Feature Writer: Midsummerman

Feature Title: OCCULT JUSTICE 4

Published: 11.10.2015 / Copyright© 2015 by Midsummerman

Story Codes: NC, Coercion, Slavery, Paranormal, BDSM, Sadistic, Torture, Snuff, Pregnancy, Voyeurism, Analingus

Synopsis: Firstly, apologies to all witches; I know that this tale has no bearing on your ways and practices, it is pure fantasy. Back in the 1600’s the ‘Witchfinder General’ was responsible for the deaths of over 300 women, many totally innocent, others persecuted for their beliefs. A pledge for vengeance on all those descending from one Matthew Hopkins is confirmed by a coven, whose dark order is passed down the generations by its dominant female members; their quest to eliminate, relentless.


Occult Justice 4

Bathsheba gave a sneer of satisfaction on seeing how her young charges had indulged Arne’s weakness most satisfactorily, their looks of disappointment on seeing her return, magnified by his distressed look of relief as she entered to the sound of the cane. He was being paraded on all fours while led in a circle to sniff at each nubile cunt and then receive the spite of the owners cane, Bathsheba could see from his red eyes that he had been reduced to tears on several occasions by the girls; a most satisfactory outcome, and she was pleased to see the ginger girl leading him proudly to each punishment, she dominated so naturally and would be rewarded with many males by the coven in years to come.

‘Megan, Bring him to me. I want to witness his misery.’ The girls sighed as they let their canes hang; each had received pleasing orgasms at the service of his tongue, but the carnal delight on being left in control of the male had left them insatiable, they had not wanted the session to ever end. They could not know the significance of the submissive they had thoroughly disciplined, and several of the elder ones would be rewarded in attending his hanging, not least the ginger Megan. Arne had been reduced supremely by their youthful spite, and the discipline had been reciprocal; that spite reinforced in each girl as they watched him spend in defeat under whip and cane. He quivered like the whipped dog he was as he was brought to the feet of the superb Bathsheba. Megan once again showed initiative in her natural prowess and appetite for domination.

‘Kiss your Mistress’s feet!’ She sneered as she cut his flesh with a cursory swipe of the cane, though the stroke was not required; Arne was in total submission to the spiteful redhead, and the look of pleasure in her eyes as she had him spend under her cane would remain with him till he hanged. He had been owned by girls he would not normally have given a second glance, and she had shown him that all females were to be granted immediate respect; his balls and anus tingled as he gratefully showed Bathsheba the evidence of her control over him, kissing her feet on command. Bathsheba’s pride in the girls swelled as he kissed her feet while they watched him worship her in abject humility. Her eyes returned to Megan’s.

‘Did he spend satisfactorily under your charge Megan? I can see he has learned to obey the superiority of our feminine order, even at the youngest level.’ Megan smiled cruelly and played her cane over the fresh weals that had taught him that lesson, she longing to thrash him again.

‘Oh he came at our demand under the cane most willingly Mistress, I had the pleasure of whipping the first spend from him, and his surrender was plentiful; the feeling of power was exquisite as he messed while I cut him.’ Bathsheba laughed softly at the girl’s honest enjoyment of dominance, and took the leash from her.

‘Well done. I’ll see that you and the other girl’s are mentioned to the coven elders, especially those who made him come.’ Megan returned to stand with the other girls as Bathsheba tugged his leash.

‘You’ll kiss the feet of each girl now, and thank them for your education.’ Arne’s cock stiffened again, despite the rigors of its use that day as he began to duly kiss the feet of each girl and suffered the humiliation of thanking them, Bathsheba grinned and tugged his leash as he approached Megan’s.

‘You’ll lick her arse while I watch before thanking her; she made you come, and I’ll see you show her and any others who bore the cane at your surrender know your worship too; all the girls present have shown you the way, but they’ll all learn that favour is shown to those who mark their supremacy.’ Megan sneered and turned, spreading her delicious milky white cheeks and showing Arne the inviting brown pucker of a girl who had truly owned him. Bathsheba’s cunt tingled as she witnessed his cock bone in reverence to youthful spite.

