumbfounding for Alex to behold. The women were almost irresistible. Hecate seemed to especially enjoy sucking somebody’s cock, and the somebody was Alec Capdevielle, she was strikingly good at it too.

She came that evening in smoke out of the black candle and gave him the blowjob of his life.



Alex walked into the art room at Price Community College around one o’clock in the afternoon and knocked on Kelly Gruening’s office door.

“Come in,” she said.

“Hello,” she said warmly as Alex walked through.

“Do you have a little time to talk?” he asked.

“Yes, I think so,” she replied, “what is it?”

“I have been working on a painting, I’d like to have you look at it.”

Kelly looked up from the art history papers that she was grading.

“Yes, I ‘d like to look at it,” she said, “I didn’t know you painted, I knew you were into cartoons.”

“Well, I’ve got it in the car, I’d like to go get it.”

“Yes, please do.”

Alex went out to his car and brought the canvas in.

He held it up for Kelly to get a good look.

“That’s interesting, it looks like a building in California, like a city hall or something, maybe back in the forties, I like the fog,” she said.

“It’s Union Station in Los Angeles,” Alex said.

“The sepia tones are nice,” she said, “you know it reminds me a bit of Edward Hopper.”

“Yes, he’s one of my influences,” Alex said.

Alex said, “I’ve taken some digital photos of several of my paintings and emailed them to an art gallery in Hilton Head, they said I could send them that one to see if maybe they could sell it.”

“Great!” she said. “you know it’s so hard to get recognition as an artist.”

She walked over to Alex and put her arms around him giving him a hug.

“This is excellent,” she said, “this is cool, I’m happy for you.”

“Yeah,” he replied.

She said, “If you want, I’ll help you pack it for shipping.”

“Yes, I’ve never shipped a painting before,” Alex said.

“Did I give you the address on the coven building?” Kelly asked.

“It’s down on Broadway, right?” Alex said.

“Right, Hecate and I are going to be down there later, say about four?” Aammah said.


“I’d like to show you something down there,” she said.

Alex said, “Sure.”

They had come to Alton, the three of them, Alex, Heather and Kelly and were in what Alex assumed was their ‘church’, the walls were tan and had sort of symbols on them, occult symbols apparently, although Alex didn’t really know occult symbols. The place also apparently had a refrigerator because there seemed to be some beer there.

“Guess, what?” Naamah said.

“What?” Hecate answered.

“Father Derry is back in town for a week and is going to be here for our black mass,” Naamah said excitedly.

“Cool!” Hecate answered.

The two women were sitting on the couch in the building were the coven sometimes met in downtown Alton, and Alex was standing up, looking at the window at the street.

“Did you know he was my first conquest for the coven,” Naamah said.

“No, I never knew that, I thought Lilith brought him in,” Hecate said.

“Lilith was the devil then, this was probably like eight years ago,” Naamah said, “this was when I was first in the coven and the first thing she told me to do was find a Catholic priest and seduce him.”

“Really?” Hecate said curiously. “Shit, I’ve fucked him loads of times, I didn’t know that you were the one, that got him.”

“You fucked a priest in the church?” Alex said in a shocked voice.

Naamah shook her head, “I probably only fucked him in there like 140 times.”

“Yeah, I know I dicked him at least a hundred times, in the two or three years that I knew him,” Hecate said, “I thought the archdiocese sent him to New Orleans.”

“They did, and I know that he met some black mass people down there, or he would have gone out of his mind.”

“You gave a priest one of those candles?” Alex asked.

Naamah grinned at her consort, “Uh yeah!”

“How could you do that?” he asked again with a shocked voice.

The high priestess’s beautiful face had the same evil smile that it often had when dealing with her consort, “Uh let’s see, maybe it’s because we’re witches?”

He was turning around from the window and staring at them on the couch.

“And how many of these devil worshiper groups are there out there all over the country?” he asked.

Naamah stood up off the couch, she was wearing a short black skirt, that showed off a pretty well turned ass, and a white blouse with a low neckline, “Come over here,” she said, “come on over here.”

Alex came over to where she was standing.

