Queen Bitch of Abortion – Non-Fiction

Feature Writer: skullmayhem

Feature Title: Queen Bitch of Abortion

Link: TUMBLR /  29.10.2020 / Reposted by sex6withdemons6inthename6ofsatan

Queen Bitch of Abortion


The Great Abortion Giveaway gets you a throne in Hell that grows bigger with each abortion. Be the Queen Bitch of Abortion in Hell. I Hail and Bow to every Woman whose had an abortion. Get Fucked before you go to the clinic then have your pussy eaten afterwards. Satan loves your nasty Evil. Hail the Abortion Whore. Hail Satan

7 thoughts on “Queen Bitch of Abortion – Non-Fiction”

  1. Late term abortions should be made legal. Breed, Abort, Repeat! Every abortion is another soul for The Lord. Hail Satan!

    1. Hail Mastur666Boy — I don’t know why but I have this thing about pregnant woman, abortions and human sacrifices lately?

    1. Hail G Nic – tell me more about these experiences – I have fucked pregnant women in the past – but more lately I have been thinking about abortion caused by object rape

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