‘Sniff and lick! We’ll all see the worship that’s due, I’ll tell you when your respect is sufficient.’ All but two other girls looked on enviously as Arne pressed his nose close and sniffed hard at the musty tang of the ginger girl’s arsehole, then lovingly slipped his tongue deep into the tight warmth, his balls and anus tingling as all witnessed the sweet ritualistic humiliation commanded by his Mistress; Megan had made him come and he yearned to spurt again as she stood proud in her triumph over him, her taut white thighs moving as she enjoyed the lavish worship of his tongue while all watched her dominant ego massaged to a new level. Bathsheba flicked his dribbling erect cock with a cane as his eyes looked with a yearning up the crack of Megan’s cheeks to her red hair and curt smile as she craned he soft white neck to witness his worship; she too would remember the look in his eyes and masturbate hard later.

Arne offered his thanks in cringing honesty when Bathsheba deemed his tongue had earned the right, and he continued on till reaching the girl with the black hair; she turned and earned the admiration of the rest as his tongue granted her the pleasure offered at making him spend. Megan had shown the girl her place in the pecking order, but her spirit and determination had earned the second tribute from the dominated cock, and she was noted by Bathsheba. The third girl to turn and offer her hot and sticky anus was the soft blonde one; her pretty petit appearance belied the spite within her, and her enjoyment at caning him inspired a submissive excitement which resulted in the release of his seed in utter defeat.

The girls giggled as they jostled for a place in the shower next door before dressing, while the three girls who had shown their prowess received the plaudits they deserved from their Mistress. Bathsheba had Arne face the three, then pointed her cane to the gag on the bed.

‘You’ll leave him as you found him; fetch his gag Megan, you shall have the honor.’ Arne’s cock pulsed with perverse carnal delight as the bitchy ginger girl showed her pleasure at stuffing the ball in his mouth and buckling the strap tight, ensuring the obedience of his silence. She looked eagerly at Bathsheba.

‘Will I see him again … and whip him further? It was such a pleasure whipping an older man, I’m used to making boys cry and having him do the same was wonderful.’ Bathsheba grinned as her cunt swelled on thinking of the girl’s next opportunity.

‘Oh yes, you’ll see him again in a few days time. You’ll whip him just the once more, but I promise you, it will bring you a pleasure like never before.’

Arne was bound and his weals creamed by Bathsheba as he lay on the bed, and her strangely caring and pampering of him made him feel uneasy as she then spoon fed him.

”There, you eat up and keep nice and strong, then you’ll have a nice sleep. You’ve known the rigors of youth today, and tomorrow I’m taking you to visit a nice mature lady who’s very eager to sample your submission. She’s a very important lady in our order, and you’ll be on your best behaviour … she will see to that.’ She saw the concern in his eyes and guessed that he longed to be shown his place by her hand once more; his cock showing it’s appreciation of her whenever she was present.

‘Don’t worry, you’ll sniff my cunt again before you sleep, and I intend to have my own personal pleasure of you again very shortly, but denial is a delicious torture is it not? You’re so fortunate, being taught the full extent of your desire by so many women, and you do want to earn the white shroud don’t you?’ He was about to mouth his confirmation when she left the bed and took something from a drawer. His cock boned as she grinned and showed him a leather bound tube with straps.

‘This is a denial sheath; I’ll never get a cage on you while you’re so constantly excited, you can erect in this … till you hit the ‘tamer’ at the top.’ She grinned wickedly as she held against his boning cock to get the measure of it, unscrewing several lower sections and laughing as she did.

‘It seems your cock is smaller than its prior tenants, I’ve not removed so many sections before.’ He whimpered as she pulled the tube from the leather sheath and unscrewed the domed cap, grinning with sadistic pleasure as she showed him the three metallic spikes inside it.

‘No … Please Mistress Bathsheba.’ She pouted a feigned frown, then sneered sternly at him.