She gave him the killer eyes and the evil smile again, she said, “Shut the fuck up.”

“Okay,” he said.

The girl leered at him some more, showing pretty teeth and full lips in a broad but vicious smile.

She reached out and squeezed his arm, “The devil just gave you an order babe.”

Hecate put both arms around his right side, shoving her breasts against his back, then she put her head on his shoulder.

Naamah kissed his ear, her breath mixing with perfume, the perfume smelling something like strawberries. Her breath invariably smelled like she had just brushed her teeth and like she had never drank coffee or smoked once on her life. Her lips were pinkish red without lipstick.

Naamah said, “You know what’s next door Deak?”

Deak was Alex Capdevielle nickname from school, occasionally Naamah, i.e. Kelly would forget to use his coven name and call him by his nickname.

“Well, from that big door in the front, it looks something like a garage.”

“It is a garage,” she said, “guess what’s in it.”

“I have no idea,” he said.


“I don’t know, a hearse?” he said questioningly.

“That’s really good,” Kelly said, pulling away from him then.

“Let’s go next door and take a look,” Hecate said.

“Yeah,” Naamah replied.

Naamah opened a side door that cam down a small hallway.

Inside were parked two old hearses, from the looks of them, Alex thought probably the 1960’s.

“Do these things run?” he said walking over to the closest one.

“Oh hell yes,” Hecate said.

“Where did you get two hearses,” Alex asked.

“My grandfather was an undertaker,” Hecate said.

Naamah leaned against the hearse, she said, “We’re gonna go out on Halloween, and we’re going in these hearses.”

“Cool, where are we going?” Alex said.

“There’s a town north of Alton, called Lofton, and there’s graveyard north of the town, we’re going to go out there and do a ceremony.”

“Oh yeah,” Hecate said, “we’re going to summon the lust demon.”

“This is going to rock,” Naamah said, using her usual wicked smile.

“Everybody can fit in one hearse?” Alex asked.

Hecate said, “No silly, we’re all going in two hearses.”

“I haven’t met all the women in the coven, I met you two and Circe, Bathory, and Hezabel.”

“That’s because they found themselves a stud,” Naamah said and started laughing.

“Whoa,” Alex replied.

“A high school kid, turned eighteen last month, he’s from Edwardsville,” Naamah said.

“Boy, is he ever hot!” Hecate said.

Naamah said smiling at Alex, “They’ve got their consort and we’ve got ours.”

“Well yeah,” Hecate said enthusiastically.

“Well thanks,” Alex replied with a bit of shyness.

Naamah said, “They’re going to go in one hearse with their consort, and Father Derry, and we’ll go in the other hearse with our consort.”

“Don’t worry, this will be interesting,” she said to Alex.



They divided up into two groups, the women who had mostly been with the new guy from Edwardsville, who was called Aleister, and the women who had mostly been with Alex.

Naamah, Hecate, Circe, Bathory, Hezabel, Sybil, and Morrigan stood next to one of the hearses, Alex had slept with all of them at various times, particularly Naamah and Hecate, who seemed especially to like him.

The women were pretty much all dressed the same, black shoes, black skirts, and revealing black tops. Alex and the other consort had on black trousers and black shirts, Father Derry was in street clothes, blue pants and a yellow shirt.

Father Derry, Alex noticed, had put several things from the coven’s headquarters into his car and was driving by himself. He couldn’t see it all except that it looked like a mirror that was black and a dark sorcerer type robe, and perhaps other things that Alex couldn’t see.

“You wanna drive Deak?” Naamah said to Alex.


They were all holding bottles of beer, including Alex. He climbed in behind the wheel of the ancient hearse.

“Wow, this is cool!” he said, “I’ve never ridden in one of these before.”

“Oh hell, we try to go out at least twice a year in these,” Circe said from the back seat.

Circe was a tall blond woman, about twenty five, who seemed to be from somewhere in St. Louis county.

“Just go up north on 67, we’ll get to Lofton on that,” Naamah said.

Alex started the old car up, ground it into gear and pulled out, with the other part of the coven following in their hearse, and then Father Derry.

