Satan’s lust lives in us all – Non-Fiction


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Feature Title: Satan’s lust lives in us all

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Satan’s lust lives in us all

Hail Satan…my Father, Dark Lord and Master! Through Lust and Porn You separated me from god and xrist

Hail Lilith…my Mother! Through the Daughter’s of Lilith you made Yourself known to me and instilled the desire to begin my journey to become closer to You and to Satan.

Hail Lust! Even in a protected environment, You found a way to bring Porn into my life and put a wedge between myself and xrist and once I had turned my back on him, You then brought blasphemy Porn to me and began to whisper in my ear about the freedom and pleasures that come from following Satan!

The Unholy Trinity gave me the strength to break the bonds of religious guilt, allowed me to shed moral guilt and led me to discover and enjoy all the perverse and depraved desires of both the flesh and soul.

Hail my brothers in Satan who help spread the Spirit of Lust through Blasphemy!

Hail all Daughter’s of Lilith who seduce and lure men and women away from their gods and families.

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    1. Ray, i would so love to lick up your demonic cum off your body or better stroke and suck each other’s cocks. i would love to be enveloped in your perversions and you see mine. Hail Satan

  2. My cock does stir a lot when reading these stories on littlesally666. I find I’m getting more addicted with each story I read. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and Satanic perversions. I hope to consume cum other than my own cum soon

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