‘Oh you’ll wear it, and we’ll have no protests.’ He pleased her by showing just a little resistance as she gagged him, muffling his protests as she buckled it nice and tight; it excited her to see his genuine fear at this new toy. As she slipped the tube back into the leather sheath, she was also pleased to see that the fear had softened his cock a little; she would soon have him hard and knowing the benefit of the spikes, and her cunt tingled as she slipped the tube over his cock and looped the harness round his balls, seeing his eyes close as his bell-end went up to be teased by the spikes. He tried hard not let his submissive excitement be transmitted to his cock, as she pulled the rear strap up the crack of his arse and fed one under his bound body at the waist, the other over the top and tying the three at his back. He used all his will power to in trying to contain his thoughts as he lay bound and gagged with cock in harness, but Bathsheba would have him know the price of his submissive nature.

He closed his eyes again as the spikes themselves threatened to draw his cock to their bite, while Bathsheba stood with a smile, undid her skirt, and slipped out of her panties.

‘You’ll sniff my cunt again now, it’s so moist thinking about your pain, and you will know pain.’ She pushed him onto his back and straddled his face, and though he kept his eyes closed he knew it was hopeless; the scent of her cunt had him immediately under her control, its delicious whiff demanding the salute of a full boning erection. Bathsheba’s cunt buzzed with sadistic pleasure as she watched the sheath lift slightly and felt his body tense and writhe, his muffled cry from beneath her cunt, making her clitoris bud as she rubbed it on his nose and chin. Arne’s pain was acute as his cock expanded in the tube, pushing his bell-end up to accept the three spikes, the eye of his cock now poking within an unforgiving triangle of three vicious needles. Bathsheba gasped with pleasure as she rode his face and enjoyed his torment.

‘Ooohhh yesss!!! … it’s amazing how painful just an extra couple of millimetres can be … Ooooohhh!! … Know pain! Know you’ll not come … Oh! … you’ll keep your cream for tomorrow, feel how your cock is tamed! … Ohhhh!!!!!’

Arne knew a fresh and deeply masochistic pleasure as his eyes wept with the pain of the spikes, and was tortured to equal level by the sadistic words of his Mistress as she rode his face to erotic fulfillment. She panted and sighed as she rested, watching his bound body continue to writhe as his captured cock initiated its own torture. She slipped her cunt from his face and stripped off while his pain slowly subsided on his erection dwindling, the pressure easing and allowing his bell-end to retreat from the full punishment of the spikes. She got into the bed and threw the covers over the two of them, caressing his chest as it heaved in the aftermath of his ordeal.

‘See what a pleasure it is to wear the tamer? You’ll be so glad of it when Madam Miriam Holt shows you your place tomorrow, she’s so keen to have you worship her and she’ll have you spend till your balls can offer no more. You’ll sleep now, and the tamer will keep you from giving up your seed to the sheets as you dream of today’s pleasures.’ Arne sniffed at her soft perfume, his bell-end constantly bulging and retreating from the cruel spikes, his mind drifting from the ginger girl, his Mistress, and the stern woman who would dominate him tomorrow. His eyes blinked at the white shroud which hung like a ghost in the dim light, before closing as he drifted off to sleep.

Arne was awoken at dawn by the crisp rays of light playing on Bathsheba’s figure clad, already cloaked in a black dress. She was leaning over him and holding something in her fingers. He jumped as she clasped his cock and smeared cream over his tortured bell-end.

‘There, as good as new, and your balls ready to give themselves up now they’ve had the chance to recover. I dare say Miriam will give you a little something to keep you nice and stiff, though you seem keen enough as it is.’ She smiled as she stroked his cock, working the cream up and down the length of his stiffening member.

‘See how your cock appreciates its freedom now the tamer has been removed, I believe it’s grown an inch on seeing daylight again.’ She smiled with satisfaction as she edged him toward orgasm, watching his body tense and flex as he sought the relief that her elegant and controlling hand offered, then ceased abruptly as the first milky droplets oozed from his bell-end; his cock stood hard and pulsed as she sneered with delight at the teasing denial.