They drove north through Alton and went up towards Lofton.

Lofton was a small town and there were lots of kids out trick or treating on the sidewalks, some of them stared at the two ancient hearses passing through town, and the people dressed all in black on the inside. Some of the witches waved.

“Where now?” Alex asked.

“Just stay on this road, the cemetary is out north of town.

Alex pulled off of the road around a mile and a half north of town, and pulled the hearse under a sort of tall gate, the other hearse and Father Derry in his car followed.

The cometary was fairly good sized and had old and new segments that Alex could see in the dark.

“Any particular spot?” Alex asked Naamah.

“No, not really, just some place where we can get a little bit of room.”

“You want to go and help Father unload his stuff?” Naamah said.


He walked over to where Father Derry was unloading his car, he was pulling out a mirror that was all dark.

The Father had put on a dark type robe that looked something like a wizard would wear.

“Let me help you with that,” Alex said.


They set out the mirror on a table and then Father Derry went back to his car and pulled out a large bag of something.

“What’s in there?” Alex asked.

“Salt,” Father Derry replied.

He and Alex carried it over to where the table was and Father Derry cut open the bag and spread a good amount on the ground.

Presently Alex said, “How come you don’t have a coven name, Father?”

“I was never formally taken into the coven,” Father Derry replied.

Father Derry was a dark handsome man, between thirty five and forty, on the small side, around five eight.

Naamah came over and stood next to them.

Naamah said, “It’s because Lilith didn’t want a priest in the group, I’m sorry Father.”

She put her arm around his shoulder sympathetically.

“It’s alright,” he said.

Presently she said, “Are you ready to go Father?”

Yes,” he said with a sort of a blank look.

“Alright, we’ll get ready if you are.”

She walked back to the circle of witches.

“What’s your name?” Father Derry asked.


“Not that, what’s your Christian name?” he asked impatiently.

“Alex Capdavielle,” he said slowly.

They stood for a few seconds not say8ing anything. Then Alex said, “Can you explain this Father?”

“The flesh is weak, son,” Father Derry said, with an odd mixture of lust and regret that was all too human.

“How do you reconcile this, Father?” Alex asked with some seriousness.

“Well, if I had quit the coven, I’d have gone out of my mind, this way I still accomplish some good.”

“Right,” Alex said seriously.

“I might have been better off if I had resisted, gone crackers and have let the cops shoot me,” he said grimly.

The witches had started to form a circle around Father Derry.

“Come over here, Lucifer,” Alex heard Naamah say.

The witches’s were holding hands and making a circle, Alex stood between Naamah and Hecate.

Naamah said, “We’re going to conjure the demon Asmodeus, we’ll begin chanting, after Father Derry gets done.”

Father Derry lit five white candles, he was standing in a sort of circle that had been drawn, he had thrown the salt on the ground and then Naamah and drawn a circle and other symbols within the circle in the salt.

Father Derry began speaking, “I invoke and conjure thee O demon Asmodeus, in the name of the princess of hell, to appear before me and this group of believers.”

Father Derry began mouthing the word Asmodeus over and over, then the witch’s began chanting, Asmodeus, Asmodeus, Asmodeus.

Asmodeus, Asmodeus, Asmodeus, Asmodeus, the witch’s chanted over and over again.

Father Derry looked in the mirror, he said, “I think I see him.”

This brought murmurs from the witches.

Then a little bit of fog started in front of Father Derry, then more fog.

The women gasped out loud as the demon took shape in front of Father Derry, he appeared in a sort of a fog, which the light wind in the cemetery quickly blew away.

Alex didn’t know what to expect, the demon was tall and young looking, about twenty two or twenty three, dark skinned with red hair the color of fire, extremely handsome, except that he squinted when he looked out at the people around the graveyard.

He was stark naked with a tail that went out of his left side in the rear. The witches ooohh and ahhhed and some of them wolf whistled in appreciation of the handsome demon of lust.

Naamah got on her hands and knees in front of the demon, in the position to give a blow job, she had her top almost all the way unbuttoned to give a better view of her shapely tits.

