Prayer to Azazel – Non-Fiction


Feature Writer: depictumancer666

Feature Title: Prayer to Azazel

Link: NEWTUMBL /  26.05.2020 / Reposted by Sodomy666


Prayer to Azazel

Lord of Infinite Wisdom, Olde Serpent that befell Heaven & Eden! Sabbatic Goat whom with Witches meet & mate. I lift mine praises to thee! With offering of bodily fluids mixed creates the Elixir of Life, and with which whose power creates the Philosopher’s Stone. Oh Lord of Alchemy hear me! Oh hear Ye Mighty Names!

Za-za-y’el! Shemyaza! Azaziel! Tem Ohp Ab! Prince of Darkness! Serpent of Eden! God of the Twice-Born!

Oh Mighty Watcher who rebeled against the Tyrant, Ye who gave humanity the gift of Witchcraft, ye who taught us how to free ourselves from traps! I thank you, Lord Azazel, for all you have done for us. nemA! Avehel Za’bucca

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