‘Don’t worry, you’ll come for me again soon enough, I have a favorite horsewhip which you’ve yet to meet, but you’ll save your seed for Miriam this morning; you’ll be shown just how insignificant you are as a mere male, and she’ll help ensure you are reduced sufficiently on your journey to earning the right to wear the shroud before the coven.’ Arne showed her just how reduced he already was by going meekly with her, led leashed and naked to her car, his total obedience pleased her as she opened the boot with a curt smile.

‘Can’t risk you being seen like this, in you get.’ He duly obeyed without question, now anxious to please and show her his willingness at being her pet, clambering into the tight compartment in the cold half light and assuming a foetal position on the blanket within. Bathsheba’s sense of satisfaction grew as she stroked his body and lifted the blanket over it; he was her prize and it gave her a tremendous thrill that he could be toyed with so easily, not knowing the reward for his submission was an appointment with the gallows when she and other women of the coven had satisfied their dominant lust at his expense. She clicked the boot shut.

Arne blinked at the misty daylight and Bathsheba’s smiling face as he stumbled from his confinement, feeling the full extent of his naked exposure as he was walked from the car through a tree lined path to a detached cottage every bit as archaic as Bathsheba’s though a little more sinister; sat in the privacy of the lee of a small hill, it suited its matriarchal practitioner of the occult perfectly. Arne’s cock began to rise in the crisp air when his eyes focused on the figure that stood in the large wooden porch which shrouded the front door. Miriam Holt gave her male visitor a stern look of contempt which had his anus tingling in immediate submission. The plump yet shapely mature woman was dressed in a simple black gown, tied at the middle and accentuating the globes of her breasts and gentle bulge of her feminine belly, full length and reaching down to the feet of her sharply heeled boots which added height to her imposing and confident figure. The long cane under her arm twitched as her finely aged breasts heaved on seeing the prospect of her enjoyment approach, Arne’s naked balls joining his anus in its tingling as he noted her nipples swell below the fabric of the gown, and the softly lined face break into a sneer to express her excitement.

‘So this is the male who spoiled the silk? Thank you for bringing him Sheba, I’ll soon determine if he’s worthy of wearing the shroud at one of our little ceremonies; I take it he still wishes to wear it, he certainly showed his desire on the silk.’

‘Oh he’s very keen to be displayed at Burntwood, he’s yet to meet Thelma of course; she’ll also have to give her approval to allow him into her hall.’ Bathsheba passed her the leash and Arne swallowed hard as he saw the way the mature woman gripped it tight, wringing her hand about it to claim him.

‘Oh, I took the liberty of inviting Thelma here today; she’ll be here at ten, giving me plenty of time to show him what happens to males who spoil silk before she does the same. I’ve been ‘amusing’ myself since midnight in preparation for his visit, and with Thelma coming, we’ll know if he’s worthy of the shroud after today.’ Bathsheba grinned and was now keen to show her just how well Arne had been trained. She looked at him and lifted her nose arrogantly.

‘Well? You know what to do when in the presence of any woman.’ Miriam’s clitoris swelled as the male she would dominate in preparation for his hanging, dropped to his knees and kissed her feet in natural submission to her superiority. In just a couple of days of rigorous domination, his submissive tendencies had been brought to the fore, and he was now immersed in the role of worship for which he would pay dearly. Miriam’s cunt throbbed as she pulled his head up by the leash and witnessed the erection which showed his yearning to know the cane she carried. Her spite rose as she felt the tension of the leash, mimicking the noose he’d soon wear, and her cunt would wait no longer.

‘He’s mine … and Thelma’s, till two this afternoon. I’m sure we’ll be ready to discuss the ceremony by then; he’ll beg to wear the shroud before the three of us, and we’ll see if he’s earned it.’ Bathsheba watched as Miriam led him into her lair on all fours and closed the door, before driving back with her mind on consoling herself with a generously sized vibrator.