Hearing the claps and whistles of the witches seemed to please the demon and his penis began to rise into a huge erection.

He took a step forward and Alex noticed a limp as he moved, he took his cock in his hands and turned around and around posing for the witches, almost as a rock star preening for appreciative groupies.

It was a large erection, beautiful and shapely, and seeing it drove the witches into a frenzy.

The demon was very nice looking, but he had a brutal and sadistic look around the eyes.

Naamah instinctively took the amazing penis, put both hands around it and guided to her mouth where she immediately began kissing and sucking it.

Her eyes burned with lust and she licked the shaft up and down and ground her hips together in anticipation of a fuck.

Father Derry looked straight ahead with his eyes shut.

Hecate had put her hands on Alex’s groin and was already unbuttoning his shorts.

Morigann had thrown her arms around him and put her hot tongue in his mouth, while Circe and Sybil were giving hickies to the back of his neck and ear.

Alex looked over Morigann’s shoulder and and saw that parts of the coven were all over Aleister, pulling his clothes off, kissing him over much of his body and trying to suck him off.

Some of the other witches had grabbed Father Derry too, one of them had knelled down in front of him and was pulling down his trousers.

Asmodeus put his hand on Naamah’s head pushing her hair back slightly, she looked up and he made a gesture.

Her lips parted in an obvious sexual leer, and she backed away from Asmodeus.

She took her black skirt off in record time, took two quick steps and laid down on the warm ground, and eagerly spread her legs apart in an open sexual invitation.

The witches all took on eye away from what they were doing to watch that fuck.

The graveyard became a orgy of sex, with couples humping away between the headstones, and the other witches cheering them on, in between watching Asmodeus and Naamah.

It was a very warm night for October in the Midwest, and Alex was surprised to feel how warm the ground was.

“Is he going to fuck all the women here?” Alex said voyeuristically; getting a buzz from the tremendous excitement that the demon created in the women.

“Probably not,” Hecate said, “he can only appear once or twice a year, and then for only short periods of time, usually the high priestess winds up getting the fuck, she’s in charge, and they want it for themselves. So once they’re done he’ll disappear. For a witch, this is so exciting, I had an orgasm when he appeared, I was so incredibly turned on.”

Some of the witches had had their way with Father Derry, Aleister and Alex, and now were standing and watching Naamah and the lust demon Asmodeus. Alex had never been in group sex before and he found it pretty mind blowing. The witches were chanting and clapping as the lust demon fucked their high priestess, they clapped in unison as his ass went into hers.

As- mod-deus, As-mo-deus, they chanted over and over again.

The demon pounded Naamah’s hot ass, they rolled on the ground in an tremendous display of public sex.

Alex noticed the witches’s could hardly take their eyes off Naamah and the lust demon, Aleister was doing the same thing, looking at the other witches.

Father Derry stood under a tree staring at the moon.

It was a long and intense fuck but even a demon couldn’t last forever against a pussy as hot and tight as Naamah’s. Alex knew what she was doing, as she ground her hips together and wrapped her legs around him tighter, because she had done it to him, the hot tight velvety cunt would force an intense orgasm even as he tried to hold out.

Their fuck entered it’s final stages now, Naamah’s had her eyes closed and her full lipped mouth was open in an ecstatic expression. Alex could see the demon’s squinty eyes stare at the ground, he had a look of incredible determination as he poured it on. Alex also noticed that Asmodeus had a long scar that ran long the length of his right leg from his knee to his ankle.

Naamah was breathing so hard that Alex could here it where he was standing, then, a loud ecstatic moan, then ‘ooooohhhhhhhh’!

The other witches applauded their fuck session and earth thudding orgasm they had just witnessed.

Asmodeus and Naamah uncoupled and stood up, she bowed to the demon and he smiled a vicious smile in return.

In a very short period of time, the demon simply disappeared.

The witches applauded Naamah, the high priestess again, her face was red with her emotion and sexual energy that was released.

“How about letting one of the rest of us do the fuck next year Naamah?” Circe said as they gathered around Naamah.

She squirmed her legs together, rolled her eyes and said, “Um no!”

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