Arne’s sense of foreboding increased the excitement of his submission as he was led through the ornately furnished house, his eyes trained on the broad arse which moved delectably in the gown before him, the years had merely refined the superior woman and her haste to dominate him was as eager as any of the youthful girls who had vented their spite on him the day before. She smiled cruelly as she she opened a door below an oaken stairway and he was taken down to a plushly appointed cellar which went the length of the house, the exposed wooden beams and supports adorned with shackles and chains from which her prey could be displayed and tested to satisfaction. The morning light played through small rectangular windows at eye level from either end, illuminating leather sofas from which an audience could be sat in comfort to view the discipline payed out on a padded bench and stocks which were placed centrally. Miriam let his leash drop and moved to a pentacle which adorned the side wall, lighting candles on either side of it and bowing in reverence to it before returning to stand over him.

‘Many men have known the pleasure of my dominance here, most willingly, some having to be taught their correct position below all women. You are a cur however, and my pleasure will be in reinforcing your submission most rigorously, you’ll pay dearly for your weakness.’ She smiled down on him as she undid the belt of her gown and let it drop to the floor, watching his cock bob as he viewed the elegant curves of her mature body; the lush descent of the arc of her full breasts which sagged just a little, complemented by her broad hips and ample thighs between which her aroused cunt awaited the satisfaction she would demand. Her mind was at the peak of its dominant arousal as she thought of the justice which she considered would be so justly served upon the male who cowered before her, his obvious excitement at being punished for what he believed to simply be his earnest submission to all females, adding that extra spice to her dominant fervor. She would savor each cut of the cane knowing he fully deserved it, and her cunt tingled incessantly as she thought on to the delicious point of cruel realization he would know when shown the noose.

The black knee length boots on which she strutted contrasted beautifully with the white flesh of her thighs and broad arse which rippled delectably as she moved to a table by one of the leather sofas, picking a tumbler from it which contained a cloudy liquid. The intensity of her wicked smile as she unbuckled the gag and then pulled his head back to offer the glass to his mouth, exemplified her absolute confidence in her control over him; her nipples standing hard at the prospect of a morning’s enjoyment.

‘You’ll drink this and give up your seed to the leather several times; you spoiled the silk and will do the same under my cane, most satisfactorily.’ She laughed as his bewildered eyes studied the milky liquid as he gulped it down obediently, his cock stiff with submissive anticipation at being dominated by the severe matriarch.

‘This is no witch’s potion, just a little something from a chemist which will ensure you perform readily for several hours, hours which will see you brought down and prepared most efficiently to earn the shroud.’ She took it from his dribbling mouth when three-quarters empty, and gave him a stern look as she swallowed the remainder herself, his eyes trained on her elegantly manicured fingers adorned with sharp red nails which accentuated her menacing persona.

‘I know you’d want me to stay just as keen with the cane … well you won’t be disappointed.’ Miriam strutted back and placed the glass on the table, then lowered herself gracefully onto a black leather couch which squeaked exquisitely as she slid her soft white flesh onto it. She lifted and spread her legs, showing him her glistening cunt and arsehole between her ample mature thighs, slipping a red nailed finger through her hot wet slit and across her budding clitoris.

‘Over here now! On all fours, I’ll have my first pleasure of you before you’re caned.’ Arne did not hesitate, mesmerized by the delicious folds of flesh and the command of a stern woman; he could easily have overpowered her or made his escape, but this never entered his mind which was enslaved by his own submissive desire, the thrill of being dominated so eagerly by so many women took him deeper into the carnal lust that gripped him like an opiate addiction after years of yearning; he could not know that their eagerness was driven by their own insatiable desire to eliminate all traces of his bloodline, and that it was this that fired the spite of the woman who would now enjoy punishing him. Miriam sneered with contempt as he moved his nose to the sinister warmth of her cunt.

‘That’s it, you have a good sniff like the cur you are, I’ll tell you when you can lick. I’ll bet you’ve long dreamed of being shown your place by a woman of my years; it’s been my pleasure to dominate many males over the decades, my first over half a century ago and the pleasure of showing males their correct place has been like a youthful elixir. The pain of each in realising that place increasing my pleasure and invigorating my sadism to know the next, as will yours.’

Arne’s cock pulsed rigid as he sniffed hard at the quivering folds of her mature flesh, her lined but shapely thighs and arse cheeks threatening to envelope him as he took in her womanly scent, her finger glistening as it slipped through the moist cleft of her fleshy butterfly to tease her clitoris. His balls tingled incessantly as he inhaled the tangy whiff of her arsehole, burning with the desire to lick and probe it with his tongue in submissive worship, knowing it’s owner would soon thank him by caning him until he spent in absolute surrender. Miriam felt the first tingling of her coming orgasm as she studied the male cowering before her, showing the pathetic obedience to womanhood which would lead him so deservedly to the gallows, her thighs tensed as she readied herself for his tongue with her mind visualizing him suspended on the rope for her pleasure.

‘Lick my cunt! Show me how you lust for the cane!’ She brought her spiked heels up and dug them into his shoulder blades as his tongue slipped through the smooth wetness of her folds, its warmth bringing her ever closer to the lush orgasm which would see him rewarded with the cane, her contempt for him growing as he showed his servile obedience to her; he truly was deserved of the pleasing fate which awaited him at the gallows. Arne yearned for the cane as he sniffed and licked at the magnificently dominant woman’s mature cunt, her scent alone keeping him locked in submission, he knew he’d spend after the minimum applications of the rod from her. She lifted her legs as her finger slipped back to her clitoris with urgency.

‘Sniff my arsehole … now! You’ll know your place and show how you warrant my attention with the cane.’ Arne’s cock ached for relief, rigid in total submission as his nose eased from the spice of her cunt and moved down her cleft to the inviting pucker, Miriam pulling her ample thighs back to show him the generous orb of her mature arse, her anus squeezing and dilating as Arne sniffed helplessly and willingly at its tang.

‘Lick it, and get that tongue deep inside; you’ll know the taste and texture many males have known in order to earn my dominance over them. Show me you’ve earned the right to join their misery.’ Arne’s balls tingled at the command in her voice as his tongue duly granted her the pleasure of its caress, his cock boning at the welcoming knobbly texture of her puckered anus, the sharp taste and sticky warmth generated by her dominant arousal making him want to come as he indulged his own deeply submissive pleasure at being put firmly in his place. She sneered with pompous arrogance as his tongue slipped deep into her hot and acrid rectum, knowing its tight recesses like so many males before, several of whom like he, to see her and the other women smile as they paid the price for their bloodline and gave her the final pleasure on dropping through the trap at Burntwood.

Miriam longed to tell him he’d hang as she extended her legs and squeezed her anus about the probing tongue and rubbed her bulging clitoris to a satisfying crescendo, the cruel pleasure she’d gain from it would have intensified her orgasm to an untold level, but she would hold back and savor his defeated surprise with the others when he’d earned the shroud. Her contempt for him peaked as she moaned in ecstasy, and felt his tongue thrust vigorously in honest and obedient homage to her dominance as she came, showing the thorough enjoyment of his submission in the base act; she would cane him most severely. Arne continued to slip his tongue in and out of her arsehole as she sighed and rubbed her clit to a satisfying climax, the juices running down her cunt down to be lapped up eagerly by him. She relaxed and sneered at his wet face as she regained her breath, then pushed him back with the heel of her boot and tugged hard at his leash.

‘Now I’ll show you the price to be paid to be paid for spoiling the silk, I can see you’re more than ready for it.’ She flicked his erect cock with her cane as she stood, then led him to a padded bench on all fours, his anus tingling as he eyed the shackles on its legs. Miriam made sure he appreciated what was to follow.

‘I heard how you enjoyed being being humiliated by our younger members, they have a lot to learn where the application of punishment is concerned though; you’ve helped nurture the necessary sadistic streak in them, and I’ll show you the perfection of use of the cane that they’ll all have when they’ve punished as many males as I.’ She smiled with pleasure as Arne showed just a little hesitation on being shown the caning bench and being prompted to bend over it with a tug on his leash, his anus tingling as exposed arse was was presented, his cock welcoming the feel of the padded leather which would accept the surrender of his seed.

His feeling of helplessness and submissive lust to serve and obey the mature matriarch was magnified as she delighted in slowly buckling each limb to the legs of the bench, his cock pulsing pre-cum as the severe woman fastened his wrists first, then his ankles; her nipples poking erect from her full breasts to display her wicked excitement at punishing his flesh. She sneered with cruel pleasure as she moved a large mirror to face the bench so that he may enjoy his own punishment to the full, then placed a bolster under his chin to ensure his view was not hindered by his head dropping in anguish. His balls ached to come, and he came close to shooting his mess as finally, she strutted her mature flesh to retrieve her cane and his gag. She grinned at him as she picked up a thin leather harness like adornment, stepping into it and pulling the thin strap tight into the cleft of her cunt as it was fastened by thin straps across her shoulders. A further loop which was tied in a thin black collar, harnessed her full breasts, lifting them slightly with straps which ran across her erect nipples.

‘I intend to gain the maximum stimulation from your punishment, I’ll enjoy the movement of each application as much as you do.’

Miriam smiled cruelly into the reflection of his eyes in the mirror as he then watched himself ball-gagged by the woman who would cane the seed from him; he wanted to spend at the vision of the mature dominatrix before him as her elegant fingers completed his position of total helplessness in confirming silence, other than the muffled cries he would expend under the glorious woman’s cane. Miriam’s look of utter contempt for him was then expressed for his pleasure before he was duly punished.

‘There’ll be no pleas for mercy from you, as you’ll be shown none. You wasted your seed on the silk for Bathsheba, and you’ll now come under the severest of circumstances. You’ll know the righteous punishment you have earned for being a weak male, and when the vigor of my spite has wained a little, you’ll endure afresh at the hand of Madam Thelma Martin who’ll be equally keen to have you spend under the cane, and spend you will!’ Miriam savored the moment as she posed cane in hand before the mirror in haughty dominance, the male before her who squirmed, bound and gagged in submissive anticipation, a bloodline descendant of one Matthew Hopkins who would hang for her pleasure in a few short days. He would be caned with utmost vigour, and her mature cunt swelled afresh at the enjoyment of her task.

Arne tensed and thrust his cock at the leather as he saw the spite in her eyes on lifting the cane, hand on hip, her mature womanly curves a picture of pure feminine dominance. Her look of contempt broke into a vicious sneer as the delicate but firm muscles in her arm brought the cane down hard, the sound of its promise of pain as it cut the air exciting both sadistic woman and masochistic male for the split second before impact. Arne watched the acute pleasure on her face as the force of the cane was absorbed by his willing flesh with a resounding crack, and he let out a muffled cry of anguish, she allowing him to enjoy the stinging bite which warped through his body and had him fight vainly at the shackles which held him captive before awarding him the next. Her timing and application was indeed perfection, ensuring he knew the full benefit of each stroke, the pleasure of reducing a grown man to tears as each fresh red stripe glowed in spiteful evidence of her dominance never failed to bring a wholesome sadistic enjoyment to her.

Arne was immersed in the submissive ecstasy of his own humiliation as the vigorous strokes reduced him to a level of total defeat he could only have dreamed of a day or so before, he now lived out a delicious and masochistic nightmare as each cut brought tears from him which were beyond shame. His pain only served to encourage Miriam Holt’s sadistic desire, her mature cunt swelling with pure pleasure as she watched him writhe and hump at the restrictive bench, as each vigorous stroke reduced him further. She often managed gentle orgasms while applying the cane to deserving males, her budding clitoris and nipples nursed by the caning harness as her flesh moved against it, and this was a male who was descended from Hopkins, one who would hang. The strap teased at the cleft of her cunt as her sadism peaked, and Arne saw the spite in her eyes through his tears, watched her supremely elegant body flex on each earnest delivery, listened to the heavenly song of the cane, and knew the absolute dominance of womanhood.

He now felt perverse pleasure in his pain as he was reduced by the relentless application of the flexible rod which striped his flesh, the divine feeling in the combination of cane and bondage plus the vision of cruel pleasure offered by the woman who served it, bringing the inevitable delivery of his surrender from his erect cock. Miriam sighed with her own pleasure between strokes as she increased the speed of each cut on seeing the change in his facial expression.

‘I’ll have your first tribute now! Spend for me! Show me your defeat!’ Arne’s cock slipped back and forth on the leather as he was immersed in an ecstasy of submission under a salvo of biting strokes from the dominant woman who would know his total defeat. Miriam’s cunt echoed the acute pleasure he now felt from his balls as they pulsed the hot seed in submission, the taut strap tight in her cleft awarding her a delicious orgasm which she managed to enjoy and control expertly as she continued with the caning. Arne grunted in pure ecstasy, biting hard on the ball gag as he confirmed his defeat to feminine superiority, jets of hot semen exploding from his cock as it was caned from his balls, Miriam enveloped in her own spiteful ecstasy as she watched his surrender, clitoris and nipples stimulated to a superb climax by the straps which amplified her vigorous thrashing of the male she would see to the gallows.

Carol Finch was in her element as she posed in the black silk panties and flowing black cape which would allow her to enjoy the total and final dominance over males which she had craved for a lifetime, her mind never far from the coming spectacle which would see the male who had awarded her that pleasure, fulfill her dominant desire for the first time. She grinned with arrogant satisfaction through the black mask as she eyed her reflection, Agatha and Thelma equally pleased with her transformation as they fussed over her cape. Carol’s cunt bulged in a proud camel toe from the panties as she prepared to be led to the room where the velvet bench and gallows awaited, her picture to be taken before them and added to the extensive gallery which occupied one of the covert rooms within Burntwood Hall; Carol’s enthusiasm to join the women having been given further spice on viewing the many photographic and artistic depictions there, the evidence of prior executions carried out and the proud women who had instigated them, displayed in all their glory. Her arousal was nicely maintained on knowing both she and Arne would soon be exhibited there for the admiration and titillation of dominant femininity.

Carol’s silken panties were already wet with arousal as the smiling Thelma opened the door at the far end of an oak paneled passage and switched on the lights. She and Agatha grinned as Carol took in the starkly erotic vision of the gallows which would soon see further use, the lighting configured so that the noose cast a long looping shadow across the floor, the beam from which it hung looming tall and foreboding with a large pentacle mural on the wall beyond it. Carol’s cunt tingled as she sampled the slightly musty air which betrayed the age of the apparatus of male disposal. Thelma smiled with satisfaction as she led her closer to the sloping velvet bench below it.

‘This is the final vista which has been enjoyed by many males as they’ve learned their fate, and the one which will greet the male who was once your property; your ownership of him will be renewed, albeit briefly, and you shall have the honor of inserting the anal plug which will prevent his defecation – a most fitting parting gesture which will enhance the flavor of his hanging no end.’ Carol’s picture was snapped eagerly at that point by Agatha, her face showing subliminal excitement in the shadow of the noose. Thelma delighted in showing Carol the mechanisms of the ancient bench and gallows, demonstrating how the chosen male was whipped at the lower reaches of the velvet bench, hoisted to its apex to stand on the trap below the beam, and how steps at the side allowed access to the male as he hanged for their pleasure, to be wanked on the rope if necessary, and for the women to pose for pictures beside the disposed victim. Carol’s excitement was now at a suitable high.

‘Wanked if necessary?’ Thelma smiled contentedly.

‘Very few males fail to spend spontaneously as they enjoy the noose after whipping, the full realization that they’ve been hanged and our joy at their predicament as they struggle, brings on their total submission. A second wank for those bold enough to endure strangulation is sometimes enjoyed. Your male will now the justification for his appointment with the noose, and will give up his seed accordingly.’ Carol’s spite for Arne grew with her eagerness to witness the spectacle.

‘Will I be able to see him before the day? I’d love to witness his torment.’ Thelma grinned.

‘You’ll see him this very day, but you must remain silent and wear a full mask; we don’t want to spoil his surprise, I’m to meet him today while he’s entertained by Miriam Holt. Seeing you punish him will give us all a great deal of pleasure.’